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Looking for shows beyond what your basic TV and cable offers? Come explore the world of Asian entertainment with Viki! We offer a wide selection of popular dramas, movies, variety TV shows, fashion and lifestyle videos from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, and other countries.

What makes our shows even better? Our super fans around the world provide the best subtitles (subs that actually make sense!) in 200+ languages. Together as a community, we’re breaking down barriers that stand between great entertainment and you.

And did we mention that we are totally legit? You’re not breaking any law here; no iffy streaming, downloads or viruses! ;P

You’ll never feel alone in your guilty pleasure. Chat with other like-minded fans as you watch shows on Viki. Many fans tell us it’s more fun this way.

Check out ratings and reviews to help you decide what to watch. Or share your own with other fans! Still not sure what to watch? Head over to Collections and see what our friendly staff and fans have curated for you. Or explore our library via popular genres like romance, historical, and thriller.

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The applications Viki: Asian TV Dramas & Movies was published in the category Entertainment on 2011-07-15 and was developed by ViKi Inc.. The file size is 47.25 MB. The current version is 5.9.6 and works well on 11.2 and high ios versions.

- Bug fixes and improvements

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On Air  Triple(TTT)  3 star

Would line for english subtitles to be translated before the whole movie is release

Naydeline Torres

2 Years and Counting  Naydeline Torres  5 star

“Fight My Way” was the first ever drama I watched about 2 years ago on the VIKI app and since then this app has become a favorite. Although I am not a paying member I do enjoy the extensive selection of dramas that VIKI has to offer to free users. I would like it if VIKI would add a lot more but i guess I get what I get. For 2 years counting this has stayed as my favorite and will continue. The only downside of VIKI are the adds but even then, a lot of the time I am able to skip them or they are 10 second adds so not too bad. Overall VIKI is a 100% recommendation for anyone wishing to start watching any type of drama, whether it be Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc. Happy Streaming :)


i love the dramas  moyrin  3 star

I would like much more if I had audio in any language.


Viki  koreleiiuta  5 star

Love the variety of dramas on Viki! ❤️💯

kingston lady

Would like to see some of the movies that was on dramafever on there like  kingston lady  5 star

Goblin, sound of the Desert, Ice adonis, etc.


what is going on with this app?  Buting123  2 star

is it just me or what but it seems to tame foreverrrr to load a show? Pls fix


Love it!!  Daniboox5  5 star

I have been using viki for a few months now and I’m in love most dramas are free and sometimes they have specials so I really think you should get this app❤️❤️❤️

unknow hacker 10-

Improve  unknow hacker 10-  3 star

For people reading this. The app is semi amazing the first try but after a while it gets frustrating. The Episodes change by themselves and then you have to watch ads so many times. The ads even sometimes Play 4 Times instead of 2. It’s gets annoying and sometimes the app gets stuck. Like you were switching to another episode. The Background of the other episode is playing somehow? It’s just not good I like the shows not the app. It needs improvement


Best KD site since Dramafever  oldKDfan  4 star

Great selection of dramas. Few good movies. Can’t download 🤔


I love it  klunna  5 star



Yes & No  movieqn  3 star

New release Kdramas offered on Viki are slow and not always complete, example 10 releases but Viki shows 6. Plus we need to subscribe to watch certain ones. It was nice that older series are offered but again one has to subscribe to watch them...$$$. ..used to be free. Those endless adverts....ok if we can skip but there are those that play out 20/30 seconds and the scene stopped, won’t continue....have to start again from beginning!!


Eternal Love  Zedyar  5 star

With Yang Mi and Mark Zhang It is the best drama I have watched, the story is a real love story, with all the elements of difficulties, but not overly done, the performance was of the highest quality, the direction was excellent, the setting was so beautiful, it truly has everything for everyone.This is the first Chinese drama series I watched and it was beyond my expectations, it has encourage me to watched other Chinese drama, so far it is still my all time favourite, I watched it so many times, I love the music too. A big applause to the director, the actors, film crew, script writer and everyone that was connected with producing this series, you all deserved a medal for promoting Chinese drama to a world wide audience, I told all my family, friends and co-workers, how good this series is and they all agree.All the best and good health and good fortune to everyone and most of all thank you.


Good  maddiegandmummy  4 star

Good but too many ads

John bawi

Great but too many ads!!  John bawi  5 star

love it however there are too many ads!!


Missing functions  ordinaryuser27  1 star

Just updated the app to see that when I go full screen to watch, all the settings and functions (such as exiting the screen, the current length of video, play and pause button and lock mode) to have disappeared and all there is on the screen is a downward arrow in the top left hand corner. Even when exiting full screen the functions do not reappear, it is absolutely annoying to find out that this wasn’t a problem before the update and now that the app is updated, there is a major problem. Not impressed considering the description of the app update expresses that any bugs they were previously were fixed, however in this situation bugs have been added. This problem needs to be fixed ASAP.


Crashing  kraaattooosss  1 star

It is not starting on I phone x it is keep crashing


~~  ~ㅎㅁㅎ~  4 star

How come the learn mode does work on the app :// ㅠ.ㅠ


Many are not available for Australia  thermiegirl  3 star

Many dramas for available for Aussie viewers


Viki  troubadore  3 star

I am still trying to reset password but no email is sent. Having paid $80 for the year I don’t expect to see ads every 10 minutes. Your computer system needs overhauling

love hou

Good  love hou  5 star

Thank you viki I really enjoyed watching Korean drama I hope more korean dramas available in my country.


Horrible Service  Zucharm  1 star

You pay for Viki Pass Plus but yet you don’t even get subtitles. They release episodes without subtitles.. so what’s the point of paying for the pass yet you don’t get what you pay for? My next billing date was this March 29 but they charged me on the 3rd instead.. I’ll see if they charge me again then I’ll dispute all their transactions with my bank. I’m highly disappointed!!


Good  Nathalia0909  4 star

It’s great overall has more selection overall compared to drama fever or kacowa however they have been slacking on their English subtitles and it’s a little hard to enjoy when I’m not sure of what is happening although I speak basic korean it is not fun to try to asume of what you think they are saying is correct or not other than that it’s a great app to enjoy kdrama

Pretty Tott

Excellent Site  Pretty Tott  5 star

Viki is excellent site. Just would like to see the captions is posted in a timely manner. 👍


App needs to be available on xbox please  리나리  5 star

While other apps like dramafever or whatever the name is viki provides more k drama for free for ones whom aren’t members while the other apps don’t give you much choice and you have to pay for membership to watch their shows viki problem that i have is playing the same commercial back to back you can have commercial but stop playing the same one I don’t know how many times I’ve watched ihop omelette and endless pancakes commercial while watch running man and imagine for an hour running show just watching endless ihop commercial on four episodes & also can you make the app available on xbox too


Running man  tumen1234  5 star

I love this app because of running man show. They deleted running man show. Very disappointed. I will cancel my subscription.


Know how to really cancel your subscription  Coolguy8460  1 star

As my subscription period was coming to an end, I remembered to cancel it before I was charged for another year because they don’t have good selection of variety shows. Besides, I did not like how they made viki pass plus to make more money. I canceled my subscription thru viki app on my phone. It even said ‘we’ll miss you’ and asked the reason for cancellation. And to my surprise the next month, I was charged for a new year!!!! It took me 2 days to figure out how to really cancel because there is NO customer contact number. I even tried writing an email to them just to Find out there is NO send button!?!?!?! So anyway, to really cancel your subscription, you HAVE to go on their website on the COMPUTER!!!! I kept cancelling it on my phone but it didn’t actually cancel it and I am billed for another year and there is no customer service to dispute. Crap.


Make a download feature  Dhduxjsbsfjd  3 star

Even just for 48 hours, a download feature would seriously increase the amount of time/money I invest in this app.


Sometimes subtitles didnt showed up  Gemspace  2 star

It annoyed me that the subtitles wont show and i need to close it again and play it again and a bit later subtitles wont show again.. it is pretty annoying. Please fix this.


Me encanta  yuyisbonbon  5 star

Me fascina el trabajo del equipo de Viki. Las traducciones estupendas.


Sub title  Anonymous34526  5 star

Sometimes the sub titles doesn’t make sense


Super app  Mformise  5 star

I’m really enjoying this App . I love these Chinese dramas like the flames daughter. Viki give me a wonderful opportunity to really enjoy these ep with the excellently timed translations into English. A big thanks to the team Regards from Ireland Minglan 🥰 superb


Totally Recommend It  BookAsiaNation  5 star

Viki Rakuten is an amazing app. You really enjoy whatever you’re watching. I myself had a great experience watching Strong Woman Do Bong soon which is a Sendational Idol Drama. Anyway the timed comments are a great add on reading what other people thought of scenes and their reactions too. If I was to point out any fault it would be too many ads but you can fix that problem by paying for special settings. Over all this is a brilliant app and I would definitely 100% recommendations this to everyone I know.

a girl from 3rd

Mengfei comes across  a girl from 3rd  4 star

I love this app and can’t get enough of it but I would love if you could add mengfei comes across and that would be perfect


A  Jamal.26  5 star

Nice app

Grey M. Ace

Free trial not working  Grey M. Ace  2 star

I tried to take the free trial and was charged immediately. So unfair ... I won't have it again. The app seems cool but I won't have time to discover it.


💕💕💕  Creature_kidz  5 star

Great app definitely download


Viki  Maryymeee  5 star

Great app! Love it


cx  Nini8070  5 star

Subbers: EPIC Commenters: FUNNY Viki: PERFECT

Red pilled

Viki  Red pilled  4 star

It's kewl


Very useful app  PebbleKate  4 star

I really like this, I can watch a very good quality of dramas from all over the world, but part annoying part is the ads! I hate it but thanks

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