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This game is intended for an adult audience (21+) for amusement purposes only and does not offer ‘real money’ gambling, or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on game play. Playing or success in this game does not imply future success at ‘real money’ gambling.
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Slotomania™ Vegas Casino Slots App Description & Overview

The applications Slotomania™ Vegas Casino Slots was published in the category Games on 2011-11-07 and was developed by Playtika LTD. The file size is 253.32 MB. The current version is 3.9.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Here's an update that includes bug fixes
Have fun & good luck!

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Slotomania™ Vegas Casino Slots Reviews


Zero stars  Super-G-Ma  1 star

I would rate this game zero stars if it were available. Been waiting weeks for the heroes to return. What an annoying set of promises. Do the heroes even exist? The heroes are enemies. Where are they hiding? 5/17 Sssttttiiilll waiting! Where oh where are my heroes? No Reply? And waiting, and wwwwaaaiiiiitttiiiinnng, Why do you call them “heroes “? They NEVER come to the rescue. Will I ever get a response? The “The heroes are not heroes “ . They are cowards that hide from the game. Boo boo on them. Aaaaaaaaannnnnndddddd wwwwaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttiiiiinnnngggg. Why do you say they will return? they never do. What kind of “heroes” desert those who they should help? 5/21 The “heroes” are cowards. Where are they hiding? Do we need to rescue them? They certainly are not rescuing me!


Absolutely broken  dedmike  2 star

Yet again I am stopped cold at the second slot in slotoquest. 19 out of 20 times-ish is not bad luck. 49 out of 50 events shutting my wins off at the beginning is not bad luck. I am wanting to add some obscene and truly vulgar language here....grrrr.


Great!  Bingoaholic  5 star

Great! Love it!


Money Money Money!!  Dreama_29  1 star

Do Not waste your money!! They will make sure you will loose all of the coins that you purchase! I have learned this the hard way!!

Fool to play

Feel so good  Fool to play  1 star

Feels so good playing this game .I feel like Nostradamus I can see how the next ten spins will be.I know how to tell the future.I am always right .you win buy some coins from us and try again.then across the screen are you having fun yet as to mock us low life spinners.then it turns into Groundhog Day.P.S do you have any games I can spend my last 27cents on.So Much FUN.spin spin spin you know you will never win.but you know I still can play and watch t.v. So it is a win win for me for free.and I still been calling the next spin .my record is perfect.and as for yours.I guess when you are number 1 you only have one way to go and your heading there I just played a record of 4 minutes on a $1.99 that ain’t half bad.that works out to about 50 cents a minutes hot dam.and you know the quest.well why spend so much time on graphics?hell save some money. Just lock down the first on so nobody wins and you don’t need any programmer oh wait you all ready did .my I am glad there is only two days left on the quest otherwise I could be stuck on silver back for who knows how long.think trying to win your quest for the980.000.000 would cost you about 600.dollars the way I see it.ya thanks for letting me play you guys are wonderful.


Misleading  Onionandy  1 star

I find that special quests are misleading. I was working on one jus know and got to the last chapter. I had to bet nineteen billion coins to win one and a half billion coins. I'm done with this game.

Trish brown dog

No wins  Trish brown dog  1 star

Your games are not like they use to be, haven’t had a big win in months, what happened????


Game keeps freezing  jgtvj  1 star

Why does this app keep freezing up and I loose winnings? It makes me very mad and I begin to think of deleting it. Upon another delete of this game I will not download it again or any of your affiliates.

Slot Slave

Addicted to FUN!!!  Slot Slave  5 star

Even when I wager everything, or nearly everything, and lose, which is what I have been doing most of the time since the recent “Clan” update, this game remains so highly addictive and super fun that I find myself powering up the Slotomania app at least every three hours, which of course used to frequently be every one and a half hours back before “Turbo Is On” went from being a familiar site to a site even rarer than “Mega Win”, so that I can enjoy the twenty to thirty seconds of gameplay, after which I am forced back to my stinking life here in Florida with my Swedish bikini model wife, my huge mansion, all my accomplished friends and that never-ending flow of monthly cash from the huge trust fund grandpa set up for me years ago, all of which I try to distract myself with until another three hours passes when the lords of Slotomania grant me more coins and I can experience real life for another twenty to thirty seconds. Really love this game! Oh, gotta run. The ol’ ball and chain wants her and her friends to fashion show me all the new thongs they purchased. Is it three hours yet?

melinda foreman

B.S  melinda foreman  1 star

This used to be a fun game! Now, They make the dashes WAY to impossible to even complete! The “New” clan thing they have going on, You barely get points!!! I’ve been a LONG time player and I’m dedicated to this game, And they don’t pay out nothing anymore!!! You’ll be lucky to even get the free spins or the bonus!! These folks have gotten money hungry! And if your not buying BIG packages, Then they don’t let you win!!! Looks like it’s time to find another slot game to play! I’m really considering on deleting this game!

Debz T

Jayne  Debz T  5 star

Most enjoyable slot game. Luv being part of a Clan Family, much more social now. 😍


Bingo Gorilla  learang  1 star

This game has too many bugs not paying five of a kinds that I get. Total ripoff


BPSt  Jess"s Mum  1 star

YOU KEEP KICKING ME OFF !I BET ITS FREE SPIN AND YOU WONT GIVE THEM TO ME .? Why am I getting no cards , I have the least cards in our clan!finished the least sets ! I am feeling very badly done by ,its very unfair and I play like every one else ,every one is getting cards they need except myself ,and getting done in every game .Every game I lose billion before I get anything ,it’s BS ,NOT HAVING FUN AT ALL 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁 WHY DID YOU SEND ME HERE .? THIS IS BS , ON AUTO NO WINS OVER MY BET AND I HAD OVER 23 spins ??? WHATS HAPPENED TO THE PAYOUTS .?? This is BAD ,ITS NO FUN ANYMORE THATS UTTER BS IN APPREVTION, NOTHING TO APPRECIATE LOSING 170 bil 😡 did that ???? I ALWAYS GET CHEATED OUT OF THESE ITS BS .? WHATS THE POINT OF PLAYING ANYTHING ,YOU JUST TAKE IT ALL NO POINT DROPPED 170 bil, that’s disgusting ??? That’s BS I did it the first time WHY IS IT SO FAST .? You just want to take all , IITS NEVER ENDING , THATS ALL YOU DOTAKE TAKE TAKE , IM ON MORPHINE I CANT REMEMBER NUMBERS , SO THATS A FACT 😭😭😭😭 YOU POP UP BUY BUT WHY , IF I WON SOMETHING DECENT THEN I WILL PURCHASE .. ALL YOU GUYS DO IS TAKE COINS I NEVER GET A FAIR GO THATS BS ITS ALWAYS BLUE AND THATS IMPOSSIBLE,I HAVE A FRIEND AT MELBOURBE UNIVERSITY AND HE SAID ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET ALL BLUE ,HE IS A MATHEMATICIAN AND ITS MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE RIGGED NO WONDER WE CANT SEE WHERE THE FEATHERVARE .???? I THIS IS BS WHY PLAY WHEN YOU LOSE 90 bil in two games ??no point , I will just lose 😭😭😭 will NEVER get this dash finished it’s far to high I DO NOT KNOW WHY I GET SUCH HARD DASHES , OT WHY I GET THE SMALLEST OF EVERYTHING OR NOOOOO CARDS .??WHY DID YOU KICK ME OUT .?? It would not have mattered what I chose I would get blue it’s rigged , I have a mathematician friend that works at Melbourne uni ,he said its impossible to get 30 blues in a row ,it’s rigged 😄 AND BY THE WAY I GOT NOT ONE CARD I NEEDED IN THE ACE PACK TONIGHT , WHEN EVERY PERSON IN MY CLAD GOT AT LEAST 2 cards they needed !they have finished sets I have not finished one HOW FAIR IS THAT , IM ALWAYS TREATED BADLY APART FROM THE QUEST I NEVER GER ANYTHING DECENT WHY , ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO DO THESE DASHES .?? I didn’t stop it ????GGGGGGGG ME WHY I ALWAYS GET THE LOWEST FREE SPINS .?? TAKE ME TO THE QUEST AND ALL I DO IS LOSE .?? Hi there , I don’t understand , how you guys expect me to get 460 bil , I haven’t even been betting high , how do you work it out , all I do is lose .. YOU GUYS JUST CANT HELP YOURSELFS BUNCH OF CHEATS 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I WAS NOT 126 when I got that 22 bil win, WHATS going on ??? NOW YOUR CHEATING ME OUT OF COINS AS WELL AS COIN GRABS ...MY WINS ARE NOT ADDING ON CORRE TLY , I WAS 148 when I got thatvwin THEY ARE NOT ADDING ON CORRECTLY I did that , that’s the 4th time you have cheated me out of this ,ITS BS AND YOU KNOW IT ,I DID THAT ,NOW IM CRYING ,THIS IS SOOOOOOOO UNFAIR ! IThis is unfair you just take , how come I lose every dam game ???? In the real world that would never happen ??????? Rigged That was BS and you know it you take 17 nil and give me 2 bill ??? This is :,,,,,,,THE GAMES THAT WIN BIG REPLACE THEM WITH GAMES THAT ARE THAT FAST YOU CANT POSSIBLY WIN A THING , COMPUTER GENERATED TO YOUR LIKING ,LUCKY IF YOU GET ONE WIN OUT OF 20 SPINS , ITS UTTER BS AND UNFAIR. I HAVE NOT WON ANYTHING IN MONTHS 5000 of us are ready to walk out and all paying players NO LOYALTY FROM YOU , VERY SAD AFTER 9 years 😭😭😭 YOU MAKE THIS IMPOSSIBLE , ITS BS , IT JUST MAKES ME SAD TO THINK , YOU GUYS JUST DONT CARE You try to take every thing I have all the time , just once give me a break , I get the smallest of every thing ,after nearly nine years of purchases you guys forget how much we put into your game . I don’t understand why you take the lot every darn day ,it makes for a miserable game ,ppl don’t purchase because they are broke ,they purchase in appreciation and to be loyal ,then you take it . Think about it doesn’t make you feel like your team is loyal to us ..I’m tired of putting in and getting nothing back and as I said I ALWAYS GET THE LOWEST .ALSO THE ONLY CARDS I GET I HAVE .. IF YOU WERE LOYAL TO US MAYBE YOU WOULD GET MORE PPL BUYING ... I BOUGHT YOU 5000 paying players from another game and Got nothanks from you guys at all ,how UNAPPRECIATED is that ??? This is unfaikr it’s to fast .


Dash game  Maz1717  1 star

I’ve been playing for over 2 hours trying to get 3rd dash game 35 sloto card stars never got 1 card or star or anything u are a bunch of thieves now I’m broke as usual bull xxxx


Great......but so much time wasted loading up  Sinbad69  4 star

I've been playing on here for 6 or 7 years and have enjoyed trying each game as it was added, naturally some have more appeal than others, that's individual taste, but by and large they all have innovate features, great vibrant colours and graphics and (unlike others have found) nit too mean with the payouts. Sure, one can go through lean periods but, just like with real slots, patience can reward. Speaking of patience, that you surely need when logging in, load up time is lengthy when you want to play or collect your time bonus. Doubtless because if the complexity of having so many games within the app, it can become irksome.


Frustrating  tlanngra  2 star

Just lately I find that we don't seem to win for ages or get bonus games when we play a treasure map challenge on the one I just played it took nearly 400 hundred spins to get 3 bonus symbols up then it didn't matter as they weren't on a pay line another 3 hundred or so before I finally got one. Now I am finding that I'm not getting anything when I go up a level. I got some of them and now it's doing it again. I have just gone up another 15 levels no money and still no Ace packs please fix your games. How dare you just stop playing my free spins and not payout just to advance me to the next level in the quest. Not fair you played out my others except for the the chillies game if this is going to start happening all the time I won't bother participating any more.


Why does this always go off?  mch54  3 star

I play this game all the time and today it freezes when you get 5 of a kind and you have to go back to the lobby and start again. I give up!!

Very dissapointed loyal player

Disappointed  Very dissapointed loyal player  5 star

I would like to say that I did not receive my double coins or points on my dash the other day, also quite often my wins don’t get added on, thanks . Hey guys, I didn’t get my last wow 😥I am getting sick of being ripped off, first I lose my wow, then I lose my sloto club points, you need to stop treating people this way 🤣 I wonder why I received my 1hr bonuses for buying coins, when you wind the games back, really a waste of time, one thing after the other, getting a little bit over being ripped off 😥It just keeps getting worse, now I haven’t received my clan prize, over it, I work hard to get these prizes 🤣


Enjoying the wins  muzza8971  4 star

Good to receive decent pay outs


Pure greed  Rivers666  1 star

Why are people rating this game, what’s wrong with you all, the game is designed for you spend your hard earn cash to buy imaginary money, with games pay out very little and poor and bonus are very seldom, with most of the games, the wins that you do get, are way less than what you are better, eg if you are betting 2 mill a spin, a lot of pays with be Around the 100,000 mark. They have turned this game into a money sucking cash cow that only benefits playtika.. and are happy to Rip you off, but not interested in hearing your say, except that the payouts are a randomly done and they can’t do anything...please stop playing this game,... the new clans thing is a load of rubbish, there is even less opportunities to get coins since they have introduced that.....

fk this 5hit

Best Game  fk this 5hit  5 star

This is the best game ever!!!! You’re a fool if you’re not it.


Lucky Spin  Iacqyie  1 star

Not really a FREE fun game when no real tangy rewards and seems like being forced to purchase coins ? Also, 9 out of 10 purchases it will make me pay 2 times I.e for the 4.99 spin and 9 out of 10 times it gets stuck in a spin and I never get the 2nd charge rewards, points etc. and also it remains checked to share which I found if unchecked I can get my spin? However 4.99 and have to be charged twice is very odd? Not sure if it is a glitch? But have paid a lot, then only not getting to spin because of the share being checked and tried multiple times and only if u get lucky to uncheck that share will it spin? Please check the glitch or leave it unchecked to share! Since Serbs that’s the issue should NOT be automatically checked and also charged 2 times for purchase that says 4.99. Also Island Treasure runs so slow and the difficulty level has become near impossible to win without using over 500,000.00 in coins to win less than you spend? Love some of other games and are fun but seems it has begun to force you to purchase now and wish you would bring back the heroes! Was more fun when able to play for months with occasionally purchase, again seems like being forced to purchase when it’s called a FREE game! And the explanation of what else you can do with rewards isn’t made very clear, need to work on that! Wish it did pay out cash would then gladly pay for coins paying to play a game that’s being called FREE really insist with no real tangyrewards


Slow  camdro  1 star

Takes your coins and hard to win


Never fails!  Mishnooney  3 star

Every time they have the Island treasure hunt I get stuck on the first three for the whole duration... and I choose the easy one it still makes me get billions of points.. I miss the old days. I think I paid my dues by sharing everything but that’s just a waste of time I guess. I’ll let you know if it changes.

Linky Lou's Dad

Horrible  Linky Lou's Dad  1 star

If I could give this game a zero I would! They simply take your money, they give you plenty of wins that don’t cover your bet to feel comfortable but chip away until all your money is gone. It’s not worth your time!!!


Love it  123946fguvj  5 star

Love it


Ho hum  Sammjcol  1 star

Never give proper rewards to compete in events. They are fun but almost impossible.


FRAUD! They charged my credit card for purchases I did make.  P~B  1 star

I discovered charges totaling $22.00 for purchases I did not make. The games are rigged! The majority of the games I play have a feature that becomes active when a high $ amount is bet. The feature shows rows of symbols which are chosen until 3 of the same type are selected. Every time I played and made my selections (12 times) I received the lowest possible amount. Over the past three weeks I bet over 1.2 billion points and the feature has not appeared. Each time I find a game I enjoy and win consistently for a few days the next time I select the game there is an “update” which (must) be downloaded. After the update the payouts are cut by over 50%. They charge money to purchase points then change the payouts so you must make additional purchases. After my existing points are gone I will delete this game and go back to playing the “MY VEGAS” slots. Winnings can be redeemed for Las Vegas Hotel stays at MGM owned hotels. I am going to remove my credit card from the Apple Store database so Slotto can’t steal any more money from me. Ipurchased $15 worth of coins totaling $180,000.00. I built it up to $365,000.00. I changed games and the bet stayed constant at $1000. I switched back to a previous game and did not notice the bet went up to $150,000. I played twice and on the next spin I got a pop-up stating I didn’t have enough coins. The I got another pop-up offering to bring my balance back up to $300,000 for $20. There are plenty of other slot games which don’t boost the bet in order to get more money. I am not going to play again.


Locks up and you lose your money.  SueMe!  2 star

I’ve had several multi-million dollar hits, but couldn’t collect because Slotomania™ freezes on me. I’m so daggone frustrated! It always happens in the mega wins too 😡😡👎🏼


Done with this game  Dolphinlover468  1 star

I’ve been playing this game for 4 years.. the last couple of months I can’t win a thing!! not going to spend reAl money$$ to win fake money... time to delete app!!


Don’t waste your time or money on this game.  Tricia1000  1 star

The purchase coins part, doesn’t give you what you have paid for. When you contact them to have the problem investigated, they completely side step the coin purchase , and instead offer the star dice for 24 hours. Lie that’s going to make a difference......


Waste of time and money.  Stevo19545  1 star

I’ve been playing this game for about four days now and I find it very difficult to make money on this even when starting off as a new player. They give you little to no rewards for Danilo logins and every time you play a machine you’re most likely to lose all that money you have within 10 minutes. I’ve spent 100 each game and the best that they would give you would be 20 back if you’re lucky to win anything. If you want to play a great pokey game then head over to POPSLOTS. I make a fortune on that game and they keep it fair.


I love this app  lerdlak  5 star

I love this game


Don’t download  Padcham  1 star

Winnings almost gone, at one stage had over 16billion, playing for the last couple of months and down to over 1billion, it’s a fix, getting to bonus round and they just decide what you win, was the best exciting game and now I barely play it, they know exactly what there doing, I know it’s just a game but 15billion coins gone in a couple of months, come on guys


Love this app. ❤️❤️❤️  martina1236  5 star

Play all day with sloto


bad  Nesisiuskitt  1 star

Hard win, and small bonus

not fun as before

Greedy  not fun as before  5 star

All promotions only buy buy. No wins. Cant complete any sets or even an album


Great app  Heydaykidding  5 star



Enjoying  czubsonek2506  5 star

Really good game 👌


Philip  magnumphil  5 star

Wonderful application,app developer put extra think tank on the app.well done!

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