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SYNC your tasks with Google/Gmail and across your Mac, iPhone & iPad devices.
Never liked your tasks app? You’ll love this one :)

● Sync your tasks with Google Tasks.
● Sync tasks between your iPhone & iPad devices.
● View your tasks and calendar events in one place.
● Keep your tasks organized with subtasks.
● Location based reminders such as when you leave your office.
● Set repeating tasks such as “Pay bills” every month.
● Universal app, designed both for iPhone and iPad.

● Naturally integrating into Google Calendar.
● No permanent internet connection required. The app will sync updated tasks as soon as an internet connection is available.
● Your tasks are backed up.
● Manage your tasks conveniently on your home/office PC, and have them synced to your iPhone/iPad and vice versa.
● Share tasks with your colleagues.

gTasks can be freely used up to 2 accounts, 2 lists per account and 7 tasks per list.

gTasks allows you to manage and sync unlimited amount of tasks through an auto-renewing subscription.
Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account.
Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period
You will not be able to cancel a subscription during the active period. You can manage your subscriptions in the Account Settings after purchase.

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gTasks . App Description & Overview

The applications gTasks . was published in the category Productivity on 2011-04-01 and was developed by JulyApps Ltd. The file size is 27.40 MB. The current version is 4.9.10 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Fixed minor issues.

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Works well no issues.  Puwalski  4 star

Good tool


Very convenient!  RusNrm  5 star

I was looking for this app for a long time.


So Helpful!!  Kleiboeker  5 star

I am a teacher, mother, and entrepreneur. This allows me to keep my list handy with any device. I can add a task on my Chromebook in my classroom and see it on my phone. Multiple lists make it even better for me so I can organize my tasks by which role of mine they fall under!! Thank you Google!! As always, this is another great product that you have created!!

Big Al Padre

g Tasks  Big Al Padre  5 star

Easy!! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!! Time, Date, priority!

ngoc. minh.

Great to do list for daily. Weekly. Monthly  ngoc. minh.  5 star

Easy to use to do list. Like the option to repeat tasks.


Very useful  Ferdinandcvs  5 star

Day to day weekly monthly task are ver easy to set. Thank you. Love your app

Cindy too

I like it.  Cindy too  5 star

Does what I need it to do.


Haven’t seen better  stefmaxnick  4 star

The app itself is a very good one once you get it set up; although mobile and desktop to apple desktop don’t sync on set ups and at that point you aren’t familiar with the app to know what you are doing as far as customizing. I agree with other reviews on poor customer service. I sent in questions 2 weeks ago and haven’t gotten a reply. Also can’t find the Windows desktop version for the app to purchase either. And, you have to purchase in 3 places if you use mobile and both types of desktops. Also, don’t be fooled by thinking this is a Google product as it’s not. There’s not a better list with the functionality and sharing abilities this app has. In addition to having multiple lists. Would be nice to export into pdf or MSOffice or Google Drive format. You can print though. Lots of sorting and organizing features. Doesn’t provide its abilities anywhere so it’s trial and error.


Great software  johnbrubeck  4 star

I like the flexibility that I can use it on my smart phone and all of my computers but I also like the simplicity both in how easy it is to use and also easy to read. I have tried many task management software types that has add one that are annoying and not useful. It’s not surprising that Google puts out another product that works well.


Awesomeness  KHefka  5 star

I’ve been using app for couple weeks now it really does work well.


Free version ok  Johnson-1989!  4 star

Free version is good but very limited functionality unless you pay for pro


Same  StephenRevins  5 star

Pretty good


Gtasks  Northtas  5 star

Helpful and reliable tool

Aldo Hooty

Pretty good app  Aldo Hooty  5 star

Easy to use and effective in managing tasks

Dave H Camperdown

Good app but doesn’t work with Google Home  Dave H Camperdown  3 star

Te app is good allows to create a hierarchical structure for tasks, which gives for good grouping. Also allows to set reminders. There is a big BUT, it does not work with Google Home or Assistant and that would get this app 5 stars.


Easy to use  Eggman_aust  5 star

Been using this for a while and never had an issue Easy to use


Popups to buy render it useless  Evanism  1 star

Absolutely relentless popups trying to upsell you. It renders the ap utterly useless.

Special Agent Sunshine

Version 4.9.10: good Google Tasks app, but remove subscription model  Special Agent Sunshine  3 star

PROS: 1-It has a clean and uncluttered design. 2-It syncs without any problems between devices. HOW TO MAKE IT BETTER: 1-Make sure it always confirms before deleting completed tasks. 2-Add the option of a white-on-black theme (like in iBooks), which is much easier on the eyes. 4-Add the ability to drag the plus sign to where you want to put the new task. 5-$10/year?! Why is it a subscription service? This isn’t even a news app. 6-Increase the distance between the top checklist box and the “Back” button, so that it’s harder to press the wrong one. 7-Move the trashcan icon to the Settings menu - some of us untick and retick tasks because we do them regularly, so don’t make it easy for us to lose all those ticked tasks. 8-Remove the search bar from default viewing - it should show up only when we swipe down, just like in apps like iBooks. 9-Add the option to tick/untick all tasks in each checklist. 10-If you add a task but leave it blank, it should automatically be deleted. CONCLUSION: This is a good Google Tasks app, but there’s plenty of room for improvement and the subscription model should be dumped.

1 yr of use

Heavy user  1 yr of use  4 star

I am really big on task management. I have looked at almost all of them. GTasks is simply the best mix of features and ease of use. Love it. (Been a user for about 6 months now)

Ethan Hansen

Love it  Ethan Hansen  5 star

Keeps me organised!

Management Co.

Great app!  Management Co.  5 star

From personal use to business this app really allows you to maximize google tasks and make sure you stay on top of your life!


Glad it exists but less than ideal  Gehrkenstein  3 star

I’m glad to be able to access Google Tasks from an app. I don’t love that it’s a yearly subscription to access a free service. And the bright green app “icon” is really ugly so I don’t love the way it looks on my home screen. But hey, Google Tasks keeps me organized and these guys pretty much have a lock when it comes to apps that maintain the simplicity of the original (without adding calendars and a whole bunch of other bloatware I don’t want or need.)


In love  katiee_181  5 star

I don’t usually write reviews but this app has made my life so much easier. I’ve tried so many different apps and organizing methods but this allows me to organize things just the way I need them too to get them done the best way possible. I totally recommend purchasing the full version if you’re someone like me who has a lot going on and has a ton of lists it’s been a lifesaver!


Meh  zreeds  3 star

It’s not aesthetically pleasing but it’s super helpful. Coming from google I would think they would put more effort into the look of it 🤷🏼‍♂️


Works well  LizMtnReader  5 star

Great to-do list app. Only thing I wish is that it could repeat events (maybe it can and I don’t know).


Good  heycandycane  4 star

For what it does... not complicated. Good for simple tasks. If you are looking for more dynamics To-Do lists that you can attach docs in, might have to look for something else.


Love it!  Smarestcpw  5 star

Easy, helpful. Perfect for recurring. Great for syncing up with main calendar.


Good App  EasyDesert  5 star

Easy to use and syncs well.


Easy  tjb0012  5 star

Just what I was looking for.


GTasks  biknmike1  4 star

Useful app. Would like a more effective calendar to change target dates on a task.


Great  Cullenallen  5 star

Does what it says on the tin and syncs with Google. Simply Fantastic!


Very useful  otislifts  5 star


Any p

Good app  Any p  4 star

Simple to use connecting to mail makes the process of task generation easy


Good app.  NeilD4452  5 star


Brendan, Dublin

Works great...  Brendan, Dublin  4 star

...but I'm still surprised Google hasn't got a way to deal with tasks on iOS!


Very poor  MacFheorais  1 star

Limited amount of tasks unless you pay.

KC and the Sunshine Band - 26

Excellent  KC and the Sunshine Band - 26  5 star

Way better than Apple's Reminders app. More advanced features. Syncs with Gmail tasks.


Best To Do app out there!  johneangel  5 star

gTasks keeps it really simple while giving you all the flexibility you'll ever need in a To Do app.


Bring order into chaos  Ciprian80  5 star

As a busy person I used to be chaotic with my tasks but this tool gave me a peace of mind as I know now what is important and when :-)


Lovely app  mcglic  5 star

This is a lovely and simple to use app. It syncs easily and works well. A improvement suggestion would be to introduce a date completed field to track when tasks are completed.

Joanne Momsen

Review  Joanne Momsen  5 star

I haven't used it a lot up to now but thus far I like what I have experienced. Many thanks. Joanne Momsen


A crappy app  mazi76er  1 star

Doesn't allow you to update tasks unless you pay and huge amount yearly. Rather sync up your google tasks with your iPhone reminders.


Consider it done  Taximoose  5 star

Best app to do tasks. Particularly if you're already using gmail for all your work. Windows version also available. And very reasonable too.


Useless unless you buy it.  FrenchmanZA  1 star

Works nicely, but is practically useless with the free features.


Very good  Sisoeff  5 star

Very good, for affordable price. Perfectly does the job.


HANDY APP  Debzmail  5 star

This is a handy app for keeping track of my daily tasks, linking to my calendar and contacts etc. Loving it!

Charlie Booi

G Tasks  Charlie Booi  5 star

Very slick

Paul Kruger

Magic  Paul Kruger  5 star

I love this useful apps very much


Nice and simple  TessHolk  4 star

Great app. Simple and easy enough to use.


Excellent  Murray245  5 star

Great app, for iPhone and iPad and Mac. Only issue on Mac that you cannot select a due date time, but other than that it works well

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