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We’re excited to introduce Safe Wi-Fi and System Advisor, two brand new security features to keep you and your personal data safe and secure.

► NEW! Safe Wi-Fi: Protects you and your data from dangerous Wi-Fi attacks. Get peace of mind as you connect to Wi-Fi networks on the go, knowing that Lookout is checking to make sure your connection is safe and secure.

Lookout is now the only all-in-one app that protects your device, your data and your identity with powerful mobile security and identity theft protection.

Lookout Basic:

• System Advisor: Get alerted when you’re exposed to security vulnerabilities due to out-of-date software or your device is jailbroken

• Locate & Scream: Map the location of your iPhone or iPad and make it sound an alarm - even when it is on silent!
• Signal Flare: Automatically save your phone's location when the battery is low
• Apple Watch Locate: Shows you the distance between your iPhone and Apple Watch

Lookout Premium - Upgrade to Lookout Premium at anytime within the app. For $2.99/month or $29.99/year, you get:

► NEW! - Safe Wi-Fi: Be alerted when a Wi-Fi network you join is dangerous or under attack

► Breach Report: Timely alerts whenever a company, app or service you use suffers a data breach along with straightforward advice on how best to remediate the situation and protect your personal information

► Theft Alerts: Get an email with the location of your device whenever suspicious behavior is detected that could mean it's been stolen

Lookout Premium Plus (US Only) - Lookout Premium Plus includes all of Lookout Basic and Premium. For $9.99/month or $99.99/year to get:

► IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION: Cyber Watch: Monitor your personal and financial information and get alerted whenever anything is found exposed online

► SSN Watch: Get a history of names, addresses, and other records associated with your SSN and proactive notifications of changes that could signal fraudulent account activity and theft

► Social Media Watch: Monitor your social media accounts to check if your personal information is at risk. Protect your online reputation by receiving alerts if you’ve been tagged in posts with offensive content

► IDENTITY RESTORATION & INSURANCE: 24/7 Restoration Assistance: In the event of identity theft, certified ID Restoration Experts are available 24/7 to assist with the time-consuming process of recovering and restoring your identity

► $1M Identity Theft Insurance*: Premium Plus subscribers are backed by Identity Theft Insurance that covers up to $1M in damages and legal fees with $0 deductible

► Lost Wallet Recovery: If your wallet is lost or stolen, restoration experts will work quickly with you to contact document issuers to cancel and reorder credit cards and identification contents

This app version is compatible with iOS 9 and higher. To get the most up-to-date protection, update your app by visiting the Settings section on your device.

Privacy Policy: https://www.lookout.com/legal/privacy
Terms of Use: https://www.lookout.com/legal/terms

* Insurance coverage is provided by a third-party and is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the insurance policy available at www.lookout.com/legal. Lookout is not a licensed insurer or insurance agent.

* Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each subscription term, and your payment method will be charged through your iTunes account at the then-current subscription price. You can turn off auto-renew through your iTunes account settings, but must do so within 24 hours before the end of your current subscription term to avoid renewal.

Lookout: Security and Identity Theft Protection App Description & Overview

The applications Lookout: Security and Identity Theft Protection was published in the category Utilities on 2011-10-18 and was developed by Lookout, Inc.. The file size is 64.79 MB. The current version is 5.3.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Introducing Safe Wi-Fi, our newest security feature that protects you and your data from dangerous Wi-Fi attacks. Get peace of mind as you connect to Wi-Fi networks on the go, knowing that Lookout is checking to make sure your connection is safe and secure.

- Overall app improvements + fixed a few bugs

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Lookout: Security and Identity Theft Protection Reviews


Wow really?!  Itachidragon  1 star

This darn thing was on my phone for 15 minutes and it dropped my phone’s battery 20% and made the phone overheat in a 70 degree House, uninstalled. Fix this garbage or remove it from the App Store


Burning power in background with ios11  Vineygautam  1 star

Deleted this app after finding out that this app keeps running in background even background activity is disabled and burns battery. This started happening after iOS 11 update. My phone will heat up and after deleting this app my phone is back to normal

big no sweet

Has been  big no sweet  1 star

This appears to be the best in theft deterrent but in the iPhone is has become privacy violator. Now knows whether My Phone is using the latest iOS or not. I got the company over 1500 downloads in my company. The only reason anyone get this app is for the find my phone locator. That lookout has not innovated the only thing lookouts done is to move around the Graphical user interface and add features that your phone is already built with. Making this app a 95% prop app


Had it for years and just deleted it!  Giant567  1 star

I used to love this app! I was it’s best cheerleader and thought it was worth the premium price year after year, but alas like many others it became too big to care about its customers and no longer available for contact. After the last update, I got multiple error messages and couldn’t sign in, that I thought would be an easy fix. But after 5 days and 10 emails which were insensitive at best, and downright confusing and misleading at worst, I parted ways with the app. I’m saddened that an App that had such potential in the beginning and is definitely in need today has become run of the mill, and completely unresponsive to customers.


Wifi  Jmartin182  1 star

It also disables Wi-Fi every time you lock the screen on iPhone 6


Wi-Fi problems  sawrepairman  2 star

I like the app. It does what it's supposed to do, but, for some reason my iPad 4 & my iPhone 5s both lose wi-fi. I didn't know what was causing it. I even reloaded my iPad. The internet worked great until I installed Lookout. That's when I started losing my wi-fi. I hated to do it, but I had to delete it. John B.


best mobile security out there!  allanmmatos  5 star

Best secured mobile app out there! this is the only good mobile security app out there. the other apps are crap!


Main advertised feature does not work  Truthissilenced  1 star

Nothing happens when you walk out of the range of your phone. I tried multiple times. Its just totally unreliable. I just want a notification when my watch has no connection!


Would like to use, but...  akers8806  1 star

Saw a success story for this app on Reddit and now I want it on my phone. However, I downloaded it and did the "tutorial" and when it comes to signing up it keeps telling me my email and password don't match. No matter what I enter I cannot signup. Guess I'll be uninstalling it now. That was fun....


It’s ok  mrwho609  3 star

Big disappointment that it didn’t alert me to upgrade to IOS 11 . After 3 days I kept seeing my apps updating to 11 and went to upgrade setting and there it was .. new software update.. gotta do better


بدّريه ن البابطين‏  badriya_nbx 3 star

@badriya_nbx: 📱:برنامج -لو ضاع جهازك تقدر تلاقيه عن طريق هذا الآب -تقدر تاخذ بآك اب من جهات الاتصال -تسوي انذار -ترسل رساله 🔗: https://…


Was my favorite app until last update  Pckjr74  1 star

They removed the functionally that alerted you when one of your devices was too far away, which was my primary use. Now that's gone and I'm deleting the app. Useless and I feel bad for those of you who have subscriptions.


No Warning??  StevenNguyen907  1 star

The only use for this app was to give a alert when the watch and iPhone were getting out of range. Why take this feature out? Uninstalling..

Radar O'Reiley

Adios Lookout  Radar O'Reiley  1 star

I first started using this 3 years ago on my iPhone 5S. This app won't allow you to change out if you upgrade to a new iPhone (I bought a 7 Plus several months ago). Also, I'm becoming suspicious about Lookout now wanting to access all my contacts, so I deleted the app.


This is a scam  1SHFKMC1  1 star

It's extremely difficult to cancel a premium subscription. When you go to the help section it tells you to "click on the cancel subscription button". Well, guess what, there's no cancel subscription button. There's no way to contact customer service. I only intended on trying the premium to see what it did and now I can't cancel it. Don't download this app, these people are crooks. It's crooked to claim there's a "cancel subscription button" in the app when there isn't one. There's not one on the website either.

Most Unhappy Customer

How Stupid are you?  Most Unhappy Customer  1 star

You take away the only feature that really means anything? Is this so you can move it to the premium and charge people because you have nothing else to offer??? You will be removed from my phone and watch in the next few minutes. So glad I didn't sign up for premium services.


Bummer  Takdaa  1 star

You removed the only part of the app that I wanted.


Lookout: AMAZING a must download for all iOS users!  Techflame  5 star

iOS is secure on it's own but lookout takes that to a whole new level! The new Safe Wi-Fi let's you know when you connect to hacked Wi-Fi network and with DDos attacks on the rise this helps I mean who wants you phone location available to anyone or worse your credit card lookout is 64 bit witch is great for those that do know about iOS 11 big change is that old apps (32 bit) will not work on iOS 11 lookouts keeps up with the times thanks for this also most people don't know is lookout looks for security holes in iOS and reports them to Apple so they can fix it in the next version this is very helpful thanks lookout it scans your device for apps attempting to run code that can ruin your privacy lookout premium is worth it you get: breach report if a service you use is breached you get a email about it Safe Wi-Fi theft alerts if you turn on airplane mode or your SIM card is removed you get a email but i think premium plus is overpriced and not worth it it just gives you a good feature but overpriced premium is 2.99$ a month or 29.99$ a year premium plus is 9.99$ a month lookout thanks for this great app!!!


bring back the warning!  cbrown78501  1 star

I only got this app to warn me when I leave my phone behind. It should be simple to make the watch alarm when it gets too far away from the phone. That's what I want. It worked well until the latest update but now they've taken this function away. I have no more use for this app unless they bring that back. Please!


The Apple Watch alert does not work anymore!  Dansssis  1 star

The distancing alert is not working in this version distancing ticket is not working in this version. Was the only utility of the app.


Email password?  Chanmac14  1 star

I don't really like the fact that I have to sign in with my actual email password.Could you please give Look out its own password.I mean it's not very secure the way it's set up at the moment.

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