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FiLMiC Pro v6 is the most advanced video camera for mobile. Ever. FiLMiC Pro has been enhanced with cutting-edge capabilities and the most responsive manual camera interface available on an iPhone, iPod or iPad.

A multi-time iOS Video Camera App of the Year, FiLMiC Pro has been used in more high profile video projects than any other video app.

Accolades to Date:
Best Video Camera App - Best App Ever Awards
Best Video Camera App - TUAW, Editors Pick
Best App Ever finalist - Tap! Magazine
Gizmodo Essential App
5 Stars, Editors Review,
App of the Week:
Editors Choice - Wired, Film Riot, Macworld

v6 continues this tradition by providing filmmakers, newscasters, teachers, vloggers, artists and musicians with the capability to shoot in a LOG gamma curve. LOG allows for greater tonal range and flexibility in post production setting the iPhone’s capabilities on par with camera equipment costing thousands more. †

v6 Banner Features:
•Dual arc slider controls for adjusting focus and exposure.
•Live analytics suite including Zebra Stripes, Clipping, False Color and Focus Peaking. (A8 processor devices and newer)
• Ramped zoom rocker control.
• Waveform monitor including in tri-mode histogram.
• White balance adjustment matrix with predefined and custom presets.
• Content Management System for project file naming.
• FiLMiC Sync integration to store preset data in the cloud and share between devices.
• Clip favoriting.
• Batch upload to supported share targets.
• Gamma curve controls for Natural, Dynamic, Flat and LOG. †
• Live shadow and highlight adjustments. †
• Live RGB, saturation and vibrance adjustments. †

(† Available as an optional purchase for iPhones with an A9 or newer processor and iPads with an A10X or newer processor. Limited to 30fps at 4k)

Foundation Features:
• Standard, manual and hybrid shooting modes. A shooting style for any skill level.
• Apple Watch support for remote start/stop and live video preview.
• Portrait (vertical) and landscape shooting orientations.
• Variable speed zoom.
• Sync audio frame rates of 24, 25, 30, 48* 50* and 60* fps. (* iPhone 6 and 6s series only).
• High speed frame rates of 60,120,240 fps (hardware dependent).
• Slow and fast motion FX options.
• Configurable time lapse Recording.
• Tri-mode histogram, including waveform monitor. (A7 processor devices and newer)
• Adjust video settings after capture (Exposure, contrast, saturation, tint, color temperature).
• Downsampling to multiple size/resolutions.
• Customizable saved personal presets.
• Aspect ratio framing guide overlays.
• Thirds guide for dynamic composition.
• Image stabilization.
• Support for FiLMiC Remote. FiLMiC Remote allows you to control an iOS device running FiLMiC Pro with a second device running FiLMiC Remote.

Full manual controls with pull capabilities for:
Exposure-ISO-Shutter Speed-Focus-Zoom

Up to a dozen different resolutions and aspect ratios including:
• HD Widescreen (16:9)
• Cinerama (2.59:1)
• Super 35 (2.39:1)
• Letterbox (2.20:1)
• Digital Cinema Initiative (17:9)
• Standard Definition (4:3)
• Ultra Panavision (2.76:1)
• Square (1:1)

Share your video through any iOS share-capable apps like: Facebook, DropBox, Vimeo, SanDisk iXpand, FTP

4 Flexible encoding options to balance between quality and file size:
• FiLMiC Extreme (offers 50mbps encoding at 1080p)
• FiLMiC Quality
• Apple Standard
• Economy

3rd Party Hardware Support:
• Moondog Labs Anamorphic Adapter (2.40:1)
• 35mm lens adapters
• DJI OSMO Mobile gimbal
• Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal

Advanced Audio Features:
• Multiple audio formats - AAC, AIFF or PCM
• Auto-sensing audio sampling
• Auto-sensing headphone monitoring
• Dynamic audio meter
• Adjustable audio gain
• Stereo recording support
• Support for external microphone levels
• Variable microphone positions

***Not all features available on older devices.

FiLMiC Pro-Manual Video Camera App Description & Overview

The applications FiLMiC Pro-Manual Video Camera was published in the category Photo & Video on 2011-05-15 and was developed by FiLMiC Inc. The file size is 96.95 MB. The current version is 6.9.3 and works well on 11.1 and high ios versions.

v6.9.3 adds the following new features in addition to performance optimizations:

— White Balance Auto Lock: In addition to auto white balance and white balance lock, we’ve added a third state under the Imaging Panel: White balance auto-lock on record. Now if you tap the AWB icon so it turns orange, your white balance will be automatically locked when you start a recording to prevent fluctuation, and then automatically unlocked when you end it. We have a full tutorial on our official Youtube Channel so make sure you check it out.

— Stabilization enabled by default on first launch for iPhones with an A10 processor and newer: If this is the first time you’ve downloaded and opened FiLMiC Pro, you will find stabilization enabled by default on your first launch to ensure your shots are as smooth as possible. You can disable stabilization under the Settings menu.

If you have any questions, suggestions or findings please contact us at [email protected]

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FiLMiC Pro-Manual Video Camera Reviews

Josh. G.

best camera app, 1 problem  Josh. G.  4 star

this is the best camera app i have ever experienced on my iPhone. i like how you can do more with this other than the stock camera app because they can integrate with gimbals and you actually get standard and time lapse. also this is also only a video camera so like now i have 2 camera apps one for photo and one for video. one thing i do not like about this app is that the cinematographer kit cost $14 and can it be free so everyone can enjoy cinematic footage on their iPhone. so if you are limited on controls. get this app now!!


My favorite app!  Serizy  5 star

I’m a novice but aspiring documentary filmmaker. Filmic pro has helped me progress far beyond what I thought possible with minimal investment. It has enabled me to tell the stories I want to tell. Thank you, Filmic Pro!


LOVE LOVE LOVE  mellowvisuals97  5 star

This app has everything you need to shoot ANY type of film there is...


Love the update  _Read_This_Review_  5 star

Auto locking white balance when recording starts is great, no more unexpected shifts. Awesome little update!!


Love the new version!  ForFilmsSake  5 star

This app is fun to use and very configurable. And I appreciate that this small company really tries to make film making accessible for all types of film makers!


Still going strong  NovusBarham  5 star

I’ve had this app for 8+ years and the fact that the developers continue to make updates and improvements every couple months is amazing. My go to video app!


Brilliant  ivanlesko  5 star

Absolutely fantastic


White Balance Auto Lock!  Tsetsoh  5 star

What a great feature. This makes getting the perfect shot much more consistent. Never forget to lock in the white balance.


Love this app!  JRAA77  5 star

I’ve been able to shoot some amazing footage using this app. I’m an aspiring filmmaker. I guess heavy on the aspiring part of it. I use filmic practically every day in my pursuit. Love this latest update, i will admit I’ve messed up some shots because I didn’t know what I was doing and left the white balance unlocked. To have the app do it for me is going to be a time saver and a great safety. This company listens to its customers and delivers continually. Thank you!

Jiggsaw Blue

Deleting the memory bank.  Jiggsaw Blue  3 star

I love the app my only issue is after you delete the clip your memory changes a little bit to sometimes none of the time. I can’t find nowhere on how to delete from the memory bank without completely resetting my phone to the point where it’s a new phone.


A great app!  Shadowflay  5 star

We use this app in conjunction with an iPhone 6s Plus to document a micro dairy construction. I have a 5D Mk3. Filmic is fantastic and I seldom use the 5D. I can barley fault the app. There could be a little better integration of the screen rotation feature so it works properly once viewing clips. If you haven’t rotated the screen back at the video screen it stays in that orientation. But serious, this is a fantastic app. Highly recommended.

LRW in Camperdown

Great app now even better!  LRW in Camperdown  5 star

Filmic pro has been my go to app for a while now, but it was niggly with respect for the Movi gimbal. Hardware support always felt half baked. But with 6.9 we have the integration with the Movi and its superb. Have been playing with it this morning and cannot wait to actually get outside and do something! The integration appears to take stuff straight from the Movi App (modes, window, tilt/roll, support for the D Pad etc). Have tested the basics so far record button, speed and love it. Well done Filmic!

Van merkos

Lose quality after export to camera roll  Van merkos  1 star

I recorded 4K and when I save it to camera roll it be comes 1080 . Doesn’t support well the zhiyun smooth 4 , doesn’t work the tracking mode. And many many more, I think I lost my money.

Blake Hilgers

Great app but (developer please respond)  Blake Hilgers  4 star

I bought this app it’s really good, the best on the market but when I opened the app I saw that I had to pay another $22 I thought that’s what the first $22 I payed this would be a perfect app if you could remove it and for $22 its not very important to upgrade anyway it’s just annoying please fix this and make the best mobile filming app on the market 🙏

Sean ordinary

PLEASE READ DEVS  Sean ordinary  1 star

Guys, fantastic app really. One addition would solve so many problems for me. The white balance always reverts back to AWB even if saved in a global preset! Please make it a saveable setting that persists after program is restarted(like every dslr camera behaves) or at the very least saveable to a preset where it does not reset to AWB(auto white balance). I realise it can be set each time but that is time consuming and easy to forget when you need to shoot something quickly, fixing a rapidly changing white balance in post is a nightmare. Once fixed my review will go back to five stars.


Buggy now  BuffetBoy  3 star

Films upside down when in lock horizontally mode. Just about every startup ends with a ridiculous twist and shake action to re- correct the orientation.


Can u show us which mobiles is compatible for the Log2 mode, including iso and andro  radio1069  4 star

Can u show us which mobiles is compatible for the Log2 mode, including iso and andro ? Cheers!


Great app — Needs DJI Osmo Pocket capability  KateDee  5 star

Only thing that’d make this app better would be compatibility with the new DJI Osmo Pocket and better compatibility with the Røde SC6-L Interview Kit.


Amazing functionality.  Iron  4 star

This app has amazing functionality and the manual settings for focus and aperture are awesome once you figure it all out. It does take some practice. I would love integration for the Kaiser Bass XS3 gimbal. This would make Filmic Pro my absolute primary app for shooting video.


Extremely buggy on iPhone X  Peterkoevari  1 star

Just bought this as it came highly recommended. Nice functionality in controls. Continually crashes on playing back of videos, and many times doesn’t capture audio. It has also completely rendered my iPhone frozen after crashing on playback, twice now. Please fix how horribly unstable this app is and I would rate it highly. It’s not a cheap product, with such huge bugs.


I’m a hobbyist and it makes my film look professional  Louis88keys  5 star

Love this app. I don’t really know very much about filmmaking, but there are so many tutorials on YouTube that have been helpful. I find this app very easy to use and a very powerful software.


Not yet compatible with iPhone XS  TimNicolai  2 star

Strangely, the editing feature and toolbar that should come up on recorded videos is not to be found. My friends with the app on older phones seemed bewildered to find that my version simply didn’t bring up the same menu they have on recordings - I can only watch them. I’ll definitely refine my review once this issue is resolved.


iPhone XS stereo audio missing  KC1974  2 star

So if you record video using the regular built in camera app - stereo sound recording. If you use Filmic Pro - you have the options of “bottom”, “front”, and “back”, or Bluetooth microphone, but those don’t exist, so back to the phone mic options.. Testing all 3 options in this app - none record stereo sound. It appears Apple use a combination of the built in mics for stereo sound recording. This is a great video recording app, but why is this app missing stereo sound recording support for the latest iPhones???


Concerned...  octanefresno  2 star

I recently bought the application for $14.99. And as I’m going through the options on the app I came across a screen that will not allow me to set temperature or additional color filters. It’s telling me I need to buy an additional app called cinematographer kit for an additional 14.99. Is this correct??? I just bought an app thinking it has all the bells and whistles and I’m getting a shakedown for an additional 15 bucks! Please explain is this is the case I would like a refund.

Delbert Tucker Photography

More Hardware Options Please.  Delbert Tucker Photography  5 star

Love it, for real! I’m new to filming in the iPhone and enjoying the learning experience with this well thought out app. It does not connect to my SMOVE Mobil gimbal. I wish it did! It’s not fare to give it a 4 star for that so I’m bumping it up to 5. I like how I can use the go to auto setup or take full control and shoot manual like on my DSLRs. Well worth the price so I can get creative!


Double charged  typmspc  3 star

I was charged $16.55 twice 12 days apart from original purchase! I'm going to dispute is charge. The app it self is worth it if for cinematic video composers.


Login problems plus purchase kit  40mm!  1 star

I can’t login or use the cinematographer kit that i purchase i have proof but no one responds to my multiple emails... i can’t reset my password to login..


The App is crashed too much  Kyotino  1 star

I feel so disappointed when i use filmic remote on iphone xs max, crash happens too much.


Movi Support  NéstorArria  3 star

When the Movi Stabilizer support will be available?

Bryan Pate

Not the full program, In app purchase :(  Bryan Pate  2 star

Thought the purchase included the whole program. Was trying to change color and tone as well as noise reduction but those2 features are locked and says another purchase of $14.99 is needed. Wish I would have known that and would have not spent the original $14.99 and got another app that was cheaper or fee that allowed this for what I need.


Lovely App  mavinii  5 star

Hi, I’m Brazilian, I just did buy this app because the Channel “Megapixelers” made a really good review, about this App on YouTube.

Kris harrie

Great app  Kris harrie  5 star

Got it yesterday and so far it’s really great😊. Can u name a few films that been made using filmic pro? Wanna watch them for inspiration. Thanks


Error message footage gone  Aaaaaraaan  1 star

I love using this app but at certain times the footage will not save and I get an error message!! I took footage of the cable car journey to old town Dubrovnik and it gave me an error message later on that day!! After paying €16.99 for app I would expect it to save the videos at the very least.


Turns your iPhone into a Pro Camera  QSEIreland  5 star

Must have for anyone interested in capturing high quality video on mobile device. Packed with features incl. filming in log, AWB, 4K extreme quality, support for mics, FULL support for total hands free control using DJ Osmo, Zhiyun Smooth 4 (Amazing device!) and Moondog.

brian 2971485

Hi  brian 2971485  1 star

When I go into we’re my videos are stored the videos have a blank screen and don’t have any footage and I can not save them to camera roll either

Tiniest Text

Get the most out of your phone!  Tiniest Text  4 star

A great little app which allows for manual control of almost everything on your camera! I’d like a gain control for the built in mic though! Also hoping they are going to bring out a new version which makes use of API now available for Freefly Movi’s cinema robot so that the buttons on the Movi can be assigned to controls in Filmic. Keep up the good work guys!!


Great  Chrzeskrzyboczek  5 star

Very good app not only for amateurs. Found it useful in news gathering in places were using big camera was difficult. Level of control allows for seamless application of shots in edit. Had temporary problem with app crashing on start but clean reinstall solved the issue. Great tool


A must have...!  Dinarius  5 star

Simply put, Filmic Pro turns your iPhone (in my case, 6s Plus) into a broadcast quality video camera - albeit, with only one lens! Seriously, it’s a must-have bargain.


Again proving to be a keeper videography app  Ocskom  5 star

On the AppStore you will find lots of applications for video apart from the stock camera app from Apple, but the V6 is proving to be a worthy keeper in my arsenal of apps. We are on holiday in Thailand and as is almost the begging of the rainy season I found myself playing around with FilmicPro on one rainy afternoon. I have compared some of my Panasonic GX85 video clips to the once I shot with FilmicPro and I was really surprised on how well I could mach the image! The wide shots would compare so well that I could not tell which one is which! Again I am still on my iPhone SE, so can't enjoy the benefit of Log or even just a flat picture profile, however if I want to highlight one feature that it would be the image stabilisation! Great stability with very little crop applied to the frame! Happy shooting to you all!


Great  Marf1009  5 star

By far the best video recording app on iOS.

FiLMiC Pro-Manual Video Camera Comments

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