QR Reader for iPhone (Premium)

QR Reader for iPhone (Premium) [Shopping] App Description & Overview

The most simple & easy QR Reader.

Now scans QR codes, barcodes, puzzles, business cards and documents.

- Scans QR codes and barcodes
- PDF Scanner - turns your iPhone into a portable scanner
- Scan to Share - scan and share photos, files & money
- Auto-detect scanning. Simply point and hold!
- Share using email, MMS, Facebook or Twitter
- Create your own QR codes
- Approve websites before visiting them.
- Export your scans by CSV
- Integrated web browser
- Integrated map view

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QR Reader for iPhone (Premium) Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Bug fixes and improvements

QR Reader for iPhone (Premium) Comments & Reviews

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- Still new to me-but like it

This is such a cool app. Instant Internet link access by scanning with your compatible device-easy to use, and I find the technology more and more in use. Yesterday I scanned a real estate sign which gave all the info I wanted on a house for sale in my neighborhood while on a walk!

- Accessibility issues – labeling

This is a very useful app however, there are some issues with accessibility and voiceover. When taking a finger and moving down to the tab area the five tabs are not properly labeled all they say is tab 1 of 5, tab 2 of 5, tab 3 of five, tab for of five and tab five of five. You have to spend an excessive amount of time searching through the screen to find where you want to be an activate the feature. This app would get five stars if the buttons were properly labeled

- Needs Update - free one is better

The free version of this same app has been updated four months ago to include propper formatting for iPhone 10 and newer, which this app really needs. In addition, the free version has a NFC scanner, which this app does not. All I ask is that this app receives an update which fixes the formatting issues (these issues are overwhelming, and renders the app useless) and that the app has at least matching features to its free build.

- Perfect

Works perfectly, no bugs. This app is extremely helpful, get it.

- Good app, but why the ads???

I can’t get beyond the ads, and I just paid 2.99 hoping that they’d disappear... no such luck! What gives???

- Worst we generator

When ever creating barcodes with transparency option it keeping closing app , I bought the premium for transparency option but unfortunately I lost fees which I be paid for such application

- Paid money for this and doesn’t work

Seems like a scam, don’t waste your money

- Bummed in Cali.

Uploaded the .99 version with no warning given that an upgrade to the iPhone 3G was needed to work on my my phone. I then tried to upload the free version and guess what? I get a popup that states I'll need to upgrade the phone to 4.1 for it to work. I've avoided doing the upgrade to the phone because it's a 3g and I've read that it's not compatible and may slow my phone down or even crash it. I may be wrong in not doing so. Bottomline, had I been warned ahead of time on the PAY APP. I would not have given the designers my .99 cents. Not a good business practice TapMedia. No stars from this critic.

- Works exactly as a QR scanner should

The ability to create various QR codes yourself to display on your phone and have other scan to instantly receive different types of information is also a very nice feature.

- Nice app but sometimes a little too fast.

It reads the 2-dimensional QR codes even when they are not in focus. Many employers are using QR and other barcodes in print ads to link to their website. The only drawback I know is that it reads ONLY the QR codes. Other readers I've found read different codes.

- Nag screen problem Retraction

The problem I was experiencing was not the QR Reader for iPhone Premium App. Sometimes I can be so dense. Anyway, the App is good and works fine, and I hope the folks at TapMedia can forgive my previous review, and keep up their good work.

- Works Great

I was a little hesitant to buy this because I saw some bad reviews but went ahead and risked my 99 cents. I've had zero issues. The app works perfectly, it scans quickly and easily. I am using an iPhone 4 with iOS 5 beta 6.

- Wow!!

This is a user friendly app. It produces great results, it is easy to use, and has great features to help the user find correct information about a particular product. You will be impressed so try it today.

- Works perfectly

What idiot can't work this program? Those cases sounds like operator issues, not a software issue. This program works great. It takes you right to the intended site!!

- Works for me

Just installed on my iPhone 4 and it worked great. Tried several codes jump right to the website each time

- Never fails!

This ap has been fast and accurate every time I've used it. It surpasses the other QRS aps I've had. I'd recommend it to any person wanting prompt and up-to-date comparative info.

- A1 Product!

Would have given it 5 stars except I couldn't find an easy way to export the Q-code it generated of my q-card, so I could print it on a business card. Other than that, it's great!!

- Love how this has evolved

This simple app has grown to be more powerful yet simple to use. Love creating my own codes as well as read them. It even reads printed urls. Just amazing.

- Works even better than expected

I don't know WHAT sort of false testimony these guys yanked out of their rear, because this thing works perfectly! So worth the ninety nine cents!

- QRReader

Extremely easy and useful way to go to a web page when the author includes it!

- QR Reader App

Way better than the QR reader on ShopSavvy (which is a great reader for bar codes). Worth having both apps if you're into scanning codes.

- Better than free version

I agree, this version better than the free. The free wouldn't work for me. I paid .99 for this and it worked first time!

- Doesn't pick up everything..:

Wish it was more reliable to pick up everything, rather than scan and scan...

- Very neat app

Works well. Reads QRs well and takes you to the website in Safari. I like the creator function and have made QRs for my websites too.

- Retired

I think it's pretty cool. It makes ordering from the Cheaper Than Dirt Catalog real easy. I don't know how to create them for other uses yet.

- Brilliant!

This app is just what I was searching for! I needed a QR Reader that had a built-in browser, and voila! Here is the app I've been looking for! I will be using this thin A LOT, and it is much better than RedLaser (because of the browser feature, and instant loading) Thanks, it works perfect. Don't remove any features in the future!

- so far so good

I just got the app today, been playing around with it. it's really good. though I wish the creator had wifi key support.

- Works exactly as promised and is very intuitive

This is the first QR scanner I have tried and it does exactly as advertised

- Does what it's supposed to

The software works exceptionally well. Definitely worth one dollar.

- Works great. Easy interface. Price is right.

Not much experience here, but this was easy.

- Great app!

Works fast. I love the ability to shop best prices locally and I use the QR creator to share with friends. A well planned out application.

- Well done

Great app, very easy to use. Will have you buying items just so you can scan them!

- What are people talking about?

Works great every time, reliable and faster than the free version. Well worth $1.

- Great QR utility!

It does need VCard support to get more stars though. I have to keep a free scanner app for the times I get VCard as txt on this app. I would love for this to be my one stop QR app. Adding vanity features to the creator side would be nice too! ;) Super-imposed letters and what not.

- Easy to use

Simple and straight forward.

- Great app

Works beautifully on ads. Looking forward to other uses.

- Great little Scanner

Think this app works great. No problems, you can save if you like & is very fast!

- Excellent

Excellent program that I used on the go in Toronto to scan posters and billboards to obtain useful information.

- Work

Seems to work just fine!

- Works perfectly

I didn't encounter any of the described problems. The app works as described.

- Works well, you can even create a QR

Simple to use, and it works well. Well worth the dollar

- Retired

I think that is the coolest thing to have on my phone and it is so convenient

- Good app

This is a great app but if you use the free version it doesn't work

- Best scanner app

The only scanner app I've used that never fails!

- The best QR available.

I have tried many. This one is by far the best.

- Great app!

Don't know why others are so dissatisfied... This app works first, every time!

- Awesome

This App is great, but it can be really better if u make it Universal! A Plus App that fits to the screen of the iPad2! :D

- Gdb........

Great little app. Works well with product info web sites.

- Only OK

I use a new IPhone and I've had frequent issues reading small QR codes and colored codes. I'm looking for an app that works better.

- Love It!

Having so much fun with this app! Looking everywhere scans to use it!

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- QR trade

I love it

- iPhone compatiblity

Great tool however wouldn't scan from another iPhone picture. :(

- Great Scott!

Great app. Does everything it advertises that it will do without the pesky banner adverts.

- QR reader

Works every time. Great app.

Payoneer 💰

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- Great app to use

Very easy to use. Great app to have.

- Never missed.

It has read everything I ever asked it to. Best reader I've used.

- Not working with IOS 8

I upgraded to IOS 8 and ever since QR Reader (Premium) won't startup or work. But yet the free version works great. Anyone else having problems getting the premium version to work with IOS 8?

- Solid

A good app, and easy to customize.

- Great features, needs more work

- Documentation: some sort of tutorial or help file would be useful. There are many features that look to be really good, but it can be difficult to know how / what they actually do. - It is possible to hang the app up, requiring a shutdown of the iPhone if you want to get this app going again - e.g. in Favorites, list mode, start a search, then switch back to icon mode; you're done - no way to switch back.

- Great


- It does what it is supposed to do

I do not know what's wrong with the detractors of this app but for me on an iPhone 4S, QR Reader does exactly what TapMedia Ltd claims the app is supposed to do. It scans wonderfully well. I just wish that TapMedia Ltd had an available SDK because I can think of many apps at work where QR Reader could be of great use.

- Does not read all codes

I tried to scan 2 different codes in magazine ads and it did not read them! Seems they are too small for scanner to focus. Very Frustrating, suppose to be the best in the market, don't think so.

- KpOntario

love it...fast connection and easy to use...thanks!!

- QR reader for the iPhone

Very good app

- Fast but others do the same for free !

I got this too quickly before looking around. Other free apps do the same. Though this one is the fastest one...

- Money?

I have gotten this by mistake and I should be able to get my money back. I want my money back

- QR code reader

Not much good when only a half page shows up!!

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- Yes

I didn't have much use at first but now I'm using it every time I can.

- Gf

Works great still haven't checked all possibilities yet but so far I love it.

- Excellent App! Works!

Enough said. Works as advertised. It's nice to be positively surprised. Thank you.

- Love this App!!!

This App. works great and very fast response. Highly recommend.

- Nice program

It reads, it creates qr codes, it works well. What more can I say?

- Good App

Does exactly what it says it does. Works great for me. If this thing read bar codes too, it'd be perfect.

- Glad I got it!

Works fine and is very helpful.

- Works well

Easy to use

- Amazing

Works perfectly creates real qr codes for whatever awesome

- Pleased

4 stars instead of 5 because of lack of docs. Works great and it's FAST. Using iPhone4 5.0.1

- Great app

Easy to install and easy to use.

- No worky

This app just focuses over and over and doesn't work!! It doesn't do anything. I've tried it on several tags and it just refocuses then just scans never doing more than that! Waist of money!

- Works as advertised.

No difficulties; surprisingly fast.

- Works!

Works fine on my 4S even at odd angles.

- As promised

Reads everything so far. Delighted w it.

- Works great!

Love the big scan area.

- Great handy tool

Works well fair price

- does not work with 3g

This app doesn't work with my iphone 3g. It even says it "may not" work with the 3g, but not until after you buy it. I want my money back!

- Qr reader for iPhone

This app doesn't work for my 3G iPhone, a dollar waisted. When I try to report a problem the link conveniently can't connect to the iTunes store. Apple give me my money back!

- Stuck in update mode

Worked great for a week. Said it needed updating – and has been stuck in that mode since then and not working.

- Good Deal

Really nothing to complain about...I like!!!

- Reliable

Very reliable.

- ...

Great program! I use it all the time for QR symbols appearing on HDTV programs/commercials.

- Dope!

Never realized how cool QR codes are until I learned how to make them w/this app.

- It does not work

This app did not work on my iPhone 3g - nor did the free QR Reader app. I suggest searching for other QR Reader apps and read the reviews (which I ignored in my haste). I picked another QR reader app that had good reviews and was free - and works!

- A dollar wasted

The app is very difficult to use; focus, lighting, etc all hard to achieve. Finally got it to work, but not worth the effort. How do I get my money back?

- It does what's advertised to be

This app works for me.

- Does not work for me

I have tried dozens of codes. None of them has worked for me . Unfortunately there are no instructions to help me I have to rate it no good.

- Awesome

Love it. No more looking for someone to help you.

- Works like a charm!

No problems!

- Q R reader

It's a good app. Helps me decide about whatever I am looking up or interested in.

- Works like a three-legged donkey

Hasn't been as much help as I had hoped it would. I was looking for a good application to manage a small business.

- Great product!


- Ummmm

It works, plain and simple.

- Works great

Works very well!

- Love this app!

It works very well!

- App doesnt work

I can't get this app to read anything, I have a brand new iPhone with an 8 mega pixel camera and it was a waste of .99 cents

- Excellent

Excellent app, would have got 5 stars if you could name stored QRs yourself.

- Does not work on iPhone 3g

Bought app :-( Tap app, screen goes black and goes back to home screen. I would love to be reimbursed.

- Works amazing!!!

Excellent reader!

- Installer

Works great so far.

- Love it

Awesome app, I love getting specials at the stores.

- Does not work!

Open the app, screen blacks out and then goes back to the main app list. Waste!

- Mr

Love the app without ads. Thanks

- Stopped

Stopped working after first scan.

- Qr

Didn't work with the new iPhone. Bought the free and the .99 version. And both were ineffective.

- Great

Fast & easy to use.

- It does nothing.

Tap the icon, the screen blacks out for a few seconds, the icons come back. Nada. Waste of .99

- Does Not Work

What a joke. You would think ITunes would "Vet" the developers. Do not buy. No customer support.

- P S

Easy to use, handy. Good to have.

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QR Reader for iPhone (Premium) iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

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QR Reader for iPhone (Premium) iphone images
QR Reader for iPhone (Premium) iphone images
QR Reader for iPhone (Premium) iphone images
QR Reader for iPhone (Premium) iphone images

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The applications QR Reader for iPhone (Premium) was published in the category Shopping on 2011-04-08 and was developed by TapMedia Ltd [Developer ID: 359632753]. This application file size is 49.86 MB. QR Reader for iPhone (Premium) - Shopping app posted on 2018-02-22 current version is 6.2 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.TapMediaLtd.QRReaderPremium

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