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What is talking tom & ben news app? Breaking news - Talking Tom and Talking Ben are even chattier and more entertaining as TV news anchors!

Join them in their TV studio, talk to them and watch them take it in turns to repeat what you say. Poke or swipe the screen and have them fall off their chairs!

You can express your creativity by creating the news or just enjoy watching the two tease each other. Either way, you'll have a bundle of fun!

Check out all hilarious animations by getting the full app now!

- Talk to Tom and Ben: See them take turns to repeat what you say.
- Watch them interact with one another: They tease each other in a hilarious way!
- Co-create the news: Upload your own video or photo and see what happens.
- Send videos to your friends: Record your own news story and share it by email!

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Talking Tom & Ben News Version 2.6.120 March 2021

Bug fixes and minor gameplay improvements..

Talking Tom & Ben News Version 2.523 September 2019

Bug fixes and minor gameplay improvements..

Talking Tom & Ben News Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great app but 1 creepy thing

This app is okay for kids but there is A LOT of violence. It’s fine for anyone to use, there’s no man in the eyes, there’s no creepy stalker, those are just all fake things. But there is one thing that scared me. I didn’t know they had voices. So when an ad came on, Tom said, “And now a word from our sponsor” Which scared me, but other than those this app is great

- Masterpiece

This app is one of the greatest apps of all time. It’s impressive storytelling and outstanding character development of Tom and Ben going through differences while host a news show is a fantastic idea and I’m all for it. Using this app really made me realize my life has a purpose. My life is worth staying around for. It’s for incredible pieces of art like this, I think to stick around for the rest of my life. This app brought a tears for me, I was bawling my eyes out. It was such a wild ride to experience, and it’s ending was amazing. I truly love this app a lot. It’s symbolic abilities that shape the characters make me have hope for society to come together, and start to make good things like this. This app is worth downloading for sure! Go download it right now, to experience Tom and Ben’s beautiful story.

- Fun and awesome.. but a few things to fix

so I wanted to download this game because it looked like a lot of fun, but can u add more stuff to it becuase it would be better if you can press on the character of which one you want to be copied of because when I was trying to get time to copy me been copied me and when I press fight idk if there doing something inappropriate becuase tom is lying down and ben is on top of him which I thought was inappropriate and whenever it said now a word from our sponsor an add comes on so please update this game a bit and add more fun stuff to it. :)

- stop with the rumors and men!

I played this game FOREVER and I loved it FOREVER. The person that said DELETE THE GAME is probably not getting about people who want to scare others. And not getting about imaging random and fun things. if it is SOOO creepy then how do you explain all of the good amazing HORRIFIC reviews?. I think this is a great game. AND PLUS!. The people who are talking about the rumors don't know about how young readers can be!. THEY COULD THE SCARING A 7-YEAR-OLD OR 8 AND 9!. I think the people that do that to poor children should be sued for scaring children left and right!. They have no rights to be sending out scary pictures maybe fake news and OH SOoOO SCARY REVIEWS! These people just weren't nice. I'm not saying that they are frauds! I'm just saying that they are not thinking about the children :(. if you see this thank you for reading :) Ma


I played this game and it was really cool and fun and I let them repeat after me but then I turned off my phone, turned on my tv, THEN I SAW THEM ON THE TV! MY PHONE WAS ALSO ON DURING THE PROCESS! They started asking me personal questions like “where do you live” “what’s your name” and “what’s your gender” after that, I screamed “NO!!!” And slammed my phone on the ground so they wouldn’t ask me anymore. But then they’re still on my TV, they get mad and crawl out my TV! After that, everything went dark and they were both gone! Please stay safe and look around for them, I noticed that If you turn on your phone around them they get sucked into it.

- Life changing

yesterday i felt very sad and lonely. my life was not put together.. i was very depressed BUT i suddenly remembered about something that made me really happy in the past!! it was this game, i downloaded it again and i stopped drinking alcohol. it was the bestest idea in my lifest life. this really helped me thank for game creating. i love this game, my wife will be really happy when she realized i stopped drinking. thank thank thank you! now i will make silly little videos for me and my wife with this app and she will smile like how i am smiling with how fun and enjoyable this game is

- Creepy / what’s teaching these kids

So when you play the game for like 3 minutes it’s creepy because when you play Tom say and now a word from our sponcer and I feel like it’s creepy just saying the word without talking and the fighting it’s teaching kids to hit and do bad things and make fun of and Maybe they’re going to bully other kids and get into fights and be in trouble and they might his siblings cousins or other strangers or friends and if the hit or bully there going to be in big trouble from this game

- Life Saver

This app is truly beautiful and everybody needs a chance to play this game. This app is like bringing blacks and whites together, cats and dogs, taylor swift and kanye, this app is the peanut butter to everybody’s jelly and speaking for me and most likely everybody else it truly helped me find myself and who i truly am and who i truly should become. Ben and Tom really set the tone on how a true beloved friendship should be they show loyalty, love, respect, and they truly cherish each other’s presence. I hope soon one day that i will find a relationship as swell as tom and bens.

- Creep as heck

So I had this game and I would played it all the time when I was 5 for some reason I just deleted it because it was kinda boring and when I was 11 I download it aging because I had nothing to do and when I took a screenshot of talking Tom more like stalking Tom there was something in The eye and it was a man I was like :0 so I deleted aging and I never download it again but good news it didn’t stalk me and didn’t got my number and my ip adrases so I’m still avile when I ever go to all of the talking apps I fricken close the apple store and then watched yt ok bye.

- Talia

I didn’t really like it it’s not really stuff to do it gets boring after like one minute But The best part to do is do a fightExcept I’m not really into this game a lot and it’s kind of Borman get everything to go well well actually all the games are well kind of boringWell not all of the games like tag and gold runYou stay there for a Four hours if you even want to play that game mostly I don’t really like it if I only feel it for like two minutes really but I don’t like it how you can actually buy this boring game is like mostly

- 10/10 Tom game

This game is probably one of the most important in the Talking Tom lore. In the chronological order, it is pretty early in the timeline, setting up plenty of possibilities for the rest of the Tom universe. It also establishes Tom and Ben's relationship so it can be expanded upon in Talking Tom 2. The way Tom and Ben joke around with each other and their ability to work together is best shown in this game. The gameplay also goes absolutely nuts. This game is goated.

- How is this game really is funny 😆

This game is so funny I like the fighting but it says technical difficulties sometimes it’s actually really funny I do like it if I was saying it’s creepy wow you’re probably wrong because I’m just seven but I’m going to be eight soon I’m in second grade and this game is funny really really funny that’s why I put all of the stars so I can put you guys it’s so hilarious that everybody is probably going to want OK

- Awesome game!

As a kid I absolutely loved this game so much, it made me laugh so hard and I always played it on my moms phone. A friend of mine told me the rumors of the talking Angela and I got scared so I didn’t want to play anymore even though my mom told me it was nothing. I didn’t play it after that and I missed it! Its an amazing funny game and my “friend” totally ruined the fun. I recommend :)

- Scam :/

It’s a good game overall. With plenty of things to do, it’s A good boredom buster. But I Bought the full version, and nothing happened. It still charged me, but it’s only 1.99 so I’m not that mad. It’s most likely something I did, but if it’s a bug, than its ba d. But I still love the app overall and I am not that mad :/

- Good app but

I’m not going to lie I like this game but the one thing that is bad is that the adds THE ADDS and the ones at the top will not go away and they have just random adds and the game has some bugs like when you try to say something so they will copy you it cuts off mid sentence and also tom only has one way to express his feelings and Ben has like 3 what I’m saying is that the bugs this game has are bad

- This game is amazing

On this game Tom and Ben copy me so I put in random news I love it and when there is an add it says “now a word from our sponsors” I love it and I Make them mad at each other and make them fight or when they don’t copy me I tap them and their chairs fell over keep up the work

- Outfit7’s Magnum Opus

While they way they blatantly stare at you may be mildly unsettling, this is actually a very great app. They way Tom and Ben go throughout reports of character development and learn to work together and break the stereotypes of dogs and cats fighting. Overall, it is wonderful, has a complex story, and is an incredibly pog app overall.

- Whoever made this needs to be arrested

So I was watching a video of a black man(dang math Smith) playing Tom and Ben news put the bone cracking come on I gave you a want star I’m never gonna play this ever again👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽😾 this dog better crunch on somebody else bones cuz Tom hates dogs and Ben hates cat so why did you make this?!? This is for grown-ups not children what are you teaching children!!!👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 and why does Tom have a glove and why does Ben have a punching glove? This needs to be canceled from all phones this is illegal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Super awesome because i could make videos on their screen

I think I am actually making, watching, and shooting news. I feel you are doing well on this app do all you can but this app is the best on my whole iPhone because it’s so fun and it is really crazy

- Hmmmm...

I really like this game & all, however, it seems like you removed the feature of where I could replace the TV screen with my vids, & I loved that feature when I played this as a younger kid! What happened to it? Could you try fixing this feature?

- Did they take away the video option?

I remember as a child putting a video on the TV was a option. Now I can't find it can you please put that feature back I loved it.

- Great app but 1 thing missing!

Amazing app 10/10 but I remember using the TV Button to put my videos on camera roll to “Make your own news”. They did remove it for a reason or it have to be fixed? Please let me know ASAP

- I am on to you

People say this is fun nah it’s creepy it’s scary I was playing talking ginger so I was swipe his head O: his head went all the way back like a BUT this game is safe So this game safe go like outfit7 and give him 5 stars and I agree with the likes the hatters mean

- Shut up!!!!

Outfit 7 I have loved you since I was 3 years old and these people call your game creepy or scary don’t be offended because they are just dumb haters and keep on making games and forget them❤️✌️

- Let me say this

People are saying there’s a man stalking in the eyes I play talking tom for a long time and I don’t see the man stalking in the camera so this goes out to all the people who think it’s a man stalking through the camera I don’t see anything.

- New update ruined it

This used to be fun to make videos but 1 they removed the TV feature, 2 the microphone now sounds weird and robotic which is the main issue I have. Please fix the microphone sounding robotic.

- My IPhone is haunted help

ALL People is this critical Do not download recommended do not download this game every 30 minutes I get notifications from this game every day I get notifications from this game i’m like scared please people do not download this game is is very critical. I recommend to not download this game you know why 1. Spam notifications 2. Waste of money and waste of time 3. The game is like 10 frames per second 4. Game freezes 5. Crash game Developer please fix this problem Developer please fix this problem Developer please fix this problem That will me helpful Thanks 🙏

- Don’t write creepy reviews unless it happened

This is a great games and when you say they are haunted and making creepy stories doesn’t mean you guys have to write reviews just because anglea !! Tom and ginger

- It broke

So after Tom said now a word from our sponsors it had an ad like usual so I did the little mini game thing um and when I exited out of the ad I could only see Ben a d then I searched this app and wrote this review I don’t know if I broke it I don’t think I did it’s a good game but I give three stars ok now I’m going to try and fix it.

- There’s a reason I like this best!

The cat model is different, so people can’t hack into those eyes, and the dogs eyes are to small, so can’t hack. And it’s very funny like when Ben punched Tom and Tom jumps on him Also the life saver review is nice, but kind of weird.. Ben attacks Tom , not loves him 🧐🤨

- Leg cracking

When I let my 3 year old girl Play this She said mom can I crack your leg until you die and then I said why in shock she said I learned it from this app and then I started playing it until I saw it I was in shock I couldn’t move like if he broke my leg I fell down to the floor my daughter was staring at me patting my leg and then I got I can’t see no more that’s not part of the story I actually can’t see on my phone it’s black HELP

- Ben vs Tom game coming soon?

Now if there was a Ben vs Tom game I would freak out Ben Tom have been fighting over the centuries this could be there final fight it could be like captain America civil war but Tom and Ben and other characters and there could be a ending we’re who gets angle

- Where is it

Where is the button where I can record myself and put it on the tv. I’ve been searching for it but it’s been replaced with a controller and when I tap on it it showed me games from you guys but I want to have the TV button back. Please

- How to put a video on the tv

This game is really entertaining and funny! But I don’t know how to put a video on the tv screen. It says to push the tv button but there is no button but over all this game is fun.

- This game is really scary

My little brother downloaded this game and played it for a while but I saw something in toms eye is mans face and It was the scariest game in my life so I deleted it so don’t get this game I reapeat don’t get this game.

- What ??? 😓

So im 8 and I just one thing the glove part It’s very violent because Tom gets his tail pulled 🤬 just why dev look either delete that part. Or don’t make it sound like a 5 year old screaming ok (don’t make the sounds so realistic)

- Good but kinda creepy

So first thing I started playing when I was 3 now I am older and when I was looking at them doing nothing because I was bored they just started talking same with the other apps because my baby brother loves to watch me play but then they just started to talk when there’s not a sound and plus when ever I took a video for my mom they had there eyes closed the hole time just like wow that’s just wow.😐

- This game is cool I think it needs an update

Reason why it needs an update because the screen won’t work

- Don’t let you or your kids or anyone play this

Don’t ask how I know this but there are cameras in the eyes of Tom and Ben and they can listen because of the microphone so while you or your kids are playing this remember that people behind the screen can see and listen in on whatever is in front of the electronic If I could rate 0 stars I would but remember this “game” is not safe

- If you say is it 3 AM delete the app now super creepy

When I was a little kid I used to watch Tom and friends on Netflix oh no no no I don’t watch it anymore because if you look very closely listen to me his voice sounds like devil did you say is it 3 AM he actually comes to your actual house in real life if you accidentally do that delete that app I never had it on again

- Stupid and a bad example

The game gets really boring easily because there is barely anything to do. Unless you BUY the in app purchase for tom to fight back all you really do is watch ben beat up tom. This game is a bad example for kids. This game will teach kids that it is okay to beat up animals maby even people. Do not get this game for kids unless you want them to think it is okay to beat up people and animals. Do not get this game.

- This game is totally chill and fun and kinda creepy

this game is chill and its kinda creepy cause when I was 3 I liked it untill I saw them blinking their eyes and I get scared when I see games blink their eyes so I never wanted to play it again lol

- WOW 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💶💸💎

Great game there’s not a way to get The full version free I just wish there was although it’s a great game it’s real funny how Ben shoots time in the mouth with that squirt gun that supposed to be a regular water gun fight he puts like a little suction cup on it or a plunger something

- Tom and ben are cool but why?

Ok so, I tried to play the game with my Bluetooth headphones connected to my phone, and the game still played out loud off of my headphones. Can you please make it to where it plays on headphones too?

- it funny and good

It is so funny that when they fight so funny when they walk each other and I have a reply

- Ben and Tom

It is a amazing app it has so many features I enjoy I came on the App Store to look for talking Ben but I found this instead Can I have my kids back

- Not scary

I have been hearing these rumours about this game being dangerous but I have been playing this game since I was 8 and I am still fine so I don’t think this game is harmful and plus Outfit7 would have removed this app if it were dangerous

- This game is not creepy stop with the rumors!

I played this game for years and I never saw a man in their eyes they kept saying that there was a man in their eyes but I kept looking

- Why do people say it’s creepy because it’s not!

I don’t understand why people say it’s creepy. Like Tom and Ben are talking on their own really. That didn’t happen on my phone. Really that’s silly

- Boring After A Little While

This is a fun game when you first get it but when you had it for one day it gets boring there isn’t much to do in it and Ben gets to hurt Tom but Tom can’t do it to Ben you have to pay money I was ganna rate it 5 when I got it now I rate it 2 and Tom said something when I didn’t even tell him to say it that was creepy

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- Talking Ben and Tom cat news

Recently I have been diagnosed with stage 4 depression because my wife got a divorce with me and my parents died ever since that happened I’ve seen clips of this video game it’s is revolutionary for the gaming industry it has helped me with everyday obstacles such as desicion making lab work and for fun the graphics are insane on this game it has helped me recover from depression and I’m feeling a lot better

- I need all the photos to pic from ,you got the money for nothing

It’s great app , you can be on ban and jerry news

- Very Cool :)

This is very good but you might have relized that i gave it four stars insted of five beacause its really annoying when i am eating food or right a review it reflects it and i hate that so thats why i gave fours stars instead of five but good :)

- Best games ever

I love this game it’s so funny and you can make them to hit each other all make them say what ever you want and silly things

- Stuck in the wrong country

When I went in the settings to change the country, I changed it to China as a joke but now the button to change country is gone and they are also using my data even after I deleted the app, I think China is tracking me now 😰

- Eli you want to come in

Eli you want to come oil efor and come to the office to come to the the office qpqpqp ou ioffice poffice for the day you come in for me and I will come over for you for dinner

- Making a custom animated TV series

I recommend this app for others I’m using this app to make a animal news show.

- Corner fence is activated hi

I like how it introduces ads are very funny how you can make Ben start a fight or Tom Tom he’ll sometimes shoot Ben I mean bang shoot Tom

- loved this when I was little

the title explained it all

- This app is creepy

You can see in there eyes that it’s an old man and when it’s asked for your mic to turn on they were using your voice So waning don’t play this if your younger then 9 please I want people to be safe out there 😳😳😳😳

- Great fun game

My son loves this game well he doesn’t play it a lot but he likes it so yeah he loves it

- Most funny game

This game is so funny It can’t get old!!!

- This Game Is Hilarious 😂😂

I love The Fighting Part, Because It Is So Funny, Thank You Outfit7 For Making Thos Game 😁🙂


So fun lol. I i give it to my children to play and they all go wild for a little talking tom and ben. #lifesaver 🧃🐱🐶🧸🅿️

- Talking Tom

I love your app they are the best thing

- Please make a talking exit can really hatch out of a shell and into a chick

This is squeaking ultimate

- Don’t like the game

I DO NOT like this game because Ben brakes toms leg 🤕😱

- It’s so funny

Awesome game it’s so funny

- Lol

Wow this was a halarios game thank goodness I downloaded it

- Bone

I was playing this game for a while until it saw this sorwed button and it was fighting and Ben was trying to break toms bones

- The best app

Get this game! It is literally the BEST!!! Pls believe me... I’m not a liar!

- Funny

Super funny

- Funny

Super funny

- I love the app 😻

It’s okay

- Love it

I love this app

- About talking news fake

The game is so bored i hate this game ausbilah

- ?

What is even the point of this game

- I luv this gaem

Thee gaem is soooo cule

- i like it

it is a good game

- Yuiop’s party

ERTY’s party

- Tom friends

It cool

- 🐦🐦

Super duper fun and amazingggg

- G

This is good

- Re


- Ben


- Haha


- Best app ever

This app is awesome I make vids everyday they are always funny and get put up in big screen at our school assembly's everybody starts laughing and I always receive a huge reward every 2 weeks because of you .you guys are awesome I will never forget this app ever and I never lie this app had taught me how to make my own news segment and just wanted to say ILY guys have changed my life and I would like to thank you guys alot From your biggest fan : Samantha

- Huh


- Talking Tom and Ben - News

This game is just so cool, because Ben the dog, he punches Tom in the head, with a boxing glove, and he also has a pistol, and the bullet in the pistol,the dog shoots the bullet out of the pistol, and the bullet goes in Toms mouth like a straw. And Tom the cat, he has a water fight with Ben. And they both wrestle with each other. And you can put your very own video in between Tom and Ben on the front of the table.

- Good and bad

This is a good game but you should not have to pay for any of it because it has adds to pay for the game so it should be completely free or no adds because it is really annoying when you click on a button and it says I need to buy the full version to use that feature.

- nice

I got this game because my cousin has it she let me play her iphone and I saw that game I played it's really funny when ben and tom was fighting because it said technical difficulties after that. so my dad downloaded talking ben and tom new on my ipod touch

- amazing betsy<33

omg me and my brother loved it and we dont have enough money to purchase the real version but i have to say its hilarious when u push them to fall,and make them fight but i really want tom to get his revnge....BUT I LOVE THIS ITS AMAZING!!!

- Funny by laney brooke

This game will not only make you speak but it will make you laugh......!you'll be blown away so come on and enjoy being a news reporter looking after Tom and Ben.......!I'm sure you'll enjoy this app!.....😎come on and be kool....😋get it now y it's free....!$👮

- Tom and Ben

This is the best game I have ever played this game is hilarious. The only thing I don't like is how Tom doesn't get to fight back you have to pay for it that I think is unfair but over all I loved Ben And Tom News. 

- Awsome

Ok first of all I am delighted to write this and say that I really like the app! I love to parts where you can put it to technical issues and I love filming it. So if you have the time to download this I suggest you do!

- Tom and Ben news

Just great can't put it down. If you make a video they can do what you say. For example if you say I will push you down you can push them down. Great game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Talking tom and Ben news!!!

Well I think it is one of the bests but… I think there should be all the other ones that you have on your I pod on there do you can pick your own charters because I think talking Ben is a little slow appeared to talking Tom.....

- Absolutely hilarious. Talking Tom rocks my world!!

Really fantastic so I would recommend the paid version for even funnier stuff. It's definitely worth it!!

- Yep another review!

I live it how you have put two talking pets into the one game. You should do talking twin animals or something like that , it would be pretty cool!!

- Talking Ben and Tom News

I think this is a funny game and also like how u can recored vides dame as talking Ben I love this one and talking tom2 I love them all because they all have a differernt feature but the rest like talking tom1 talking Gina Larry santa I don't like but the rest are cool From CJ Adams (Calvin John Adams)

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- Funny

Fun for kids that are 7 like me

- Great game but...

Great game but we need more things to do it’s kinda boring so maybe add a little bit more things by the way no hate it’s just kinda boring that’s all.

- Fight

I like to make dem fight

- Spongebob


- Ads are super annoying

Constant ads makes it impossible for my child to play

- App fight animation

I think it’s time for an option to toggle between I YouTube fighting animations so the parents can choose which one they want. Whether it’s the original where Ben tackles Tom the newer one with Tom whacks Ben with the glove to trigger the fight or both.

- yes

This app is amazing I cannot recommend it enough👍👍👍👍👍💕💕💕


I would not recommend this app especially for children it’s teaching kids to get in fights by the sword button and it is disturbing when Ben bends toms leg I do not recommend

- Weirdest game ever

I put the game on mute and Ben and Tom were still talking

- Boo

Teaches kids to fight

- Bad

Teaching kids to fight

- Pretty decent game

Although it may be annoying to have ads coming out randomly it’s still a fun game enough said


Like when Ben bends Tom’s leg I just hate it I hate 😠😱😭😭

- Mark

That’s crazy

- Best

Best app ever

- what

Are you kidding me

- I love it

It’s so Fanny👁👄👁

- Oui

Vert cool man pro aliali3210

- Speed did a video on this

Sub to speedy the dude with headsets who started this chain say me if you saw speedy make a video on thus

- Best Talking Friends app EVER

Plz bring back the TV button though

- …

Talking Ben falling out of his chair sounds like a person voice acting

- Lol


- Good game

These old talking Tom games are so good it was my childhood and you get to beat up Ben

- Traumatizing

This game was very traumatizing to me the cat started snapping Ben’s leg I am 10 and this was even traumatizing so I am yeah don’t get it definitely don’t recommend 😐

- Kids do not play this app

It is vary vile to

- Foot

What is the point if the game all you do is passing the fight button and ben’s button and when you Press tom and ben chair the chairs fall

- 😭😭

Tom abt to shoot Ben 💀💀

- I don’t know how to do something

How do I put something on the screen that says Tom and Ben news. It shows a black screen when I watch the video but I can’t get any thing on it.

- Good game

It’s a fun game THATS ALL :)

- Come on

You made Ishowspeed break his setup

- Ben and Tom

This is the silly game I have ever seen in my life


Well it’s a decent app but what is this teaching kids to FIGHT!?!?? And then that Ben breaks toms lag seems wired and desterbeing I don’t recommend this app

- LOTS of things need to be fixed

Tom and Ben CONSTANTLY laugh and sigh at each other and interrupt me when I'm saying something and it's getting on MY F**KING NERVES! ALSO, why the F**K DO YOU NEED TO PAY TO GET TOM TO HURT BEN EVEN MORE! Fix this, NOW!

- best game

best game ever

- Fun game

I have no friends but Tom and Ben make those lonely nights more bearable

- Boi what the hell boi

Boi what the hell boi

- I think it’s funny that they fight well it might be inappropriate but funny

Also is there stupid things in those eyes like in every other taking Tom game

- Hola

This is the news


IM 11 and still love this game

- Good but ads no

Good game but ads come on

- Good game

I love this game it is really fun if I were you I would download this game

- Glitch

This app is awesome always lots of fun but recently Ben doesn’t talk just Tom please fix this

- I love talking new

Love it I give it that you see 5 stars

- Funniest game ever in history

Wen I copy. SREMs they copy crazy srems

- Ben and tom news

I love this gane so much i was so funny that the bug went into bens face 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

- Hi

For crying baby’s

- Add more things to do

How old is is a crawling baby 2 ok that is how many things you can do in the game without spending money

- Cool bien cool


- Thomas


- Coool game

Cool cool cool game

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Talking Tom & Ben News 2.6.1 Screenshots & Images

Talking Tom & Ben News iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Talking Tom & Ben News iphone images
Talking Tom & Ben News iphone images
Talking Tom & Ben News iphone images
Talking Tom & Ben News iphone images
Talking Tom & Ben News Entertainment application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Talking Tom & Ben News (Version 2.6.1) Install & Download

The applications Talking Tom & Ben News was published in the category Entertainment on 2011-10-15 and was developed by Outfit7 Limited [Developer ID: 351110111]. This application file size is 138.66 MB. Talking Tom & Ben News - Entertainment app posted on 2021-03-20 current version is 2.6.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.outfit7.talkingtombennews