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Discover KaraFun, the ultimate karaoke experience in your pocket! KaraFun gives you instant access to thousands of karaoke songs instantly on all of your devices.

-- Highlights --

• 28,000+ karaoke songs available
• Control each vocal track individually
• Offline Mode
• Weekly updates
• Add any track to your favorites
• Works with AirPlay

-- Free Version --

A free KaraFun account is necessary to access the app and gives you access to 30 second previews of each track! Get a subscription on our website or through the app to enjoy unlimited access.

-- Catalog --

Are you all about the latest songs or more so the karaoke classics? We love both! KaraFun features a large collection of karaoke songs, from decade hits to the latest chart toppers. Feel free to dig around in our library. We're sure that you'll find the perfect song for any occasion.

-- Favorites --

Ok, so you’ve discovered a whole bunch of great songs, but you need a way to find them easily later. Simply add them to the favorites: keep all the songs you love in one convenient location, and save them offline.

-- Lead Vocals / Pitch --

Need a professional singer to back you up at first? Turn on the lead vocals and sing along with the singer’s voice. Feeling more confident about the song? Turn it back off, and the spotlight is on you! You can also adjust the pitch to sing in a lower or higher key.

-- Offline mode --

Hosting a karaoke party in the country house? KaraFun's got your back even when you're off the grid. Sync the songs that you like (or need) offline and keep the party going!

-- Works with AirPlay / External Screen --

Connect your device to any AirPlay compatible device, or directly to any video-projector or TV, and enjoy the smallest yet most powerful karaoke machine ever.

KaraFun - Karaoke & Singing App Description & Overview

The applications KaraFun - Karaoke & Singing was published in the category Music on 2011-08-08 and was developed by Recisio. The file size is 78.04 MB. The current version is 4.4.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Our iOS team's checklist for version 4.4.0 (note the nifty new features for pro users!)

=== NEW ===

• iOS11 and iPhone X compatible - check!
• Vocals, volume, key and tempo displayed without needing to tap the Player screen - check!


• Remote permissions reset with each new session - check!
• Volumes, key and tempo no longer reset with each new session - check!
• Each session display only the number of songs in queue that correspond to the remaining time in a session - check!
• Singer Management: Display the next 5 singers scrolling across the top of the Player screen along with custom message possibility - check!

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KaraFun - Karaoke & Singing Reviews


Liked it better before  Myshmupy  3 star

In the last few months the songs stagger quite a bit making it difficult to sing along with. I have tried it on several different devices as well as different Wi-Fi connections. Would also like to see more of the old standard songs that older people like to song along with. I use it in a retirement community and they like to sing music of the 20’s and old patriotic songs.


Best 9 bucks a month  jeffcrigler  5 star

Best nine bucks I spend each month ... hours of fun for both me and my friends ... karaoke party once a month .. my friends have even bought the program

DJ Guille Dominguez

Yes! I like it!  DJ Guille Dominguez  5 star

Lots of fun, easy to use, the family and friends love it. Quality of sound is excellent. I will recommend this app to my friends.


Best Karaoke Software  DaMastaPongsta  5 star

I tried my sister’s karaoke machine back in the 90’s and hated it! The song was Horse With No Name by America, a song I could play and sing with my guitar! Well this karaoke version of the song was all “cheesy” sounding and it was only one key, so I sounded horrible! I never karaoke’d from that day on....until recently at my other sisters karaoke party and I noticed the KJ was using the Karafun Software and he was changing the key for the different singers! I also noticed the music was as close to sounding just like the original songs! So I says to myself, I’ll rent it for a month and give it another try and “VOILA”! Changing the key to fit my voice made all the difference! Now I am being a “real” Filipino and enjoy “Singing Like The Stars!” LOL


Frank and John.  frankiie1  5 star

Enjoyment and the professional quality of Karafun music.my partner in music and I use Karafun to preform at senior centers and it has been rewarding for us to see the happiness on the faces of the people there. I’m 67 my partner is 81 , I do Johnny Cash he does Frank Sinatra. So keep up the good work Karafun. Even our wives go with us.

Bobby aaa www

Great app more oldies  Bobby aaa www  4 star

Great app more oldies selection needed

Lucky reb

Great job!  Lucky reb  5 star

We are sooo pleased with Karafun! The music sounds great and the onscreen controls work perfectly. Very easy to sing with! Lots of song categories to choose from, and everything is simple to navigate. And customer support is second to none. Special thanks to everyone at Karafun for giving all of us singers such a great product. We love you!


Great fun  RSC3516  5 star

Love this app. Perfect for a lot of singing and lots of fun. Best most professional karaoke site on the planet


I’m HOOKED!  Blessedvia3  5 star

My favorite hobby alone or with others! They could add a few more 70’s songs, i.e. Together Baby, Quiet Storm, more Sade, Miki Howard, etc. Stay updated Karafun, but get those oldie but goodies. Thank you🎤🎶

Tom B168

Used to work great  Tom B168  1 star

Used this app for a few years and worked great! But now a bloated piece of crap. Over engineered and slow loading, stutters in play back making it un-useable in a party setting. Also stutters if you navigate around program while a song is playing. Such a shame, was such a fun app but now un-useable. I think it sound worse now too, like less resolution of the song files. The developers killed this program.

Bukowski's Lament

The best karaoke system I've used!  Bukowski's Lament  5 star

We have regular parties at home for karaoke. The app is reliable and everyone finds songs they want! It runs so well online and offline. I am very impressed with the transposition feature of 6 semitones up and down. As a professional musician myself I am so impressed by the quality of the backing tracks. Overall brilliant!!


Can't sign up  Pete08091989  1 star

Can't sign up to use the app, only allows previous users log in details. Pretty poor.


App crash  Itatchi_turtleNC  2 star

I can't open the app. The app is crashing I can't laugh it.


Love it!!  Principessa75  5 star

Why would you want a karaoke machine? You have one right here. We have an amp, we connect the iPhone, iPad or laptop to it along with a microphone and voila we have karaoke at home. Awesome for a dinner party after a little wine it makes for a fun night!! Great song list too!


Amazing App! Karaoke Fun!  TheSootman  5 star

I use this on a regular basis for a karaoke bussiness for the songs we don't have on disc. Our crowd have multiplied within 2 weeks of using it. We are especially impressed with the sound quality and lyric accuracy which other bigger named suppliers still fall short on. Keep up the great work guys. NEED MORE AUSTRALIAN MUSIC!


How do you login??  Sasoid  1 star

How do you log in??

Mad Wires

Crashing on ios6  Mad Wires  1 star

Keeper crashing on iPad iOS 6


New iOS crashes iPad 2  Drgpb  3 star

love Karafun, but the new update won't open on my IPad 2. This is really annoying. Fortunately I didn't update it on a more beat up iPad 2 that I have, so I can still use it but if be furious if I didn't haven hat. I know apple wants to push people to buy a newer iPad but it's bs for app companies to make updates that don't work of it. And yes, I have the latest iOS Please fix this, 2 updates since and it still won't open


Unable to set up a username  Njgirl99  1 star

I tried to set up a username but received an error message. Fix this.


Good structure and overall design but...  wdmalone  2 star

When I attempted to update the app, it only upgraded about 65% and won't complete the update. I also cannot delete it.


Good, Could Be Great!  Notyou  4 star

Decent song selection, lyrics and backing tracks are pretty solid. Room for improvements: Once you bring up Adjustments (Lead Vocals, Key, Tempo), the Pause/Play and Next buttons disappear. Also, there is no Back/Restart button, which would be nice if you change the Key/Tempo just a few bars in, or you miss the cue. This app *begs* for Chromecast/Airplay/HDMI cable (second screen, not just mirroring) support. That way you could cast the lyrics to a TV then hand the iPad to somebody else to choose more songs. Those three fixes would make this a killer app. Also, why don’t you sell the month-long pass in-app? It’s weird and annoying to have to go to an external site. Oh yeah, one more suggestion: have the option to allow for queuing of songs via a mobile website. Registered users could show a unique reg code in the corner of the screen, with a short URL. Friends/family could go to that URL on their phones, enter the code, and be able to search and queue up songs into the registered user’s device. Again, this would make it much easier to use at parties.


Still a few bugs  Athlonn  4 star

Still a few bugs. Need to increase screen timeout in iPhone settings as the app does not keep the screen lock from happening and the song will cut off. Still very high quality music.


Problems  Inhisimage1  1 star

The app is nothing but problems. I have to keep logging in and out before I can get the app to play.

RW in Austin

Great app  RW in Austin  5 star

Since the latest update it does not recognize my off-line songs and it does not recognize my membership. It is totally unusable. If I can't get a response for help I will have to stop using this program


Great app  Plang288  5 star

Does everything I want in a karaoke app! Extremely user friendly. Great job!


molly b  mollybfinney  2 star

Since the 3.2 update - it is not recognizing my subscription all the time either - having to sign back in each time and the songs are dropping and cutting out in the middle of a song. Also happens when sync off line so I know it is not my internet. Verry disappointed at this point.


Version  Macgirl904  4 star

After updating new version I am now be told to subscribe anyone else have this problem

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