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Couch to 5K® - Run training [Health & Fitness] App Description & Overview

Get off the couch and get running with the OFFICIAL Couch to 5K® training app! This oft-imitated program has helped thousands of new runners move from the couch to the finish line. Spend just 20 to 30 minutes, three times a week, for nine weeks, and you’ll be ready to finish your first 5K (3.1-mile) race!

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Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

The Couch to 5K coach you select talks to you during your workouts. To save your battery, Couch to 5K sends audio notifications when your screen is locked or another app is in use.

To be sure you hear the coach during your workout, please do the following:
• Turn on Notifications permissions
• Turn on the hardware ring/silent switch (no red showing)
• Turn your ringer volume up
• Turn off Do Not Disturb (swipe up for Control Panel and the moon button should not be white)
• Within the app, in Settings > Workout Options, be sure the Trainer Volume is up

Without granting notification permissions, during a workout you can click the lock icon at the top left to keep the app active and still hear the coach.

For support please contact us at: We would love to hear from you.

WINNER of the 2012 Appy Award for best Healthcare & Fitness App!

• Training plan designed by trainers
• Choose from 4 different motivating virtual coaches—Johnny Dead, Constance, Billie or Sergeant Block
• Hear human audio cues to guide you through each workout
• Listen to your favorite playlists with in-app music player
• Calculate your distance & pace and map your routes with FREE GPS support*
• Log your workouts and share your progress on Facebook
• Get support from the largest running community on Trainer
• Repeat workouts and track your best performance
• Treadmill support allows manual entry of workouts
• Track your progress with total distance and average pace
• Graphs for workouts to compare distance and pace

Finished the Couch to 5K program and ready to take your running program to the next level? Check out our 5K to 10K app to prep for your first 10K race here.!

"The popular Couch to 5K app helps new runners avoid injury from doing too much, too soon."
—Runners World, June 2012

"It's ridiculously easy to use (it's hard not to, as you just do what you're told) and it's fantastic that you have an encouraging voice talking you through things."
—Engadget, June 2012

"’s Couch to 5K is one of my favorite… apps. With its customizable features, interactivity, and well-rounded interface, I may actually stay off the couch this time."
—148Apps, October 2011

"I knew as soon as I decided to start the Couch to 5K program that I would need something to keep me accountable—not just to showing up for my training, but to actually doing it properly. Of course there’s an app for that."
—CalorieLab, April 2012

"If you have been struggling to get your buns off the couch and somewhat in shape before the summer hits, training for a 5K is not a bad way to start. If you are looking for a program to help get you there, then the “Couch to 5K” running plan by CoolRunning is probably your best bet if you haven’t done an ounce of athletic activity for a number of years."
—Droid Life, April 2012

• Once you purchase the app, it is yours to keep. It does not expire after 9 weeks.

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Couch to 5K® - Run training Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Users with weak passwords are now requested to update their passwords.

Couch to 5K® - Run training Comments & Reviews

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- I was NOT a runner

I hate running. Never understood the healthnuts that raved about it. I credit this app with getting me off the couch and giving this whole jogging thing a go. I love that you can pick between your coaches- not everyone is motivated by the same coach- do you need the ball-busting Military general yelling in your ear, or the ever-positive Runicorn? I love that you start running in intervals. I had no idea that runners didn't just leap from the womb running for miles on end. It's something you build up to. You may not be able to run for 30 minutes straight, but I'll bet you can run for one minute, right? Once you've run for one minute, walk a while and then try to run for two minutes. You didn't die right? This is how you start. It's an amazing program. I never thought I'd consider myself a runner. Once you get past the first "wall" and feel that runner's "high" you will be HOOKED. When I get stressed, depressed, angry - I put on my running shoes. Seriously great app. I wish there was an option to hear more from your coaches. As it stands, they interject motivational phrases once per run. I know it's AI, but I would love them to chat more. Some people would hate that- point is, it would be a nice option. I also find that the workouts are too short and I am constantly hitting the back button to give myself more intervals. I wish there was an option for longer workouts (more intervals) - while keeping the intervals the same length.

- Used to be great...

I was using this running program through the Active website before it became an app. I absolutely loved the program and app (up until about a year and a half ago) and over the years have told so many people to purchase it because it’s one of the best ones I’ve found in terms of building a base without injuries and for not being intimidating, even for new runners. That said, the last year or so I’ve been thoroughly disappointed with the app. It’s buggy, shuts down randomly and doesn’t save the run (other apps I’ve tried that are free, you can just reopen the app if it crashes and the run is still going so you don’t lose everything), and most importantly does not work with the Apple Watch like it claims to (I have a cellular plan and the app, phone and watch are fully up to date). You have to bring your phone with you if you want to see any of the stats (time, distance, pace, interval) and that defeats the purpose. Also, sometimes it’ll queue me to run or walk with a buzz notification on my watch (when I’ve left my phone at home) but most the time doesn't. There’s no telling when it will or won’t work. The convenience this app used to provide isn’t there any more because it’s not keeping up to date with modern technology. Until these issues are fixed I would discourage anyone paying for the app.

- Not as good as it used to be

I downloaded the app a few years ago and LOVED it. This latest version though is left wanting. First off, I had to purchase it again because it didn’t remember that I had already bought the app. Then it has been pretty glitchy. This morning it skipped a full walking section and went from run to run. The other day it froze on the warm up and wouldn’t go into a run. Also, the audio cues are difficult to hear with my music playing so I have to listen really closely to know what I need to do. I turned on the vibrate to see if that would help and it barely made a difference. I used to be able to look at what the intervals were so I could mentally prepare myself for the run and now I can’t. I have to keep hitting “skip” then redo the exercise just to see what is expected of me that day. I am not impressed with the app and it has been sooooo frustrating to us. I go jogging for my mental health and it doesn’t help that this app gets me all wound up because it’s not operating as it should. Finally, skipping tracks when the exercise starts and shutting of my music after cool down is super annoying. I get my music ready before I go and like to listen to my music after I stretch and it shuts my music off or skips tracks.

- Killing it

Let me preface this by saying I am a person who enjoys fitness and started Couch to 5K at a decent base level of cardio fitness. Not amazing, but I’m not a couch potato either. I’ve never been great at distance running, but it’s been on my list for a few years to run a 5K so this year is the year. Highly recommend paying money and signing up for one so you’re motivated to stick with it. The first 4 weeks of this program make sense and work you up in sensible intervals. Then week 5-7 are madness. Like I looked at them and I was like HOW!? Who came up with this?? But surprise of all surprises... I did it! I actually was ready for those crazy hard weeks. So needless to say, I’ve been very impressed with this app as far as fitness programming. The app itself has also worked well for me. Once in a while I think it may not be playing the “walk” or “jog” bits but that might be because my phone is on silent.

- Used to be great

I used this app before this update last year around this time. It worked so well, and I was even able to finish it and run my first 5K! Well through the year, I started slacking and wanted to get back into running because I love doing it. I knew right where to go to help me start training. This Couch to 5K app! Downloading it and opening up and seeing the beautiful new redesign was a nice surprise, and I was so excited to run. I went to my normal spots where I used to run where I never had an issue tracking my speed, distance, or placement on a map. After my run, I went to check how I did, and I couldn’t see any info. It said I ran/walked a distance of 0.07 miles, when I actually did about 1.75 miles, and it had no information of my speed. It didn’t start tracking me until I was in my cool down. I’ve tried turning my location services on and off, clearing my workout history, going to a different place I used to run, starting a new account, and nothing!! I used to have no problem with it tracking me, and now I don’t really understand what the issue is.

- Great program, mediocre app

I restarted this program recently after being out of the game with running for a while. I used this app the first time I started running and it helped me get into 5k shape (I'm definitely not much of a natural runner). After using this app for the first time in a while, I'm finding a couple of issues that I don't remember having before. The coach is way too quiet in the background of my music (though my music is not very loud and the coach starts off at a great volume when you first begin). I find myself often missing cues to walk or run. Also, it is not taking my distance or pace as it did before, even though GPS is active. I also think that it would be helpful if there was a bar on the lock screen of my phone when the app is running, I have to unlock my phone every time I need to check if I missed a cue to walk or run, which is inconvenient while running. The program is great and I recommend it to anyone who wants to get into shape without burning themselves out, but the app needs some work.

- Helped me with pacing

I've run several 5k and even a 10k prior to the app. I was "out of the game" for a while and decided to use this app to get back into it. Building up and focusing on time spent running rather than distance really helped me learn to better pace myself. I like that none of the runs are incredibly long either, the longest toward the end is around 40 mins including warm up/ cool down. I recommend to friends often. However, I'm not giving 5 stars because I've encountered SO many glitches. Several times the app has shut down on me without warning, and when it does that none of the run is recorded (this usually happens to me toward the end of the run). The distance and time recorded in the app also include warm up and cool down, which I hate. I want to know my pace and time spent during the actual workout only. For those two reasons, I always keep a second running app recording on my phone with running to give me better data and reliability.

- So Happy!

I’ve been working on the Cto5K for about a year now, starting at being able to barely run for a minute at a time. I’ve tried a few different times and always ended up stopping because I would pop something in my calf - which is obviously my error. Then I learned how to actually prepare my body before runs, and now I’m nearly complete with the program. Today I ran past my week 8 day 1 queue for a cool down (I didn’t hear it!) and actually ended up clearing the distance for a 5K. I know this sounds like a paid review but it isn’t, I swear. I’m so grateful for this app. I’m happier, healthier, and recommending it to all my friends who are trying to get themselves to where they want to be too. Small steps turn into big progress if you stick to it, and I’m so glad that I have. Can’t wait to register for a 5K once the ‘Rona is clears up!

- Buggy timer on iOS 11

I have been using this app on my IPhone 5 for a couple of years with no problems. Simple, easy to use and accurate. I just upgraded to iOS 11 and have had nothing but problems since then. I’ve gone on 2 runs and 10 minutes in the timer gets wonky. The seconds get tripped up, move slowly or the timer stops altogether. Yesterday I was in the cool down and the timer stopped. Then the app closed and all my data for that run was lost. Super frustrating. I tried resetting the app and also deleted and reloaded it, to no avail. I even ran the timer against a stopwatch for accuracy and the same problem occurred. I love this app and want to continue to use it, but will have to look elsewhere if they can’t fix this bug. I emailed them today so we’ll see what happens. Like other reviewers, I also have experienced the same issue with the music volume dropping way down after the first voice prompt. Not nearly as big of an issue as inaccurate / buggy timing, but a nuisance just the same. I hope they can fix these issues.

- The best.

I’ve tried quite a few of these, and this one is the best. I like my cheery coach, Runicorn, and I wish he was in the other Active apps. Some of my older runs have lost the comments I wrote. It was a little better before some of the updates. I can’t read the workout descriptions anymore, because they have gotten so small. They didn’t make all these changes to the 5k to 10K app, but that thing is still too hard for me. But, after all that it is still the best I have tried, by far. The gps seems to be pretty accurate in my area. It doesn’t work you to death, and all the stats are a good motivator. I especially like the graphs in the log. Well done. I didn’t think I could do it, but it looks like I will actually finish the whole app this time. Here we go, week 8!

- Used to be good

I used to love this app as it’s helped me get back into shape multiple times after falling out of running for a bit. However, since I started using it again this time it’s been no help at all. I’m just staring week 3, and already 4 times it’s just completely crashed on me. When I go to reopen the app, hoping to have at least an idea where it died, there’s not even anything showing I actually started the workout. This is frustrating for tracking progress I’ve made, which is one reason I really like this app, but it also totally disrupts my workout. When it crashes I’m not always sure how far I am into my workout, as I don’t watch it while I’m running and just listen to cues. It’s also frustrating because I then have to completely stop the run to try and figure out where I was at and get started again, which completely messes up my pace. Like I said, I used to completely love this app and would have gave it 5 stars. But at this point with all the glitching I wish I would have just gone with a different running app.

- Pretty Good !

I have only been using the app for three days so far, so I guess my review is limited right now. So far the pace is decent (for someone totally out of shape), and hopefully I can keep up as it progresses. I like the different display pages, and how it shows yours your progress a lot. My only complaint is the limited input by the “coach”, and that I barely hear it when it wants me to switch between intervals (not a phone volume issue). I run to music, and when the app wants me to switch between walking and running, it says about 2-4 words that I barely catch over the music. At the beginning the coach sounds good (voice going over the music), but while running it is lacking. I would also like the coach to throw in more words of wisdom and updates to keep me motivated while working out. I definitely plan on using the app through to the 5k, and will try and update as I progress. That’s it for now.

- Meh... some good, but bad is more.

It's a simple app. So it does the one thing with the parsing of the running workouts. Then it tries to sell you a bunch of stuff you don't need or want and compete with fbook for a "social experience"... Next it wants to compete with LinkedIn and get you a job. But the real problem is that it doesn't do the one thing it should well. It doesn't gradually ramp you up based upon some responsive algorithm. Nope some guy just came up with some time partitions and told you to deal with it. Finally it doesn't track your gps (per the support email I received) "indoors or in small spaces like tracks...". Well ok so when does it work? Not even outdoors very well, either, bc I have driven my route and the thing came up short vs the car odometer. So it makes you feel really slow when it tells you you ran a 12 min mile pace. Even though you know it's wrong you can't do anything about your stats, like draw in the course on a map. Not worth the money in my opinion when other apps do it better.

- Couch Potato? This app works!

I have been trying different exercise programs for years to lose weight. I never stuck to them, because they usually felt out of my reach and too hard for a couch potato like me. I’ve stuck to this program, and loved it. It allows you to go at your own speed per gait, but tells you when to walk or jog at intervals that increased slowly, but like I felt that I could do. I feel good about myself, and love how it starts so easy and increases with difficulty. Anyone can do it! The only thing I wish they would add, though, is having the trainer tell when it’s the last jog interval, so I could give it my all. Still, I would definitely recommend this app.

- Doesn't worth the money

Cons: It doesn't send you the voice commands unless it's always active on the screen, while you run you cannot state at the mobile screen instead you keep it in there pocket. It only sends the text notification if the phone is locked. I bought this because of the Apple watch support, again here the app on the watch doesn't stay on top of you want to check your progress. You would need to manually press the buttons and switch it. You can't just use the Apple watch alone, it doesn't work, you still need to carry your phone while running. Think about you keeping your 7" phone in your pocket during workout. If you don't carry the phone while workout it doesn't record anything then you will have to use some other app like Nike+ (free app) to track and manually log there distance and time, BS right? You cannot start the workout from Apple watch, you should start from phone, carry the phone, keep staring at the screen all the time. I don't know what they meant by saying Apple watch support. Pros: Apple watch sends a vibration for every step. However this also sends vibration when you're halfway this confuses if you don't keep unlocking the Apple watch and check what the text says, which is a tedious task during a workout session. It tracks the GPS, logs the miles, share social but I never let it access my fb though. Conclusion: Doesn't worth for a paid app.

- Good for new runners

Before using this app I was not a good runner and had never tried to be one before. It starts off so easy and builds gradually enough that it worked really well for me. I can now jog without stopping for about 3 miles which amazing! My pace isn’t great yet, but the fact that I can just keep going was my initial goal from the start. My biggest complaint is it’s harder to keep track if you need to go back in time. I took about 5 months off when I was over halfway through with the app because of health reason. When I was able to get back to it, it was not conceivable for me to be able to jog 28 minutes straight again. It was much harder for me to keep up with where I was each time I ran because the app wanted me to jog where I left off 5+ months prior.

- Slow and buggy! Wish I could give 0 stars!

I’m using this on my iPhone 6+ running iOS 11. It must think I need to exercise more since the seconds are about 4 seconds long! The time goes WAY TOO slow and it starts to skip seconds because it bugs out in the last 10 minutes and stops working. The past two days I’ve had to exit the app because it froze and lost the whole workout. There’s SO MANY reminders to turn on certain things and those bug it out too! I use this on a treadmill where I can watch the clock so I dont need notifications, but every screen change (every time I would hit a button to do something) I’d get the stupid reminder to turn on my notifs. This app is great when it’s not so annoying that I actually get angry at it! Also, if I say I don’t want to sync my workouts, IT MEANS I DONT WANT TO SYNC MY WORKOUTS. This app is actually terrible bug wise. Please fix it! I love this and need it for a fitness class and if it doesn’t work, I can’t do it!

- I want to love it, but it simply doesn't function

Filled out my profile and got started. Plugged in the earphones, stuck it in my pocket and launched off. But after telling me to take a brisk five minute walk, I didn't hear the trainer again. Pulled out the phone, pressed away the lock screen, and found that the app assumed I was halfway through a jogging sequence, though nothing had been said. Turned off the screen, dropped it back in my pocket, and immediately the voice said "brisk walk, jog, walk, halfway there! Jog." Jogged on in silence for another few minutes, drew it out of my pocket, pressed past lock screen, and found that the app had paused itself. Started the whole thing over and found that only if I kept the phone in my hand, with the screen on, app front and center, would the voice reliably speak and the app not either shut down or leap around unpredictably. On to another app.

- Can't find the support page…

So I guess that's another factor to this less than stellar review. I love using this app since it's definitely helped me get from my mostly sedentary state to looking forward to getting a good run in and breaking a sweat. My biggest issue is with music playback: my music plays at regular volume for the 5 minute warmup walk, then as the trainers voice cuts in it lowers the volume (so I can hear them, understandably) and never comes back to full volume. So frustrating! Half of what keeps me motivated is having good music going and when it feels like it's miles away, my workout seems bland. I tried to find a support page to leave this feedback on so it wouldn't have to negatively affect my review of the app, but since that took me in a maze of webpages, I guess it goes here. Someone help! Please and thanks.

- Used to be good

I got this app to start running again. I used this app 2 years ago and loved the app. I have the Apple Watch and was excited to use the app with it. I like to check my progress, but it will close out of the watch and I have to go back into the app during a run, which is frustrating. This happens 2-3 times during the run. I also do not like that every time you start the app you have to go pick your trainer and then the trainers do and say stuff before you can go to the actual running. It was cute the first time, but I know what trainer I want. If I want to change it I can go through the app. It does t need to show up every time I use the app. I’m disappointed, I payed money for this app and its finicky. I really hope they fix the watch part. I am still using it because I paid for it and I’m on week 4, but maybe it’s time I find another app.

- Love this new update, but just one issue...

Like I said, I love this update. It works great on my 6S. The big problem lies in the old version. I’m on week 6 of the program, and in the earlier weeks the app would work...sparingly. Basically, the app would glitch in the last few minutes of my workout and crash. So I would go back into the app and manually enter my distance. But I can’t change the time. I would just skip through quickly, and it would say I went 2.2 miles in one second. It messes with my statistics. I just don’t understand why I can only manually input my distance, and not my time. Other than that, the program works great. I finished it about two years ago and had since fallen out of the habit of running.

- Great app for beginners!

I HATE running. I HATE exercising. This program has helped me to change both of those attitudes since I finally found a program on my level- truly a beginner. I have quit and picked it back up and it’s truly my go-to program when I am starting over. If you feel you can never exercise or you are too out of shape to even begin, I definitely recommend this program. Even if you can’t jog the 1 min in week one (as I did when I first started), then do what you can and repeat the week until you CAN do it. Stick with it and you WILL be running a 5K by the time you are finished.

- Everything is great except sound.

I enjoy almost everything about this app and workout program. It steps up the intensity at a good pace and the variety of motivating voices are fun. The only thing that almost made me leave the app was the sound control. The music and prompt volumes are connected and, until I turned off control of the music through the app, it was a crap shoot as to whether I could hear them. Sometimes it would be loud, sometimes it would be so soft, I’d have to keep restarting workouts. Since I turned off music control through Couch to 5k, the prompt volume is ok, but it’s still tied to the music volume. Please please fix this. It can’t be that hard to decouple the app volume from the music. Otherwise, great app.

- Awesome, but Slightly Tedious, App!

This is such a great app! I’m on my 2nd round of using it now (I can run a 5k personally, but my husband can’t and wanted a training partner), and once I’m through I plan on using the “5k to 10k” app as well. The only reason I’m not rating five stars are the “badges/trophies.” I think they’re fun, but it’s tedious to click through three or so screens at a time, because you got multiple badges. That said, the program absolutely did work for me. Last year, I was basically sedentary (and overweight), and now I run a 5k once a week (still overweight, but much less so), as well as do the program with my husband (who is on week four, so not quite a 5k yet). It can be a bit tough on the knees, but I haven’t felt any pain beyond normal soreness.

- Great Program but Sound Issues

I bought this app a few years back to prep for a 5k and I am starting again from scratch. The program is very well thought out and planned but the software has become problematic as IOS has progressed. When the voice comes on to tell you to run walk etc., music volume is supposed to attenuate so you can hear the instructions. Unfortunately in recent releases the music does not return to normal volume. For the remainder of the run, you are to approximately 50% of your total volume. In addition, the voice giving instructions sometimes forgets instructions such as the halfway point. This is an outstanding program otherwise. If this is corrected, I will change my review to five stars but this is a big enough issue that I think it drastically affects the usability and value of the app.

- I love it!

*Edit* I still love this app. I’ve fallen off but get back on it so easily. Can you make it so the app doesn’t lower the volume of the music. It effects it by at least 50%. I absolutely enjoy this app!! My run time and overall cardio has substantially increased. I really enjoy the training program, however the UI can be better. My halfway indicator word rarely and when it shows the GPS it won't tell me what the dropped pins were. I believe the entire feel of the app can be updated, it feels a little out dated and doesn't have a fresh feel to it. Overall really great program to hit the hardball road! Oh and the Apple Watch app needs some serious updates. The app on the watch lags by at least 15-20 seconds.

- Used it for years!

I’m very pleased with this app. I’ve used it several times over the last six years, and each time it’s been a great tool which helped me feel confident about my running. My only two problems come from the music player. I wish it had a shuffle option, so I could easily listen to different songs each time I run. I have found a work around for that, but it would be nice to have in-app. The second is the volume changes. After getting a cue, the volume often cuts lower, so music that was at a motivating level becomes significantly quieter and nothing can easily be done to fix it while you’re running. Again, great app, I’ll keep using it for sure.

- Should be 5 stars

I am only finished with week 2 but the workout part of this program is awesome. I was more of a bed to 5k type person so I had to repeat the week 1 workout twice before I was able to get going but I am not through week 2 and am having no troubles. For that a lone it is worth the purchase. Now for why it lost the two stars. The voice cues and vibration misses are a huge problem especially for beginners that just getting one foot in front of the other is enough of a challenge. I had to purchase a $30 arm band for my 6plus just yo help with the issue. I have learned to just reset that section of the routine to get it back but that is going to be an issue later on. This has to be fixed or reworked. I also just purchase an apple watch hoping that I could get the timers and cues on it. No such luck. I just not everyone has the apple watch so that would be a good in app purchase. I would pay $5 to get that feature. Update: They added Apple Watch support but it is very bad and close to broken. They also do not update activity or any other apple health stats. It is sad because I love the fitness part of the app.

- It does what it says, but is a closed system

I’m really happy to have the assistance of an app to get myself back running. It does what it says it does. But I’m really disappointed that the app’s data is self contained. The app doesn’t trigger a workout with the Apple Health app so I miss out on the larger statistical analysis that I could be getting. If there is a setting for this it is well hidden. The watch app is all but useless, though, unless there’s something wrong with my setup. I get notifications on my watch, but if I want to check progress I need to tell the watch to switch to the app, wait for the app to sync with the phone, and then I can see the data. Repeat for any time you want a visual update and you almost immediately just ignore the presence of the watch app.

- Timer freezing at the worst time

I was very happy with this app but got to week 8 right around the time I upgraded to iOS 11. For some reason I just couldn’t make it through the whole 28 minute run. I thought I’d hit a wall...until I opened the app during one run and saw that the timer had frozen. I locked and unlocked my phone and the timer unfroze for a few seconds then froze again. And then it happened again during that run and again during another attempt and I realized why I couldn’t do a full 28 minute run...I was actually attempting a much longer run due to the timer repeatedly freezing during my run. This is a pretty major issue and severely impacts my ability to use the app. :( other than that, it’s been fantastic.

- Love! But one suggestion ...

I love this app. I have been using it to get out being so out of shape and I’m about halfway. I had ankle surgery last year and so I’m taking longer than the 9 weeks. But it’s easy to repeat days and the pace is great. One suggestion! The app seems to assume I’m running outside but since I’m strengthening my ankle at the same time it’s really much safer for me to use a treadmill. A setting for that would be nice. Right now at the end it tells me something crazy like I ran .11 miles. Which is incorrect obviously. Seems like something a treadmill setting could help.

- Good but lacking things to make it great!

This app does the basics just fine. Tracks my run. Gives “encouragement” if you want plus badges when completing goals. Things to be addressed: 1. The music player through the app doesn’t allow me to shuffle my chosen playlist. Therefore, it isn’t useable to me. 2. When it sends notification of the next step (jog,walk, etc.) it should make all other apps drop volume. It does not. Many of my other apps do this. Why can’t this one? 3. Apple Watch app. It seems that every time I go to look at my status on my watch it is reloading or telling me to start a workout on the phone app first. I am in the middle of my run. It is working!!

- Great training program. App could use improvement

I’ve used the training program to get back in shape a number of times over the years. The training portion works great if you stick to it. The app itself could use some improvements though. It needs better pairing software for the Apple Watch. Being able to run this app standalone on the watch as a complication would be a huge benefit so you could run without taking your phone. Also, The app does not continue to run in the background when your phone is locked. It’s difficult to keep from pushing buttons while running and could benefit from using push notifications instead of leaving open for the duration of the workout.

- Awesome, until just now

Wasn’t able to run more than 30 seconds before. It eases you into more running time, and before you know it, you’re running 10, 20+ mins. Never had a problem with this app, until a few mins ago I had finished the main portion and just moved into the cool down... and the app completely crashed. Without saving my progress. That’s some bs. When I clicked App Support, it sent me to a website and I could not find the app support section. So now I’m just letting the daily run go through again without actually running so I can at least move forward next time. Annoying. Hoping it’s a one time thing.

- Don’t stop the music!

This app provides a good training program. Two annoying problems, the app will get one star back for each one fixed: 1. I did *not* give your app permission to access my music and media. When I start a workout the app advances to the next song in the active playlist running in the background on Apple’s Music app. When the app determines that I have finished my workout by time elapsed it stops the Music app. Couch to 5K is not a music app, it is a workout app. Leave my music and playlists alone! 2. I enabled notifications but denied access to my music and media. Every time the app starts it insists that I enable notifications in order to get background alerts. Stupid, annoying bug.

- Nice way to restart, some glitches

This has helped me restart running after a long break. I am grateful for the app, and I am on week 9! But a couple of thoughts: It would be nice to have a readout of that day’s workout, so you can mentally plan ahead rather than having to wait to start the run and see what’s coming next. Also, when the coach comes on during the workout to cheer you on, it lowers the volume of whatever you’re listening to and that volume does not recover when the coach stops talking. It will come back at full volume for the cooldown, though, so if you turn the volume up mid-run suddenly it gets super loud at the end.

- Seriously? Wasted Money.

Bought the app only to discover it won’t work without phone in hand. Um, so what’s the purpose of a watch app then? It takes me ten minutes to walk to the trail I want to use. I don’t want to tote a phone just to be able to start the app up to then be able to view it on my watch. That’s just ridiculous. There are no instructions. It starts off with a five minute warmup. As a newb runner wannabe, how about explaining to me WHAT a warmup is? Did the developers even run this by anyone before throwing it on the market? Cheeses me off the realize it has a copycat name to the one that was recommended on a fitness forum I frequent, too. Not cool. Be your own kind of brilliant. Don’t glom on to someone else’s. Three bucks wasted. Wish I could get a refund for total uselessness. Something I’ve never said in an app review.

- My only good COVID investment

Two coworkers, my daughter, and I all invested in this app when things started shutting down this spring. We are different genders, vary in age from 10 to over 40, have 0 - 25 extra pounds of weight on board, and range from couch potato to strong and active. None were runner though and we all found that the progress was perfect for not over doing it but enough to challenge us. Since we all fit it in a different times in our perspective neighborhoods / cities sharing progress via the app with each other was motivating.

- GPS is not accurate

This is my second time completing the C25k program. First time, worked like a charm. Truly does what it says - takes you from no running endurance to being able to easily run 30+ minutes straight. However, this time I am not pleased with how the app itself works. I’m only on week 2, and I’ve had one workout just stop recording during the cool-down (I opened the app back up and it said “Start Workout” when I had already been running for 20 minutes). Furthermore, three of my workouts have had the GPS glitch so it records the same stats (miles and pace) for each, when I have gone farther and faster each time. Very frustrating. Hopefully this gets fixed before the 9 weeks are up. :/

- Like the pace but not great with Apple Watch

I liked this app once before when I used to be in shape and just needed to start at a higher level since I’ve never been a runner. However, after pregnancy and a year gone by, I’m beyond out of shape. So this app is by far helping me get back into it. On the other hand, I’m very very very disappointed that I bought the version that is compatible with Apple Watch. Why be compatible with Apple Watch if you still make me carry around my IPhone?? I hate carrying anything when I run and now that it’s summer my shorts don’t have a pocket like only 1 of my workout pants does. This needs to be updated so you can just workout with your watch.

- Good and Things could be Better.

Technically a great app, everything works for me. But its the little things that annoy you that could easily be fixed. Looking at other reviews some ppl feel the same. Such as the ability to turn off animation, turn off warm up/cool down, turn on shuffle, you know choices. I’m sure these features are coming probably in a new in-app monthly price because...capitalism. A personal pet peeve is the running program jumps to quickly one day your running 1:30 and next it’s 3:00. seriously what happened to the 2:00 mins?? Good app if they listen to the users it could be better.

- Motivating and a great way to work your way up!

I love this app. I ran cross country in HS- 25 years ago! Lost myself after having kids and just in the past couple months got back into the grove of running. Couch to 5k makes it easy to gradually build up your endurance. I just opened. It up, select sarge (prior AF here), open up a podcast and go! I love the built in wa up and cool down - those are things I often forgot on my own and paid the price later. If you’re looking for a way to get back in shape check this out!

- A few changes

This is a great app and the changes made thus far have been helpful. I love that users can access specific playlists, but it would be awesome if that playlist would have a shuffle option. I currently have to fast forward through my running playlist so I’m not listening to the same songs as the day before. Another improvement is to create a complication for the Apple Watch that allows audio through the watch so I don’t have to have my phone with me to run, I can just use my watch. It would make this app a 5 ⭐️ if you could make these changes.

- The coaching is terrific! The rest of the app is useless...

This is the running app that has motivated me and prepared me for running a 5k. The workouts are simple and gradually increase more running time. I am now able to focus more on pacing myself and being able to run longer. I love love love the workouts! The one thing that did bum me out is all of the glitches with the rest of the app. I cannot see anything other than my personal log and have tried to sign in by creating a profile and use my Facebook, but all I get is an error message when trying to access articles, events, and friends.

- Not bad but not perfect

Not quite a literal couch to 5k program. Someone who goes from no exercise routine and a bit overweight will have to repeat weeks to be prepared to be able to go from jogging 2 minutes to 3 minutes and then repeat to go from 3 to 5 minutes and so on. Also a big flaw for me is that whenever the app gives encouragement at the halfway point it lowers my music and doesn’t resume normal volume until the run is over. It also glitched on my last run today too- I really need my music up to help me mentally get through the run! For a non-free app I’d like bugs fixed fast and see a bit more workout variety for different levels.

- Worthless for me

If you're wanting this to work with the Apple Watch - don't bother. You have to have your phone with you for this to work - the run isn't offloaded to the watch. I bought a watch so I wouldn't have to run with my phone. And the "watch app" itself is very poorly executed. Even on the treadmill with the phone right in front of me (not tracking distance, of course), every time I glanced at the watch it told me to start the run on my phone - then after a second or so regained its mind and started showing its EXTREMELY limited stats. I'm really happy so many people are getting such value out of this app - because of that I was really excited about the coaching but it just won't work for me. Waste of money for me, but I should've researched more.

- Good for intervals but not much else

All I was looking for was something to tell me when to walk and when to jog/run and it does that fine, but there are definitely a few issues the app developers need to address, both of which other reviews have also mentioned. The first is that when my music volume goes down for an audio command from the app it doesn’t go back up- just stays at that quiet level and I can’t be messing with my phone while jogging. The other is that the audio commands are helpful but they only work if the app is open- they don’t happen if you have another app open or your phone locks.

- The programs works & the app is pretty good

I’ve used the app and program to go from the couch to my first 5k. If you follow the app, you’ll be surprised at how easy it comes. What I like: - it works - app is simple to use What I don’t like: - there’s no easy way to restart the program. It always defaults to your furthest progress. I.e., if you finish the program once, but want to restart every time you open the app, it takes you to the “free run, unlimited time,” which is the last run of the program. You can delete your whole history and start over, but I’d like to see a middle option. - I’d love to be able to turn off the “hi, I’m Contstance. I completed ...” start of every run! - As others have mentioned, the interface with Apple Watch is problematic. I always have to use the phone. - As others have mentioned, the volume can be variable on a run, and it didn’t used to be that way. I frequently don’t hear cues for “walk” or “run.”

- Always the best

I love this app. I’m pretty sure it’s the same regiment as the C25K instructions I printed off the internet and stuck next to my treadmill years before apps were introduced. My rating is missing a star for 2 reasons. 1) it doesn’t sync up with the Health app, so my phone doesn’t pick up on how much exercise I’ve actually done. 2) there is no function to just say that I’m doing the workout on the treadmill. Yes, I can change the distance later, but the app still “tracks” me and I wind up with a messy looking gps route that I didn’t actually run.

- I really like it!

I downloaded this app after it was recommended by several friends that were couch potatoes turned runners. Overall liking so far but it doesn’t vibrate every time I need to switch from running to walking, or the coach will only announce it occasionally. Wish there was a way to turn the voice notifications on for every time. (I thought I did this but it’s still not working.) I just hate having to take my phone out and check my time constantly. Update: this is the second time the app has crashed when I opened other apps and all my data was lost.

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- Encouraging and DOABLE!

Unlike other fitness apps, which seem to be aimed at people who already workout and go running, this one is totally doable. The first week is really easy but also leaves you feeling like you’ve done a workout. You get sweaty and red and your legs hurt a bit afterwards, but you’re not left feeling incapable or like this program is out of reach. Definitely worth the $5!

- Good on the iPhone, horrible on the Apple Watch

The iPhone app is so good - it’s allowing me to start running, which I honestly thought would never happen. That said, the Apple Watch app is so disappointing it actually made me angry. I have the GPS + LTS version Watch, and still I need to have my phone in close range - meaning I can’t go for a run without my phone. The Watch app is basically an extended screen so that you can look at the time left for the current phase without taking out your actual phone from your pocket - not much more than that. It doesn’t even have a proper integration with HealthKit. It makes me wonder why it even exists at all. Massive missed opportunity - I would gladly pay for the app again if I could go for a run just with my watch and no phone.

- Latest release is a step back.

I did this a few years ago but things went downhill. I recently started again and have been going well. The app is basically pretty good. A few niggles. When selecting music by album you can see album title but not artist, so you get a big list of “Greatest Hits”. The music starts quiet then explodes when you get the first notification, so you have to try to turn it down as you run. If you want to share at the end you can’t review your time and distance before you do. The latest release has not only not fixed these, it has decided that since I have completed the program before, it will default to “free run”. It used to default to the next run after the latest one I completed, i.e. if I last did week 3 run 2, it would default to week 3 run 3 even though I did it already (in 2014). This means I need to go into the log to check which run is next. Again, annoying. Otherwise it seems to do what it says quite well.

- Not worth it when gps doesn’t track run.

The first day was fantastic. Motivating with interval advice and a map tracking distance. Could see how far I ran how far I walked, the average pace, just great. Day two got to the end and no info. No data on how far etc so no comparison of increased distance or pace. Day three just completed and yet again no data. Basically I’m paying for an app to say ‘jog’ in my ear every now and then. Totally disappointing when you feel you are trying really hard and there is no way of knowing if it is improving at all. It asks you at the end of the session ‘how far did you run?’, I don’t know! That’s the point of having the app!!!

- Loving it! Fixing my sore knees 🏌🏼‍♂️

Three weeks in. I haven’t been confident / able to run even short distances without knee pain due to tight ITBs. Taking it slowly. Stretching well and I’ve only had one episode of knee pain. Took 3 days rest and tonight I was back in and feeling fine. Love the staggered intervals and Runicorn is super encouraging as my coach 🦄 Recommended

- Good app but could be great

I love this app but suggest the following improvements: - HealthKit integration. It is very frustrating that I have to run a separate app on my Apple Watch to log this exercise. - on an older version of the app you could see what the walk/run segments would be before you started. Now you can only see what’s up next. I like to know what I’m up for and psych myself up before I start. Please bring back this feature.

- What have you done?

Been using this app for years and I really like it. But I cannot stress this enough - the update where you animated the characters is so ugly. In a world where apps are focusing on design it’s such a strange move to make ugly animated characters. Other annoying things which have changed: - Choosing your trainer every time - No longer displays detailed workout information (exact time running and walking) - just the total time with warmup/cooldown either side

- Great but...

Great app really enjoying the gradual increase in ability. However when listening to music thru the app, the volume goes right down so you can hear the trainer and takes almost a minute to come back up again. So you either can’t here the music, can’t hear the trainer or get your head blown off. This really needs to be fixed. Otherwise it’s been great.

- This app does 'Get you off the couch'

A few years ago, I bought this app to give me away to make running consistently a habit. It worked. Thanks to this app, I've been running consistently. Each run I take, I feel like I'm building my endurance and stamina.

- Love this app

Pros: seamless use with playlists, clear voice cues once notifications enabled, gets me off the couch!! Cons: none yet I haven’t had the issue with the music stopping after voice cues and I’m on an iPhone XS so maybe it’s more compatible with the new hardware/software

- Not a runner but...,

Couch to 5 k is doing it for me. Week 6 and up to 4kms and actually loving it. First time I've got past day 3 and u can tell you it works. I am 60 next month and a non runner so please do yourself a favour and give it ago. Definitely achievable.

- Perfect app for a beginner like me

Really user friendly, I love the walk/jog interval style. 20 mins of actual running is just enough to push yourself without giving up early so you almost always complete the workout!

- Excellent

Easy to use and takes a friendly, fun and gradual approach to running. Would be good to invite specific friends to be a support team vs the limited options to share with existing fb share settings. Also I don't need to select a trainer each time.

- Inconsistent over the years

The problem with this app is sometimes it works perfectly but then it gets updated and something that was functional before stops working. Presently one of those issues is I can’t get the audio cues to cut through the music, something that worked fine before. Have reverted to the podcast for the moment

- Best Running App

Follow the voice and you'll be running 5K's before you know it. You can take it at your own pace. Never thought I'd be able to run for over a minute straight but after using this great app I can.

- Getting me moving

After years of being a true couch potato this app is getting me and my family moving. We’re healthier and happier.

- Not satisfied 😔

Might have been a great app when there was no Heathkit and apple watch! 1- It's pointless these days to have an iPhone fitness app with no Heathkit integration. 2- The apple watch app does not work without the phone close to it and that's just so disappointing. Taking my big iPhone 7 plus in a wallet case with me in a 5k run to just work with my apple watch is just so annoying.

- Enjoyable program but requires more features

I really enjoy the program but features like better Apple Watch functionality and pace prompts during a run would be great.

- So good!

Such a great way to ease back into running. Really gentle start which has avoided injury and mental fear!! So happy to be back exercising after 6 years and 2 kids 👌

- Great

Great app- very subtle learning curve which lets even non runners like myself slowly build up a great running pace and level

- Some small issues otherwise very good

Pretty good app, some issue where the music drops in volume between the halfway cue and next run/jog cue. Otherwise pretty solid and I’m so far sticking to it

- What happened...

Love the app but after the last update I’ve lost the voiceover and it keeps skipping around all the time. I’ve checked the settings and they are all ok. Have deleted the app and reinstalled, but still doing it. Not good.

- App is okay, but developer doesn’t fix bugs

App works fine generally, however I reported a bug months ago re the music volume being reduced after the trainer’s halfway message and this has still not be fixed

- C25K without the K's

App works well, but latest update doesn't have an option to measure distance in kms or weight in kgs. I'm in Australia and miles don't mean much to me. You need an option to measure in metric. Otherwise I'll go to another app.

- Love the app but....

I have trouble hearing the trainer’s prompts when I have music playing. It would be great if the app dipped the music volume down when the trainer speaks like navigation apps do.

- Need improvement

Thanks for the update. Have kms option You got 5 star now :)

- Great App

Have used C25K several times over the past 7-8years to kickstart me out of a slump. Works like a charm every time

- Great app!

I’ve improved so much! It’s great

- Terrible - Give me myMoney back

Bought this app from my Apple Watch specifically for use on the watch device. Absolutely useless on the watch and completely unusable. Sick of apps claiming to be watch compatible when clearly they are not. Very unimpressed, give me my Money back

- Disappointed

That an app that works on the Apple Watch does not allow you to work seperate from your phone. Why would I take my phone with me if I have my cellular Apple Watch on me. Extremely disappointed as this looked like a really promising app.

- Terrible

Connection with Apple Watch continuously drops out. App freezes. Characters are annoying. Was hoping for an app where I didn’t need to take my phone with me. Waste of money.

- With discipline this program works great!

Dec 2015: I saw an Apple Watch update and decided to try it to see how this app has come along. I picked an interval heavy session just to test it. Good news is the devs have made solid improvements all around. The audio cues are really improved to what I remember, much clearer and precise. The AW watch app is what'd you expect, a tiny version of the app. Works great to see it on your wrist and not have to remove your phone from pockets or straps. Good to see over a year later my 5star review remains true. Still the best couch to 5k app on the market. Old review: Like all fitness programs, it's going to come down to your willpower to continue and push yourself. So it won't be a miracle. My experience is coming off a back injury that put me out of commission for 7yrs, needless to say I was very unfit when I started! The first week was hell, just minute long jogs with big breaks and I was struggling but I made a very stern decision that I will finish every run even if I started throwing up. What do you know, by the end of week2 you'll feel huge improvements, by the end of week4 you'll feel unstoppable. Now I'm a few days from my first 5k and I really don't have any concerns, it's going to be a breeze. So I guess the point of this story is the app is great, it's quality made and all that jazz. But the most important thing is you, the app will get you running 5k, you just have to let it.

- HealthKit Support desperately needed

Health kit is where all health data is aggregated on iOS, seems crazy to not support it.

- Deal breakers

Does not use watch for run tracking.

- This changed my life

I had never enjoyed running for its own sake. To me it seemed tedious and boring. This app has changed everything. I have gone from not running since I gave up playing football almost 10 years ago to really loving. These workouts. The encouragement from the app while you are running is good, but what I really live is the tracking and measurement of my improvement. Every workout can be compared like-for-like to every other workout, which really reinforces that sense of achievement as you progress towards your goal. I really recommend this app for people who have never enjoyed running before but want the benefits, because this has changed my life.

- it works

I am only 3 weeks into the 9 week program but I can say already it is fantastic. I was super unfit - chained to my desk at work and the couch+laptop combo at home, could barely run for 30 seconds - only 3 weeks later am running in blocks of 3 mins - and did a free run the other day and made it 2.5 km without a break, running a 7 minute mile! Just follow the program, it's so easy. And the music integration and gps tracking are nice features. To the developers: WHY is it called couch to 5k yet seems to only measure in miles? Can we have metric conversion please? Calories burned would be good too!

- Has me running 5 times a week!

I've tried this app a few times but until I was in the right mindset I couldn't get through the first week. I'm now smashing it and running for 20 mins straight without even realising it! It would be great if you could use the feed like Facebook to answer questions in a safe environment. The feed seems pointless to me. So happy it's helping my fitness though.

- Voice and distance issues

It's a good concept but the voice prompts are unreliable - I can't work out why they stop working sometimes. It's frustrating because it means I walk when I'm supposed to jog and vice versa meaning the log data is skewed. I also have to keep pulling my phone out to check and mess around until I can get the prompts working again, slowing me down and interrupting my pace. I also don't think the measurements are accurate. I ran basically the same route today as yesterday. Yesterday I was disappointed to be told I ran just 7.5 mins per km and a total of 3.5km. Today somehow I logged 4.8 mins per km and 5.5km...?

- My go to app for returning to running

I have used C5K well before it even became an App on a phone. Putting times into phone click for the intervals and even printing off the program to follow. So I have followed this app since it's inception. The changes throughout that time have just been added bonuses. I only use it when I have had absences from running to get me going again. I have now run 2 half marathons. So no complaints from me. I will be checking out more functions as I use it and review.

- I love this app!

Awesome app!!! Honestly week 1 and I could hardly run the 1 min intervals but I stuck with it and just finished week 6 with a 22 min run and I feel amazing! Can't wait to run the 5k. I just bought the 5k to 10k app in anticipation of finishing this one before Christmas but I am slightly disappointed as my chosen trainer for the couch to 5k was Johnny Dead (the zombie trainer) he made my workouts awesome and he's not available in the10k version.

- frustrated

I do actually love this program and what the app has potential for. I too like many others have had issues with the voice cues and the mapping and are getting frustrated with this. It would also be nice to be able to log into the active website but that doesn’t seem to be an option neither. having to look for a similar program is annoying but if things do not improve then that is what I’ll have to do. It would be nice if it also integrated into the apple health app too as a workout program.

- Angry runner

I am so cross with this app! I am annoyed that I paid good money for an app that does not perform as promised. I have attempted to listen to my music thru the app and via a separate app and yet still the voice prompts are unreliable. Sometimes all I get is the first prompts and other times I will get about the first half of the workout and then nothing....just the vibration. What's with this?! It's not even that I can't hear the prompt, it just doesn't cut in at all. I have even attempted to pause the music to hear it but nope, no joy! Please fix this major glitch, as this app is pretty good otherwise!

- Stick to the plan!

Nearly at the end of week 7 now and going great. I used to run many years ago and am still very fit from competetive cycling. However, I was worried about knee injuries and so on with running, what with being 65 now! Well I'm sticking religously to the plan, even though I feel like doing more sometimes, and it's going great so far. Looking forward to my next run!

- Helping me reach my goals

Thanks for a fantastic free app! Would be great if you could add in a recommendation of treadmill speeds for beginners. I couldn't finish the first workout and almost gave up until I realized I was going too fast (I found 4.5 for the walk and 6 for the jog more manageable in my first week). Feeling fitter already without being seen in public THANK YOU

- Not quite as the title suggests...but a good app

So I get that it may just be me, but this app isn't really the starter and trainer for the true couch potato that it suggests... I needed to use a different 'Learn to Run' app for two weeks to even be close to ready for this app! (Yes I'm a 47 year old woman who has never run in her life, so shoot me!) I have just 'graduated' to this app (I love the layout etc and was sooo looking forward to it) but failed to run the last 1 minute stint ( just too shattered!!!) and so I stopped it - and NOTHING registered. "Workout not completed". So I got no info on the work I did do and the pain I put myself through. I'm a touch disappointed. Will try again tomorrow, but I'd like to suggest a true beginner mode if you're going to call the app Couch to 5k.

- Love this app!

Love this app! Went from not running to being able to run for 30mins by week 9. Recommend this app. It would be really great if the trainer voice could be louder. Sometimes I miss them meaning I either over run or over walk, or have to look at phone all the time to check to countdown clock.

- Such a great app

I'm over 50 and out of shape but increasing gym and using this ap to prepare for a 5.7km fun run. I'm confident this will get me there and beyond. Only suggestion is that it would be good to see how far through each workout you're at during the run. Overall, highly recommended

- Great app

I downloaded this app last night, and did my first session his morning. I haven't exercised much since my youngest son was born (now 4 1/2 years) and was worried if I'd even make it through the session. I was pleasantly surprised that I did, and even though was I feeling blah at the 3/4 way mark, by the time I had my cool down and got home, I was feeling petty good. The prompts and gps worked well for me. My only gripes are that since it's called "couch to 5k" I thought it would at least give me the option to convert into metric distances, instead of just miles. Very disappointed as I don't understand miles at all. Also, would be great if it could tell me how many calories were burned during the session.

- Happy, but ........

I love this app and I'm making great progress but I can only run on a treadmill due to injury. I was able to update my distance for the first few weeks but now I can't update my run distance which is disappointing because I was really enjoying watching my overall distance grow. Would love it if you could fix this glitch. Thanks so much for a great app. Michelle.

- Good app

I like this app. But at week 7 it's from 8mins of running to 25mins of running. I feel it helps you then throws u in the deep end. It should continue the short intervals. I'm dying after 8mins let alone jumping into a 25min. Should do 10 min then 12min then 15min etc. Also I think when the app closes it should still speak out to run or walk.

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- J’aime

Très très utile et facile à utiliser pour un débutant comme moi

- Misogynistic Avatars

They changed the trainer avatars. My previous favourite, Billie, now looks like an elongated Bratz doll. I used the app before with great success, but this update makes it unusable. No human person has proportions like that. I thought we as a society had moved past this kind of nonsense. I sent an email complaining YEARS ago and never got a response.

- Enable gps setting missing in the latest version

The latest release of this date does not have the enable gps setting in workout options. Cannot calc distance.

- Buggy

Too bad it tends to bug, skipping parts of the workout or resetting in the middle of a work out. Plus you can't change trainers in the middle of a work out. Otherwise it is simple to use andcute characters

- Love it

Best way to start running without hurting yourself Love the characters that keep motivating you

- Crashed halfway through run

This seemed to be a decent app, apart from the annoying adds (in a paid app no less), but it’s gotten significantly worse the longer I’ve had to deal with it. If you start your music prior to your run, when the run starts, it skips immediately to the next song for no reason. It has clickbait “messages” supposedly from other runners praising your run to try to get you to sign up for an account with them when there is no good reason for an account on an app with this limited of functionality. Then, to add insult to injury, I was halfway through a run (week 5 day 3) and the app just closed on me with no chance to resume where I left off... really frustrating to just be making some visible progress when this nonsense happens. Don’t waste your time and money on this app, there are plenty of decent ones on the App Store.

- Best App

Even I am doing it!

- The impossible is possible!

At age 66 and a true couch potato, I thought I’d give this app a try and most likely quit before week one was over. Well here I am almost through week 6 and I can now consider myself a runner! How is this even possible?

- Good start

Everything a new runner needs to get started. I used this app 8 years ago and have been running ever since. I am using it again to come back after an injury

- Recent crashing

This app has been absolutely phenomenal for the last almost 10 years I’ve used it to get back into shape or time my runs ❤️💪🏻

- I did it

Because of the help this app was able to give me, I went from total couch potato to being able to run a 5K. This app was invaluable on that journey and I don’t think that I’d’ve been able to do it on my own. If you’re in the same place, considering trying to live a healthier lifestyle and getting into running, this app will be a huge help, I promise you.

- Would like to see customizability as well

I love the C25K program- it’s really motivating. It would be awesome to see a customizable program- like I want to have the voice signal to me when every X minutes to spring train. Or I want to travel 6 K today- and it would change itself based on distance or run time- that would be cool. I would also like to be able to see what the plan for week 3 day 1 is before I run- I like to be mentally prepared before I head out. But I love the app- its made a difference in my physical activity

- Overall good

I’ve been very happy with the app. Worth the few bucks not to have to track things manually. The only issue I’ve encountered is that if you accidentally close the app or it crashes, there is no way to manually adjust the total time you’ve run. You can manually adjust distance, but then the time stays the same and it calculates your pace as being much higher than it was. If not for this issue, I would give it 5 stars.

- Use over and over

I love this app! I don’t run consistently through the year, so I use this app every time I start a new season. I do wish it connected with more music options. I use Spotify and sometimes it’s hard to hear the cue over the music.

- Good Workout Program But Freezes

Good workout program and very colourful. Nice to choose from 4 trainers. App has a few quirks and bugs. Would like to be able To shuffle my workout play list but won’t allow it. Even if I start iTunes music from the actual app. Once I hit play it is consecutive. Sometimes hard to hear trainers over music and has a tendency to freeze when trainer is supposed to speak to walk or run. Sometimes just a buzzer sound without verbal trainer cue. Music skips at the beginning when app starts. Would like trainers to give more coaching and a bit more motivation throughout. I look forward to the workouts however. Glad I downloaded.

- I want to love this

For some reason I can never log my progress. Always get a message saying ‘server not responding’. Drives me nuts. I have tried everything I can to figure this out.

- It worked!

I chose this app because it’s a one time price and very modest which made sense to me. You can also play Spotify in the background. I diligently followed this program while also running a 5x5 3 times a week. I started in January with a no excuses attitude - I wear a brace because my ankle was hurting and I ran outside in -25. When it was -40 I got a week at a local gym and used a treadmill, that was just a week. when I started I was totally gassed after 2 min. I just finished week 8 and can now run 5 km in 29 minutes!

- Best Couch to 5k I’ve used

Pros: - friendly ui, few steps to getting started - seems a solid GPS tracking and recording system Cons: - volume on playlist drops when instruction comes on but doesn’t always return to previous volume -apple watch app not good. You need the phone nearby to start and use it.

- Mostly great

GPS is a little wonky but works for getting back into running!

- Recommended

This app works well for getting you to your 5K goal. I can recommend it. I’ve had some GPS issues which I initially blamed on the app. I’ve since done some trouble shooting on the phone and a soft iPhone 6s reset did the trick. If things go smoothly for a while I’ll up my rating on this app to 5 stars.

- 2nd around

2nd time I use this in 6 years Love the system And I’m a strength and Conditioning coach for over 25 years !! My only issue why I’m not giving 4 or 5 stars is that the coaching volume can barely be heard over the music or podcast Causing miss timing in the intervals Fix that and I’ll re do this review with more stars Thx Curd Hos

- Not running with my cell

I tried to find simply the programm without using my cellphone but it seams like this option is not available

- Love

Love it easy to work with and can redo anytime

- It’s doable!

I’m a 53 year old who just quit smoking as I started this program, it’s achievable yet challenging. I’ve always wanted to run but never could get very far. I’m not at 5k yet but look forward to getting there. I’m addicted and doing this daily, look forward to every run with excitement, not dread!

- Great app

This app does almost everything I want it to and was the easiest to use and least clunky out of other C25K apps I tried. I only wish it gave users the ability to set walk/run intervals on the "Free Runs" so they could be tracked as such - I completed the program but still sometimes struggle to do straight running (thanks exercise-induced asthma!)... I have no problem slowing down to walk a bit, but it's frustrating that it logs it as run/jogging and subsequently mucks up my time. I like seeing how my run time is improving - even if the app was able to detect under a certain speed as walking would be helpful! So far just repeating some previous weeks but maybe an idea for a future update. Otherwise, great app!

- Great app

Great app, just wish the display rotated with the phone, would be easier to place my phone on my treadmill with the headphone jack on top.

- Uses a lot of battery

This is he only running app I’ve used so I can’t compare it to anything else, but the plan does the job and I’m progressing through it slowly. The big drawback is that it uses a lot of battery when it’s not in use but running in the background. I wake up the day after a run to find low power warnings and this app is reported as using around 90% of battery. I guess it continues tracking you after you complete a run, which is a privacy concern. I’ll delete it as soon as I finish the plan.

- Awesome!

Love love love this app!!!

- Love This App!

I have tried running on my own before but didn’t know how to go about it. This app is guiding me right along!

- Ruined by new update

This used to be a perfect app, leading you into running pleasure. Why have they stopped you from previewing each day’s run / walk schedule, so you can mentally prepare yourself? A fatal flaw. When I locked the screen today for my first run in a long time, to avoid fooling up the intervals by accidentally touching the screen with a finger as I run, I couldn’t figure out how to unlock it until I was back home on the sofa, and that’s not intuitive or obvious. Very silly and unnecessary. The info for the next segment as you run is too small. How is it possible to ruin such a perfect app in such a mindless fashion? I’m looking for another running app.

- Crashes, no workout preview

I downloaded this for my workout today and it froze mid-run, and wouldn’t let me restart from where it froze. Also no way to tell what the run/walk intervals are before starting the workout. I wasted my money buying this and will be looking for another.

- Apple Watch Users Beware!

A good C25K app but for anyone with an Apple Watch hoping to get haptic notifications with the intervals, look elsewhere! When an interval starts your watch will not vibrate! I’m not really sure why, since Active’s 10K app does provide haptic feedback. Avoid this app until they fix this!!

- It really works

Gradual build up creates feeling of accomplishment which in turn motivates one to continue. Great for getting back in shape. One negative is its sensitivity while running when not locked. Hate how it can skip ahead or back to next activity so easily. A cure for this would be to put more info on the locked screen. *second time using this program . Still great. Lol

- Almost Perfect

I was contemplating buying a different C25K app, but I can’t get on board with a subscription model or one that will expire after a certain amount of time. This seemed like a great app that wouldn’t do that. Until I went for my first run. I’m trying to lose weight and adding running to my workouts to do it. I went out, did my run, and was pleasantly surprised my how motivating I found the trainer. Then I got home and looked at my Apple Watch. It only logged 20 minutes of a 30 minute workout... so I checked my Apple Health data... NOTHING! No Apple Health integration at all, and no setting to fix it. This is a deal breaker for me.

- Latest update to the app is crashtacular

I like the app, but the latest update is crashing on the latest iOS, iPhone 6. The app really, REALLY doesn’t like it if you switch out of it - time freezes and/or slows, and about midway through my runs it just crashes entirely. Pretty bummed about it :(

- Awful

Worst app, incredibly frustrating. I was so excited and now I never want to run again.

- Simple and it works!

A great app that delivers what it promises.

- Awesome Program!

Just finished the first workout of week 3 and I love it! Program is great for starting you off slow and gradually pushing your limits! Love the distance and route tracking figures for helping me gauge progress from workout to workout! If you're thinking about starting to run, either for the first time or just the first time in a long time (10+ years for me), I can't recommend it enough!

- Great app

They've made some great updates to the app so now the sounds and prompts work better!

- Best couch to 5k app out there.


- Not bad

This isn't a bad app but it could be a lot better. The voices of the trainers are very low, I could barely hear them over my music. Also the app pauses when my phone goes to sleep. A warning about that would have been nice! Not worth the $

- 2 stars...for the idea at least

I like the idea if this fact I love it. But I wish it worked right. The voice doesn't come on at the right time and interrupts when it shouldn't. Sometimes it tells me the complete opposite of what I should be doing. Also, the timer sometimes skips back and forth. It makes for a confusing run. I hope they fix these glitches as I would love to continue using this app.

- Good running program, poor running app.

The fourth time I was out running the app performed poorly. I guess buttons were getting pushed in my pocket. Instead of running for 1.5 minutes, I ended up running for 4. Then the program jumped from week 2 to week 6, etc. starting to run is challenging. It is distracting if you can't trust the app. I will continue to follow the program but will have to switch to a more reliable timer app. Too bad.

- Great app

Only done week one, but it has been a good week. I'm an overweight guy but this isn't too hard at the beginning so it really motivates me to keep going.

- Great App

Love how it eases you in to jogging and you can go back to repeat if you feel your not ready for the next step! 💕

- No love for Canada

Nice app but I wish that some Canadian 5k races would be included. More coaches too. The 2 girls are pretty much the same

- Usable but broken

I'm using this app on an iPhone SE runnion iOS 10.3.3, and it has a major technical problem: the voice prompts are almost inaudible when I'm playing music. I have the "Trainer Volume" set to full and I've had the same problem with both the Constance voice and Billie: if I have music playing, then the music pauses or fades to allow for the voice cue but the trainer's voice is barely audible, sometimes completely inaudible, so I can't tell if I'm being told to jog or to walk. Fortunately the vibration cue still works or else the app would be completely nonfunctional. However, sometimes the voice prompt is to "keep going" and I've inadvertently switched from run to walk because I couldn't hear the words. Given that the voice prompt is really the primary function of the app, the app is essentially broken, although I can still use it thanks to the vibration function, as long as I remember to look at the screen to confirm what I'm being instructed to do. There are other problems, inherent to the design. The in-app menu for selecting music lets me select playlists but not individual tracks, so if I feel like starting a run with a particular song then I have to exit the app and go into Music. Also the app stops my music playing when the run is over, which is annoying. Also also, the "Disable Auto-Lock" function doesn't seem to actually do anything. There seems to be no way to preview the runs, neither before nor during a run, so I can't mentally prepare for that day's mix of jogging and walking. This seems like a major omission. The app has interesting social features like notifications of local 5K events and a Facebook-style "Community" feed. But I don't really use those on a day to day basis. On a more positive note, the app does useful things like track my run Overall this app barely works for its intended purpose. Despite being three weeks into my training program I'm shopping around for alternatives.

- Accidental presses

When will this app put in an "are you sure" button at a timed hold on button to alter the run... how many hundreds of times has my progress been obliterated due to accidentally skipping to the next stage of the run by an accidental palm press on the screen. Seriously, who skips stages of training anyway, making it so easy to do accidentally press buttons during a run is not very thoughtful UI.

- App feels 8 years old.

UI looks archaic, app is slow. Uninstalled.

- Meh

You should have a few more options on this app, like for when you're on the treadmill. It only counts half the KMs that the treadmill does. You should also add options for people with cardio/breathing related illnesses like Asthma

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- I didn’t think I could do it but I did

I was never a runner. I used this to do my first 5k. I fell off during quarantine but now I’m motivated again and signed up for another 5k and I know I will ok again because of this app. I started from scratch and I just love to recommend this app to anyone who wants to try to run. Someone else mentioned “runners high” and yes, once you pass a milestone of intervals you will get this and it feels like heaven. Hope this helps anyone on the fence and try it. You can do it!

- Worth it!

Training for a 5k and was recommended this app and I’m so happy i decided to purchase it. It is well worth $3. Keeps me on track and motivated and i can track all my progress along the way. I have never been big into running until i started this app and now i run 4-5 times a week and my times are getting faster and my endurance longer. Would definitely recommend this app for anyone who want to ease their way into running!

- Amazing C25K program, GARBAGE APP!

The only reason I’m giving it 2 stars is because the 9 week program is actually really amazing. This app is just total garbage though. I can’t wait to finish the program, partly so that I can run 5k without stopping. But mostly so that I can uninstall this horrible app and never have to use it again. • You have to adjust just about every single setting on your phone so that it will maybe work correctly, which of course it never does. • It doesn’t pause the music to give you your audio cue so you end up walking or running more than you’re supposed to. • They took away the feature to shuffle your music playlist within the app. Who listens to their playlists in the same order every time?! • The companion Apple Watch app is just a joke. That was promptly uninstalled. Don’t even bother. I have 4 weeks to go then I can finally throw this app in the trash where it belongs. Which is a shame because again, the actual C25K program is really great.

- I tried to like it, freezes, doesn't log data

I've used the app three times so far, each time the timer starts to run down really slow during the cool down phase, then completely stops and the app closes. None of my workout session was saved any of these times. So frustrating. The first time it happened, I uninstalled the app and reinstalled, still experienced the same problem. I really enjoyed the app because it seemed so simple and don't have all the other unnecessary features that a lot of the others do. However, if I'm not able to get through a single workout, it's no use. I will be searching for other options. Please let me know how to get a refund on my purchase.

- Gets the basic job done.

This based on me using this app for five days. - Your own cheerleader says 3 sentences to you the entire way as cocking encouragement. Encouragement as advertised not delivering and no option for high, medium or minimal coaching. - There is no “10” second notification at the end of a section and especially the cool down. I wasn’t yet home the other day and once the cool down ends, the app marks the day complete. Now I watch it and back it up if I’m not home for more accurate timing. - If playing music the notice to switch from jog to walk is very faint to nonexistence. - It is NOT intuitive to befriend someone. Even when you are on the phone with them trying to figure it out. - Posting badges to friends not easy. - I’ve done my first three days and wouldn’t have been able to keep the pace without an app, but for a payment of $3 I did expect more. - I am not even sure if this app goes beyond 27 days.

- I hate running!

But this app eases you into it slowly and methodically. Yes, if your truly a couch potato you might be a bit sore the first few times, however you should feel great about getting off that couch! The interface is easy to use and the progress shown motivates you to raise the bar a little each day. On day 2 of week 3 and never thought I could do this. Surprise! I'm now checking the weather & humidity each morning in anticipation of a great run, who'da thunk!!

- Forever Thankful!

Couch to 5k is an amazing app and really does work. Working out has always been a passion of mine but was never really into running. I wanted to try to get into it more. I didn’t know where to start, but couch to 5k really helped me ease into it and become the runner I am today. Yesterday I ran my first 5K and came in first in my age group for females. I am so thankful for couch to 5K and how it has hanged my life for the better. The program is amazing and truly does work! I am proof!!!

- This app is great

I am using this app again after taking a 3-year hiatus. I’m mostly a couch potato but my son’s school is having a spirit run 5k and I signed up. 😂 This app helped me prep 3 yrs ago and it’s helping me again. I love the workouts—keeps me focused and gives me a goal to shoot for each run. I don’t do the social media stuff so I can’t comment there. But the controls and history log are all easy to use. I highly recommend this app!!

- App crashed so basically ran for nothing?

I was in the cool down during my run and the app crashed... sooo it saved NONE of my data from my run. There should be an option that the data from your run is saved throughout rather than when you fully complete the run so you don’t lose your data when the app crashes. The trainers are very basic and just basically say ‘brisk walk’ or ‘jog’. I thought that from the descriptions of the trainers that they would be more encouraging. Worth the $2.99 but only because the other apps charge $5/month+...

- Really like log information, but could use some updates

I love this app for the log information once you're finished. But, there are a few things that could use updating: 1) You don’t know your intervals prior, it only tells you the the jog/walk total minutes. I have to open another 5k app to find out what my intervals are before my run so I can be prepared. 2) Can’t use the Apple Watch without your phone. 3) No motivations cues; would be nice to have them throughout the run vs. only halfway

- Ghost Voice

No matter how many times I “close” the app or delete & reinstall it, the coach voice randomly comes on in the a really creepy way as if the phone thinks I’m in the app about to run or currently using it. I’m a technician so I’ve done all the necessary troubleshooting to eliminate other potential issues but this is the only app I have this issue with. Other than that the tracking is great & I love that it’s Apple Watch compatible so I don’t have to worry about not being able to hear the cues when the watch vibrates at each interval.

- Does the job, with a few bugs

The app was less buggy when I used it about 5 years back. For example, it repeatedly asks me to turn on notifications (they’re already on). Today I must have bumped something new because it started blaring music (I prefer to work out in silence). There are workarounds but I wind up feeling annoyed every time I use the app. Makes me want to shop for a new one. Still, 4 stars because it works. Just the right level of pushing myself with gradual steps up.

- Latest Update Negated the 5th Star

I love the app and enjoy the features that come along with it. The constant motivation from Sgt Block and great tracking features make this a must have. I will say since the latest update I have been a bit disappointed in the app as it no longer allows me to preview the run/walk intervals before the event. I’m sure we all would like to know specifically what the days run/walk cycles will entail before we start exercising. Other than that, keep up the good work!

- Pretty great so far!

Admittedly I’ve only been using it for three days, well a week, but only three runs. I’m a cancer survivor whose trying to get back into shape after treatment. I’m only giving it 4 stars cause it could use a treadmill mode. We got 4” of snow here last night and I’m in no shape for a Nordic jog. So I came to the gym and followed the instructions while using the treadmill. Still got a decent workout but the distance and calorie stats will be seriously inaccurate. If y’all can add that, it’d be a five star app.

- Pretty great so far!

Admittedly I’ve only been using it for three days, well a week, but only three runs. I’m a cancer survivor whose trying to get back into shape after treatment. I’m only giving it 4 stars cause it could use a treadmill mode. We got 4” of snow here last night and I’m in no shape for a Nordic jog. So I came to the gym and followed the instructions while using the treadmill. Still got a decent workout but the distance and calorie stats will be seriously inaccurate. If y’all can add that, it’d be a five star app.

- Love it, Apple Watch/ treadmill suggestions

I enjoy this app. I used to run track and cross country in high school. That was 25 pounds ago. I’m far better with my pace now, and I’m about to tackle my first 5k. My only suggestion is improving the Apple Watch compatibility. I usually run at the gym on a treadmill. I’d love it if it logged my heart rate and speed settings on the treadmill. I understand I’d have to do this by hand. I’d just love a spot to log it. I can never seem to remember what settings I go to and my runs vary a little in progress.

- Works great with a glitch

I love the app. There’s just one glitch that I find very annoying. When at the halfway mark the trainer or voice comes on and says halfway there. It quiets my volume on the music for the next couple minutes til they tal again. It happens one other time also. And when you start a run it automatically skips the current song you have playing. I put 3 stars hoping it may get a developers attention. Otherwise great app and works. Oh and I wish there was a way to input treadmill times, distance, and pace.

- Has it’s downfalls

As with many of the other reviews, the music volume is beyond irritating. Nothing like having music you can barely hear to motivate you through the tough parts. Also, the app likes to close out and reset about 50% of the time when you maneuver between other apps, say like to check in on Fitbit or switch up Pandora. Nothing like being 20 minutes into a run to find it lost its data and it wants you to start over. But nevertheless, this app has gotten me started on a small growing love of running. Hope they can fix the glitches before I complete my 9 weeks

- Why did I pay for this?

The whole point of an app like this is to track your distance, speed, and progress, which this app is completely unable to do. Today it only captured the last quarter of my route, my last run it showed me running (impossibly) diagonally through city blocks, the run before that it didn’t capture any of my stats at all. I’ve already turned on location settings for this app, turned off my lock screen, and kept the app in the foreground while running, but the glitch is stronger than my accommodations. Its competitors are much better; this is just a $3 stopwatch and my phone already has that capability.

- Needs stand alone watch functionality

This is a great program - I wish there were more support for the occasional bugs that pop up, but so far they’ve been fixed by turning my iPhone on and off. But it’s very annoying that I must carry my iPhone when running, and now that it works with the Apple Watch, I STILL need to carry the phone. I hope this gets fixed - even if I had to sync to upload or download runs, I’d be willing to do that.

- Want to love it

So as others have mentioned the volume with the voice and the music is irritating I have to crank the volume up super high then when the program ends I bust my ear drums cause next time I play music it's sky high. Also can you include people of color into trainers whether they are black, Hispanic or Asian in this day in age a little diversity is a good thing. That's all the negative I really do enjoy the app it doesn't push to hard and the walk breaks are just long enough to catch your breath and start again. Minor improvements needed

- Sound issues

Overall I like the app but there are significant sound issues. The voice is way too quiet if listening to music, and if you turn the music down the voice gets softer as well so that is no help. There are sometimes notification tones also that help you not miss the prompt to run or walk, but sometimes they work and sometimes not. I've tried different settings but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to when they work and when they don't. Please fix this.

- Great for Beginners

I bought this app years ago and never used it. Now since gyms are closed/stress level is at an all time high, I figured what the heck and gave it a shot. I’m on week 6 and absolutely addicted to running now! This does a great job of pacing you and really getting you in shape to run for 30+ min straight. I have not had any glitching/issues/anything and it has worked perfectly for me

- New update

So in general I’ve liked this app. Occasionally I got small bugs but they weren’t an issue. The music would change volume after each voice cue from the app which was annoying. I really am mad that the newest update doesn’t allow you to see the intervals anymore. All I see now is 5 min warm up walk, 23 mins of jogging and walking, and 5 minute cool down. I want to be able to see that it’s 3 minute intervals or 5s or 8s etc etc. please fix!

- Not if you’re looking to decouple from the iPhone

Bought this through the Apple Watch App Store—based on the description and screenshots, I assumed that I’d be able to run without my iPhone and be Apple Watch only...not so! Started my training by carrying my 7+ with me and syncing to my watch—but soon left the phone and home and just used the intervals from this training app in the Watch’s native exercise app. If you don’t mind running with your phone—this really is a neat app! Be hard to believe there isn’t one better...

- Better than the paid app

I’ve used this app on and off for years. I’ve also tried the official couch to 5k app that costs a couple dollars, and this one is so much better. You get way more data, and you can actually track your progress over several rounds. For example, I can see that I’m considerably slower than I was when I did this app two years ago.

- Great app for beginners

It’s a great app for beginners. First running app I use, I am on my third day and can tell it will help me reach my goal to get off the couch. I did not give it stars because when I read it offers the Apple Watch app I thought I was going to be able to use it without carrying my phone with me on the runs, but for the app to work on the watch the phone was to be within range. At least I didn’t find a way to have it standalone in the watch.

- Drill Sgt

I recently started using the couch to 5 K and love the four characters you can chose to encourage you along the way. I chose the Drill Sarge and took my 12 year old on for a run. Since I’m not a fan of running, the Drill Sarge made it hilarious to run for run 1 minute and 30 seconds seem easy. My 12 year old loves it and we are making it through the entire workouts. Thanks for such creativity on the on the app.

- Made me a runner!

I have never ever been a runner. When I tried picking up running before using this app I was running one mile in 10 minutes and was dead afterwards. Today I am running 3 sub 10 miles and I feel great. The app really helps you get there and you can always repeat workouts if you liked the intervals or feel like you aren’t ready for the next set!

- Excellent guidance to get you going

I truly hate running. However I really want to do it for cardio exercise and weight loss. This app does a great job using into running list walk/run intervals that make it not too painful and he can keep grinding it out. I quit and had to start over many times but I’m never afraid to put my sneakers on and get out there because I know this app will coach me well.

- Okay...

The app keeps logging me out everytime I close it, and so every time I open a training session I have to choose a trainer again (at least I think that’s correlated). It’s kind of annoying. It also only wants to track gps even though I have to train on a treadmill, and so it doesn’t given me accurate splits for my timing. However, it’s easy enough to use and is keeping me on track. Not a rip off, but also not an amazing value.

- Was great when it worked - updated

Update - the issues I was having with audio cues seems to be resolved. This is back to being my go to running app. I have used this app for the last year and a half without issue until this past week. The audio and vibrate cues no longer seem to work. I hear the first cue at the start of the workout but after that it is too faint to hear. I followed the support steps in the app and in their forum to no avail. For some people the sound of their feat on the road and heavy breathing is enough but I need my music to run. Update - They seem to have fixed the music volume issue. The new issue is now there is no shuffle option for the playlists. Seems like a pretty pointless “update” to make. Frustrating to see an app continually regress. It was a better app 2 years ago.

- gets you running

As a person who never thought she could run more than 2 minutes, this app really changed my perspective! it works by using the run/walk increment pieces, eventually making the walk portions shorter. My advice on getting through there program is to run slow . painfully slow. this app won’t work on your speed. good luck!

- Still love this app, but...

I use this app pretty much every year to get myself started after a winter break, or to increase my pace. It’s a great app. My only quibble: the unnecessary, cutesy animation that interferes with starting each session. Having selected a trainer, why do I have to select *again*? I don’t need to have some cartoon wave me on. When I select the session, at most there should be one more tap to start. Now there’s a tap and a wait then another tap. Why?

- Great motivator

2018: Since last update the app is stuck in waiting mode on my iPad. I cannot uninstall it and reinstall it; which Apple recommended ... And turning off and on iPad didn't help either. Old review: We just joined a gym that has a small, indoor track. I've been walking a mile for three weeks and knew it was time to step up my game. The cues given keep me on track to reaching my goal of being able to jog a 5K. However, I have to say the voice commands or cues to walk and jog are really low and often difficult to hear... even with my ipod sound up on high. I hope this gets resolved in an update.

- Needs better watch functionality

I finally had to swap this out for another app. This app almost never works with my Apple Watch. All I want to do is be able to see how much time I have left in each segment since I carry my phone in a belt when I run. But it just refuses to sync. Last run, it had the second page working with the distance and time but not the actual Home page to the app that you would want to see. I’ve also had other malfunctions with the voice cues. It just got too frustrating and I uninstalled.

- Great app!

I’m using it to start my training for a 10 mile race. At first I noticed that my run/wall times would start over so I was going a lot further than I should have, but I figured out that if you lock the screen in the app with the lock button in the top left corner, you won’t have any issues with times or distance tracking!

- Pretty Good

It got me off the couch which is a feat of its own. I do really like this app. I have a few issues. First I can barely hear the coach overy music so the prompts need to be louder or the app needs to pause the music during the prompts. Secondly I wish the total time of the workout was more visible. I need reading glasses so I can't really see the time. I can see the timer for jog walk but that's it. Sometimes it just nice to know how much more relaxed you have left to go. I just finished week one. So far so good.

- Very buggy

For starters, at least one verbal cue per workout doesn’t sound off, so you have to constantly check to make sure you didn’t miss it. Secondly for the first 5 weeks my gps would say connected but nothing would actually record and every workout ended saying I ran 0 miles. On week 6 it started picking a random point and saying that’s where I started so it would be complete inaccurate to what I actually ran. For an app you have to pay for, I see this as an unacceptable number and impactful set of bugs.

- Good cardio

Great App! I have been using this app for a year or so, and it works well, no glitches. It’s a excellent cardio workout to use. I alternate it with weight training, and it gives me good results. It keeps track of how often you use it, so if it’s been awhile it will offer the option of starting from the beginning. Best of luck! Keep at it, and you will meet your fitness goals!

- Mom of 2 under 2

I lost 60lbs by starting with this app 10 years ago. I got it again to see how much progress I would make this time after having two kids and age NOT on my side. It really is the best usable interval run app for the technology and running challenged. Love it and hope to stay on it to lose the 60lbs again? Wish me luck!

- Great except the sound level of cues

I love this app. I completed it once and had to give up running. Now that I have started back, I cannot hear the cues when my music is playing or when I have my Apple Watch on. I end up keeping the app open to hear it and because I have to also carry it, I end up hitting the back button. Any suggestions would be wonderful. Other than that, it help me lose 40 pounds the first time and I’m hoping to lose as much this time.

- App doesn’t work with itunes

Ever since the last few updates this app doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. If i press the play button on the bottom where it shows my itunes music it freezes the whole app and starts all over. Just now I was 12 secs away from completing a workout and i accidentally hit the play button and it froze the app and erased my work out. Now i have to repeat the work out i just did to keep track of my stats. If this app doesn't change soon I will move on to a different app.

- Slow

I used the app before and it was great! I tried to use this app again and though I absolutely love the concept and it’s helping me lose weight by running every time I go to start the workout I have to beat my phone, hold down on the screen, and whatever else I can do to actually get the workout started. I have an iPhone X so it is NOT my phone that is the problem. I don’t have a problem with any of the other apps on my phone just this one. FIX THIS PLEASE

- Voice command glitches

The voice command has become glitchy the last few times I’ve used the app. It will start off telling me to walk but when it comes time to jog or walk again, the voice command only works some of the time within the workout. I can catch the error when I’m using the treadmill because I can see the screen alert to begin jogging/walking, but when I’m outside running I shouldn’t have to continue looking at my phone to see if it’s time to begin jogging/walking again.

- From couch potato to running a 5k. You cannot beat this app and program. It works!

Used this app years ago to teach myself that I could jog for more than 30 seconds with proper training. It worked. In a year I was training for a half marathon. Took many years off due to being in school, and now I am back using this app again. It’s the best.

- Makes couch to 5k easy!

I tried the couch to 5k pgm before on my own and it was really hard to keep track of the times to run and walk and I gave up after a few weeks. This app makes it so easy. I've used it on a treadmill while watching Netflix on my phone and it still prompts me. Also outside while listening to iheartradio. I love it!

- Great App, fix volume changes after coach speaks

I love this app, but it could use one correction. After Billie speaks her “halfway there” comments, my music volume stays low and only comes back to full after she has her next comment. Halfway there is the only time it happens when Billie speaks. Very annoying to be forced to listen to music at half volume until she comes back again to give a short pep talk.

- It (mostly) works

The app is helping me with pacing myself as I begin to run again. I’ve only had the app crash once on my iPhone. I mostly got this app because it claims to work with my Apple Watch. It doesn’t load the watch app when I load the iPhone app. Furthermore, when I manually load the watch I app, it takes several seconds after I raise my watch for the updated information to propagate. Several seconds is too long during a jog/run.

- An app that gets you results!

Great app that starts you off slowly and works towards jogging a full 5K. When I started, I struggled with running for a full minute but within 2 months at twice a week, I was running for 22 minutes straight. I stopped when it got too hot to run but I've started back up again because I know this works!

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Lindsey Walker - Musician | Jokester

@damnfoodcourt @tompowercbc There is a couch 2 5k app that made me go from “I hate running and I can’t run for more than 20 feet” to “I kind of don’t hate running and I can kind of do it” :

Chelsea 🗯️

Lrt lmfao at me forgetting that it took 3 months of elliptical training to be able to run on the cushiest treadmills ever and I was like sure I haven't done impact exercise in 7+ months but let's try and do couch to 5k outside!! (limps home)


As if I’ve been doing the couch to 5K for 9 weeks and Scott came on a run with me tonight and just ran for 30 mins with no training at all :// who is he?

Couch to 5K® - Run training 4.5.6 Screenshots & Images

Couch to 5K® - Run training iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Couch to 5K® - Run training iphone images
Couch to 5K® - Run training iphone images
Couch to 5K® - Run training iphone images
Couch to 5K® - Run training iphone images
Couch to 5K® - Run training iphone images

Couch to 5K® - Run training (Version 4.5.6) Install & Download

The applications Couch to 5K® - Run training was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2011-08-10 and was developed by Active Network, LLC [Developer ID: 885139029]. This application file size is 199.92 MB. Couch to 5K® - Run training - Health & Fitness app posted on 2020-05-29 current version is 4.5.6 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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