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Photon Flash Player for iPhone - Flash Video & Games plus Private Web Browser download

+ "Photon browser is a powerful and versatile Safari alternative that excels in its Flash support..." - USAToday
+ Photon for iPad is #1 in Utilities in US, UK and top 30 overall app around the world.
+ Photon plays flash videos, games and flash websites.

Appsverse Photon Browser is a powerful new browser specifically designed to enhance your browsing experience on the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is packed with innovative features. Here are just some of them:

1. Flash browsing support
- Photon Browser allows you to play Flash games such as free Facebook games, use Flash apps and watch Flash video inline using its remote cloud browse mode.
- Browse Flash websites that would otherwise not display on the iPhone.
- Play music that streams through a Flash player.
- Read news that require Flash support.
- Press the “Lightning” icon on the bottom right navigation bar when you encounter a Flash website on the iPhone or iPod Touch.
- Combines fast native browsing for normal websites and remote browsing for Flash websites. Switch between the 2 modes using the lightning bolt button (for Flash) or the web globe button (for native browsing).
- Support different mode such as pointer mode for precision that makes your iPhone acts like a mouse pad. Supports touch mode for scrolling and touch/click. Supports drag mode for dragging around game maps.
- Zoom in flash. PLEASE WAIT a second or two for the zoom to update before zooming again on iPhone and iPod touches.
- We support audio. PLEASE MAKE sure your mute switch is not on.

2. Fully featured powerful browser
- Private browsing clears history, cookies and caches upon browser exit.
- Anonymous browsing through our servers.
- Share content via email.
- Brightness control for night time browsing.
- Rotation lock for playing web based games.
- Personalize your browser by choosing from thousands of colors.

3. Others
- Bookmarks support
- Print web pages using AirPrint.
- More innovative features to come

- When you encounter a Flash website, REMEMBER TO CLICK ON the "Lightning Bolt" button to enter Flash streaming mode. Otherwise, you will see the standard Adobe message that Flash needs to be installed or upgraded as you are still in the native browser mode. Only by explicitly clicking on the "Lightning" button will you then be able to view Flash content.

- If you have a slow Internet connection such as over a slow 3G network, remote browsing feature may have slow performance even though we have made great technological improvements to support Flash over low bandwidth. Flash mode works best over Wifi in a broadband network. Just because you have Wifi does not mean you have a fast network. Wifi is fast enough but your bottleneck is the wired connection that your Wifi sits on. However, you can still use Photon as a fast native browser for your regular browsing.

- If you have problems, do not hesitate to contact us given in the support link on iTunes. We are extremely responsive and answer questions within 1-3 business days. For terms, please go to

Photon Flash Player for iPhone - Flash Video & Games plus Private Web Browser App Description & Overview

The applications Photon Flash Player for iPhone - Flash Video & Games plus Private Web Browser was published in the category Utilities on 2011-08-05 and was developed by Appsverse Inc.. The file size is 34.31 MB. The current version is 6.2 and works well on 5.1.1 and high ios versions.

+ Fix bugs for iOS 9
+ Improve Flash quality
+ Improve streaming speed and performance
+ Improve geographical block IP forwarding feature
+ Fix iOS5, iOS6 backwards compatibility
+ Fix crashes

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Photon Flash Player for iPhone - Flash Video & Games plus Private Web Browser Reviews


Not user friendly  Thebrat01  2 star

I paid and downloaded your browser yesterday, tried everything to get flash to work including touching the button on the bottom, no go. I cannot get it to work on any of my games on Facebook which is why I purchased your browser


I am disappointed  blkmom20852  1 star

I was looking for something that would automatically kick in while I was using any search engine on my iPad and this is not it. I must use this app as the actual portal and I didn’t like how the app’s screen did not fill iPad’s screen and it was difficult to maneuver through the website I needed the flash player for. Definitely not worth what I paid for & I’ll be cancelling my subscription.


Not comparable with IPad Pro 12.9  Geat0620  1 star

It’s not giving you the option to do a full screen and the flash disappears very fast after you close the app and the screen is not very clear at all once you turn the flash on. Please fix the issue especially when I purchased the paid version thinking that it’s going to be better the free one but it’s actually worse definitely not worth the money. I wish it would work as i need a browsers with flash to use a work website.


Photon  sunset659  1 star

I couldn't visit flash site


Didn’t expect...  PiperAD  5 star

for this app to truly do what it promotes. However, it does. I hope to be able to use a flash player for video calls other than iPhones FaceTime in the near future.


This app & my Ex have a lot in common  MegalithicBic  1 star

both are cheap. both dont work. and i regret spending money on both.


Thank you  Cg537820  5 star

Thank you for making this and please do not stop updates and development with this app.


Trash filled with ads  Samwell.........  1 star

It keeps redirecting me to the apple store so as to download another app.


Update for iPhone X and Xs?  Slummers  4 star

Would be great!


Georgette  Gtbenn  3 star

Are there never any updates on this? I’ve had this app for a long time and when I use it, it tells me update my browser.


Almost great  Bon1t4  2 star

Almost great cool that I could use flash on my phone or my tablet but the only thing I really don’t like is that I have to change passwords all the time where I take my class so please fix..


Outdated!  Jumblebumble  1 star

Very outdated.

East Medford Or

Used for work  East Medford Or  5 star

I love it!!!!! It's the best I've downloaded so far👍🏼 MB


Works for games  Rebelyours  5 star

I mostly use this for flash games and it works wonderfully. Worth the $3 for the app


Photon  Atreakya  5 star

I love this flash player!

Quick revive

Love it  Quick revive  5 star

Enough said


Not what I need  Rahjr122  2 star

This doesn't work when you need something that runs on adobe flash player 9

Yes I'm Groovin

This is simple but incredibly useful  Yes I'm Groovin  5 star

It always surprised me when new native browsers came out for each version of iOS with no flash capabilities. Yet this app has been able to do it splendidly even on my 4th Gen iPod Touch. This company/app is apparently so ahead of its time that major companies still haven't figured out how useful mobile flash functionality is. EDIT: READ THIS IF YOU GET A "Firefox crashed" ERROR. You need to try different engines (the setting with "v1" through "v4" as options). I usually use the "v2" setting as it seems the most versatile. To compensate for differences in different device capabilities, I think the company put this option in so the user can decide which flash engine works best for their device. It's smart thinking in my opinion.


Doesn't work as advertised  Ryan931993  1 star

I tried to use this app to stream some stuff online and it never works. It just loads the whole time.

App user 100

Works great  App user 100  4 star

I think this is a great app when Apple does not open flash sites.


The best!  Mitroff  5 star

The best browser! Just perfect to use the flash! Using it for few years! Very setisfied!


Best  Dhjeisosogodiakdjdhsuzjdjsj  5 star

Best app on the App Store... Looking for a flash player for the past 3 years.. Found one! €3.50 was a bargain..

andrius zeizys

Still need to improve  andrius zeizys  1 star

Did not cover the adobe flash player required website


Excellent app recommended  Jonatasmr  4 star

Recommended flash works perfectly

Flash  4 star

Good app ,best choice for flash game.sometimes slow when busy network( afternoon time) maybe weeb page fault ? general very good. Thanks

j lally

Brilliant app  j lally  5 star

Excellent app.


Brilliant!  Rebeccacaden  5 star

Great app for streaming!! Love it


Good  Paulftz  5 star

Could make user interface easier to use... Great quality video during gaming


Amazing Simply amazing!  GabrielGrimberg  5 star

Worth it, this new update is just so amazing it's incredibly fast, I have not seen any other Flash Player app like Photon! Keep up the amazing updates!!!

Pk 10

Review  Pk 10  5 star

Great app a must have.

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