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Identify and block spammers, search for unknown numbers, call friends and much more! With a community-based spam list from over 250 million users, Truecaller is the only phone app you’ll ever need.

- Automatically identify spam and fraud calls before you pick up
- Filter junk SMS automatically
- Block unwanted callers

(Enable Spam Identification and Blocking on iOS 10 by going to Settings-> Phone-> Call Blocking & Identification)

- Enter any number to lookup name and other contact info
- Lookup phone numbers directly from your native call history using the Share extension
- Copy a number and look at the Truecaller widget to see contact details

- Make calls directly from the app
- Use T9 search to call friends quickly
- See when your friends are free to talk
- See more information about your phonebook contacts

Truecaller Professional:
- Get the Pro badge on your profile
- Get 30 contact requests per month
- Remove all ads
- Auto-renewing subscription ($1.99 monthly / $17.99 yearly - price varies by country)

Truecaller respects your right to privacy. Your phonebook is never made searchable or public.
Privacy policy:
Terms of use:

- Email: [email protected]
- FAQ:
- Twitter: @truecaller
- Facebook:

(Please note: Payment for auto-renewing subscription to Truecaller Professional will be charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase. Subscription can be managed and auto-renewal can be turned off by going to the Account Settings on your device. To avoid renewal, you must cancel at least 24 hours before your subscription ends. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.)

Truecaller App Description & Overview

The applications Truecaller was published in the category Utilities on 2012-03-28 and was developed by True Software Scandinavia AB. The file size is 144.03 MB. The current version is 9.13 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

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Try it now and tell us how you like it.

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Truecaller Reviews

KJB in Minnesota

Do not download this app  KJB in Minnesota  1 star

If you download this app it will spam your phone with thousands of calls a day. Literally my call log has about 800? It’s a bad app


Privacy Concerns  C1phr  1 star

App requests lots of data. Uninstalled as soon as it added money transfer capability (this is supposed to be a call blocking app).


لم يؤدي النتائج المطلوبه  فروكه  1 star

ضعيف جدا


Make it automatic  diruvich  4 star

I have to manually input and search the number on Truecaller.. Make it automatic when unknown number calls.


Identification  sagahahaha  2 star

Can do better in identifying strange callers

Lady of Plantagenet reign

Doesn’t work!  Lady of Plantagenet reign  1 star

Downloaded today. Does not block anything! Maybe if I paid the monthly money they want!


Really happy about it  JO😁🤑  5 star

Truecaller has relieved me from all the scam callers that call repeatedly. I have got scam after scam call for years. But with Truecaller I can finally stop getting repeated calls from the same person. If I wish to know if someone is a scam caller I can type their number in too. Usually it will say scam caller and tell you want they want. I would highly recommend it. It is affordable and gets better constantly.


Doesn’t really do anything  Den912  1 star

I expected this app to actually screen calls. It’s less useful than the “block contact” option on my phone.

اليوم الموعود

جيد جدا  اليوم الموعود  5 star

جيد جدا

Dream Patch

Doing nothing?!?!?  Dream Patch  1 star

DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS APP... I have had this on my phone for the last several days. It has not caught one spam or text. All has came through and rang... I AM DELETING


Really really worth it  VFAJ  5 star

My 13yr old son told me about this app and downloaded it for me. I was sceptical at first, I'm not into all this stuff and am very paranoid. But I was getting sick and tired of all these scam/spam calls and now I am very happy that he did it for me. Now I don't get any where near the amount of calls I used to get and when I do get one I can check it out straight away. Pretty cool.


Great  Cobby6  5 star

Love this app. I wish it would work too on the land line !

Angry Kali

True Caller Works In Part  Angry Kali  3 star

True Caller does identify spammers if they are already in their system. However, it doesn’t stop the same numbers from calling you again and again, even though you have blocked that number or numbers. But it does identify spam numbers if you receive a call, only thing to do is to ignore that call. In my opinion if you block a certain number, it should not be able to ring you anymore.

Plank osama

nothing  Plank osama  1 star

nothing happened still getting calls fom unknown numbers


Can’t whitelist SMSs without a number  jumpinf00l  2 star

SMSs from AusPost tracking are blocked, but can’t be unblocked as the SMS is not sent from a phone number (sender appears as AUSPOST)


Abraham  zrs145  1 star

Data base is not updated so if some calls true caller can’t identifies

Guero Salsero

Rubbish  Guero Salsero  1 star

No need for this thing to have my name and phone number. Plus it keeps giving an error message on set up. Fail.


Waste of time  Klasyk  1 star

Waste of time this app just does not work

shdixf fj

Loves it!!  shdixf fj  5 star

The best

Nick Partridge

Maybe if it worked?  Nick Partridge  1 star

Offers to update lists - nothing happens. Maybe if I paid $bignumber it would work? I’m never going to find out. PLONK


Junk app  Pershia  1 star

junk application

It's like s*#^t

I’m trying to active it for a week but , to no avail!!  It's like s*#^t  1 star

It’s been a week and I didn’t reserve a code ! , I did everything ( delete it and download it again, restart the phone ) and everything but nothing happened !!!


Not working anymore  Arash411  1 star

It has stopped working.

Redlands Taylor

Makes No Difference  Redlands Taylor  1 star

Dont spend your money, I purchased the app, honestly the number of calls getting through have increased as well as the spam messages. In contacting the company, here is their honest response..."Thanks for writing. If some spam calls are only identified after the call (when you manually search it) please make sure that your spam list is up to date. If it is already, kindly share those numbers so we can investigate further. The external spam list provided by Apple in iOS10 is limited and does not contain all spam numbers unlike our Android version due to limitations from Apple. We only add the top spammers, therefore, numbers with lower spam score will not be identified. Thank you for your cooperation. Regards, Team Truecaller " I have an iphone, it has NEVER blocked a call and with ther number of "supposed" users, you would think that at least one would get blocked. Moving onto another solution.


It doesn’t block anything.  KristenT19  1 star

I get spam calls daily. I use my phone for a sales job so it’s important that I answer my phone but I get so many spammy interruptions a day I thought this would help. It might put a “potential spam” icon on the call but it doesn’t block it. It also doesn’t identify where it’s coming from. Overall I think it is a waste of money.


Money back  Nagyszaju  1 star

I want my money back you charge me I never used true caller still from my account 17:99 two times report


Awesome App  Rudrakhi  5 star

This is really a nice invention which helps a lot to be safe in various calls. It allows to know unknown contacts which may or may not be good for you. I love this app and request to keep on developing and adding new secure things into it.


Doesn’t work at all  Lessr64  1 star

I got this and set it up, I still get spam calls like I did prior, the only calls that are picked up by truecaller were from my contacts that had truecaller. There is zero support.

الي الان حلو

I’m  الي الان حلو  5 star

👏🏻💚I love that

Hassan Saafeen

Not working after update  Hassan Saafeen  1 star

It was working well,after updating the IOS system and updating this app it doesn’t work and give page for registration as a new account and when you try to register its give you error .

H Bande

Registration problem  H Bande  2 star

I’ve tried so many times to register my phone number with Truecaller on my iphone 6 but i’m unable to, I don’t know what seems to be the problem. Please help


Nice  kingsford55  5 star

I think people shud try it


App works  Entelhub  5 star

App ok


Can't tell you caller instantly  shakomended  1 star

If you're used to other android you will hate this version for iOS, unlike android this does not tell you the caller while the call coming in. You have to copy and paste the number on the app before you can see the caller. This is a no no for me, except this issue is fixed I don't need it.


Poor  __timah  1 star

This app doesn’t work well. 👎👎


Not getting verification code  hutrgjo  1 star

I downloaded the app but I haven’t been able to get a verification code


Appreciation  Bakokontagor  5 star

Thank you so much


RE compatibility  Ajorosun  3 star

Hi, I’ve been using this app effectively on android but since to iOS it’s not been working perfectly as home page dialer


Installing issue  grey98914  2 star

Doesn’t send you a verification code afterwards to the phone number inputted


True caller  ejefor  5 star

This an excellent way of knowing who is calling you. Subscribe to it, you won’t regret it. It also keeps you safe and focused.


DONT GET THIS APP  Alzo38  1 star

this app doesn’t work it’s a waste of time and it just wants all your info DON’T GET THIS APP

Waleed mir

Mir  Waleed mir  5 star

Great App

Graham McCarthy

BAD  Graham McCarthy  1 star

I Don't understand why this app needs all my Facebook info and access to my photos before I set up the app. It's supposed to protect people from spam calling but wants all your data for themselves. Not good enough.

suzanna TS

Amazing  suzanna TS  5 star

I love this app all ways very nice


Great app when it works  Ash2479  3 star

Doesnt work all the time but when it does, its a good app.


Brilliant  Barrydec  5 star

Great app and very user friendly


👍  Vicky4189  5 star

Good app to figure out unknown numbers. 👍

O fax zag

Very easy  O fax zag  5 star

Just type any number and you will know who called easy as that

Dregs gnocchi

All good  Dregs gnocchi  5 star

Seems good initially


Truecaller -live caller id update version  Ac23099819  1 star

This doesn't work on my iPhone 6


Only works sometimes  Ludi_ZA  2 star

Sometimes still receive calls that does not get identified. Yet when searched for in Truecaller data base, it is reported as Spam.


Annoying!!!  VicTiger85  1 star

Why I can’t see the calls on IPhone it’s useless!!!


not really working on ios11 anymore  Vlakhaas  1 star

not blocking or picking up incoming spam calls you have to leave the app open and running all the time


Not effective  PJMorton  2 star

Doesn’t bring up person calling when number not on phone.


Spam Alerts  strawsilbert  3 star

Not all spammers come up as spam and when you search the number there are lots of people who have blocked the number


Needs work on apple devices  @WPJvRensburg10  2 star



Soofie Darbar Pmb  Chisht_i  5 star

Great app to check unlisted calls and scam

nthabi motapane

Auto reflect  nthabi motapane  3 star

Truecaller no longer reflects automatically when a call come through like it used it. Now I have to search for the number to find out who’s calling

Aka Trickz

Works  Aka Trickz  5 star

Never given me a problem . And hooked up need some UI could be better like in the jailbreak phonecaller . Big ups guys keep it up .

la shamase

Excellent  la shamase  5 star

Great app to stop nonsense !!

Obrempong #1

My view  Obrempong #1  5 star

Accurate in giving the names of the actual owners to a contact.


Incoming calls  acrylim  3 star

True caller was able to see the names or identify my calls before I could even pick the calls now I have to pick calls I don’t want to pick before I go check their identity


Spam  DanPee1  4 star

Spammers are detected by Truecaller but doesn’t give their numbers. Tells u updating your information when u don’t know what the update contains. I need more information on spam detected, don’t just say spammers detected, give more details.

Vendetta JA

Truecaller  Vendetta JA  4 star

Very Helpful


TrueCaller  B-Sarks  5 star

Very reliable App for details of identity of all callers.


Good app  Sadiqmystik  5 star

Great app but I think it work best on android then iOS. Caller name appears on the screen in android before you answer but on iOS, it may appear after you’ve received the call. You really need to work on that. I’ve few friend who don’t like iOS simple because of the reason above.

Sabolai Kan

Best app.  Sabolai Kan  5 star

Great app.


Very useful.  EarnestOnome  4 star

Very useful.

Mickson Snr

Great caller ID  Mickson Snr  4 star

Works great , comes in handy

Nana Ababio

Excellent app  Nana Ababio  4 star

I enjoy this app

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