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Looking for shows beyond what your basic TV and cable offers? Come explore the world of Asian entertainment with Viki! We offer a wide selection of popular dramas, movies, variety TV shows, fashion and lifestyle videos from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, and other countries.

What makes our shows even better? Our super fans around the world provide the best subtitles (subs that actually make sense!) in 200+ languages. Together as a community, we’re breaking down barriers that stand between great entertainment and you.

And did we mention that we are totally legit? You’re not breaking any law here; no iffy streaming, downloads or viruses! ;P

You’ll never feel alone in your guilty pleasure. Chat with other like-minded fans as you watch shows on Viki. Many fans tell us it’s more fun this way.

Check out ratings and reviews to help you decide what to watch. Or share your own with other fans! Still not sure what to watch? Head over to Collections and see what our friendly staff and fans have curated for you. Or explore our library via popular genres like romance, historical, and thriller.

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Viki: Asian TV Dramas & Movies App Description & Overview

The applications Viki: Asian TV Dramas & Movies was published in the category Entertainment on 2011-07-15 and was developed by ViKi Inc.. The file size is 47.86 MB. The current version is 5.9.0 and works well on 11.2 and high ios versions.

We continue to improve the video playback experience by bringing you episode list in portrait mode as well as show and cast info

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Jayreen  323coco  4 star

Does not have all the show that I want to watch but still good.😍🤣🙃😘😆😊😍😂😉😌😁😌😍🤣😍🤣

arthurs grandma

Best site for watching kdramas  arthurs grandma  5 star

Easy to access


Love this app  edith15bl  5 star

It really has a very good quality. I enjoy using it to watch shows subtitles are clear snd easy to read. Love this app ^_^*


Updated Review  MaLi007  1 star

Jan2019 the latest update is messing up my subtitle option. Instead of Englis it says DE and it will not let me correct it on my Roku. Dec2018⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sign up through your iG account for 59.99 Pass Plus Annually 2018 ⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ Broke down and paid the $99 annual fee since we are going to be cutting bundled Comcast cable fee of $225 monthly. Please allow us to DL Episodes for offline viewing like DramaFever & NetFlix. 2016 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Endless amounts of uninterrupted KDrama is the only reason they got me paying that monthly sub fee. Thanks to all Subbers who really make this app Worthy.


Bait and switch  Remlisa  1 star

I got the standard pass solely to be able to watch Running Man. And now they’ve locked the most recent episodes because you now need a pass PLUS subscription to be able to watch Running Man, this is such bullsh!t. They obviously know most people subscribe to Viki for Running Man and want to cash in on that, which is a complete racket. Way to reward your loyal customers. NOT. I’ll be canceling my subscription after my one year subscription expires.

la la la vin rose

Moonlight  la la la vin rose  5 star

I truly love this app it’s sooooo easy to use soo nice and perfect I LOVE ITTTTTTTTT IT HAS EVERYTHING


Faster  kdramaqueen2012  4 star

I wish the subtitle were as fast as DramaFever


Report  Nemo4512  1 star

all new dramas take time to be translated and others have not translated them into Spanish. That's why I pay so much. so that they do not have consideration for those who open Spanish. it was better drama fever


I used to love it!  Niica21  2 star

When I started using Viki you can watch old shows for free then you can pay $4.99 per month to watch the latest episode . Then all of a sudden you have to pay $9.99 to watch new show and $4.99 to watch old episodes. They take advantage of clients especially bec Dramafever shuts down so most clients move to them. But its not as good as dramafever and charge twice as much.


Really good  kpopiswhatilivefor  5 star

Viki is a really good app! Great dramas 😁

love hou

Good  love hou  5 star

Thank you viki I really enjoyed watching Korean drama I hope more korean dramas available in my country.


Review  MattieMattiek  5 star

Nice ...I like the app 👍


yEEt  Homolesspeoplelover  5 star

This app is great. I was trying to find a app or website I could watch k-drama’a for free and this app is amazing. It does play ads but it’s no big deal since it’s normally 1-2 ads when they play and the ads are very short.


eh  yoyoyoyeeto  4 star

good but too much ads and some dramas are not available in other countries


Love this app...  DebCaviar  5 star

I’m watching ‘Proud of Love’ on your site after watching meteor garden and just loving it. I love the ENG subtitles and all that you have to offer. A great app that I highly recommend. Thanks so much...


best app!!  mrscynthiafisher  5 star

works most of the time, has lots of movies , quality hd, excellent english subs

Julia Jjang

Viki Pass Error  Julia Jjang  1 star

got so frustrated, even tho i got the viki pass, i was still getting ads which ruined the scenes 😒.. cancelled and deleted it straight away.


broke  sfandyg  3 star

dang why u gotta pay


Whhheewww  slaybijjjj  4 star

Ok. It’s absolutely amazing but these ads keep haunting me left and right.. if u didn’t have so many ads I’d give it a 5 star rating but no joke I’m so close to deleting it bc the ads hurt my brain.😤


Okay but not so okay  gffccvvcfccc  1 star

This app is the most popular app that has all the dramas Korea produces but yet not available for all the countries. Is this only for korea? If it’s not way can’t we watch since we’re abroad and no other way to watch!?


No English Subtitles  Jackieness  3 star

The developers take a long time to post English Subtitles. There are times that it takes days for a 30 minute drama. It’s not worth to pay when you can’t watch the drama you want.


Too glitchy  srahwritesareview  1 star

I hate it and I miss drama fever. Every time a muted ad shows up the video becomes muted and I have to reload the whole app to get the sound back. It’s so inconvenient! Fortunately I’m patient to even deal with this problem.


Member ship VIKI PASS  kkkkkkkjjjjjjjjgggggg  2 star

So I did purchase the viki plus pass/ monthly payment but.. when purchasing it, it didn’t work how it was supposed to.. nothing changed and I couldn’t watch the locked episodes.. I mean I deleted this app and redownload it and it’s the same... makes me feel upset


Thanks  jazzyjw1914  5 star

I really like this app I was a Dramafever watcher for a long time and when it shut down I found this app. At first very upset with it but learned to love it! Keep up the good work on this app can’t wait for more content to come to America!


Need improvement  Qiuchenli  3 star

Can’t become a member. Just because most the shoe don’t even have Chinese subtitles!!


Love Viki BUT...  MMSinPa  1 star

I signed up for the $29.99 annual special and you’re charging me $4.99 a month instead ($49.99) and I only get an auto-reply to my customer service emails.


Viki!  michaelsutt  5 star

I love this platform, it lets me watch shows I couldn’t otherwise watch. While true the adds can be annoying once in a while, they don’t happen often so it is not to much of an inconvenience, I would say to get it!


Running man closing  stujvf  1 star

This is the only place I can arch running man! Now there are only 12 days left to watch! Everyone that I know is mad and disappointed! Please don’t do it! Then we all have to go find another place to watch!


Love the dramas  umaMo  5 star

This site is the best ever. The variety and quality of the shows are awesome.I give 10 stars ⭐️ if I could. Thank you Viki!


Great but can be improved  Snapdragon1825  4 star

Love this service, I would like more options on the color of the subtitles because when I stream onto my tv from the app some scenes can make reading them difficult; white subtitles on white clothing.

a girl from 3rd

Mengfei comes across  a girl from 3rd  4 star

I love this app and can’t get enough of it but I would love if you could add mengfei comes across and that would be perfect


Super app  Mformise  5 star

I’m really enjoying this App . I love these Chinese dramas like the flames daughter. Viki give me a wonderful opportunity to really enjoy these ep with the excellently timed translations into English. A big thanks to the team Regards from Ireland


A  Jamal.26  5 star

Nice app

Grey M. Ace

Free trial not working  Grey M. Ace  2 star

I tried to take the free trial and was charged immediately. So unfair ... I won't have it again. The app seems cool but I won't have time to discover it.


💕💕💕  Creature_kidz  5 star

Great app definitely download


Viki  Maryymeee  5 star

Great app! Love it


cx  Nini8070  5 star

Subbers: EPIC Commenters: FUNNY Viki: PERFECT

Red pilled

Viki  Red pilled  4 star

It's kewl


Very useful app  PebbleKate  4 star

I really like this, I can watch a very good quality of dramas from all over the world, but part annoying part is the ads! I hate it but thanks


Awesome app!  #Hashtaginfinityfamily  5 star

Best app for kdrama lover...

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