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Learn a new language intuitively with Rosetta Stone, the most trusted name in language learning.

Pick up words and concepts instinctively and without translation. Rosetta Stone’s award-winning mobile app trains you to associate words with imagery in real-life situations, so you can fully engage with your new language. It’s a natural way of learning that grows your ability so you can speak confidently in any setting. Join the millions of people who have discovered a new language with Rosetta Stone.

• 2018 Platinum Award for Best Educational App by the Best Mobile App Awards
• 2018 PCMag Editors’ Choice
• 2018 Tabby Awards Winner


1. Improve your pronunciation with TruAccent®, the world’s best speech recognition technology.
2. Learn with the Rosetta Stone immersion method. Move easily from words to phrases, to conversations.
3. Perfect your language skills offline. Listen to our downloadable lessons and keep learning, wherever you are.


1. Open up your world
Choose from 24 languages: Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), English (US), English (UK), French, Japanese, Italian, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Korean, Dutch, Tagalog, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Farsi, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

2. Begin your journey
Practice learning the basic greetings, questions, and phrases you need to introduce yourself, get around, and start simple conversations. Refine your accent with our TruAccent® technology. Read short stories aloud for instant feedback. What you learn now is the foundation of your language journey.

3. Find your feet
This is where your learning experience really gets going. Get outside and explore your surroundings! Eat out, order a drink, ask for directions, haggle over an item, or make a new friend. Consult our easy-to-access Phrasebook for greetings, phrases, and useful expressions. Out and about without internet access? Learn offline with downloadable lessons, or listen to our audio companion.

4. Express yourself
You’re now beginning to feel confident expressing feelings and opinions in your new language. You can talk about everyday life, ask for advice, communicate with clients, and make jokes. You’re surprised at how much you can speak and understand!

5. Converse with ease
You’re thinking, expressing feelings, and dreaming in your new language. You can conduct business and socialize with confidence. You’re expressing yourself on a range of topics, from politics to sports, and everything in between. Congratulations! Strangers become friends and the world becomes a smaller place when you’ve learned a new language.

Download Rosetta Stone and start your language learning journey today!

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Current Subscribers
• Get full access to all lessons, stories, and audio companion when you subscribe to Rosetta Stone.
• Payment will be charged to your Apple ID.
• Your account will be auto-renewed 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.
• Manage or cancel your subscription from your App Store User Settings at any time after purchasing. Payment will be taken until the end of the current period.

Enterprise and Education Learners
• Unlimited use of Rosetta Stone's mobile app is available for existing Enterprise and Education Learners.
• Features may vary for Enterprise and Education Learners.

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Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages App Description & Overview

The applications Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages was published in the category Education on 2011-06-02 and was developed by Rosetta Stone, Ltd.. The file size is 249.98 MB. The current version is 5.12 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

* You can now enjoy Seek & Speak challenges and conversation practice on the iPad.
* Try out our new challenge in Seek & Speak, Ready for Class

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Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages Reviews


Wow  Smartnoob88  1 star

It just can’t seem to let people learn different languages for free. As a student, I am taking a language course and thought this would be a good idea to try out, but I couldn’t learn anything due to the fact that this app won’t just give the full access out. I thought this app would be better than the other ones I tried but it is just the same. I have gone through about 13 different language apps and all of them are horrible. I did not appreciate any of this.

Marjan Shahi

Using Rosetta Stone  Marjan Shahi  5 star

I really do enjoy using Rosetta Stone ♥️


Learning with the Rosetta Stone  saxtel  5 star

The Rosetta Stone program is comprehensive, paced well, and supportive of learning at my own pace. The visuals are helpful. It is simply a fine language learning program.


Great concept, a lot of glitches  Allen329  3 star

In a week, I have had to delete and reinstall the app twice because the audio stops working.


BIG disappointment  huggsidbebs  1 star

I spent hundreds on the desktop version so I recently downloaded the App so I could continue with my education but it quickly discovered my access was limited and I was required to purchase a membership/access again in order to continue. I recommend you use another app that doesn’t require you purchase a membership to use it, there are plenty available.


Fantastic!  🥴🤠🥴  5 star

I give this app five stars because it really has helped me learn German. It helps you pronounce the words correctly by putting them into sections. My only concern is that there are some parts of the app you have to pay for. But even without paying, you get a great learning experience.


Great in the app form  DnDPic  5 star

Works great and is enjoyable for a quick break in between tasks throughout the workday. Makes you learn quickly.


Лучше!!! The best!!!  NarutoRocks27  5 star

First I will wright in English then in Russian. This app is by far my most used resource to pick up new languages! What I can say is that Rosseta stone has changed my life. And I will tell you this right now, if you truly want to learn a new language. It is not going to be easy, it will take time, work, dedication, and passion. However, it is possible! You can do anything you put your mind to! Rosetta Stone has changed the game!! Yes, it is one of the most expensive apps. But it is worth every dollar, I would spend it again and again and again. Это приложение, безусловно, мой самый популярный ресурс для изучения новых языков! Что я могу сказать, так это то, что Россета Стоун изменил мою жизнь. И я скажу вам это прямо сейчас, если вы действительно хотите выучить новый язык. Это не будет легко, это займет время, работу, самоотдачу и страсть. Однако это возможно! Вы можете делать все что угодно! Розетта Стоун изменила игру !! Да, это одно из самых дорогих приложений. Но это стоит каждого доллара, я бы потратил его снова и снова и снова. Спасибо большая!! Тристан 👏🏽


Okay..I guess  funimatefan_89  3 star

This app is very “okay” and it’s free but once I started it just straight up started to ask me things without even going over it with me.I feel like the app is to fast fore those who are trying to learn.

Foof a woof

4 Stars because  Foof a woof  4 star

Ever time I use this app I learn a lot and can understand more of other languages but it’s annoying that I have to go to google translate to find out what I’m actually saying other than the language I’m learning. If you update it I will give 5 stars.


Worst app ever  Inventor923  1 star

Signed up for a free trial. The very next day they charged me AU$159.99 for a full year membership. Not worth it. Now, I’m wasting time and energy trying to get my money back! It may take take up to 30 days to get a refund! Read the fine print before accepting anything from this company.


Expected better for the cost  Sitemby  1 star

Poor voice recognition, which makes it a useless feature. Apps like Duolingo provide the same content in the end, making this not worth the money. I had multiple instances where the “voice bar” rated green, but the app registered a fail mark, increasing frustration and not making the experience enjoyable.


Prepare to be bamboozled  SmallAngryMan  2 star

The milestones at the end of units get you to review ‘what you have learned’ by getting you to guess words and grammatical structures that you don’t even touch upon in the units! Most of the lessons are great, but the developers must be smoking something good at times.

Mr Jinx T

Best language app, but...  Mr Jinx T  3 star

This is the best language App I have tried so far. And I have tried quite a few. But you can't have any noise around when trying to use the microphone. And my only times to use this are during train commutes.


Good app, but microphone technical issues  mlim2142  3 star

I’ve enjoyed using the Rosetta Stone language app to learn Vietnamese. The content for the learning programmes has been good. My biggest issue with the app at the moment is the app not detecting the microphone in my Apple Airpods when I have the AirPods connected to my iPad. Other apps on my iPad (eg. voice memo) seem to be able to use the Airpod’s microphone well. If the developers could fix this issue this would make the app even better!

Simons cookbook

No translation makes this ap useless  Simons cookbook  1 star

No translation provided for many languages (mandarin) leaving you to guess the context of the phrases from photos. That makes the app practically useless. Purchased a subscription and provided no method to be reimbursed. Online Help then claim I should have checked the website. Absolute theft given this is not disclosed in the App Store.

Eugenius Yu

Indonesian not supported  Eugenius Yu  1 star

Website says Indonesian is supported but the app does not list Indonesian

Little Dolly 11

Fun!  Little Dolly 11  5 star

So far it’s quite fun but it sometimes has trouble with my accent!


Not helpful  Daijidimmak  1 star

Does not provide a description for the phrase your learning. Tried free trail but they stole $159 anyway. Hopefully I can report this somewhere to stop it happening to others. This was the result after trying to receive help. Abhik D: Thank you for contacting Rosetta Stone, my name is Abhik, how may I assist you today? Me: I started the free trial but money was still deducted from my account Abhik D: So you want to cancel and get the refund? Me: I have already cancelled but it was a ‘free’ trial. Why was $159 stollen from my account? I cancelled the ‘free trial’ five minutes into the trial. Abhik D: Well we are not sure about that, the access wasn't purchased directly from us , it was from Apple iTunes, when ever you subscription for something from the app, it will be an in app purcahse from the device provider. Me: If this is your product how can you be ‘not sure’ how it works. FREE is FREe Abhik D: Because you didn't purcahse it from our website of from our call center. Abhik D: It was purchased from Apple, in order to get any kind of refund reach out Apple support, they might have subscribed you for a year long subscription. Me: Then why is your company proclaiming it’s a ‘free trial’ if you don’t know how it works. This is fraud you have stolen money. Me: What are you going to do about it? Abhik D: Free trial is for 3 days and then you gotta pay. Abhik D: And the free trial is only available if you purcahse a subscription. Abhik D: That is how apple sells any app, it is not decided by us. Me: Then by very definition it’s not ‘Free’ and you are liers and fruadsters Me: What are you going to do about it? Abhik D: No Steven 3 days is free when you purchase a subscription from Apple. Me: That is extremely misleading. Tell me the process to report you so this doesn’t happen to others Abhik D: If you feel there is lack of information, I will take it as a feedback and let our level 2 team know about this. Me: ...and my money? Abhik D: As I informed reach out Apple or iTunes support. Abhik D: For your reference, your case number for today is: 07119088 Me: So you wash your hands of any responsibility? Abhik D: You need to understand, we don't have the amount which was deducted, because we didn't deduct the amount. Abhik D: Apple sold you the access and they have the amount, they are the best person to cancel and have your amount refunded. Abhik D: Who can * Me: I understand completely your shafting people of big cash for your own greedy needs. Me: It is your responsibility to make a fair deal happen not apple’s you created the app therefore the situation that has taken my cash. Abhik D: I do respect your opinion sir, but that is how in app purcahse works, we sell the subscription to retailer's like Apple or Google they decide the price and policy about selling. Abhik D: It's now about Rosetta Stone, if you purcahse any kind of subscription from Apple they will deal with any offers or billing related questions. Abhik D: We have our website selling the subscription and has 30 days return policy. Me: I didn’t purchase a subscription I entered into a ‘free’ trial. Me: No comment? Abhik D: The free trail comes with a subscription. Me: Haha! That is the most backwards statement I’ve ever come across, this is not the last you’ve heard of me.


Nice Design but High Price  CloveCreeper  4 star

Rosetta Stone has a nice, sleek, modern design it works well you can learn your language fine. However, when it asks you about subscribing you think ‘Yes!’ But think again, it charges you almost $330 dollars to subscribe for a lifetime membership, $330!. Overall, Rosetta Stone has a nice design, works well but they charge way, way too much for what they give you. Thanks

lily von schtupp

Love learning new things  lily von schtupp  5 star

Languages will never be my thing. Prob because I speak quickly and my brain can’t translate my ideas fast enough. But I love learning and Rosetta Stone makes it much easier. First went through Spanish. Now I’m trying Irish.


Good  bxhxjxudixni  5 star

I have to move to another country in a couple months but don’t know the language at all so this is really helpful


Not picking up my mic  Llamacornpro04  1 star

when i speak through it its says its wrong and not picking up everything im saying plz fix i need to do my work!!

estoy en el 22

Aprendizaje rápido  estoy en el 22  5 star

Me encanta aprender inglés y Rosetta Stone no es para mí la mejor manera

Ceci H.

I grew to love it!  Ceci H.  5 star

At first I wasn’t sure about the format, because it wasn’t like your average course of seeing vocabulary words translated. This is like being immersed in the language and learning based on observation. Give it a little time and you’ll come to see how effective this method is for learning.

Boi I got so many

Great Material  Boi I got so many  3 star

Once I get the lessons started Rosetta Stone is great. The problem is getting started.... each time I selected a lesson it takes about 4 minutes to load it up. Ever watched paint dry for four minutes? Longest 4 minutes of my life every time. And it didn’t do this all along, only within the past 3 or 4 days.


Love but frustrated  AbigailBlank  3 star

It’s true it is very “buggy”. I love the system of learning but when one bug gets fixed 3 more pop up. Currently the speaking practice lessons are not working properly. It doesn’t seem to care WHAT I say as long as I say it FAST. I don’t even have to say the words of the sentence, any old syllables will do as long as I say it quickly. That’s not helpful at all. I hope this gets fixed soon. I’ve tried adjusting the sensitivity to no avail. But so far it’s the only app I’ve found that helps you practice speaking so I stick with it. I want to renew but I won’t unless the bugs get fixed before my current subscription ends.


Reminders  C-Buiscuit  4 star

It is a great app! I would only recommend adding a notification everyday as a reminder.


Good program, app has issues sometimes  redpants16  4 star

I enjoy using Rosetta Stone on my phone more than I do on a laptop. The only issue is that sometimes the app won’t open or the microphone has problems. Most days these issues don’t interfere with usage.


App frozen. Totally useless.  Jamaicawinship  1 star

Their tech support won’t help. Made it all the way to unit 6 and now the app doesn’t work. Refund please.


Great application.  amaz0r  5 star

More engaging and comprehensive than others I've tried.


Almost perfect  EadonDoire  4 star

Rosetta Stone makes learning French a real pleasure. The course is excellent, covering routine day to day situations. It gives confidence to launch out into this language next time visiting France. The only drawback is that it does not seem to be possible to do the writing exercises with this app. What a shame!


Excelente  Jajja21  5 star

Me gusto bastante te ayuda a mejorar la pronunciación

Owen O Driscoll

Owen O Driscoll  Owen O Driscoll  5 star

Great app


Generally good  RonSkingley  4 star

Good course, makes you work at it and you have to be awake (good thing). But, on an iPad especially, it's not always easy to tell a bambini from a bambino. (Think I've got that right). In other words the pictures do not always make it clear whether the kids are boys or girls.

Michael Murphy

Very good  Michael Murphy  5 star

I found it a fun way of learning. I was engaged from the word go. Thank you. Michael.

Rob Mech

Brilliant  Rob Mech  5 star

Brilliant companion for your PC/MAC version. Has 90% of the functionality and all on your iPad. An example of how to make a great app.

Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages Comments

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