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What is domino's pizza usa app? Conveniently order Domino’s Pizza from anywhere on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Build your pizza just the way you like it or choose one of our specialty pizzas. Add items from the rest of our oven-baked menu including chicken, pasta, sandwiches, bread, drinks and desserts. And with the Domino’s Tracker ® you can follow your order from the moment you place it until it’s out for delivery or ready for pickup!

To install Domino’s for Apple Watch: After installing Domino’s for iPhone, open the Watch app on your iPhone, scroll down, and tap on the Domino’s entry. Make sure “Show App on Apple Watch” is enabled.

Use the Domino’s app to order pizza from locations in the United States, not including Puerto Rico. To place an order in Puerto Rico, visit

¡Pide Domino’s en inglés o en español! Nuestra app se configura automáticamente con el idioma que has escogido para tu smartphone o tableta.

Utiliza la applicación de Domino’s para ordenar en los Estados Unidos, no incluido Puerto Rico. Para ordernar en Puerto Rico, visita


· Create a Pizza Profile to easily access to your saved info and recent orders (not required)
· Order faster than ever by creating an Easy Order!
· Sign up for Domino’s Piece of the Pie Rewards® and earn points toward free pizza!
· Pay with cash, credit card, debit card or Domino’s gift card. You’ll also have access to the best pizza coupons and deals.
· Use our voice ordering assistant, Dom, to add items to your cart and to select a coupon (iPhone only)
· Use Apple Watch to track orders, or place an Easy Order or Recent Order right from your wrist!
· Use Domino’s Tracker notifications to follow your pizza order until it’s out for delivery or ready for pickup!

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App Name Domino's Pizza USA
Category Food & Drink
Updated 23 January 2023, Monday
File Size 178.65 MB

Domino's Pizza USA Comments & Reviews 2023

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Great app, only needs minor improvements. This app is snappy, easy to use, and highly functional compared to other “fast food” apps. The dev team did a great job. A couple suggestions for improvements: For carside pickups (mandatory in my neck of the woods during Covid), it would be nice if we had the option to have our car’s details (color, make, model etc) saved. I have to re-enter the details each time...not convenient. Same goes for delivery instructions...let us save them for next time. Rewards: they should be point-based for each dollar spent...not just 10 points for spending any amount over $10 points. $10 order? 10 points. $40 order: 10 points. What’s the incentive to order more?. If I’m spending $20, I should get 20 points, not 10. Now, I just create two orders if the pizzas are $11-12 each. Do whatever math you need to, to make rewards make sense, but don’t incentivize splitting orders’s inconvenient for us and sometimes confusing for your staff. Also, a visual graph indicating our point standing would be nice.

Service, food, delivery all great. I’ve been having more deliveries in the era of COVID-19 and it’s been cautious. No contact delivery which I very much appreciate. The food is delicious. The service is great. The Dominos Tracker is a neat thing to keep me updated with my order. I can only say an issue I have with this is with the delivery update. It’s not as accurate as I’d hope it would be for the Dominos Tracker and that’s a bit of a let down. The last two times, I was waiting for my pizza and got no notification but checked to see if I could see the driver coming because it said my pizza would be arriving in 10 minutes but it was already there. I don’t know how long it was outside for. And then 10 minutes later, I got the notification that my pizza had been delivered - this was while I was already eating it. So I’m a bit more vigilant about my orders but the updates weren’t accurate which is bothersome.

Great pizza and flawless app functionality. I applaud Dominos for their various creative methods of gaining ground in the real estate of pizza delivery in ways that are innovative and based on classic customer service. I'm glad their app delivers these features in a clear and accessible layout without hype or confusing technical issues. They let you earn free points for pizza you buy from anyone (direct approach to market research rewards). They throw up 'pizza hotspots' for deliveries because now a days people aren't always stationary. They insure carry out orders against just about anything. The Domino's Tracker, which is a trademarked progress bar for your pizza order, gives you realtime info that helps to know that you're being taken care of. And I learned all the above while placing an order. The app is quick to use and does have lots of 'save this...' checkboxes for your orders, locations, etc. which are, at first a little visually overwhelming but is well explained and makes a ton a sense to save time. I don't keep many restaurant apps on my phone because they usually abuse the few bucks they save you to see you as a spam bucket, but the dominos app has been great. The only feature I feel is missing is a rough ETA on the final Tracker page - however I'm sure some people get too edgy about the exact time. The estimated time is shown at the final ordering screen. Keep up the great dev work!

Horrible. As long as you don’t have a bad experience everything can be good. Except for small things every now and then. Soon as there starts being issues and you’re spending money on food that isn’t they way you want it or you can’t even tell them how you want it because they get a bad manager in your area that won’t answer the phone unless it’s to pick up and hang up when you haven’t even called prior. This had never been a problem until Dora Alabama branch hired this bad manager. I have screen shots of phone calls to this branch being on hold without to take the phone call to make a order for over 29 minutes. The reason it wasn’t longer I hung up after driving to the store only to have him be rude before I could even get one word out. I reported this and I never heard back from them. The only other option if I wasn’t satisfied was to contact the branch I had a problem with. I already tried that. I won’t continue to purchase food there that I pay for and can not get it how I want it because the manager is to busy and rude to answer the phone.

Greatest Service in a long time!. We’ve lived in the Lent’s area of Portland Oregon for the better part of about 40 years now. We’ve ordered Dominos about once a month for the majority of the past about 10 years. Our home store is the one near Eastport Plaza. Until recently there’s always seemed to have been something wrong with our order; wrong order, wrong toppings, items missing (like bread bites or soda.) we’re ordering again tonight because the last couple of months we’ve had incredibly great experiences! Nothing has been wrong and everything has been even better great! (I should also mention this is not only for delivery, but occasional carry out as well) Not sure if there’s a new manager, or a different crew (I do notice there’s usually someone training on something, so I’m guessing there may be a bit of quick turnover as is the case with most fast food type stores) Anyway! Whosever running things for the better there please keep on doing what you’re doing because it’s definitely working! Thanks

Easy to order, but has other problems. The app is really easy to use when looking at menu items and getting what you want in the cart. Paying is a different story. It took me three times to add my credit card information before the app accepted it. Kept getting a message that I had no payment method chosen. And, there is no way to add a tip to the total. Message says to add a tip when the driver gets my signature. ??? This is supposed to be a contactless delivery, so this makes no sense! My other pet peeve is that the app always asks me to re-enter my password. I get that this is a security measure, but why does the app not allow for fingerprint or facial recognition instead of making me go find my password and type it in? The font is also TOO LARGE, and the app will only operate in landscape mode, so this means that scrolling through rewards history gets cut off at the bottom of the screen. I would really like to know if the programmers ever use their own app. If they did, these problems would have been fixed by now.

Kasson, MN - hard workers. First - this app is really intuitive and easy to use in comparison to others I’ve used. Second, I was in the store the last time I ordered and waited for my meal. It was incredibly busy. The owner or manager was there working right along with his employees. It was impressive to see him keep an eye on every moving piece and help those that were struggling. I noticed that he moved a few people around to different stations, so I was assuming he really knows his employees and what they do well. The drivers would come in for more orders and he was making sure everything was going well for them. The store had a handful waiting, and he’d keep having his workers check for our order. He was also motivating them to keep moving. He said to them “if you stop moving or slow down, we are going to get way behind.” He was so nice but yet being great at keeping them on pace. He seems like a great manager for these high school students.

Dominos has outdone themselves. Now as I'm sure many of us know, Dominos used to have a rap for being "cheap and inauthentic" pizza. As someone who orders Dominos a lot, I agree, it was definitely nothing compared to now. In my past 12 orders, I have received extremely great customer service, expedition of delivery, great deals, and AMAZING food. I regularly tell people to order from them more, no matter what their opinion of what their last experience might've been. Dominos to me, is a leader and example of how a business should progress in the 21st century. Everything that Dominos has done in the recent decade has been a groundbreaking improvement for the company. I only order from Dominos and will continue to until the day I die. I love you Dominos. Thank-you. Side note: the app is awesome. They keep you 100% updated the entire way through the order and very happy, friendly reminders from the employees when they're on their way and outside. Update: I've probably made around 40-50 orders in the past year using the app. Absolutely still the best way to get the best pizza!

Amazing app, but I just wish it had this one thing. I love this app for dominos. It just feels so much better to use than the website, which sometimes gets errors. I order pizza essentially every week and I never use this app for one simple reason. You can’t tip through the app. That’s literally the only reason why this isn’t 5 stars. Despite this being better than the website, I almost never use it. I’ve tried multiple times and can’t figure out a way to be able to tip the delivery driver through the app, so I only use the app when I order for pickup. I love dominos food and I love this app, and maybe it could use some updates to make the font and user interface a bit cleaner and more modern, but I would definitely use this app over the website if I could just tip through it. It’s an amazing app that they did a great job on, they just haven’t updated it with this crucial feature that’s on the website, at least to my knowledge.

$5.99 coupon problem. It’s been A while and I still see the same problem on the coupons there’s a $5.99 coupon on the three or more pizza, bread, pasta, dessert, wings and sandwiches every time I click on that coupon it only shows the wings. There used to be a two or more pizza, bread, pasta, dessert, wings, and sandwiches coupon but I realize that they took that coupon off and now there’s a $6.99 coupon on pizza, bread, pasta, dessert, wings, and sandwiches. If they raised their prices why do they still have the option for the $5.99 coupon when it’s not valid anymore (it looks like a bug in the app though if it were a bug why hasn’t it been fixed yet so many updates and the same problem is present) and why weren’t us as customers informed of this price change. Other than that I love the app I’ve loved it for years the graphics are amazing super quick, convenient, easy to work with and overall great app and the dominoes I work with always has great staff, food is amazing! I recommend but I’m still marking it.

Please add garlic options to the app. I love the food and the app is a great help but I wish there was an option for pasta/ bread bowls, pizzas, bread knots, wings, etc. to have the options of garlic or no garlic. I rarely get the bread bowls because I have a garlic intolerance I’m not allergic but it’s very very painful after eating it. I don’t like having to place an order only to realize too late I have to call the store and ask them not to. I don’t normally complain about anything with the food I really love it but it’s very awkward and inconvenient to have to call just to avoid a mishap. I feel really bad about it because a lot of the people that work at Dominos are really hard workers and the branch we order from are some of the most kindest, hardworking, genuinely care about the customers and take pride in doing things right. A lot of people who work in the food industry do care about their customers or their work of their job and I feel that a lot go under appreciated. Thank you for making the app to make it easier to order and thank you to the workers for all your hard work. Especially during the pandemic.

Ordering experience. We are here on vacation and my grandkids wanted pizza. So I looked up the number to Dominos and I was moved 3 times to 2 different stores. I finally was upset after being moved around for 45 minutes. Spoke to a VERT RUDE worker who called herself a manager named Jessica. If she worked for me I would have to let her go as she didn’t care if I got pizza for my family. I then ask for her manager and was told very worker there was a manager except drivers. I was very upset because she told me she couldn’t and wouldn’t help me place my order. I needed to order online so they would know who’s store delivers to the hotel we are staying at. I own a business for 31 years and is a delivery company I would never speak or allow any of my workers to speak to my customers the way Jessica spoke to me. I will call her owner of that store tomorrow and have a few words with Manny as she told me that was her manager. I love the app so I never have to deal with a RUDE PERSON LIKE JESSICA AGAIN WHEN I AM ORDERING MY PIZZA.

I ❤️dominos!. I love dominos I grew up on it just like with Pizza Hut but man I order dominos las week on Wednesday one of the worst experience ever the food was warm not hot and I live only 5-3 mins away I order a Caesar salad with a cup of ranch right ok finished ordering but the app crashed right then! So I call the store to check someone picks up I’m explaining i was so rudely cut off mid sentence he asks me my address I tell him he tells me yeah we got the order in and we don’t have the salad I was pressured to talk I said so let me have more wings I could of order another pizza but no I get my order home pizza it’s just barely warm the wings barely had any bbq when I orded a cup of extra bbq with the first order nop barely 👎🏻 I never got the bbq I paid for I got blue cheese instead and the ranch that was for the salad that was supposed to be canceled with it and it’s so expensive I was extremely dissatisfied disappointed I didn’t called right away because I was hangry!!! 😤😭😩😡🤨

Domi-No Way!. Terrible. Just terrible. Was called by the store shortly after ordering to be told my order would be late by 1.5 hours and I should cancel it. I said I’d wait. The delivery driver arrived only 30 minutes after placing my order banging on my door at night even though I had contactless delivery and it says they will call or text you. The store granted me a free pizza 6 minutes after delivery so they must have thought it went badly. Overall bad experience. And now if I try to use the free coupon the checkout tells me to call a Domino’s call center. You don’t even get to talk to the people in your store anymore. And after I was transferred from the call center to my store they advised me that the call center is not organized and they don’t know what to do. I haven’t ordered dominos in 2 or more years and now I remember why. I pray for Domino’s stock to do good in times like this where bad business practices are all they provide. Remember when it was cool to have dominos boxes at the party. Get it together! The app itself seems poorly optimized and runs like it’s on an iPhone 5. Dominos is lucky it has the pizza tracker patent because that’s gonna need to be their main asset later for when they knead some dough.

Love it. I like this app and dominos of course there is a but.... But if you leave the app for any reason and comeback it will make you restart your order. Also it just depends on who your person is for your Oder to be contactless we order almost ever week for fun movie nights and it’s been interesting. You have to use your card then they make you sign the receipt. It makes since except we don’t have to sign recipts for any other delivery app (ubereats, DoorDash, etc). I think I had one who placed our pizza on a stand on the ground then rang the bell we opened the door they were on the way to the car. One placed it straight on the ground and stood back. The others handed it to us (not contactless at all) one even handed me a card for his lawn care business. Some came with mask some did not. Obviously I’m not to upset cause I keep ordering just being informative. But maybe there should be some training on contactless and a change in the signing of the recipients maybe an online version.

The purpose of a native iOS app: beat dominos. I can imagine a few benefits from skipping out on building. Native app, but, it’s also all divided by a the cost of doing anything new, so I’m sure it makes less tsetse for profit people than product people. However, this app is garbage: even if the error codes have the exact same message as on the web (which isn’t hard for a native app to do). The hierarchy for actions is absurd. When I’m in the menu, I can’t see what’s in my cart, or my order totally until I’ve added an item to the menu or closed the menu. Further, when you modify a pizza (I suppose it’s possible domino’s executives only eat the specialty pizzas) the price of the item you’re about to add to your order isn’t displayed. If you have 20 cash and want to maximize your pizza toppings, you might be adding something to the cart and removing it till you get it right for a long time, depending on user intelligence towards domino’s menu pricing. Bad app. It got an additional star because everything fit on screen and the branding was consistent with the average-at-best domino’s website. But that 2 should be compared with the 3 star’s missing for not valuing the user experience as an outcome of corporate value. (FYI, I couldn’t see the text as I was typing this, Apple that’s a problem u should look into. iPhone 6s Plus)

Marketing notification settings broken. I actually don’t mind the app. The 1-star review is to hopefully get the attention of the developers, etc. Marketing notifications keep getting delivered despite my turning them off. I’m very conscious of notifications I allow on my phone and unfortunately I had to turn them off entirely for this app, which means I don’t get actual useful notifications regarding orders. So although I still use the app, I guess it is a 1 star experience when it’s accidentally or purposefully not respecting my choices and attention. I hate to be this person, but this is an App Store violation to send marketing notifications without explicit opt-in. So either the settings toggles aren’t registering, or the user’s choice is being ignored. Please fix this! I’ll gladly update the review once that happens. Though I won’t actually know (since I turned off notifications); feel free to reply to this review to let me know if you want :) (As a side note, another bug (I assume) is that some of the notifications I would get would say something about it being time for dinner when it was 3pm)

Imma be honest about it. These ppl that made the pizza they be mean whenever you tell them you have it all the way burned order a pasta they talking about we don’t see you order pasta like dude sometimes your point don’t even show up on the system n I don’t care I just want my food cook right. I used to work at dominoes so I know ppl played around in there n the boss would like them then they look at the food n don’t want to admit they have it burnt You ask them to remake it n they get upset. I don’t know why they don’t buy the products, they just make the stuff so we can order. Oh then the system they took money off my card it took me a whole month to get it back n everyone gave me a problem 😕 I called up there “Ma’am I don’t see you order it didn’t pop up in the system” a girl with an attitude n I’m looking at my bank and I can clearly see they took my money took me an whole month cause they said I had to wait til I can get it back. So they have time where it just bad tbh it would be nice for corporate to actually answer the phone when I called or something they food good just this site in general isn’t

Palm Coast Florida Flagler plaza best in all of Florida!!. I live in Seminole woods in Palm Coast, Florida. They are hands down THEE BEST IN THE STATE. And I never worked there, lol nor do I know anyone who does. But they are soooo clean. So efficient. Fast and prompt. Always courteous. I can’t say enough about them. I’m just glad they are in my delivery zone!!!! Hahahahah! P.S. tip ur drivers people. These guys u trust with ur food. So they trust u will help them make minimum wage with tips. I was surprised to find out tips are their primary income. They really don’t get an hourly wage. Again.....I’m a nurse. I’m not an owner of this restaurant and I honestly don’t know anyone who works there. I order frequently a few times a month but never caught names. It’s usually delivery. And always a different person at my house answering the door and a different delivery person. I just really feel credit should be given where it is deserved. They have never ceased to NOT impress me. And for me to leave a review is ....well let’s just say this was my first time. 👍👍👍👍👍. 👌👌👌👌👌. 💯💯💯💯💯 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Double stars. I was a customer years ago and the pizza quality and service was awful. Within the past two years of using this app, Domino’s has gained our family’s loyalty. We order weekly from them and sometimes when the weather is terrible. This app makes this working mom’s life so much easier. I can order from work, and not have to worry if they got the food or not. The app alerts you every step of the way in the ordering to the delivery. I can even order for a set delivery time to my office for our lunch meetings. If I am out of town and my family members need to order food they can just log on and pull up a previous order. The drivers are always on time and know how to navigate my family’s wild country driveway. They are awesome! The pizza, deserts, subs, and wings are always perfect. And don’t get me started on their prices... they exceed my expectations. If there is every anything missing or wrong, they make it double right. I would give them more than 5 stars if I could.

Awesome. I go back and forth between Domino’s Pizza And the hut. To tell you the truth I don’t even know why I bother with the other guys. They are always forgetting my drinks or some other thing saying we were out but we will give you a credit for your next order. Those credits must be imaginary. Well you guys were out of the two liters but the girl brought me 3 of the 20 ounce bottles and I think that was AWESOME. She wins a gold star! In fact because you guys were capable of making the substitution I have decided to delete those other guys app off my phone. I hate getting stuck eating pizza with plain water or having to go out and buy soda because that totally defeats the purpose of having food delivered. If I wanted to get out I would have ordered for pick up. I am very happy with the easy use if your app, the speedy service of your delivery and the 3 twenty ounce bottles of soda that were subbed for the 2 liter!

Online was down so I had to call in my order. So online ordering was down i went through putting everything in my cart and when it came time to check out it wouldn’t load my total but I know my total was 25 at the mostest. So anyway I’m forced to call the store I tell the girl my order she says total is 47 dollars and some change okay how did my order jump up like twenty dollars. I keep repeating at least three times my order and getting a great deal. She tells me no what did I want I tell her my Oder again and tell her I don’t want to pay anymore than 25 for my meal because my coupons totaled that. So she tells me just a medium one topping pizza will be 25 dollars I was going to order it but I said okay let me hang up cause she is really trying to milk me out of more money. I hang up go back to the app and try again and I get everything I initially wanted for geuss what ...24 dollars. I feel soo played but I still ordered my meal cause I’m hungry but definitely wanted to share my night with dominoes

No ETA. This app is deceptively convenient, it even has an “order tracker.” That is, until you realize that you have no idea if the location you’re ordering from is slammed or any sort of indicator of when your order will be ready/delivered (they just tell you when a milestone happens for your order, no timeframe for actually meeting those milestones). I have experienced multiple surprise 3+ hours waits using this app. And if the location you’re ordering from decides not to answer their phone (either because they’re just that busy or they don’t want to deal with what they assume will be an upset customer), like mine did tonight, you’ll have no way to know how bad of a wait you’re in for without driving over in person (which feels excessive to me). I literally ordered at 7:33pm and it’s 11:22pm now, zero pizza to show. I don’t blame the people working there for being understaffed and overbooked, but I do blame the app for not giving an option for warning you if a place is slammed, or just not allowing past a certain number of orders. Even just changing it so that you can see what the milestone etas are could do a better job of stopping people from ordering when they clearly can’t deliver.

How can pizza be this Good!?. I’ll tell you how; You want a delivery driver that’s willing to battle the unstable elements of blistering winds and sheer cold late at night against terrible drivers that impede their journey to deliver said treasure politely and elegantly at your door without breaking so much as a sweat to save your relationship when your significant other complains there’s nothing to eat since you couldn’t get the groceries and all the stores are closed? Yes you do. You DO want the blessings of humanity to ring your doorbell and support your relationship like Atlas holds up the world on his rippling shoulders all the while enjoying the very pizza you ordered in a cozy warm living room while the champions that brought upon a new form of nirvana accept your shillings and tip their cap looking over their shoulder dramatically in the night like Ryan Gosling in ‘Drive’; KNOWING FULL WELL that they are the real heroes and live a life of danger and unprecedented hazards that live on the edge like a 1970s action flick with unnecessary explosions because not all heroes wear capes but all heroes have a uniforms. I PROPOSE A TOAST! TO THE TRUE CHAMPIONS OF FLAVOR ! HUZZAH BRAVE WINNERS! HUZZAH!! - A pleased Customer

Always fast, fresh. Working night shift I have limited choices for “lunch”. I love that this store delivers later than most, the food and service is always great. The new drivers seem to struggle to find our unit entrances and we are a small campus so my only suggestion would be to maybe pay attention the first time and/or to the special directions provided as most of us try to spell out our location on campus, it is very inconvenient to leave our floor to meet a driver, that’s why we order delivery. There are only two places to enter after 10pm so it should be simple to figure that out. Maybe come drive around during the daylight hours and get more familiar with the situation. Like I said, the drivers and staff are always friendly and I have zero complaints, just a suggestion to improve service to our particular site. We eat a lot of pizza! Lol.

Five to one stars - WRONG location. If you change the location after loading the cart and then use the easy reorder button it will place the order to the original location not the one you just tried changing it to and not warn you so your pizza will be one place and you another. Then when you arrive to pickup they’ll tell you it’ll be ready in 10. You’ll wait 20 they’ll finally figure out your pizza is across town. You’ll reorder and pay a second time at the Carryout location and you’ll call the store across town to try to cancel your wrong order. You’ll then sit on hold for 15 minutes and the manager well then call you a liar, say “well you should be more careful next time ordering online” and then he’ll hang up on you. That’s all he’ll say that’s it and then he’ll freaking hang up on you. You’ll walk out totally astounded totally forgetting you ever wanted pizza in the first place. Five stars for Dominies new weight loss program. I’m actually cured of pizza cravings now for like several months. But Dominies, your service and app have major glitches. Oh and I’m selling all my Dominies stock at market open on Monday. It’s my way of hanging up on you. You can keep my $18.

App needs to be modernized. Am only giving this review because I was unable to place a delivery order from my favorite store. Usually I do carry outs but on this occasion I was unable to go out, so I had to use the delivery service. Thinking all was going as planned I calmly placed my order only to later discover some few seconds later my carry out store address on my profile was changed automatically. These seemingly did not sit well with me so I hurriedly tried to change the address back to my favorite stores address, only for me to find out that if you choose to use their (dominos) delivery service, you will automatically assigned the nearest store close to your location, this evidently infuriated me, because I have already gone to the store that was automatically assigned to my profile twice and I was not satisfied with how they make their pizza. Please if any of this app developers should see this, try to ensure you make it possible for people to order from their favorites stores in as much as they can pay for the delivery. The other reason which aided in my decision to award this app three stars is the lack of modern user interface. Am improvement in that area will be greatly appreciated.

The Pizza Is Suddenly Really Good. I have not ordered Domino’s for years because the product was no better than grocery store frozen pizza. I needed a pepperoni pizza for kids, and I decided to order one of the new pan pizzas for me. When I picked up the pizzas and opened the first box, I was so surprised by the appearance of the product. It was smoking hot, the pepperoni was crisp and sizzling, and the hand tossed crust was blistered, crackly and perfectly, very slightly, charred. It was magnificent! I opened my pan pizza (sausage, jalapeños, diced tomatoes, and onions). It was equally fantastic. A bit of the cheese, just the right amount, was all the way to the edges of the crust creating that yummy, chewy, crispy edge that is so addictive. Dominoes, I salute you. You figured out pizza is supposed to be amazing, and that is what you are selling now. I am back; I’m a Dominoes customer and even a fan now. If you have not tried Dominoes lately, roll the dice. You can afford six dollars. That’s all it takes (with the coupon) to get a pizza. No other pizza company is providing the value Dominoes does at the moment.

dominate your hunger w/ domino’s pizza app (yum!). for you Pizza lovers out there like me, this app is easy to navigate and quick to use. I’m not the biggest fan of Domino’s Pizza but there garlic bread bites and chicken pasta is to die for in my opinion. the prices aren’t cheap but they’re not too expensive either unlike Pizza Hut (yuck lol jk, or am i?) but that’s besides the fact. on the app many options are available as far as food items & sizes like the following: toppings, drinks, sauces, desserts, small, medium, large etc. and once the order is placed a timer starts to let you know how long your food takes to either be ready for pick up in store or curbside along with when the delivery starts, depending on selected choice of receiving your order. I could be wrong on this, but for domino’s die hard members with an account: I do believe that the possibility of racking up points to get discounts does exist. no matter what I definitely recommend this app over going to their website the regular way online as it is quicker to get to and on the app once you have an account on there if you choose to stay signed in your saved location for the nearest Domino’s store Never changes. also, the app is useful for any future domino’s employees looking to apply at a selected location.

Good App, Some Complains. This is easily one of the most well coded ordering apps I’ve seen on the App Store, everything is fluid and works well. It has an intuitive interface and is easy to use, my grandmother could probably use this without any trouble. However, there are a few things to be said about the tracker and gift card application. When I tried to checkout using my gift card, after verifying several times that the information I inputted was correct, the system would spit out an error that there was something wrong with my card. After doing 5-6 captchas I finally got it to work, and I was sent to complete my order. However after that, the pizza tracker was behaving rather erroneously, it would jump around and even move backwards from Delivery to Quality Check, this happened several times. Other then those two rather minor issues though, I had a very positive experience with this app! I’d recommend to anyone ordering from dominoes on mobile, very nice to use. Your app developers are doing their job well.

Domino’s Won. I was a hardcore Pi*za H*t fan for a number of years as it was all that was offered in my hometown. They were outrageously priced and didn’t deliver to my home, but it was pizza and it was what I thought was good. When I moved to the ‘big city’ I finally learned what pizza-making and delivery is supposed to taste like. Domino’s has an insane menu and I was a bit overwhelmed at first because as a child because then it was just simple pepperoni and cheese. They have SO MANY options and pairings I’d love to know just how many combinations there are. On top of being able to get so many different types of pie, there’s additional delicious food to choose from. Then the best part— the Tracker. It’s the coolest thing ever. I love being able to check and see where my pizza is in the store and knowing who’s doing an amazing job at it. The delivery is quick and painless and I love all the drivers. Most importantly, I love you Domino’s, you’re so good to me.

Lately. I understand times are tough, more for some than others yeah. But lately the service from domino’s hasn’t been the best nor the same, it was our favorite! From humans to the web page and app it has been horrible experiences. I haven’t been able to place an order online, app nor redeem my rewards... for the second time in aprx. less 2 weeks. I call the store just like the website or app suggest I do and the person on the other side states there’s nothing they can do. Yet they’re the locations I buy my pizzas and wings from. Purchased the pizza and wings anyway without the redemption of points. Had to place it over the phone due to the “system not working”, give my card over the phone and then not be given my food, nice and hot out the oven but an hour later with attitude when we walked in to ask for it although we arrived at most 10minutes after the order was made and payed for. Had to microwave food that is supposed to be given hot with kindness. Rewards that are unredeemable also not a fan of. Often I spend more just to me your criteria for earning those points!

Issues with the app. To the developers: First off, I do like using the app and I prefer it to ordering over the phone. That being said, there are a couple of things I’d like changed. I can’t delete an expired credit card that is saved in the app. It always tells me the process failed and to try again later. Second, the app used to show the amount saved at checkout. This was great because you could see the savings totaled up, right next to the bill. When Domino’s still had the coupon for $5 on 1-topping medium pizzas and wings, I could save almost 50%. It seems that the current programming registers which items were discounted by marking the item price in red. Therefore, the total is the discounted price. I wasn’t sure if my coupon had actually worked, so I had to call the store to check. This is a waste of time for me and the store. Please go back to displaying the amount saved. Thank you.

Used to be good. My last two deliveries was absolutely horrible. The app would say this person has left the store at this time but I wouldn’t get My pizzas until an hour later when it’s in between warm and cold. Three months ago was the worst where it took them 3 hours to get my pizzas delivered in two separate deliveries...I don’t know why I couldn’t get them in one delivery when I only put in one order. On that note one of the pizzas was wrong. I complained only to feel like I was being shrugged off to an excuse of “ we’re really busy on saturdays”. If that is so then hire some more people to work Saturday’s and give me my pizza in a timely manner! On top of that not all pizzas are consistent with one another in taste and quality. The first time I had break sticks here, it was absolutely amazing! Then the last two times it was mediocre so I never get them anymore. Sometimes there’s just enough sauce which is amazing and then other times the sauce is overflowing the pizza as if I ordered extra extra sauce and then there are times where I have to question myself whether or not they forgot the sauce.

Prices aren’t showing. This app has gotten better over the time I’ve been using it(for some years), but there is an issue I would like to bring to the light. You all have advertisements on deals for 5.99 each for medium one topping pizzas, for example, but when I go to the deals menu sometimes the prices for said deals aren’t even shown. So after I select my items and go to the checkout, it’s regular priced! Something is definitely not right about that. Please fix this problem because I don’t want to be advertised something and when I place an order I have to pay regular price. This isn’t the only time it happened. I was in quarantine and had to order from y’all. I mean I like your I believe it was a deal for two large pizzas for a certain price each. I don’t remember the price but I paid the amount shown and it was the regular price. I was desperate anyway so I paid for it but I was very much frustrated with that.

Why do I waste my time with this company?. I tried to order something about an hour before close, and they canceled my order. I didn’t receive a call about it so I tried to call and they hung up the phone 3 times rather than answering. I was going to be polite and ask why they canceled my order. The 4th time I called, yes I was being that petty, the lady answered and I asked why my order was canceled. She said they were closing early because they ran out of food. Doubtful, but whatever. Then I said that in the future they should call when they cancel an order, because they never do (yes this has happened more than once). Then she told me they did. I never received a call and if they did call, why would they end my first 3 calls? This company clearly doesn’t take the time to train their employees on basic customer service, or common courtesy, and I’m beyond disappointed that this keeps happening. It’s obviously just about the bottom line and not the customers. I hate being this person and putting only one star, but this ridiculous and I’m done with this company’s crap.

iPad App. I think the app is great….however…the only reason I am giving it 4⭐️’s is because the app for the Mini IPad does not have an option to tip. I would really like to know as to why that is. It is frustrating having I switch devices to start the order process all over so that we can provide a tip to the delivery associate. I don’t always have cash on hand…as most people don’t now a days. Sometimes I have to call the store and have them charge my card. Come-on Domino’s…..I believe the company should at least make that option available to the hard working delivery associates. I believe the associates are missing out on a lot of money because of that. With no fault of their own. I really do hope you look into that. Delivery associates…keep up the good work! You have my respect for putting yourself on the line during this horrible pandemic. Wishing you many blessings! Happy Holidays to all!

Disappointed. I ordered a large Brooklyn style pizza for delivery last week. True, I placed the order around 10:30pm and it arrived a little past 11pm. What bothered me was that it was delivered in “the special truck” but it was cold, and it looked like something weighted down the center of the pizza box because the cheese, peppers and onions were stuck to the top of the box. I was able to reheat it (over reheated it a bit unfortunately) but I haven’t had pizza (cheese) in almost three years and I liked the option for 1/2 the amount of cheese, but since it’s been so long that I’ve eaten pizza I was disappointed with the quality and presentation. Maybe because it was late? I thought that domino’s had special pouches and warming devices on their trucks, but they didn’t even use that three legged little plastic device that protects the pizza from making contact with the pizza box cover. It was obvious that no love was put into this pizza, and it’s always disappointing when you place a delivery order and the quality isn’t consistent.

App has been disappointing. You know I’ve have always used this app and have never had any problems it always 5 stars service but for the past month I haven’t been able to use this app every time I try to check out I it completely kicks me out and I have uninstall reinstall logged in and out on my account I’ve called the store I’ve talk to multiple people and the issue still isn’t resolved I have points for a free pizza I can’t even use because the app just won’t work and any Time I try talking to somebody I get the same answer but not resolution I really wish there was a way to redeem my points without the app and gain points without the app and every time I ask somebody I get told they can’t do that it’s just disappointing our family use app all the time and we love there food and love getting our rewards but I feel like this problem been going on to long and had been zero resolution for this problem

CRASH CRASH CRASH CRASH...... Hire better developers. It crashes and crashes and crashes and now I don’t even know if Dominos even took my money or if my order is on the way or not. I can’t open the app or reinstall it to restart it from the beginning because it crashed at checkout amongst all the other previous crashes making me have to change my location and refill my cart several times, I couldn’t believe I finally got so far as the checkout screen, then you didn’t even give me an option in the GUI to add a tip so now I have to figure out how to pay a cash tip to your driver. I’ll walk to an atm somewhere nearby, hopefully they can break a 20. You just keep crashing and won’t let me start over. Garbage. Apps don’t crash this consistently and in this many different places in the app with decent, experienced, and skilled developers working on it. Millennials now get a 2 year computer programming degree or teach themselves Swift over the summer and all of a sudden they think they can and want to build apps for multi million dollar corporations. Dominos needs to rebuild the app and possibly something on their servers.

Latest Version Never Credits Reward Points. I order a A LOT of Domino’s, and part of the reason I’ve remained loyal has been the rewards. With one of these recent updates however it has stopped crediting me entirely. I noticed last week that my reward points were lower than expected, but now after my most recent order and reviewing the orders I received credit for there are multiple missing. Furthermore there is no way to recover the rewards number & earn credit for these previous orders unless I have the physical box the pizza came in still in the fridge or trash, because I order & pay through the app, and I’m not emailed a rewards number with my receipt because I’m supposed to be signed-up and receiving those credits automatically. Luckily I was able to recover credit for one order this way, but the others appear to be irredeemable and there’s nowhere to look for more info. I’m very upset and disappointed, because I’ve ordered Domino’s at least once a week for the last 5 years and with my daughter and I order many many pizzas for the summer camp I manage every year. Having this happen multiple times over the last 4 weeks shows it’s systemic- whether a glitch or not- and Dominos is going to lose my business going forward.

Made to order cut crazy. Made to order pizza but cut uneven. I received my last pizza with both big slices and baby sized slices. How can you share a pizza cut like that when most people in your family will grab the biggest slices? You know exactly how I feel because either you are the person who wants the biggest slices or you have at least once got stuck with the smallest slice in the box. If I were a secret pizza shopper points would have definitely been taken off for my last pizza. It’s not rocket science literally cut it in half one way and then half the other way and all that is left is cutting those 4 slices in half again. The only explanation for this is the employee manning the oven is in too much of a rush. A great pizza is a work of art so also please stop dumping the pineapple just in one spot on the pizza- you’re driving my OCD crazy. I know that some people think oh it’s just pizza but I am sure that the founder of Domino’s would disagree like I do.

Please more toppings. Every time we see an ad on TV from Dominos the toppings are amazingly an abundance on the pizza. And when I get my pizza I’ll get maybe a handful of Topping! It’s pretty sad that you see more cheese than Topping. I know black olives come in a can. They can’t be that expensive just to throw a half a handful on them be generous! You know we all don’t just like cheese we want toppings pepperoni bacon sausage black olives onions peppers and etc. I’ve gotten the pepperoni lovers. It looks just like a regular pepperoni pizza! So I feel like I’ve been wasting money just ordering the specialty pizzas. If they don’t put enough toppings on it to even matter. So I save money by not even bothering to place the orders for the specialties. If you guys please could work on this I’d greatly appreciate it. I’ve ordered pizzas throughout the years here and it’s only been a handful where they’ve been really good. I’m not a picky person but when your boyfriend says don’t go back there. Did their pizza is not worth the price. It’s not a good sign when you order five pizzas in the more.

Improved pizza, even gluten-free & very good app but…. I have been impressed by the low cost, ordering ease, speed of delivery & quality of pizza, even gluten-free option, and the ease of ordering using the app. Not the pizza I used to know but so much better especially considering the price and low cost delivery compared to other franchises & restaurants. I only wish Domino’s would ease up on obviously challenged store owners trying to meet the brand name’s guarantees almost impossible to deliver in the time promised especially in a large congested city like ours. Getting notifications that our order has been delivered, when not yet true, in order to satisfy brand name agenda’s & quality measures, does not serve the many possible customers in a large city at the prices allowed for the store owners, especially when adding staffing problems in our country to the ‘mix’. Ease off of the owners allowing them to serve their customers truthfully as best they can in this economy & US employee market! I am thankful for an affordable pizza option to the almost $30 (&higher cost) of ordering elsewhere taking longer delivery times preventing me from enjoying pizza unless i can pickup.

I love it!! - babysitter edition. Being able to look at the menu and order online makes things so much easier. I babysit 3 kids at a time and when I order pizza it’s hard to pay attention to them or for whoever I talk to on the phone hear me. The app itself is organized and shows prices and coupons while you look through the menu. The food is also very good if you are one that gets full quickly. There is a huge selection of food to choose from and there is always a good coupon to use (my favorite is the 5.99 deal because the kids can get a pizza with 2 toppings they want. And then I can get either brownies for them or if I want a sandwich or salad instead of pizza I can get them- and it’s a short price considered what I could pay at other pizza places). Another thing that is beneficial is how I don’t have to stand by the door guessing the time they will be here. Instead they let me know when they left the store and the store is 10 min away so I know they will be here within 15 min. So I’ll stay by the door for like 5 min instead of the whole 25-30 minutes. The app is very beneficial and helpful. So I def recommend this app, especially for my friends at a party or when babysitting

I wish it were better. Not often than not I end up having to call. Either the order won’t go through or the app won’t support a change I want to make. I usually get the chicken bacon ranch sandwich and ad mushrooms. It’s entirely impossible to make changes to sandwiches on the app, not possible to add or remove anything. It doesn’t want to connect to my rewards account so that I earn points, when it is actually functioning, or I don’t want an unsupported change to an item. I haven’t even used the app in months. Decided, after a stressful day of work, to relax and order in. I told my boyfriend to call Domino’s. He asks me why I don’t just use the app... So I opened it and remembered immediately why I haven’t used it in so long. Legitimately, I was so frustrated that we decided to just do something else for dinner. Think I’ll just delete at this point. The only really good thing about the app, when it works for my needs, is that you can see by the minute what’s happening to your order. That’s the only reason this is a two star and not a one star review.

Good job. Every time I order from this dominos I have good customer service,, they r very nice always polite n respectful.. my orders are always ready at the time they say it will be ready.. even there was one time that it took an extra half an hour for my food to be ready and they gave me my order for free.. soo all in all this is the onli dominos that I come to,, n I’m a repeat customer not onli me from my household but also my sister orders allot from here too.. so thank u to the whole dominos crew for making my order on point every time,, n even if they don’t they always fix it without me asking for them to fix the problem.. so again thank u for the great customer service,and making me feel comfortable they r never rude or disrespectful , and it makes me wanna join there team.. I’m actually waiting to talk to the manager now to talk bout a job.. 🤩

This app is so annoying. I can’t believe a company would make it so hard to give them money. I spent over 30 mins or more trying to place an order on my iPad, where if you go to review your order you can’t go back and add anything else unless you want what they suggest, or you delete your whole order and start from scratch. That still wouldn’t have taken so long to place the order tho, but I was using a coupon they had, but my total was coming out way more than it should have. It took me a while to figure out that some crusts and toppings were causing my price to go up because they were more costly ingredients. The problem is no where on the list of ingredients does it let you know which ones cost extra and which don’t, it’s just one list of ingredients and if you choose ingredients based on the coupons guidelines and the price comes out to high then you are left confused as you get no information as to why. So after starting from scratch a few times since I can’t just go back to the main menu, I finally figured out what was raising the price so high. This app needs work, the ceo should try and use it, get to checkout and then try and go back to add something else and he’d quickly fire whoever made this app.

System can’t handle load. I’ve used the Domino’s app for years with very few problems. About 20 minutes ago I wanted to place an order for one pizza, one of their special pizzas with one change—olives on only half. It took about 4 minutes to log in due to network errors (network error land - NEL) that kept kicking me out. I put my order together and chose Checkout. My credit card wasn’t saved for some reason. I entered the information and back I went into network error land (NEL), which required repeatedly entering my credit card information. Finally I decided to Save my CC info so I wouldn’t have to keep keying it in. Bad mistake. First I had to prove who I was by entering my password again. Back to network error land (NEL) and, after repeatedly clicking on Enter after each error I was finally presented with the screen to select my payment method—where my credit card is now listed multiple times. It took me 20 minutes to use the app to place a $14 order. I actually quite like Domino’s pizza but it’s not worth this kind of hassle, especially when I have a deadline by which to pick it up.

The app is better than THEIR People, BUT; the PIE WINS OVERALL. NO PUN INTENDED BUT ITS TRUE, the pie is the overall final item that we as customers ultimately rate and feel the most emotion and feedback, whether satisfying good or bad, in this case being GREAT, when digesting and giving a report card or review/rating. I AM ON MY FOURTH FREEBEE PIZZA in the last 24 months, MEANING, I’ve ordered over 24 different times in said period of time so let the facts speak for itself. I’m a picky New York native grubbing pizza freak and I can handle an attitude or a lack of knowledge with a pizza boy over a telephone call, so really, it’s our faults as customers to get an order wrong or have a receipt go missing or not ask for enough napkins or Parmesan on the side. It’s our fault for not using the telephone free, person-free, emotionless and very direct to the point beyond any clarifying Lehman’s terminology. Be direct people. Order online. Don’t forget to ask. Have a Pizza day!

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Hidden charges. While this app overall works well there is one thing I take serious with. It is the hidden surcharges for various toppings, sauces, crusts etc. When using a coupon there is no way to see what choices are causing the charge of the pizza to be more then the special price. You are surprised with the extra charges in your cart and then no way of knowing what choice caused the extra charges. I have played extensively with this, adding and removing toppings to try and discover by process of elimination which choices are causing the surcharges and have found nothing is consistent. I can have similar toppings on two different pizzas and one will have a surcharge and the other will not. It feels like to me they are hiding these extra charges as a way to unethically increase the price of their pizzas beyond the special price. Also, they should add Apple Pay and a payment choice for convenience. I’m not sure I’ll continue to use this app unless they decide to change their ways which means my business will be going to their competitors.

Dominos Delivery. For the last few years, on an almost weekly basis, I’ve ordered pizza delivery from Dominos for the family. Each time I pay an additional $1.50 for ranch dressing PACKETS. I buy the packets over the cups, paying the extra $1.00 fee for each, because they are Ken’s ranch dressing, which everyone prefers. This worked fine while I lived in Dallas. However, since moving to Fort Lauderdale, I’ve received the packets maybe twice. Each time the driver apologizes for the mistake, tells me the packets “are for salads,” or offers to return to the store and deliver later (once the pizza is cold and/or already eaten). Occasionally, they’ll offer to refund my money, which NEVER happens. I’ve spent several hours on the phone waiting to speak to a manager about this issue and even filed formal complaints with corporate to no avail. I estimate Dominos has stolen over $50 of my hard earned money by not delivering my order correctly or refunding my undelivered items. Thus, my two star rating for decent pizza, but horrible customer service!

Gluten free for the win!. This is the best delivery gluten free pizza! I almost like it better than the original crust. It's a real treat for my daughter and a huge convenience for us as a family to be able to order a delicious gluten free product delivered to our door. We also love the sandwiches and of course the bread twists. I really like how easy the app makes ordering. The text alert and call reminder to let me know the driver is on their way is very helpful as our home is hard to spot from the street. This way we can know when to look for the driver in case we need to flag them down and I am not alarmed by an unexpected knock at my door, especially if I am not feeling well and a kid has to answer. The pizza points are a nice bonus to earn free pizza. We order regularly so this is a nice perk that I truly appreciate. Thanks Domino's 😊

Easy, User-Friendly, No Hassle. This is the best app. It’s completely user-friendly, it saves your ‘easy order’ and with a few simple steps you’ll have fresh, hot pizza at your doorstep. I think the app has nailed it with its ability to choose from so many options, from sauces, to cheeses, to topping all with the option to divide pizza with one side with certain toppings and the other side with other toppings. You get a great selection without the hassle of not being to make the choices you want or the app not letting you do something, etc. This is my family’s go-to dinner when practices run long, or homework piles up and there’s nothing to eat. The best part is that they support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and with one more step you can (if you wish) donate money to this amazing charity!

Not CONTACTLESS because of his first issue I have found using iPadOS version of Domino’s app. There’s no where to add tip at checkout when using iPadOS version when paying with card Can it still be called “contactless” when you have to answer the door because they can’t just put whatever they want as tip and certainly wouldn’t just accept no tip. Who wouldn’t knock for that? But then they hand you your pizza. Tried calling the store to just go ahead and tell them but being on hold gets old (no pun intended) and so does having to explain every time “No, I’m not placing an order” and why there was no tip. Obviously, I could just be seeing where to enter the tip but even then it should only be in one place at checkout. Whichever scenario it may be, even though a small oversight, is still an issue that should be addressed.<<>>Also, there’s no way to add special instructions without tricking the system with a work around. The only way to get a well done pizza when ordering via the iPadOS version of the app is by first, using a non-iPadOS version of the app that does have special instructions to create an easy order where you had the option for well done selected and then, back on the iPadOS version, selecting your easy order. After that, it’s there miraculously. But only for that pizza. Beautiful app, but serious flaws that shouldn’t be hard to fix or even take that long to do so.

Time To Pay. When I finally figured out how to use the app to order the first time, I had to go back and start over three times. When I tried to set up a profile and pay for my order, it asked for two different cards. I finally put the same card in twice. Then when I clicked to pay, the CVC number was blank. I entered it correctly and was told you were having trouble with my payment and to call the store. No one ever answered. I tried to click on payment again and it said to enter my CVC number again which I did and clicked to pay again. This time my payment was accepted. In all it took 30 minutes to order a simple 10” pizza. I am not accustomed to having so much trouble with an app. Plus the delivery fee is ridiculous when I also tip the delivery person. Who gets the delivery fee? The manager? Unhappy. Will probably pick up next order or order from another company! I sure hope the pizza is worth the hassle!

App Glitch Changed My Order Twice!!!!. I’m upset with the app and reordering from my previous orders or “favs.” I ordered from a previous order using the app and when I went to place the order it changed my pizza’s from what I selected to two sausage and pepperoni pizza’s. Absolutely ridiculous that this is even an option when it changes it on you. Looked at my receipt and it said two sausage and pepperoni pizzas when I know for a fact I selected from my “order history” to “reorder.” Tried to use the app to see if I messed up and when I went to reorder again I watched it automatically change my pizza’s again. So I couldn’t even take the pizzas back in to tel them my order was wrong because it wasn’t according to the app and receipt. This is the second time this has happened, but the first time I didn’t notice. I just assumed they gave me the wrong pizza because I didn’t realize until I got all the way home and didn’t want to take them back. Would not recommend using the app it’s ridiculous and garbage.

It’s a great app except for one thing.... ... on my iPhone 7 I can’t delete things off my order. It’s a great app otherwise, but that element is so frustrating that it loses two stars in my book. I mean, I just ordered dinner and I had to close the app twice and start over because people changed there minds on what they wanted and I COULDN’T remove those items no matter how hard I tried! One other thing that frustrates me is that when you order something that comes with a dipping sauce, they only give you a few preselected options to choose from. Like I can’t order plain wings and get the garlic dipping sauce with it (so good by the way!). So I’m stuck with a random sauce I won’t use and I have to pay for a garlic dipping sauce separate. They need to make all sauces available to pick from.

Selling your private information is their primary goal. You must opt out from this in what is the most intentionally tedious and annoying process they could devise. There is literary more security and verification required to opt out of their parasitic personal information selling business model than exists around log-in password/account recovery for ordering pizza… I think that speaks volumes about their priorities. And to make a hilariously and blatantly intentional annoying process worse, this multi-billion dollar company claims that due to “technical limitations” you must repeat this absurd process on every device as tying your personal choice to your personal account/profile is allegedly a difficult task (they manage to tie all of your other choices to your account without any problems by the way) … again, a blatant lie working to ensure they have the most opportunity to sell your personal information… Disgusting and vile business practices. Be careful if you do business with this personal information selling company that sells pizza on the side.

Loved it at first but for months it hasn’t worked. When I first install this app it was everything! I was able to order with ease, collect points and know when my order was being made and delivered but the past few months I have tried to use it and it has not worked. I get all the way to the part where I’m supposed to pay and there’s always an issue and it’s not my phone nor is it my card because I’ve tried on multiple phones and different payment methods and I always end up having to call the store to place my order. I’ve even called several numbers that could not tell me anything about the problem with the app because I can only use my free pizzas on the App which is BAD if the app is not working! Please fix this. I have even uninstalled and reinstalled hoping that would work. FYI- using an iPhone as I always have been even when it worked properly.

The Domino’s app shouldn’t take All the spotlight. We all know that a useful, easy to navigate, seamless app isn’t the only thing we should appreciate. It also comes down to the employee on the other end of that application. The fact that every domino’s employee that has ever delivered to my house has use the location services provided is absolutely phenomenal. OTHER pizza apps have the same features but seem to fail and using them at more than half the time (my personal experience) to report anything past the cooking stage. I’m not sure why but I find it very useful to see when my pizza leaves the store and is on the way to me. The only thing I could ask for is to have one of those special delivery vehiclesI see on the internet here at my local dominos. Thanks again to everyone on board and keep being awesome.

Not accurate with delivery. The app claims to tell you where your pizza is, but this is not always the case. Multiple times this has happened where the app says that my pizza has been delivered, but it is still another 30-40 minutes before my pizza arrives tasting like a cardboard box. I have even called the store to ask where my pizza is and they simply tell me it’s on its way. I would order from Dominos more but after the third time this has happened, it’s just not worth it. In total, my last order took an hour to arrive even though the app said it was delivered about 40 minutes earlier. Overall, the app is great and when the pizza tracker used to work for me, I loved the app, even telling friends to try it because it’s so cool, but if slow drivers are just going to mark my pizza delivered as soon as they leave the store, then what’s the point? Try the app out if you want, hopefully you have a better experience, but I’m really dissatisfied with Dominos.

Love it but. I love this app, and dominos, and especially my local dominos. Easy ordering, A+. Two things would be super helpful, though. It would be nice to be able to see the price of items before you add them, and as you go, like how much am I raising the price of this pizza by adding additional toppings. The biggest problem is there doesn’t seem to be any option to add a tip when you pay with a card, not at checkout, nor on a receipt when the pizza arrives. I’m sure this issue leaves a lot of drivers tipless, and that is a massive bummer. If I didn’t think about this, and it was one of the many days I don’t have any cash on me, idk I’d feel awful and have to offer my pal some candy, a back rub, something. Y’all don’t want me down at the store trying to insist they let me help mop. Too many people don’t tip properly as it is. It’s so sad, please don’t make it easy for the non-tippers!

Piece of My Heart. Not even mad that Domino’s is the only pizza place that delivers to my house. The app makes me want to be the one to order when somebody wants pizza because I gotta get those pieces any chance I get. My friends can Venmo me the money for their pizza as long as I get my free pie reward. The access to coupons is simply amazing, there’s always a deal on something delicious that everybody wants. My one and only problem is that there is no estimated delivery time. I only live 5 minutes from a Domino’s, and as helpful as it is to know when my driver left the store, it would be even nicer to know if it’s going to be 15 minutes between my order being completed and a hot pizza in my hand or 45 minutes because the store is slammed or my driver is making multiple stops. As long as I get my piece of the pie rewards, Domino’s will have a piece of my heart. I 🍕 U 4ever Domino’s.

Best restaurant app!. It is so easy to select your items and place your order. You can save your previous orders so that you can re-order them with just a mouse click or two, even applying the coupons you used in the past. The real time tracker is a great idea, but doesn't always seem that accurate. It would be neat to see something more real time visual like a GPS tracker that shows where the driver is on a map like Uber does. I didn't used to eat Dominos pizza, but they made it so easy to order that I order every week now. I also really like their rewards program. The app tracks that too so you don't have to wonder how many points you have and then have to log into a different app. And also reminds you when you have free pizzas, which is really cool.

Very Convenient but App Could Be Better. The app is decent. It's great for placing orders and I love how it let's me know through my Apple Watch that my order is being made or is on its way for delivery. The UI could use some work though, and the app often forgets my login details after new versions get downloaded. I think the ordering process in the app is the minimum of what I expect. I think improvements can be made which would greatly increase my satis-app-tion. 1) A visual representation of my pizza would be nice. I like how Subway's recent app update presents my subs and lets me adjust toppings and the like. 2) An AppleTV app would be awesome so I can order using my Siri Remote and get notifications on my watch, phone, tablet and laptop at the various stages of my order. 3) It would be great to see some details on my pizza delivery person, similar to how Uber gives me details I can confirm with my Uber driver. 4) Some iOS specific touches would be nice. Swipe to remove an expired card for example… 3D Touch to see ingredients on a pizza before I tap six times to order the damned thing… Even an Easy Order button in the iOS dashboard (with weather and news) to let me order my Easy Order with one touch. All of these would be much more helpful from my pizza app than the digital assistant bot they added…

four-star app with potential. This would be a five star app. If only Domino’s will add, or change the menu every now and again, and not every 5 years. You know the product is somewhat stale nowadays because we’ve all eaten basically everything on the menu. What little menu there is and it’s time for a change. To be fresh and reinvent your business you need to come up more products but if you’re just going to keep doing the normal, and then nothing will ever change. People will grow tired of your food and will move on. There’s plenty of pizza shops all around that offer a wide variety of different foods the question is, why should I eat at dominoes ? It’s time for change or maybe it’s time that I change to another pizza shop that can offer me more variety of food. !!!

From Irrelevant to Relevant. I loved pizza from moment I first ate it as a kid…but then again who doesn’t like this salty pie?!! But pizza from Dominos? Nah….not for me. Pizza Hut was where it was at. The Hut was synonymous in my mind with pizza. But then things changed, well actually Dominos changed. I noticed the new logo, wasn’t impressed….still same old pizza no one goes to. But I WAS WRONG!!! My wife and I were wanting pizza one night and a Dominos was closer to the house. My wife suggested it, I gave in, and I didn’t look back. You guys not only changed your logo, but changed your whole vibe, but more importantly you changed your pizza swag. Whatever you have done to your pizza, in my humble opinion, it blows away any other pizza out of the water. You guys went from irrelevant to relevant real quick. Oh, and this app is top notch too!!! Enjoy Dominos, I’m hooked!!

Always fantastic experience. I order pretty often and I have never had a bad experience. One time they forgot my sauces which really wasn’t that big of a deal. Food is always delicious. Drivers always friendly. Almost always super quick. The app is great. Super easy to navigate and use. Never have had any network issues or anything of that sort. Love the different features that make ordering online easy and efficient. Not to mention just feeling comfortable with the fact that you know you’re getting what you paid for, having it delivered by a friendly and well kept/ clean person, it will be quick, and the most important, knowing that in the rare occasion that there is a mistake, you will be taken care of no questions asked. Oh can’t forget the tracker. Gotta love the tracker. Honestly, hands down, BEST FEATURE.

Practice a lot before trying to order a pizza with this app. OMG. It’s so confusing trying to order a pizza. Scrolling half images on the pizza screen doesn’t work. So it looks like there’s lots more but you can’t get to it. Put in the credit card and the big red button says “pay with credit card” but that takes you back to the screen where you put in your credit card (all empty) again. No ApplePay, No auto fill from the keychain, you have to actually look up your credit card number to move forward. Oh, and then don’t accidentally click on “pay with card” again, instead go past that button to the bottom of the whole shebang and click continue. So much friction to order a pizza. Other apps will let me order pizza without logging in, and without having to look stuff up. Add the ingredients, tap ApplePay and it’s done. There are at least 10 extra steps to this dominos app. I suppose I will be ordering elsewhere in the future.

The food is good...but the app is awful. This app makes no sense. They made it to be dynamic and nice to look at, but in doing so, they circumvented their primary goal of making it easy to order their food. I found many examples of this in the 10 minutes it took to order a pizza - the coupons slide across the screen with no warning, the text is far too small and has poor contrast (so you can’t read it), the lists of toppings should be visible at all times (like on a normal paper menu) without having to scroll, the sauces add-ons for the breadsticks and wings are not set against a contrasting background (so you can’t see them), the sub menus are infuriating... I could go on and on. Then when I was finally ready to check out, I entered my card info and could not click the ‘continue’ button! By the end of my app experience, I was so hungry that I just clicked cash because I honestly just wanted to be finished with this app. Maybe the real purpose of the app is to make you so frustrated that you want to use your phone to call and talk to an actual person...

Love the tracker!. I do enjoy watching my meal’s progress! And I don’t have to worry that my order was misunderstood. In the past month or so; however, I have had trouble logging in (it doesn’t recognize my email when I use the @ from the numbers keyboard) AND once I do get in I have only been able to order using my previous orders - the app crashes (looks like it is going to a website and hangs on a blank page) when I try to create or edit a pizza. Thankfully, I usually order the same thing. I won’t just call the store, because I want to earn rewards. Also, there are better pizza places that deliver in my area... the convenience of the app is the only reason I buy Domino’s. January 2019 and I still cannot create a new pizza! Once this order is done I will have earned a free pizza. I will get that and quit Domino’s. There are several pizza places in the area that have much better quality, and the gas will be a lot less than a $3.99 delivery charge. It’s too bad that the company doesn’t monitor their reviews and fix the problem.

Hope you like marketing notifications. You can’t turn on notifications without allowing marketing notifications. I like to know when the driver is on their way. The app makes you think that you only have to receive order and dinner bell notifications, but it’s a lie. Despite turning off the marketing notifications in the app I still receive daily marketing notifications reminding me to place an order. I’ve been nice and filled out the bug report on Domino’s support website, but that was about a year ago. Lately the app has been crashing and payments have been timing out, so I have to use my laptop. I keep my app up to date, so there shouldn’t be an excuse, it seems like Dominos is more interested in following the latest trends (the Stranger Things mind order app is out at the time of writing this) than making an app that works. Maybe make one app that works how your customers want it to work rather than making two apps that don’t work?

Worst Customer Service. Not only do they not have a direct number to any sort of customer service line, but they also don’t say anywhere that if you pay through the app that you will have to give them your ID for payment. So, after leaving the note on the order “don’t knock, leave at door”, they cancelled my order. And I can’t answer the door because of severe anxiety. Oh, and that’s not all, because my ex used to be the one to have his phone number listed, and answer the door, due to my severe anxiety, they didn’t call me to tell me they cancelled the order. Nope. I had to call the store, another incredibly difficult thing for me to do, and find out they not only cancelled my order but called my ex as well. You’d think that’d be everything but nope. I ordered it using points so I only had to pay for the delivery charge and those weren’t reimbursed. When I called the store I got some snotty girl too who was all “you can reorder but yeah we had to cancel your original one”. The only decent pizza place that delivers, and I don’t ever want to order from them again. Thanks for nothing.

Solid UI, But Sometimes Unreliable. I’ll get this out of the way first, it looks great and is fairly intuitive. I never felt lost in the app, even if the coupons are a bit harder to look up than they need to be. However, like everything Dominoes does, it can be a bit finicky at times when your password ceases to work (happened on computer and app login twice now) or your points magically vanish for a few minutes at a time. I will say that these issues are largely on the server side rather than the app side, and have not caused any significant problems since my points have always been logged regardless of any lookup issues. Overall I give it 4/5 because issues did happen, but I never felt like it was the apps fault. (For example my VPN was giving it problems till I switched servers so my issues may have been there)

Thin Crust & GF Crust almost always burned. Have had multiple attempts to get an burn free pizza that isn’t a hand tossed or pan pizza. We actually got a credit once for a replacement order. Then they still burned it again. This is specifically the store in Greensboro, NC on Fleming Road. We keep ordering as some only get 1/8th burned vs the whole pie. But after the fourth order of completely burned gluten free pizza, we will not order again. Ever. This attempt tonight will be our last attempt to try tonight with a thin crust. The store owner was nice the first time. Told us to mark “light cook” on the thin and GF pizzas. But there is no place to mark light cook. It has normal cook, dark cook. No light cook anywhere on the app. We’ve given up. We don’t buy again from this store as it is only and always THIS particular Domino’s pizza. You’d think if they’d see thinner crust and a gf crust, they are both thin and thus need to be checked on prior to a regular pizza.

App and the Crossroads TX store. This app is great! If it be that I’m using it on my iPhone, iPad or getting updates via my Apple Watch. I love the flexibility and functionality of being to just reorder what I order last time and how my rewards are always suggested. However even though you have a great app your amazing store team at the Crossroads TX location is why we keep coming back. They know my family and I by first name, they pull the pizza off the shelf and having it waiting as we walk-in the door and they always check to make sure our pizza is right. There was one time where the pizza wasn’t to par and they already had it re-made and it was coming out of the oven as we were walking in. I might have had to wait 2-3 extra minutes but getting that type of customer service is why we love Dominos.

Great pizza. My husband and I love Domino’s pizza. We’ve ordered pizza to be delivered at least every week-and-a-half to two weeks since we moved to this area seven years ago. We’ve always had great service, yummy pizza and prompt delivery— that is, until recently. For the past couple of months, when we watch the tracker after ordering, it “stalls” at Quality Check and sometimes stays there for a half hour before it tells us that it’s out for delivery. Needless to say, the pizza isn’t at its best when it finally arrives. We understand that there are busy times and we don’t mind waiting when it is busy. This seems to be a regular occurrence now though, week night or weekend. Last week we tried a different pizza place and it came much faster; but it wasn’t even close to being as good as Domino’s. Please, Domino’s, get your act together!

Decent food. Issue with app. I Order Domino’s quite a bit. My kid loves their pizza so I probably order delivery 1 to 2 times a week. I usually order an Italian sandwich. They have a selection to remove the veggies but if you want extra peppers or one of the other veggies even though the plus sign is there it doesn’t work. They barely put any on there to start with and when I order no banana peppers and no onions I see just a few little green spots that I assume are green peppers. I think the receipt should call for more to begin with but lacking that I’d like the option to add more. I can’t. So I order online then call in to have them add them. I’m sure they hate that as much as I do. If someone from Domino’s actually reads these reviews it wouldn’t take a lot to update the app.

Horrible app; deceptive “rewards program”. I’ve had this app for a while and it’s not well managed or thought through by Dominoes - shame on them! They are too big a company to have issues like changing the delivery location, yet the app won’t sync or allow you to change it, and will not allow you to order from the location set by “them” in the app. Don’t bother using their chat feature. It’s a “bot” that can only take an order and is not a real person answering questions. Also, don’t bother calling to use or redeem points that you’ve spend your hard earned money to save. I was told they didn’t know what our rewards were, and to call customer service, but they can’t transfer me because it’s a different number and they don’t know it. This is the most unorganized app & company out there. I doubt they even have real “developers” working on this app much less managing it. Horrible interface and deceiving to tell you to use your points! I’m calling Pizza Hut, then after that I’m calling consumer affairs!!!

Great store!. I love this store. Pizza is always ready quick and good just like I like it. I do have one problem. I actually worked in a dominos as a teenager as a customer service rep. I liked it a lot but always tried to be polite to my customers. BUT When I use the drive through at this particular dominos they literally just look at me and same “what was the name...?” In stead of “welcome to Dominos how can I help you?” This seems picky but it’s just rude for them to be so brash. I know working in fast food can be one of efficiency but you gotta have good customer service to keep your customers. Please work on this. It gets more annoying the more I go. I am a business owner myself. So I know how important this is. I fully support this store. I know this can be fixed. Please fix it from a valued customer. Thank you!

Useless.. The app is fine. The pizza is decent, but the service is pathetic. I will no longer order from a place that is unable to read simple instructions. They charge you for sauces that they never bring even though they should be double checking their orders before the driver takes off for delivery. I even write in the special notes section “double check the order for accuracy“. The manager says it’s the driver’s responsibility to double check the order and the driver claims it’s the cashier’s responsibility to double check the order, but all I know is that I’m the customer and it’s not my responsibility to make sure they got my order correct. I’m deleting the app because I’m no longer spending money with these morons that cannot follow simple instructions. Collecting money on an order that was not for filled is basically theft. The support they give to the NFL is also another fine reason I’m looking forward to no longer spending any money with them, if you don’t like this country get the out and go wherever you think is better.

iPad app is trash, iPhone app is fine. The iPad app is stuck in one orientation, and constantly gets stuck on things. For example, when trying to add a card and using auto fill for my password to save it, it would close the login prompt when the password auto filled. After all of that, it claimed my card which expires in 4 years was expired and needed to be re-added anyways. Both versions of the app are very visually dated, and just in general do not feel very smooth to use. The iPhone one at least usually does the job, the iPad one has made me give up on ordering in frustration more than one time. Also for a brief period the iPhone app supported Apple Pay and then that vanished. I wish that would come back, because the payment section of the app is by far the worst. It doesn’t support credit card auto fill, and it constantly manages to lose them even on the same device.

Prices aren’t showing. This app has gotten better over the time I’ve been using it(for some years), but there is an issue I would like to bring to the light. You all have advertisements on deals for 5.99 each for medium one topping pizzas, for example, but when I go to the deals menu sometimes the prices for said deals aren’t even shown. So after I select my items and go to the checkout, it’s regular priced! Something is definitely not right about that. Please fix this problem because I don’t want to be advertised something and when I place an order I have to pay regular price. This isn’t the only time it happened. I was in quarantine and had to order from y’all. I mean I like your I believe it was a deal for two large pizzas for a certain price each. I don’t remember the price but I paid the amount shown and it was the regular price. I was desperate anyway so I paid for it but I was very much frustrated with that.

Vaccine/Mask Mandate. Dominos sounds like communism especially with the disclaimer they prompt with when doing a store pick up. They mandate that if you’re not fully vaccinated then you need to wear a cloth mask such as a bandana, face covering, scarf, etc. for the safety of their staff. Unless you’re “fully vaccinated” which is defined as having two jabs of Maderna or Pfizer or one jab of J&J. This is a load of crap. Cloth masks obviously don’t offer any protection from airborne particulates and the vaccine doesn’t protect anyone from contracting COVID. It’s all about power and control and not science. Good job Domino’s you stupid communists I didn’t think a pizza parlor would work for China and big pharma but there you are not giving a crap about individual freedoms. I’d like to know if the CEO/president is actually masked up and vaccinated, and if their antibodies are actually protecting him/her/they/them/commie from the virus. What a lunatic. Glad the Domino’s in my hometown doesn’t enforce these policies but I’m still not giving them my business anymore.

9.6.1 update Hard Crashes on Pizza Maker. Let me start by saying that the Dominos app has actually been great for many years, and easy to use and navigate to find what you want or redeem coupons. However, they did something to the app when they released update 9.6.1 a couple months ago that now results in the app hard crashing when you try to add a pizza to your order. This undoes any order you were putting together and makes ordering a pizza through the app impossible unless you use Dom. However, you cannot redeem a free pizza using points through Dom, so it just sits there unable to be used. My iPhone has the latest updates and this problem has persisted through the most recent app updates unfortunately. Hopefully if anyone else has this issue, my review will help bring attention to the problem, because I would like to give the app the score it deserves, but I think if you can’t order a pizza off an app for a pizza place, you can’t give it a high rating.

OK app. Please fix a couple of things.. It accomplishes its purpose. Good app overall. The first request I have is that you add Apple Pay support to the app. I am not going to save my credit card info with every merchant with whom I make a purchase (including Domino’s), and it’s inconvenient to have to type it every time. Plus, Apple Pay is more secure. If not this, then please add the ability to auto-fill my credit card information that’s saved in Safari (iCloud Keychain). Next, the app should have configurable notification settings. I enabled notifications so that I can be notified about orders I place. The app subsequently sent me spam notifications about deals they have. Please add granular controls so we can disable notifications about specific things like deals. I had to disable notifications completely in the meantime.

The app does not align with the actual output of my delivering store. It seems as though The Dominos location that my order defaults to is unable to handle the orders that are placed. I’ve given the app and my local Dominos quite a few chances. Each time, the app estimates 20-30 minutes for delivery, yet my pizza takes well over an hour to arrive. The app will also “track” my order, but will tell me that my order has been delivered long before my order has even left the store. There are other locations nearby, but I have yet to locate an ability in the app to select my location of choice. I would appreciate the ability to choose my store since my “neighborhood Dominos” cannot keep up with demand. The associates are also no help and are very quick to answer a phone call with “your order has already left the store” (with no estimated time known ) after I’ve already spent 90 minutes waiting on one pie that I was quoted 30 minutes for. Please, make your tracker accurate, and if it doesn’t already exist, add the function to choose your store location.

Was a good app until now.. I have been using this app for years now. I tried placing an order online using a debit card with sufficient funds and when I tried to finalize everything told me that there was an error. So I was like “ok maybe I didn’t add enough money to my card” but that wasn’t the case. After it told me that there was a card error the only option to click next was “Okay”. So I tried to re-order and use my debit card once more, and it still said it failed. At this point I figured it was something to do with my bank, maybe a bill hit me at a coincidental time. But nope, I just see that I was billed twice and over $40 had been taken out of my account. I called my bank to try to file a dispute. When I had told her the situation she told me that she was only seeing one transaction bounce back, however she did see the one failed attempt go through. After she told me that and I had filed the one claim I called my local Domino’s to see if they had received the money and or my order. They told me they haven’t received either. This has been my only issue with this app, I have had no other complaints or disappointments up until now. I would recommend adding a feature that says “Please do not try to pay again, for it might make a duplicate charge” like I know most apps do. Please don’t overlook this. I am extremely upset.

Saved our marriage!. This app is very easy to use and the ability to schedule a delivery for later is genius! With my wife hard at work in the kitchen, I can smell disaster coming. This app allows me to schedule the pizza for 20 minutes after she says dinner will be done. We all sit at the table and poke inquisitively at a main course that is so over-cooked that it is not recognizable anymore. This is balanced by the still frozen in the center side dish and nearly raw vegetables. But wait, who is that at the door? The delivery driver! He saves me from what is sure to be a trip to the ER and months of abuse investigations from child services for making my children eat what we lovingly call my wife’s gourmet feast. Thank you dominos! Saved by the app and not having to hide in the garage while I call dominos on the phone!

Needs a new update. This will be the 4th time I’m trying to place an order through the app. After adding what I wanted and I get to the checkout part, I place the order and it tells me that there was an issue with the payment. Which there shouldn’t be because I do have the funds. In the same message it gives me a number to call and it turns out to be one of the stores, which turned out to be ZERO help. I try telling the guy on the phone what’s happening and he simply hangs up. I call again about just placing my order and as soon as I mention the free pizza I earned he hangs up! Now I’m of course gonna order more than the free pizza and I love dominoes, but if this problem is going to keep happening to me well I’m sorry but you guys are going to loose a loyal customer. Please can we rectify this issue???

Worst app I have ever used. Every time I use this app, that’s once a week. I swear I will never use it again, are you listening dominoes, one day you will loose my business. Every time I try to use it it starts by saying there is no stores in my area, but after logging out then back in 5 or 6 times it connects. Then I try to use coupons, and am told there is no local coupons. After trying 5-6 it will let me use the coupon I want to use, the one that has medium pizzas for 6.99 if you buy 2. After going through all that and putting in the 2 pizzas I want and I go to check out it has no price for the pizza so I have to do it ALL over again. It takes me 30 or more minutes to order pizza, sometimes I call the store to complain and have them put in my order, they know the app is terrible but there is nothing they can do, and dominos doesn’t care how bad it is. So my advice is use Pizza Hut, there app isn’t great but it is way better than this piece of crud.

Used app a few times. So far seems to be working well. Had an issue adding another form of payment, the app said that I had already entered it, but it was not there so when I entered it again it said that it was a duplicate? Maybe it was a user error? I am hungry and ordering pizza through an app - I can’t complain too much, can I? 30 years ago I would have had to pick up my rotary phone and call in to Dominos be put on hold for 10-15 minutes (while they helped other callers), then place my order from a paper menu that I had on my fridge. The one thing that I do miss from back then is the guaranteed 30 minute delivery. Oh well, life goes on. This review took longer than ordering and paying for my pizza. Hopefully my pizza is out for delivery now ;-)

AVG But time to be more inventive. Pretty good experience. Rewards is good but a modification to it like double the rewards during football Sunday would amp the sales up. Person who continue to order during Football days usually buy a decent amount of pizza. Being rewarded double or an extra for a purchase limit ie($25 or more) during Sunday should give you an extra 10points or something. To be honest if Pizza Hut delivered in my area it would be tough competition being that they have the same deal. If you want to demolish Pizza Hut into the ground then you have to adapt to the changing factors like they did. They seem that Dominoes was getting more order due to a dollar difference in their pizza deal from 6.99 for each product of select items to dominoes deal of 5.99. Hopefully some reads the review and thinks about cashing in on promotions with potential partners like NFL. Especially during breast cancer awareness month.

A few frustrating glitches. Editing my order took me back to the ingredients list and it wasn’t possible to scroll all the way through the non-meat items. I could scroll up to see the next items in the list but as soon as I raised my finger off the screen the list scrolled back up to the top and only showed the first few items. I couldn’t make any choices from the ingredients list below the place where it was stuck. Had to delete and restart the pizza. Also, I was prompted on the order page to re-enter the payment info I had just entered on the previous screen while I looked for a place to tip the delivery person (which I never found). Also it’s just a bit too slow. The slightest tweak to a topping leads the app to spend 5 to 10 seconds recalibrating or recalculating. That adds up when you’re deciding exactly which toppings you want it’s just too slow.

The Best Pizza Lady Ever!. Joanie is so good to my daughter! We of course are regular customers but we are because of the way she manages this store. In fact the entire staff is great but I would guess it’s because she leads by example. She always goes the extra mile and for even the simplest order there’s something extra or special put into the transaction. She noticed my daughter and complimented her behavior once and afterward my daughter just came to love her, we both do and live the store. We won’t get pizza anywhere else. An example of the extra effort she puts into things is like for my daughter’s birthday I ordered I guess around 20 pizzas. When we got to the party every single box had a special birthday wish to my daughter. All unique and all extremely thoughtful. I can’t say enough good things and I’d like to be clear that we only came to know her through doing business at this store so it’s not like we’re friends outside the store or neighbors. Another example is once I made a comment that my daughter didn’t feel well and when we got home there was a special message for my daughter again from Joanie. She’s the best and deserves far more accolades than I could ever write here. Please treat her well and commend her and her store! Thank you, Louie & Irelyn Conner (daddy & daughter)

My night in a nutshell.. So tonight I went to the joker. It was a pretty good movie I’ll give it a 7.5. Afterwords came back to my house with my buddies and my wife, she’s in the basement watching our TV show without me. #Bummer So me my buddies end up sitting in the kitchen we’re drinking bourbon and we think to ourselves dang we’re hungry. So what’s the next logical step either we’re making a crème brûlée or we’re ordering a pizza. Guess what guys, we ordered a pizza on this fantastic app! Needless to say if your wife is ever watching the show that you’ve been wanting to watch with her without you and you end up in the kitchen hungry as could be drinking bourbon with your buddies, this is the app for you because the pizza from Domino’s pizza is the best. The best in the west or in this case the Midwest. #htown #kansas #werethethreebestfriends #pizzahutsuck #lactoseintolerance #shouldwehavetippedmore #beansfodayz

Pretty good. Quite handy.. Since the tip feature was put back in I added a star back since last time I rated. The app is quite handy for ordering pizzas, however there are a couple things I would very much like to see changed. Please stop making use do captchas with gift cards. It makes no logical sense. Even if it’s a robot paying for the pizza, it’s still being PAID for. Those things are super annoying. Also it would be nice to save the gift card to the account so we don’t need to type it in each time. Lastly, please save whether I am getting delivery or pickup, or ask me each time when I choose reorder. I’ve accidentally checked out without changing it a couple times and didn’t realize it till the store called to see if I was coming. I sometimes forget it doesn’t remember my choice for that. Other than that I like the app when I get my pizza cravings :)

Poor customer service. I don’t want anyone to get me wrong I loved dominos and the food is always amazing but I have a lot against their customer services it’s pure crap I can’t stand it I’m talking about the one in Lincoln Nebraska.... at first the food was getting prepared for over 45 minutes and then I call them to ask what was going on and she picked up the phone with a rude manner and telling me that the road was bad so the drivers we’re getting late which I understand but why would you be rude and mean about it ? Like come on I’m a human being I can empathize if you explain me something but it doesn’t end there after hearing how my tone started to change she offers to give me free pizza and then hang up on me like I was a beggar. Just saying agreeing on reviewing a free pizza because they offer it doesn’t show nor mean that I’m a beggar and can’t afford a single pizza.... I’m really dedicated to not buy a single thing from dominos till I die. I never felt like a beggar my whole entire life. Ps: not everyone who accepts free pizza are beggar nor try to gain something from a 14$ pizza.

Horrible. As long as you don’t have a bad experience everything can be good. Except for small things every now and then. Soon as there starts being issues and you’re spending money on food that isn’t they way you want it or you can’t even tell them how you want it because they get a bad manager in your area that won’t answer the phone unless it’s to pick up and hang up when you haven’t even called prior. This had never been a problem until Dora Alabama branch hired this bad manager. I have screen shots of phone calls to this branch being on hold without to take the phone call to make a order for over 29 minutes. The reason it wasn’t longer I hung up after driving to the store only to have him be rude before I could even get one word out. I reported this and I never heard back from them. The only other option if I wasn’t satisfied was to contact the branch I had a problem with. I already tried that. I won’t continue to purchase food there that I pay for and can not get it how I want it because the manager is to busy and rude to answer the phone.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 10.0.0
Play Store com.dominos.iphone
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

Domino's Pizza USA (Versiyon 10.0.0) Install & Download

The applications Domino's Pizza USA was published in the category Food & Drink on 2011-06-08 and was developed by Domino's Pizza LLC [Developer ID: 436491865]. This program file size is 178.65 MB. This app has been rated by 4,994,999 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Domino's Pizza USA - Food & Drink app posted on 2023-01-23 current version is 10.0.0 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.dominos.iphone. Languages supported by the app:

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Domino's Pizza USA App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for using the Domino’s app! We’ve resolved a few bugs in this release to improve your ordering experience.

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Find this site the customer service details of Domino's Pizza USA. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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