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SAT TestBank! The #1 SAT Prep Testing System

The ONLY app with PERFECT-score SAT questions!

Our authors achieved PERFECT scores on the SAT! Our TestBank will help YOU maximize your SAT score.

Featured "What's HOT by Apple."

• New! See YOUR personal SAT Ranking vs. other students.

It's all in ONE app! SAT TestBank practice questions for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is now in one app! Math, English grammar, and sentence completion subjects are fully covered by our PERFECT-Score authors.

• Complete rationale for EVERY question. Understand "why" an answer is correct.

• Johns Hopkins provides full funding so that every student at Dunbar High School (Baltimore, Maryland) receives our SAT TestBank Software. We know SAT Prep!

• Performance Statistics: Track your strengths and weaknesses.

• Customized Testing Options (all or targeted subjects).

• Adaptive Learning Technology: Re-calibrates, based on your performance.

• Seen Least Option: Avoid repeating questions.

• Missed Most Option: Review questions you missed most often.

• Favorite Option: Flag specific questions for review later.

• Retake entire test or only missed questions: Maximum retention.

• Test-taking advice, tips, and strategies: You'll be prepared.

• Frequent Updates: Help you stay up on the latest material.

ADAPTIVE LEARNING TECHNOLOGY: Your TestBank is continually re-calibrated every time you answer a question, based on your personal performance.

• Mock SAT Prep Questions
100% multiple choice questions along with guideline answers focusing on every subject area. Practicing these questions will greatly reduce your risk of encountering surprises on exam day.

• Rationale given for every single question
Explanations and rationale provided for every question. This makes TestBank a truly stand-alone program.

• You choose which subjects to study
Depending on your learning needs, you can decide to take a specific number of questions randomly selected from ALL of the subject areas, any COMBINATION of the subjects, or an INDIVIDUAL subject.

• The order of the QUESTIONS is always scrambled.
TestBank keeps you on your toes. Become a better test taker, creating confidence in the materials learned.

• The order of the ANSWERS is always scrambled.
Forces you to read/understand each answer choice instead of remembering which answer is correct based on its order.

• Your performance is tracked.
Your performance is displayed when you open the app, allowing you to track your progress and target your studies. TestBank tracks your cumulative performance, overall and by subject area.

• Questions Seen Least
TestBank knows which questions you have seen/answered the least often. When you choose this option, the questions that you have seen the least number of times will display first.

• Questions Missed Most
After using TestBank for a while, you can focus on the questions that you have missed most often.

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SAT English & Math TestBank App Description & Overview

The applications SAT English & Math TestBank was published in the category Education on 2011-05-28 and was developed by Allen Resources, Inc.. This application file size is 48.89 MB. SAT English & Math TestBank current version is 2.8 and works well on IOS 9.3 and high versions.

• SAT TestBank is now 100% free for every high school student
• FREE Unlimited Access - The entire app - All 4,784 SAT questions - No payment is required
• Updated SAT questions & rationale
• Enhanced UI & fixed some fonts
• Improved performance analysis & individual rankings
We're here to help you max your score. Please contact us with questions about your SAT prep:
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SAT English & Math TestBank Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Amyjo1975   1 star

Trash. You have to pay for EVERYTHING

Tom Brady star   1 star

Makes you pay to much money. I got this app trying to study for my sat but they are making me pay to much money for a bad designed app DON'T GET IT !!!

_lhaki_   1 star

Not helpful at all. Don't waste your time downloading this app if you don't want to pay for it. At first it shows that it's free but once you download it you'll see that it's not really free. You'll need to pay in order to get the practice questions. 😓😓

Realtree Josie   1 star

Not free. They say it's free then when you download it you realize it costs money to do anything. 👎

Geico Offline   4 star

Review. Yes, you do have to pay for each section or get the all in one bundle for SAT. But moving past that, it is really great practice. The problems aren't that difficult though. The reason I did not rate it five stars is because there is no Algebra 2 Guru or Calculus Guru.

Ksant003   1 star

No longer works. App crashes on startup.

P-L-A-Y-E-R   1 star

Impossible to start a test. It seems to go no further than the list of question in the testbank... The update has made the app practically useless. Disappointed!

Angry personesuudnsusisjwhs   1 star

I CANNOT enter my app!!. I cannot enter my app recently( for about three monthes!

merara   1 star

Horrid. I think you have to buy everything in this app.

Bait & Switch. Load the app and find you have to pay for each topic.

Potus 2036   1 star

Awful. Waste of time just a front and misleading.

AshleysSmile   1 star

Bs. Dont waste your time, it's not even an actual app, or even a trial; it's just saying what the paid apps do without even a sample.

Vishnu P   1 star

App. I don't know what the activation code. Can someone help me where to get it?

JayaT   1 star

A swindle, trust me. First you pay $9.99 for this piece of crap and then they demand additional money to get full access to their bank of questions......? Really! This is a total swindle. Save your money. I am going to complain and demand a refund.

127353826153739   1 star

$340 to study SAT IDTS!. I'm sorry but I'm not paying $340 just to study all subjects for the SAT...this app is not worth anyone's time or money. Its poorly designed and aesthetically unappealing. Im better off buying the 10lb textbook from college board and taking the SAT 7 times for the same price

Thisgameew12   1 star

.??. You need an activation code...,and where is that?

Tutorfree   1 star

Tutor. Don't believe this app and waste time to download it.

01123581396876   5 star

Great App!. Simple yet instructive. I would highly recommend this app.

Certekin9900   1 star

Not free !!!!!!. I can't believe these people. It says FREE on the application and I spend my time and effort downloading and when I want to start using it, surprise !!! You need to buy the application for $99 to see the content. Misleading text, shame on you!!!

Johnny Ora   3 star

Crashes on iOS 5. Interface stinks. It crashes. Cannot take tests. Look elsewhere.

C.J.J.J   1 star

crashes, doesn't display questions correctly. The questions do not appear

WendyAnnaRose   1 star

Want my money back. O wish I read these before I got this. I had to pay ten dollars for the sections after it was installed! Ripoff I swear

Sithmaith    1 star

Just a shell. There isn't anything here. Everything requires you to pay for full access. Useless.

Aawwrrhhii   1 star

Doesn't work. After installing it, the application closes immediately when I selected any options in the home page. Hope this can be solved soon, I'm looking forward to use it the way it is meant to be used.

HHP3   1 star

Just an ad. The sample screenshots are not correct. This app has no questions, only a "buy full app" button.

Anon0502   1 star

Just an advertisement. Not worth downloading. It gives no questions unless u want to pay for the full access for each section

Spiceisle   1 star

Terrible..don't bother. Used to be able to see sample questions and check out the diagnostics before purchasing full access. This recent update is just an advertising shell for selling access to each if the subtests. Maybe I'm missing something but the sample questions were accessible before the June 17 update. You get nothing with this......skip it!!!

swimmingrocks100   1 star

IT KEEPS CRASHING!. This seemed like a good app so I downloaded it, but the app crashes as soon as you open it. I will give this 5 stars if the problem is fixed.

Meg+Em   5 star

Excellent!. I've been trying to find a great SAT app, and this one is it! I reccommend buying all the sections. The questions are honestly difficult, and they give a rationale, based on your answer. It's great for finding out why I got something wrong and also why the answer what it is. It is really helping with grammar, which isn't my strong suit, and math, which I needed reviewing in (as I forgot most simple math in Pre-Calc). Definitely worth it.

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