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Looking for shows beyond what your basic TV and cable offers? Come explore the world of Asian entertainment with Viki! We offer a wide selection of popular dramas, movies, variety TV shows, fashion and lifestyle videos from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, and other countries.

What makes our shows even better? Our super fans around the world provide the best subtitles (subs that actually make sense!) in 200+ languages. Together as a community, we’re breaking down barriers that stand between great entertainment and you.

And did we mention that we are totally legit? You’re not breaking any law here; no iffy streaming, downloads or viruses! ;P

You’ll never feel alone in your guilty pleasure. Chat with other like-minded fans as you watch shows on Viki. Many fans tell us it’s more fun this way.

Check out ratings and reviews to help you decide what to watch. Or share your own with other fans! Still not sure what to watch? Head over to Collections and see what our friendly staff and fans have curated for you. Or explore our library via popular genres like romance, historical, and thriller.

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Viki: Asian TV Dramas & Movies App Description & Overview

The applications Viki: Asian TV Dramas & Movies was published in the category Entertainment on 2011-07-15 and was developed by ViKi Inc.. The file size is 50.82 MB. The current version is 5.10.5 and works well on 11.2 and high ios versions.

- Bug fixes and improvements

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Avaliar app  arrpeds  3 star

Gosto bastante do app, contudo acho que deveriam ter séries tailandesas, além de mais séries Boy Love. Tenho deixado de assistir ao app por não encontrar os títulos que desejo ver. Ultimamente só tenho assistudo séries na web. Séries novas e com temáticas que me agradam.


General and I  Qwenski  5 star

I love it the main actress and actor are gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️


Why I rate it 2 stars  alpha_harry_potter  2 star

I payed for the pass and it doesn’t work also when you watch a show you see the comments on top of the screen that is annoying kinda wish you can’t type anything also I wish the comments never show on the screen


App  zeus365  5 star

I love this app! A lot of Korean dramas I love. I love them more than American soap operas. This app is the best!! Fighting!


Zero customer support  SLKinNC  2 star

I love the app, love the shows, watch all the time. Problem is there is ZERO response from customer support when there is a problem. I am logged in on my iPad but somehow got logged out on my iPhone. When I tried logging back in with my account name and pw it says the pw is wrong. Clicking the forgot password button does nothing. Have sent 4 requests to customer service in 2 months with no response. Truly infuriating.


I have been a paid member for a few years now  Deefallen22  2 star

So Viki was the first app I had ever used to watch Korean drama and loved it at first ! While Viki and dramafever at one point were the only apps that had really had good and current content I ended up only choosing Viki and upgraded to the Viki pass and have religiously paid for the service for a couple years, here is the turning point for me and why I Probably will end up canceling! So all the people who have been with you early on you now decide that we have to upgrade again and now have very limited access to any current shows or even past shows you have to wait almost a month to watch ??? This is absolutely a slap in the face especially since you are now basically the only contender since dramafever is now gone, which I only know because along with allot of other members we are all probably super frustrated and tried looking for other good apps to watch our favorite dramas! I understand that apps do need to charge a membership fee to keep things rolling and pay your employees but let’s not slap all the members that have already been subscribed and basically take all the content that was available before and now say you can’t watch anymore unless you pay more ! I just think that’s an awful way to treat your customers ?!


Viki is Awesome!!!  CrazieDazie28  5 star

I love Viki the Dramas are awesome! I love the comments others write they are hilarious!




Oxon Hill

Viki  Oxon Hill  5 star


Mya Johanson

Watch History  Mya Johanson  3 star

I’ve had Viki for a couple of years now and today all of a sudden all of my watch history is gone. I logged out and logged back in and I deleted the app and downloaded it again and it’s still saying I haven’t watched anything. But on the website on my computer it shows up just fine


Great app  pennysey  5 star

Has many shows to watch!


Restricted viewing  Serious07  4 star

I m a newbie in Korean movies and reside in Australia. Really wish my options are not limited due to restricted viewing by region


Hwarang Please  fhjrghgscbjt  3 star

I want to watch Hwarang but it is not there

Huey N

Subscription  Huey N  1 star

Cast to TV can cost up to nearly $79


Nice to meet you  AllegroMak  5 star

👍👏 excellent


Sky castle  Coco💕C  4 star

Great drama however, the English sub take too long to be shown.

Oz viewer

Great but some subtitle problems  Oz viewer  4 star

The programs are great and different. On the downside some subtitles are out of synch when the actors are not speaking or there is no translation.


Error  Inoidakartika  1 star

Apps error please fix it


Amazing  KarinaChaemin130  5 star

This is absolutely the best. I love the good quality of the videos


Unavailable in my country?  lonesomepotato  4 star

Overall, I really love this app. The shows are great and all. However, THERE ARE MANY SHOWS THAT I WANT TO WATCH THAT ARE SOMEHOW UNAVAILABLE IN MY REGION. That’s my only complain. I really wish they were available in my region, but other than that, ITS PERFECT!


Biography Setting  Ketchup-Matters  2 star

The app was fine until the latest update, and now when you visit any of the Actors or Actresses pages, their bios no longer pop up along with the Soompi news doesn’t pop anymore. Are you going to fix the setting anytime soon?


Staying with Viki after all these years!  Sornbutterfly  5 star

I have to say, I have used Viki for many years now and seen a lot of changes. Somethings about Viki from my personal experience. When you contact them, they respond. I messaged them on their Facebook Page and got a very detailed response. Also if you request new content they will tell you if they can or can’t get a show. It may take time for them, but if they say they will get it, they get it. You won’t find this amount of content on another site in my region. The subs are done by teams, at least they were. So an upload is raw, then a percentage shows on the thumbnail of how much has been subbed. This is apparently a hard thing for some users to understand, so an explanation of this would be nice for newer users, being that the ratings of shows and this app could suffer, simply because of misunderstanding. So any new users reading this, a new episode is usually 100% subbed within 24- 48 hours. I watch unsubbed and then subbed after. Great way to test your language skills as well, if you’re trying to learn.


Love it  Yarile  5 star

I like it so much because it has every k-drama that I will watch and it also has so much to it too!!! Love this app!!! Highly recommend it to people who love humor and romantic tv shows!!💕


The Best k-drama app  k-lee287  5 star

I love this this is my favorite application on my has nice shows it’s basically the right app to be on....subtitles are good and it’s not a problem just as long you are a person that likes to read😉umm good quality only thing that’s a problem would be the ad’s and trust me that’s the least, knowing that you are using it for free..👍👍


Love it  kawaiihokage  5 star

This app has every show I love and enjoy!


Love it  Rothnysay  5 star

I love it!!!


Viki  cededes  5 star

I just love it


Having so much fun.  NoNabelle  5 star

I love watching my shows thru Viki. I wish all movies are available in all regions. Recommended Viki Pass subscriptions to my friends and they are enjoying it as well.

Ho Thi

Not enough new or good TV show.  Ho Thi  2 star

This app doesn’t have much of TV shows. If there new or popular show it’s keeping show up as “PG13”and “restrict in your region”. I am thinking about find some other Korean app.

Yanely Sam

This app is great  Yanely Sam  5 star

This app is truly amazing Im American and I use this app, the shows on here or so entertaining. Most apps don’t have the Korean drama I wanted to watch and if the app did it came with to many adds but this app does not. Yes it has adds here and there but they’re 15 second max and I love that. Super recommend this app and I did to one of my friends and she likes it as well.


Super app  Mformise  5 star

I’m really enjoying this App . I love these Chinese dramas like the flames daughter. Viki give me a wonderful opportunity to really enjoy these ep with the excellently timed translations into English. A big thanks to the team Regards from Ireland Minglan 🥰 superb


Totally Recommend It  BookAsiaNation  5 star

Viki Rakuten is an amazing app. You really enjoy whatever you’re watching. I myself had a great experience watching Strong Woman Do Bong soon which is a Sendational Idol Drama. Anyway the timed comments are a great add on reading what other people thought of scenes and their reactions too. If I was to point out any fault it would be too many ads but you can fix that problem by paying for special settings. Over all this is a brilliant app and I would definitely 100% recommendations this to everyone I know.

a girl from 3rd

Mengfei comes across  a girl from 3rd  4 star

I love this app and can’t get enough of it but I would love if you could add mengfei comes across and that would be perfect


A  Jamal.26  5 star

Nice app

Grey M. Ace

Free trial not working  Grey M. Ace  2 star

I tried to take the free trial and was charged immediately. So unfair ... I won't have it again. The app seems cool but I won't have time to discover it.


💕💕💕  Creature_kidz  5 star

Great app definitely download


Viki  Maryymeee  5 star

Great app! Love it


cx  Nini8070  5 star

Subbers: EPIC Commenters: FUNNY Viki: PERFECT

Red pilled

Viki  Red pilled  4 star

It's kewl


Very useful app  PebbleKate  4 star

I really like this, I can watch a very good quality of dramas from all over the world, but part annoying part is the ads! I hate it but thanks

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