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PDF Converter by Readdle [Business] App Description & Overview

Make PDFs from any file that you have on your iPad or iPhone. Save Word, Excel, Powerpoint or iWork documents, web pages, photos and even clipboard content as professional quality PDFs. Everything from a multi-million contract to a web page you want to read later can be saved as a PDF in just a few taps.

“PDF Converter for iPad, An Indispensable Tool” – Wired.

“Readdle PDF Converter for iPad chews up documents, spits out PDFs” – The Next Web.

“PDF Converter lets you convert practically any file on your iOS device into pro-grade PDFs” – AppAdvice.

The process is 100% secure since conversion is done locally on your iPad or iPhone. Your documents will never have to leave the device! What’s even better, is that you don’t need internet connection to do this.

Once installed, PDF Converter appears in the "Open In..." list on your device. This lets you save a PDF from Mail, Dropbox, Documents 5 and any other application on your device.

PDF Converter does support iCloud Drive, so you can collaborate with other apps easily. Starting with iOS 8 you can convert files stored in iCloud Drive folders of other apps and share PDFs between apps. Whenever you’ve done converting the document, you can save the PDF back to iCloud Drive.

Extensions let you convert web-pages from Safari and photos from Photo Library without even opening PDF Converter. Once enabled, Photo extension gives you an ability to convert several photos from Photo Library into a multi-page PDF file.

To convert web-page just change "http" to "pdfhttp" in Safari address bar and tap Go. With iOS8 you can convert web-pages using Actions extension directly from Safari.

With PDF Converter you can make PDFs from:

- Email Attachments

- iWork and MS Office documents

- Web pages

- Files from other applications

- Clipboard content

- Photos

- Documents on Dropbox and iCloud Drive

- Contacts

PDF Converter supports the following document formats:
Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, TXT, HTML, JPG, PNG, Safari webarchive.

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PDF Converter by Readdle Customer Service, Editor Notes:

After a long time of silence, our team is back to you with a number of “quality of life” improvements and a fix for Safari clipboard issue on iOS 12.2. We hope that this update will bring more pleasure in your everyday work with our app! Stay tuned! We’re always here for you at rdsupport@readde.com

PDF Converter by Readdle Comments & Reviews

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- Works very well - Please stop asking for reviews

The application, like it's cousin PDF Expert, is a will conceived productivity platform for surviving in the digital jungle. It works as advertised. The overwhelming number of positive reviews is a clear indication that this is a well-built application and performs almost to perfection. The browser addon allows you to convert smallish webpages to PDF format directly from your browser window. If the webpage is too large, the application will report the same and then prompt you to open the webpage in the full iOS app. I have never had a failure in converting a webpage within the full iOS app. The only downside is that the application seems to ask for you to write a review after each use. Readdle should consider implementing a feature that allows the end user to turn off the prompt asking you to write a review or that it should go away itself after asking a reasonable number of times.

- Quick and easy

Advantages: More options for making pages legible if they’re converted to PDFs (I use Goodreader). Much better for people with impaired vision. Most of the garbage present on many websites is stripped out, and what remains can no longer track you, collect data on your reading behavior, etc. Sensible pagination (unlike the native iOS converter, which often gives you one enormously long page). Tip to other users: if a page doesn’t convert from within Safari, copy the URL and then select Clipboard in PDFConverter. The page should then be converted without any problem Glitches (there are, however, workarounds for all of them): Occasionally bails during conversion. But when you relaunch the file will be there. Goodreader flags some of the files PDFConverter sends to it as in need of repair. No big deal, however, because the repair, whatever it is, always works. It’s awkward converting pages for which a password is required (e.g. by a unversity proxy for access to paywalled journals). You can’t paste the password in; the only option I can see is to use Copied or something like that in split screen and enter the password manually.

- A most excellent app, still could use some tweaks…

So, as an Air Force historian, I like to save news articles. They provide launching point for the 120 page histories that I write. But I like best about PDF converter is that you can convert as fast as you need to. I love the speed and the ability to convert webpages to Adobe PDF. The tweaks can come because it shuts down sometimes when you convert. Other times it doesn’t shut down. I think it should be all one way, or all the other way. Personally, I prefer it to shut down because it saves the webpage as a PDF before closes. By shutting down, it takes a step out of the whole process. I haven’t use any of the other functions because I like the primary function of this Application which is to convert everything to PDF. That is what it’s all about, and PDF converter does it well.

- Reliable - Have Used for Years

I have had this app for years and it has been reliable. My primary use has been to convert web pages and I like that it is so easy to do without having to open the app. If I then wish to open the document in a different app, I can do that from within the app. It can be frustrating that some web pages that have special formatting may not convert what you want to see, but I don't think that that's this app's fault but is inherent in the web page design. I also like that this has been around a while and looks to stay that way. Too many apps fail after a few years from lack of developer support. Hope they continue to enhance and improve it.

- PDF Converter

I’ve been an avid user of this app for the last 6 years, utilizing it daily on average 10 to 20 times at a setting. As such, there are rarely any times that I have been disappointed in the outcome. It handles even the hardest and most impractical web pages you can throw at it, and you get good, clean, sophisticated outcome deserving of the real site, if it was designed correctly to begin with! I didn’t really say that!!! Just remember to try PDF Converter on the run, at home, at the office, even at your girlfriends apartment, since it is quick, accurate, and will leave you please at the outcome! Highly recommended.

- The best recipe/shopping app

I started using this when it was simply recipe clipping, and it is great at that. You can copy virtually any recipe from a web site or other app. But now you can also create meal plans and make your shopping list from the ingredients that you do not have on hand. I also share the shopping list with my husband, and we both add things to the list as we think of them, and then when one of us goes to the grocery, we buy what we both need. It’s great. I also make my own groupings of recipes according to the way i cook. It’s nice to not use someone else’s classifications.

- Great PDF Converter Tool

I love this App. One of my favorites of the many...Apps that I have. Great tool and very helpful with preserving important documents. With use of this tool, I keep very little on paper. So much easier to keep up with electronic. My only request would be to have a way to search for document titles. I so so may documents, I would love to search for by title vs. scrolling through. I have searched the web for a way to do this with PDF Converter. I can’t find anything except how to search words within a document. You would just make my day if you could search for document titles.

- Really, really good.

I really like this app. I use it a lot. Imagine a device that produces delicious food. And, it doesn't matter what ingredients you use. That is PDF Converter. The output is always a PDF, and it does it with all types of inputs. The interface is wonderfully intuitive. Imagine that kitchen device also delivered the food anywhere. PDF Converter puts your PDF virtually anywhere; into apps on your device, on the cloud, or shared with other people. One button, and a moment later your reading, sharing or storing a PDF. FOR SCI-Fi enthusiasts, this is the PDF version of the Star Trek "food replicator". It's that seamless.

- Fantastic

I’ve yet to find anything from Readdle that wasn’t excellent, and this app did not disappoint. Forget Adobe Acrobat’s PDF conversion. They want you to pay for that privilege, which is bundled with a host of other features, at a monthly subscription that is straight-up ridiculous. You pay a small amount for this app that I would happily pay for at an even higher price. You can then import into Acrobat or better yet...the Documents or PDF Export apps from Readdle. I deleted Acrobat. Adobe has great programs for those who like making it rain cash.

- A very simple converter

PDF Converter is a simple app allowing the user to convert files and photos into PDF, however, unlike the rest of Readdle apps, it has nothing special and it actually does what Readdle Printer Pro already offers as a virtual printer. It doesn't allow you to convert multiple photos into a single PDF, it's impossible to change the layout of the PDF or the page orientation and it's not even capable of choosing the pages of a Word document or an Excel sheet before conversion. If you need an app to just change the format, PDF Converter is an expensive one which you may find practical; as it is easy to use and works well. Otherwise, there are better and more powerful apps in the App Store you'll be happy to try instead.

- Never saves the page I want to save

This app, so far as I can see, will only print to PDF the initial webpage opened at the website visited...not able to print the page I'm viewing. For example when I try to print a page with payment info or a utility statement this app only saves/prints the login page. Which makes this app totally worthless to me. I have not seen any way to change that as yet, but have put little effort into seeking a resolution either, since generally I've been frustrated by its failure and been hoping to get this done quickly at the time, and the little checking I've done was fruitless. Same issue after more time. Useless for the purpose of saving to PDF the internet page you are viewing...always saves the main page/login page.

- Very, very, very handy

I have almost every app from Readdle. I started with one, then saw what the next could do, and saw what the next can do, and so on. They are incredibly useful for me. I do a lot of sharing of PDF files. Check out all of their apps. I’m completely serious. I have even used their fax app, and it is so handy as well. The security features are great. Secure logging into the app. Secure the PDF files. Edit them in other apps. They are interchangeable. The ability to save anywhere and sand through anything is top notch.

- Top 10 Used iPad apps

This is one of these essential utilities that's needed to convert any file you view into a PDF. After the calculator, this is the second most used utility. After the iOS 11 upgrade, I found out that the native pdf creator forces you to save the programs to Apple Office applications-Pages, Numbers and Keynote. That’s OK if you use them- problematic if you don’t. This app gives the freedom to save it where you want it. I also use their PDF Expert. The ability to SIMPLY edit text on pdfs is really helpful.

- Great App

I use the entire Readdle Suite. They are great. I use Apple devices which do much of the same functions with built in funtions, but I find Readdle much faster and easier. I don’t need to struggle to remember how to execute not often used functions. I highly recommend Readdle products. I think my favorite is their Scanner Pro. I use that app daily. You can store everything to iCloud. I scan anything and everything important to me. You never know when or where you may need to reference something.

- Great ecosystem in all “Readdlity”

The way that Readdle has slowly replaced all of the Adobe products brings me so much joy! I have really grown to hate adobe and their effort to effectively gut their user base through astronomical monthly access fees (I am usually a proponent of subscriptions to support app developers, but Adobe is clearly monopolistically abusing the subscription system). Readlle’s payment system is fair and their apps, in many cases, out-perform Adobe’s. I love this app and it is an excellent compliment to PDF expert. Would by again and again!

- Does exactly as I want

I’ve been using this app for YEARS! It has done what I purchased it to do, and no more. A number of years ago, the creators actually improved the platform to be even speedier in its conversion. Would like to be able to move documents TO Dropbox rather than just convert Dropbox docs to PDF. That way, I could clean up my docs that I want to archive (to somewhere in addition to iCloud). But otherwise, great app over the years. I’ll be a satisfied user into future as well.

- Don't know what I would do without it!

I'm an online student, soon heading to graduate school, and I know I'll be using this app every single day. I've used it to convert pages of a physical textbook to PDF so I can read on the go without lugging around a 700-page book just for a hundred or so pages. I use it to capture physical mailings, receipts, and other such items so I have quick access to them and can keep them organized. I will never regret purchasing this!

- Can’t convert Word without messing up

I don’t know how other people can give this a high rating. I was looking for an app that would convert word documents to PDF. Turns out this one won’t do it properly if there are graphics, or track changes, or bullets — BULLETS, for crying out loud. Not to mention random special characters. Formatting also gets weird — size 20 (maybe) font when the original document was size 11; really huge margins. I e-mailed support, since I was convinced that I was doing something incorrectly, their help said that “Word formatting is really different from PDF one, this is why when you convert word to PDF usually you get more pages and the result might be different. There is no setting to change this as this is how two formats interact.” Really? Because I have no problem with other applications for this. And not being able to convert a WORD document to PDF is just silly. (To be fair, they did offer to look at my doc, although this has happened with five or six documents and I can’t share them because of confidentiality reasons)

- Love this app

I really love and use most of the apps by regardless, but this is one of my favorites. The way I use it the most is when I want to copy and save info from a web page. I highlight and copy the portion I want, then convert it in PDF converter, rename and save as a PDF document. It grabs the pictures to, something that is very useful if I'm saving a craft article, recipe, or some other diy web page info. Absolutely love this app. Keep up the good work readdle!


When the conversion or the transport of information in a timely manner is critical, this App really makes life less stressful. Plus, when you just want to make the documents you create shine with a professional flair, look no further. I really like its’ seamless integration and operation with the IOS platform as it is a regular option in the SHARE MENU of my Apple devices. Well thought out and developed App, and I have encountered NO GLITCHES during its’ use.

- Good PDF Converter

This a is great, simple PDF converter. I use it mostly to create PDFs of web pages with long text. I like the ease of renaming the PDF. Sometimes a website's coding creates problems with conversion, which is annoying but not unexpected. I've used other web to PDF converter apps, but they were abandoned by their devs and eventually stopped working. This app is remains a reliable and useful tool.

- Stopped working

I purchased this app to convert emails to PDF. Worked fine at first, if a little cumbersome, but now I get an error when I try to create a PDF. I submitted a support request and got a template response saying that the issue will be addressed in the next update, but they don’t know when that will be. I understand that apps can have bugs, but the entire purpose of this app is to make a PDF and now it can’t. I paid for the app because I wanted reliability. On the upside, while researching this issue, I found that iOS 10 and later has the built in ability to convert emails to PDF for free.

- Not worth it to me

The app does convert, but if you wish to save to the iCloud one is not provided the option to browse the folders in the cloud. So simple file saving becomes a multi-step process to just save a file. The conversion isn’t that great. I get a better image just doing a print to pdf on my Mac. But this runs on an iPad or iPhone one objects. Well for the hassle and quality I might as well go to my Mac and do it right. It was a waste of money for me, not nearly as functional as something like their Documents product.

- Ok, but should do more...

I have a Word document and need to convert to PDF. You cannot perform this function using this App within Word. Saved the file to Dropbox, opened the document and utilized this App to generate the PDF. The PDF was blank. Only remedy was to screen capture my Word document, go to Photo's, trim and export to PDF with the App. What is wrong with Apple, Microsoft, Google, Adobe?? This should not be hard and a multi-stepped approach. Frustrating in this day and age. Why the hell do I need to buy an app that should be intrinsic with a normal business workflow?

- Good but needs much improvement

This app has proven to be very useful to me for recording and downloading all kinds of information even recipes, math and science articles, and pictures. However, the actual content and format of the result is not always the same as the original I see on the screen. Sometimes the page is too large to convert and all I get is simply an error message. Also, sometimes pages are re-oriented and there seems to be no way to correct the orientation.

- Efficient and To The Point

What I like about PDF Converter is that it doesn’t waste my time. Beginning with sign-in. I put in my password and as soon as I type in the last character it opens itself up. No “enter” or anything else that would waste my time. I like that. Most important, it converts documents quickly and efficiently. I can ask for nothing more.

- My go-to app for pdf conversion

For years, this has been my go-to app for quickly converting web pages to pdf format. Hint: When files are too large, you can still open and convert to pdf format from within the app. Works 90% of time. By that, I mean that I sometimes have issues with ads concealing part of content. Clicking on the ‘X’ sometimes clears them. Overall, my favorite pdf conversion app.

- Fast conversion, ready access - could use rotate feature

Very quick and easy to “convert to PDF” and then “go to file.” But, sometimes the file is in landscape instead of portrait, and here is no rotate feature. Then you have to export to something else and rotate it. Looks like it would be a simple feature to add and one that would be very useful.

- Seamlessly works

Have used it for years, usually to convert a webpage into a pdf, which I then port over to PDF Expert for next steps, if I plan to work with it. I do a lot of annotating pdfs—even just highlighting with various colors— and occasionally want to edit one. Readdle takes its products seriously, does a good job of improving, usually adding capabilities, or streamlining the user interface.

- Plant engineer

Great app makes my life easy from signing documents to converting pictures to pdf so I can draw on the picture. I combine this app with Documents. This documents app is very simple to use you can free hand draw what you want or use the drawing tools to make it look more professional. There may be better apps out there but I find these app simple to use.

- Great for traveling too!

Aside from 'business' use I love this app for traveling on vacation. I can make pdf's from websites that show maps and things to see. These are great to use while traveling because with the PDF documents you don't need internet access which can be difficult in remote locations or while on a cruise.

- Exceptionally reliable.

I have majorly of the apps by this developer. And all exceptionally reliable, I consistently use, and for a couple years now. Good job guys. You have outstanding knowledge and focus on what essentially matters for customers. Now, can you please stop so actively asking for feedback? I promise I will speak up if something is not right.

- Cant handle large pages

Update .... It is a hit or miss if you can convert a web page or not. I get about 50 pf my tries. The app has trouble with pages that have images or videos. Got blank pages on a bell & Howell product review. Could not produce a pdf from a consumer reports car report web page. All i kept getting was the CR home page asking me to signup or subscribe. Tried chrome and safari. On both occasions the app hung midway through the conversion. On Safari pdf converter did produce the pdf.

- Great idea but needs updating

Ok love the concept of being able to convert images, web pages, etc. to pdf, but the problem is that I feel like this app is a bit dated. For an example, it turns my images sideways for some reason, and I’m unable to select more than one item, because I want to put more images into the same pdf document, but it won’t let me. If the developer is unable to fix this, then I want a refund.

- I e tried several of these apps

I had no particular bias toward the five different apps I bought and tried. ( wish I could get a refund on some of them ) This app rose to the top in terms of ease of use and reliable. So it is the one I now use. It works on my phone and my phone seems to like it. So I'm sticking with it.

- Easy App to Use

When website articles don’t agree with mainstream media, they suddenly “disappear”. So I use PDF Converter to capture Internet site articles I want to save. It saves the file names with dates, making it simple to find them again. It is an easy App to use and great research tool!

- Yeah...keep nagging me for a review...

Every $%^$&* time I use this app, I get interrupted to leave a review on the App Store. OK. Here's your review. Actually, I've found a better way to save a PDF than this, and it's built in to iOS 10: Hit the "Share" button, and select "Print". Then when it shows a thumbnail of what it wants to send to a printer, "pinch-out" (e.g. Zoom in) on the thumbnail, and get a larger representation, then send to iCloud, or DropBox, or wherever. It's now saved as a PDF, and more often than not, with better results than this app comes up with.

- PDF Converter

I have paid for this and cant get help from Readdle Support. Another day and no answer from rdsupport - hey people Apple won’t help you either - all Apple will do it make sure Readdle’s email address is active nothing else. Troubles here started with iOS 13.6 update and now app doesn’t work and no one will help. It’s been 10 days and Readdle staff not answering - last email was “ we need a day or two or words to that effect. What’s with this poor service? Talk about ruining a good thing and poor customer service procedures.

- Can’t live without it

Really is a must have. When I’m in a bind and you would think that you could perform simple tasks (like texting a pdf of a document that you just created on google docs to a friend to review Quick) you simply can’t without a tool like these guys offer.

- Great APP for I-Pad!

I’ve used this PDF app for several years, virtually exclusively on my i-pad. I have used it daily for literally hundreds of documents that I convert into PDFs — and then open in another app before uploaded to my cloud storage space. In a word — overall functioning is EXCELLENT and reliable — and a real time-saver for me.

- My go to App

My review might be a bit biased because I use several of their products. Each one is very good at what it is intended to do. This app is no different. It is easy to use the SHARE SHEET to get access to convert emails and other documents to PDF before filing, forwarding or emailing the file. It integrates well with the DOCUMENTS5 app(which I also really like). Nothin but praise for these folks!

- Most used app I have

I work in real estate management and work with contracts, invoicing and ledgers constantly. I found the Readdle suite of apps and use all of them several times a week. They are perfect for my file management requirements especially the PDF converter and scanner app. Good job on these apps guys. Well done.

- I love this app!

I bought it so I could do things for work without having to run to a computer - I work in a KITCHEN, running to my office to open/modify/convert to a pdf file is a ridiculous waste of my time. It's also perfect for converting things into a printable/shareable file quickly.

- All that I needed.

I've been able to quickly convert my Pages documents to PDF so I can email my professors in a format they can open on their Windows. It's literally all I needed and I'm happy. I don't get why people are leaving passive aggressive one star reviews just because the app asked for one!

- Powerful tool

This PDF converter is a powerful tool to be used in every kind of situations that involved the conversion of a file to PDF. Is fast and easy to work with, giving you a long kind of options to work with your new PDF file. I highly recommend it.

- Little buggy

It does a good job converting word documents. Big problem is even with current iOS and newest hardware, PDFs from web pages are hard to review. The app often crashes when you open a saved pdf. Also it won’t let me use the “open in” feature to move the pdf out of the program. The button doesn’t appear to do anything. Maybe this will get better later. Just know it isn’t bug free

- Easy to use

I'm able to convert online articles to read offline, when it’s more convenient to do so. Articles are much easier to read on the iPad than the phone. Convert on the iPhone, transfer to the cloud, then download to the iPad.

- Outstanding!

When I purchased this app over a year ago, it worked perfectly. However, it is now unable to convert articles from The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, which limits its usefulness severely for me. If you need to convert articles from these two publications, don’t buy this app. There may be other online publications or websites on which this app doesn’t work, so beware!

- Excellent Product

I have used PDF Converter for number of years now. It is an excellent product and has always performed exceptionally well in a very short amount of time. I really appreciate having this tool in my tool chest when I am surfing the web.

- Works great!

Straightforward and quick! Just what I needed for my iPad mini. I have used it for months with no problems. Some of the whiners who leave comments expect everything from an application but don't want to pay for any advanced features.

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- Fast and convenient

Simple and fast to use. I have found very useful.

- BRILLIANT!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

What more could you want from a PDF converter when on your smartphone! It does a terrific job of helping you to keep track of 'items of interest' on the internet and keeps them safely on your phone or in the cloud. Like most people, I surf the web a lot and it's easy to forget where you found something of interest. That's when I use "PDF Converter" Just convert that webpage; save it on your smartphone or tablet, or *print it out later. (if you want). You can also rename your converted PDFs to save to your cloud storage or share/send them on. I use it all the time .. it's a BRILLIANT App!

- Excellent Business Apps

Highly recommended. PDF Expert is the heart of my business. Sync with Dropbox. Emailing attachments and marking up PDFs. Manage all my files keeping them in sync across devices. I have used the Readdledocs apps for over 4 years for work. They have proven reliable and with excellent support. The PDF converter is an excellent tool. I have had no problems with email attachments, web pages and photos. Works well and does what the app claims. Using iPad Pro. Highly recommend this app and the developers other apps.

- Fabulous Readdle Apps

I found the set of five Readdle Apps two weeks ago and am now using them for just about everything on my iPad Pro. I use each one daily. Scanner Pro, PDF Converter, PDF Pro and Documents for ALL of my filing needs, followed up by Calenders which now organises my life. These are a great set of Apps. Keith Davey

- Charged Twice

Love the apps, but! Had purchased Pdf Expert 5 days earlier which is a great app. Decided to purchase pdf converter in app (Documents) and was rerouted to app store where converter is listed at $7.99. Make purchase. Simple. But! Was charged for converter, (fine) and was charged for PDF Expert again! WHAT! Will change review when this is sorted. Logged with Pay Pal. Can't get onto Apple App Store resolution process as there are issues. Will try again later. If Readdle read this review, maybe they can get onto it.

- Solid as a brick

This app is terrific & I use virtually every day. It has gotten me out of some sticky situations & never missed a beat. So if you do a lot documenting, this is definitely the app for you. It’s as solid as a brick & it’s a joy to use which is very rare in the It field. Enjoy Mondo Man🙏


PDF is hands down one of the best apps I’ve ever had the good fortune to use. It just works! Everything they say it will do it does and they always work in with Apple to quickly adapt it to updates. Great app! Highly intuitive team!

- So far so good

I am fairly computer illiterate yet I find it quick and easy to use multiple times daily. Works well for what I want. Months later I don't know where I would be without it. Months later.... Still GREAT

- Easy to Use

I use many of the Readdle apps: PDF Expert for filing, reading & printing all my docs, Scanner Pro & PDF Converter to create docs from invoices etc. I find these apps are very easy to use and help coordinate my document flow.


I use to support this company and was one of the early pioneers; a loyal customers that purchased their products 15 years ago and would recommend them to people. But since I have updated my app, they have kicked me out and won’t recognise any of my purchases unless I pay more money. This is how you treat your loyal customers. I am so disgusted at the greed mentality. I am disappointed at the lies, greed, misleading and deceptive conduct.

- Excellent for Business on the Go

Highly recommend this app - so easy to use and convenient especially if you are operating mobile

- Can not convert webpages properly to PDF

I want to save my invoices from my online purchases, which only appear as a webpage. I purchased this App so that I can save these as PDFs. The App only gives me blank PDF documents, with a grey background. I have other Readdle Apps, that are wonderful. This one needs a little more work, with regards to saving webpages.

- I love this app, BUT all the files can be deleted by mistake

I have used this app for many years and love it, BUT since I clicked the clear button by mistake (about 1 year ago), I became very worried that it may happen again. The two main problems are: 1. the clear button at the opening page, is at the exact position as the one in the document page, which has very different functions. 2. Once the clear button is clicked, everything is gone. NO CONFIRMATION ASKED! A simple mistake and all files are lost.

- WORKS PERFECTLY !!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Smooth and easy working with Numbers and converts PDF ready for emails. Definitely best one I’ve found so far. Highly recommend this app 😃👍

- Great App

I highly recommend this app, I use this PDF Converter a lot, it’s just great. Things I need to save from the web I simply convert to PDF and save it to cloud. Easy Peasy!

- Love this app

Use it in all areas my my profession, so easy to use once you have put into practice for a short period of time.

- Love this app

Have been using it for years, so useful for saving documents when needed. Easy to use.

- Needs improvement; excellent developer

You cannot convert Wikipedia like mobile websites where sections of a page are minimised because the topics are not expanded. Other free apps do. An excellent concept but is not consistent. Most pages you can only convert when you open the page in the app. Sadly doesn't have iCloud auto save.

- One of the Best

Reliable, tested for 90 % of all my documentation storage and communication needs . One of only few best apps in my collection .

- Essential

Fabulous app. I use it every day. It’s become part of my life - I just use it and it works! Perfectly 😇

- Really Good App...

Can't praise this app enough. I also use their Scanner Pro and PDF Expert products and that's all I use now for PDF handling.

- So easy it’s brilliant

Easy to format into PDF than transfer or even store.

- Wonderful

This app is the greatest, I’m certainly not tech savvy, but this is so easy to use, it is the bees knees, wonderful, wonderful 😊👍

- Apparently it converts

I had .cbz and .cbr file and it couldn’t convert it to PDF. Only most basic files can be converted. It appears they only convert the most basic files into PDF. Big money we have to pay to get this application (extension). Hungry and greedy for money.

- Great PDFing Solution

It’s simple to use and pretty much works everywhere. Very handy tool to have in the kit.


I love this App, use it all the time. I’m a an obsessional collector, and collect and store articles on many different subjects.

- Amazing work

Great App, can change anything into PDF format.

- The Best

Does everything I want it to. Couldn’t be happier. Money well spent. 😀💖

- The perfect companion

Could not do without. M’est devenu indispensable.


Like all their Apps, PDF CONVERTER is first class and has the highest success rate out of any other converter app.

- Useless when I needed it!

Tried to make a PDF of my MyTax return before lodging it, didn’t work at all just generated a wrecked version of the MyGov signin screen. Discovered that Save PDF to iBooks worked perfectly, so this is one Readdle App that I can do without.

- Fabulous

An amazing app, best one I have ever found & used. So easy to use

- Only worked once

Not sure what happened but I was only able to use this converter to convert excel sheet to pdf only once. Which is the only reason I purchased it.

- Crappy app

Crappy app with unwanted and incorrect rotation happening every time making the app absolutely useless. Wrote to the app support and they said they’re unable to fix that stupid defect

- Complete Garbage

Don't waste your money folks on this under performer. Pity really given some of Readdle's other apps such as Documents is very good and well worth the money. PDF Converter however is pitiful.

- PDF Converter

Not so good anymore. I suggest that the app or iOS has locked up a lot of easy access to web pages so they can’t be converted to PDF anymore.

- Wong work

Just won’t convert my video don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but I just can’t seem to download it and I’ve tried all the different ways

- Excellent

What else can I say but excellent.

- Splits a One page Doc into 2 pages

Expected much better for $11

- Does not maintain Word formatting

Not being able to keep Word formatting is kind of critical when trying to PDF a resume.

- PDF Converter

Purchased PDF Converter several weeks ago. I had a few teething problems converting web pages for sites requiring log on access but the staff at Readdle were able to resolve my queries. The staff responded within 24 hrs on each occasion & eventually found a solution to my issues. The program works as described & converts all web pages I have accessed in the format as viewed on the web. I am pleased to report that I am a happy customer.

- The Best

This is a great app - quite simply, brilliant.

- Best PDF app

Best PDF app ever...easy to use

- Totally excellent

Great app

- Great App

Very useful

- Waste of money

Simply does not work at all. Best to get something free.

- A good app, but not indispensable

This type of App was always a must have to utilise documents without printing. There is a lot of functionality in other Apps now which covers this, but there are still a number of use cases. The only reason for dropping it to 4* is it does not interface easily with the Apps I use, however, it does with many others

- Lovely corporate App

Have several Apps from this group and very impressed with all of them, so when I needed a PDF Converter App, I looked to see if they offered one and grabbed it. If I was to put together a professional app suite for the iPad of 20 Apps, these guys would have 3 in that list, as they have proved to be professional in both development and support, which I have called on a few times.

- Extremely useful

Find an article on the web and want to keep a copy? If you rely on just saving the URL link you may find it has gone or been changed next time you want to look at it. By converting to PDF you have a permanent copy always available. I haven't used other apps but PDF Converter does the job quickly and efficiently.

- Excellent app

The app works exactly as described and provides the facility to convert photos, web pages, contacts as a PDF file. I thought the app had limitations such as not being able to convert multiple photos into a single file but the support team addressed my query within 24 hours. Another excellent app from Readdle

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- PDF Converter

Excellente application. Pratique, rapide, utile, fiable et facile d’utilisation.

- Excellent app. Doing exactly what I need it to do for my business.

Excellent app. Doing exactly what I need it to do for my business.

- Wonderful!

Does the job really well....wonderful app!

- Disappointed

Shapes in ppt is mis-locationed in pdf

- Excellente

Excellente application qui me permet de transformer mes documents de pages en PDF et ainsi de pouvoir les partager plus rapidement et facilement

- Très bien fait

Tout simplement magnifique comme application J’adore

- Excellent!

Facile à utiliser. Rapide. Que dire de plus.

- Simply the best

I use this app app all of the time. It,s simply the best,

- Super

Super très bonne application même pour un néophyte de 60 ans

- Works all the time!

And that title is true: their tag line and the next sentence is theirs and also true: Super efficient and true PDFs from websites or documents and fast and I love it! Most times I need quick PDFs from an inspection and can’t risk losing it: this is great for sure and worth it

- PDF converter

So simple to use! What a great app! Love it....

- good app

dependable, effective

- Great app

Great app

- Gigi

Excellent produit

- Great

Awesome app super user friendly

- Excellent App

The App converts HTML pages to PDF excellently.

- Love it!

This app works great in saving ebooks and such. Thank you!

- Great PDF converter

Works great every time. I use it sometimes to convert an odd sized document that the printer doesn’t want to print since it isn’t the right size. Converting it with PDF Converter also convert’s it’s size, making it printer friendly !

- David

Very useful program happy for it and enjoy using it daily.

- Great App

I use this app all the time.

- Like having an office on your iPhone

These apps have been a pleasure !I bought the package a few years ago.Them with my wireless Brother monochrome laser printer have been a wonderful marriage.It seems that off my iPhone 5 and now 6 I have been able to do most anything you would want. Very happy with their power, capabilities and ease to use especially as a package.

- bug

12.2 bug still there for me

- Use it every day

Absolutely great apps. I use PDF Expert every day. It. Is my go to app to keep my records and annotate them. Really, really useful.

- Great software.

I could not live with out this app Makes my life easier

- PDF Converter

This does what it says, is easy to use, and is a beautiful app. Works great.

- Works

Gets the job done. Does exactly what it was developed for.

- Very practical

I use this app so much, and it works so well, that I would give it 5 stars were it not for the odd fact that occasionally the converted document ends up tiny in size, and the app doesn’t seem to include any parameter-control tools.

- Does not convert webpage to pdf

Not useful for converting webpages to pdf. Tried so many times,, just getting blank page. Built in pdf converter in safari in ios works far better than this.

- Partial working

Convert only partial webpages or from apps. Paste link directly still not working, keep asking refresh. If it works, only some small text, not full webpages or just one photo from webpages. Please fix

- Best app

Great thanks to the developers

- Big step down from their other apps

PDF converter seems to arbitrarily be segmented outside of their other apps ecosystem making it unnecessarily difficult to process files that are stored locally in their own documents app or scanner pro. Combined with the fact there seems to be no way to batch process extending the process dozens of times... and good luck getting your files out of PDF converter once done, no ability to move it back over to local documents easily and you’re out of luck if you’re a google drive user rather than iCloud or Dropbox because hey, who needs consistency through an ecosystem amirite? Save your cash, time and patience and go do the same thing for free on a computer.

- Does what it says

Has worked ok for me.

- Excellent app

This app is very efficient and stable. I highly recommend it.

- Work’s great

Use this frequently,I can save e-mails and switch them to PDF, so I can print directly from my IPhone.

- Very useful

I just took a photo of some text and turned it to pdf. Works great

- me

Works every time.

- Very helpful.

I love this app, it is very helpful, I use it all the time and it is super easy to use nothing complicated. I recommend it.

- J’adore cette application

Elle me sert régulièrement, je ne saurais plus m’en passer.

- Smooth implementation & usage

Easy to use and very useful.

- My favourite app

This app smacks of quality and works well on iPad and iPhone to Convert documents into a form that most printers like and it works seamlessly....highly recommend this app as well as all apps from Readdle...well-worth the small investment!

- Readdle products

Over the years I have come to really respect Readdle products. I have now purchased every single product they produce. I have also purchased competitors products as I am always looking for the best of the best. For my needs, to date, I have purchased and tried dozens of programs. I admit that some are very good but I have not found one that does more than the Readdle products or is easier to use. I have recommended some of their products to many associates and have not received one negative feedback after asking for their opinions. Readdle — have you ever considered developing a CRM program?

- Useful app

Made my life easier and saved me a lot of time preparing docs,thanks Pdf expert!


I use it constantly along with PDF expert. They work great together. It's fast and dependable which is not that common among apps.

- A+ mazing

Highly recommended

- Fantastic App

I use this app frequently. Fast, reliable,easy......

- PDF converter by readdle

Fantastic app

- Excellent

App très fonctionnelle

- Utilisez le presse papier de l’application pour les 5 étoiles

Pour transformer directement un document en PDF parfois ça ne fonctionne pas quand il s’agit d’un gros document. LE SECRET : Avec le presse-papier de l’application, tout fonctionne à merveille.

- Great stuff

Worked when I needed it

- Ne Dépensez pas votre Argent!!!

Beaucoup d’étapes pour convertir un fichier! Une fois convertis, la mise en page est ridicule!!

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- By far, my favorite PDF converter app!

I’ve tried several other conversation apps over the years, but since I began using this app, I never use the others. I would like to add a suggestion for the app’s improvement, but haven’t found any deficiencies.

- Doesn’t do everything but does well its job

It’s a converter and it converts very nicely. It is not to be the one and only PDF tool but it converts just about anything to a portable document format so you can then use the tool of your choice for editing and the like.

- Top Notch!

This is a seriously easy and accurate converter for web pages, photos, contacts, email, spreadsheets and most anything you can select. I’ve tried a bunch of tools and I am sold on Readdle PDF products! Highly recommended.

- Love this App!!!

This is the best app for saving files and information. It’s quick and easy. I’m not a guru when it comes to these apps, but for me it’s simple and quick to put what I want into a PDF and it’s there when I need it. Highly recommend!!

- Doesn't save images from converted websites to .pdf

It's a deal breaker for me, especially when I downloaded this app in order to save website tutorials, in order to later be able to read them without an Internet connection. I wanted to save websites to ".pdf", not just text from websites to ".pdf", so I guess this app doesn't do what it claims. Images never load, even though they were already loaded in Safari or Firefox. Please help Readdle Customer Support.

- Works Great!

Very easy to create a pdf document from a website, then save it where you want, like in Books app or email it, etc. I also like their Documents app. Everything Readdle make always works well.

- Outstanding

I use this app a lot and it always works. Gives me significant flexibility in working with documents especially downloads. Wish they had a windows version for my pc I do recommend it.

- Limited use and need!

When it actually completes the conversion it seems to do ok, but most of the time it seems like it gets stuck somewhere on the sites I visit. Either it quits completely, gives me a login screen, or only converts half of the page. On occasions when it gets stuck behind a password, the Apple PDF converted works fine. It is also not clear to me why Readdle has so many different apps for converting Things to pdf. They all seem to have the same problem I described in the first paragraph. Just roll this pdf converter in to the printing app, or the pdf app, and call it good. I own copies of all the Readdle software and pdf conversion is the only one I find does not fulfill its promise.

- It’s still just a photo

Pretty disappointed. Haven’t used this app extensively, but tried to use it today. I had photo—a screen shot that someone took of an event with event info. I thought, “Hey I have a pdf converter. I’ll save it as a pdf.” The converter just saved the image as an image and converted nothing to text that I could grab to make into an appointment. Pretty worthless really. I might as well have left it as a photo.

- Wonderful between Apple Updates

This application performs a valuable task, and works well (much of the time). Apple has “broken” the pdf conversion capabilities several times, but the team picks up the pieces. The suite of applications (including PDF Expert), provides vital services across platforms. Highly recommended!

- Long time user

I’ve used Readdle products for several years, and love each one of them! (If you haven’t tried the email system, Spark, you’re in for a treat! PDF Converter is a staple for me, and with PDF Expert I can work freely, making tablet fillable forms.

- Awesome app!

I use this frequently to send documents to others. It solves the problem of who can't open things because they don't have the appropriate applications to open them. Very easy to use!

- Great app!

I have used PDF Converter many times and has always worked out. For instance places like Kinkos aren't able to print Pages documents and I just convert it with PDF Converter on my phone and back in business!

- A great research tool

I can download articles to create an article to read and more importantly, mark up...all without having to print it out. I can make changes in all I do on the same copy of the document. Amazing!

- Wanted to like it :(

Unfortunately whenever I tried to convert something from Readdle's Documents app using this app, it would always pop up a dialogue box saying "something went wrong". I wish I hadn't spent money on this, as I did not get any value from it. Two stars because Documents is a fantastic app that I love and had expected more from this app because same developer.

- Save time

I work in the field and receive work orders all day some are sent PDF but a few are not and the work order tool I use to fill them out requires them to be PDF it very quick to convert them

- Works Great Every Time I Use It

This is a great tool for an iPad user, quickly convert files from virtually all formats to PDF, which I can then either mark up, or email so that anyone will be able to open.

- Great app - to the point

This app is extremely useful! Only request would be to make a search tool within the app to find saved documents easier.

- Great PDF Converter

It gets the job done. Simply said Love it !!! Adding an annotation feature would not be a bad idea 👍🏽👍🏽 Also can one search words within a document? That feature would be great as well.

- Please read this out !!

I thought this app is gonna be amazing when I bought it , yes it offers some good features still , but the most frustrating thing about it is that you can't make a pdf file from multiple photos immediately, you have to add photos one by one which is so bad for a paid app. Fix this issue and I'll rewrite a good review with 5 stars .

- Must Download

Best bang for your buck Adobe Reader wants to charge us $9.99 a month to do the same stuff this app does for just one flat fee, it is a must have for anyone who has to create multiple pages in 1 PDF file!

- Quick and Easy

Have no problems with converting web pages to PDF files for a quick edits and downloads on the go.

- No Benefit, Does NOT Preserve links

the only thing i wanted, was it to preserve web page links when converting. NOT only does it not preserve them, it removes any indicator that a link ever existed (color or underline). the native 'create pdf' option in ios 11 does at least leave a color indicator. will try to get my money back

- Great App

I don’t use it enough because I forget I have it. But, I’m beginning to and every time I do I am profoundly impressed. I will update review with more details in future. Suffice it to say, for now, everything about it rocks!!!

- Great App

Readdle has knocked it out of the park. I have sorted through at least 2 dozen “alleged” PDF converters, and this one is by far the most stable app out there. I’ve used it for years, and it has never failed. Five Stars, Six if I could.

- I love this pdf converter!

I really like being able to convert information from various sources into one standard format — pdf — and then save it in the Documents app, where I can organize articles/info as I like, and even modify it if necessary. It allows me to have my own private library where I can easily find information I need. A very good investment. I recommend looking for a Readdle package that suits your needs. The Documents app has just gotten better through the years!

- Works great.

Works great for what I need it for. I often take pictures of documents and then email them as PDFs and I have had no issues with it at all. I can access the PDFs for my email very easily too.

- Love this app!

This is a great app. Easy to use and works very well to create useable .pdf copies of almost anything. Can’t always convert large documents and many pages but hey, it’s free and how often do I need one of those. I love it.

- Perfect!

Love how easy it is to convert multiple photos into a single PDF & rename the file. Doesn’t permit upload to my Cloud so I have to save to docs or PDF software then upload. Otherwise love this.

- Valuable and Quick!

I wish every app was as valuable and easy to use as PDF Converter! I especially like the ability to convert multiple webpages easily into one PDF file. Nice work!


I use PDF Expert to shoot customers files on the fly. It is an excellent source to not only store files but have them at the ready whenever you need them. Thank you for having such an easy to use app. You ROCK!

- Converts photos too

This is an awesome program, can convert web pages to PDFs and also photos from photo album. I use it regularly. All Readdle products are top quality!

- PDF Converter

An excellent app that I use daily! It so much better to create a PDF of a web page than creating a bookmark/favorite. I wish I could use it on email.

- Does a great job

I’ve used this for a couple of years and have been happy with it. My only beef is that sometimes a web page I’m trying to convert is too large and it won’t do it but apart from that it’s great.

- Fantastic

Consistently available and just what is needed. Makes so many docs available when otherwise not usable. Thank You!

- Real Awesome!!

Keep smashing bugs and they listen with regular updates this will separate them from all other similar apps! Not like others that just set and forget...


Wow! I am able to convert any document to PDF. With rename and sending pdf documents by email my favorite. (Well actually everything in this app is my favorite). Also very easy to use.

- Disappointed in what is usually Readdle’s high quality

I frequently need to convert articles to PDF and bought this to do so. It worked briefly, but now commonly comes back with a message that the file is too big (on not large files) and to open in the app. When the app is opened a message is returned to ask the developer to upgrade for compatibility with iOS 11.

- Really really useful must have tool

You’re not gonna know how much you need this until you’ve had it for a couple of months.

- Easy and Fast

I am a fifty year old man who is not tech savvy at all. PDF Converter app is so simple to use and extremely fast. Been using it for a few years now and absolutely love it.

- Meh doesn’t convert well

Documents I’m converting from powerpoint end up with messed up formatting that you cant fix. Also, bought this app to be able to edit PDF’s - but funny thing, buried within the app is - you guessed it, another purchase that allows you to move and format text. I hate apps that aren’t clean and clear.

- PDF Converter

Works very well converting documents like web pages to pdf documents and does this job better than iOS’ built-in converter.

- Rave

I am an ‘older’ person and sometimes struggle with tech-related stuff. This app, once I got the hang of it (which was really easy) is wonderful. Kudos and keep doing what you’re doing!!!

- Oh Come On!

So I just bought this silly app a couple of weeks ago because the conversion feature in PDF Expert required it. Now that feature has disappeared in PDF Expert in favor of a subscription model. Come on guys. If you are going to outsource a critical feature of an app, don’t then roll it in and leave your customers out to dry for purchasing the silly plug-in that is now useless.

- Pleased so Far

Still trying to get the hang of the app but overall I am more than happy with not only this App, but many others made by this company. Great Choice

- Wgene

I have tried and purchased many PDF converters, and thru the process of elimination this, in my opinion, had given me the most reliable service.

- Great App!

Use it almost every day, converting articles into PDFs that can be read, marked-up and merged with other documents that are used for reference in my various research activities.

- Great app!

Still impressed with this pdf converter app. It is very streamlined, doesn't require a lot of steps, very simple to use. I use it to transfer articles and craft patterns to my iBooks app. Very handy app!!!

- Works Alright for Price

This PDF converter works alright for what it is. It isn’t perfect and outright can’t make a PDF of certain things, or cuts off a PDF if it is a little long. Overall a decent app. I’ve gotten use out of it, just not the kind of use that justifies the cost of the app.

- Great app!

I love this app! It is so easy to convert my files to PDF. I can get them printed at my preferred copy center that suggests documents be in PDF form for best results. Thanks for having this app available!

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PDF Converter by Readdle 2.3.12 Screenshots & Images

PDF Converter by Readdle iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

PDF Converter by Readdle iphone images
PDF Converter by Readdle iphone images
PDF Converter by Readdle iphone images
PDF Converter by Readdle iphone images
PDF Converter by Readdle iphone images

PDF Converter by Readdle (Version 2.3.12) Install & Download

The applications PDF Converter by Readdle was published in the category Business on 2011-07-07 and was developed by Readdle Inc. [Developer ID: 285035419]. This application file size is 53.46 MB. PDF Converter by Readdle - Business app posted on 2019-04-16 current version is 2.3.12 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.readdle.PdfConverter

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