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This game is intended for an adult audience (21+) for amusement purposes only and does not offer ‘real money’ gambling, or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on game play. Playing or success in this game does not imply future success at ‘real money’ gambling.
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Slotomania™ Vegas Casino Slots App Description & Overview

The applications Slotomania™ Vegas Casino Slots was published in the category Games on 2011-11-07 and was developed by Playtika LTD. The file size is 233.18 MB. The current version is 3.4.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Here's an update that includes bug fixes
Have fun & good luck!

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Slotomania™ Vegas Casino Slots Reviews


Snakes and Ladders is garbage  Tygardn76  1 star

I’ve been playing slot of mania for the past 7 years. I love this lotto challenges but lately even the medium level has been so difficult that I can’t complete playing almost nonstop for days in a row. This is highly frustrating there seems like there’s no chance to win. Snakes and ladders is the worst by far though this is the fifth time in a row that I’ve played it every day throughout the challenge and all I had to snakes when I get near the top I’m only on board to after spending millions and millions in spins. Since this game has come into play I have never gotten through all the challenge boards because I always hit a snake when I’m almost done and have to start over so frustrating. You guys need to make the challenge is something that can actually happen for us to get to the end and actually win the jackpot this kind of seems set up😨

jonny be good!

Not  jonny be good!  1 star

The #1 not so FREE on line slot machine


Too many interruptions  RoFo10  2 star

While I like the games it seems every minute there is a pop up intruding on my play. It’s annoying.

sue morse-fendley

Reviews  sue morse-fendley  3 star

I’d like to take a quick minute to address the feedback from a Slotomania™ employee regarding people’s frustrations with payouts and gains and loss ratios while playing the game, when a gamer does not participate with purchasing coins, or other gaming enhancements. Of course as adults most understand the business ethics that “The House Always win”. That has stood in gaming for years. But your game? Leaves a lot to be desired. Thank you for the opportunity if you should post this! You are not friendly to people who don’t purchase!!!


That’s great  Oldsalt79  5 star

Finally a win !


Frustrating  Silpy59  1 star

Ok, I’m so tired of getting card pkgs with NO new ones in them. I play daily and I get several pkgs of cards and I can’t remember last time I got a new card in them it’s been that long. I’m trying to fill my book and I’m within 15 or so cards to get. So explain why I’m not able to collect what’s needed. I’m still in need of a hero card as well. Help me to understand this.

downhill-once again

Old Fun  downhill-once again  1 star

This game used to be great!!! Now it never lets you win!!!!


Greed doesn’t care! No fun!  Losee1  1 star

This app is strictly for those who can afford to purchase! Those of us who cannot afford to purchase are dispensable! Reels are tight and tightly controlled! Wins big or small, bonuses and free spins are few and far between! They have taken all the fun out of the games! They make challenges and dashes impossible to complete without their mercy.


Need help with capsule of time  kattytri  1 star

Can you please help me with this problem, I can travel y get my rewards


Crazy train t  Poppop2653  5 star

Thank you I feel a lot better for your help.How can you win 4billion if you didn’t give one win in 50 spins deal dash is hard to win.good bye over a billion lost in less than an hour


Slotomania is Rigged  Bonzamate  1 star

Do not play this game, it is rigged. There is no luck about it. They will keep draining every cent, every credit, to suck you into buying credits and they will steal that too. I had $8 trillion and they took the lot. I tried everything to keep it but when you don’t win anything on any bet for 4 weeks, they soon get it all back. Do yourself a favour and run. They use algorithms to cheat you out of your money. This is an extremely dishonest company.

Susan Mary Mc

Very boring game  Susan Mary Mc  1 star

Very boring

Flower bomb

Very poor performing games  Flower bomb  1 star

Has anyone ever won a major or grand jackpot ? Payouts are very poor There are better free slots out there that actually payout

Lost heaps of Money

Spend Money  Lost heaps of Money  1 star

Been playing for years..... spent real money on this game to get somewhere and end up with 0 coin again.... get the odd big win then they take it very fast.. Don’t spend a cent on this game please!..

John Veenvliet

John v  John Veenvliet  1 star

The games are getting worse for pay outs you can have lots of coins bet small or large and you very really win


Slotomania  Marycrundle  1 star

16-3-19 Still poor payout for the money I spend ! Time for a chance to play ! Longer then 5 minutes! MR Thankyou


Bring it on  Steve196531  5 star

I absolutely love Sloto I've been playing for years now don't change 5 stars all the way just one thing more ace packs please


Snakes and ladders  Victorianne53  3 star

I’ve reached 99% twice and it goes back to the start without any benefit. What’s going on?


Rip off  stirkyyy  1 star

If your goal is to torment & torture people you are achieving that


The best  shazzie61  5 star

I love this, have been playing for ages and never get sick of it.

Doreen Ronk

Great game 5 stars  Doreen Ronk  5 star


Mari B W

Could Be  Mari B W  3 star

This could be a really great game... I don’t mind buying chips once in a while if you can play and win for a long time. This game isn’t player friendly. You can never get ahead and accomplish the feats they have for you to do. To bad so sad.

Daisuke Niv

Broken  Daisuke Niv  2 star

Great app had I been asked b4 this year would have given 5 stars. Then this year it's been broken . I've emailed support done all they asked . But they never fixed it & im still begging weekly but now they seem to have quit responding. Very sad:( I suggest u not try it because odds are u love it Same as me. Don't waste your time. They don't care.


Disappointed with games being removed without knowledge  Bizatch25  1 star

I’ve had this game for years!! Have always loved it! Yes I’ve gotten into the billions then back to zero, bought coins, back to billions, then zero. It comes with the terrain. But recently they’ve randomly been deleting games without any advance notice. Most recently they deleted Sherlock and the Queens Crown. The best game ever!! Your jackpots and Bonuses were based on how much you wagered and spun. I had made it to the last round, close to the jackpot, and it was just deleted. Poof!! I probably had $30-$50 billion coming to me after opening the safe. Gone!! Deleted without any notice. I’ve had great fun with this app but this recent development has really bugged me. Unfortunately they’ve lost a long time patron as I won’t invest any more $$ if they just willy-nilly delete games.


Slotomania  ghnbvhi  2 star

I Play the day ends ask lost 55 billion I got six ACE is not one that I needed couldn’t even close one album with any of the cards I got I don’t see how that’s even possible is there anyway I can just hit a jackpot and get my money back


Better  Phreddye  5 star

That last big win was phenomenal! Thank you for the wins around the holidays. They are keeping me from going bust! Why are we forced to complain about you taking away coins that we won fair and square. I just won 999,000,000 coins on a 25,000,000 bonus spin. When it went into my account, I was only paid 997,000,000. This may sound petty, but I paid for those coins. Stop taking away our winnings. You’re wrong for that! August 22, 2018 Shame on you for being such a cheat. My multiplier for bonuses is 1,500,000. When I purchased a second bonus with TWO balls, you changed my multiplier to 1,300,000. You literally stole about 600M from me, you shyster! You should be in jail for that. I just gave a review a few days ago. After going back and winning a little, I decided to write a positive review for you. While I was contemplating what I would write and playing 25M per pull, I suddenly realized that “somehow” I was suddenly playing for 50M per pull. Shame on you for changing my bet!!! That’s so unfair. If you’ll check, you will see that I’m a better customer when I’m winning. You guys cheat! You guys have gotten so bad that you have even made it difficult to write and post a review. You are STILL playing your crooked games on unsuspecting g customers. You unfairly “adjust” games so that we lose our winnings. You u fairly “adjust” our bet amounts so that we unwittingly lose more than we thought. How can you sleep at night??? I’m going to leave this app. Jolene I am very disturbed by what is happening with Slotomania games tokens. I worked hard and spent money to get my tokens. As I said before YOU ALL ARE THIEVES. You raise the bet automatically in the middle of sessions so that we let se our tokens. Mine went from $150000 to $7.5M pet spin. Shame on you!!! I will not spend any more money with you. Jolene


Buy buy buy  Isitpamorpan  1 star

I agree with Kelly! Wow though, your response is’s just like the regular casinos (so if you don’t buy coins your machine might not be as loose) yes it’s a free site but when you have 3.5B coins and try to have fun with their other games and end up with nothing then ‘buy buy buy’ so goodbye. I Tried to take back the the 1 star and it wouldn’t let me

you the poo

Don’t play Time To cash  you the poo  1 star

Played 3,500,000,000 and did not even win any kind of top prize


No fun  annieoakleee  1 star

Low wins. Very frustrating when one is betting 5 million a spin and getting barely a few wins and those are low. Generally 700,000 or less. No fun when it takes all of your coins.

my nickname is old maid

Slotomania  my nickname is old maid  4 star

I play this game daily & enjoy it. However I am never able to finish getting all the cards & I’ve been playing at least 5 years. My scores are good & I made some great friends playing this game. I would recommend it.


I love this app  lerdlak  5 star

I love this game


Don’t download  Padcham  1 star

Winnings almost gone, at one stage had over 16billion, playing for the last couple of months and down to over 1billion, it’s a fix, getting to bonus round and they just decide what you win, was the best exciting game and now I barely play it, they know exactly what there doing, I know it’s just a game but 15billion coins gone in a couple of months, come on guys


Love this app. ❤️❤️❤️  martina1236  5 star

Play all day with sloto


bad  Nesisiuskitt  1 star

Hard win, and small bonus

not fun as before

Greedy  not fun as before  5 star

All promotions only buy buy. No wins. Cant complete any sets or even an album


Great app  Heydaykidding  5 star



Enjoying  czubsonek2506  5 star

Really good game 👌


Philip  magnumphil  5 star

Wonderful application,app developer put extra think tank on the app.well done!

Arthur hair

Great game  Arthur hair  5 star

Great game to play

Buddy 580

Brilliant  Buddy 580  5 star

Brilliant game

Slotomania™ Vegas Casino Slots Comments

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