Ticket to Ride - Train Game

Ticket to Ride - Train Game [Games] App Description & Overview


Set off with your friends and family to re(discover) Ticket to Ride, the classic boardgame. In this railway adventure, you’ll need to be the quickest to link up your cities and reach your destinations.

In this strategy game for all ages, try out different tactics, block your competitors’ lines and take over routes before the others do. With so many different strategies to try, each new game is a unique experience.
Travel the world from Europe to India, passing through the legendary China, facing new challenges by purchasing additional cards with their own special rules (available in expansion packs).

- A tutorial teaches you the rules of the game so you can head off quickly on your adventure
- Play in single-player mode, online multi-player against the whole world, or local multi-player with your friends
- This is the official adaptation of Alan R. Moon’s best-selling boardgame, Ticket to Ride, which sold over 8 million copies.
- An easy-to-play strategy game
- No game is ever the same, you can play over and over again
- Discover a series of add-ons with special maps and rules
- Challenge players all over the world in cross-platform mode

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This version makes it easier to join online games when you are a new player

Ticket to Ride - Train Game Comments & Reviews

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- Scoring not recorded

I love this game & play it often, trying to beat my personal best score. Unfortunately I have found the high score trophy centre is not recording my scores correctly. I have screenshots of 2 high scores that are not listed in the highest scores area at all. Is there any way to fix this?

- Not worth the money!!!

This game is so expensive however, I thought since I was getting a good quality game with lots of different maps it would be worth it. I was so wrong. For $11 you only get 2 maps to play and you have to pay over $4 for each additional map. It’s ridiculous. Such a rip off.

- Awesome

Ticket to ride is amazing!!! We have the board game and we wanted to play with our grandparents whilst in isolation!!! This was the one!!!

- Great game but recent updates are annoying

I love this game and have had it for years. I enjoy adding the new maps and never had a glitch. However, the recent update that changes the pop up banner for solo play is extremely annoying as is the new display for the USA map. Please at least give us the option to remove the ‘your turn’ banner as it slows down play and obscures the centre of the board. It is annoying enough for me to stop playing and purchasing new maps.

- Asia Map Bug

The Asian map has bug. When you pick up from the non-showing ticket pile it won’t add colours to your hand if you have more than two for greens and blues.

- Ruined a great game

l have played this game thousands of times solo. I am green. Today I go to play and EVERY turn this banner flashes up on the screen - hey, stupid, it’s your turn. Ok, that’s annoying - I will turn it off. Can’t. Huh? You’re joking. Nope. Please fix this dumb change.

- Currently unplayable - quits on opening a game

Good game when working

- Keeps dropping out

At the beginning when loading screens drops out & have to start again several times.

- Great game ruined by glitches

I love this game and play it all the time, however, the app is so frustrating and has so many bugs. It constantly freezes or will crash in the middle of a game for no reason, will count down on your turn when it isn’t your turn or show that it’s someone else’s turn when really it’s yours, so you’re both sitting there waiting for the other person to go. The ‘local play’ section is especially glitchy, I’ve tried to play my friend on it multiple times and we have never once finished a game, because if you leave the app once during the game the whole thing freezes and you cannot continue playing. If they could fix the glitches in this game it would make it a lot better and I would recommend it to people, which at the moment I am very hesitant to do.

- Sick of glitches!

Seriously sick of a year and multiple updates and ongoing glitches screwing up the game play and ratings! I’m done!! We paid for it.... make it work!

- Stations

In the European game there are stations to use when claiming a portion of an opponent’s route. The robot opponent never uses them. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to force them into doing it. Other than that, it’s a nice game with a predictable outcome. I’m usually screaming at the screen because they could have won if they’d used their station option.

- Love the game, but stopped working with new version

I often played this on my iPad and love it. However since the latest version it stopped working for me and sends the iPad in an endless authentication loop. Please fix this bug so I can play again.

- Keeps crashing

Luckily I haven’t run into many troubles playing this game since I purchased it years ago but recently it constantly crashes and closes. sometimes it seems the bot is really unfair too.

- Great app ruined by glitchiness

This is a great app for a great game, and if it ran smoothly I’d give five stars. However, it’s always very glitchy and full of bugs, something that’s always a hassle and sometimes makes the game not worth playing or causes you to lose. The available games disappear from the screen moments after loading and you have to return to the menu and try again. In game, your time may count down when it’s not your turn, sometimes causing you to lose, and the app crashes a lot. Sometimes you get an error message and have to restart the app, other times it seems as if it’s someone else’s turn so you sit there waiting while the app hasn’t actually recognised your turn and others are waiting for you. These are some of the biggest problems. I am unhappy that I have paid money for something with so many issues. If they can fix this, this would be a great app and I’m sure they’d get a lot more purchases and happy customers.

- Great version of an old favourite

Version 2.6.0 looks like it fixes all the horrible UX mistakes made in 2.5.11+ (although the animation speed setting annoyingly keeps resetting to “slow”...) Thanks to the publisher for listening to feedback. I have always enjoyed the physical version of this game, and have been enjoying the iOS version now for a while too! Great realisation of a classic game.

- Keeps freezing

The latest changes have slowed it down. I really don’t need to be told I can draw more tickets plus it just hangs there at the end of the game before it switches to calculating scores. Pity as it’s such a great game.

- Game crashes on last turn

Since the latest update the game has crashed on the last players turn every time. I have forced closed the app and rebooted my iPad with no change. The new animations make the game play slower. It is frustrating that flashy animations seem to have taken priority over quality game play. Was one of my favourite games to pass the time, but it is now unplayable as I cannot finish the game.

- Latest update is poorly designed for iPhone X

The latest update places elements of the board close to areas of the iPhone X that are unusable. For example, trains are positioned right where the iOS “home” swipe area is located, and the player cards on the left is blocked by the iPhone X notch. It’s obvious no real life testing has been done with this update. There were also problems resuming games after network issues. The board would blank out when everyone returns to the game. This is really disappointing because I’ve spent many an hour playing this game

- Not liking the look of the new update...

This new update Deontay look nice - the cards are too big for the space, and the top of the US map does not look right with the train carriages on it. I also wonder if there’s a bug in the randomisation of cards coming out, because they don’t seem anywhere near as randomised as before. Please fix it! It worked just fine before, so this a perfect example of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

- Issue with the latest update

When playing the Germany board, I can’t see my cards as they are right down the bottom and are also hard to move to the board because they are so low. I’m not sure if this happens on any other boards.

- 19.12.18 Update is frustrating

The update rolled out yesterday or today includes card animations and train animations. These are colourful but annoying as hell. The cards are now bunched together making it hit and miss if you're trying to grab a certain colour when you place them. They used to be separated and distinct. On top of that, now the trains are set down one carriage at a time which slows down and makes everything take longer. The game is already slow enough, why make it slower? It's not like it wasn't clear before this animation what was happening. Everytime you clear your destination cards you get prompts and everytime your draw more cards you get prompts. Can't this just be kept to a tutorial mode or something?

- No full screen.

Played this on iPhone X and it wasn’t full screen. Game ran fine but was disappointed it didn’t fill the screen

- Great game

Ticket to ride is a fantastic adaptation of the board game, and is easy to use after some practice. Would recommend to everyone!

- Latest update trouble

Love this game it’s so fun. With the last update though when I try to claim a city the game crashes. Please fix.

- The Pennsylvanian Twist

Wow, just when you think you have it won someone sells their stock and trumps you in the last minutes of the game. Twice the strategy needed both playing the trains but also the stocks so the combined strategies is what wins - very intriguing and a tantalising twist that gets you in!

- Very impressive

Having never played ticket to ride before (digital or hard copy) i was pleasantly surprised by how easy this game was to play on ipad. Its quite a simple yet beautiful game and is easy to learn with a great tutorial. This game was so great i opted to purchase more maps and havent regretted doing so. A must have game for all.

- Looks nice, but buggy

They've put a lot of effort into the interface, however it's inconsistent between iPhone and iPad which can be confusing. The controls for online play are also needlessly confusing: they've gone for high style over usability in some cases: instead of being clear, items seem to have been designed for how they look rather than being intuitive. Add to this the online play that gets buggier as time goes on and it's getting to be very frustrating. Their Facebook site is full of promotion about their new products but nothing about updates on problems they're having, which is dispiriting: will they fix things? If so, when? Communication is key. Lots of very mad people online at he moment.

- Love this game but it won't restore purchases!

I love playing this game but it has been glitching so I removed it and then reinstalled it, but now it won't restore my previous purchases! Not happy.

- Excellent

Such a good game. Local multiplayer is flawless too, which is surprising since there are so few good local multiplayer games. My only request is to make all the DLC available in one purchase.

- 5 stars again after latest update

I wrote a 1-star review after the previous update - which caused the game to crash on my original iPad. However - the latest update(s) have fixed the problem, and I'm able to play again. Thanks to the team for fixing the bug. I love this game, and can't recommend it highly enough.

- latest update breaks game on original iPad

I love playing this game, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was still playable on the original iPad. Unfortunately - the latest update has broken it on the original iPad; it crashes as soon as the game is launched, before it even gets to the 'home' screen of the game. I really hope the developers can work out what is causing it to crash, and get it working again on the original iPad. (For info - original iPad is running 5.1.1 (!), version 9B206. When it is working - this is a 5-star game.

- Killed game on iPad 1

The latest update has killed the game on my original iPad (iPad 1). The game crashes as soon as it starts to load, without even getting to the home screen. I am so disappointed as I love playing this game, over our home wifi network, especilly against my family (playing on our iPad Air 2). There will be a lot of disappointed faces when they hear the news. Please fix whatever has changed that broke support for the original iPad (for info, running 5.1.1 (9B206). Up until the latest update this was the best game that could still be played on the old iPad... however it is no longer.

- Why I like but dislike this game

•The screenshots makes people interpret that you get more maps than just the USA but when you install you do only get the USA. •I think you should be able to choose your person and colour (I only get to be the colour green with a boy). •The game is fun and entertaining and I like it. These are some small points why I like this game but also dislike it in some ways. Kind regards, Kieana and Patch🙂🚂

- first class

excellent game. good tutorial. easy to understand, but very deep gameplay. immediately purchased all expansions as they became available. Edit - Very rude to slug early adopters another $4.99 for the India map, yet new players can get the entire collection for $7.99 - I have already invested over double that! How about a free or much cheaper download for players with all purchases? So I grit my teeth and buy it and now? We get the Nordic pack. Similar deal. i am not investing another cent. Show a bit of reward for players that have invested a lot of money already!

- A

Oh my goodness, the newest update is atrocious!!! Completely ruined not only the aesthetic of the online game but the functionality of it!!! Why have you complicated things and added so many unnecessary filters to creating/joining a game ???? The time selection is confusing & not needed!!! Wish I had never updated.

- How dare you take my money then take away functionality

Latest update means you can no longer play against the computer except in Solo mode. What a disgrace - we only played it against the computer. We can no longer play. Money back please.

- Worst upgrade I have experienced in years

We had enjoyed previous versions of Ticket to Ride. However this upgrade is the worst I have experienced. It provides no significant benefits, has a worse user interface, and breaks the essential multi-player functionality for a local network. I have managed software developers. If they had produce such terrible work, they would be lucky to still have jobs.

- Rip off

For $10.99 I expected more than one map.

- So buggy

Great game but it is so buggy, crashes every time we try to play multiplayer. Please fix asap or I will be deleting as I only bought it to play multiplayer.

- Don't deserve any stars!

Have already paid for 1910 & Europe but can't get them in new version. Very poor!

- Terrible version

Please fix the online multiplayer it is unplayable. Crashes at the end of nearly every game on ipad

- Great game overall, but what happened to the bots?!?

We have thoroughly enjoyed this game over the years, both the board game and their digital versions on our iPhones and iPads. One of the things we liked but has just disappears is the ability to add bots in Local multiplayer. Now, we can only play against the humans who happen to be available (just one most of the time) with no way to add bot players like we used to, to fill up the game. Can you please restore bots in Local multiplayer? Thank you.

- India map malfunctions

I have now played this map twice and each time on the last play it freezes and so the game can't be finished. Very frustrating spending all that time just to either shut down or stick on the last player endlessly!! Please fix this glitch.

- Perfect

Perfect! Now with the complete package, including the India map, for a give-a-way price, no reason that everyone shouldn't buy this game.

- Asia version some tracks won't connect

Very frustrating - top right red track and a couple of short ones in Asia won't work

- V good but

I want to play asynchronously against my game center friend... how hard could it be? Turns out, very difficult! ( by the way, 5/5 star for board game; 5/5 star for presentation, graphics, sound and music) 0/5 stars for no asynchronous online play with friends. Get TTR Pocket instead

- Don't bother with iPad TTR - pocket version is better, cheaper

I first played TTR using the Europe pocket (iPhone) version. It was cheaper with less annoying sounds, plus it has tunnels and ferries for added difficulty. It works just fine on iPad and the x2 enlarge feature doesn't detract from gameplay. I regret buying this app and wish I'd made an in-app purchase on the Europe pocket edition instead. Note to developers: please can we have some options for avatars, the solitary newspaper boy wears thin.

- Patsy4me

Do you have a strategy guide for this game? Can only give 1 star because I'm having difficulty understanding it.

- Love it but....

Expansions are so expensive!

- Amazing!

Not the cheapest game, but definitely worth your money. Easy to learn, difficult to perfect. Great graphics and plays just like the board game!

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Ticket to Ride - Train Game 2.7.6 Screenshots & Images

Ticket to Ride - Train Game iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Ticket to Ride - Train Game iphone images
Ticket to Ride - Train Game iphone images
Ticket to Ride - Train Game iphone images
Ticket to Ride - Train Game iphone images
Ticket to Ride - Train Game iphone images
Ticket to Ride - Train Game iphone images
Ticket to Ride - Train Game iphone images
Ticket to Ride - Train Game iphone images
Ticket to Ride - Train Game iphone images
Ticket to Ride - Train Game ipad images
Ticket to Ride - Train Game ipad images
Ticket to Ride - Train Game ipad images
Ticket to Ride - Train Game ipad images
Ticket to Ride - Train Game ipad images
Ticket to Ride - Train Game ipad images
Ticket to Ride - Train Game ipad images
Ticket to Ride - Train Game ipad images
Ticket to Ride - Train Game ipad images
Ticket to Ride - Train Game Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Ticket to Ride - Train Game Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Ticket to Ride - Train Game (Version 2.7.6) Install & Download

The applications Ticket to Ride - Train Game was published in the category Games on 2011-05-18 and was developed by Asmodee Digital [Developer ID: 1135862620]. This application file size is 597.17 MB. Ticket to Ride - Train Game - Games posted on 2020-05-28 current version is 2.7.6 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

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