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Make PDFs from any file that you have on your iPad or iPhone. Save Word, Excel, Powerpoint or iWork documents, web pages, photos and even clipboard content as professional quality PDFs. Everything from a multi-million contract to a web page you want to read later can be saved as a PDF in just a few taps.

“PDF Converter for iPad, An Indispensable Tool” - Wired.

“Readdle PDF Converter for iPad chews up documents, spits out PDFs” - The Next Web.

“PDF Converter lets you convert practically any file on your iOS device into pro-grade PDFs” - AppAdvice.

The process is 100% secure since conversion is done locally on your iPad or iPhone. Your documents will never have to leave the device! What’s even better, is that you don’t need internet connection to do this.

Once installed, PDF Converter appears in the "Open In..." list on your device. This lets you save a PDF from Mail, Dropbox, Documents 5 and any other application on your device.

PDF Converter does support iCloud Drive, so you can collaborate with other apps easily. Starting with iOS 8 you can convert files stored in iCloud Drive folders of other apps and share PDFs between apps. Whenever you’ve done converting the document, you can save the PDF back to iCloud Drive.

Extensions let you convert web-pages from Safari and photos from Photo Library without even opening PDF Converter. Once enabled, Photo extension gives you an ability to convert several photos from Photo Library into a multi-page PDF file.

To convert web-page just change "http" to "pdfhttp" in Safari address bar and tap Go. With iOS8 you can convert web-pages using Actions extension directly from Safari.

With PDF Converter you can make PDFs from:

- Email Attachments

- iWork and MS Office documents

- Web pages

- Files from other applications

- Clipboard content

- Photos

- Documents on Dropbox and iCloud Drive

- Contacts

PDF Converter supports the following document formats:
Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, TXT, HTML, JPG, PNG, Safari webarchive

PDF Converter - Convert Documents, Photos to PDF App Description & Overview

The applications PDF Converter - Convert Documents, Photos to PDF was published in the category Business on 2011-07-07 and was developed by Readdle Inc.. The file size is 52.60 MB. The current version is 2.3.5 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

+ General performance and stability improvements.

Thank you for using PDF Converter! If you have a moment to leave a review in the App Store we would really appreciate it.

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Works like I expected to do  Mauijoe  5 star

Thanks once again for asking me to rate. It does exactly what it's suppose to be doing.


Must have app  2bbest  5 star

I have been using this app for several years. It is a must have! Highly recommend.


Solid app  jblifeisgood  5 star

Like all Readdle Apps...this one works great!

Garden Klutz

Useful App  Garden Klutz  4 star

Good app for saving website info.


Valuable and Quick!  Eddie-Global  5 star

I wish every app was as valuable and easy to use as PDF Converter! I especially like the ability to convert multiple webpages easily into one PDF file. Nice work!

Glow epic

Very Useful App  Glow epic  5 star

This app has never failed me. It is excellent, and I highly recommend it. This app is one of my apps I most frequently use -daily.


Works Great  Harrrrrey  5 star

I find this app very useful and the companies other apps good also. I definitely recommend them.

Joshua D.

Do Not Like Being Nagged For A Rating.  Joshua D.  3 star

You nagged me, so, here is your review. If an application is good enough on its own merits, it will get reviews and ratings without you having to harass your users. Normally I don't even fill out a review when prompted in apps like this. Because, just a tip to other users, once you click the "Yes, I'll Rate It" button in apps that use this tactic. Just clicking "Yes" will be enough to turn off that nag-screen in these applications. Because, of course, they have no idea whether you actually left a review or rating, after you clicked "Yes". So, just click "Yes, I'll Rate", cancel out the App Store after it takes you there and then go back into your app and it should stop pestering you from then on. Hope that helps other users when you get these nagging rating pop-up's in applications that you use. Remember, you don't have to actually rate or review the program, just clicking "Yes" and having it take you to the App Store is enough to tell the offending app that you've rated and reviewed it, so it will stop nagging you from then in most cases. And, outside of this annoyance, I actually believe that PDF Converter is a really nice program and would be worthy of 5-stars, if they would just not use these harassment tactics to acquire positive ratings and reviews. Thanks for all of the hard work no doubt put into this program and God bless.


The most used App on my phone  B+'ve  4 star

I use the app to create reference copies of what I find interesting. It's great at doing most of the conversions. I wish. it would let me pick out images or text to exclude before conversation to PDF. With a great team I am looking forward to SEEING this feature request implemented. Kudos to the team, great job. Thank you for a wonderful app.


PDF  Laker31  5 star

What can I say? It's great: efficient and consistent, easy to use and pretty seamless with iOS. I use it regularly. Thanks Readdle!

AmyBear DJ

So helpful to me!  AmyBear DJ  5 star

This app has been so helpful to me, because it's intuitive, and fast.


All that I needed.  SunnyBoyMom  5 star

I've been able to quickly convert my Pages documents to PDF so I can email my professors in a format they can open on their Windows. It's literally all I needed and I'm happy. I don't get why people are leaving passive aggressive one star reviews just because the app asked for one!


"File to Big"  @Sigil  1 star

This app often fails. I have three other apps that have no problem converting what this app can't convert.


PDF Converter  Mrbill2Mrbill2  5 star

An excellent app that I use daily! It so much better to create a PDF of a web page than creating a bookmark/favorite. I wish I could use it on email.


So helpful!  Chambon  5 star

Love it!


It's Great  Oric  5 star

Great for converting articles "on the fly" to the pdf format. I then use Readdle's expert to transfer it to the cloud where I use Readdle's Documents to create folders for the converted documents.


Great app for me  Rt4666  5 star

I do not use this app daily but every time I need to use it the app is ready and works just fine. Thanks

Grandpa John65

Four out of five ain't bad  Grandpa John65  4 star

To get that fifth star they need to include a bit of editing capability, such as deleting pages.


Amazing  PegB40  5 star

It has proved to be a most useful app. Absolutely fantastic.


Fantastic  SwissSpice7  5 star

Great tool. Purchased the bundle and am very happy with it!

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