CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State

CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State [Reference] App Description & Overview

This comprehensive app empowers the law-abiding CCW (concealed or open carry permit) holder (or anyone who wants to lawfully transport a firearm in any state.) It gives you direct information needed to follow the maze of arcane, complicated, and dissimilar gun laws in each state and in each situation. Easy-to-use User Interface and Laws & reciprocity updated monthly or more frequently!

Join the 200,000+ people who have already downloaded the #1 gun reference app on Apple App Store!

Key Features:
-Instant updates downloaded to your device with laws changes! Auto-update now available!
-Individual laws for each state and U.S. territory stored on your phone
-Updates reciprocity information for each license.
-State Laws in each category (Transporting Firearms w/o license, Places Off-Limits for license-holders, State Preemption, Duty to Inform, "No Guns" signs Force of Law, New / Renewal Licenses, Open Carry, Parking Lot Storage, Magazines & Tactical Rifles, Use of Force & Duty to Retreat, Red Flag Laws, Age Restrictions, Restaurants Serving Alcohol, Roadside Rest Areas, State & National Parks, State & National Forests, Wildlife Management Areas, )
-Includes Federal Laws, Airplane/Train Transport, and Indian Tribal Laws
-Save your licenses / permit info
-Contact directory of state officials
-All information available offline
-Find laws based on GPS (plus local points of interest)

App comes with a free two-year subscription to all law and reciprocity updates. Additional subscription available at only $.99/ year. Optional Auto-renew (charged to iTunes 24 hours before end of subscription).

Convenient map to plan your next vacation or interstate-travel to avoid where you cannot carry. Save your current license or permits (both Resident and Non-Resident) to see which states recognize YOUR permits.

This app puts the power in your hands. Access & review the relevant firearm laws & gun prohibitions for every state. Examine actual gun laws, instead of relying on someone else's interpretation. Find prohibited locations, transportation rules, permit process, & more for every state! Includes direct links to the laws themselves on the government websites to research any open questions. Includes pertinent federal laws. For specific locations (such as restaurants serving alcohol), see the quick allowed status, then click for details & laws. Also includes "duty to notify" laws for each state (when available) for contact with a police officer, such as a traffic stop.

Instant frequent updates to the firearm laws! When new or modified laws are available, it prompts you to download the latest (usually takes only a few seconds). These changes stay with the app and are available offline once downloaded! Auto-update option available.

Compiled list of links to review information directly from the state governments & law enforcement authorities: State Statutes for each state, direct Reciprocity Information, CCW Application forms, State FAQs, & more.

Interactive state maps show any scenario: All states recognizing a specific permit, all permits that a specific state allows, type of permit available, map of states recognizing your permits. Click any state to see the detailed laws!

Find & contact (one touch dialing, map to office, email & URL) local authorities in each state.

Ability to customize: save your preferences & license information.

Interaction with other apps Posted! & Gun Vault Training Tools

Disclaimer: If unsure about legality of carrying or transporting in specific location or situation, contact local law enforcement or legal counsel. Laws change frequently and are subject to interpretation. This application implies no warranty and does not constitute legal advice. By using this app, you agree to hold the app authors and owners harmless and without liability. You are responsible for abiding by all laws (official versions held by each state). Please see full Disclaimer on Developer Website.

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CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State Customer Service, Editor Notes:

-Minor bug fixes -better transfer of subscription across devices New in 4.0: -Add new law sections: Red Flag Laws, Age Restrictions -New UI on all pages following more modern design patterns -Improved subscription behavior -Enhanced support for dark mode

CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State Comments & Reviews

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- Stop looking for a CCW app. You found it.

I don’t write reviews for apps, I just don’t, but this one was worth it. Fantastic app to stay updated on all states and territories of the US firearm laws whether permitted or not. The apps design is simple and easy to use, you can put your permitted states into a generator and the app then color codes which states you are allowed to carry in, after that you can read all pertinent laws from these states. Before this app I tried to use search engines to find out the laws of my state and the ones surrounding but going from site to site was not anywhere near the convenience of this app. A LEO showed this app to me, so I got it and other apps affiliated with this one (posted and historical documents). Yes you have to pay for them but all 3 are 100% worth it. The creator of this app does not ignore questions and concerns that get emailed to him and will do the best he can to fix the issue you have.

- Excelletn App, Responsive Support

Have used this app for over two years. It is very helpful giving detailed information including referencing local statutes. State laws and practices are updated frequently. Had an issue updating the app and the developer was very fast to respond, knowledgeable and solved the problem. This required a few back and forth emails but each one was answered quickly and was specific to my situation, not a canned reply. Highly recommend.

- A good start but not quite prime time yet

I was looking for an app that can be used across multiple iOS devices without having to re-key information. The app meets that criteria but has some issues that I hope will be solved in future releases because so far I like the app even with the issues I found. I prefer to do the data entry on my iPad and track by training sessions on my iPhone. The following are my initial observations after using the app for about an hour. I transferred all the information on my firearms, permits and some of my training sessions. There are two resident permits for Illinois but there is only one entry so I had to use the non-resident for the second. It does not have a complete inventory of firearms and ammunition. How could you not have an entry for a Ruger 10/22? It’s very handgun oriented. I am also an avid Olympic Pellet shooter which is ignored. I wish they would allow you the freedom to enter what is not in the inventory rather than just “OTHER “. I attempted to add photographs of my firearms several times and the app just terminated. When I tried to delete a firearm, it didn’t happen immediately and I had to log out and log back in to delete the firearm. I used the note section to keep track of purchase price. I wish It had the ability to add photos to your training sessions.

- Purchased-Then became Subscription

It’s a shame many of these apps say one thing; but really don’t mean it. (i.e. say they are for protecting 2nd Amendment rights and want you to be secure and safe, then just turns into a money making project). When I bought it, there was no subscription. Now, you want trickle and dollar us every year. You have a price we bought, multitudes of us bought it, and now you’ve turned into the money grubbing thieves we all despise. Why don’t you try saying, “We don’t give a damned about your 2nd Amendment rights; just buy our product with an annual fee.” See how many people really trust your judgement . As with all things, it no longer becomes a belief when you put almighty dollar in front of your initial great effort. We law abiding citizens seem to get coming and going; you’re no different than politicians who will say anything to get what they want. For those who say it’s just a .99 cents. You’re part of the problem. You can’t do wrong to do right.

- Now it’s a yearly subscription!

I purchased this app several years ago and honestly can’t remember the exact cost. I believe it was $7.99 or $9.99. The app works great and is updated frequently. It has been my go to for as long as I can remember. My understanding was that it was a one time purchase so you can understand my disappointment when I opened the app and it is now telling me my subscription is expired. When I emailed support they were prompt in answering but told me there was never a lifetime but they would throw in an extra year. Funny how it was lifetime when I paid the ten bucks for it but years later when that money is already spent now they need yearly subscriptions. Really kind of pisses me off but I will say that this app works great and does exactly what it promises. I’m still undecided on wether or not I’m going to pay the new subscription fees or just find another app.

- Poorly programmed it seems

I bought the app on a whim as a “why not” convenience thing. On first boot, a Pop-up message explains that it looks like I just bought the app (yes, I did). App then explains that it comes with 2 yrs subscription for free (okay). Pop-up message proceeds to state that it failed to verify that I should have said subscription (not looking good). I tried to restore purchases (doesn’t work). I’m prompted to enter my Apple email and to email app’s support (this sounds like the start of a fun adventure in wasting my time). The content on the app seemed alright, but I refuse to use the app unless I know it is up-to-date. So, based on my experience, if you like spending a few bucks to only have the app immediately fail to see your purchase and then prompt you to email support and wait... then this is the app for you!

- Excellent travel information

This is the best app I have personally purchased. I was looking to buy a handbook that would give me state to state information. I would have to update each time I traveled to be sure I have the latest information. This app is loaded on my iPad and iPhone so everywhere I travel I know the requirements for the state I am in. They thought of everything, even an automatic update switch. Well done and concise.

- Don’t be stupid, GET this App

Ladies & Gentlemen - I have had this app for almost three years and it has never let me down while traveling to other states with my weapon......If you feel unsure then just call the state police to where you traveling to double check, which you should do anyway just to be absolutely sure. I would highly recommend this app, no BS, you will not be disappointed.

- Review of CCW

This app for people that carry is absolutely great. Nothing compares to it. The $1.99 for 2 years is exceptional for all the information all of us gun toting people need to have for each State in the Union. Don’t hesitate! Get it. Yes, I recommend. 5 Stars all day long. And I needed help with the app the 2nd day (today) and wow, the customer service was fast, he knew how to fix the problem, and just great service. Thanks, David

- Every gun owner needs this app

This is absolutely a must have for every individual who owns a guns and even better for those who have a or multiple CCW permits. I have had on my phone for years and I absolutely love it and refer this app to all my friends. The app is a wealth of knowledge and continuously stays up and accurate on the ever changing gun laws. It is great especially if you do a lot of traveling.

- Great app

Great app, even better support! I’m able to look up current laws in every state, which makes travel much easier. However, when I opened the app for the first time, it came up with a thing telling me my subscription had expired, despite paying for it. I emailed their support, and in just a few hours, they sent me the solution!

- And the Winner is!

I have tried a dozen apps to help manage my obligation to be a lawful CCW permit holder. This app by far is the very best, and mainly because of ease of use and the invaluable and CONSTANT updates, empowering me to avoid making a mistake. Recommend to everyone! Gets better with every update and I enjoy the anti-gun app just as much. No need to patronize a business that refuses to respect my lawful 2nd amendment rights.

- Looks good

Its a great looking app and im happy to have bought it for $1.99 however its supposed to include a two yr subscription and its not registering for me to have one. I tried to find a way to contact the developer but its not working for me. I figured id write this review to maybe get some help. Please someone help me. And ill gladly re-review this app

- Need help

Great app I have it installed on iPhone and I pad. Works great. I also added Gun vault and posted to go with it. The only problem is when using gun vault if I enter the data in my iPad it won’t transfer over to my IPhone automatically. Yes it is the same account but this is definitely a problem! There is no phone or email to contact customer service to resolve the issue! Hope somebody can help

- Overall Great App But...

When I purchased this app many years ago I paid money for it. NOWHERE in the app (or elsewhere) did it say the updates were subscription based. Apparently they have recently made this change and did not grandfather the app’s original supporters into permanent updates. I login today to find I can’t get reciprocity or legal updates unless I fork over money on an annual basis. While it’s only .99 cents, it’s the principal of the matter that I find unacceptable. Having said this, the app itself is truly phenomenal.

- A “Must Have” App

I’ve been a SC CWP instructor for many years and love this app. I direct ALL of my students to this and tell them that this is one of the best companions since the pistol. Thank you for putting together such detailed information into one place, and the fact that I can take it with me anywhere is so convenient!!!

- Great app

I bought this app about 7 years ago and have loved it the whole time. Helps out during all trips i go on and have to plan out when and where i can carry. I haven’t noticed any inaccuracies with the information and updated info in the app. So its a reliable app for all ccw needs.

- Up to date always

Not many times will you open the app and not have law updated to load. Great piece of mind as you’re traveling. Very easy to keep up with rules and regulations. Clear and concise navigation through the app. Highly recommend this app for anyone with a CCW

- Great source and easy to use

App developer seems interested in keeping it up to date as possible given the constantly evolving rule changes. I notified them of a broken link to external website and they had it fixed the next day. Great app, simple to use.

- Very fast service.

After installing this app, for unknown reason it said my subscription ran out. I sent a email to the developer explaining what happened and soon after he respond and took care of the problem. The app works great and customer support is 1st class.

- Need help

For some reason I can’t email via the app. Can someone from service provide email address for me? My address on the app isn’t correct. It’s using GPS location so is that important? It’s my neighbors address. But I don’t see where to put in personal info.

- Great app

This has so much information in it about gun laws. It is a must have for anyone who travels with a firearm. All the states are covered as well as federal and most tribal land. Well worth the money. Could save you lots of money and headaches should you get caught caring when or where you are not allowed

- Best App I’ve come across

This app is the best I’ve come across. I’ve had arguments with firearm holders and showed them the law from this app which is spot on from knowing the laws of my state of NY. It’s helped other CCW’s too now that they know about this app. Get it a try you won’t be disappointed

- Almost perfect!

This app has done all the research and work for you. If you are bordered by extreme liberal states or entities like I am, Maryland & D.C. who are forever changing, this app keeps up. It also notifies you when you are behind on updates. If you carry, download and carry this app w/ you.

- Best Concealed Carry App!

This app is a must if you travel around much and want the latest info on reciprocal states that honor your permits and gun laws in general in all states. Very well organized and super easy to use. Have not found anything to match it for it’s design and ease of use.

- Great app

The CCW app is a must have when you have a CCL especially when you travel. When I plan a trip the fist thing I do is map out my route and go through the app so I know exactly what the laws are so I’m not breaking any laws. Love this app and definitely recommend it!

- Impressive & complete!!

Very impressed. IF this app stays CURRENT with regular updates, it will be THE MOST USEFUL app for CCW people, esp when traveling. Thank You dev! -Oh, your other app "Posted" is also well done! Please keep up the good work and keep the info current. EDIT: I simply want to say THANK YOU. Your CCW, Posted! & GunVault apps are the best, and hugely useful‼️ Honestly I don’t know how you manage the constant data-pull it must take to stay current with the constant changes state-by-state. The level of detail provided is really impressive. Big kudos to all of you.

- Awesome App

I travel between states a lot and always carry. So this app is very useful for checking areas where I can carry and states that recognize my permit. As well as wether I can carry in parks, bars or open carry. Awesome app hopefully HR 38 passes so we can carry everywhere!

- I love this app but...

Great but they need to update the state (AK) I did a quick google search and reciprocity states are wrong. I wish I could share my screen shot photos but you guys are miss informing people and to add to this PR needs be more details about flying with your pistol or even rifle if you guys need help please contact me.

- Amazing Updates

I’ve been a customer and user for several years. These new updates are amazing. You now have the ability to enter your permit info for each state right in the app.

- Great app, tons of awesome features

Really breaks down the need to know info and provides the in depth stuff as well. UI is a little dated but the app it works well for the app. Simple to navigate, regular updates to changing laws. Must have for those who CCW across state lines.

- Brian

I travel all over the United States for work. This app is incredible. Very up to date, and very user friendly. I would, and have, recommend it to anyone looking to travel that carries their firearms with them.

- Best traveling App I have

I’ve used this app for years for a quick reference when planning to or traveling through various states. I receive updates frequently for states changing gun laws. One of the best app I have.

- Awesome app, buy with confidence.

Easy to use and very informative, especially if you carry in other states. There is so much valuable info here and so easy to use. If you carry you need this. It's that simple.

- Great info when traveling

I appreciate having access to the laws in my state, but what makes this app useful is having that info available when we’re traveling.


This is the most helpful and accurate app I have ever downloaded. It give you all the information you need when traveling with a weapon. I would recommend anyone to get this app.

- Love this app!! Cannot imagine carrying without it!!

It is simple: Don’t carry your weapon without this app. Links to actual laws make it easy to stay on the right side of the law!! Easiest way to be responsible!!

- Disappointed / IOS:13.5.1 App:4.0.1 To App Development Team

My app wasn’t working, I thought my membership had expired so I deleted it and downloaded it again from the Apple store. Just as expected it charged me $1.99 to download again. After the app was downloaded, I open the app and it gave me a message “Your subscription expired” its asking for $0.99 to renew? I don’t understand the charges...Be aware this won’t happen to you!

- Awesome

I have loved this program since day one and the new interface makes a great app even better. Never had any issues. Well worth it.

- Best

Always keeps me updated on new laws per state. Amazing how quickly new changes per state a brought into law. Impossible to track. This app does it all. Awesome for every CCW individual. Thank you.

- Everything in one place

This app is an amazing resource for information for all states & it answers most of the questions that I have about gun laws.

- Solid app

Solid app that all CCW individuals should holster in their phones. UI could use some updating for simpler navigation and some eye candy. I’d like a section that simplified some of the laws in addition to just the current style of linking to the law directly.

- Informative and easy

This app is very informative and easy to use. I really appreciate the updates so that I can stay abreast of law changes throughout the country.

- Nice app

One of the few keepers I have on my phone. Yeah, it’s now subscription based but keeping fifty states laws current is not a task I would want to do, I can handle a buck a year subscription.

- Great app

I have been using this for well over a year now. One of the best purchases I’ve made. I also got the “Posted” app too. Both of them are excellent!!!!

- CCW app

Every time I open the app there’s a pop up to renew?.. I tried once and didn’t go through.. I don’t recall paying, I’ve had this app for long time, How much is it?

- Best CCW app

Loads of info updated on a regular basis. Emails to customer support are always answered quickly with any issues being resolved fast and fair. It’s a bargain at .99 per year!

- Best Resource

A “ must have” app if you want to edc! Great support after sale, updates are accurate and helpful! I purchased this app and am quite satisfied with its performance!

- Great app

This is a great app and has all the information I need when planning a trip. From the laws governing transportation of my CCW to where I am allowed to carry. The ease of operation and abundance of information is awesome. I would suggest this app to other CCW carriers.

- Was a good product

This last update makes you repay for the app or lose access to all the information stored on what was paid for previously, apparently greed is good and this company is full of it. The products maker have taken the time to solve my problems thank you.

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- Loads of Information

This is so way to use. Amazing how the developers made this with so much information available.

- Updates have ruined this app! Give me back the Original app!!

Updates have ruined this app. Are used to be able to look up what states my Arizona and Utah CCW’s were good at. But I can’t do that anymore. Now It only lets me look at California crap while I temporarily live here!!

- Essential Tool for Gunowners

Having used the app for years I can attest to its utility. I can now also attest to the prompt and useful tech support it offers. Get this app and stay informed.

- Misleading subscription

The description mentioned app came with 2 year subscription. However, I had to purchase a 1 year subscription after purchasing this app. The app is user friendly. It is easy to search laws by state.

- Gun Info

Very helpful AND current items , appreciate updates that otherwise might never be aware of

- CCF App

Excellent resource! Very timely updates!! Highly recommend to carry on your electronic device -- provides superb references to legal rulings for concealed carry state by state -- enables inserting your multiple CCW permits to determine rulings for CCW carry

- This app is awesome

This should be the standard issue app when you get a ccw ,, always updated ,,, when in doubt look it up ....

- Always helpful

Always helpful we even use it when we reach our CCW class so students know where to stay legal

- A must have.

If you travel outside your own state, whether for business or leisure, this app will be your best friend. Will keep you out of trouble.

- Dennis Rossi

Still learning to use the app but I’m impressed by the amount of information that can be available to me on one site. 👍

- A valued tool

This app helps you know which states allow concealed carry. It’s updated regularly and is one of the most valuable tools in the CCW world.

- The absolute best way to navigate through reciprocity.

I teach concealed carry in WI. I tell all my students that this app is the best 2 bucks they will ever spend.

- After paying for the app many years ago, they change to subscription

I have been using this app for over 3 yrs now. I paid for the app and now the want to make it a subscription model without warning. It is unfair that I paid for a full time membership but you now want to make is subscription model.

- CCW app

This is a must have app in this day and time,laws are constantly changing and one must be prepared and up to date... CCW gives you just that.

- Concise useful information

I like this app so much I bought it again when I switched to an iPhone.

- Gun carry resource

This is the best CCW resource available. I have been using this CCW application for ten or more years and never found it lacking.

- Keeps you in the know

This app lets you know if you can have your weapon on or you have to lock it up !

- Best of the Best !!!

I truly believe this is the best sight of the 3 or 4 competitors. After seeing my phone app many have switched over to this app.

- Best CCW app out there!

I have purchased other ccw apps but they are no way as informative as this one. Also they update regularly.

- I use this frequently. It is accurate and user friendly. I highly recommend it.


- Sudden Sub Charge

I purchased this app more than seven years ago, and now this unannounced charge has come around. What about grandfathering in those who bought this app before the app becoming subscription-based. I would understand if it was a free app, and then “pro” account options were available for a fee, but come on.

- Excellent👍👍

Best CCW information app I’ve seen. Easy to use, and updated at least monthly. I don’t leave home without it.

- Use to be a great app

This used to be a wonderful app. I paid something like $3 maybe more? for the app I can’t remember. Now all of a sudden they want me to pay a dollar a year now to keep this going. I’ll pay for an app one and done but had I known that they were gonna pull this later on I probably wouldn’t have done it.

- Very useful

Excellent source of important information that you need if you travel. Up dates on various states’ laws beneficial.

- Best CCW app available

This is an amazing CCW app. A must have if you travel. It provides comprehensive, easy to read information on all states I also have Legal Heat, and this CCW app is much better Support is amazing in the rare event it is needed. My State definition files got wonky and within the same day, with only 4 emails passed, the problem was solved I highly recommend this app

- Informative

I check back to this site on a regular basis. I find it useful and informative. Nice to have an updated source of Gun laws.

- Don’t spend your money

I am extremely disappointed in this app after 2 minutes. DO NOT TRUST THIS APP TO BE ACCURATE!!!!!!!!! Literally the first thing I looked at (reciprocity) in my state and there is incorrect info. I cannot trust anything else on this app as the most basic thing there is can’t even be reported correctly. I want my money back

- Traveling? You need this app.

Constant updates so the info is up to date

- Carolina Veteran

Easily the best tool for a concealed carry besides a weapon. It makes travel simple and laws east to find. Seriously a must have for anyone who travels with a weapon.

- Great information, shame you now charge for updates

I’ve used this app for several years, and recently it’s asking me for a subscription to update the legal information. No thank you. There are plenty of services online that do the same and don’t charge. I’ll be deleting the app.

- Recommend

I recommend this app to all my students.

- Took my money won’t renew

I just re-purchased this app on a new phone and the subscription says expired. They say to email them to let them know of this issue but every time I click email them it says cannot send email. I can’t find anyway to get ahold of support to fix this.

- So helpful

This app has more good information than I could have imagined! Well done!

- Fantastic!

This app never ceases to satisfy my needs for up to date laws and regulations. Constantly evolving and easy to navigate.

- The best

This is the best CC app I’ve found. Easy to use and very clearly displayed. Every time I open it, it does an update.

- App Review

Great app, keeps you posted on any and all changes on Concealed Carry laws in all states, great buy n will always have it!!👍🇺🇸

- Great

Gives you the help you need to get a clear understanding of gun laws and how to carry legally in each state .

- Information

Great information! Very simple to understand.

- Great app

I have relied on this app for up to date information for years

- Awesome app!

This is a must have app for any serious gun owner in this day and age! Recommended with 5 Stars. I would pay more for this!

- Very helpful app

I travel with my firearms often. This app keeps me informed and up to date in real time😎👍

- Best App Ever

Very handy app to have while carrying cross country. I love all the updates to keep me current on local laws.

- Not Very Good

Seems to be a problem with recognizing the 2-year subscription that is supposed to come with purchase. I’ve tried the “restore” option as suggested in the app, it didn’t work. Tried to use the app support email but it doesn’t work either.

- Best CCW App I’ve come across

As a travel nurse who travels EVERYWHERE, this app is GREAT. Stays current and is very user friendly. If you carry and travel, this is a MUST HAVE.

- Great app

Fantastic app that gives me an update of the states I may be traveling through and visiting!

- Great!

Great sight. Very informative. Can’t wait to be informed when Maryland changes their laws. Meanwhile, one can only hope!

- Good info

Great app for quick information for all

- Subscription problems

If you have this on multiple devices, don’t expect the subscription to work on more than one. This has been an issue for a while, and they haven’t fixed it. Might wanna look elsewhere.

- bienvenido

It’s the best to be informed on rules of each state and be aware of my legal issues on every state.

- The patchwork of states that is now the second amendment

Great app very informative very useful from state to state

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CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State 4.0.2 Screenshots & Images

CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State iphone images
CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State iphone images
CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State iphone images
CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State iphone images
CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State iphone images
CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State iphone images
CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State iphone images
CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State iphone images

CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State (Version 4.0.2) Install & Download

The applications CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State was published in the category Reference on 2011-06-16 and was developed by Workman Consulting LLC [Developer ID: 430118017]. This application file size is 25.72 MB. CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State - Reference app posted on 2020-08-06 current version is 4.0.2 and works well on IOS 12.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: ccw

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