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Toca Robot Lab [Education] App Description & Overview

What is toca robot lab app? Build your own robot with Toca Robot Lab! With all the tools and materials you need, Toca Robot Lab let kids get creative.

Make your dream robot by mixing odd pieces found around the house, scrap metal and junk. What was once a TV can now make a perfect head, and a rusty gear becomes a leg.Choose a body, head, arms and legs and put it together as you prepare to take off!

Once completed, you can test your robot in our state of the art test flight facility. Collect stars and knock over blocks while zooming around the robot track. Find the giant magnet and get your Toca Robot Lab test report. Was it approved? All systems go? Nice work! Now make a brand new robot and do it all again! With Toca Robot Lab you'll never run into the same robot twice.

So put on your safety glasses, grab your screwdriver, and join us in the Toca Robot Lab!

- Build your own robot with pieces of scrap
- Different parts to choose from every session
- Test fly your robot to make sure it works!
- Get your Toca Robot Lab Test Report!
- Beautiful original graphics
- No rules or stress - play any way you want to!
- Kid-friendly interface!
- No third-party advertising!
- No in-app purchases!

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At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 130 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at

Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

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Toca Robot Lab Version 1.2.419 March 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. Thanks for sharing your feedback and reporting bugs — we’ve made some updates. Get the latest version to have the best experience! And leave us a review — we read every one of them!.

Toca Robot Lab Comments & Reviews 2022

- LOVE IT, but has bugs that need fixing

Absolutely love this sweet game. I adore all your Toca Bock apps. My son has some cognitive, speech, and motor limitations and it’s simplicity is great for him. However, there are some bugs I’d love to see fixed on this particular app. When creating the robot, if he does not pull the body part completely up quick enough, dragged to the right place, or if he has another finger on the screen it gets frozen in place and the only way to fix it is to completely exit out of the game and start over. This seems to happen most often with arms and legs, but it has happened with head and body as well. This is my sons favorite game, so I’d love to see this fixed.

- Still a good game!

I’m not really gonna judge it because this is a old game, but still pretty good game! I don’t know if it’s worth your buck! Just depends on what your kid is in to.

- Volume is not working for us in the app. Disappointed and dissatisfied.

Volume is not working for us in the app. We do have it on an older iPhone but I didn’t think that would matter when I paid for it. Volume on other apps work so it seems to be this one in particular. If there is a setting I am not aware of I would love to hear back from the developer. And I will update my rating if this gets fixed.

- Like flappy bird but a drunk robotic bird

Uhhhhhhh I just wrote this review because I love the app and also I love the graphics and the way you move and how u can choose the way u build the robot 🤖

- Great game!

As a fellow ten year old that has annoying little brothers, this game is perfect for me. Using my creative potential calms me down after a hard day of “BLEH BLEH BLEH UR STUPID AND DUMB BLEH BLEH BLEH” . Five stars! I’m SUCH a big fan of your Toca games and it would be AMAZINGGGG if they were all free.

- This app keeps freezing

When my son plays with it and he is trying to move the pieces up it keeps freezing. I have to keep exiting out of the app and coming back in. I notice when I move the pieces I don’t have an issue. The problem is my son gets excited and tries to swipe them all up and then it freezes. This is a poorly developed app.

- It needs more

So I play this game sometimes. But when I try to take a picture of my awesome robot… i accidentally turn my iPod off. And I can’t get the robots back because the game restarts. And this game just really needs an update. Thanks for reading!

- Fun

I enjoying playing this but I wish my robot could have matching parts. I don’t like that I have a limited selection.

- Good app

Great app for kids. The only change needed is the ability to scroll through all the parts available. When you make the robot you get a selection of 3 parts per category that are randomly presented. So you get 3 legs, 3 heads etc. you should be able to scroll through all the legs, etc. The mini game is nice and simple for kids but the game could use more mini games and a gallery where you can save your robots and select them again to play with. The style of the game is fantastic and my kids really like it, but they want more parts to play with.

- No joke

BRO this gives me soooooooo much nostalgia I used to play this when I was a small child!!🥰

- Ok

I think that there should be more space to fly around but it’s a good game you get to pick your own body parts

- I do not know what to rate it

Well Toca robot lab has nothing well somethings to do but I would want a refund it is pretty boring so one star this is a very bad game sorry Toca Boca But this game is the most dumb app ever

- No longer opening

My son loves this game but it has stopped opening on my phone.

- Refund please

To advance please return my funds

- It’s not the best

I usually LOVE Toca body but this game is just boring.

- Keeps my kids busy and learning at the same time!

My friend suggested I look into the TocaBoca apps for my kids so I downloaded them all. My kids fight over my phone to play these games. My son said for me to download the robot one because its a boy app. He loves all the sound effects (which he ends up making all of these noises now). They're very easy for my 4 year old and 6 year old to play yet still challenging at the sametime. Building the robots is really fun and my kids feel like they made them all by themselves. When Im at the grocery store checking out Im able to think for two seconds because I hand them my phone and they can build a robot ha ha. The colors are extremely vibrant and the music keeps them entertained and focused. There is a area for parents to read how to play the game but its really simple and to the point the kids can figure it out for themselves. My 4 year old feels accomplished when he finishes his robot which is nice because some apps have frustrated him. I highly recommend these apps for children of all ages. Even my 12 and 14 year old enjoy them.

- Toca Robot Lab

Toca Robot Lab is awesome. I am sure that is how my son would describe it since he goes to this app again and again, even though we have had it for many months and we have hundreds of apps. He is 4 and can navigate Toca Robot Lab like it was made especially for him! The graphics are clean and high quality. The music is perfect for the app. He does not know all of the things he is learning as he flies his robot creation through the maze, knocking things down, rolling balls, and finding the stars before heading to the magnet. Cause and effect, physics, and more! He loves to play this app both on the iPod and iPad, so it is definitely a WINNER.

- Excellent

This app exceeded my expectations. My three year old as well as her eleven year old cousin liked it tremendously. Though I would not buy it for the eleven year old exclusively. I think ages three to six would be perfect for this. Building the robot is interesting but not complicated for a toddler and interesting game play after you build the robot makes it a real stand out app. I deducted one star because it freezes up at least once every time we use the app and the child does not get to complete the task. You have to restart the iPad to clear up the problem.

- Thoughts from my child

My daughter LOVES Toca games; we own them all. She is EXTREMELY disappointed, however, that you are completely unable to save photos of your robots. All of the other Toca games allow you to save photos, but not this one, so each time she lovingly creates a robot, she has to just say goodbye to it and never see it again. She is concerned, also, about where the robots are going when they go off from the factory after testing. She'd like some kind of information about if they are going to children or to work or to space or what. She loves her robots and wants them to be happy. Please add the capability to save photos!

- Good. And ideas

What this app needs is to be able to save pictures of robots, a choice to do the game at the end and a choice of stages, and you should be able to pick from all the body parts. So if you wanted a robot to match each piece you could. You should also be able to see the body part matches. Also it's kinda weird that the arms are in 2 pieces but the legs are not. There needs to be a choice if you want 2 different legs. These are my ideas to make toca boca robot more exiting. I love this app very much.

- My 3 year old likes this app.

She likes to put the robots together and fly them around. The graphics are very good and the courses the robots must navigate are fun and creative with objects to bump into, knock over, etc. Suggestions for improvement would include adding learning opportunities and challenges. The game holds her attention for only a short time before she moves on to other more challenging apps.

- Toca Boca = LoveLoveLove!

I love Toca Boca apps. LOVE Toca Boca apps, did I say it loud enough? Just downloaded this one for the 3 year old, he found it right away and already loves it. My older girls also enjoy these. (I have a few now). I think it's the "doing". Not a game with specific, linear objectives and rewards, YOU build, YOU create, YOU play and that is an underrated reward, all unto itself, for kids. The colours and design are wonderful. The sounds are superb. Did I mention that I enjoy a go at Toca apps every now and again? LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

- Looks cool but how do you play?

Building a robot is fun buy brief. Then you get dropped into a random looking screen where your robot is tiny and you don't know what to do. Is there a way to choose or go back and play with your robot again? I think replay would be good after having made your robot - maybe with changes you can make as time goes on such as painting and accessories. Maybe even a sort of 'Operation' game where you can fix or beef up your robot's internals. And being able to use the robot like an action figure seems an essential part of robot play.

- Perfect for little ones

Many people have left comments that Toca Robot Lab is boring or doesn't challenge them enough-- but they're missing the point that this is meant to be a fun toy for three-year-olds, which it is! The calming soundtrack and the endless mix of body parts and flying environments keep my son entertained for an entire sit down meal. I have to restrain myself from 'helping' him, because I think it's great fun too.

- So great!

This app was the first Toca Boca one I purchased for my 3 yr old son, and he loves it so much! He loves making the robots and flying them around the levels to get the stars. Most apps he plays for 2 minutes and then wants to switch, but this one he can play for at least a half hour and be happy! Cute, not too complicated for youngsters, and engaging; completely worth the money!

- What am I missing?

Prior Toca Apps had so much more you could do. After my four year old built the robot, went through the three star maze, and then was taken back to beginning that was it. What? Really? I actually said there has to be more to do this is Toca. Unfortunately, there is not. My son still likes it but he doesn't play as long as he does with other content full Toca apps. I don't blame him as it can get repetitive. I expected much more from Toca. Fill your apps with more content or lower the price. You're ripping off your loyal customers.

- Simple, but entertaining

I played this with a pair of 5-6 year old brothers I as watching, and they loved it. We played for about half an hour, as I was winding them down for the evening, and it worked great. They were engaged, but it was calm. I'm certain they could've gone for at least twice as long if I'd let them.

- Awesome app

My son is almost 3. We have tons of apps for him to tinker with but this app far outshines the others in terms of his level of commitment and attention. He has very little artistic interest right now, drawing is a bore, even Legos are good for about 90 seconds of play. But this app allows him to be creative and the "game" portion is simple enough for him to do all by himself. So far, hours of play time!

- So fun

My two year old son loves this game. He was going through a phase where he was afraid of robots eating him at night, but with the help of this app and the Iron Giant he's gotten over some of his night terrors. I love that you can drag the robot pieces anywhere in the box and they float into place. Other apps result in me sitting there putting puzzle pieces into place for him. An option to go back and change your mind might be nice, because sometimes he picks the wrong head and gets mad he can't change it. I love that you win every time regardless of whether you collect the stars. At the end of each round, he yells, "Goodbye Big Robot!" I'm really glad I downloaded this.

- So short, but I love it

You should make the game more interesting by making an extension. Like, show where it goes after test flying. Does it go to space or a lab or what? And you should also be able to save pictures of your robots so if you make one that looks cool, you can save it forever(until you delete the picture) . I docked off two points because you need to work harder on this game! Other than these things, I love the game. Rock on!

- Well designed simple app ideal for 1-5 year olds

Well designed simple app ideal for 1-5 year olds, young kids can easily build then fly their newly built robots. The build allows kids to create a simple out of spare parts and flying/testing section develops motor skills (as they explore simple maze with 3 hidden stars) We have most of the Toca Boca apps, both free and paid apps, for my two girls. They are incredibly well designed and as a result are both simple & addictive. The games are so popular in our house that our 1 YO's third & forth words were Toca Boca ;) My Kids Top 5 Toca Boca Apps: - Toca Tea Party - Toca Hair Salon (Hair Xmas & normal edition) - Toca Robot - Toca Monsters (same as Toca Kitchens) - Toca Doctor

- 😒Not your best work Toca

I think you should be able to paint the robots after you build it. I also think you should be able to save a picture of your robot. And it would be nice to know where your robot goes after testing like, space or something and it could show you a pic of your robot doing its job. Sorry toca, but this is disappointing, I have almost all of your apps and I LOVE them and would love to see an update on this app featuring all the things I said if possible. NOT YOUR BEST WORK! 😒

- I Love love love this app

I'm ten and I love this app but I really bought it for my little brother but when he plays it I take it from him cause I want to play but it is my iPad then we start fighting but any way after I bought this one I bought it from me these r really fun games u need to try it!

- Yet another GREAT special needs friendly app!!!

My son LOVES this game!! He spent the afternoon and evening laying on the couch completely immersed in this game, building robots and STILL didn't make all the combinations it has! It's absolutely perfect for a child with special needs and honestly he figured it out before I even had a chance to look at it! Yet another great game by Toca Boca!!!

- Fantastic!

Robot Lab is a great way for preschoolers to do a fun, creative games on their own. After you build your robot, you get to take it through a maze to earn stars and complete its mission. My 3 1/2 year old daughter and her 5 year old boy cousin, love this app! We own ALL Toca Boca apps and LOVE them all!,

- toca robot lab give away

i love this game i bring my ipad out side and then all the kids in the kids comes out and plays the game they all love how there is many choices to chose from and they also love how you can test the robot on a small mini games they all love how there is so many games that you can do i play this game nonstop it is the best game ever like any other game thank you for the game you made and also grate graphics love it good job again toca boca keep it up and i really hope i win the kids in the community all want a shirt and a button and stickers please pick me please

- Wonderful app to let the imagination run free!

The darling granddaughter loves this newest addition to the Toca Boca family of electronic toys! As with all of their apps, Toca Robot Lab provides a pressure free environment for kids to use their imagination and have fun without worrying about a timer or points or beating anyone. Absolutely love it and highly recommend Robot Lab and all the Toca Boca apps!

- My children love all Toca Boca apps

I'm leaving this review in light of the many negative reviews from the "12 Days of Gifts" debacle. Toca Boca makes some of the best apps designed for children. My daughters, ages 5 and 4, love playing with this and every other Toca Boca app. They are engaging and have great sound and visual design. We love Toca Boca apps.

- turn on easy mode for less frustration

our toddler twin boys love this app. I saw another reviewer requesting the ability to save pictures of your robot — just show her how to take a screenshot by pressing the sleep button and home button at the same time.

- What fun!!

Both my boys love Toca Boca apps. This is a great addition to our collection. Its fun to play with them as well. I only wish we could keep our robots once they are made. Pictures or something to remember them. Thanks again for fun engaging apps for my boys. Can't wait to check out Toca Train!!

- super adorable!

My 4 year old likes the game, and I love games that will entertain her in a safe way. I am a person that loves creativity and imagination, especially through play. And this game is great. There are no rules, no in app purchases or locked extras. Just plain fun with kids in mind. Thanx Toca Boca!

- Awesome!

My son is 3 and he loves building robots but gets lost on the maze screen, so he just exits the app and starts it again. After a year, I've just discovered there’s a simple mode that you need to go to “Preferences” to turn on. Could have been easier to find!

- Fun fun fun!!

My 3 almost 4 year old and I play this everyday together. She is still young so she doesn't always get 3 stars every time so when she does get the 3 she is super excited. Awesome concept, awesome everything. Love Toca Boca apps. They are truly the best apps out there for kids!!

- Lots of fun!

I got this app to use with my kids in speech therapy. I work with little guys, and they LOVE this app! I can get them to do just about anything to put another part on the robot. And after they fly their robot around, they are ready to go again. Fun, fun, fun!

- Fun!

As always, Toca Boca has another fabulous app for our kids! Easy for your youngest players, but engaging and fun enough for your older kids...(Point of fact: I just put the kids down for a nap and I'm playing...don't tell anyone) Best $.99 you can spend!

- Concern

In this game children are learning how to play with wood and matches to start a fire. This is very concerning to me as a parent. Children should not think playing with fire is any kind of a game. I feel that part should be removed completely. Otherwise I think this app is a great teaching tool.

- Toca Boca Robot Lab

This game is so cool! You build your own robot and you have to play this mini game and earn stars. Then, you have this clipboard at the end with your records. You can also snapshot your robot! This is worth your money!

- Great app

This app is really and I hope remaining free for all kids out there. Bringing creativity and logic to kids. Make them think where to find all the star to pass each level

- Super Cute!!!

I love everything Toca!!!! Keep up the good apps!!!! Sometimes the only thing preventing me from buying them, is that I do not have enough money in my account. But over all, love the app!!!

- Absolutely adorable

This was the first Toca Boca app I purchased and since buying this one, I have bought them all! All their apps are gorgeous and my 2 1/2 year old loves them.

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- Cool game,but...

I like the game but it needs more levels because there are only three and gets boring after a while.

- Good little app

My 4 year old is obsessed with this game. It is quite basic, but perhaps that is why it's so appealing to my son. Less is more, as they say?

- Please make this game

I have really enjoyed playing the toca life games, but I really want you to make toca life cruise. It would be so fun to pretend there on a boat cruise. Please can you make this.

- Great for young children

My son (5) loves to play with this app (and all the Toca apps). You build your robot from a wide selection of compnents and then have to navigate the robot through a simple 'maze' to get it approved. Certainly not an app for adults but well loved by my pre-school children who have enjoyed many hours play.

- Fun but a few bugs

Each time the pencil legs are chosen they switch to another pair of legs in game. Same thing has happened when I chose another pair of legs, they switched to the pencil legs. I suggest you fix this because it's a minor but quite irritating problem.

- I ??

I have no idea why do we have to pay for this boring game . I am really sad , I really want to play toca lab but I can't , I don't have the money Can you please make it free ..? Please .?

- Awesome!

I love it! One improvement though? I would love if you could see and/or save your robots to photos or something.

- So good but be aware

This game is really fun! But be aware this app May glitch and stop working properly. If this happens to you than your not alone:)

- Love Toca Boca

We love Toca Boca apps and this is one of my son's absolute favourites. It's so clever, simplistic and entertaining at the same time. It's great for chilling out and little iPad sessions.

- As cool!

Best thing ever but only if there was more characters in it with more things to do'

- Pfft.

Pfft, 5 and under? I enjoy this way more than my little cousins! It's a great game.

- Gr

The pencil legs don't work they change to a different pair of legs otherwise great game

- Very Addictive

This app is really good because my 4 year old daughter love it. Best app ever!!!

- Great game

Awesome game definitely recommend it for young children

- T.RL

The app is good, but In fact there is a problem

- Waste of $$

Don't recommend u get this unless u have really young kids.... Totally boring and useless compared to other games.

- Go Toca!

We love Toca apps, and this is no exception. Very cute. Well thought out apps!


Hi this is a good game but it had some random glitches that need to be fixed. Like the screen goes blank and completes the level. Also needs WAY more variation Keep up the good work

- It's ok o guess! 

Well it's fun making your robot and testing it how to fly but that's all u do I would probably save my money for something else

- Fun

This is a awesome and fun game

- AWSOME app!

Just love it! Its so easy & fun to play & learn!

- Super glitchy

I've used it twice and twice it's crashed on me

- Don't bother!

Eye candy = 5 ***** Game play = -5 ***** Waste of time and no value

- ^-^

That game so fun

- Huh?

I got this game for FREE

- This game is ok.

This game goes blank sometimes and then it automatically completes the level.also if you have the pencil legs it changes to different legs.great game but it will be cool if you could add more features to the game like for example look after the robot or something like that.Overall great game!

- Toca boka

It's o ok

- Ok


- Glitchy

I love this app and would have given it four stars except for how glitchy it is.In the middle of a flight test it will go partly black and say that you've completed the test even though you haven't.I find this quite annoying otherwise it is quite a good app.

- Bad App

It took me 4 months to get the robot I wanted. It is just luck and you don't really know what parts you will should be able to choose from all the parts not just 3.

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- One problem...

In the level where the magnet is directly above the starting point, I went over to the star (on the left) behind the ball, and in that general area most of the game screen goes black, and that's the end of the level...this has happened to me twice and it's the only glitch/error I have noticed in the game. Other than that, the game is great, and has VERY catchy music!

- Love it

Great game I loved this when I was little and I I’ll love it my favourite shape is a star love that u added that thank you so much for adding this game!


There’s not a restart button and boring as hell and you have to guess the arms and so that's why it’s crap.

- The worst game ever

Number 1 not enough body parts and the body parts are so ugly also Number 2 it's so short and all u do is just get stars and it's so short and simple!!! 😡😡😡😡

- Quick Rating: 7/10

Pro: ► Fun simple robot building game ► Cute graphic and smooth action Con: ► Although the robot parts combinations are many, the body parts are all fixed for their locations. For example, left arm has to go to let arm (which does not even move). I failed to see this app can facilitate creativity in any way. In my opinion, it is only a “plug-it-in” game, not a “creative toy” as the developer described. In-App Ad: ► None. We hand pick apps that turned free every day @

- Again, flipping fantasic!

This is beautiful. Could you please add a part where you could spray paint the parts though?

- Once again: bravo!

Toca Boca sure knows what to do to make children AND parents happy! Fun, creative, excellent quality of content, quantity is there too (2 games in one), original design, no speaking (we speak french, they are in scandinavia but we understand ourselves, like children!)... for 0,99$ (that was a surprise - I was ready to pay 4$ kwowing I would not be disapointed and that my 4years old would play hours, again). I recommend strongly Toca robots and the 5 other games (helico, tea party, Doctor, paint my wings and hair salon) for anyone who have a 3-6 years old. Marie

- Very solid kids game

My kid (4 years) loves this game, makes 3 robots every day and explains why he picks the different parts. It's really wonderful to observe how he interacts - this is another solid toca game. From my pov the test lab tracks should get a little harder as you go along and / or could vary based on the choices of robot pieces. still my kid doesn't mind and after playing with this for over a week he is not bothered by the lack of variety in the pieces or the test lab tracks - definite buy recommendation if you're looking for a solid kids game.

- Pretty game, but seriously short on animations

Some animations during the test flight would add a much more interesting dimension to the test flight, or at least during assembly. Not really worth the $0.99

- Another hit!

My 3 yo loves this one and Toca Pet Doctor EQUALLY. Thanks Toca Team! ❤️❤️❤️


It is so entertaining and addictive have so much fun playing it toca boca the games rock !!!!!!!

- Worst game yet

You guys have made better games then this, this is really boring.

- Boring

The game itself is boring but building the robot is not as fun as you made it sound like, I really like toca boca but this game was to my disliking please add more and make more games free thanks

- Pieces

Dear Toca Boca family, Um hello this is not one of your best games. At first I'm like cool but than what the hey you cant even chose your own pieces of heads,body and legs. They just show three and you have to pick one. And with arms you pick one and than for the next arm a different selection? And the flying is very boring you should add more. I loved all apps of Toca Boca till now. You should add a few more features and I'll give 5 stars. I only got this Cuz it was free. I can't wait to see your next app. From:Kit Kat Ps: you should really make apps free!!

- Thanks

I'm really enjoying this game, the music is good, concept is great, and so on. Toca, you're the best at making games!

- Eh

I think toca boca is great but I love reptiles and lizards so I think they should make one where you take care of like bearded dragons or geckos 🐍Peace out KATE

- Good

Ok game but not many combynashons

- 😍

I have no idea why I'm so addicted to this... But I am!!! Wish there were more options though

- Amazing

Amazing game, but i would have liked more options for the robot parts. Other than that I LOVE the game! :)

- Ummm

It's ok but has very little choices for the robot

- Love it!

I really like this game and I think everyone should get it but when you pick your robot you get some leg choices but then when you pick the body the body doesn't match to the legs and also that for the arms to I like this game but you should improve on some stuff and also you should make helicopter taxi free!! I've always wanted that game but sadly since I'm poor we can't offered to get I tunes cards and app store cards but ya anyways make helicopter taxi free and this is a good game!!

- Very entertaining

According to the rating it's meant for three year olds and such, but I am way older than 3 and really enjoy this game, but I have a few pointers to make it even better :) The graphics are great :D I think there should be an option to save your robot and then be able to go back and play with it again later. Also, instead of making all the material parts randomized, it should all be together so it's possible for anyone (assuming you're targeting every age) to match up all the parts and stuff and REALLY customize the robot. All in all, this game is very fun and very entertaining, I would give it five stars if these options were added ;)

- NOT endless combinations

You DON'T get endless combinations. You only get 27 possible combos PER ROBOT! And you can't even see all possible outcomes! For example, you will see 3 leg options. Then the next robot you make will get 3 DIFFERENT leg options. I did the math. The only fun part is crashing things.

- Ideas 2

Hi I luv your game and think its awesome! Plz add dangerous objects that if you touch get destroyed and either you should make it that you either fail the test or you have to playa mini game to repair it like replace gears or weld it together or somting

- Ideas

I am 12 and I luv it. Amazing gameplay, no glitches and really well thought out. I also love the randomization mechaniks, they really make your robot good. But please make more robot parts! And like the other guy said, add a spray paint tool if possible. I also want to save my robots. Make new levels too. Plz. Maybe make a new testing gameplay and a highscore online thing where you compare robots to other peoples and see how many stars you get! Maybe make the parts you can use list 4 instead of three because when I try to match my robot so it looks nice, I can't :(. Other than that it's a great game!

- if could no stars

WONT OPEN!!!!!!!!!!

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Toca Robot Lab 1.2.4 Screenshots & Images

Toca Robot Lab iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Toca Robot Lab iphone images
Toca Robot Lab iphone images
Toca Robot Lab iphone images
Toca Robot Lab iphone images
Toca Robot Lab iphone images
Toca Robot Lab Education application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Toca Robot Lab (Version 1.2.4) Install & Download

The applications Toca Robot Lab was published in the category Education on 2011-07-14 and was developed by Toca Boca AB [Developer ID: 419103351]. This application file size is 61.34 MB. Toca Robot Lab - Education app posted on 2018-03-19 current version is 1.2.4 and works well on IOS 6.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tocaboca.tocarobotlab