Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages

Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages [Education] App Description & Overview

Real people, not robots
Linguists craft our lessons. Coaches bring them to life.

NEW | Live Lectures: New coaches, topics and times every week. Offered in all languages; Free to all users.

NEW | Coaching On-Demand: Take conversation practice on-location to Mexico with interactive videos you can watch anytime, anywhere. Offered in our most popular languages; Free to all users.

Rosetta Stone has taught millions of people new languages, and you’re next. From day one, you’ll:
• Stay focused with a personalized learning plan based on your motivation.
• Learn intuitively using our proven immersion method.
• Perfect your pronunciation with instantaneous feedback.
• Download lessons to do everything offline.
• Access different kinds of exercises with our Extended Learning features.
• Sync progress across all your devices.
• And never see an ad, ever.

• 2019 PCMag Editors’ Choice
• 2019 Tabby Awards Winner
• 2019 Best Mobile App Awards: Best Designed App and Best Overall App

For the first time, we’re offering every one of our languages under one subscription. Flip between languages as often as you’d like and enjoy the freedom to get seriously curious. To access, simply select Unlimited Languages when you subscribe.

Choose from 24 languages:
Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, English (American or British), Filipino (Tagalog), French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Latin American or Spain), Swedish, Turkish, or Vietnamese.

Select a subscription:
We offer 3 and 12-month subscriptions—as well as a Lifetime option.

Subscription Details:
• Get full access to all lessons, stories, and audio companion when you subscribe to Rosetta Stone.
• Payment will be charged to your Apple ID.
• Your account will be auto-renewed 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.
• Manage or cancel your subscription from your App Store User Settings at any time after purchasing. Payment will be taken until the end of the current period.
• Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

Enterprise and Education Learners
• Unlimited use of Rosetta Stone's mobile app is available for existing Enterprise and Education Learners.
• Features may vary for Enterprise and Education Learners.

For questions or assistance, please visit

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Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Real people, not robots Linguists craft our lessons. Coaches bring them to life. NEW | Live Lectures: New coaches, topics and times every week. Offered in all languages; Free to all users. NEW | Coaching On-Demand: Take conversation practice on-location to Mexico with interactive videos you can watch anytime, anywhere. Offered in our most popular languages; Free to all users.

Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages Comments & Reviews

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- Great app for self-learning!

Vocabulary and simple sentence structure are great! Sometimes pronunciation struggles to pick up what I’m saying but it’s about 95% accurate which is not bad at all considering how subjective it is. I would like to see a writing element added to the basic lessons to help with learning grammar. Also, it would help to have tips at the end of each session to explain basic language rules that a teacher would usually point out.

- Excelente curso

Excelente curso

- Rosetta Stone

Loving it so far easy to use and fun to learn

- pls stop⛓🦹🏻😝✨

I fw you trying ✨but never do it again 💅🏼🧚🏼‍♀️🍃💗

- Spanish

It would be nice to have the option for shorter learning segments

- Mariela

Me encanta cada vez entiendo mas y lo estoy hablando mejor

- I don’t even know why I’m saying half the time

I was SO excited to use this to learn Arabic, as it would be useful to help serve more patients where I work. But there are literally no English words on the app to tell me what word I’m being taught—only photos and entire sentences at full speed. Im still only in the first lesson of beginner basics. But so far I’m displeased with my purchase.

- Wow

While still learning, I am building confidence and having fun.

- Like it!

They could make it better with they’re speech recognition. But other than that like it.

- Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone helps young children learn different languages and have fun with it. You can practice your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Therefore, I would give it five stars.

- Fun to learn

d I love the pictures that go with the sentence

- Unable to login

I liked it on other devices, however, I am unable to login this time, tried uninstall and reinstall multiple times, and it is not working, I’ve even reset the iPad. When I coin sign in, personal, then it start showing a loading circle and everything else greyed out and I can’t sign in! Please help fix this

- It works

It’s my third time, third language, I’m learning from Rosetta Stone and I’m very satisfied with results each time. I highly recommend this program!

- Legit

This is the best program for learning Spanish.

- Best app ever

Hola from this app I learned how to speak Spanish and how to read so this app derver five stars.

- Frustrating to use!

After I’ve had to pause in the middle of a lesson, the lesson screen does not show all of the next lesson cues. The buttons “float up” high and are invisible. I can’t see how to resume the lesson. I also can’t see anywhere to find that path and restart the lesson. Then if I uninstall the app, it doesn’t start me where I was again, and I have to endure experimentation to find my old place, since there is no pathway provided. The speech recognition is very inconsistent. Sometimes I say a phrase and it doesn’t hear all of it. Sometimes I make a mistake and it doesn’t track it. Other times I say it perfectly but get the redo messsge. App does not have all the capabilities of the website. However, I can[t seem to get to the website—it dumps me directly into the app again. I’m beginning to regret my lifetime purchase of this program, even at a discount.

- Awesome

I have been on it for about a day and I already feel like a pro I would really recommend. This app is free and works amazingly good!!!

- Great content, poor experience

Recently purchased the Greek course and loving it. The app itself however performs poorly. It frequently freezes when loading lessons, resulting in having to restart the app, microphone often glitches and keeps failing on correct pronunciation for certain sentences, and often progress is tracked but not displayed in the course overview, showing lessons marked as if I haven’t completed the prerequisites yet, even though I have.

- This app is terrible

I have this app ban it because it is annoying

- Improvement

If you stick to your language you will improve it.

- Hello

This app is amazing

- Glitches Gitter

It was helpful but as soon as I downloaded it I got on and it was glitchy

- Could be great - BUT

I’ve been trying to use the App on my iPad for several weeks. It seems daily I have to install the App then reinstall. I was told they are aware of the problem as the “My Plan” doesn’t work at all, and even the Learn screens, freeze. Now today the translate doesn’t work, and together with the ongoing speech recognition problems, I’m finding this exceptionally frustrating. They need to resolve these issues, it could be a great learning tool.

- Suddenly stopped working

Worked great for a while, then it wouldn’t let me access my lessons at all. I redownloaded the app and now it won’t let me even type in my login info. I can access online so I know it’s the app.

- Thank for app

It’s easy for me, I am principiante

- It’s better than others

It’s great for immersion, but explains nothing even when you selected to learn from the ground up. I’m learning Japanese and constantly get things wrong because I have to vaguely figure it out on my own instead of having an explanation like in other apps such as memrise. Then you fail because the app didn't tell you that this ending is present vs past tense or that this phrase is a question vs an answer or formal v informal. If i’m paying a subscription I would like a more in depth explanation instead of highlighted words and pictures for me to piece the puzzle together myself. Edit: I got a response from the “devs” reexplaining immersion learning. I know its immersion learning; my point is that there should still be an option for an explanation. If someone is struggling, then there should be a click to show window that explains what is happening or break it down. Explain why this phrase is formal v this phrase informal, etc. currently it only explains “fill in the blank” not why or what is going on in the /learning/.

- Buena forma de aprende idiomas

Entretenida y dinámica forma de aprender inglés. Para mi es el mejor método que podría tener. Puedo estudiar en cualquier momento que tengo libre

- Fun

It's actually quite a fun way to begin learning a new language.

- Terrible

This app and the website is the most horrible site I have dealt with. It only works for a little bit and once it reaches that point it does not matter the browser, or device, or the type of headphone you use, it just won’t work anymore. I’ve contacted support and it still gives me issues. They didn’t help, they just told me to try a different browser. I was in French Honor Society in High school with perfect A+’s in all my courses and now thanks to Rosetta Stone, I have made a C/D in college In a course I know I should make an A in. Anyone who wants to learn language would be better off with google translate.

- Awesome!

I am a fast learner, and this app goes along with my pace! The only thing I do have to mention it that education is sooo valuable, yet some people may not be able to pay the amount required to get “the full experience“. On the other hand, the visuals they give you to learn are amazing, and the app picks up what way you learn best in, and gives it to you! I am learning French, and before this I was using the app Duolingo, but in that app there is no visuals or different ways of learning. Thank you!

- Helpful

Rosetta Stone has been very helpful for me. I have learn simple words and it has taught me a lot.

- Unable to login in new version

Since upgrading to latest version I am unable to login. When I click on personal account the spinning wheel is displayed and nothing happens

- Awesome

RS really holds your hand throughout the process and makes it to learn another language.

- Thumbs up for interactive interface, down for poor application stability

Good interactive module with poor application stability. Modules often loads infinitively (AKA endless circle of death). Completed modules sometimes do not safe it’s progress in the lesson, which need to be redone over again

- Good app and language learning software

The only complaint that I would have is that sometimes it is really difficult to understand what the words mean. For the words that can’t be well described with a photo it takes a while to understand what they mean and sometimes the ones with a photo can be misinterpreted.

- Only a few minor complaints.

Excellent app. I have a few suggestions. The downloaded lessons and the actively-online lessons do not mesh well, I downloaded the first two units and am 2/3 through the second unit; but using the actively-connected lessons, I am still in unit one, and have to confirm from there. Also, the playback buttons for the terms/phrases could be a little bigger, as I sometimes end up choosing the phrase as my answer when I wanted to hear the phrase again.

- Good but not perfect

I’m learning disabled and so it takes me longer then most to learn things and the only thing I have a problem with is when it comes to repeating sentences, you don’t break it up enough at first like you do words because I will never speak the sentences the first time and it makes me want to stop, BREAK UP THE SENTENCES TO MAKE IT EASIER TO LEARN HOW TO SPEAK IT FLUENTLY ESPECIALLY SINCE IM LEARNING RUSSIAN!!!

- I love this app!

I’m learning how to speak French during this quarantine. It helps me so much, since before in school we were forced to learn how to speak Spanish, our teacher made it so boring. Also she taught us stuff we’ll never need to know how to say. In this app it teaches you how to speak things you’ll need. When I go on a mission I’ll probably need to know how to speak a different language to teach people so this app is perfect for me to learn. I recommend this app to anyone who is want to speak a new language.

- This is the funnest I am learning a lot of Hebrew I can’t wait to learn more

Ely, Siller

- Fix bugs and 5 Stars

The bugs make it so you can’t smoothly follow the lesson plans. When you go back in, the plans are stuck to the top and are unreachable. Please fix

- Support is still non existent

I got a reply that I should be patient, tech support is busy. Still no further reply after weeks of waiting. My previous review below still applies, no help, no refund. Previous review I loved the ap, spent 100USD for a one year subscription. Used it every day to learn Vietnamese, but then one day after four months use I suddenly could not log in, and my user Email was not recognized. I tried Rosetta support and Apple support, exchanged emails a couple times with Rosetta and nothing. Been waiting a few weeks now, and no one answers my emails. So a 100 dollar subscription wasted. I asked for my money back and no reply. Now I use Duolingo and it is great!

- Aprendo muchisimo !!

Me encanta esta app, entiendo y aprendo muchisimo gracias gracias

- realistic learning

makes learning a new language fun and realistic! i’ve tried many different ways and this is by far the best way to learn.

- Can’t even sign in

I had this app and had to wait until I had the funds to finally purchase the program but now I cant even log in much less make the purchase.

- Voite

This is very good

- Best Language Program Out There!

Rosetta Stone is by far the best language course and app out there. I tried several different (free) ones to learn Italian prior to my trip to Italy and while I learned a lot, when I got to there and tried to speak I felt totally frozen and nervous. When I had the opportunity to go back to Italy again, I bit the bullet and bought Rosetta Stone and the difference was amazing! It has you speaking and listening throughout so by the time I got there I could actually talk without hesitation. It was so fun! This critique applies to all language apps, including Rosetta Stone: if you’ve never learned another language before (in high school or college) it would likely be useful to buy a supplementary book to learn the rules about verb tenses and verb conjugations, masculine/feminine articles, etc. as this background understanding will be extremely helpful when using any app.

- Great! But three suggestions...

I love this software and I feel it’s really helping me to build my bilingual abilities. I do, however, have three suggestions: 1. Make certain parts of the app available offline. I downloaded several of the extended learning materials to use during a road trip where I knew I would have spotty cell coverage. Unfortunately, the app requires internet access to open! So I couldn’t even use the downloaded materials. 2. Use true voice recognition for the speaking portions of the app, and improve the general quality of the voice recognition. When I formulate and verbalize a response sentence to a prompt, I sometimes use a wrong word, but the app is only listening for the true answer, so it registers that word regardless of if it was actually said. I’d prefer it register what I spoke and then allowed me the opportunity to correct it. Often times I also find that it takes quite a while to register my response if there is any background noise. 3. I occasionally leave the app mid-exercise so I can look up a specific translation or grammatical rule to better understand what I got wrong. When I return to the app, it registers me as a second instance logging into my account and forces me out to the log in screen. Then I have to force close the app, wait, and log back in to finish my lesson. Thanks for the great app and I hope this feedback is useful!!

- Amazing page to learn, horrible service

I got the three months trial for student and at the begging was great! Now I have to contact Rosettas chat almost daily to ask for help as I cannot finish not even one lesson a day! Every twenty minutes it starts to fail, just stops working and then shows that there’s no internet while I’m able to go to any other websites, sometimes it works again within 20-30 minutes sometimes doesn’t work again. Then after weeks of having to contact the chat almost daily somebody told me that was going to escalate my case and now that I have to chat again w support they have no records of any of my complains. Feels like they’re just making the website to go slower so i cannot advance that much and at the end you think I’m gonna pay at the end of a trial when i had to contact support almost daily for a trashy service? Will absolutely stay w the program if the keep giving me the chance to learn and advance a lesson per day, so i was not going to finish the course in this three months and again I would pay it cause its worth it, but not like this! Going to Babel!

- Better on the computer than the iPad but still fun and educationalHe

Hey. No language program force your brain into a language but this is a fair honest and good effort

- A superior translator

A Superior was to learning languages

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- Yes!

The format for learning it is a good way to learn

- Great way to learn

I have tried a few online language apps. Rosetta Stone is the best. It fully immerses you in the language. The live tutoring is an added feature. A bit daunting at first but it is really helpful.

- I’d pay but no $320

I’d be willing to pay but not an upfront $320 that’s stratospheric. They should do at least a monthly subscription. There is lots of other apps that are cheaper than this

- good good


- Rosetta Stone

Hi Rosetta Stone is a great app for learning new languages. It heals me learn Italian and French.

- Great for learning Chinese

Apart from the writing of Chinese characters, this has been really helpful for my Chinese. The app works even better than the PC version. It does spoon-feed you though; grammar is taught implicitly by using the vocabulary repeatedly over time

- not bad


- App works well and is easy to use

Works perfectly fine on my iPhone 6. I like it better than the website except when you review a question you have to complete the entire activity unless you quit the app.

- Great tools but some app issues

Great learning tool but doesn't work on wifi or 4g on iPad... Have to download each lessons and work offline... pretty annoying and no answers from support on how to fix it...

- Fabulous interactive learning material

Too bad it costs so much though.

- Good tool, but flaws in alerts/monetisation will annoy

Having used the desktop Rosetta Stone some years ago, I knew what to expect. This IOS version is just as good a tool as the desktop versions. Opinions vary on how effective it is for learning — but I do appreciate that the app encourages speech, and does an okay job at speech recognition. Problems with the app are with the monetisation. I have purchased my language – no small fee – Rosetta Stone has always been expensive. However, the app still relentlessly asks my to "buy your language". If you have notifications allowed it will spam your iDevice regularly with messages begging you to purchase something. Even after purchasing your language of choice the app will still keep asking you to buy the very thing you have already purchased. It's just really annoying. Apart from that, Rosetta Stone is a fine tool. It won't teach you a language by itself, but when used as a revision tool, it's quite fun.

- Quality app, compliments website

Works well as an app and teaching guide.

- Awesome on all levels


- Mrs

Amazing pronunciation technology. Easy to use. Easy to learn.

- Offline learning doesn't work

I can't download the Brazilian Portuguese courses for offline learning. It says I have non internet connection. Very poor. I was hoping to practice on my flight to Brazil but I guess that's not an option now. Please fix this!

- Awesome App

Loving learning Spanish and the visual is so helpful would highly recommend this for anyone who had never spoken any Spanish! LOVE IT!!

- Awesome learning but disappointment

I wish I was giving 5 stars....I absolutely loved the app, it really helps you understand without having any English involved to translate. It is very skilful and does succeed in teaching. The disappointment was after one lesson, you need to pay $300+ for more. It would be more affordable paying for per lesson. It would adapt more people and encourage them to continue with this app. I really wish I could have continued with this amazing app. Hoping it will become more effective to its customers and change on how to pay for these lessons.

- Great learning aid

Helpful app.

- Fun way to get a few basics

Took a few minutes to get the hang of what was going on but now I do it's a lot of fun.

- Great but

I'm learning it easily but I'm in a country that speaks Spanish (the language I'm learning) currently and the lessons are not practical in that I can't get around using it. For example, it would be helpful, early on, to know questions like can I please have, where is the bathroom, what time, how long etc.

- Awesome interaction

I really love how the app engages you and teaches you how to pronounce the words properly unlike other apps and gives you feedback!😃😃😃

- Very interesting

Absolutely good learning courses for beginners in any languages.

- Erinxxs

Enjoy learning with this app!

- Awesome

I think we already know how good this app is.....

- Never too late to have a go.

Always wanted to learn French. Thoroughly enjoying learning French with Rosetta Stone.

- Never too late

I'm 74 years old. I have been learning Japanese with Rosetta Stone for about a year. Love it. I recently went to Japan where I put my newly learnt language to good use. Have been recommending it to friends and family. Don't think you cannot do it. Especially if you're young. It takes a few minutes a day.

- Fantastic

Very intuitive learning. Looking to buy the full version.

- Expensive

The software seems to be high quality after completing the Spanish (Latin American) and Japanese first lessons. I can see where the costs go but still way too expensive for an individual to pay.

- Don't buy from the App Store

Not a bad language app but if you buy from the App Store you won't be able to use it on your computer. Also horrible customer service

- Korean

Love this app. Looking forward to buying the Rosetta Stone online!

- Thoroughly enjoyable and I'm learning!

This app is helping me and is quite addictive which is good for learning

- Swedish

The Swedish lessons are amazing and the app works so well. It's speech recognition is fantastic. 10/10 recommendation

- Stimulating

I am taking Mandarin lessons at a night class. This app is really helping me with pronunciation. I will see how I progress and I might see if everyone can club together and buy me the whole thing as a birthday present! Having said that, once said you have it one can practice it whenever and wherever. Not just once a week :)

- Clever Learning

Easy to use. Just had to skip the written segments as I find those too hard. Clever interactive app that checks your pronunciation as you go.

- Really good.

Fun and rewarding learning.

- I wish it were a bit more affordable

Yes, I know I'd be paying more for classes but given this does not have interaction like a class, I feel it shouldn't be quite as expensive. It is great to have a trial of though.

- Great app

Agreed with other reviews. Suck a great tool. Such a shame it's not very accessible. The price is hefty & disappointing. Just when you feel like you are making progress. The price tag is not one that makes you want to keep going and pay that little extra, it just leaves a sour taste in your mouth & unfortunately leaves the app being abandoned. Hopefully this is reviewed as I would love to continue to use it and recommend it to others.

- Great way to learn

I love this app, since installing it my Japanese has had a huge boost(😄😄😄😄) the only problems are that the repetition part needs work and I don't think anybody likes the $200 purchase they have to make to unlock everything, but then again. It is a great app. This app is epic, beats all other language apps I ❤️ Rosetta Stone

- Great way to learn another language

Lots of visuals that build association and more natural language acquisition.

- Painless

I love the images, repetition and the clarity. You get many chances to improve and you can go back and choose what you want to repeat. I love it but I can't afford it. 😔

- The course is good

The course is good, there's a good deal of repetition and it's good value, on the downside there are a couple of bugs, one the app occasionally freezes and you have to switch off and restart the iPad, on the computer the hyphen button displays é instead of ' when learning French ie, you write léœuf instead of l'œuf, the egg, so on the writing test you can't get the answer right, over then these discrepancies the course is good and with the discounted price is very good value.

- New to school

Have set up 2 new students on Rosetta Stone. They can learn at their own pace for sections of the day when their new English language is over whelming. I've tried a dash of Greek myself. The app is great. Got a few spare minutes. Call up a lesson on your phone. Can't speak more highly. All schools should check this out.

- Really good

Doesn't feel like reading a book. From the beginning I could feel myself understanding the language without any struggle or effort.

- Can't be better

This is just a perfect app for learning language. I learnt so quickly and put no effort in but just play games. Very well designed app. The only thing is it cost $200 for a 3 level course and au$300 for a 5 level one. Though I do think it worths that much.

- Really good. 노무 좋아요!

Really great way to totally immerse yourself in a new language!

- Great product, bad version

Learn Languages with Rosetta Stone in general is a great product, but since the lastest update the app has been acting up: 1) the sounds don't sync: it seems like the sounds start being played before it is actually sent to the speakers/earphones. As a result, I usually don't hear the first sylable or so (and the audio queues to start talking). 2) microphone sensitivity: It seems that the application is not being able to capture properly the audio from the microphone - both on a headset or just the normal iPad mic. As a result, I either fail or the lesson doesn't go forward because it can't 'hear' what I say. 3) Offline capabilities: this just stopped working. Most of the lessons in a module that has been saved offline do not play because they are complaining of network/internet connectivity.

- Great start for learning

I recommend it.

- Good

Excellent language app for on the go revision and extension. After app updates you are required to re-enter your password (every time) this can be a bit tedious and frustrating. Otherwise very pleased.

- Seems very good

Doing first lessons and it compares very well to other apps in design and enjoyment - it will motivate me to continue

- Good way to simulate immersion

I find this a really great way to learn languages, currently Spanish. Although it can never be as good as talking to natives and immersing yourself in the culture and language... For someone who has a busy life and must dedicate time to many different family and work tasks, this app provides me a great way to practice speaking and comprehending language. I also find the pace pretty good.

- Nigeria

Am having fun learning and it’s educative too.

- Translation

Each Spanish language should be translated underneath.. I keep guessing what each statement meant

- Great

I really like this app

- Need for translation

There’s need for translation in a common language, probably English for example. Pictures alone won’t do justice to trying to make up sentences in a new language. If I wanna make a sentence on my own quite different from all the pictures being displayed I guess that can only work perfectly if I am able to translate from my native language (English) to the language I am trying to learn

- Rosetta stone

So friendly, I love it. but please you should reduce your price for the full package, it is high not all can afford it..Thank you

- I’m loving this

Rosetta Stone is one of the best language teacher I’ve seen

- Best language teacher

I like this because of the pronunciation. Good job

- Awesome app

Speeds up learning while making it fun

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Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages 7.3 Screenshots & Images

Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages iphone images
Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages iphone images
Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages iphone images
Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages iphone images
Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages iphone images
Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages iphone images
Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages iphone images
Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages iphone images
Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages ipad images
Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages ipad images
Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages ipad images
Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages ipad images
Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages ipad images
Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages (Version 7.3) Install & Download

The applications Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages was published in the category Education on 2011-06-02 and was developed by Rosetta Stone, Ltd. [Developer ID: 349688821]. This application file size is 262.74 MB. Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages - Education posted on 2020-05-28 current version is 7.3 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions.

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