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Discover KaraFun, the ultimate karaoke experience in your pocket! KaraFun gives you instant access to thousands of karaoke songs instantly on all of your devices.

-- Highlights --

• 26,000+ karaoke songs available
• Control each vocal track individually
• Offline Mode
• Weekly updates
• Add any track to your favorites
• Works with AirPlay (iOS) / Chromecast (Android)

-- Free Version --

A free KaraFun account is necessary to access the app and gives you access to 30 second previews of each track! Get a subscription on our website or through the app to enjoy unlimited access.

-- Catalog --

Are you all about the latest songs or more so the karaoke classics? We love both! KaraFun features a large collection of karaoke songs, from decade hits to the latest chart toppers. Feel free to dig around in our library. We're sure that you'll find the perfect song for any occasion.

-- Favorites --

Ok, so you’ve discovered a whole bunch of great songs, but you need a way to find them easily later. Simply add them to the favorites: keep all the songs you love in one convenient location, and save them offline.

-- Lead Vocals / Pitch --

Need a professional singer to back you up at first? Turn on the lead vocals and sing along with the singer’s voice. Feeling more confident about the song? Turn it back off, and the spotlight is on you! You can also adjust the pitch to sing in a lower or higher key.

-- Offline mode --

Hosting a karaoke party in the country house? KaraFun's got your back even when you're off the grid. Sync the songs that you like (or need) offline and keep the party going!

-- Works with AirPlay (iOS) / Chromecast (Android) / External Screen --

Connect your device to any AirPlay or Chromecast compatible device, or directly to any video-projector or TV, and enjoy the smallest yet most powerful karaoke machine ever.

KaraFun - Karaoke Party & Singing App Description & Overview

The applications KaraFun - Karaoke Party & Singing was published in the category Music on 2011-08-08 and was developed by Recisio. The file size is 71.53 MB. The current version is 4.2.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

What do you get when some rare bugs and the KaraFun dev team cross paths on their way to a Friday night karaoke?

Version 4.2.1

Here’s the rundown:
Fixed: Background music that didn’t play when it was supposed to.
Fixed: Offline syncing of the Top Songs actually synced what it wanted. We set it straight.
Fixed: Mono/Stereo surround sound only playing the left audio. Time to hook up the surround sound!

Rollback: Start in Pause mode ALWAYS starts a song in pause. No exceptions!

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KaraFun - Karaoke Party & Singing Reviews


Awesome  JeremyP3362  5 star

The best karaoke app out!


Save your money!!!  dcbcec  1 star

This app really deserves a 0!! The first month I had this it was wonderful; then, I paid for the second month and all the songs start somewhere in the middle and only play for about 30 seconds or so. Sent message to their support team team and have not heard a thing. Not even an auto reply that they had received my email. I'm contacting my bank to get the charges reversed.

Kara Not Fun

Horrible! They steal your money!  Kara Not Fun  1 star

Their billing service is like cancer. I canceled them last year and I just noticed their charge re appeared on my credit card again several months ago again and I didn't even notice till now. Now I'm disputing the charge for all those months.


Best Karaoke App I have found!  dugmeister  5 star

I've tried about 5 different karaoke apps and this one wins for several reasons. 1. The song selection with subscription. 2. The way the songs SOUND. Many from mainstream fairly obscure rock artists sound exactly like the record. 3. The pitch/key controls. 4. Most songs allow control of primary vocals and background vocals.


Great fun  RSC3516  5 star

Love this app. Perfect for a lot of singing and lots of fun.


Success!  GoRizoGo  5 star

First ever karaoke party was a success. Could not have done it without KaraFun.


not working  Monemysh  2 star

It has continued to say error every single time I try and sign up.

Trina Kay

Great.  Trina Kay  5 star

Needs more new songs. I've emailed a few I'm hoping you'll add. Not sure how often you add new songs

Suzy Nash

Best karaoke App  Suzy Nash  5 star

Best app!


Strongest kara or features, good catalog  Kkweng  5 star

Tried a number of apps like Pokara, Yokee, smule sing, red karaoke, but found of that Karafun was the most mature. Has control of the lead vocal volume pitch shift and temple shift, and decent catalog. But still many songs not found in majority so second best was Yokee which also searches YouTube. Using all with airplay to TV was possible, some have better "turn sideways" support and simplified TV screen vs control screen. For parties with multiple people, none seem to work great for airplay to TV if you want to use the mic in the phone to record -- too much feedback from the TV speakers. Only works for single person using headphones.

Sky's #1 fan

It's a decent app  Sky's #1 fan  3 star

It's ok but it's not letting me play the whole song, if there's a way to do that I would appreciate if someone could tell me

Veronica colindres

An Amazing App  Veronica colindres  5 star

This app is really great for me because when my friends and family are together, we love to do karaoke, and now that I have gotten this app it will be a lot faster and easier.


Cannot Record  Popchips2015  3 star

I downloaded the app, looks good but the app doesn't give you the ability to record. Deleting app.

Karaoke Maxx

Just for Fun  Karaoke Maxx  5 star

I love this app.... I've been using this for a few years and it just keeps getting better. Whether you download the app to apple product. Or load the player to your PC. This karaoke website is outstanding and keeps getting better. Have fun with it....


Record  Tsjames43  3 star

I wish you could record on this app. Because other than that its a pretty good app.


New version  Msbankruptcy  5 star

Thank you Karafun for the new version- works great!!!


I don't like it it expects so much  Candycandy500  1 star

This is so stupid never ever get this app


Great Song choices but renewing is a pain  lcbraves  4 star

Lots of song choices but I get so frustrated every month trying to remember how to renew my subscription. Just add a button to renew please!


Great app!  Vizslamom2  5 star

I've used a lot of karaoke software, and this is easily the best. It is very easy to use, and it has features I haven't found in a free or low cost app. They have done a great job separating out the audio channels and giving you the option of hearing or not hearing the lead vocals and/or the backup vocals including being able to set the lead vocals just high enough to allow someone to follow the song even when they don't really know the song. The other features I love are the ability to change the pitch and speed. They have a tremendous library and the ability to get a 2 day pass at a reasonable rate is great. My only criticism is that I can't seem to figure out how to get the pass from inside the app, and for now I'm going through the browser.


If you live karaoke, this app will blow your mind!  Drag0nFL  5 star

I couldn't believe the collection of music they have, and the quality of the music as well. Use your Apple TV or a Bluetooth speaker, and you've got a pro karaoke setup!

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