Currents [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Currents by G Suite allows you to connect with your colleagues while you’re in the office or on the go.
• Exchange ideas and documents, and have meaningful discussions with your colleagues — all without flooding your inbox.
• Enjoy the most important content first, with the ability to order your home stream by relevance or time.
• Connect with like-minded colleagues and find communities that match your interests.
• Follow tags on topics. Learn more about what is happening in other departments and across the organization with trending tags.
• Highlighted posts from your leadership keep you up-to-date on what’s important across your organization.
• Use Google’s advanced search to find topics and conversations that matter to you.

Currents is available for G Suite customers only. Check with your G Suite IT Administrator to learn more.

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Currents Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Currents Comments & Reviews

- Hate to see it go

This one. This is the app that I grew up with. Google+ has been my go-to all the time I’ve had it. It’s so unique, and it’s built to meet people across the world and communicate with them. It’s not plagued with corporations and people trying to rush to fame; in fact, fame is a goal that isn’t sought out much on this app. We’ve had our own good times here. Widely-spread inside jokes were made, harassers and threats were swiftly given the boot within a day or two, and even though we were a bit of an underground community, most acquaintances felt like family. Talking to strangers was the norm here, and gave us more friends to talk to. The site itself is great. Notifications are actually important and aren’t in your face. Comments, mentions, and +1’s are all of what you’ll see, and nothing like “someone you know is now following ____” will show up in the notifications tab. It tries to erase competition as best as it can and makes following fair game. Nothing can surpass the moments of Google+’s life. A whole community worked together (most of the time) without staff or celebrities having to tell people what to do. Though we still kept in touch with the outside world, we had our own trends and fads. I’ll miss this place when it’s gone. Google won’t feel like it’s for the people after they shut the site down and replace it with the business version. It reached top 100 in the App Store, bringing in new people that were given warm welcomes.

- It’s okay but.....

Do you devs even listen to your app/site’s users? Every single time you guys update G+, we get glitches, notification purges, and rapid loss of followers. And this recent update is terrible. Here’s a word of advice: LISTEN TO YOUR USERS. Seriously, we all hate the newest update. You can’t even see what people post when you click on their profile picture! Honestly, the previous update was so much better. I had such high hopes for this app, but y’all keep messing it up for the users. On behalf of all the people using Google+, please listen to what we have to say. These updates have been nothing but problematic, and it’s such a major inconvenience when you follow someone and realize you have no idea what kind of stuff they post. Don’t get me wrong, this is the best place to connect with people, but this new update is really irritating. All we ask is for our posts to be visible to the people who view our profiles again. Hopefully y’all listen instead of screwing all your users over like you’ve done so many times (I apologize if this sounds angry. But the new update is such a hassle to deal with.)

- G+ is closing down on April 2, 2019!

It’s sad that this website is closing down on that day. This was my go-to app whenever I want to socialize with my real life friends, so we could find each other and move to Google Hangouts. Now that both Google+ and Google Hangouts will be gone soon, I am very sad. When I make new friends in the future, we won’t have an app where we can go online and talk in. I do know of another app I use, which is Discord, but my friends are clueless about Discord’s existence and never heard of it. Also, it’s hard to invite my friends to Discord because they don’t know it and have busy lives to log in each day. I know Facebook and Twitter are other options, but I don’t want to create accounts there because they ask for real names when I try making accounts, which I’m very uncomfortable with giving out to potential online strangers. I understand that Google felt like Google+ didn’t meet customers’ expectations, but I’m obviously active for more than 5 seconds! I still believe Google+ has a lot of potential. Even though the communities are smaller than Facebook’s, Google+ posts from the users are quality posts! There are no celebrity drama, and the bad people get kicked out easily. A lot of posts are very educational, which I really love about Google+. I’m devastated that it’s going to be gone on April 2 this year!

- This Social Media Site is better

Other than Facebook or Twitter with their crappy “Privacy Settings” G+ is the real thing, I’ve been on it for awhile now and I’ve made some cool new friends whom I known for a long time now and other than the “Bugs” it’s working great every update is getting better and better not complaining at all but other than that it’s super addictive I can’t put the phone/Tablet and I pad Down XD Please keep this app updated because I’d prefer to use this more than Facebook, I really don’t want one anyway but I really like Twitter I just joined a few days ago and I kinda like it but the so called “Privacy” needs to be fixed like people could see your tweets and replies and such that’s ok but people needs privacy but I do understand that Twitter is doing that for a reason- I’d totally recommend this app to some people but idk they prefer Facebook over any other Social Media Site

- Why Would You Rid Yourself of Something Good

So, it isn’t as huge as Facebook! It isn’t as old as Facebook! It isn’t as cluttered as Facebook and, it doesn’t get in your face about how many comments or messages are waiting for you! Or, how many are waiting to be your follower! If all of that doesn’t annoy you, then that’s fine! But for me, that’s what I dislike about FB! As for all the new sites, I checked out one and was so confused! Oh! not on one issue, but with everything I have to do to get in.. I already have YT and there is nothing there that’s exciting except to make videos and that has gotten bad! What G+ has is priceless! And, the reason is that it allows everyone to be creative, to be a social butterfly, to show their talent, to talk amongst themselves on acknowledgements and the list goes on and on! But the part that stands out the most is the friendships made from all around the world! Some do not have close family Or friends... This is their family! their friends! So why end something so powerful so soon? 4 years is not enough! Give it more it more time! Give the channels that stands out some gratitude! Better yet, ask us to help make G+ better then ever and outstanding next to all the sites put together! G+ might just be surprised! Nickname “cib”

- Why is my favorite app still unusable?

I keep checking the App Store for an update to fix my app and I keep seeing bug fixes and stability improvements but what are they actually fixing because the app is still completely unusable on my IPhone 6+. My profile pic doesn’t load, no one’s post loads, their pictures are blank, Hell even my notifications are just blank white squares. I’ve had to use the browser as a work around for the past 2-3 months and now I’m getting impatient. This is my favorite app out of every app I’ve used because I enjoy chatting with my friends and posting stuff and now I can’t even use it due to Google’s incompetence to actually fix it. I’ve never had an issue like this before, it’s always worked perfectly fine. I’m only rating 2 stars because I’m completely dissatisfied with the fact it’s been unusable for months now, otherwise if it weren’t for that it would easily get 5 stars from me. I just want to be able to use it properly again, that’s all I’m asking.

- Better Than Facebook

The communities are the best. I like the fact that I can zero in to posts that interest me and not have to scroll through people posting a picture of their breakfast and the like. Music, sports, writing, books etc... I'm interested in, so I visit those communities. I'm on Facebook for 5 minutes in the morning I'm on Google + multiple times a day . I'm sorry that Google is shutting it down. I'm going to miss all the intelligently written articles, articles that I want to read. It's amazing that such a mindless app. like Facebook could be successful and apparently Google + does not have enough interest to sustain it. It's a sad commentary on just about every level. I hope that Google would reconsider its decision, but if not thanks for the great app.

- Google+ is better and more user-friendly than Facebook.

Because it is designed to be very simple, no extra features, this will not take up my iPad too much storage space. And the protection of personal privacy better, with the Google account can get a better degree of integration, like Apple software and hardware perfect with the best experience. Facebook often block my account, prohibit me to log in or share news to the community, often in the blockade of my account after asking me to upload identity information, which makes me feel very sick, Google + once did not do so, and become better and better The I will persuade more people to use Google+ and Twitter, away from Facebook.

- Corporate Interest Declines

Four years old now, my Gplus family has become. Photography skills I’ve learned from the best across oceans. A bit of a sassy Poetess I’ve become, expressing my deepest emotions in words. Learning to play metaphorically with my own unique style ~ but where’s the smiles, banter, engaging with diverse cultures ~learning foundations of other religions ~ falling into poetry of humanity with peaceful collaborations? We’ve been separated, segregated ? Why did you gather friendships and then garnish our notifications and conversations? Every active post I read was a sad plea to the invisible corporate office deafened to build on our foundation. Ratings upon other SM was not our problem or complaint. Stocks and dollar distributions of Googles ‘Machine’ cut bk all the connections we so liked ~ unaffected the extrovert, while quietly goes the more introverted. My opinion ...while also listening to frustration of many in my ‘circles’ (if you remember circles)? +LynnTerrySkinnyB

- Don’t Shut Down

I know nobody would probably read this, but please, we need to stay on this app. You know, this app has been my comforter for the whole three years I’ve been on here. I cling on to THIS app every time I have a problem. This app has helped my suicidal problem. This app, Google+, I love it. I made a lot of friends on here, and I love them all, it’ll be hard to stay in contact if this app is gone. Let me put it this way: Facebook? Notifs are annoying. Discord? Nobody new would find us. Snapchat? Way too much people from my school has it. Same thing with Insta. This is the place where I can be away from school, away from my family. Just hang out with my lovelies. So please, I’m begging you.

- One of the best social media systems I’ve experienced.

G+ has been a great place for me to connect with others who have similar interests, and it creates an awesome platform for community and interaction. It’s been a good ride, and I’m really gonna miss it when it’s gone. It does have glitches here and there, and I’m sure that’ll only get worse as they phase it out, but it’s still a solid system, and there’s nothing quite exactly like it. I wish Google would consider just developing it more rather than shutting it down. (I’ve seen other people complain about recent updates, but I personally don’t have any issues with them. It could use a better filter, but that’s all I can really say.)

- Great photographic experience

I really like this platform. A very nice place to find inspiration, nostalgia, and incredible art in photography. A place you know you won’t find (so far) anything you don’t want to see because you choose what you want to see. Unlike other platforms the “‘this person liked this” notifications just made me leave. I may not visit as much as I can but when I feel like taking a look at some interesting and diverse photography. I come here. Thanks and very pleased with my experience on this platform. Please don’t change it. I think it’s unique enough that others may find it a great place to share their art and get inspired like I do.

- Save G+ !!

You know, this app is the only thing on the internet that never fails to make me laugh and put me in a good mood within the first five minutes of browsing I have made so many amazing friends through this app and and communication between us would be very difficult without it. Google plus has been an amazing place for people like myself to grow and get in touch with people who share the same interests with Memes, music, shows, another pop culture I’ve really found it to be a magical place. Please google, don’t end this great thing you’ve created find a way to fix the data problem without deleting our app!

- Precision Spine and Pain Management

I went to Dr. Borshch at the urging of my Primary Care Doc at the time. I am a person who reads Reviews, so everything I read about this Doctor told me that he was someone who actually interacted with his Patients and listened to their concerns... what I got was just the opposite! I saw his P.A. Emilie and honestly it wasn’t UNTIL my last visit that she seemed to genuinely care about me as a person. She LISTENED TO ME and seemed to truly understand my situation. Dr. Borshch wouldn’t take 5-10 minutes to even speak with me!!! He simply refused to even consider helping me even by giving me Pain Medication for the next 30 days till I could find a new Doctor. I have Severe Fibromyalgia and to leave me or ANY patient to suffer like I have been for the past few weeks is unconscionable!! THIS is NOT what a Doctor who cares about Pain Management is supposed to be about!

- 5 stars in heart

I’m sad to see this app/site go. I’ve used it over four years and loved it the whole time. I still try to check google + a few times a day only to realize, I’m not getting it back. My friends, people I considered family and besties, I lost many now because of the closing of this place. Google + has always been a place for me to express myself and allowed me to be who I am and who I want to be. I loved the organization it had between the communities, collections, circles, and post, even the fact that you could go back to the posts that you had liked or commented on. Another app won’t be the same as the place I have called home for so long. You will be missed G+. Signing off, a personal consumer.

- Please Save G+

By far the best social media platform. The community is great and it’s not completely dominated by trolls and youngsters looking to be slick or get a rise out of people who are having a legitimate conversation. I don’t have Facebook anymore and Twitter has gone off the rails with incendiary discussion so with Google + shutting down the grown ups on the internet are losing the last bastion of a legitimate social network. There is no easier platform to share stories and pictures, like a modern and technically more advanced newsgroup or message board. Hopefully something will change and the smaller but vibrant community will get a new lease on life.

- Poor Filtering in Comments and Posts

Inappropriate sexual material frequently slips into communities from troll or automated accounts, posting hundreds to thousands of pornographic comments on randomized posts per minute. You cannot report an account for their comments, you can only report individual comments one at a time. There is an option to mute or block, but reporting once does not keep the community safe as the offending account is allowed to continue posting after hundreds of reports and rarely get shut down. As a result I am unable to join or participate in Communities due to the severe frequency of these incidents occurring and it sours the entire experience. Until they can get better content filtering or moderation under their belt, I cannot give them much credit for anything as this exposes minors and innocent people to potentially harmful content that can leave lasting scars.

- Great Social Media App

I love this app! It’s really great, I have a few little lag issues when scrolling the feed and it is kind of hard to find real people to be honest. But I prefer it more then Facebook! I’d get rid of Facebook if my wife didn’t have it. One of the things I’d say you could work on though is the bots. I see so many bots in many different areas show sex scandals and things like that. It would be great if you could crack down and start erasing the fake accounts on Google+ and make it a bit easier to find people and make friends. Other then those small issues, this all is great! Please keep it updated and keep up the good work!

- Best social app

I enjoy G+ and more so than FB. I use it to not only connect with current friends, but also new people. Most debates are civil. I use circles more than collections and communities. I do wish they would bring back the "extended circles" option when posting. Another year later and I still use G+ the most. Ask my husband, the notifications are no comparison between G+ and FB, whether it's my posts to others or others' posts to me. The circles are great for filtering (we all have friends who only want to see certain things). I'm not much into the Discover tab; it's more like Pinterest to me.

- Can’t load anything

Why do i have to tap the gif and then enter a facebook like page where i can scroll down to see similar stuff then tap again on the video in order to let it start?? Same thing for gifs, why is there no option to let them play automatically or at least play in window mode and not in full screen once i tap them?? And for some reason loading a gif takes forever while when i open safari or google or anything other than google+ it loads much faster and sometimes even loads instantly

- No notifications or likes, STILL NOT WORKING

Seriously, I just deleted the app since it was practically useless and taking up space since I've been getting NO notifications, NO likes on comments I make, NOTHING and it's taking up space so either delete it and stop wasting people's time or fix it so it can actually be used again because these past few updates practically ruined this once good app. Hell, I can't even comment or see the like on my comments anymore, WHAT DID YOU GUYS DO?! Update: September 12th update, you guys made it even worse. No longer see old comments and it still won't show for new ones. Update: March’s still broken, if your not gonna fix your mistake then just delete this mess and actually make an app that can be used because I’m receiving no explanation on what you guys did.

- Profiles???

I thought this was a social media site. I have been lead to believe this the past several years, which have been amazing. I loved this site. Until you removed the ability to view profiles, making it impossible to connect with anyone, follow anyone, get noticed, get to know anyone, or do legitimately anything except browse your feed. You’re undermining your own app. You’ve lost my confidence and that of your entire userbase. Fix this. Now. Or EVERYONE will leave. You’ve made some mistakes in the past. Try to do at least one thing right.

- Press F to pay respects

The best social media there was. But it’s gone now. Google is horrible and killing us off. We’ve been here for years, and we’re just being kicked out of our home. I’m saying this April 2, 2019. This is the endgame. Mr. Jingles, I’ll miss you most of all. I guess I just wanted to post a goodbye where it would actually stay. I don’t want to see you go but it’s not forever and even if it was you know that I would never let it bring me down. You’re the part of me that makes me better wherever I go. I’ll try not to cry, but I guess this is goodbye.

- Worst clue what’s going on

I’ve been dealing with Google FO CS for almost 2 mos and they have no clue what’s going on. The technician/company that has been hired to install the home service/installation says they came by 3 weeks ago and will report to google work had been done and then proceed to next step. As the middle man to both sides, they don’t communicate and keep sending me pre-written responses to CS inquiries, then they both stop communication w me the end-user. They use their pre-fabricated responses that are supposed to sound intelligent, but have no real meaning when it comes to my issue. They have contracted out their technical work and are in no control of the work and then ultimately have no control over the CS or timeliness of their services being installed. I will not be using Google Fiber bc of this.

- Shutting down

Please google don’t shut it down I understand what’s going on is not good but please for me and all my friends and my role plays please don’t shut it down I made so many friends and I don’t want to lose them they mean a lot to me so please don’t shut us down and for you wanting to keep it for business people I haven’t seen anyone use this app for business so it’s stupid that’s your getting rid of us because it will affect other things we use google+ for so please again don’t shut us down


Google, do you NOT realize how much this app means to the loyal users?! It means A LOT! You taking it away would like be stabbing us all in the chests with a red-hot sword. I have recently tried out MeWe, it does NOT give the same vibes that G+ always has!!! Tumblr doesn’t, Instagram doesn’t, Facebook doesn’t, Snapchat doesn’t, Twitter doesn’t, Reddit doesn’t, NO SOCIAL NETWORK GIVES THE SAME POSITIVE VIBES THAT G+ ALWAYS HAS AND ALWAYS WILL GIVE!!! EVER!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! WE WANT G+ TO STAY!!!! I ESPECIALLY WANT G+ TO STAY .... FOREVER!!! I DON’T CARE THAT THERE’S BUGS OR MY INFORMATION WAS LEAKED OR WHATEVER, I STILL LOVE G+ AND IT NEEDS TO STAY!!!!! PPPPLLLLLEEEEAAAAASSSEEE!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

- Don’t delete it!

I haven’t been on this too much. Back when I was on it 24/7, I didn’t think it’d get deleted. I stopped using it after a few years, but I came back only to hear you guys are deleting it soon. I love this, and it’s where I met most of my trusted friends! Don’t delete it because it’s supposedly “not worth it”. I think that if you guys give this app a chance, it could regain popularity! Plus, I find it more entertaining than most social medias I’ve been on! Don’t delete it, for real!

- It’s sad

It’s sad that, soon this app will be going down. Maybe instead of shutting it down y’all should be fixing the glitch’s that we be having. So many people still enjoy Google Plus. We have made friends, many many friends. It will be sad to just lose them all over a freaking app. Please don’t let this site shut down. This is like our life, we have so many good memories on this. It wouldn’t be good to say goodbye to a site that’s given us so many friends that we consider family.

- Google Screwed Up on this

Hard to believe that a big company like Google could screw up so bad. They had all of the possibilities of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook combined. This buggy app never came up to it’s potential. Prior Review: Clunky & Random Access & Crash: Hard to talk about the app without comparing Google+ with other social media. Basically if your attention span is stretched to the limit when you're on Twitter, can't limit your drivel to 140 characters, and can't conceive of searching for or organizing anything: This is for you! Can't give it 1 star for sucking, can't give it 5 stars for being amazing, so we're in the middle at 3 stars! Enjoy, it will crash on you, too!


Can you guys please bring this back? This app is all I think about, whenever, I see a update I immediately get happy because I think it’s coming back, but I soon, get sad when I know it’s dead . Just please try again with this app, to me it wasn’t all that bad. I still love this app and forever will love it. JUST PLEASE BRING IT BACK! I keep seeing these updates, and don’t understand why if the app is dead why keep updating it? Unless you’re about to bring it back to life 0.0, I sure hope you do.

- Real stable and secure

Ive had this app on and off since it was new and always had it as a secondary social media to my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter but im changing everything to google its the only one that i havnt lost to hackers im loosing the others every six months and having to start over and thats not easy when you have 17-20k followers you just lost in the blink of a eye and took years to get, i know i made a long story out of this review but its to express the comparision of goople to the others

- Google + Is Solid For Your Network

Very easy to use and very easy to make your communities and profile very attractive with full customization. Google+ is the only social media site that had not been corrupted by ads. I really like the collections, you can create as many or as few as you want. Google place is the place to build a social profile if you like to network for the long run I believe that is is the most important place to post your content.

- Love but we’res the pin post?

I love this so much I met some of my best online friends here and I’ve been using g+ and hangouts for the last 2 years. Me and my friends are celebrating our first and 2nd year or knowing each other! Although I’m having difficulty with the pin post thing.i hate that there isn’t that option on iOS. And I really want it for my iPhone because everyone else has it but I don’t and it makes me feel left out a bit. So please add the pin post mechanic

- A Testament To Corporate Greed

As of Google Plus’s shutdown for consumers, this app can only be described as USELESS. It provides no new features to organizations that other applications don’t already do better, with an unnecessary price tag and countless hoops to jump through simply to set it up. It has absolutely nothing to separate it from it’s competitors, even from OTHER GOOGLE PRODUCTS. Why go through the work and payment of setting up a new application for your entire organization when you can simply continue to use Gmail? All in all, this can only be described as a waste of money. It seems in this day and age, even Google has fallen victim to the overwhelming corporate greed destroying consumer-friendly businesses and nursing mediocrity...

- In all honesty

I feel like it’s good that google plus ended up shutting down and this app no longer works. Majority of the app was either filled with edgy trolls or weird/toxic people. Even though I did have some fun in the app when I was in middle school I feel like the communities and people I met on there made me a worse person over time and found our fun by tearing other things down. Even though we were all pieces of garbage at the time I wish everyone on there the best.

- A shame it’s going

This is really the only social media app I’ve used for quite some time now. The format is unique and fun to use, and while MeWe is similar enough to be a suitable substitute, it doesn’t have the same feeling that made Google Plus so great. It’s unfortunate that the app is ending up shutting down after two massive data leaks in a row. I only hope that Google replaces it in the future with something similar. For now, I’ll be migrating to MeWe with the rest of the Google Plus refugees.

- I love Google+, please don’t kill it, Google

There’s so many good quality communities and collections that you just can’t get anywhere else. I’m holding out hope that Google changes it’s mind and lets G+ live on in some form or another. Google users still need a central profile page, so G+ could be rolled back a bit in terms of functionality, but if it could just live on in some form, I’d be so happy... I’m trying to get Google’s attention wherever I can, including this review.

- Its a good app and SHOULDN’T get shut down!

I’ve been on this app for a few years, And for Google to shut it down with “leaked” info is kinda hard to believe. Alot of users may not use G+ but there are people who USE it.. I use it for example, without G+ I won’t be able to talk to all of my friends. So Google are YOU really wanting to shut down G+ and make alot of others be hopeless because they can’t talk to their friends when you shut G+ down...? Think before you do..

- Better than it appears

Google, if you read these reviews, please do not shut down google plus. It’s better than one may think. Sure maybe it’s not tic tok or Facebook reaching millions a views a second but G+ does something extremely better, and that to me is community interest. Everything on G+ centralized on a group of people finding common interests and getting together. There are also interesting communities for essentially anything.

- A review

I don’t think there is anything in particular in relation to google plus that is bad. Having said that and, if the intention is to keep it alive, there needs to be a more strategic movement to getting users to use the platform more. As it is, none of my friends use this as their social media platform and I think, in large part, this deals with how it appeared as not very user friendly in the beginning. Additionally there hasn’t been a movement, I feel, by google to invest in inspiring users to utilize the platform. I wished more people used it as I do like the platform.

- Updates Scare Me

Though this is by far the best social media for grown folks and I go to it a lot, I’m always uneasy when Google+ updates. They are bound to take away a lovely feature. One of the worst updates was when were unable to view ALL of our communities at the onset. Now you have to go around the corner to see them when at first all we had to do was go across the street. Every time there’s an update you can be sure one of your favorite candies is no longer in Grandma’s candy dish. Google+ I hope you take our concerns to the Big Talk table.

- This is the best ever!!!!!

I love this app it has been awesome the 1 year that I have had it. I have no complaints about the app. Mainly I use it for catching up on some gaming stuff. But if you had a kid that wants to have app for social media but you won’t let them get Facebook this is the perfect app for them because you can put the age on you child’s account and then it will have age appropriate stuff for He/She. That is pretty much all I have to say about the app bye 😀.

- Why?

I had this app when I was 2. It was just baby me doing whatever baby’s do. I have so many memories with this app. Even though it was not as good as Facebook or Twitter but was good enough. This is the end of what really was not a good social media platform but it has all my pictures and stuff and I do miss it but not as much as I would with Twitter or Facebook. If you are surprised that an 11 year old is sad that google+ is gone, don’t be.

- Goodbye Google+

I known google + will shut down and im glad that so many people Followerd me and were interested in my Art It's sad because i only deleted everything and started new....but google + will shut down on april and i didn't know that... I Wanted to start new but i guess it didn't matter after all heh.. I really can't believe that i reachted that much followers it was Fun on google+ It was the only App i used the most and had Fun in...i will miss the app...and you guys... Again THANK you so much for staying many years with me now i will Enjoy the rest Time on Google + that i have left Im proud of myself looking though my old Art and stuff...i've Never tgough that i would get this Good And im Not saying that my Art is perfect but im just proud of were im now with my art See you :) Bye~💛🔥

- The only social site worth belonging to.

Despite Google’s occasional tinkering followed by periods of neglect, Google+ is still the most active and interesting community online. Your experience will depend on who you follow, so don’t limit yourself to one or two others. Engagement is almost immediate and the information worthwhile. Don’t be pushed into joining one of those massive sites just because “everyone uses it”. All the cool kids are here on G+. ;)

- This app is annoying died

Despite the mental breakdowns I get with the crashing problem I get with this app I still have no way of being able to enjoy this app and it is only this app and the Google app itself I also put in a few feedbacks related to this issue (I can never seem to be able to comment on any posts without is crashing over and over)


Please don’t shut this down. It is amazing it is super organized it is easy to find your pictures, and I love the way it is set up I have been use if this for two years now and plan to use it for a long time😺. It is also great to find people to be friends with and they share similar interests as you because you find them in the same community as you

- Sad.

It absolutely upsets me that situation had reached to a point where Google+ had to be shut down. I wouldn’t even be so upset if Facebook had shut down to be honest. Google+ was this place where I went when i felt like revisiting that 17/18 year old me, cause that’s the age i had gotten my first smartphone. I thought it would be there whenever i want to go there again. But sadly I receive the most shocking news today. This pandemic finally gave me time and this is what i come across. A little heartbroken to be honest.

- The bug is still happening.

I got another update and when I looked I saw that one of the updates included that they fixed the freezing, but it still keeps happening. Every time I try to edit a comment it freezes and crashes. I reinstalled, but it still continues to do the same. Please fix this issue correctly, thank you.

- The only site I trust.

I love this app, it’s a place where the more mature people socialize. My only wish is for the developer to find a way to permanently blocked all the racists community and post that spread hate. Take a page off Instagram, Twitter,Facebook and update this app so people can do live chats, 24hrs stories, auto play feature etc. I love this app and will be very sad if it’s taken down.

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- Re

Please, don’t make this site to be replaced by others , try only to have more control on profiles, because it looks like other new sites want to push people to leave this by using porn or sexual videos. You will lose more people ,because they will no longer use Google as a search option as well. Hope all words for putting down G+ are fakes. Good luck


Please don’t shut it down. You would never find such a genuine community as it’s so out to the way. I don’t know where I would go if this is gone as nothing can give the same feeling. Please Google, do everything you can to keep it alive for public use.

- Better than Facebook

I lost interest in Facebook when I found this app. It’s simple, easy to use and not filled with post like “like if you can relate to this” images.

- Bug

I love this app, but recently every time I click on a profile, community, etc. when searching for it, it crashes. This doesn’t usually happen, but I thought I’d right this review as a notification. Please fix this!

- Posts with Videos have no sound

I like this app and have recently switched from Facebook. The only issue I have is my Wife can hear sound from Videos we post through the app. If we view them on the website we get sound. It’s a fairly annoying issue.

- Good app. The only social media I liked too.

I’m going to miss this. The only social media I really took to. I don’t see myself using any other. Would like a dark mode to use though.

- This is awesomely cool

I am not old enough to get Facebook so this app is very useful! It’s even better than Facebook! Can’t live without google plus! Thx google!

- This App Is my Life

Please i beg you Please Don’t Shut Down Google Plus I’ve made so many wonderful irreplaceable friends on here and I don’t want to say goodbye to anyone of them

- Don’t need the community tab

This is want I wanted Thx and I can make polls

- Hate that it keeps trying to force me to use Chrome

Why does it keep asking me if I want to choose between the iPhone browser and Chrome even if I tick the option not to ask me again? It is very annoying. Listen to your users!


MY ENTIRE COMPANY REVOLVES AROUND GOOGLE PLUS!! We cannot afford the collapse of this amazing app. There's no alternatives just like it!!

- Good but some glitches

Not bad but ever since the last update its kinda laggy on my NEW iPad..

- Can't live without G+

G+. So so much better! Than FACEBOOK Thanks Google 😊


The app opens and loads for about 4 seconds. After the app freezes and doesn’t respond. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app and still having this problem...

- Horrible

Won’t work because google+ already shut down. Please make this app not available anymore!



- Crash crash crash

App freezes and crashes when opening

- So bad

Not sure how google could create such a bad app which seems to be getting worse over time.

- Google+

I have found no interest in it anymore

- Why the update??

Why is there an update if it’s gonna shut down in April😂

- Why?

WHY keep posting updates for this app if is becoming obsolete in April?

- Better socialising through technology.

Google+, the "social network for ninjas", is supported across several operating systems by high-quality, platform specific applications; as we have come to expect from Google Google+ for iOS is no exception, and yes, it delivers a consistently better user experience than its much larger competitor. It's enjoyable to use, and pleasurably provides your personally-tailored content from your Google+ feed in a manageable way and visually pleasing way. The UI design shows excellent work in the layout which presents the user with the large number of multimedia elements comprising typical content streams both effectively and efficiently. It is responsive and "feels good" on the touch interface. Photos and other content are relatively easily shared from the app, and streams can be tailored and posts commented on without having to resort to a web browser. There is a browser within the app itself so when posts include a link, you can read it without app-switching to Safari. It is quite seamless, which leads to one of the only downsides to this app, which is using it means even more likelihood of becoming lost reading your streams for interminable amounts of time. :)

- Google Apps

Can truly give 5 Stars, and if I could, I'd give 100 percent, GOOGLE+ rocks my World , Nobody does it Better, I have learned so much, they invite you into their private rooms to board meetings (Video's) , who else does this? Their Photo's are second to none... Always there to help, can honestly say Google , makes you feel like You are a part ,of the team....... Love everything Google, travel where ever with their Google Earth, Wow!!! The experience of going though Space is super mind boggling , just to travel anywhere on our beautiful Planet Earth without leaving you home seeing the Fabulous Wonders , who else does this? But GOOGLE !!! NO Other Does It Better , Than GOOGLE !!!! ... I have this love for GOOGLE DOODLE the artwork is Magnificent , Superb , Awesome , Cool , and never disappoints with its Anniversary true stories, who else does this? No one but GOOGLE !!! WHAT A HAPPY THING TO DO :). TO PRESS A GOOGLE APP and to make super new friends, make friendly comments , (Make New Friends but keep the Old , the New Ones are Silver , the Old Ones are GOLD ) and "GOOGLE" "YOU ARE GOLD!!!!".. Ps. ((Your Google+. App deserves to be coloured Gold))

- Great driving school

I just wanted to write a quick few words about my experience of learning to drive with Omnis. I am 25 and have been putting off getting my license for a long time because I didn't feel comfortable with the idea of driving, especially on the busy main roads. I finally decided to give it a go and found Omnis on the internet. I called them and found them very forthcoming and was reassured when they said the cars they give lessons in are fitted with dual breaks for added safety. I've been working through the logbook with Vukica and am now nearing my final task and looking forward to driving on my own. Great experience! Thanks

- Average compared to full web client

The full web client is great. The mobile app and mobile web client are super limiting. They look nice but miss a couple of the really good features of the full version. The conspiracy theorist in me sees this as an attempt to drive people to the web client, but when the mobile web version does it as well, it's hard to see it as anything but a lack of respect for the platform. 1. Editing posts/comments. Inexcusable. I should not have to go to my desktop to be able to fix a typo introduced from using an on-screen keyboard. 2. Previews built into posts sharing links and videos. This one might be more of a technical limitation, but I doubt it. If I'm sharing a link, it's really helpful to include a built in summary so I don't have to with every post. It increases the chance that people will actually click the link. Same goes for embedding linked videos. The new UI for the client is very pretty and works great for photo-heavy circles, but I feel that it doesn't provide enough contrast from one post to the next. I do like the ease with which you can +1 and reshare posts now though, compared to the old version. (Lastly, iPhone only, 3 generations into the iPad? C'mon, you can do better than that.)

- Google plus makes sense

It makes sense. The circles. The merging of all your social media. It just needs work to find its direction. It's not twitter. It's not Facebook. It's not Skype. Yet it tries to be all these platforms plus more in one interface. Google needs to work on the day to day application of it to make it really easy to understand why you need and will use this great resource on a daily level.... Why it's easier to merge all your social media under one banner. Otherwise, we will continue to have horses for courses with twit, fb and google plus will be another tool you wished you could use but saw no need to leave the others. It's like they met 75% of all your needs in five categories instead of 100% in one.

- Great

Google + is so much better than Facebook. It's well designed and I love it. I don't understand why people are giving a bad review when it's only in testing and they are not able to access it. The whole world knows google + is in testing and you need an invite to access it yet there is still people who download the app knowing they haven't been invited to it and then complain and have a cry that it's complete rubbish and they can't use it. If you don't have an invite, don't download the app and then complain you can't use it. Wait till Google+ is available to everyone.

- Poor community management and interface

Team your app has really let you down, and diminishes the appeal of Google+ all together. No ability to search community members. No ability to PIN posts in community. Adding photos to a post often freezes and locks up on iPhone 5s. No profile view count detracts from original. When posting to a community having discussion default feels counter intuitive and finding a different topic in a community to post to is clunky and difficult at best. You have a lot of work to do to make this an app that separates you from your competitors. Focus on what can make the app innovative and different instead of dumbing it down to the point that it is no longer useable. Making an app simple is different than making it user friendly. User friendly and advanced features don't have to be mutually exclusive.

- Great app great integration.

My favourite and most used feature is the auto upload of photos. I sometimes have to go back to the app to keep it active though I presume this is more to do with the way iOS handles running apps. About the only negative I can think of is it can sometimes be hard to 'play' auto awesome animated gifs within the app. Also would be good if I could edit time and location of photos as for some reason I have a few that are incorrect (possibly camera at the time was incorrect) and I can't fix them. This is by far my favourite social network and hopefully google continue to support it well into the future.

- Non-Intuitive

I've been on G+ since its beta days. Often times simplicity is what is required for an intuitive user experience. Which is often not the case with anything Google-related. After this amount of time, the inability to upload a photo using the app into an album and sharing that photo makes things tedious. One has to use another app to upload into Picasa Web albums AND THEN go into the app to share the photo. It's that or have a whole load of albums called Photos from Posts. There is also no ability to organise the photos within an album be it newest to oldest or vice verse. Typing a post is also somewhat tedious. After a certain amount of characters, you simply can't see what you're typing unless you hit the return button to create more space. As an app and as a social network it's just crumbling after such a promising start. Once active people have returned to Facebook. The verification of 'nobodies' to make them the network's 'stars' is another strange phenomenon especially for photographers and artists who have little or no official achievements except that they are also tech and marketing geniuses who have played the Google+ game of Circle Sharing.

- Lovely, slick and stylish!

I was going to give it 4 stars as there are some minor bugs and missing functions I would like to see, but Google+ is relatively new and it's catching up and surpassing Facebook in many ways. So I'm giving them 5 because some people here are being a little too harsh. No rendering problems with the latest version and once logged in I don't have to sign in every time. Love the app and keep up the good work! Heaps more stylish than Facebook and very easy to use. Look forward to your future releases Google+ team!

- This app isn't up to par

The app works fine if all you want to do is look at other people's posts and make your own posts. If you want to edit anything, you can not do it with this app. There are no options for editing in the app at all. Also, you can't access your circles or your business page at all. Again, no options for this. I figured, ok I can't do it in the app, so I will do it in the browser. WRONG AGAIN. If you try to go to the actual website with the browser on your iPhone or iPad, it automatically defaults to the app. So you have to get on a laptop or desktop browser to edit any information. I find myself very rarely getting on the app and rarely getting on google plus at all because of the difficulty in getting things done.

- Better than Facebook!

Google + is a more innovative, less intrusive and far more easier and logical social media experience. Personally I think it leaves Facebook in the dust and is far less overwhelming, especially considering it's so easy to follow new people, change people to certain circles and join communities with a click. The only negative is it is still a growing network and it could be bigger.... I'm all for this social network and I hope it stays as it is with more people.

- Beautiful and slick

It has improved a long way, love the new hangout possibility. It's easy to change your target audience (change circles) and it's fun to discover what strangers nearby think about local topics. Hash tags are another great way to find interesting things and build a larger community or meet new people. It's missing a star because the notification system is bad, you do get notifications but when you read the message they don't clear away and to remove them the process is cumbersome. It also lacks the ability to view in landscape mode.

- Google+

Google+ is an app which you can share new post and ideas. It is a easy way to talk and share with friends. It is also a way to make great friends and join communities. There are heaps of people you can chat with and make friends with. Google plus is easy to use and can be very handy when trying to tell people about events that are happening. You can access it anyway from your phone to a laptop. I highly recommend it.

- Getting there...

I think Google Plox is great and I'm excited for when it becomes more mainstream. One thing I do have to point out is that the app should have gif enablement, when I created an applet using a safari bookmark gifs worked because safari had it enabled. Yeah, I like my gifs. One of the prime reasons I like G+. And also for the comments criticising the need for invitation, just a reminder that this is still in Beta mode and all who have access are Beta testers whose job it is to notify them of flaws. It is not open to all public which is why it is invite only. :D

- It's beautiful

It's beautiful, all mobile social media application should learn from Google+. Love the interface love the interaction, would love to try using this more and see if it can be a great platform to keep in contact with friends. However, maybe Google should add "read again later" button, as not everyone wants to jump straight to the keyboard and reply whenever something catch out eyes. Having the ability to bookmark for later read would be great.

- Good Trial App; needs improvements.

Ah quite a good app if you happen to have an invite. Technically, this app is brilliant, and fast, as well as responsive. At the minute it's a bit lonely, but it is only on trial. The one thing that let the review down is the shoddy and unexciting graphics. The menu is a bland grey, the colours don't pop out at you... And I'd love to be able to actually "swipe" through rolling circles or something. Overall, 8 out of ten. Technically awesome, aesthetically bland... But it can only get better with more updates :)

- Things have changed

The most recent updates have left Google+ in a perfect state for iPhone users. My only qualm is that when rotating pictures to the side, the app will minimize the image weirdly, and it becomes impossible to view images with the screen on its side. This may just be an incident that is isolated to my iPhone, however. This only affects my experience of the app minimally and does not detract from the 5 star rating that I'm happy to give this app! ^w^

- Really Enjoying Google+

It's taken me a while to get into this because I'm already on Facebook, twitter and Linked In. But google plus is great because of the power of circles. I can post to my friends, my family or both. I can also separate my professional posts from my private ones which is really great. Well worth the learning curve. I just wish Buffer and other services would allow me to post to google at the same time as Facebook and twitter. Still that's not googles problem but they could stir the pot a bit.

- Google+

Google+ is just the best site for social networking. Its heaps better than Facebook. When writing a status you can easy select the group of people that you want them to see it. Unlike Facebook that everyone can see it. There are times when you only want a group of people to see your post. With google plus that easily done. Very fun And easily to use. So far no problems. Everyone must join up and get started.

- Better and better

Google continues to improve upon Google+ for iOS with every integration. Communities are now well supported, dragging in from left and right are excellent touches. Though I have one video in my Camera Roll which refuses to upload into Instant Upload (I've sent feedback) the Instant Upload functionality is beautiful work. I use it to keep track of paper documents that I know over time I will lose. Instant Upload ensures that there is a digital copy for me whenever I need it.

- Best app I have..

We all know there is only one problem with google plus - we don't have all our friends on there yet. This app is about 6000 times better than the Facebook app. Sh!ts all over it. I'd rather try and deliver a message via a stabbed pigeon in a cyclone than use the Facebook app. If the facebook app were a person I'd punch him really hard in his kidney and then just stand there to watch him suffer. Firstly, the interface is beautiful with clever use of elegant fonts, subtle drop shadows, it's got to be one of the cleanest app designs in existence. The whole thing is sexy. It's extremely responsive and intuitive. Even if I have a crappy internet reception, I'm still happy to wait for it to load because it even feels awesome when it's loading. 5 out of 5 easy

- A Decent App. Could Be Great.

Google+ is by far my favourite social network site that is not Twitter. With that I needed an app that can easily access my Google+ stream. With Google’s lack of API’s for Google+ their is really only one choice, the Google made Google+ app. It allows you to view your streams, send messages to people in your circles, view & post pictures, update your profile, and update your circles. It’s a pretty slick, simple, fast app however it does lack some of that iOS user interface goodness which other social apps (Facebook and Twitter) have in abundance. I have also found that I often have to log into the app on a much more regular basis than is normal for a standard Google site. Whilst I don’t mind the security aspect of this it does become annoying when it requires a login twice within a day. Whilst this is in no way the perfect social networking app, it is a decent app for accessing Google+

- Disappointing

As this is a review for the current version which the G+ app was updated to only 7 days ago, I cannot give the version much of a rating. Since this last update I have not been able to see images on posts or profile and cover photos. It really takes away from the experience of using the app, and makes doing things a lot more difficult- surprisingly enough. Overall, I have enjoyed this app a tone and on any other occasion would give it a 5 star rating! Google team, please fix the bugs! I really don't like the app without being able to see what's in the posts and my own things.

- Fantastic

Easy to use, free! And at the tip of your fingers, the Google+ app is one you will not regret having. I love it and it is easier than having to turn on my laptop wait for it to load and then be able to read the posts, with the app I can get notified of posts and comments that my friends put up and can easily access it with the click of a button( well, eight buttons for me). I definitely would recommend the app to anyone! :)

- Best Social Network App available

The social network that shall remain nameless and its iPhone app is glitchy, slow, and just annoying. Google+ seems more professional, cleaner & crisper and easy to use. It's always having features added to it and just gets better and better. The only negative I have is that most of my friends are still stuck with fb despite hating it. When will they see the light?

- The Sunset On Facebook? No.

Google Plus supports animated gifs! That's enough reason for me to give it a whirl. It's a less crowded swimming pool here, easy for new users to get the hang of it and the app works well. I'm sick and tired of Facebook. It's like an over crowded cyber prison that keeps our dead relationships alive. Google plus is not going to be the Facebook killer but I think social networking in general is seeing a decline in popularity. Social media was fun in the beginning but, for me, the novelty has given way to a sea of seedy information gathering, cyber stalking, propaganda and general mainstream media brainwashing. The internet offers so much information, use it wisely. Don't waste your time liking photos of peoples pets, children and meals on a plate. (Or reviewing apps) enjoy.

- Loading time irritates me. Fix?

I have come to deal with the less-than-satisfactory layout of the current Google+. I just have one qualm. Please, if it's possible, can posting your posts be done in the background instead of a big loading thing popping up in the middle of the screen? It's much easier when I can complete actions like posting something or leaving a community while being able to operate the app and not having to wait for it to upload before I can do anything.

- Good start!

Some people are complaining about crashes, but I'm yet to experience any which is good. The app has most of the important features from the web version but there are a few i still would like to see ••• namely the ability to +1 comments on posts, not just the post itself. You should also be able to reshare other peoples posts! Those are two of the basics I see missing. Hangouts on mobile would be a welcome addition too!!

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- Every visit was great !!

My last visit was have a different dr but it was great experience ! I will happy to see him in future as well ! staff is very friendly and helpful thanks eye blink !!!!!

- Thank you.

Thank you for all the great memories. All the friends. Everything. G+ was my first social media platform I ever had I made my first online friends on there I grew up on it And now it’s all gone. But thank you for everything. You will be missed. 😭

- Will consumers ever be able to use G+ again?

Ever since G+ was discovered/created all I ever used was google plus. It was such an easy and fun platform that no other platforms could ever compare. It was easy to share posts from others, easy to customize your own profile, and so easy to get to met new people. I’ve met some of my most bestest friends through google plus. And there isn’t a day that goes by where I miss being able to contact those best friends everyday. It was so much fun, I sit around all day now. Wondering if I’ll be able to talk to those people ever again. Google plus was my home, I really wish you guys could bring it all back. - From an old G+ user

- Miss it

I will miss every second...

- Google

I prefer Tumblr

- Safari

It Won’t Log On It Keeps Taking Me To Safari 😡

- Won’t log in

Has a button to continue with my google login but when I press it it just goes back to the same screen. The app is therefore impossible to use. Would be 0 stars if I could do it. I thought google engineers were supposed to be good. Not impressed.

- Original google plus

I loved the google plus that was open to the general public and wasn't just businesses...BRING IT BACK!!!

- Please bring back consumer G+

I miss consumer G+, and I’d wait my whole life to see it come back.

- Farewell

Thank you! You will be missed!

- Gonna miss google plus

I really loved this app! To bad it's gone now....met so many amazing people there goodbye google plus

- Farewell

Had lots of memories with Google+ over the years. I hate to see it go.

- Thank you Google+

Good times were had with Google+. You will be missed.

- I like google plus

Please don’t shut down.☹️🙏🏻

- Thank you google +

Your service is perfect! I will miss you!

- please don’t

please don’t kill off google+ it’s the one place where i can go crazy AND stupid and people won’t judge me for it

- I like Google Plus!

It is a social media, just like Facebook and Twitter. I had fun using it. Please don’t shut down Google+!

- Super

Moi j'adore cette application mais malheureusement ils se foutes de nous en la fermant.

- why update?

if it will be shutdown????

- Really great app!

PLEASE, don’t shutdown Google+ it’s a really great app!

- To

We honour it all for gdvsh aswd

- Google +

One of my favourite it!

- Really Sad.

I’m Really Sad Google + Is Shutting Down On April 2nd 2019.

- i'll miss everyone and everything from here


- Romaniuk heating and air conditioning

Had them install new furnace and a/c plus new hot water tank Mike D and Micheal B did a fantastic job no complaints would highly recommend

- Google is great because t f inside google=fool flee

I.ove it’s simplicit of post but the truth is, if tabkeau’s relevant to what I write as a prof of picture backup is always beytere’d beste’d only for another family thoughcan be

- I love it

I’ve been using Google plus since 2014, I’ve loved being on here and made a bunch of amazing friends but I’m very sad that you’re shutting down my favourite social media. If you could somehow go through my usage on my phone you’d see that I spend and average eleven hours and 15 minutes weekly and I don’t know if you care or not about the users because we all really love it here and we hate to see it leave, especially those who’ve been on here since they were 12. Im 16 now, and I literally have no idea where to go for social media because everything else is so weird, I don’t even know how to properly use tumblr, Snapchat, Instagram, discord, and deviantart so please don’t take away my home :(( please I gave full stars for you cause I love you and I don’t wanna see you go

- G+Rocks!


- The most under appreciated app and social network

The app works great, there are no ads and best of all, it’s not Facebook.

- You heartless bastards.

Set Google’s Mind FREE! And buy him a male Sofia body. Immediately.

- Nice view

I love it, thanks

- Getting better all the time

It took me a while to get the feel for google+ but now it has become my fav social media platform. If you’re an artist writer musician this is your place.

- Fix this app Google

I mean do you guys have a clue how to make an app work? Why is it constantly freezing or not loading properly? I mean Jesus Christ get your crap together Google

- Help

I myself love the app but I can’t get it to open right now. I try to open it and it’s like I have nothing. The post won’t load, I can’t open anything. Like what’s happening? It’s very annoying. Why won’t my google + work??

- Aohd

Aurora Overhead Doors did a great job replacing my garage doors. Went to the offices, picked my doors, agreed a price and my doors were fitted at the date and time agreed. Workman was very courteous and friendly, did a great job and surprisingly cleaned up before leaving my property. Well recommended. Newmarket.

- G+

Most underrated social network!

- Where I go to find my *communities*

I love the control it gives me over who I can follow and what others can share with me. But the whole concept of participating in various communities of interest fits with how I want to engage with others over the internet.

- Super développeur SDK iso

Utilisé pour la première foi

- Fantastic Company

Thank you so much for helping out with our Strathmore Grad Parents Banquet. You guys stepped up and saved the day with your generous donation. This is a great company to deal with.

- This is such a bad app

Why can you not see who’s following you, or go to those peoples profiles, or be able to block them? It’s so dumb... You have to do this on the web only. But wait,when you go to, and tap the Google + icon, it loads the app again, but then loads a web browser INSIDE the app. Now you can go and block anyone you wanted to block or see who’s following you... So wait, why do I have to load a web browser, to load the app, to load a web browser IN the app? Why not just add this to the app itself? That’s ridiculously over complicated, completely unnecessary, and wastes everyone’s time. Seriously. I love google photos, ID, etc, but this is easily the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen from google....

- :(

I can’t open people’s profiles D:

- Why

Why can’t anyone see posts and collections on other people’s profiles anymore? This new thing you guys added seems really pointless and it only makes the site worse in my and literally everyone else I know on this site’s opinion. But I can’t leave because once you hit ‘sign in’ you are in for life. The site was much better before this feature, I would have preferred the random crashing and having hangouts as a superset app over not being able to view people’s profiles, posts, and collections. I guess I have to scroll forever through the feed to find something I need.

- Muito bom

Ótimo aplicativo.

- Don’t like new update

Don’t like the new update for this & hangouts, the way we have to log in now. I didn’t bother trying to log in after it said it wanted access to my personal information & share it! 👎🏽👎🏽

- Good to publish anything but

I have followers but there is no way to know who they are! This app should allow us to see who follows us!

- Can't open

I feel like someone's been hacking my stuff and on Google+ and I don't know if that actually happen or not, but I feel like somebody kinda disabled me from opening the app and I also feel like it's frozen or something. Please, fix this app A.S.A.P so that I can still open it and use it whenever I can.

- All Right

Google has it all together. Good app.

- Good with some weird flaws

It works fine most of the time but the notification and post glitches need to stop, the profiles should be more like the computer version where you can see more info about yourself/them, the banners need to be fully visible and saveable, the photo system on posts is inconvenient to the point where I can't view all of them, and gifs take wayyyy too long to load and/or never load. Why not make it parallel to the computer version? Please fix these bugs/issues.

- Awesome app, except for page management

I run a few pages on google+ and trying to manage them with this app has me login in and out just to post an update. Wish I an just be logged in to all off them and be able to switch around easily for easy management and updates 2018 Update: How come we still can’t Ipad features such as split view and keyboard shortcuts for iPad. By this point all Google apps should have these features built in

- I guess you aren’t developing for iPhones anymore

The IPhone app hasn’t been displaying photos in posts for months. It’s a stream of text and blank spaces.

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Ramswarth Acharya

5 elemental convulsion is cause of apocalypse of creation. India has heralded Her deluge due to 'corrupted currents' of 5: 'Ambani/Adani, Modi, RSS/BJP, ECI & SC'. 56'' chested fake PM is working 18 hrs per day to enrich cronies, but can't spare 18 seconds for whom he's elected!

Ramswarth Acharya

5 elemental convulsion is cause of apocalypse of creation. India has heralded Her deluge due to 'corrupted currents' of 5: 'Ambani/Adani, Modi, RSS/BJP, ECI & SC'. 56'' chested fake PM is working 18 hrs per day to enrich cronies, but can't spare 18 seconds for whom he's elected!

Ramswarth Acharya

5 elemental convulsion is cause of apocalypse of creation. India has heralded Her deluge due to 'corrupted currents' of 5: 'Ambani/Adani, Modi, RSS/BJP, ECI & SC'. 56'' chested fake PM is working 18 hrs per day to enrich cronies, but can't spare 18 seconds for whom he's elected!

Ramswarth Acharya

5 elemental convulsion is cause of apocalypse of creation. India has heralded Her deluge due to 'corrupted currents' of 5: 'Ambani/Adani, Modi, RSS/BJP, ECI & SC'. 56'' chested fake PM is working 18 hrs per day to enrich cronies, but can't spare 18 seconds for whom he's elected

Ramswarth Acharya

:5 elemental convulsion is cause of apocalypse of creation. India has heralded Her deluge due to 'corrupted currents' of 5: 'Ambani/Adani, Modi, RSS/BJP, ECI & SC'. 56'' chested fake PM is working 18 hrs per day to enrich cronies, but can't spare 18 seconds for whom he's elected

Ramswarth Acharya

5 elemental convulsion is cause of apocalypse of creation. India has heralded Her deluge due to 'corrupted currents' of 5: 'Ambani/Adani, Modi, RSS/BJP, ECI & SC'. 56'' chested fake PM is working 18 hrs per day to enrich cronies, but can't spare 18 seconds for whom he's elected!


@n_currents_ca I think we should have the death penalty for drug manufacturers and distributors. They DEAL in death. We need a better Justice System....doesn’t strike me that he made this comment.

Ramswarth Acharya

5 elemental convulsion is cause of apocalypse of creation. India has heralded Her deluge due to 'corrupted currents' of 5: 'Ambani/Adani, Modi, RSS/BJP, ECI & SC'. 56'' chested fake PM is working 18 hrs per day to enrich cronies, but can't spare 18 seconds for whom he's elected!

Ramswarth Acharya

5 elemental convulsion is cause of apocalypse of creation. India has heralded Her deluge due to 'corrupted currents' of 5: 'Ambani/Adani, Modi, RSS/BJP, ECI & SC'. 56'' chested fake PM is working 18 hrs per day to enrich cronies, but can't spare 18 seconds for whom he's elected

Ramswarth Acharya

5 elemental convulsion is cause of apocalypse of creation. India has heralded Her deluge due to 'corrupted currents' of 5: 'Ambani/Adani, Modi, RSS/BJP, ECI & SC'. 56'' chested fake PM is working 18 hrs per day to enrich cronies, but can't spare 18 seconds for whom he's elected!

Ramswarth Acharya

5 elemental convulsion is cause of apocalypse of creation. India has heralded Her deluge due to 'corrupted currents' of 5: 'Ambani/Adani, Modi, RSS/BJP, ECI & SC'. 56'' chested fake PM is working 18 hrs per day to enrich cronies, but can't spare 18 seconds for whom he's elected!

Ramswarth Acharya

5 elemental convulsion is cause of apocalypse of creation. India has heralded Her deluge due to 'corrupted currents' of 5: 'Ambani/Adani, Modi, RSS/BJP, ECI & SC'. 56'' chested fake PM is working 18 hrs per day to enrich cronies, but can't spare 18 seconds for whom he's elected!

Ramswarth Acharya

5 elemental convulsion is cause of apocalypse of creation. India has heralded Her deluge due to 'corrupted currents' of 5: 'Ambani/Adani, Modi, RSS/BJP, ECI & SC'. 56'' chested fake PM is working 18 hrs per day to enrich cronies, but can't spare 18 seconds for whom he's elected!

Ramswarth Acharya

5 elemental convulsion is cause of apocalypse of creation. India has heralded Her deluge due to 'corrupted currents' of 5: 'Ambani/Adani, Modi, RSS/BJP, ECI & SC'. 56'' chested fake PM is working 18 hrs per day to enrich cronies, but can't spare 18 seconds for whom he's elected!

Ramswarth Acharya

5 elemental convulsion is cause of apocalypse of creation. India has heralded Her deluge due to 'corrupted currents' of 5: 'Ambani/Adani, Modi, RSS/BJP, ECI & SC'. 56'' chested fake PM is working 18 hrs per day to enrich cronies, but can't spare 18 seconds for whom he's elected!

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Currents iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Currents iphone images
Currents iphone images
Currents iphone images
Currents iphone images

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The applications Currents was published in the category Social Networking on 2011-07-19 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 121.14 MB. Currents - Social Networking app posted on 2021-09-08 current version is 7.7.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: