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What is bakodo pro - barcode scanner & qr code reader app? ****** 33% Discount for the next week only! *****

"Indispensable!" - David J.

"This app saved me 10x it's price in one scan!" - Branden S.

"Not only does it save you money, it also scans those new square barcodes [QR Codes]. Awesome!" - Jose

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Bakodo Scanner is the best companion for your barcode scanning and shopping needs!

Use the barcode scanner to quickly and accurately scan barcodes on books, movies, games, groceries and practically any retail product! Use the search feature on legacy iPhones, iPad and iPod Touch to search our massive and growing product database.

Search using keywords, ISBN number or barcode number


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Bakodo Pro - Barcode Scanner & QR Code Reader Version 4.229 January 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. - New: Scan from an image in your camera roll! - Update Scanner that makes it blazing fast! Really, try it out, and tell us how much you love it! - Cleaned up search results UI - Parse backend migration - thanks Facebook... - Under the hood improvements to make the whole experience faster and more reliable with crash reporting and analytics - More prominent option to use scanner without creating an account.

Bakodo Pro - Barcode Scanner & QR Code Reader Comments & Reviews 2023

- Barcode scanner

It's a neat app... I scanned 5 things... 2 were right, one wasn't in the database and two were completely wrong. I scanned cookies and the database had it listed as a gold ring. The other was some juice and the database had it listed as kitty litter.

- Does not work

The barcode scan only returns the google website page. You got no barcode info. This true of both the free and so called ‘pro’ version that you have to ay for. The free barcode scan used to work at one time but no longer. I contacted app support 2 weeks ago and have heard nothing. Get a different app for barcode scanning. This is a piece of junk.

- Not worth the price

When I first downloaded the free version it worked well, however only returned the MSRP. Now it doesn’t work at all. I downloaded the Pro version at a cost thinking it would work better, but just the same! Don’t waste your time or money!

- Doesn’t work

I realize this was last updated 2years ago, it use to work pretty reliably. Now it opens empty google page. Won’t scan any additional barcodes. Some products will scan but won’t return or hold the value.

- No help from support

Downloaded pro version it reads upc. But I other linear symbologies supported. They Claim it works it does not. Also sent request for help through the app. No response. I will be speaking a refund soon if my next support request is not responded to

- Does not work

Waste of money, every time I try to scan it goes to google and does NOTHING!!! Don’t get this app it doesn’t work at all. I paid the $2.99 for the Pro version because the free version wasn’t working.

- Terrible

This app is completely useless. Every barcode I’ve scanned, the app has taken me to a blank Google search page.

- Scanner

Pulls up web site but does not play. Wasted money. I can't see the difference between the free one and this one. Do not buy

- Scanner

Wasted money. Did not work!!! Although it looks fancy,,..

- Wasted money

I did not like this app wouldn't pull up anything I scanned

- Waste of money

Don’t waste your money as it is useless!

- It never works

It never works.

- Jerky Wizard

When I first got the app some time ago it found nearly any product I scanned and after using it for several months it stopped working and can't match any barcode to a product. I upgraded to pro and it still works like crap. Don't waste your money on this one something happened to it and now it's worthless.

- Great!

It worked the first time, and then the camera wouldn't focus. I relaunched the barcode and got it working again. So glad since I love the information this barcode scanner gives me!! Definitely saved me a lot of money!

- Faster and more accurate

I've tried four other scan apps and this one wins on speed and accuracy. I don't need lots of features, just the basics, so this is the one I recommend for others.

- Must have!!!!

I've only had this for a week and I've already saved so much money it's unreal.. I'm never going shopping without this again! Pays for itself easily and easy to use.. Definite 5/5 from me but I wish I could give it 6

- Bakido barcode scanner is the best

I've been through more than ten barcode scanners for my iPhone 3GS. Bakido grabs the barcode before I even know it - fast & accurate. EVERYTHING about Bakido is excellent. It's a must-have for your iPhone / iPad.

- Stick with the free one

I expected some new features with the paid version, one of them being a faster horizontal scanning. I think I'm missing something entirely, how does holding it horizontally scan faster, because of ergonomics?? From the pictures on the App Store I thought maybe in landscape mode there would be two pages on the iPhone simultaneously, but this is not the case. Disappointed..

- Alabama shopperr

Several of the items scanned, normally found in my kitchen, were not in the data base. Of those I found, it gave good information but it would be nice if it included the nutrition information. I liked the web search capability

- Great product

Another awesome product for the iPhone. Use it when shopping and simply scan the labels and search for cheaper prices! another way to save a few bucks! Great APP!!!!

- Prices Are Not Current!

1: Prices are not current. 2: Does not usually compare prices with local brick and mortar stores. 3: I didn't buy this app to consistently "be the first one to input this item"! The technique is just fine, but currently I would definitely not recommend wasting a dollar on this app unless you don't mind working on expanding the database more often than utilizing useful information.

- It's great!

I am a technophobic shopper. Had 2 other apps that I couldn't understand. Love this one. It's saved me tons of $$ comparison shopping. I really like that I can get info by naming the product without barcode.

- Get this

It works, it fills a need, it doesn't crash, and it less than a buck. Buy it. The Pro version is ad-free in case you were wondering.

- Worked great

I have aware barcodes for prints of my art work. The program worked wonderfully and took my potential clients right to that print on my web site. Thanks!

- Excellent

I work retail and it searches many of the products we have, and I can add some of the products we have that are not in the system yet.

- Great app

So far I have used it for both qr scans and barcodes and it has worked great I was using another that only did qr's I like how I can scan both

- Amazing app

Simple, user friendly, does everything it was meant to do...already have told friends and everyone has gotten it!

- Review

Best working when I found yet but it seems all of them have their flaws hope this review is helpful enjoy

- Works great every time!

Every time I use it all info comes up I tap on it and the URL opens right up and I am on the right page.

- Best Barcode Scanner

Very good barcode scanner. I haven't been using it that long but I like it. Once it pulled up an entire catalog. I highly recommend it!

- Like

I have used this several times and have not had any problem.

- Scanner works well!

Was surprised at some of the tattered (and at times even covered) barcodes that the app was able to read. Very useful.

- Problems

I had the free version which was full of scanning problems, I.e the scan button does not respond to the touch but at its own we' I bought the pro version ...unfortunately...the problem persisted. Also at the few times it worked., it's date base is empty and it ask you for help...this is really refocuses.

- It worked for a while

Guys I don't know how to use you thing anymore. Sometimes you can paint a painting for too long and add too many details and all of a sudden it becomes not a Monalisa anymore, but a piece of crap. Literally.

- Needs improvement

It is not easy to cover entire range of products. This app has to improve on it's database.

- Most reliable and versatile barcode scanner

There are a slew of barcode scanners in the appstore these days but this one surpasses everything else by a white margin .nice work !!!!!!

- Great.

Amazingly useful! Saved me more than its purchase price the very first time I used it.

- Bakado

Great APP. BUT please (!) -Add a row Where I can record what I found on sale and where. This lets me remember which stores have a Manager Special and then compare my local to your market scans.

- Works sometimes.

Doesn't scan all products. Needs to be updated more frequently.

- ILovePitbulls

Pretty cool, although as mentioned by another user, doesn't scan very well on barcodes.

- Great

Works as expected, and looks better than expected.

- Awesome

Work very well, but, the scan feature only works for QR codes, I have to manually enter in the barcode number.

- Review

I like this app it works for me you should try it out

- Works acceptably.

A little hard to hold steady enough. More instructions would be helpful.

- Always works!

Best app of it's kind it always works right away, very convenient.

- A Rocking Scanner

I have tested a few mobile scanners and this one really works well .

- Bakado Pro

Awesome product! Easy to use and does exactly what it says scans barcodes.

- Great app

This is the best barcode I have used. I think I have tried them all. Very accurate

- The best!

This is the best barcode and QR scanner combo out there. And it looks great on your menu, and in app. Definitely worth the money!

- Mrs

This application was a $0.99 waste of time. Shop Savy was much better application. Would like a refund.

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- Great App

This is a great App, just needs feedback from Australians for it to be more effective in Australia

- Epic, Works perfectly!

You should add AUS Barcode support

- Not for Australia

Seems to work fine just nothing for Australia:(

- Rito

Seems to work

- Really good

Just what I need

- Apps

Very good app

- Barcode scanner

Should NOT be on Australian Apple store when it does NOT work here. Ripped off want my money back!!!

- Professor McGonnical

So far, not as workable as the free version. Scan stopped working.

- Director

App is rubbish. Does not work in Australia.

- Scanner

Not for australia cero rate

- Useless for use in Australia

I paid for the full version, and all it does is look up products from Amazon in the US.

- Bar code scanner

Get it off the Australian App Store or update to work here if not refund money

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- Qr scanner

Works for me.

- Not impressed

Scanned everything in my house with a barcode and it didnt recognize anything

- Works good, good job!

Nice simple app

- APP Does not work...

I have had the pro version for a while. It no longer functions and it does not read anything, regardless of light, glare, steadiness. I cannot recommend this APP.

- Worthless

Don't bother! Complete rip- off.

- Very disappointed.

I purchased this app and tried it on several basic bar codes. Didn't work. .99c wasted. Glad it wasn't 9.99. I guess if they get s buck from every sucker they'll get rich in the backs of the uninformed. I hope others don't make the same mistake I did. That'll teach me for not reading the reviews first.

- Cool app

Gave it 4 star? Sometimes it work fine and other days it doesn't work, can you improve bug fix.

- Not good

I thought it was going to be cool but right off the bat it read 2 out of 12 easy house hold items. From dish detergent to salad dressing it could not figure it out. Too bad

- Need more work

I scan a lot of barcode...but it did not identifie any!!!

- Good!


- Don't Buy

Lousy database. Won't find most things.

- Scanner

Dont know how to work it

- An absolute waste of money.

An absolute waste of money

- Sweet app


- Terrible

I can only scan QR codes on my IPod but I can scan both code types on my dads IPad.

- Insulator

Has never worked in the couple of months that I have had it downloaded .

- Ugh

This product was a complete rip-off; it hasn't recognized any bar codes I've confronted it with so far. Save your money!

- Great expectations

It doesn't work as promise, it couldn't find 9 of 10 products

- Cool App!!!

Very accurate scans. Only one weakness: Its database is far to be complete. Besides that, I give it 4 Stars!

- Awesome

Good app

- Bar code scan

Seems to work fine,so far.

- Well....

First barcode scanned showed a great looking belt for a good price...too bad I was scanning apple juice!!

- Useless


- Scan

Useless does not recognize most bar codes

- Sucky class app

Does not work on ipod. Should tell people before buying!

- Love it

I just got this app and already I love it!!

- This thing rocks!

You just get close to the code and it zings it right up asking if you want the info or go directly to the site - awesome!

- Easy as 1,2,3 :D

Easy as 1,2,3 :D

- No good

Terrible, does not scan barcodes on my iPod touch

- Great app

Cannot live without it

- Great App!

Very user friendly and will come in very handy. Thank you!

- Great!

The only problem I have is that it said I can scan any barcode but it's only letting me scan QR codes but that could be because I'm using an iPod touch

- Well Done !

A pleasure to use.

- Great!

Really like the pro version, arman :)

- Barcode scanner

Very handy app

- Works fine

Needs to get proper light condition to scan - this is not a laser here. The database in construction but a lot of products are recorded and you can easily save the cost of this app. Please contribute before posting bad comments on this app .

- Not always on duty


- Review

Not very good!

- This app is a joke

Waste of time even to try it. The author want the users build up the data base for him/her so this can be benefitial.

- Not very helpful

Wow, I wasted 0.99 $CD

- Bar scan

Could not get it to scan anything .

- Scanner

Do not buy this apt

- Bar scanner

This a poor app because it's author in getting the information he wanted ignored the wishes of the user. Does not deserve to be in the family of apple and apple-related apps.

- Does not work

No good at all

- Crap. First, scan the item. Then email the developer to tell him what it was.

Three items - all national brands, no hits. This will be nice one day - but not today

- Hi

This app is crap I'd DOES NOT WORK

- Sometimes

It works sometimes but not always

- Barcode scanner

When I scan a barcode I get no results at all. The program asks me where did I purchase the product and how much I paid for it! I'm not pleased at all with this app.

- Scan

Ne marche pas très bien

- Excellent

Works great. Highly recommended.

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Bakodo Pro - Barcode Scanner & QR Code Reader 4.2 Screenshots & Images

Bakodo Pro - Barcode Scanner & QR Code Reader iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Bakodo Pro - Barcode Scanner & QR Code Reader iphone images
Bakodo Pro - Barcode Scanner & QR Code Reader iphone images
Bakodo Pro - Barcode Scanner & QR Code Reader iphone images
Bakodo Pro - Barcode Scanner & QR Code Reader iphone images
Bakodo Pro - Barcode Scanner & QR Code Reader iphone images

Bakodo Pro - Barcode Scanner & QR Code Reader (Version 4.2) Install & Download

The applications Bakodo Pro - Barcode Scanner & QR Code Reader was published in the category Shopping on 2011-07-24 and was developed by Dedoware Inc. [Developer ID: 338009976]. This application file size is 32.02 MB. Bakodo Pro - Barcode Scanner & QR Code Reader - Shopping app posted on 2017-01-29 current version is 4.2 and works well on IOS 8.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.bakodo.BarcodeScannerPro