Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride [Games] App Description & Overview


Set off with your friends and family to re(discover) Ticket to Ride, the classic boardgame. In this railway adventure, you’ll need to be the quickest to link up your cities and reach your destinations.

In this strategy game for all ages, try out different tactics, block your competitors’ lines and take over routes before the others do. With so many different strategies to try, each new game is a unique experience.
Travel the world from Europe to India, passing through the legendary China, facing new challenges by purchasing additional cards with their own special rules (available in expansion packs).

- A tutorial teaches you the rules of the game so you can head off quickly on your adventure
- Play in single-player mode, online multi-player against the whole world, or local multi-player with your friends
- This is the official adaptation of Alan R. Moon’s best-selling boardgame, Ticket to Ride, which sold over 8 million copies.
- An easy-to-play strategy game
- No game is ever the same, you can play over and over again
- Discover a series of add-ons with special maps and rules
- Challenge players all over the world in cross-platform mode

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Ticket to Ride Customer Service, Editor Notes:

o iOS and macOS: fix the Local mode so that it can work with all platforms again o Germany: fix the way short tickets are discarded o And fixes of a couple typos and potential crashes

Ticket to Ride Comments & Reviews

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- Good fun, but needs a lot of work

The game has everything you would expect but there are a lot of noticeable bugs. Game will randomly crash, multiplayer play is very inconsistent... if you context switch out of the app you will lose connection and have to restart the game. Another example would be for Europe, when you place a station it won’t detect if you complete a route. The list goes on. If you’re reading this and trying to decide if you should get the app, the game is still a lot of fun like the actual board game.


im old school; so i spent approx $100 for all maps; owners DO NOT CARE; daily trolls of at least 300 ruin the game and server (server already not good) i wish i could get a refund; no point in contacting them; this has been ongoing for over a year and it just gets worse and worse..you want us to report to you on player; how so when daily 2000 trolls bot; 300 every hour new trolls..developers you should be ashamed of yourselves and please dont respond with your stupid response to report..DO SOMETHING ALREADY!! maybe we should all troll you instead DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!!

- Doubled in price overnight- Coronavirus

I am sad to see this happen. I went to download the app yesterday 3/24/2020 at $3.99 it would not allow me due to app updating. So this morning (3/25/2020) I went to download and now it is $6.99 ... that went up more then it legally should and I think it is referred to as price gouging. Bummer to see people do this. I still got the game because I am board at home due to social distancing but wanted to call the developers out on their behavior.

- Don’t buy - scam

Will start charging you $4.37 a week after buying. Don’t do it to yourself.

- great game, but....

This game is awesome, but the developers really need to come up with a way for players to get ejected from games if they afk. waiting for 40 min for a persons clock to run out is no bueno!

- Let us change the colors of our trains please!

Dear Ticket people, My friends and I are HUGE fans of your board game. Due to the current social distancing, we have switched to your app so we can still “Ticket” together. We have our nice little tradition where we normally eat our snacks and play with our same colored trains, but in the online version we can’t choose our train colors. Could you please make it so we can pick our favorite colors? They are yellow, black, and turquoise. Thank you! Sincerely your biggest fans, The LAB ladies

- Used to be more fun

A.I. Upgrades have made it not as fun to play. It’s obvious they know your routes and the cards you have. I still enjoy playing, but it can be a real drag at times.

- UK map bug

There seems to be a bug with the U.K. map. Once you purchase and use the right of way special card, neither player can no longer purchase other special cards. Seems like a bug because no mention of this behavior in the rules.

- Color change in solo play not intuitive. Good otherwise.

I originally rated this one star because when I entered solo play I couldn’t choose the color I wanted to be. Originally I could, but that ability disappeared at some point. However, a developer commented on my one star review explaining that in order to change the color of your player, you have to go into settings. That’s sloppy and unintuitive, but since I can still play as green, I’m returning three stars. The game is a great adaptation of the classic. You won’t be disappointed.

- I like this game. It can use a few tweaks but it is fun.

Itcould use a few tweaks

- app crashes constantly.

I just bought this and it crashes every time I try to open it. I can't even play the game...lame.

- Game crashes constantly

Love this game but the app crashes constantly on my new iPad.

- Great game

Great game, and the app does it justice. I had none of the glitches others have complained about. It worked perfectly on my iPad and iPhone.

- Great game, not very very buggy

Game is very fun. Too many bugs though almost makes it un-playable

- Developers,please listen!

Chat is a constant target of politically divisive bots and trolls. Ignore option is not sufficient. Step up! You have a responsibility to your customers and your world.

- Solo play is poorly programmed

I love this game and I play it a lot, but the computer makes moves no human ever would. It’s impossible to not win so there’s no challenge. I would love to see an upgrade to provide an actual challenge when playing against the computer.

- Worst app ever.

I love the game Ticket to Ride, but I hate the app. It is the worst app I’ve ever used. Games disappear all the time. AI characters take over for actual people that I’m playing online. Glitches galore! I’ve been using the app for a couple of years (again, I love the game), and it never gets any better.

- Crash

Game continues to crash. Unplayable.

- Great game

Almost addicting. I have never played the board game version but I absolutely love the digital version.

- Buy new maps

Hello, sorry how can i add new maps on basic version?

- Fun base game. Online forum VULGAR

I play in real life, and offline with the app. I love this game, especially Pennsylvania. I just tried to play online, and the games were all locked to me because I do not have enough experience. I looked to the chat to try to find someone willing to play with a noobie, and it was all N word this, towel head that, sexual talk... one administrator temporarily muted one person, but the others continued with racism and vulgarity. I guess as long as they put spaces between the letters it was not flagged (?!). I left. I wish It had been better moderated. It is 2 am, but, still, my first experience is marred badly, I am unlikely to give it another shot. Too bad, I love this game.

- Fun... when it works

Love playing this game however the connectivity when playing online is very glitchy. It freezes or drops games way too often. It does so regardless of if I’m connected to WiFi or cellular network. Please fix the online play feature

- Love it!

I have always enjoyed this game. It’s really nice to be able to play anywhere now.

- Love game

Really glitchy and get kicked out of games

- Not user friendly. But love the game.

Love this game. But isn’t very easy to navigate.

- Buggy last release

The apps always been buggy, but this last release is the worst. It won't even remember the speed setting...constantly reverts to slow mode, which makes it almost unplayable.

- Car wreck

Update 2020: great game but have a new iPad with iOS 13.3 and it is completely unplayable, works pretty well on my old ipad Update March 2016: ignore the folks shilling for the company, months later there are lots of bugs ... Just failed 3 times in 30 minutes. Previous release wrecked a great game. This minor update has proved even less reliable - I'll join games and it will freeze and never start, or crash during play.

- Ticket to ride

Love playing the game solo as much as with friends!

- Great game but dropped the ball on updates

The game is great but quits every few minutes because they have not updated the app. I wish they would fix the issues.

- Stole my money: Problem Fixed

After reaching out to tech support the problem was resolved. The team was very prompt. Only took about a day to rectify the situation. I bought this game about a year and a half ago and it was fantastic. I even bought several of the expansion packs. However, about a year ago the developers updated the app and ever since then I always get the message “In app purchases are not allowed”. I can’t restore! I thought that it was just a bug and would be remedied in a later update, but since it has been a year since the issue started I don’t think that they will fix this issue.

- Failed to award achievements

The game isn’t stable and crashed after I completed an achievement and failed to award having completed it

- Rip off

1 map for $7!? Then anywhere from $0.99 to $4 for another map. That’s ludicrous. Not worth the money at all. Better off buying the actual board game and playing with friends.

- Fun but still charges for maps even after purchased

Fun game but it’s really weak when you pay $6.99 for a game and you have to buy additional content. Was this game made by EA? Lol

- Glitchy

The current version frequently will not allow the technology tickets to open in the UK map. Consequently, completing my tickets is impossible and I have to restart the game. I like the idea of the technology addition, just wish it would work 100% of the time.

- Crashes

My app keeps crashing. I’m in solo/local play and then it will randomly crash. It’s very annoying.

- Sorta ridiculous

So I just got this game the other day. I love the board game and have two variations. I had high hopes for playing this game online with varying opponents and I had two successful games and enjoyed them quite a bit. So, this brings me to my complaint. I was playing a game with 3 players total. We were playing with an 8 minute timer. As I waited for my turn my timer seemed to be counting down normally and I patiently waited for opponents to make their move while watching their timer count down. Here’s the kicker, my timer would lose a significant amount of time when my turn came about. Eventually after 3 turns which took less than 3 minutes, I lost all time and was removed from the game. Inijvestes time in the game, and a glitch of some sort booted me out. Extremely frustrating for an fame that I paid for.

- Good pass time.

Has some frustrating bugs but a good game. Bugs-sometimes game won’t allow you to place your pieces where you want on the board and sometimes it will tell you to pick your second card when you haven’t picked your first yet. So you only get 1 card instead of 2. Can cost you a close game.

- Nope

Ugggh...the return of crashy crash for about a month, now. Please fix. 2.1.20 Had this app for 5 years. Slow to update. Currently glitches when replaying a game. Instead of dealing new cards, the app shuts down. It’s then then a game of roulette trying to get it to start all the way back up and actually deal a set of cards. This has happened before. Updates fix the problem only for the problem to occur again when Apple sends out a new OS. My guess is something’s wrong with the original code and it’s never been addressed, just patched.

- Ticket to Ride is a classic

I thoroughly enjoy Ticket to Ride. It’s simple to teach but has enough depth to keep you playing again and again and again.

- Local game keeps kicking players out

The game is great, but the latest update keeps kicking players out for local game. It no longer works.

- Nostalgia Factor

It’s nice to have a video game version of my favorite board game, but 1) it lacks difficulty levels, and 2) there is glitch in the UK version that locks you out from the technologies from time to time. I would prefer if the graphics were less busy and the quality of game play was better (without bugs that interrupt game play), and a choice of easy, medium, or difficult... or something like that. If you are a seasoned player most games are pretty easy to win. This one is mostly for the nostalgia factor. Plus it’s cool you can download most of the boards (in-app purchase).

- Very glitchy

Depending on the type of game you play, the app will crash frequently.

- This Game is AWESOME!!! but....

Loving this game even after having owned the previous unsupported version years ago. Finally repurchased the newer version and my previous 1910 America expansions still came over! Only problems I have is that I am out of the app doing something else and am notified of my turn. I tap on the notification and it switches over to TTR and the app crashes. EVERYTIME. This Is annoying. Next issue is, I was playing the classic 1910 edition and the game thought I did not complete St. Louis to Miami when I blatantly finished it as I had one long train that the game counted through those two cities. Please fix these issues!!!

- Great game, TERRIBLE app

Crashes or glitches constantly - often to the point of unplayability.

- LOVE!!

My favorite game app. Love that I can play with friends who live far away, as well as play pick-up games with players in the lobby.

- Glitchiest App on the market

Awesome game, TERRIBLE app. Multiplayer is a nightmare after EVERY SINGLE update. I don’t know why I’m surprised anymore. Me and everyone I play with constantly get kicked out due to errors. It’s so frustrating. Especially for a paid app. I don’t get why out of 100+ apps on my phone, there’s always just 1 that has glitches. I’ve said it before, but they need new developers. They have to be embarrassed at their pathetic work, and ruining this otherwise amazing game.

- Awesome!

Great app, just as fun and entertaining as the board game. Only reason I did not give 5 stars is because of the too frequent notification system letting you know when it’s your turn. Overall, fantastic app

- Frustrating

This is one of my favorite games but honestly it has had a glitch the last 5 or 6 times I’ve tried to play. It shows someone else's clock is running down when it’s actually mine. I have been winning games and then my clock runs out. It’s very frustrating. I won’t play for awhile now because I have to leave the game and go back in only to fine my clock has run down by sometimes as much as a minute when I think it’s the other players. Please try and fix this problem

- The app keeps freezing and crashing

For a game that you have to pay for, I expected a better app experience. It often freezes on me when I’m playing online games, and it keeps crashing!

- Trash App for a good game

This is a great board game, but the app is so glitchy it’s unplayable. There are no patterns to the glitches. Just randomly shuts down, seemingly freezes, countdowns start simultaneously, etc. Steer clear.

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- App price hike during Isolation

Game works great. Tried to download the App for my son this morning for $5.49 and it said could not, try later. Went back later that evening and it was jacked up to $9.99!! Wow, take advantage of demand during this isolation time, pretty sad. I got a response saying I missed a sale from the 19th to 23rd, which was a lie as the price for this app was $5.49 as long as I can remember. Maybe this company is selling toilet paper and other needed supplies on the side!!

- Price off the App just went up with Covid virus

Very questionable to raise price in this time of crisis, when people are trying to connect together virtually. Went from 5.99 to 9.99 in the last weeks: shame!

- Online issues

Fun game but the developer should add a function to kick out absent online players. The whole game gets paralyzed if a player goes absent.

- Good but super expensive ..everything is extra


- Ticket to ride


- Purchases keep disappearing

I love this game and have purchased many of the additional maps. But on several occasions the maps I’ve bought and paid for are not available to play and you are prompted to purchase them again. I tried emailing the developer numerous times and beyond the auto response email promising someone will get in touch, you’ll never hear back from them. It’s frustrating and disappointing

- Fun

Enjoy playing the board game but this allows you to try different ideas.

- Cannot log in any more

For some reason it did not automatically log me in. I tried to log in with my email address and with my ID. When I hit "OK", nothing happens. It just sits there. I then tried it on my iPhone and had he same issue. I logged into small world 2 just fine. I've never had an issue with logging in before. So wonder if a recent update has messed something up.

- Recent issues with iPhone XR

This app used to work perfectly one of my favourite pass time games but I am noticing frequent crashing when starting a new game after leaving a previous and the position of cards now conflicts with the digital close app button at times.

- Fun game

Fun to play, but a recent update has wiped out the pass n play scoring history (and removed page 1 out of 5) Edit - the developer response is as slow as contacting the support team - and the issue is still not resolved.

- Europe scoring problems.

The stations aren’t working properly in Europe. They don’t actually complete a route when used. At least to London.

- Can play again with latest update but still want family sharing

Thanks for fixing issues from version 2.6.4. With the latest update I am able to play online again. I love this game...so addicting. Like other reviewers I wish family sharing would work so when we purchase additional boards/packages everyone in the family had access.

- Family sharing

I bought the game but I couldn't get family sharing to work with it. I reached out to the developer by didn't hear anything back. I would buy a bunch more but they kids want to play too. I'm not buying them 3 times

- Uable to play

Since the last update, I cannot play on line games. Stuck at ‘authentifying’ step. It’s been a week. Please help

- Stuck on authenticating screen

Same as others, I can’t play online anymore. I get stuck on the “authenticating” screen. I’ve waited for 45 minutes and same thing. So not sure what happened with the latest update but it doesn’t work for me. I’m using the first iPad Air.

- Fix it already!

Come on guys, you need to fix the “authenticating” message that is constantly showing up when I’m trying to load the game. It’s been 5 days of it and I have not been able to get past this screen to actually play it. As you can see by your reviews, it’s not just me experiencing this. I have deleted and reinstalled the app twice. Fix it!!!!!!!

- Why this horrible sound when we pick a card

Why did you add this sound when we pick a card. Please can you remove that sound ? There is a delay to be able to pick the second card rapidly (we have to wait a card to be turn). Can you remove this delay ?

- Do not update

I can’t play online games since I downloaded the most recent update. They also make it very difficult to contact anyone for help. What a joke.

- Incapable de jouer depuis mise à jour il y a 4 jours

Lorsque j’essaie de jouer en ligne, je reste bloqué à authentification! J’ai écris un avis, mais eu de réponse à mon problème.

- J’adore mais...

J’adore ce jeu et ma fille aussi malgré les petits bugs qui arrivent par moments. Par notre ce matin imposssible de jouer!! J’ai beau essayé de me connecter à mon compte et il ne veut rien savoir, j’ai essayé de réinstaller et rien n’y fait!! Depuis la dernière mise à jour impossible de jouer, l’authentification tourne dans le vide!!!🥺🥺🥺🥺

- Latest update doesn't work

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app, tried off wifi and on, and yet I can't start an online game. I loved this game but recently it doesn't work to play online. Since the computer bots pose no challenge, I don't want to play until it's fixed 😭😖

- Like it when it works !!

I love this game, especially online, really fun and about 90% of the time i’d say it works. But sometimes when you go online it says « Authenticating » and stays like that and you can’t play :( sucks when you want to! And it seems like all the online links are broken when that happens, can’t contact support in-game. Please fix ! Or maybe it would be nice to have a little news board in the game so we’d know what’s up. Thanks! Otherwise, as I said, I love it.

- Can’t play online with the latest update!!!


- Latest update crashes


- Can’t play online

I bought this game awhile ago. Haven’t played it in a month and when I tired ,it would not let me play online. Uggh .

- Please fix game :(

I love this game so much. But today I can not go in online game. I can not play with my boyfriend Jun. He is upset about that. Please fix game.. my phone is ipone X. Thanks.

- Crash and burn

Too often on my iPad, this game crashes and kicks me out. Or when I join a game, it kicks me out and my robot replacement chooses the tickets by the time I get back. Lately, there are « player already in lobby » or « client timeout » errors. This used to be a great game to play online; it’s time to debug and get it to work well again.

- I love this game, but...

... the app crashes a lot, the notifications are inconsistent, inviting a friend to play doesn’t always work (the button to play disappears after you select the friend). Otherwise, I absolutely love this game.

- Fun game

I like the game and find it fun and entertaining. There are a few bugs though. During local play when searching for a player who is right beside me it times out. Once it found them. But most often it just doesn’t work. Game also crashes and freezes during online play.

- J’adore le jeu mais...

J’adore le jeu mais il y a souvent des bug je dois souvent le désinstaller pour le réinstaller comme aujourd’hui j’ai voulu j’ai créé une partie le monde ont embarqué et la le jeu a fermé je lais réouvert à chaque fois que je retournais dans la partie le jeu refermais c’est une chose qui me déplait beaucoup.

- Ipad Pro 11” aspect ratio not supported.

I’m writing this to let any potential buyer know that the new Ipad Pro 11” aspect ratio is not supported. I’ve been in touch with the game’s customer support for more than 6 months about this, and it’s still not implemented. They’ve just added support for the Iphone X, but still nothing for the Ipad Pro 11”. Maybe next year?

- Good game, still bad on the iPhone X

It’s too easy to accidentally swipe and close the game. It’s especially frustrating in multiplayer matches. Most iOS iPhone X games require two swipes before they close. This one only needs one, and it’s right where your cards are.

- Love game, but;

The new ‘enhancements’ service the iPhone at the expense of iPads. The blurriness has been fixed, but this is still a less attractive and undesirable update.

- Idea to Add.

Good App. However, I HATE the fact of how there is only 1 avatar per colour. ADD MORE AVATAR FOR EVERY COLOR. Maybe on male and female avatar per colour. FIX THIS NOW!

- Like it but

Since last version it’s become flaky, kicks me out of the app in between games and graphics take longer and battery use higher. It’s a pleasant game to pass the time while travelling. I like the board game a lot

- Ticket to ride

Big fan of the board game but really frustrated by the app. Consistent problem with my iPhone XR prevents me from playing. The game keeps switching on the menu when I have not selected it. Please fix this bug!!!

- Bug with Local mode

When we try to start a game in Local Mode, it keeps saying "no connection" when all ipads are well connected to internet and on the same wifi network... very disappointed...

- Broken and needs updating

This game is fun, but desperately needs updating for iPhone X optimization size. Game also crashes a lot on iOS 12.

- Messed up in Germany. No support for iPhone X and after.

Love the game, love the app. When are you gonna offer support for iPhone X display? Because on the normal iPhone and iPad it cover all the display. Since the new update the app crash at the end of a game when counting points. Very annoying. In Germany, online, counting points is wrong and he attributes me challenges that I didn't choose in the final countdown.

- Buggy update.

Love the game but this update is definitely poor and buggy on IPad. The train car cards are way oversized and not as elegant; the end of game hangs for a long time before transitioning to the point tally; the destination tally has a bug in the display of the counting of the cards.

- Bof

Le jeu crash à chaque fois que j’essaie de jouer online.

- Glitchy

The game is fun but crashes often. For a paid app, more fixes should be developed.

- Solid game, not great X support

Everything you want in TTR is here but there still isn’t proper iPhone X support so expect big black bars.

- Crashing

This game is addictive! I love it and have most of the maps available but all of a sudden it crashes - every Time! I tried to update it, deleting it and reinstalling but that didn’t work. I finally deleted it 😟

- Frustrating update

The latest update has ruined the game and made it frustrating to play. Don’t like the reminders that I can pick more routes, or that a certain player is going to play first. I don’t like how slowly each and every train is laid out on the tracks. The previous version played really smoothly so I can’t understand the changes unless they wanted to make the game easier for people who have no idea what they’re doing. I’ve stopped playing.

- Latest update👎👎👎

Doesn’t do the final tally automatically. Then it says I tried trips I never selected. Plus it still has the same old flaw. Part way through the game, new cards stop appearing so you’re forced to choose new trips. Try again.

- App good, developer behind schedule

I love this game. I am very disappointed that the Europe and Switzerland boards have not been updated to reflect the new OS. I paid for these apps and now they no longer work. The developer needs to address this as I am sure that I am not alone.

- Problem with Germany expansion

Just bought the Germany expansion and it doesn’t play correctly, you cannot see your cards at the bottom of the screen. Tried on 2 cell phones, and same issue. Frustrating to pay for something that doesn’t work.

- Latest update

Edit: latest update has made my game crash on last play of each game. New graphics for cards in your hand is bulky and blurry. Disappointing. A few minor bugs but overall a great game. Easy to transition from board game to iPad. Too small to easy play on my iPhone 6. Yes you must buy expansions separately, but they go on sale often.

- New iPhone X series User interface conflict with home slider

The new iOS UX doesn’t work with playing cards. Resulting in unusable gameplay. Cannot select a train card without selecting the iOS slider bar.

- Currently unplayable - quits on opening a game

Good game when working

- Keeps dropping out

At the beginning when loading screens drops out & have to start again several times.

- Great game ruined by glitches

I love this game and play it all the time, however, the app is so frustrating and has so many bugs. It constantly freezes or will crash in the middle of a game for no reason, will count down on your turn when it isn’t your turn or show that it’s someone else’s turn when really it’s yours, so you’re both sitting there waiting for the other person to go. The ‘local play’ section is especially glitchy, I’ve tried to play my friend on it multiple times and we have never once finished a game, because if you leave the app once during the game the whole thing freezes and you cannot continue playing. If they could fix the glitches in this game it would make it a lot better and I would recommend it to people, which at the moment I am very hesitant to do.

- Sick of glitches!

Seriously sick of a year and multiple updates and ongoing glitches screwing up the game play and ratings! I’m done!! We paid for it.... make it work!

- Stations

In the European game there are stations to use when claiming a portion of an opponent’s route. The robot opponent never uses them. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to force them into doing it. Other than that, it’s a nice game with a predictable outcome. I’m usually screaming at the screen because they could have won if they’d used their station option.

- Love the game, but stopped working with new version

I often played this on my iPad and love it. However since the latest version it stopped working for me and sends the iPad in an endless authentication loop. Please fix this bug so I can play again.

- Keeps crashing

Luckily I haven’t run into many troubles playing this game since I purchased it years ago but recently it constantly crashes and closes. sometimes it seems the bot is really unfair too.

- Great app ruined by glitchiness

This is a great app for a great game, and if it ran smoothly I’d give five stars. However, it’s always very glitchy and full of bugs, something that’s always a hassle and sometimes makes the game not worth playing or causes you to lose. The available games disappear from the screen moments after loading and you have to return to the menu and try again. In game, your time may count down when it’s not your turn, sometimes causing you to lose, and the app crashes a lot. Sometimes you get an error message and have to restart the app, other times it seems as if it’s someone else’s turn so you sit there waiting while the app hasn’t actually recognised your turn and others are waiting for you. These are some of the biggest problems. I am unhappy that I have paid money for something with so many issues. If they can fix this, this would be a great app and I’m sure they’d get a lot more purchases and happy customers.

- Great version of an old favourite

Version 2.6.0 looks like it fixes all the horrible UX mistakes made in 2.5.11+ (although the animation speed setting annoyingly keeps resetting to “slow”...) Thanks to the publisher for listening to feedback. I have always enjoyed the physical version of this game, and have been enjoying the iOS version now for a while too! Great realisation of a classic game.

- Keeps freezing

The latest changes have slowed it down. I really don’t need to be told I can draw more tickets plus it just hangs there at the end of the game before it switches to calculating scores. Pity as it’s such a great game.

- Game crashes on last turn

Since the latest update the game has crashed on the last players turn every time. I have forced closed the app and rebooted my iPad with no change. The new animations make the game play slower. It is frustrating that flashy animations seem to have taken priority over quality game play. Was one of my favourite games to pass the time, but it is now unplayable as I cannot finish the game.

- Latest update is poorly designed for iPhone X

The latest update places elements of the board close to areas of the iPhone X that are unusable. For example, trains are positioned right where the iOS “home” swipe area is located, and the player cards on the left is blocked by the iPhone X notch. It’s obvious no real life testing has been done with this update. There were also problems resuming games after network issues. The board would blank out when everyone returns to the game. This is really disappointing because I’ve spent many an hour playing this game

- Not liking the look of the new update...

This new update Deontay look nice - the cards are too big for the space, and the top of the US map does not look right with the train carriages on it. I also wonder if there’s a bug in the randomisation of cards coming out, because they don’t seem anywhere near as randomised as before. Please fix it! It worked just fine before, so this a perfect example of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

- Issue with the latest update

When playing the Germany board, I can’t see my cards as they are right down the bottom and are also hard to move to the board because they are so low. I’m not sure if this happens on any other boards.

- 19.12.18 Update is frustrating

The update rolled out yesterday or today includes card animations and train animations. These are colourful but annoying as hell. The cards are now bunched together making it hit and miss if you're trying to grab a certain colour when you place them. They used to be separated and distinct. On top of that, now the trains are set down one carriage at a time which slows down and makes everything take longer. The game is already slow enough, why make it slower? It's not like it wasn't clear before this animation what was happening. Everytime you clear your destination cards you get prompts and everytime your draw more cards you get prompts. Can't this just be kept to a tutorial mode or something?

- No full screen.

Played this on iPhone X and it wasn’t full screen. Game ran fine but was disappointed it didn’t fill the screen

- Great game

Ticket to ride is a fantastic adaptation of the board game, and is easy to use after some practice. Would recommend to everyone!

- Latest update trouble

Love this game it’s so fun. With the last update though when I try to claim a city the game crashes. Please fix.

- The Pennsylvanian Twist

Wow, just when you think you have it won someone sells their stock and trumps you in the last minutes of the game. Twice the strategy needed both playing the trains but also the stocks so the combined strategies is what wins - very intriguing and a tantalising twist that gets you in!

- Very impressive

Having never played ticket to ride before (digital or hard copy) i was pleasantly surprised by how easy this game was to play on ipad. Its quite a simple yet beautiful game and is easy to learn with a great tutorial. This game was so great i opted to purchase more maps and havent regretted doing so. A must have game for all.

- Looks nice, but buggy

They've put a lot of effort into the interface, however it's inconsistent between iPhone and iPad which can be confusing. The controls for online play are also needlessly confusing: they've gone for high style over usability in some cases: instead of being clear, items seem to have been designed for how they look rather than being intuitive. Add to this the online play that gets buggier as time goes on and it's getting to be very frustrating. Their Facebook site is full of promotion about their new products but nothing about updates on problems they're having, which is dispiriting: will they fix things? If so, when? Communication is key. Lots of very mad people online at he moment.

- Love this game but it won't restore purchases!

I love playing this game but it has been glitching so I removed it and then reinstalled it, but now it won't restore my previous purchases! Not happy.

- Excellent

Such a good game. Local multiplayer is flawless too, which is surprising since there are so few good local multiplayer games. My only request is to make all the DLC available in one purchase.

- 5 stars again after latest update

I wrote a 1-star review after the previous update - which caused the game to crash on my original iPad. However - the latest update(s) have fixed the problem, and I'm able to play again. Thanks to the team for fixing the bug. I love this game, and can't recommend it highly enough.

- latest update breaks game on original iPad

I love playing this game, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was still playable on the original iPad. Unfortunately - the latest update has broken it on the original iPad; it crashes as soon as the game is launched, before it even gets to the 'home' screen of the game. I really hope the developers can work out what is causing it to crash, and get it working again on the original iPad. (For info - original iPad is running 5.1.1 (!), version 9B206. When it is working - this is a 5-star game.

- Killed game on iPad 1

The latest update has killed the game on my original iPad (iPad 1). The game crashes as soon as it starts to load, without even getting to the home screen. I am so disappointed as I love playing this game, over our home wifi network, especilly against my family (playing on our iPad Air 2). There will be a lot of disappointed faces when they hear the news. Please fix whatever has changed that broke support for the original iPad (for info, running 5.1.1 (9B206). Up until the latest update this was the best game that could still be played on the old iPad... however it is no longer.

- Why I like but dislike this game

•The screenshots makes people interpret that you get more maps than just the USA but when you install you do only get the USA. •I think you should be able to choose your person and colour (I only get to be the colour green with a boy). •The game is fun and entertaining and I like it. These are some small points why I like this game but also dislike it in some ways. Kind regards, Kieana and Patch🙂🚂

- first class

excellent game. good tutorial. easy to understand, but very deep gameplay. immediately purchased all expansions as they became available. Edit - Very rude to slug early adopters another $4.99 for the India map, yet new players can get the entire collection for $7.99 - I have already invested over double that! How about a free or much cheaper download for players with all purchases? So I grit my teeth and buy it and now? We get the Nordic pack. Similar deal. i am not investing another cent. Show a bit of reward for players that have invested a lot of money already!

- A

Oh my goodness, the newest update is atrocious!!! Completely ruined not only the aesthetic of the online game but the functionality of it!!! Why have you complicated things and added so many unnecessary filters to creating/joining a game ???? The time selection is confusing & not needed!!! Wish I had never updated.

- How dare you take my money then take away functionality

Latest update means you can no longer play against the computer except in Solo mode. What a disgrace - we only played it against the computer. We can no longer play. Money back please.

- Worst upgrade I have experienced in years

We had enjoyed previous versions of Ticket to Ride. However this upgrade is the worst I have experienced. It provides no significant benefits, has a worse user interface, and breaks the essential multi-player functionality for a local network. I have managed software developers. If they had produce such terrible work, they would be lucky to still have jobs.

- Rip off

For $10.99 I expected more than one map.

- So buggy

Great game but it is so buggy, crashes every time we try to play multiplayer. Please fix asap or I will be deleting as I only bought it to play multiplayer.

- Don't deserve any stars!

Have already paid for 1910 & Europe but can't get them in new version. Very poor!

- Terrible version

Please fix the online multiplayer it is unplayable. Crashes at the end of nearly every game on ipad

- Great game overall, but what happened to the bots?!?

We have thoroughly enjoyed this game over the years, both the board game and their digital versions on our iPhones and iPads. One of the things we liked but has just disappears is the ability to add bots in Local multiplayer. Now, we can only play against the humans who happen to be available (just one most of the time) with no way to add bot players like we used to, to fill up the game. Can you please restore bots in Local multiplayer? Thank you.

- India map malfunctions

I have now played this map twice and each time on the last play it freezes and so the game can't be finished. Very frustrating spending all that time just to either shut down or stick on the last player endlessly!! Please fix this glitch.

- Perfect

Perfect! Now with the complete package, including the India map, for a give-a-way price, no reason that everyone shouldn't buy this game.

- Asia version some tracks won't connect

Very frustrating - top right red track and a couple of short ones in Asia won't work

- V good but

I want to play asynchronously against my game center friend... how hard could it be? Turns out, very difficult! ( by the way, 5/5 star for board game; 5/5 star for presentation, graphics, sound and music) 0/5 stars for no asynchronous online play with friends. Get TTR Pocket instead

- Don't bother with iPad TTR - pocket version is better, cheaper

I first played TTR using the Europe pocket (iPhone) version. It was cheaper with less annoying sounds, plus it has tunnels and ferries for added difficulty. It works just fine on iPad and the x2 enlarge feature doesn't detract from gameplay. I regret buying this app and wish I'd made an in-app purchase on the Europe pocket edition instead. Note to developers: please can we have some options for avatars, the solitary newspaper boy wears thin.

- Patsy4me

Do you have a strategy guide for this game? Can only give 1 star because I'm having difficulty understanding it.

- Love it but....

Expansions are so expensive!

- Amazing!

Not the cheapest game, but definitely worth your money. Easy to learn, difficult to perfect. Great graphics and plays just like the board game!

- Good app ruined by bad multiplayer implementation

A really fun game with excellent graphics and game play. If you just want to play local or vs the AI you'll have no real problem, but the online multiplayer implementation is AWFUL, especially if you want to play a private game with just your game centre friends. Really let's the whole experience down. Needs to be fixed ASAP.

- Nope. Awful.

Hands down the worst board game app. Adding friends is a nightmare, and trying to set up a private game between established game centre friends is apparently unthinkable. Even getting to the online games is onerous. Why have an entire section just for online game finding when "play online" is an option in the main game screen? And why, in that main game screen is it only possible to play with total strangers and not friends? There's nowhere in the app to see game invites from friends, or anybody else for that matter. Really, really great game but this app is very poorly designed. Looks great, awful to use.

- Pricey

A bit expensive... But a brilliant game all in all. Excellent graphics. If you are undecided if you should get the board game (which is about $80-90), it is smart to purchase this app first .

- Absolute favourite

My absolute favourite game for a long time!

- Nice,but few problems for colourblind

Excellent gameplay,but would suggest some changes to accommodate those with colour perception problems.Yellow & green, plus grey & pink and orange & green coloured tracks and carriages are easy colour combinations to mix up for many partially colourblind people. Unlike with the board game players can't change their view of the board and the placed carriages. Shadowing,for example,of the yellow carriages to give a 3-D effect on the iPad & iPod darkens the yellow, making it appear similar to the green carriages. Suggest alternate colour schemes (or patterning) for carriages. Would also be nice to be able to change the player's own colour. Once these small changes are made the game will appeal to a wider audience. These changes would also aid able-sighted players. Cheers!

- Polished app and fun

Me and my friends now play ticket to ride on our iPads instead of the board game because it's faster, easy to use and works so well. Never had any issues.

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- Crashing

Since the last game update and the game crashes as soon as I click on it on my iPad Pro

- Fun

Very addictive

- Constantly times out on iPhone

Trying to play on iPhone and the game times out constantly. Or it will count down my time but I can not pick up a card.

- Same as board game but faster when fighting AI

Great game . Addicted

- Crashes every time

Beyond frustrated

- Great fun family game

My children and I love playing this game together. It is fun while being challenging too.

- Just buy it dummy

Big online community

- Very Good In App Purchases

Great game and a wonderful model for buying expansions. Very easy to buy a new expansion as soon as I see one available.

- Fun game, but broken.

Last month, notifications stopped working for this game. When playing against others over multiplayer, this feature is key. I’ve reached out to support twice; one time they said they were working on it and the next time I received no response. This shouldn’t be hard. I paid for this app, please fix it.

- So many glitches

I love this game and have a lot of fun. However it’s very frustrating when the game forces you to quit due to a glitch. There are also times the timer continues to run once you’ve already played your card forcing you to exit and return. If glitches were fixed - the game would easily be 5 stars.

- It DID work

It has worked fine and dandy.. until I created an account and logged in. Now it crashes every single time I try and hit play.

- Lots of fun, but glitchy

Need to call an exterminator to get the bugs out. It will randomly close on me and not let me rejoin games, after completing a game before starting another sometimes I have to force close app, train cards have changed colors, and it’s not allowed me to lay track when I’ve had appropriate pieces. When there are no troubles... it’s awesome! We played over the holidays the board game version then all decided to jump on our phones and play instead. Easy to lose track of time, but sometimes that’s a good thing!

- Challenging

It’s a history lesson made enjoyable.

- Fun game

I love playing this as a board game. As an app, it allows me to have fun without a large group and while traveling.

- Fun

I love it but it needs a multiplayer mode when the characters switch to the next character for the next player can take their turn

- Love the game

I just love the game. I play it a lot. It is easy to play and enjoyable.

- Great app version of the board game

This app version of the game is great but needs a few tweaks to be perfect (mostly graphics/UI). I agree that the constant pop up messages are very annoying. The tutorial needs works - See Jaipur or Pandemic for the way a tutorial should work. When trying to add trains to the board, many time I end up pulling up on the iPhone X slider because it’s so close. The last issue is that sometimes I am unable to select certain routes because the zoom-in effect zooms-in to the wrong area and it’s almost impossible to get it to work properly. If those issues were worked out this app work be perfect!

- Network Play Fails

Constantly dropping games when a group of friends play online (and local) resuming a network game is spotty at best. Cross compatibility also very prone to failure. Overall poor network performance for what seems like a very simple by nature game, also no Bluetooth play. Get it together, days of wonder..

- Works great!

Have only used solo mode so far but works well. No issues

- Desperately needs a patch/update

Issue seems to be iPhone specific, but the game constantly lags, resets, and provides a client timeout error. I have had the app force close on me a ton of times as well. No matter how many times I log in and out of Game Center, etc. Same issues arise. No clear solutions provided.

- Online is useless

Never anyone playing, can’t join games because your rank isn’t high enough and there aren’t any ranked games you can join to get the experience needed. You’ll just end up playing bots.

- Stopped notifying turn

Love this game- play with a group of friends that live in different towns. But the game has become glitchy and not notifying any of us when it’s our turn- so we have had to resort texting the next player when it’s their turn- super frustrating. Please fix ASAP

- Great game but few annoying things that happen

One you have to pay to unlock other places to play on. I want to play somewhere else but I can’t. Second to play online you have to sign up to play online. It is so annoying.

- So bad

For a game that is so easy to play in the board game format this is an example of how NOT to design an app. It favors someone’s idea of art over simple navigation. Things don’t work. Stupid nagging pop ups were actually coded over the ability to play a local game without keeping the app open all the time. Just terrible. Definitely buy the board game. Skip this. I see that the developer has responded. They told me to contact them at some url. I have already contacted them twice via email and had no response. Come on. Do better if you’re charging a premium price.

- Great Game slowly being ruined by updates...

My friend and I play TTR on a regular basis, several times a week at least. They have slowly been updating the app and creating more and more problems. The app times out regularly now. Also, most recently it has stopped giving us notifications when someone takes their turn and you’re not in the app. I used to get banner notifications on my iPhone. Now, I have no idea if she’s taken her turn. This is very frustrating since we’ll play over the course of a day and I don’t want to keep checking the app constantly to see if it’s my turn. (I’ve checked all my iPhone/iPad settings and both allow notifications from TTR... no settings have changed there). Randomly too, on her app and my app our trains are different colors now, but I can’t seem to see anywhere that you can choose your train colors? That’s not important to game play, but just super random. Eventually we’ll have to stop playing and pick a new game if this keeps up.

- Love the game, but local play is unstable!

My family likes to play this game using the local mode so that we each have our own device and screen. However, we’ve lost way too many games due to one person accidentally leaving the app briefly. The network connectivity is unacceptably brittle - they really need a more robust way to resume gameplay if someone leaves the app accidentally.

- Ticket to Ride

Not good since it seems tone fixed.it also freezes very often.l Wonderful game .it is so entertaining,I love it 😍 .

- Crashes often on IPad!

It’s a great game when I can get it to run. It crashes all the time at opening on my iPad only. Please fix this! Thanks

- “Local” doesn’t work

My wife & I keep getting kicked out of our Local game. “Pass and Play” seems to work fine. We just have a bad experience if we want to use our own phones. Please fix!

- Fun when it’s not crashing

This could be one of those rare successful adaptations of a very fun board game except for the constant crashing. It happens most frequently at the start of a game right after cards are dealt. So frustrating! Also there is constant annoying prompt reminding me that it’s my turn.

- Why did alerts stop working?

Great app - I’ve been playing with friends for a while now. All of a sudden alerts stopped working for all of us. Is this a new bug? Will it be fixed in an update?

- Don’t buy this game

Trust me it isn’t worth it

- Love this game!

Have the board game and this app is faster and can be played solo. What a magnificent diversion!

- Update broke game

I love this game. Love it! The problem is the developers seem to release updates that make things worse. My iPhone keeps flashing and kicking me out of games and it’s an issue with many based on the other reviews. I submitted a support ticket two weeks ago and they are ignoring me. Never update this app right away - these developers don’t seem to test and every single time I update I regret it because the update breaks something.

- Sddyduhwdhdgdgfgffffr

I just love This game 😍😍🥰🥰😘😘🥰😍😘🥰😍😘🥰😍😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😍💋💋💋

- This game is awesome because it tests your strategy skills


- Can not play with android device locally

After update the new vision can not join other android device please fix it

- Charming fun

Lots of fun, some strategy, wonderfully designed.

- Ticket to ride

It Is The Best and I think it is a great seller

- I recommend

I really like this game I play the solo option on this app all the time. I like how the app has goals for you to achieve as you play it. I wish that they would add the rails and sails to the app it is really fun to play as a board game and would be fun to play on the phone.

- Crashes

Frequent, frequent crashes when trying to start a solo game, even after reinstall or phone reboot. Just an update here, I’ve just tried starting a solo game 19 times. The app crashed 17 of those attempts.

- Ticket to ride

I love the game, but I must be logged under 2 different accounts. I would like to link them, as I have migrated one of the accounts but my older accounts keeps telling me to migrate. I know I paid to migrate 1 or 2 years ago.

- Awful tutorial

I agree with some other reviewers that the tutorial is awful. There is no explanation for any of the actions you take, nor any indication of the standard actions in a turn. Maybe most people already know how to play, but do not purchase this to learn how to play. Once I’ve watched some tutorials on YouTube I’ll update my review too reflect the gameplay.

- Addictive light strategy game

Just a very fun game if you enjoy playing strategy games, but don't like the time setting up pieces and/or don't have 3 or 4 friends readily available to play.

- Constant server connection issues in online mode

Great game, but doesn't seem to run consistently in online mode. Goes through good periods and i. The good periods it is a 5 star game. Then bad periods where you can’t complete any games because players get constantly disconnected until it finally times them out. May be caused by internet issues, but if so ap needs to be able to handle them more elegantly.

- No idea how to play

I have always heard that Ticket to Ride is one of the best board games - so I decided to download the app. The tutorial is less than helpful. It’s just a hand pointing to things, not at all explaining the object, what to do, what each card means, etc. I tried to play a round, but I had no idea what to do. Had to quit in the middle of it because I had a large amount of cards - but didn’t know how to play any of them. I will revise my review if I ever figure it out - but as of now, it’s unplayable for me.

- It’s a game worth learning

I picked up this game to learn how to play the board game version. It’s fun and exciting but you’re also going to make a ton of mistakes learning the ins and out of the game. Better learn them playing against the computer instead of your friends.

- Fun, quick, simple

Quick little solitaire game

- Review

I love this game. But it goes by too quick, I wish there was a way to adjust the rules, like number of trains

- Tickets to ride


- Favorite game

Love it but it doesn’t display properly on my new iPhone XR so can’t play anymore:-( when playing the German map I can’t see my own train cards as they are way down there somewhere. I just see the top.

- Micro-transactions crash

So I try to get Europe’s map. Game crashes. I gotta say 10/10 on upselling, and 1/10 on overall app quality.

- One of my favourite, but

Have been enjoying this seamless running app for years, but the newly downloaded France is glitchy. Freezes and have to exit app to reboot it. Happens no matter how many players in solo mode. Playing on an iPad mini. Cheers wanderpine

- Illogical bots

I own several versions of TtR, but won’t buy any of the new ones now that the bots are pursuing a kamikaze strategy of going out—even if it means completing 0 out of 4 routes—merely to stop the opponent (me) from completing more routes. Simply put: it’s not fun.

- Crashes constantly

Just bought this, already own the board game but this seemed fun, but it doesn’t work at all, just spent 15 minutes trying to play the 1st turn in a local 2 player, but nothing works at all, and it has crashed at least 10 times in 15 minutes. Update: it’s working now, and we’ve enjoyed it for the past hour!

- Please fix

One of my favourite games, but is borderline unplayable now on an iPhone 8. Incredible slowdown, constantly freezing, difficult to grab cards from the bottom without bringing up the control center. Please fix!

- Latest version slows game down

This was a favourite game until the most recent update, which has slowed gameplay enormously. It’s not unplayable but it’s now frustrating to plod through, so a 5-star game is now a 3-star.

- No good for iPhone XS Max

Trying to play Germany (which is a vertical board) and no good. Can see or use the train cards and other issues. This after most recent update. Arg.

- Game freezes. Every. Single. Time.

Playing solo mode Very end of the game, it freezes. This happens every single time since the new update. It’s frustrating and annoying and has turned the game into something useless.

- Not working with iPhone X

Not working with iPhone X, every time I try to place trains I cannot because they are in the same spot that grabs and closes screen. Cannot play at all. Not compatible

- Great game, terrible update.

This game was great until the latest update. It crashes and has in app purchase buttons over top of game play buttons, making it impossible to say “no” to restarting a game you left. Display on iPhone X and XS needs to be tweaked; some things are difficult to do without closing the app accidentally. Please fix this! We love this game!

- Latest version is unplayable!!!

Me and my girlfriend just upgraded yesterday to the latest version... playing 2 in local mode... is unplayable! The app crashes non-stop, the GUI does weird things and there are disconnections while playing. And the app crashes! H open they fix this soon!

- Everything stalling since the update yesterday

Don’t like the “enhancements” at all...and now the game stalls at the end. Weird.

- Mise à jour décevante

Depuis la mise à jour, l’application crash 2 fois sur trois à la fin au moment de compter les points. J’adore ce jeu mais si le problème ne se règle pas rapidement je ne jouerai plus.

- Latest update screen issues

The latest update changed the screen size of the game and now I can’t place trains down without swiping Home by instead. Text is also cut off on left and right of screen. (iPhone XS)

- Good game awful update

New update makes the game unplayable on iPhone X. Every time you go to click on a card on the bottom of the screen and drag it up it closes the app. Also all the messages get cut off by the notch, it’s unfortunate because otherwise a very good game

- Good app

I edited my old review I emailed them but haven’t received a response. The response was in the in-app messaging system.

- Enjoyable game

Game is fun, but I’m having some ‘issues’. (1) cannot figure out how to get new maps. Buy button does not seem to work for me. (2) that ‘it’s your turn’ pop up is extremely annoying (3) I am visually impaired and am having a horrendous time with trying to figure out what colour train is what, been trying to use the symbols

- Buggy buggy buggy

I’m not at all happy with how this game plays. It’s an expensive app, just for one map, so I expect it to work. But it crashes constantly, I get disconnected from games, heaven help me if I get a phone call while playing it on my phone, or need to quickly open another app for something, because this app does not put up with any nonsense like multitasking. The game you just spent half an hour playing with five people is gone to you forever. My clock continues to run even after I’ve finished my turn, so I run out of time regularly. This app sucks.

- Need new board

I feel it time to add a new board on line. I love this game so much and can’t get enough of it. I have all the board as well. But there more board then on line. We need them all on line.

- Expensive

I had previously bought the Europe version of ticket to ride but the developer didn’t update it, so I had to buy this one, which was disappointing. I was also disappointed that for $12, I still had to buy the other versions of the game and that they didn’t come in the package. I like game itself, but I thought it was expensive and I’m disappointed that the developer wouldn’t update an older app- making me need to buy this one

- AI

It would be better if the AI was more intelligent. They don’t use the train stations to complete routes, which gives the player a major advantage.

- Well Done!

Love the board game! They have done a great job bringing it to the iPad. Suggestions: when playing the board version we make it 20 points for the longest route; I wish there was a way to customize that. Also, looking between route cards could be improved.

- Big

Je suis incapable de retourner dans le jeu. J’ai donc tout enlevé et je recommence. Malheureusement ce jeu a beaucoup de ratés mais il est très agréable quand ça fonctionne.

- Excellente adaptation

Excellente adaptation, mais trop de cartes proposées à l’achat par rapport à la seule offerte au départ.

- Not working on iOS 11

Since the update to iOS 11 (latest Apple update) I get a message that it needs to be updated to work with iOS 11 and that the developer needs to make an update. I have been getting warning on iOS 10 that it would need to be updated, figured the developer would be proactive and update the app prior to the launch of the new iOS... but it appears they already have our money so they can take their time... Hopefully they get around to it sooner than later

- Great Digital Adaptation

This is one of the only board games I prefer playing digital over physical. I could name plenty of features that make it good but I’ll keep this short and name my favorite where you can play local multiplayer. That’s everyone on their own device so you don’t have to pass and play. Then, if you don’t have time to finish the game, it can be resumed later. Every digital board game should have this feature!

- Good but!!!

I have been playing since few days, and sometimes there are bugs that stop me from putting the trains on the trail although i have the right amount of card required, which leads me to lose. :/ I even have a screenshot... if only i can send it.. For example, I have 4 red train cards and I want to put on a trail requiring 4 red train cards. When I try to drag the cards to the trail, it gives me a warning telling me i don't have enough card. Instead, it recognizes as if i only have tree cards.

- Not worth money

After paying for the game your given one map. The rest of the maps you need to purchase. smh

- Great fun with bugs fixed

Great graphics, interesting visual stimuli, some maps are easier to navigate than others so as you progress the expansion maps are more difficult. Well done game, easy to play but fun enough to be somewhat addictive! Recommended!

- Erreur

2 mars 2017: est-ce qu'une mise à niveau est proche? Incapable de jouer: s'arrête à tout moment en plein milieu d'une partie "online"

- Current version runs smoothly

No issues with purchases or Game Centre. A pleasure to play

- Good but expensive in-app purchases

I was considering purchasing the board game for our family and decided to try the app as a low-cost trial ($2.79 in Canada, on sale perhaps). It works flawlessly and the graphics are superb. The other variants of the game (Europe, Asia, India, etc.) are sold as in-app purchases rather than standalone games which means Family Sharing doesn't apply. The good news is that one person can host (Wifi, Bluetooth) other players who don't have the in-app purchases.

- Will see how it works.

It is ok.

- Fun and addictive game!

This game is a lot of fun and the app is amazing, but i do have a suggestion as to how it could be better. The timer seems to go way faster in the last minute, which sucks when you're at the very end of the game. But most importantly, when you are kicked out of game for going over the timer, you should be able to see your score somehow.

- Bug avec IOS 10

Bonjour! L'application plante à la fin de la partie ne me permettant pas de voir mon score! Svp corriger. Merci!

- Crashing

After getting a number of notices that Ticket to Ride Pocket was being depreciated I decided I would spend more money on Ticket to Ride and get this version. It has been crashing right at the end of a local multiplayer game before I can see the final score. It is kind of anticlimactic to play a whole game and then have the game crash before you can find out who wins.

- Expensive

I have never spent this amount of money on an app before but was very disappointed to find out you have to pay even more for different maps. You should be able to get more maps for the price you are paying as after a few games it gets very repetitive.

- Useless

You pay $10 for a game and all you get is one map! It gets boring after a while. Wish you got more maps and didn't have to pay $7 each additional map. Waste of money.

- Avid player, disappointed

I love this game. I have most of the board games and I enjoy playing on my device; however, with one of the recent updates I am greatly disappointed. I know everyone has their own strategy, but as a person who likes to fulfill my tickets (and achievements) I despise the fact that the bot plays out so quickly. No matter which game I play, the computer player gets rid of all their trains as quickly as possible. Could this be made an option in settings instead?

- Ticket to ride

Do not buy. Being revised for a year now and still full of bugs

- crashes on air 2 - can’t play more than 5-6 turns

crashes on air 2 - can’t play more than 5-6 turns terrible app , paid 20$ with in app purchases for literally no game play.

- Still has problems

This app still has problems with local play. Also, if you change your name from local player to a name,you can't save your scores. The original version of this game was SO much better. There were none of these problems. I had deleted the upgrade for awhile but decided to try it again. Still disappointed with the problems. Remember: if it isn't broke, don't fixit. A classic example of ignoring the adage.

- Local play ruined

Latest update ruined local play for us Cannot go more than three turns without getting error message, and to clear error message have to exit to menu then select resume Local worked perfectly for us before on wifi

- Boooooo !!!

Four months later, fail on the upgraded version of the lousy upgrade

- Love game hate time limits

I first played the physical version of TTR years ago and love this app and the ability to play online. However, please get rid of the time limits on games or provide an unlimited option. I like to play with friends and family but we all have busy lives and can't always play every day. Also, the clock runs down overnight when people are sleeping! We are getting kicked out of games before we can finish. Frustrating!

- Crash on opening

I updated the app and now it crashes on opening. I'm running IOS 5,1 on an older IPAD. The app ran fine until the last update. Please bring back the last version. Thanks

- Still terrible

Updates that began 6 months ago have ruined the game. Glitchy and painfully slow.

- Crashy

I updated the app and now it crashes when clicked. Any suggestions? I'm running IOS5.1 on an older iPad and the app ran fine until the latest update. Thanks

- Local no longer works with Bluetooth

Please bring back Bluetooth for local games! We used to play on vacation, but don't have wifi, so now we no longer can. Otherwise I would have rated this 5 stars.

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- Shame.

Raise the price during the virus outbreak? You are bad people. EDIT: Answer to reply - Then please feel free to keep it on sale during this time of global emergency. Many thanks.

- Good but a couple of game faults

I’m really enjoying this up. However if I place all of my final trains on the board in one go, thereby triggering the game end, the programme insists I have a last turn. Even though I have no trains left to place. It means the game can’t be ended.

- Too many bugs

I like the game but there are too many bugs and glitches. Also the AI is terrible. Online doesn’t work well as people disconnect and if they don’t return you have to wait 15 minutes for the next turn causing people to quit. Also if I create a game but leave the app briefly while I am waiting for players to join I get booted from my lobby. It could be a great app but needs a big update, especially as it’s reasonably expensive if you buy multiple maps.

- Price change?

I tried to download this yesterday for £3.99 but it said the item was being modified. I looked again today and it is £6.99. I really hope the developers haven’t just hiked the price for the same product given the situation the world is in right now. Disappointing.

- Great game, with some glitches

Love the game, great adaptation of the board game, but for some reason despite making sure nothing was touching the screen, on some rounds cards would be drawn for me so I couldn’t place any tracks.

- Clock timing me out

This game would get 5 stars if it weren’t for the fact that, when playing online if the other player just leaves the current match their timer freezes but the remaining players’ clock continues to count down eventually being replaced by a bot. So the other player can just log back in and claim the game. Needs fixing

- Good but problems

The game overall is good, however it does have problems. Online game play is full of people who leave or disconnect halfway through. You then have no choice but to wait for their turn to time out, which could be up to an hour. The other option is to leave. There is no way for the game to recognise an inactive player or for even the games creator to kick such players. The developers should consider this in future. This problem has ruined about 70% of the online games that I play. It is easy to understand why many other online players request other to have played a minimum amount of games. Do not buy the additional maps. I bought one and it’s different to the board game version. For instance the UK one requires you to somehow gain Scottish or Welsh concession cards to cross the borders. Also the UK maps is probably not suited for mobile play. It is in portrait view and everything is too small to see clearly. I think it would only be suited for the iPad. I spent £2.99 to find this out. The game is good, but I think I’m going to restrict playing to playing with friends only. Online really does have a massive problem with missing players. It’s a good game, but considering the problems, I think £6.99 is a bit much. £2.99 for the additional maps is certainly not value for money.

- Local play won’t work over wifi

Tried with multiple people, rooms just don’t show up

- Love the game, hate the price. Keeps crashing

£6.99 and keeps crashing!!! Sort it out.

- Local mode crashes every time

This would be a fantastic app but it crashes every time we try to play local on the WiFi. The update was supposed to have fixed it but it hasn’t.

- Latest Version Broken

Updated on 10 Jan 2020, app crashes at splash screen. Contacted support, no reply.

- Keeps crashing In local mode

Was working and now crashing nearly every time. very disappointed. Love this game. Also sometimes crashes in solo mode. Please fix this

- Fantastic

But addictive!

- Expensive

For a £7 app to then only include the USA version of the game is rather tight. Other than that I love the game.

- Another baffling update

My friends and I love this game - both on devices and on boards - and we play all the online, local and pass’n’play versions. This latest update seems to have a new ‘perky’ soundtrack, which you can’t turn off, or even down! Even odder, if you go into settings the old soundtrack still exists (we all had it muted, so we could enjoy the game with a few sound effects but no continuous distraction). It’s possible now to play with two completely different soundtracks but not to play it in silence, without muting your whole device. Please can you fix this bug in your next update?

- Very expensive

An entertaining little game but rather than being able to progress by scoring points/winning races, if you want to play on a different part of the country/continent you have to BUY it. This is a terrible rip off. There are no less than 10 ADDITIONAL purchases making it almost the most expensive game in the App Store. I would strongly suggest you don’t get taken in.

- Changed avatar

Enjoyed the game until TtR changed my avatar and colour without asking, and there seems to be no way to change it back. Not a fan of yellow!

- Ticket to Ride Rave Review

What a game of skill, strategy and nerve that requires careful planning and poise to successfully navigate your route.

- Great game but keeps crashing


- App broken

Not been able to play online for 3 days now, uninstalled and re installed , still not working on any device I try it on. UPDATE - Contacted support and they sorted me out, now up and running again after disabling Game Centre temporarily .

- Doesn’t work!

Paid money for this app (twice since its upgrade) and it hardly ever works.. it’s been “authenticating” for a week now even though it was supposedly fixed? Have re-installed the app a few times and there is no way to contact support for help! Rubbish!

- UK advanced STILL unplayable

Still buggy - after a help ticket on their website (click app support) we managed to get back playing online (tip - game centre needs deactivating and you need to then log in with their account) we found that despite update notes about fixes to UK map the technologies are still not working after a few turns making the map unplayable (you need some of the technologies to complete tickets). We first reported this months ago so very frustrating that It has still not been fixed.

- Not working

I love this game -when it works!! Not been able to get on it for over a week now. Have sent emails but no reply’s

- Extensions are expensive and riddled with bugs

Just got UK for £2.99 and at times is unplayable. Game locks so that can’t click on cards that allow you to put 3 cards down / get access to Wales / Scotland etc. If it happens towards the end of the game then it is particularly frustrating. I used to really like this game but am now put off playing.

- Unhappy with update

I have always enjoyed playing this game, particularly the multiplayer. However since the update I cannot get passed the authentication screen and therefore cannot play multiplayer. I have deleted and reinstalled several times but with no joy. Very disappointing as I really enjoy the game.

- Too many bugs

Love the game but just too many bugs. Continuously get thrown out during scoring so you never know if you won. Now have updated the app and find I can not get on line. Just sits there saying authenticating...

- Great game

Lots to do, so many expansions and online play is across platforms! Updated! Since the new update I can’t play online as the game remains stuck on an authentication screen. Disappointing. Also, where’s the Africa expansion?

- Was 5 star now 1

I’ve not played this for a while, it’s one of my favourite games, but upon returning the app is broken. The games do not save anymore. In the past you would get a message saying ‘do you want to resume your previous game’ if you stopped playing for a while, and I’m talking about 30 mins here. Now, when you go back (and this is without ‘closing’ the app) your progress is lost. Unless you can finish every game by the time you need to stop, it’s now utterly pointless. Please fix this.

- Restored Purchases Not Working

I know I’ve bought all of the maps but they’re now asking me to buy again. Disgraceful behaviour!

- Great game shame about the bugs

This a great game to play but the bugs drive you mad and spoil the fun, when it’s good it’s very good , when it’s bad is awful

- Great game w glitches

Addictive faster version than the board game. I can’t get stations to work in Europe (they lay but it won’t acknowledge a route out) so that spoils it slightly as no parallel lines as permissible on two player

- Great game but buggy

Well it’s fantastic to have this game on iOS, but oh it’s frustrating. Rarely have a game where there isn’t some form of time out or sync error that intrudes on the game play. The recent change to animation speed settings has a new bug: the setting isn’t saved. And why is it that there is still no mechanism to filter out the games in the lobby that I don’t have enough points to play? I can filter by game location, so why not this?

- Buggy

Great game but it crashes A LOT!!! I mainly play 1910 Mega and the other problem is that whether or not you win is largely determined by which routes the computer offers you. You get the same selections over and over. If you end up with all of the routes to the right of the screen you will lose but if you get left to right routes you will win.

- 3

Why on earth is this 3 stars?! It’s amazing!

- Why no head to head stats?!

One of the best board games going, even by Days of Wonder’s standards. However, one thing that needs to be implemented is a tracking system: how many wins do I have v my friend? Who has the higher overall score, longest route etc. Such a simple addition but one I know most of not all would gladly see!

- Germany scoring off

We love this game and have bought 3 routes now. Just bought to Germany one and the scoring was wrong on both games we played. Sometimes a route is repeated twice or three times or it adds journeys that you didn't choose then takes points away or you'll find your route was given to your opponent. Such a pity because we really enjoy the game and liked playing on the Germany map. Please fix!!!!!

- Cracking Game. Needs iPhone X Support

The game is great but is yet to be optimised for the iPhone X yet which hinders the experience a bit. Fix that, and it’s definitely 5 star

- Don’t waste your money

There are so many glitches and problems with this game Until it’s sorted by the developers I wouldn’t waste your money

- New Version drains battery

Love TTR - had the app for years but the latest version drains my 7 Plus battery at an incredible rate - is it all the fancy new graphic stuff (which i’m not that keen on tbh). Still a great game but could you fix the battery drain problem. Thx

- Lovely game, bad performance

I have had this game for a while, and i have bought a few expansions. The original game is great and the digital translation was great. Until November or early December, when a ui update was pushed and I started getting the following: - random crashes while playing - random freezes of the ai or ui while playing - increased time after finishing a game, before scoring - increased time at the beginning of the game ( this an above have noticeable freezes) - increased time when trying to continue an unfinished game - before i never had problems with drag and drop. Now the ipad keeps thinking i want to go to the switcher

- Fantastic game

Perfect mix of skill and luck, and really appreciate the left handed option. Hate the latest update with the way the train cards display, but I suppose I’ll get used to it.

- Keeps crashing!!!!!

This is our absolute family favourite but it keeps crashing!!! Please fix it otherwise I want a refund!!

- Outrageous greed

Compelled to write this review after being forced to spend £2.99 to upgrade to what was essentially not an upgrade but the exact same game with a different title. Contacted developer only to be ignored. Will not buy any days of wonder apps in the future. Disgusting way to treat loyal fans.

- Buggy - frequently won’t let you make your last move

Too buggy to enjoy. Half the time it won’t let you make a legal move on your last play. That ruins the strategy you’ve been working on the whole game and makes the whole thing pointless. Seems to happen when you’ve last move is either taking a grey line or using colour + locomotive, in either case game doesn’t let you make the legal more. So annoy to lose when you should have won, but game won’t let you make the play!!!!

- How not to do an update!

Used to play frequently almost every day. However, as has been pointed out in current reviews the app has pretty much been ruined by ‘update’. Shameful.

- Let down

My dad bought the France map for 4.99 and there are so many glitches it is unplayable. Is a refund possible? Days of wonder should not release maps until they are ready, especially at expensive prices!

- IPhone 7Plus - Since update unable to play

Since an update some maps are unplayable as the tickets appear off screen. Please fix ASAP

- Great game, poor execution

Would love to play this game more, but I can no longer pick up train cards on an iPhone X without it interfering with the OS bar. I overlooked the ropey UI design before, but being unplayable is unacceptable for an app I paid almost £10 for. I’m a designer/developer myself, drop me a line if you’d like this shambles sorting out by someone that knows what they’re doing. This butchering of an otherwise great game is a shame.

- Messed It Up

This game used to be great to play. Then it got updated, which has changed the way that cards are held at the bottom, and has made it IMPOSSIBLE to play on more recent models of the iPhone. The cards are now grouped near the bottom of the screen, right behind the little bar that forms the swipe-up function to exit apps. This means you can’t play any cards because trying to touch them just closes the game! Please put it back to how it used to be!

- Updated but not fixed

One moment the problems seemed fixed. The next, they were back again. Not a great time to be playing the TTR app.

- Outstanding

We have the board game version of this game & the digital version is just as good. Perfect local play and love the new variations of the original. Keep it up!!

- Menorah

Great appearance and gameplay, keeps my ten year old (and me) well and truly occupied for too long sometimes. Would be great for the producers to market an Australian map sometime soon!

- Too much luck involved

Waste of money. No strategy or skill involved. Pure luck of the draw. Never played this game before so I'm still learning. Bit of a learning curve though. I see the strategy involved but all gameplay revolves around the luck of the draw. If you get better cards show up or from the deck you win. There's very little skill involved as you're sweating on which cards turn up so it's basically a roll of the dice which depends on whether you lose or win. In that sense it's not a real strategy game as your hands are not equal. Real strategy games give the same chances to both sides and the cleverer one wins but not here. There's no skill involved just the luck of the draw which really makes it pointless playing as you can't determine the outcome with skill just lucky draw. A waste really. Not challenging if you need luck to win. Your effort doesn't count. It all depends on the draw.

- awesome

great game very addictive, but for some reason i can't buy the other maps

- Awesome app great game!!!

Go buy it no question, and get the expansions too.

- Epic update!

Now please allow support for white and black as player colours. Green/Yellow and Blue/Purple are far too similar.

- Almost a great app

I thought this was going to be a lot of fun until I tried playing online. When I play online the app closes after every move :( I expect a bit more from an app that costs this much.

- really fun to play

the game translate very well into iPad and it is even more fun than the real board game. well done folks. So responsive and fantastic.

- Good game for iPad but needs some enhancements

The iPad version of the board game is well done and worth getting if you like the board game. To the developers, some enhancements suggested are: At the finish of a game, the final screen needs to have a pause so that a player can review the final placings of the trains, routes, and stations of all players; A better way needs to mark completed routes that use a station. At present, it looks as through the route is still not complete as the colour of the end points do not change from green; It seems impossible to have the option of having more than one solo player - my son wants his own character; It is not clear as to the relative strength of the computer's players; The banner 'It's Your turn' covers up the routes on the bottom of the screen and so should be a smaller alert

- Great game

We love playing it and it is worth the price. We play between the iPad and iPod touch. Some of the rules are different from the board game but still very enjoyable. Although we can't buy different maps if using the iPod touch.

- Great game

A great game, if slightly more expensive one, but one in which developers have read negative reviews and feedback and fixed the problems early versions have so worth the extra few bucks, and you won't feel as ripped off.

- Don't bother

It was featured so I thought why not. Because it's not fun, that's why! Overpriced and there are in app purchases for other maps. Not worth purchasing. When will iTunes get an app refund system going so only the developer is punished for bad/dull apps?

- Great game for all ages

This is a great implementation of a great board game for the family. My 6 and 8yo both play this happily and competently on the iPad, and we have had a few family games while driving long distances.

- Great potential

My spouse and I love playing this game between our iPad and iPod Touch! There's never a dull moment, because on her turn I can look at the map and be planning what I want to do. Better than the board game, because you have no fear of upsetting the board and the pieces, no fear of miscounting your points. Great idea to allow play between iPad and iPod Touch, as I own one of each so the two of can play local wifi/bluetooth multiplayer. That said, there are a few improvements I'd like to suggest to the developers. 1) We can't add computer players to our local iPad to iPod games. 2) We can't add new maps (that is, can only play on the original USA map).

- Rip off

$7 game with in app purchases for extra maps , um the game is not even worth the the inital purchase. Why would i give you more money

- Great game, missing some options.

This is a fantastic game and is really learnt within 5 minutes.

- Fans will be very pleased!

If you are a fan of this board game you will be very pleased with the way this game plays. I haven't played online, but I think online gamers will be equally happy. Well worth the money here. Only thing here is I'm not to sure about the destination ticket drawing algorithm. Maybe I'm just lucky but I seemed to get a card I could use every time! Same with the trains. Still very entertaining, and great for a quick game or on the go.

- Great Game!!!!

This is one of my favorite board games. And this iOS version is perfect! The only thing I want them to add is the Nordic Countries version!

- Easy to play hard to master...

That phrase is very true with this game it's easy to play but very hard to master. Great online and solo play, I didn't think I would find a board game that would take me away from my risk and my monopoly games but this has done it. It's easy for the younger generation to learn and play so overall a great board game. Just wish others could make games as quality finished as this one. Worth every dollar of the price tag.... Just don't stop - keep bringing out those add on maps for variety.

- Setting the standard for board games on iPad.

This update added Pass and Play, fixing my only gripe with the game when I originally bought it. This is now my favourite board game on the iPad. Portability and chance to have a game on the go is fantastic. This is a must buy if you like board games and want to see them done right on the iPad. This has set the bar on how to do it right. Highly Recommended.

- Great but...

This is a fun and addictive game with great graphics, but it crashes way too often and does not resume the game you were playing when it crashed. Once it crashes once that is it, it will crash every time you launch it within in a few minutes unless you reboot your device. Please fix the crash issue and add pass and play and this would be a superb game.

- Review

The app continues to crash half way through the game please fix this as it is annoying. Besides this when I can play it it is a good game.

- Excellent

I love this game!! I'm very happy it's available on iPad, & glad to be able to purchase expansions/ variant games in app. Is 'Nordic countries',& '1912 Europe', going to become available for purchase at all?

- Fun

Fun to play and very replayable. Shame other maps cost more.

- Excellent

I have the XLA version, but this ipad version trumps thats. Excellent presentation, very solid and fun. Well done

- Rule for iPad board games: pass and play is a must!

Fantastic board game that seems to have a lot of depth. Sadly I won't be playing unless I get a second iPad. The iPad is made for board games as the success of Monopoly, Carcassone and Scrabble proves. Yes, some of the strategy is lost unless you can keep your destination tickets hidden. But this is the same for the tile racks in Monopoly. I don't see it as a deal breaker. You COULD take a page from Monopoly here though and use iPhones as card racks and displaying user specific information. In its current state it is useless as a board game unless you play online or like to verse AI players only, none of which are attractive options for me.

- 1 Map...really??

I initially enjoyed playing this slick board game adaption. After about 6 mins, having beaten the first level twice, i went to play the next map. To my dismay I realised that, you have to pay for the other maps. To me there is a difference in selling in-game content and trying to sell bits of the game that should be standard as in-game content. It is clear that these developers are thinking "how can we make the most money" instead of, perhaps what they should be thinking, "how can we make the most money by delighting our customers and delivering them exceptional value". The difference with the second philosophy is you usually avoid one star reviews.

- Great implementation!

Very addictive if you love the boardgame! The gameplay UI is very elegant and the online play is fantastic, especially since you can use either Game Center or your Days of Wonder account. A few things I can suggest it needs (and hopefully Days of Wonders have this on their roadmap anyway): - Pass and play with appropriate screen orientation like Small World, though given each player has a concealed hand, I can concede it does need a bit of thought to see how it could work smoothly. - Ability to turn off the speech by the characters on the menu screen. Great the first time, but not really required once you've played the game a few times. - Ability to turn off in-game animations for completing tickets. See above point. - Expansions - I'm hoping Europa 1912 is coming soon!

- Amazing! Beautiful! Polished!

I had never even heard of this board game when i purchased it from the app store. I love board games, especially on the iPad. I played it once, and immediately purchased all the expansions. This is really well done! I only wish there was 1) a pass and play function, and 2) some way to customize the amount of train carriages available or some other gameplay variables to extend the play more. Sometimes it seems like I'm going great guns and the game suddenly ends too quickly. Otherwise, truly a beautiful piece of software.

- Good first release

This is a reasonably solid 1.0 release for Ticket To Ride, and the the interface is very nice overall. I am experiencing some crashes, as well as connection dropouts when playing online. The other complaint is the chat design - the Waiter in the lobby takes up FAR too much real estate thus cramping the chat window. In a game you have to keep comments REALLY short or they get cut short. But other than that, happy to have bought it and hopefully uupgrades will fix the minor issues.

- Great game but ...

A great board game and also very well done for the iPad. Only a few things stopped me giving it 5/5: - The menu talking gets annoying after a while, if it could be disabled, that would be great. - The animations get annoying after a while, if they could be disabled that would be good. - Pass and play capability is missing. Otherwise, well done!

- No local multiplayer

Great board game have been playing it for several days mow but i have to say it needs pass and play. Please put this in an update because it would be perfect. When it has local multiplayer it will be 5 stars.

- Great Game

Great board game, and now an even better iPad experience! A couple of ideas to improve what is an excellent game already... 1. Please give us Alvin Vs Dexter! This great little expansion really livens up the game! 2. Pass and play probably doesn't work, as it's hard to hide the cards from the other players, but an implementation similar to EA's Scrabble Tile Rack, using the iPhone to hold the cards could be fabulous!

- Almost a 5!

One of my all-time favourite board games. Well coded and aesthetically beautiful. Of course there's nothing like playing face-to-face with family or friends. However I'm hoping the following can be implemented in the next update which would make it a 5/5 for me: - choosing difficulty of AIs - occasionally the game quits for no reason (fortunately an online game can be resumed) - an option to switch off the menu narrations (it does get annoying after a while) Cheers!

- Excellent conversion

I never actually played the real board game and now I'm not sure I ever will. Very nicely implemented and takes away all the churn of managing bits and scoring, allowing for much faster game play. I don't think pass and play is much of an omission as I'm not convinced that style of gameplay works with concealed hands. Online play works very well. An excellent acquisition.

- Fantastic

I have been waiting for this app to come to ipad and the apple store and well done. It is the best game and the online version here is great and nicely developed. Better thE online version and that was good. I would love to see all the variations become available in time including Scandinavia and Marklin as well as the other expansions. Excellent value for money and a good game either with online players or solo. Very nice indeed, I cannot say enough about this game and recommend it to anyone...simple to play....isn't a game that takes hours to play either and a lovely tutorial for all to understand and learn the game. All the rules and rulebooks are also there. Well done and can't wait for more.

- No pass and play - What a pitty.

I heard that this was an excellent boardgame and decided to buy it for the ipad. There is nothing better than playing a boardgame with friends and family face to face. I have found that the ipad is tailor made for boardgames when traveling with family. Unfortunately this ipad version doesn't allow pass and play or coffee table play. For that reason alone it sadly doesn't rate highly for me. I strongly suggest to the developer to include pass and play on their next update.

- Nice implementation

I have played the board game, the online computer version via the web and now this. Gameplay mostly intuitive, didn't take long to get at all. I love the 'finished a ticket' bit, and hooks into online lobby as well so can play with friends online? From nearly anywhere? Hope some other board expansions follow but so far looking and playing well!

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Ticket to Ride 2.6.10 Screenshots & Images

Ticket to Ride iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Ticket to Ride iphone images
Ticket to Ride iphone images
Ticket to Ride iphone images
Ticket to Ride iphone images
Ticket to Ride iphone images
Ticket to Ride iphone images
Ticket to Ride iphone images
Ticket to Ride iphone images
Ticket to Ride iphone images
Ticket to Ride ipad images
Ticket to Ride ipad images
Ticket to Ride ipad images
Ticket to Ride ipad images
Ticket to Ride ipad images
Ticket to Ride ipad images
Ticket to Ride ipad images
Ticket to Ride ipad images
Ticket to Ride ipad images
Ticket to Ride Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Ticket to Ride Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Ticket to Ride (Version 2.6.10) Install & Download

The applications Ticket to Ride was published in the category Games on 2011-05-18 and was developed by Asmodee Digital [Developer ID: 1135862620]. This application file size is 639.77 MB. Ticket to Ride - Games posted on 2020-01-06 current version is 2.6.10 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

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