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Get the royal treatment in the #1 Social FREE Slot Game! With 160 different premium Slot Games to choose from, it’s non-stop daily action that’s waiting for you with, unique features and more!

Endless fun is yours for the taking with a HUGE Free Coins Gift! And an extra FREE BONUS every 3 hours on the house!

No need to look elsewhere – we’ve got the top slot games right here:
• Grand Phoenix – 4 Legendary Jackpots for you to win!
• Vegas Cash – The smash hit with the Coin Grab Feature
• Super Double Ruby Gold – Vegas is in the house and you’re a winner!
• Xin Fu – Fortune is coming your way
• Despicable Wolf – Get hungry for huge wins!
• 2 Dragons – 5 Epic Jackpots and transferring Wilds
• Magic Trixie – Magical wins at the touch of a button
• Despicable Wolf 2 - He’s back and ‘badder’ than ever!
• Tinker Bell’s Fortune - 7 Bonuses and special features jam-packed into one game!
• Which one will be your money maker? Spin to find out what else is waiting for you!

Looking for more than Slots? Well, look no further – we’ve got the top features that will make your heart beat 1000 miles an hour, there’s always something new coming:
• Piggy Bank – Save Coins with every spin you make, then break Piggy for the loot!
• Sloto Cards – Collect Cards, Finish Sets, Get Prizes, Complete your Album – Get the biggest Prize Ever!
• SlotoQuest – Only the bravest will get the Glory, the Gold and the Treasure
• Lotto Bonus – Get rewarded just for coming back!
• Mega Bonus – Collected Your Free Special Bonus 4 times? Great! Spin the Wheel for FREE!
• Boosters – don’t just play, play with Boosters and take your game to a whole new level!
• Stamp It – fill your Stamp Card to get a Free Coin Package on the house!
• Gifts from friends – your friends can send you freebies every day!
• Tournamania – Show you friends who’s boss when you get to the top of the tournament
• Lucky Spin – It’s time to get Lucky when you make your purchase
• 15 Daily Freebies – You can collect at least 15 daily freebies!

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This product is intended for use by those 21 or older for amusement purposes only.
Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.
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Slotomania: Vegas Slots Casino App Description & Overview

The applications Slotomania: Vegas Slots Casino was published in the category Games on 2011-11-07 and was developed by Playtika LTD. The file size is 193.35 MB. The current version is 2.69.0 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Hi Slotomania Fans!
Here's a new update with fixes to improve your game experience!
Have fun & good luck!

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Slotomania: Vegas Slots Casino Reviews


Sloto Disappointing  Graciesheva123  1 star

Used to love this app. But when you advance you are not rewarded just get screwed over by these greedy owners. The people that have played for years should be rewarded as being a loyal player. Easy at first. Don’t be fooled by easy payouts. It gets hardest and expensive. You lose a lot. But I still play just get aggravated. 🛑🛑🛑🛑❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😾😾😾😾😾😾. Okay some days. Most days you lose. Payouts should be better.


ITS GREAT!!!!  LadyTDriver16  5 star

It's slow and it's definitely not like the ads described..nothing special of fun is WAY BETTER and the wins are more often.. UPDATE!!! that I've been playing this game a week now..I've changed my's actually better than the other does have big payouts..this mine become my favorite but we'll about that... 2nd’s a blast!!!!! Only one pet freezes during bonus games and I’ve lost A LOT of coins...the first time it froze..I lost $80,000 coins Ok..3rd time I’m rating.... It’s fun and I don’t want to rate again...this game shouldn’t have u rate more than’s crazy and obnoxious 11-23-17 I LOVE this game! Been playing months now and the only thing I would like for the creators to add the option to gift some of my own winnings of coins in the amount of my choosing to friends

Tryin to win

Great games  Tryin to win  5 star

New games and better payouts. Plenty of games to choose from, best slots so far! Good time playing. Good payouts


Big money in slotomania club !!!!  Tankmanarted  5 star

Hit it big in club hit jackpot 5billion,come join me !!!!!!!hit big slotoquest despicable wolf 8B,having fun come join me!!!!!!!!!!'

A lot of fun123

Love the game. Play it all the time.  A lot of fun123  5 star

Love the variety of games. Love to play all the different games.


Used to be fun  Forty9erfan  5 star

This app is really fun and addictive . Wish it would pay better . Can’t justify buying coins when it only pays a little


Great slots, but greedy  Leve25  5 star

Thanksgiving Super play! Thank you for being generous today! Slotomania games are great with great graphics, so from time to time I am having a lot of fun. But, slotomania manipulate very well to make you buy credits. You may win a little and big and after awhile machines will just drain your credits so quick in the blink of an eye. So it is so obvious that slotomania give you a little slack to hook you on and than just shutting down your "luck" counting that you will buy more credits. Daly bonuses are okay, at least it is a fixed amount of credits you'll receive, but, wheel of fortune is a joke, because it will spin and of cause it will make a sharp stop before or after jackpot wedge and after that it will ask if you wanted to spin again and pay for it and if you say NO, it will ask you again "Are you sure? In conclusion, I can say that developers did great job making such good graphics and games, I just wish slots be more loose everyday.


Great fun  ndslots  5 star

Always changing the games to keep interest high. Great game!!


Thank you again  CheeksorYogi  5 star

As I stated before, if you keep asking me about how I am enjoying this game and are constantly robbing me, I'm am going to provide a bad rating. If I could rate you at ZERO or NEGATIVE stars I would GLADLY do it! No matter how much fake money I win, it cannot replace the real money I spent on this [email protected]$$ game!!!!😡 AND I'm calling you out for stealing all the money back when I give you a bad review....yes I have been analyzing this too! A bunch of bs wrapped in bells and whistles…went from 600 billion to 98! no matter what I play you rob me but I still pay money to get robbed F you and if you keep asking me to rate you…you will be mad because when a person has to spend real hard earned money in the era of this administration and get scraps, it’s indicative of the greed and selfishness of the creators of this game! Again f u abuse I spend the money and get nothing but an account manager who I don’t know…Also you cheat me on the spinning stars wheel: and your game mania is an effin joke! I’m going to delete this game and spread the word of your cheating ways!

456 poker

Worst slot ever  456 poker  1 star

Big wins are great but they just take all of it back! Free spins what a joke. Who would pay money for this game. Game developer must no like there jobs Customer are the losers here. With social media the way it is you would think.


Mr micko  Justmakingit  4 star

Like Slotomania more big wins keep it up more free spins


Best slots out there  Chrioz  5 star

Great graphics game play and pay outs. Get on it or your left behind!! Each new release is more exciting and better pays!! Yes you can spend real money but it’s value spent well. Gaining points and cards in side games which keep you spinning for hours. Playtika owning games!! 👍


Made to take your money  Kots3000  3 star

Can never get a big win and takes forever to load


Awesome  Jananikos  5 star

Awesome game Needs more frequent wins


Games great but connection issues  Sharnzskii  1 star

I love this game I've been avidly playing for a while now but this latest update has been giving me all types of connection issues. I can’t even open the app now! Talk about frustrating.

peace out now

Bye bye  peace out now  1 star

Just got 2.25b from completing a card set, thought I'd try my luck on a quest, tried the hard one, doing 25m a spin, I completed 2 out of 3 tasks, the 3rd was to get the cash grab feature twice.... over 300 spins and not a single cash spin. Was a series of losing spins. It's not fun anymore, it's all about profits with this mob. But I'm done playing this waste of time game, it's a constant waiting game to get credits.. just boring as when I think about it.


Slotocards wheel of stars  jeunekap  2 star

The spins for 100 stars is very disappointing as 6 times in a row I have got the same prize 187,500,000!!! Even the free coins spins are always the lower $$ prizes...never get the top $$ prize!!

Nears bar

Nearabar  Nears bar  5 star

Look 👀 I Love it - 👍👍👍 But wins and free spins are few and far between. It’s the best slot game around, and I know it’s a ‘business’ but it is expensive. Think about the players who have been playing for years

Unhappy Zephyr

Fake reviews allows 13yrs to spend real money  Unhappy Zephyr  1 star

Another rubbish update to hide negative reviews - COWARDS!!!! CHILDREN as young as 13 are being allowed to gamble on poker machines with real money on Facebook, prompting calls for an urgent government crackdown. A game called Slotomania appears to target young people with cartoons and encourages players to purchase coins with credit cards, BPAY or PayPal.An investigation by The Daily Telegraph has revealed children with a Facebook profile that lists their age as well under 18 are still allowed and encouraged to play with real money!!!!!!! The Daily Telegraph was able to gain easy access to the machines by logging in as a 13-year-old. WoW - another update to hide bad reviews... even deleting many negative reviews... ABSOLUTELY NO VALUE ADDED!!! What a bunch of lowlife cowards!!!!!! Lie, cheat and steal and look at their FAKE / PLANTED positive reviews!!!!! At least 10 out the last 15 MEGA BONUS have landed on the EXACT same spot... one after the white tile... yep... so random... NOT!!!! 1. Tighten pays and features at will 2. Extremely poor in game phase packages as value for money 3. Non existent customer support 4. Disgraceful human beings 5. Non fair game play exists 6. Complain and your wins drop even more - yep, that is possible... but only just cos pays are bad enough 7. Will update to remove negative reviews 8. Would steal the clothes off their family back just to line their own pockets The list goes on and on and on. Spend your money elsewhere instead of in these thieving scam artists Poor coin packages Zero value for money Quests / snakes n ladders / sloto cards are all a complete SCAM. With sloto cards they RIG the ones you do and don't get This company - and the people that work for it - are an abomination. It takes a very s social type of person (if you can call them that) to be part of this company Oh, and I do t really expect this review the remain because they certainly are the very definition of COWARDS!!!!


Great games  Archie0  3 star

Great games. A pity if you want to buy coins they don't go by the exchange rate. The prices are crazy if you live outside USA. You can win but you lose a lot faster.

Old Haris

Solotomana  Old Haris  5 star

The first game great 🤕👍🤑👏Th🤶😇


Great Game  Mjinfdl  5 star

I love this game and play it everyday. They come out with some fantastic new slot games all the time. I would recommend this for anyone looking for the best slot game on the App Store!


Good and bad  Mrecg2004  4 star

I love playing the app but it’s frustrating, at times, to go forever without winning. Every time I build some coins, they get wiped out. I use to buy coins all the time but stopped when the winnings were less than what I’d earn and buy. I guess that’s what you get for a free app. It’s still fun

Gooch. Grandma

Rate  Gooch. Grandma  3 star

Disappointed 😔 your taking all my money any way happy thanksgiving to you and your family


;(  Latina2012  2 star

I been playing this game for a while and also been spending money to buy coins it will be nice if once in a while the mega bonus will be big or even the lotto I always get crappy prices 😭😭 love some of the slots please give us bigger prizes thanks. Q


Slotomania  #1BoxerDog  5 star

I Love this game !!!

Black bird225

No bonus rounds  Black bird225  2 star

I enjoy playing Slotomania but I have been loosing so much all the time it is nice to win a little bit.the bonus round doesn't come up. I have played a LOT. Why???


Having fun  ducky_95241  5 star

Having so much fun playing The slots it's a wonderful game and making lots and lots of money. I love the new way that the game is heading towards. Every day is a new exciting day with all the new games an incentive if you keep adding thank you for making it exciting


Seasonal special  EmSchief1  3 star

The very worst of all. I have played this game consistently and invested in it as well. This last game in the series to ask players to make over 320B coins from free spins was ludicrous!!!!! The game sticks and hardly ever gives free spins, I for one spent over 300b coins on this to win what 34b... am I insane.. usually they are incredibly fun and it’s gives and takes . This one was the worst ever! Makes one rethink the process and the play! Perhaps it was just me. Jackie L

Fool to play

Silly  Fool to play  1 star

Silly game you want us to buy coins but you can’t win on any of the about bad the quest takes your money so fast your head how stupid you would be to buy any coins.if say you had a chance to win any extra coins to be able to play the quest it might make have the quest so rigged it like it is broken.signed ,not having fun yet.....11/21/2017.seem that we only have one day left for you to harvest our coins.any game you guys hilite is going to rob us faster the the other games .i say stay away of any games that they are pushing.

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