HOME OUTSIDE® [Lifestyle] App Description & Overview

What is home outside® app? HOME OUTSIDE®: Landscape Design for Everyone
***As featured in The New York Times, Fox News, USA Today, Gardenista, and more***
“Home Outside allows you to create intricate and varied landscapes. And when you’re finished designing your yard or indulging in a little dreamscaping, you can e-mail results to friend.” –Kate Murphy, The New York Times

“I can’t imagine a designer who wouldn’t want to have this on their phone or tablet. I’ve tried this app … it’s a great tool for a ‘quickie’ design that you can show clients and then refine as you like.” –Jane Berger, Garden Design Online
Home Outside® is a landscape design app with all the tools you need to mock up your property, create new designs, and share them with friends and family.
Ideal for homeowners who want to try out fresh ideas for their yard. Useful for landscape professionals to share designs with clients and contractors. Also perfect for children and adults alike to exercise their imagination and creativity!
Use Home Outside to select and place over 700 beautiful hand-drawn elements including trees, gardens, pools, patios, hammocks, driveways, houses and sheds, solar panels, and just about anything you might want for your property.
Features include:
• Sample designs to inspire or get you started
• Simple tap-and-drag functionality
• Twenty-nine palettes (700+ elements) to create your landscape design layout
• Resize, Rotate, Undo/Redo, Duplicate, Flip, Group
• Rotate elements with “Snap to 90” or turn off to rotate more precisely
• Snap to grid (elements stick to a re-sizable grid of guidelines, turn on/off in Settings)
• Rulers (visible at edges of design; zoom in to the single unit; user selects feet/meters; can be turned on/off)
• Choose from 15 different background colors
• Sketch Tool (allows users to draw garden beds and other free-form shapes with an eraser and brushes of different colors, widths and opacity)
• Map Tool (This mapping tool based on Google Maps allows you to outline your property and import the map image with measurements into the app as a layer.)
• North arrow (appears with Map Tool)
• Site Analysis palettes to mark the locations of your site’s utilities and light and moisture conditions
• Notes (allows users to tag elements in their designs with typed comments or descriptions)
• Light/Dark mode (changes Note tags and North arrow from white to black for visibility against light backgrounds.)
• Animated Figures (a palette of animated elements—a person, dog, cat, bird, and car—that move through your design on a looped or repeating path, adjustable speed, play and stop animation)
• Import a Photo as a layer (useful for importing a digital image of your property plan)
• Create different Layers of elements in your design. Add, delete, rename layers, make each layer visible/invisible, lock/unlock for editing, and reorder layer position.
• In-app Design Primer by Julie Moir Messervy
• Designs automatically save to the app’s Designs gallery
• Email an editable design so friends can edit one another’s designs and email them back and forth

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HOME OUTSIDE® Customer Service, Editor Notes:

HOME OUTSIDE® Version 3.2.212 June 2019

Minor bug fixes..

HOME OUTSIDE® Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great Utility

I’ve really enjoyed this app, especially now that I’m getting better at using it. It’s addictive! Two things I would love to see that would be great value-adds and not too much development cost is the ability to stretch an object horizontally or vertically to slightly change its shape. Also would like more images to pick from. The object resizing works great, but sometimes I want to keep the width but extend the length, and I haven’t seen that ability. I would also like to rescale everything so that, for instance, the property shown is 150 ft long and 120 ft wide, instead of 180 ft long and 150 ft wide. I’m just having a hard time dialing that in, so I don’t know how big all my objects really need to be, or I have to account mentally for some conversion factor as I size my objects. There was some kind of scale thing when I first uploaded and blueprint of my property, but I can’t figure out how to get back to it, and I’m worried that all my objects would not adjust with it anyway. That’s why I think ithe option would be cool to rescale the whole thing. Otherwise it’s perfect!

- See my vision

I have been in the landscape industry for over 30 years now. I have used many different design programs during this time. To include expensive cad based programs. This is a good basic and easy to use design app. Some clients can not see the vision of the landscape I’m trying to sell them. When this happens, I find this app very useful to share that vision. There is a little learning curve to be efficient using this design app. Some may not even experience this curve. I can complete a design in about 20 to 30 minutes and either print it out or email it to my client. I’m hoping they continue to add new objects as this will only make it that much better and easier to use. I would recommend this app to anyone who would be in a position to create new landscapes.

- Almost there

The program is stable and works good once you get the hang of it. I like the layers and notes features. The map function is awesome. The sketch function works well but leads me to the first shortfall, no way to fill sketch drawing with a color or textures. It would be great if you could resize on X or Y axis independently for objects, it’s hard to get the shapes you need without duplicating. It has some great features but a few more will take this over the top.

- Simple but awesome!

I’ve been able to use this simple little app for so much!! I used it to help set up where we wanted our pool built in our backyard to how to set up furniture on our patio once the pool was built. Next I’ll use it for the front yard as we plan to pull up our landscaping there and start over. It doesn’t have a whole lot of options, so it won’t be perfect but I’ve always been able to make it work. I prefer it’s simplicity and top down view to the more complicated and 3D looks of other apps.

- Good app

I like the app, and I’ve yet to find another app worth using as a way to manage my 36+ acres, but as other reviewers have noted, the app would benefit from adding the ability to draw shapes and structures of specific dimensions rather than choosing from pre-proportioned blocks and being able to draw fencing by converting lines into fences rather than the clumsy fence blocks provided. I still give it 5 stars because it IS a good looking and functioning app. Perhaps I should give it 4 stars, but I’ve yet to find any other comparable app.

- Great app. Nothing like it as good.

Which is my 5 star rating. Would love to be able to size things accordingly and not rely on preformed sizes. Also would love an update with new things. (More furniture. HardscApes. Etc. Maybe an outdoor shower ) hahaha. I like the feature where we can upload photos but finding good matches for the over all aesthetic takes time. Over all I love it. I’m about to re do my entire yard front and back and this was really helpful to see if the idea would work.

- Could use improvement

Coming from a landscape designer’s perspective, the app could use a lot of work. The designs shown in the apps description are aesthetically pleasing however, from the limited time I have spent with it, it is almost impossible to create a drawing that is to scale. You can only use pre- determined objects for creating your basic site map. You can adjust the structures, but not easily create a house outline for example. You cannot snap the lines to the grid as in most AutoCAD programs to create straight polygonal lines. If this function alone were added I feel the app would be improved greatly.

- Decent but needs more features

This app is OK for general use for basic purposes however I feel like it relies too heavily on the drawing portion of the app to make up for its lack of features such as additional shapes and plant types and the ability to stretch an item such as a fence or Rockwall to a certain length. I also feel the interface could use a little bit of work like when I tap on an item and then go back it takes me to the main menu instead of back where I was previously. I would also like to see this app automatically update across devices.

- Very good for beginners

I had very little experience but needed to make a diagram of our garden club’s plans for a garden at an island center of a state highway. DOT had specific requirements for the plans. I was able to complete the layout according to their specific guidelines using this app. Spent one evening playing with it while watching TV and I was ready to go. Not hard to use. Plan looks very professional and the other club members were impressed

- Exactly what I was looking for

I have an oddly shaped house and lot. I love that I was able to take a snapshot of the house on google maps and use the exact dimensions to plan everything out. The built in materials and building blocks made it easy to visualize what we’re trying to accomplish. Minor bug, I think you can only ‘sketch’ on one layer. I would like to be able to sketch on each layer for when the built in shapes aren’t enough.

- Awesome App!

We viewed a sale house with 4 acres with a realtor last weekend. Afterwards, I used the “platt” map and arial photo of the property and property lines as the background in Home Outside:Landscape. Such fun! After I layered all the buildings and tree, plant, pond features and CHANGES that I wanted over the map and photo, I deleted the map/photo and now have a GREAT landscaping plan. (Although, were probably not buying the property ...it was a great way to process and see the possibilities.)

- Sophisticated app but lacks basics

The user interface looks good from an aesthetic point if view, and there are a lot of cool things about this app. The developer did a good job. But still, some very basic things are missing. I don't see that you can set the shape and size of your yard from within the app. The shapes yiu can add to the draw are each stuck to certain width-to-length proportion and all you can do is enlarge and shrink retaining the same proportion. After trying out I gave up, as te features it has are canceled by the basics it doesn't have.

- Exactly what I was looking for

I was looking for an easy to use garden design app and this is wonderful. You can create entire landscapes, use layers, add notes for what you’re planting, add structures, hardscape, furniture and planting conditions...it’s really fun and inspiring. A wonderful addition would be a way to export the notes list along with the final garden design. You can only add 40 notes, but maybe that means I need to stop buying so many plants :)

- Exactly what I was looking for

My wife and I are building a house right now. I was able to use this app to design the layout for all of our landscape and hardscape areas. I had some general ideas of what I wanted and the app was very helpful in allowing me to put those ideas into a comprehensive plan. Saved me from having to pay a landscape architect $5k to $10k. Good stuff.

- Lacks basics

Great looking app, unfortunately lacks the basic ability to create your own size landscape. Example: The space I want to landscape is 10’ x 35’. I can’t quickly add that shape or size blueprint to work with. I either need to select the actual area on google maps (which is practically impossible for a space that small), or draw out a blueprint on paper, take a picture of the blueprint with my phone, and add it via camera roll. All other great features of the app are simply rendered useless if users can’t create a rectangle.

- Great app!

I recently took a class that asked me to draw a plan of my property. I’m not an artist, so I tried this app. It took a little time to get the hang of it, but I eventually made a plan of my yard that I can use. The other students were very impressed! Taking off one star because it can use a few improvements, but overall it’s pretty great.

- Not worth the money for small projects

Unable to snap a grid drawing of my smaller project. If I was working with numerous acres this might be worth the expense, but useless for a smaller project like mine. You should be able to enter a dimension as a starter and be able to work from there. Also, in the systems page, trying to scroll up or down only worked part of the time. I kept having to exit the program and re-enter to get it to work. In the end, it simply wouldn’t scroll at all. I’ll delete the program and look for something better.

- Fun to use

I’ve only hap this app for a few days and I’m having fun discovering what I can do with it. After hunting around the available items that can be placed on the plans and that things can be put on different levels. I find it a very useful planning tool.

- Highly Impressed!!

This is the first unsolicited review I’ve actually gone back into the App Store to give! This app is VERY slick!! It took about 5 minutes for me to understand what I was doing and then I was ready to go!! I do suggest that you pay attention to the Tips as they give you valuable instructions. GREAT JOB to the Developers-this app is a HOME RUN!!

- Finally, the planning tool I needed!

I’ve spent days looking for exactly this type of landscape design tool and was thrilled to find this - and for free. I haven’t used the photo or map features, but the layout and sketch tool is perfect for committing ideas to “paper.” 10/10 would recommend.

- Whaaaaaat it's free??!! YES!!

Thank you Home Outside, for showing others that free can be useful. There are so many apps out there that are only worth to be deleted! I love your app! Easy to learn, easy to use, and loads of options! Looking forward to the landscape version. If you're looking for Beta users, I'm your girl!!

- Why pay for a design when you can create you own!

Few words need for this app. It’s great. If you know what you’re looking for and doing it’s easy to manage. Wishing 2 hrs of playing with it I got a final design for my own backyard. I may even become a professional backyard stylist. Who knows!

- Sweet for concept designs!

This is great for mapping out the basic areas of my property to get an idea across quickly. It’s NOT a super sophisticated design tool like CAD or similar desktop programs—it’s more like a colorful sandbox tool with remarkable functionality and agility for a small screen.

- Alwaysagoodday

This app is the bomb! Downloaded and went right to work with it! I have about a level three experience on a one to ten using design programs so not that savvy but this program was excellent. Turned out my new landscape design within an afternoon. Quite happy.

- Surprised at how useful this is

Great ap. I’ve used it to plot our landscape design as well as barn layout. Very easy to use. Great options and I’ve gotten creative at how to use different shapes and colors to add structures and plants that are not built in to the program.

- Very useful

It took me awhile to learn how to use it to it’s full potential but once I did it did an amazing job at helping me visualize my desired landscape designs. I see other reviews saying you have to pay for the app but when I downloaded the app it was free.

- Awesome app

Very useful with easy to use for basic planning and then the features are much more in depth than most would ever use. The examples are perfect to see how to use the features to their capability. Most of us will be more than impressed by the simplicity

- Brings Ideas to Life!

I’m working on designing my backyard and I had a tough time picturing what it would look like. After finding this free app, I was able to get a visual. I especially loved the ability to download the map! I highly recommend this amazing app!

- Great ap.

Got this ap to map out our maple trees we use for maple syrup. The note part is great to number the trees and keep track of how many gallons of sap from each tree. We can see which trees are producing and which aren't. Much better than a hand written log.

- I have used this app SO MANY times!

I am a person that has to move furniture to see it/feel it. This app has really helped me to have that experience, without the back ache. Just saying. :)

- This is the bomb!!!

I love this app I have been looking for an app like this for quite some time. I checked in the App Store and came across this app and I was able to click on it and figure it out in about 30 minutes.

- Amazing App

Very easy to use, after using this app to create my outline and landscape blueprint for my yard it gave me the confidence to actually see a future in landscape design. Thank you for the team that put this together! Keep Pushing. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Frustrating and limited design

Great features, but lost all my work in one wrong click. No undo of any kind. Does not support landscape view on iPad only portrait. I would give 5 stars if it was better designed for iPad, a place to save a backup to design, and have an undo feature.

- Disappointed

I wanted a way to redesign a concrete patio around a pool. The tools are very basic. You can create boxes or draw a rough outline with the pencil tool. You cannot make curves nor fill in a free form drawn shape with the hardscape material. Disappointed I spent the money when it just couldn’t offer what I needed. I used it for less than an hour and uninstalled it.

- Missing feature

This is a fabulous app for the price, but buyer beware, it’s missing something extremely important. The photo export is a low res joke. There is no PDF or high quality export. So there’s so actual way to print a decent copy. The images look pixelated and choppy. If it had a decent export it would easily be a 5 star app.

- Improve with 5x more shrub/tree variety!!!

I love this app! It’s easy to use and has helped me sell landscape jobs. However the shrub/tree pallet is extremely limited and needs to improve with 5x the current variety.

- Enjoyed creating my design

I found the program very easy to use and was able to get my ideas into a form I could print. Very limited plant selections, but was able to create icons to represent my selections.

- not great for iPad

This app would be a lot more useful if you could use it in horizontal on an ipad so you could design it properly.

- Very helpful

Using this app, I was able to design the new patio for our new house. It’s easy to use. While not having all the bells and whistles, it enabled me to give life to my vision.


I love this app SO SO SO MUCH! It’s so easy and fun. One thing I cannot figure out though is how to make the size of objects. Other than that, this is the best home designing app out there! No in app purchases! All free! So expect to sizing objects, this app is AMAZING!

- I give it five because it’s also free

I nice little app to design a garden. It was so simple to use so please do not change and do not do anything ever ever ever again:-)

- Great app!!!

I usually don't rate apps as that much but i like this app and how you can design your home or park or anything, keep at good work!!

- Too Simple

I thought I was going to be able to design my backyard using real photos of plants with specific names but instead it’s just an overhead view using overly simple drawings of non-specific plants, trees etc. May be good for some but definitely not what I needed

- Best!

20 years designing,I use this app more than any other pc software and app .if you know how to use it is amazing.

- Not intuitive, not useful

This app is NOT intuitive. How do I set the size of my house?? Sizing with two fingers does not let me set the correct size of the house because I can’t change the ratio of LxW, it’s preset. Also, my iPad sits in a stand that is landscape and this app forces me to work in portrait only.

- Never got past step 1

Setting the dimensions you want to work with should be up front, obvious & in you face. I uninstalled after not being being able to get started. Shrug.

- Missing basics

I wanted to use this app to sketch out some designs for my property. The app is missing the most basic functions, including adjusting the size of base project, scrolling vertically or horizontally, etc. really disappointed that they got my 2.99. Don’t waste your money.

- It's fun like a game but nothing more

Although it looks high tech and advance it feels more like a kids game. You can't create curves or custom paths and scaling is impossible to get the right with with out changing the length. But it is free and you get what you pay for.

- Horrible

I haven’t seen an iPad app this bad in years. Only works in portrait mode, terrible UX, spent 2 hours trying to simply add a green 15x25 rectangle on a design before giving up - if there is a way to do it, it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out. I’ve been robbed.

- Not integrated with plant species

Great for basic planning, but I need to be able to plot the actual dimensions of my space. I would also like a feature to add specific plant varieties (drought tolerant, full sun, shade only, height, etc) so I can take my design full scale with confidence.

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- Good solid free and helpful app

Does what is advertised, ideal for planning out a base model for outdoor areas and unlike most other apps it’s actually usable in its free form, highly recommend

- Terrific time saver!

Is rare nowadays to download an application that does everything it says it will - and more! This is a terrific little app and I've found it invaluable in planning out the stables and outdoor living areas, fencing etc for my new country property. It's helped me to visualise and spot problems before I actually start the process for real. It's helped me to accurately judge how many fence posts I need per fence, positioning of gates etc. Can't recommend it more highly! Thanks for a true time saving application that has made a real world job so much easier.

- Great little program

This is a great little app. It’s very user friendly and intuitive, and I was able to redesign my backyard within a hour or so of downloading it. I’ve tried several other apps but they were generally much less user friendly or overly complex. This app strikes a great balance between simplicity and effectiveness. As one reviewer noted many apps don’t really deliver but this one does. It’s one of the most useful apps I’ve downloaded.

- Very useful

This app is very well done it has pretty much everything one would need to help create or design a landscape style though rough sometimes very useful and easy to use my only criticism is not being able to change colours of some items other then that would recommend this app to anyone.

- Did the job

Needed something basic to help me plan out layout for backyard Reno (eg pool versus spa, where to lay things out). Found the google maps picture and ability to drag and drop basic shapes over this did the job. Not perfect, but enough to help me plan out some ideas. Couldn't find anything else out there that was free and simple to use like this. Like that you can share design via email to friends or other devices.

- Great little program

Seems to do everything one could want

- Very useful

Very useful app when explaining how you want your block planned out

- Not to bad at all

Very handy but can figure out if you can set yard dimensions in to make it easier to scale & I can adjust objects but can seem to adjust just the length or width of the object

- Love it!

Would love a new update with some new plants and new trees to choose from Love it!

- Don’t waste your money.

For an app that you need to pay for, there isn’t many options or items to choose from. Very basic, I would expect this to be free or much cheaper. Don’t waste your money on this app.

- Way too basic

Full of promises but so basic not worth paying for. A handful of tools, difficult to unjust and a smattering of plants. Waste of money.

- Very basic

Very basic. Rotating and adjusting object sizes is annoying and fickle. Apple Pencil is not supported. Basic shapes with not much variety. App crashes when I attempt to “Save as photo”. Regret buying.

- No Stars

This app only gives me a green screen. They have stolen my money!

- iPad portrait only

Only works in portrait mode :(

- Poor app very small amount of choice and functions

Quite a poor app for the price. Landscaping app with almost no plants in it. Only a few shapes and sizes with a couple of repeated colors. The functionality is also very poor. No ability to resize objects at all. No ability to create or change objects. We also had problems with it just losing work half way through so the stability is also very bad here. It's essentially a clipart dropping program with very little choice. Don't waste your money here, use a cheap or free art app instead. This app isn't worth the space if it was free.

- Good all round

Easy to learn, easy to use, good range of plants and buildings but more options here and an ability to poor fill areas or draw to creat large areas of lawn, cement, paving etc would be my only suggestion.

- Basic

Thought I would try this app to design my backyard & give me a preview of what it could look like. My first impression was basic shapes & colours. Very hard to move objects without overlapping, after several attempts I gave up. No scaling available which would be handy for landscaping projects. I thought by paying I would be getting a premium tool for landscaping design but it seems more like childs play.

- Handy App

Very handy app to visualise basic concepts. Grouping feature can be tedious.

- Great App

This is a great App. Used it for our garden design. The 12 dollars for the extra tools is a bit steep I reckon. I finally gave in and purchased but was disappointed with the grass pallet and there are many similarities to the free pallets.

- Not worth the time or $$$

Very disappointing ap. Issues: groups of items would not ungroup, some items would not select after moving, some work would not save. Very limited pallet of colours, shapes and tools.

- Great

Love it. No gardening or design skills. Was able to easily design a space great app

- Great for beginners

Great app for you who are starting out and want something to help your customers visualise your ideas. Thanks guys.

- Great App

Fast and easy to use. Produces a great image. Exactly what I was looking for

- Nifty!

Handy little way to get to visualise your future, borked at the upgrade price though for full use

- Missy

It's a ok app. Has some great features however gets a bit frustrating as the pictures are hard to rotate, resize and move

- Only if your bored

Don't waste your time. My grass grew 6 inches while setting up this with my design.

- Useless App

I paid for the full version and it is still completely useless. You can't resize the scale of an object so you have to cut and paste some things multiple times to get the correct length eg.fence. Not enough objects eg. Turf, plants. Not enough tools eg. Can't measure objects.

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- Quality app, with a few small flaws

The app doesn't have very detailed graphics, although the 'layers' feature, variety of deco and greenery, and positioning options are well-designed. Another minor flaw is that the app has a couple small bugs, such as decorations being selected still after entering and leaving the menu. The colours are gorgeous and blend together beautifully. Overall a 4/5, but with small changes it could be made perfect.

- Way over rated

This app is probably fine for doing some rough “sketching” of a yard, but it’s terrible if you want to do anything exact. There are rulers and grid lines, but they are completely unrelated so doing something to scale is virtually impossible. You can’t adjust the ratio of pre-made shapes, so if you want a rectangle that is a different length to width ratio, you have to use multiple rectangles and overlap them. The list goes on…

- Do not buy

There are some 4/5 reviews, I'm not sure if they've actually used this app. It's intensely frustrating to use. Theres no "send to back/front" so when clicking on things, they come forward and if there were things on top, now they're buried never to be seen again. All layers must be locked to zoom/rotate the design. The Google map feature was nice to start with, but good luck getting anywhere from there.

- Awkward.

Doesn't design 3D or 2D from side views. Import map doesn't work. Want to design a deck? Don't use this

- Crap app

Time waster. Don't bother. Control not there.

- Finicky

Interesting concept, but fiddly to operate and hard to manipulate the limited number of choices or to get a clear idea of scale. Trees get lost under patios, flower beds refuse to turn or shrink, things disappear for no reason.

- A great landscape layout tool!

This is a great app for people looking to plan or visualize landscapes. Very easy to use, allows you to import photos as well as google map images. I'd love to see more colours, more icons and more customization. Include those and I'd happily pay for the app. That being said, it's free and gets the job done. Thanks guys, well done!

- Espère de l'amélioration

Pourrais être meilleur ce n'est pas bon pour des paysagistes comme moi. Mais pour messieurs madame tout le monde sa peut faire la job

- No Functionality in Free App - Deleted

I feel like the designer is gaming Apple's app system to get you to download. This doesn't look good on the designer. This should be listed with a price ($20.99 Cdn) because there is no functionality to try before buying the app.

- Home outside palette

Program keeps shutting down. Very frustrating to use. Sounded good but not worth two cents. Hopefully the developers will make some much needed reprogramming.

- Useless

No functionality in the free version, only adds to buy extra stuff from them. Not recommended. I am deleting it.

- Program is useless

The free version is terrible! No matter what I wanted to do, the program kept asking me to buy their bundles, at a ridiculous price. The hardscapes had to be one size or shape, there was no modification allowed- decks are built in different shapes, not just square... Not many options, even if you are willing to pay the price. Will definitely be deleting this app.

- Free version totally useless

No matter what I tried to do, I kept getting pop ups for purchase upgrades. The free version would not allow anything to happen. Why bother?

- Not very useful

The grid doesn't match up with the rulers, there is no way to actually measure how long a dimension is, the objects you can insert aren't scaled... What is the point of this?

- Interesting, but needs improvement

I wanted to be able to show contractors the modifications I wish to make in my garden and this tool is great in that regard. In enables you to create your design on several layers so that whatever your basic structure or foundation is not altered when you make changes. On the other side this app needs improvement. First and foremost, it crashes often when your deisgn starts to require more memory. Second, you cannot change the colors of the plant, pavement, and so on. Since this already existed in the "90's (MacPaint!) II believe they could do a better job (ex. With all the diversity of colors for pavment nowadays, why is there only "pale grey" and "beige"?

- Designing landscape

Not bad, however it seems to glitch sometimes. Saves a design (zoomed in & can't retrieve the whole picture).

- Very disappointing

When I first downloaded the app I was very happy with it. Unfortunately after I spent many hours creating my yard plan the app started to freeze and loose my work. Very disappointed.

- Happy

Being able to rethink my backyard space over and over endlessly using this app is lots of fun!

- Terrible

Save your money. Poor graphics, hard to use.... A joke really.

- It's a ripoff

No possibility to resize elements you put in tour design. No use for design.

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Eating outside or cooking at home?

Aaron Wood

@nazgul This is weird for me because I grew up in a rural ish township outside the city, so it doesn’t cover either my home or the town center if I enter either... and similarly, Palo Alto doesn’t include Stanford, leaving an odd hole.


@DragonMDDamian The angel stayed outside Dragon's den, looking to his right and left as if he was looking for any demon. "Okay... Then you promise me that when you feel you have collected enough angel hearts, you will go home..."

octopus caveman 🏳️‍🌈

@What_Vegas @StockholmGooner He’d be outside Home Depot with his 12 friends

Inder Pal

@cars24india @cars24india recd email that car has been picked up by u while it's parked outside my home. Executive was supposed to visit for picking it up but no one turned up yet but calls threatening that deal will b canceled & penalties will b charged because I'm not releasing the vehicle.

Nevrit Gual Tigray

Many people including myself have found out that people we know have been killed by Eritrean/Ethiopian Military for being from Tigray. In Mekelle there is a 6pm curview& if the Ethiopian/Eritrean soldiers catch you outside&not at home there is a shoot on sight Policy no ?s asked


People really be like “I haven’t seen family/friends in 9 months, only went outside my home 4 times this year for a socially distanced walk, had the privilege of working from home, and spent hundreds of dollars to get all my food delivered. Shame on you for visiting your mother.”

cara²⁸ loves zi // claims 1:12-1:25

Turned on the lights Party was over so I said my goodbyes Step out of the club and you were waiting outside Gave you my coat cause I could see that you were cold The driver messaged that he's stuck in the snow I said There is no way im not walking you home


All the absolute assholes on vacation right now. SCREW YOU for not playing your part and being selfish pricks - I don’t care how ‘safe’ everything was or what precautions were taken you have NO NEED or BUSINESS stepping outside your home unless necessary like the rest of you.

HOME OUTSIDE® 3.2.2 Screenshots & Images

HOME OUTSIDE® iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

HOME OUTSIDE® iphone images
HOME OUTSIDE® iphone images
HOME OUTSIDE® iphone images
HOME OUTSIDE® iphone images
HOME OUTSIDE® iphone images
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The applications HOME OUTSIDE® was published in the category Lifestyle on 2011-06-01 and was developed by Home Outside, Inc. [Developer ID: 1304349118]. This application file size is 878.49 MB. HOME OUTSIDE® - Lifestyle app posted on 2019-06-12 current version is 3.2.2 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.alldreamsdigital.home-outside-design