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Tap, swipe, and zoom your way into the world of beauty with Allure magazine, now available on your iPad. See all the newest hair trends, skin-care advances, and makeup blobs you love from our print issue—looking brighter and juicier than ever.

Allure on the iPad gives you beauty at your fingertips.

For questions about the Allure app, please call 1-888-312-5587.

SUBSCRIBERS’ AUTOMATIC-RENEWAL FEATURE: Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes account with automatically be charged at the same price for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period (another year for annual subscribers, another month for monthly subscribers), unless you change your subscription preferences in your account settings. You can manage your subscriptions through your Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Please go to for more information.

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Allure Magazine Comments & Reviews

- Best beauty magazine in the market

Best choice you can have. Way better then Vogue or Harpers Bazaar.

- Hard to read

I used to be able to zoom in on small text but can no longer do that. A lot of the content is hard to read now.

- Bets cover so far:

Seriously the cover of twice Jihyo is my favourite. I can’t exactly describe how I feel about it but the make up and the style is so uniq and beautiful. PERFECT

- Thank you for correcting so many issues!

I'm happy to say allue corrected all the issues I had with it. The retina display is very nice and corrected blurry unreadable text. They fixed the download so that you no longer have to keep tapping the screen to keep it in wake mode while downloading. For me that was a huge issue. The app works much better looks like a professional job I'm extremely happy with the new changes! Thank you for listening to your customers allure! 😘

- Shame on Conde Nast!

Conde Nast should be embarrased with itself! As a major worldwide publisher, it should offer top-of-the-line digital companion apps to its print magazines. I have been a longtime subscriber of a number of their magazines, and yet, I can't even access ANY of them on my iPhone 7 Plus (or any iPhone I've owned prior)?! As a paying customer who is entitled to receive a digital subsciption, it's really awful that I can't access it just because I don't currently own an iPad (I haven't been able to replace my broken one for a long time). And for those who do have an iPad, they may not want to carry it everywhere just to access their magazines. I also agree with others who have said the apps have many bugs and problems. In fact, the apps haven't changed all that much since I owned an iPad 1 -- do you hear that?! A FIRST EDITION iPAD!! You guys probably need to start from scratch and develop entirely new apps for each of your magazines, or perhaps even develop a single app where we can access all of our Conde Nast subscriptions. I'd especially love to read all of my magazines on the go, but Wired and Allure need to be taken care of first. Please don't disappoint your longtime customers. There are ton of magazine choices these days -- and as much as I love my Conde Nast magazines, I'd hate to have to find similar replacements elsewhere just because you guys don't care about paying customers who should be getting digital access and can't.

- All Conde Nast Mag Apps Need A Tech Overhaul!

I have never written a negative app review but I have just had it. I am unable to access purchased issues of any of my subscriptions to Conde Nast publications ("All Access" subscriptions). I have loaded and re-loaded the apps, re-booted, changed passwords, even done a hard reset and nothing works on my new iPad mini. Some get as far as me being able to log in, but then my issues do not load (and with automatic downloads turned on). With most however I get "Authentication Failed." One of the reasons I got a mini was to read magazines and consume media in general. I have no issues with other magazine apps, just Conde Nast: Allure, Vanity Fair, Lucky, Wired, Bon Appetite, Vogue. What a waste of my time. I am going to have to spend more time resetting and hope that helps. Not the way I wanted to spend my Sunday. This is a major publishing organization (and I am in the media business) and I would expect better, but the interface is a joke.

- Do NOT buy unless you have extreme patience

Sadly, as much as I love Conde Nast publications, they are painfully behind the curve in offering their magazines digitally even now 18 months post iPad introduction. To download each of the issues (335MB each!!), it takes forever (45 min+) and you cannot, CANNOT move from the download page or it will stop and you have to start all over again from 0. You cannot look at the magazine prior to it completing it's lengthy download without stopping the actual download itself. And you definitely cannot go to another program on you iPad even with the latest iOS like you can with all other programs or again it stops your download and you have to start again. If you want magazine, get Zinio. It is fantastic, works beautifully, you can read the issues as they are downloading (without stopping the download), read other magazines (they have thousands of titles) and start a download then go off to another iPad app without stopping the download. I wish Conde Nast would get their act together. They are missing the digital age and their customers and have had plenty of time by now to figure it out. I bought two magazines year long subscriptions from Conde Nast but have already cancelled them. No one actually living I. The digital age has time for apps that work as poorly as this.

- It could be great, but isn't.

Most of the time when I read that something crashes in an app review, it actually never crashes for me. In the case of this Allure app, it really does crash. That's very unfortunate because it means you might have to re-download the issue you were looking at. I say might because the way the downloading works on this app is hard to predict. Sometimes you come back to it and the issue is still there, sometimes it's not. I love Allure, and I subscribe to the print version, so that, and that alone, is the only reason I say this could be great. So far this just proves to me that a good old fashioned print magazine is the way to go, no worries about crashes or downloads there. I do appreciate what they are trying to do here, but they need to get the kinks worked out!

- Update….

It is now Sept….I no longer have a working app on my iPad mini. I have tried everything the CS people recommended 8-10 times. Because I followed their instructions to "delete and reinstall" I have NO issues on Allure available to me. Their "My Account" page is "frozen". I can log into the account, but once in, I can't do anything to access the magazine. No one from tech support has contacted me, and I don't expect that they ever will. I finally loaded a subscription through Barnes & Noble "nook"….at least I can read the mag when I am overseas 11months out of the year. But it is silly to pay a subscription 2x! NOT HAPPY with how this all turned out. I wish their techy-workers would figure out the problem we are all having and fix the bugs!

- Awesome

This is awesome! With the app, you can have the magazine with you wherever you go. And I always loved their great photography and layouts, and on my iPad, the photos look even better than on paper. Most of the negative reviewers just complain it isn't for free...but why should it be? This is the better and more modern version of a magazine. And it is better for the environment. And that's very important. Kudos to Allure. I love your app!

- Crashes every time

Too bad. The app looked pretty good the first time I tried it a month or two ago. Only had time to look at a few pages. Since then every time I've tried to open it it crashes within a few seconds (never makes it past the first ad). I also found the downloading speed to be very slow though my Internet connection is normally fast. Haven't had this problem downloading anything else. I've been a print subscriber to Allure for years, but this is so irritating that I think I will cancel my print subscription in addition to deleting the app. I have less time for this stuff these days and there are better magazines -- and better apps -- out there.

- Could be great BUT...

Beautiful way to read one of my favorite magazines, BUT as many others are saying, the July issue won't allow scroll down on some articles. Very frustrating!! I emailed customer support and received a reply instructing me to kill the app, reopen it, and refresh my purchases. Well, I had already done that many times and (even after trying it again) it does not fix the problem. I also tried deleting the issue and even deleting the entire app and even after downloading each again still have the same problem. Without this problem, my rating would be 5 stars...

- Download Speed

People complaining about how long it takes to download an issue should probably check their download speed and upgrade to a faster one. I have a 10mbps connection and it takes less than 5 minutes. I love being able to read Allure on my iPad and the quality is just as good or better than paper.


I recently purchased an iPad 2 and thought it'd be fun to purchase an issue from the allure app, but I'm having issues opening the december issue. While the application is loading you can't do anything else with your iPad but watch it load the magazine or else when you go back to the app it begins downloading FROM THE BEGINNING and you need to wait for it to reload all over again. Very disappointing app...makes me no longer want to support allure and the funny thing is if I didn't stumble upon this app i would've kept paying the news stand price and they would've kept my business.

- Mag subscribers now get iPad version FREE; $1.99 instead of $3.99 for non-subscribers

Phew. As a subscriber, when I saw that the iPad version was the same as the newsstand price, I was annoyed. Fortunately, that has been corrected--and now I'm reading it on my iPad for free! Looks great! Love the slideshows and bonus video footage.

- One star is too many

If I could leave zero stars - or even minus stars - I would. This app is a total ripoff, as is the New Yorker and GQ apps. Conde Nast uses the false promise of a free iPad edition to sucker you into subscribing to the print edition. Then the app won't work, so you're stuck with the "Gutenberg" version. When you contact customer "support" - what a misnomer! - they give you the runaround or promise to get back to you and forget about you. I feel betrayed and cheated by Conde Nast, who has misrepresented their magazines and their apps. Apple should pull these nonfunctioning apps and require Conde Nast to refund the money to those of us they've hornswoggled.

- No account information

I too have had issues with downloading the new editions. Also, mine now says I do not have a subscription and the cost to renew digital only is $5 more than a print subscription which also gives you access to the digital subscription. I love the idea of not throwing out so much paper every month, but it's ridiculous to pay so much more for an electronic copy. Also there was no notice that my subscription was near the end. I'm used to getting reminders for my paper subscription. Guess I'll go back to the old way.

- Beware! Paid but I don't get any issue.

I have to say I feel cheated by Allure. Last night, against my better judgement, I paid for the monthly subscription at $1.99/month. However, since then it's been more than 14 hours and I have not gotten any issue despite signing into my Allure account many times. What's up with that? How long does it take to get the first issue? It is probably faster and less hassle for me to run to the nearest newsstand and buy a hard copy. This being my first Newsstand app purchase, it's very disappointing! I'm definitely going to stop my subscription.

- Would be great if it worked

I signed up for the monthly subscription. The first two months were fine. Unfortunately, that is not the case with the December issue. Every time I try to download it, it takes me back to the newsstand. It is ridiculous that I am paying for something that I can't even download. I tried going to App Support, but it just takes you to the publisher's website. There is nothing to help you troubleshoot problems with downloading. Actually, I don't think it even mentions anything about the app. Don't waste your money.

- Avoid Conde Nast e-Mags

My wife subscribes to both Allure & Vanity Fair - Conde Nast pub Iications. She was delighted to find that there were iPad apps for both of them. That delight ended quickly when neither of the apps would allow access after going through the subscriber's "All-Access" sign up process. Failed to authenticate, no Internet connection found, etc. Nothing but total frustration from bogus error messages. I should have looked at the reviews from other angry would be users, but now I join them in declaring Conde Nast's Magazine Apps to be totally worthless!!!

- Good but slow.

I'm brazilian and I love to have Allure to read in my iPad, but it takes too long to download the magazine, and I can't do anything else in my iPad while it's downloading because it pauses! And if "I pause" the download many times because I'm using other Apps, it occurs an error and I have to start downloading the magazine all over again!!! I love the quality, the images, everything but this download issue.

- Horrible app

This is app is terrible. So far I have only been able to download one issue and it takes literally hours over wifi and constantly crashes. Once it is downloaded the magazine is beautiful, but getting there is nonsense. I am so disappointed that I wasted my money on a subscription. I would rather go to the store and buy it or have it mailed to me. Kindle has no problem delivering books over wifi in less than a minute. I was expecting the same thing, not hours and hours...

- Digital not included in print subscription anymore

I had a print subscription and had been downloading the digital issues. Until my subscription ran out (even though I had renewed last fall to continue it) and now I no longer get the digital versions. Have to pay another $5 to get the digital versions I was already getting.... There was no notice that this was changing nor was there an option when I renewed to include the digital version. So yeah....Thanks but no thanks....

- Errors every time

I would like to actually see the magazine but every time I try to connect I get a server error. It says Cannot Connect to Server at this time. I am able to connect with everything else so it seems to be a problem on the Allure end. I have tried for almost two weeks and keep having the same problem. Hopefully one day I will be able to get into the magazine and review it again.

- File too large

I live outside the US and it literally takes hours to download a single issue. I wish they had an option where you could download a 'lite' version that isn't over 300mb (maybe if you don't want the embedded videos). In comparison, the magazines I download on Zinio are much much faster. I do love the finished product but it's really frustrating to have to deal with this each time there is a new issue.

- So frustrating

Randomly signs me out and drops all my downloaded issues so i have to restore them. Routinely have to repeatedly reset the app to force the most current issue to display. And I regularly get my hard copy edition well in advance of the electronic edition being (forcibly) available. Second-worst magazine app in my newsstand (God help you, O Magazine app, if I ever get my hands on your developer). Very frustrating overall.

- Crashes over and over again

Have generally been happy with this app but lately it will only open when there is an Internet connection. In all other instances it crashes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times. This has not helped. I think the problem began with the installation of iOS 6.

- Thanks for remembering your print subscribers!

I am so glad I can access Allure both through my print subscription and through the app without additional cost! Now I can take several issues of Allure on the plane with me without having to check a bag. The pictures are high quality and the app interface is intuitive. It did take me about 8-10 minutes to download the July issue, and it did not continue in the background like some of my other downloads from the app store do. The app crashes occasionally, but I can restart it. Hence only 4 stars.

- Not working for my paid subscription

I'm a subscriber to the hard copy Allure magazine. I received an email that I could subscribe to the digital edition as a part of my paid subscription. Nothing about the process worked. It didn't recognize my existing login and when I created a new login it didn't recognize that I'm a paid subscriber and it wanted me to pay for the digital copies. Deleted the app off my iPad. I'll try again later when it's working.

- Please make it download in the background

I will never understand why iPad subscriptions (this and several others) are not designed to download in the background. Who wants to sit there and watch the darn download? It takes 20 minutes. And if you pause or exit you usually have to start over. I like the idea of reading all my mags on my iPad but the logistics of download REALLY needs to evolve.

- Awesome!

Don't know what others are talking about. All downloaded in less than two minutes. Hooray for Allure to allow print subscribers the opportunity to download at no extra charge.

- Political propaganda ruined my favorite magazine!

I have subscribed to allure since I was 21, I’m now turning 33 and am so utterly disappointed in their decision to put political rhetoric into a beauty magazine. Not only is it completely bias and filled with propaganda, it also has no place being inserted into an industry where many escape from the ridiculous political environment we endure daily. Shame on you allure for exploiting your platform in spewing nonsense in the form of misplaced political opinions. Subscription canceled

- Problems

Purchased the January issue for the iPad. My time is valuable but had nothing but problems with the download. I tried 3 times before download began, and that took forever. I was unable to use the iPad during this time because download would fail. Contacted iPad Apps; reported problem and received a refund. Also contacted CondeNet and told them the problem.

- June 2012 issue WILL NOT DOWNLOAD

Every time I try, it does it for like 2 seconds then the whole newsstand thing closes. Never had this problem with other Allure issues, just the June 2012 one! Please fix.

- Impossible to use

Downloading the magazines is a tedious process. You have to be actively running the app (it won't run and download in the background) to download and this is next to impossible because the content takes forever to download. If you stop the app, the download starts over from the beginning. This makes the app unusable for me. I wish this would be resolved so I can actually use it.

- Great addition

Love it it's wonderful never had any problems I got a mail subscription and the iPad free with it each month it works great they did a nice and fun layout

- no automatic download

app to use in Newsstand which advertises automatic download in background over wifi but it doesn't...please fix because we (consumers) don't have time to have the iPad open in this app all day to download each issue because if you close the app to do something else then the download stops :( terrible hassle especially when this is a paid subscription

- Disappointed subscriber

I love Allure magazines and have been a loyal subscriber for many years. When I got the email about this app I thought this would be cool to have on my iPad. Downloaded the app and free trial. Nice layout and features, but I have to purchase issues to read them here. Please make an option for subscribers to access issues via the iPad!!

- Annoying

Like others before me, I was psyched to have the digital subscription to go along with my regular print subscription to Allure. Apparently not meant to be. Issues won't download, or you can page through a few ads, then you're stuck waiting for editorial to download. CNP you're better than this - why the struggle with all that power behind you?

- Give Up

Nothing but all the problems named above. Going round and round. Uninstall Re-Install. I have a subscription. All Access does not work. No sign in. Subscription number tells me I already exist but no sign in page. Wonder if it all works perfectly if you are buying the subscription? What a waste of time. Love the ease of iPad and saving trees but what is the point I'df app doesn't work?

- Can't subscribe in the app

I purchased one issue last night in the app, and now I can't for the life of me figure out how to subscribe. There are no buttons or places to subscribe. I only see the individual magazine purchases. Also, when I click the link for app support, I get sent to the Allure website which does not offer any FAQs on the app. This is not well done my friends....

- Ipad nightmare

Current paper subscription, wanted to get it on my ipad as well. Won't let me finish the process, won't let me sign in and sending a message to tech support does nothing. I deleted it and re-downloaded the magazine this time using my account number instead of my address. Said that I am already registered. Well, no allure, I am not. Sticking with the paper magazine.

- Works great

Had to delete from newsstand and download again, now it opens just fine.

- App problem

Despite being a subscriber till 2014, I was told to pay to download the jan issue, a problem that many others faced. Had to delete the app and reinstall to fix the issue, losing all my previous bookmarks as a result.

- Horrible

This app is horrible. The magazines take forever to download ( I also have paper subscription delivered to home as well). Do not download because you will be upset that a magazine is 500mb, also it's just better to get them in the mail, by time they download all of the space on your ipad will be used up and you will be 80 years old..

- No stars

Total waste. If I could give 0 stars I would. I already subscribe to Allure and can't for the life of me figure out why I can't access this for free every time I try to download issues from this app. Why should subscribers pay double???? This needs to be fixed. I have no issues with the Glamour app - don't know why this one continues to be an ongoing issue.

- Delete and redownload the app

Yes this January issue gave many ppl issues but try deleting the app completely and redownload it. That should do the trick but the download time might take awhile.

- Can't get January issue

Despite being a subscriber in good standing (through May 2013), receiving the January print issue, and getting a notification from the app itself to download the January issue, within the app the issue shows as "not available". I don't understand.

- Great Great!

Compared to InStyle.. this App rocks. It's easy to download and the Magazines are fabulous! What more can you ask for.. and People let's save Trees read your mags in e-file format

- Recent update broke it

I have used this app for almost two years now. It was great until the update in Nov. now I don't even have the option to download Jan issue. It just says not available even though today is Dec 26th and it has been in the stores now for over a week. Wish this would be fixed.

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- What?

Allure has been one of the most reliable and consistent magazine subscriptions on my ipad but whatever is going on needs to be fixed. The new issue is 2 weeks overdue and "not available"? Please fix this

- Don’t bother downloading if you’re a subscriber

Just subscribed to both the digital and paper copy - said had access immediately for the digital versions. After a week of trying and finally getting ahold of customer care it was advised to me the the iPad app isn’t supported by paid subscriptions ... only purchased individually magazines ?!? What’s the point of the app then? Was then told I could read articles on the website.... the whole reason for a digital subscription is to be able to read just like if you were holding the magazine without pop ups and ads interrupting your reading and distracting you ...... NOT HAPPY !!!!

- Trying to please too many

I’ve subscribed to allure since day one and have always enjoyed it. However most recently the content is changed and become too ethnic, perhaps another publication in s required? I won’t be renewing my subscription.

- This App is not working fine ... you should launch a better application

My subscription is not recognized on iPad 🕳 Help!

- Doesn't recognize my subscription anymore

I downloaded this app about 6 months ago (Jan 2013) and the not annoying thing was the downloads as others have mentioned. Now it doesn't recognize my subscription anymore and can't find me as a subscriber regardless of how I enter my info - account number, contact info, Toronto / North York, "Suite" or no "Suite" least I have all my previously downloaded issues available but can't get the most recent one, even though I'm on auto-renewal (so I know I have an active account!) and just renewed this month! I've been trying to login for the last month now and have finally pestered customer service. We'll see what happens! A few good words a out the app tho: I love that I can view my mags while nursing my baby. No need to worry about magazine falling, page-turning waking up the baby, keeping a light on, etc. and I can even browse various issues if I have them! I love the bookmarking feature but even better that I can take a screen shot of a page/picture I like for later reference. Now if only I can access my subscription!

- Also cannot download issue I have paid for

Like many other reviewers I cannot download magazine issue I have paid for. I contacted Allure support but after at least five emails back and forth the problem was never resolved. Very frustrated that I have paid for merchandise that I cannot seem to access. I have several other magazine subscriptions with no issues. I would give this app 0 stars if I could.

- No longer receiving subscription

Like the other reviewers I am incredibly disappointed that I am no longer receiving my Allure subscription. If this problem isn't fixed, I'll be canceling and requesting a refund for the undelivered issues very soon. Not good Allure!

- Awesome!


- "not available"?

Why? I have a paid subscription! Fix this or I'll be canceling very soon. Unacceptable.

- Says not available

I paid for this magazine and now it says not available when I attempt to download it. I contacted customer service and they tell me to open the app and it will tell me if the issue is available for download. Well it was available when I paid for it, but not after they took my money. I haven't experienced this with my other iPad subscription, and I subscribe to 8 or 9 others. Don't waste your money!

- not too impressed!

i paid my monthly renewal on friday and was delighted to see a new issue available for download this morning. imagine my surprise, however, when i went to download said new issue only to be told that it's "not available," with nary an explanation in sight! i love allure, it's a new discovery for me, but with these types of "mistakes" happening all too often, i'm thinking it's not worth my time or money to read it anymore. i will be happy to upgrade my review if/when this gets fixed.

- Doesn't work without wifi/data

Not much good to me when it will not work without wifi on my no data iPad. The whole point was to be able to read in the car, plane, boat etc.

- Frustratingly Slow. AVOID!

I really like Allure, but absolutely hate this App. The magazine takes a frustratingly inordinate amount of time to load (I'm talking more than 10 min just to load the first 5 pages, all of which were ads). The very worst part is that the download won't run in the background, meaning you can't do anything else with your iPad the entire time it's downloading. I was excited buy a year subscription, but now would rather do without (& maybe purchase the occasional newsstand copy) until a faster, more improved version comes out.

- costy

seriously? the in store magazine is the same price as the ones in the app. i rather buy a hardcopy of it.

- Painful downloads!

I'm sure the mag is great and full of guilty pleasures. The price point is reasonable. The download process however is painfully slow and requires that stay in the app to complete the download that does require a restart periodically.

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The applications Allure Magazine was published in the category Lifestyle on 2011-04-12 and was developed by Condé Nast Digital [Developer ID: 289380416]. This application file size is 12.3 MB. Allure Magazine - Lifestyle app posted on 2019-12-09 current version is 5.2 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.condenet.allure