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Turn your car into a real police car!

A real [take brand out for legal reasons] siren box that this one is modeled after will run you almost $1000. Now for the price of anything from a popular chain of discount merchandise, you can have a REAL SIREN FOR ONLY $0.99!!


Best app
"This is hands down the best siren app out there!"
"Works, looks, and sounds exactly the same as the federal signal siren that I used in the car."
Just like NYPD
"Spot-on, perfect siren app!"
Best app
"This is the actual siren I use and it is the most realistic app I use today!"
Awesome Siren App!
"100% realistic! As a cop in LA, this is exactly like the actual siren box in our cars! Sounds amazing and works just like the real thing. If you want a mobile siren, THIS IS THE APP TO GET!!"

The Simple Siren LMT is modeled after a real system and behaves the same way! The siren unit design creates a realistic siren experience, perfect for pranking your friends or turning your car into a real emergency vehicle!
~Wail Siren
~Yelp Siren
~Pier Siren
~Manual Siren

~~ Buttons now light up as the real sirens do ~~
~~Realistic look to have fun with police sounding sirens! ~~

~Don't forget to unmute iPhone when using this app!~
~Also note that EQ2B and Rumbler sirens are copy-written and therefore won't be able to be presented through this application~

SimpleSirens LMT App Description & Overview

The applications SimpleSirens LMT was published in the category Entertainment on 2011-05-05 and was developed by Mark Simon. The file size is 19.89 MB. The current version is 3.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Updated for iOS 11!

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Heavy Fire🔥🔥😈

Whelen vs Federal Signal  Heavy Fire🔥🔥😈  4 star

I see the app as a federal signal siren that the NYPD use, I know that both Whelen and Federal have the same ideas which means that the siren needs a dual tone.They also need an option for Touch Master hyper wail/yelp, and also don’t forget the wind down manual that makes a MANUAL sail sound by taping it.Make it possible and then I can give it 5 stars


Awesome siren, really accurate to the SS2000 Siren  ItsMrClean  5 star

I love this siren, it’s the most realistic one out of all the other siren apps. Worth .99 cents. Just a thought, a CHP siren would be cool as well.

David BVM

Closest to real Smart Siren  David BVM  5 star

Very realistic tones, keep pranking my friends with the tones and they always fall for it. I wish there was a version with Unitrol siren tones by now.


Awesome siren box, would be awesome with a rumbler.  NRO88  5 star

When I first saw this app, I was so excited. I was elated that my favorite siren box got made into an app. I have a few request that I’m my opinion, would greatly improve this app. Please add a rumbler unit application, that you can turn on and off. Also, please either change, or add another manual function, that has more of a wind down. I don’t know the exact function name, but the one where the manual completely winds down. Edit : I read in the description that he will not add a rumbler due to copy right, but I wonder if he could change it to a slightly different frequency than the copyrighted one. A rumbler added would be amazing.


No Sound  San286  1 star

Doesn’t work with my iPhone NO sound?

modulator boy

Amazing app sounds just like the siren the local police use  modulator boy  5 star

Next siren you should make is a pa300 series with Hilo or either a code mastercom b


Pretty good  Jsncrso  4 star

Really good, but the hi-lo tone really needs to redone as it’s much more quiet than the other tones. Overall a very good simulation of the Federal Signal Smart Siren


Rumbler  lspd1234  5 star

Please add a rumbler mode for this siren!


Glad to have the app back  8131Delcom  5 star

Thanks for updating Mark


FINALLY updated for iOS-11!  DavidQT69  5 star

UPDATE: App was finally updated for iOS-11 so now I’m giving it 5-stars, works perfect!

Ranch slider

Best siren app I've used  Ranch slider  5 star

I've used many siren apps and this one is the most realistic and has the best sounds. It's the same as the emergency services use in my town


The app  Bimyomin  5 star

This is a awesome app


Pretty good  Jenast  3 star

Well, when you choose standby and change it just cuts whatever is off. It doesn't wind down which makes it not a good siren. I need you to fix this so people don't have to pay for something bad.


Awesome  MARINES235  5 star

This is an awesome app!! You should put in a Fed Q siren!


Awesome !  Firefly_31  5 star

Pleasantly surprised to find an app that actually sounds realistic! My son is going to love this !


Best siren app  FireMichael  5 star

I work with ems fire and law enforcement and this is the closest app I have EVER used and heard and is close to real as in the way it looks as it looks like a whelen smart siren but thank you for this app


Was expecting to be a waste of money  STACKED RANGER  5 star

I was expecting it to be a waste of money but it was worth it.


Great App, but HI/LO needs fixing  Riddler716  4 star

I love this app but the HI/LO sounds too high pitched and the recording cuts out too early. Please fix it.

Rescue truck lover

Sound is awsome  Rescue truck lover  5 star

The sound and siren quality is amazing it sounds just like police a real siren,


Best Siren App  PrecisionGroup  5 star

I downloaded several of the free siren apps and this one is worth the money over those free ones. It was just what I was looking for Thanks!!


Great!!!  Dddajej  4 star

Add the rumbler button!!










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