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What is ftp client pro app? The best professional FTP Client in the App Store with all the functionality that you need.

Downloads: > 380.000
Daily users: > 5.000
5 star reviews: > 2.500

Ranked #1 Business in Denmark, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Slovenia, New Zealand, Lithuania, Poland, Finland and more.

> Supports SFTP and FTPS (implicit and explicit). Private keys are supported.

> Upload photos/videos. Files are uploaded in their native uncompressed format with meta data preserved.

> View image files (jpg, bmp, png, gif, etc). Supports gridview.

> Edit text files (txt, css, php, xml, html, csv, htm, etc). If support is missing for a text file extension please contact LessIsMoreDevelopment@gmail.com and it will be added.

> Text editor functionality: Color coding, Preview, Text wrapping on/off, Search/Replace (supports regular expressions), Line numbers, extended code keyboard for iPad.

> View text files (doc, txt, rtf, pdf, pps, xls, etc).

> Play audio and video files (mp3, avi, mov, basically whatever apple supports).

> Move, copy, rename, delete files and folders. Folder actions are shown with the long press gesture.

> Create new files and folders.

> Send files or file links in an email.

> All encodings supported (Asian, Cyrillic, Arabic, etc.).

> Multiple logins can be bookmarked.

> Supports both Passive and Active mode.

> Password protection of app. Supports Touch Id.

> Change file/folder permissions (CHMOD).

> Sort files by name, date, size and file type.

> Zip and unzip downloaded files. Unrar also supported

> Supports custom port.

> Possible to open files in other apps that supports importing.

> Upload files from email or other apps that supports exporting.

User reviews:

"This app is easy to use and works as advertised. And the devs rock. They responded quickly to my question and even helped me troubleshoot a problem with my Mac that was unrelated to the app. You can't go wrong with this purchase. Highly recommended!"

"Since this started supporting sftp, I use it all the time in my IT work. Very handy and works well."

"This makes editing and adding pages super easy. I'm really happy with the stability and the ability to maintain a connection while working with content from other apps. No problems and only good experiences. Thanks for a solid app!"

"Nice, clean app for transferring files and updating HTML and CSS. The editor is nice and easy to use, common symbols very quickly accessed. Support responded quickly and was very helpful at helping me set everything up right."

"I've been looking for a simple/complete file transfer app so that I can securely put and get files between my iPad and PC. I wish I had tried this before all of the other train wrecks! Great job on the app!!"

"I was out of my office and needed to fix a PHP script for one of my clients, and that worked perfect for me.
I totally recommend."

You can test the free Lite version of "FTP Client Pro" called "FTP Client Lite".


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App Name FTP Client Pro
Category Business
Updated 28 October 2019, Monday
File Size 32.95 MB

FTP Client Pro Comments & Reviews 2024

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Great app. For quite some time I've been trying to find a very streamlined, easy-to-use app to edit FTP content from my phone. I saw the positive reviews here, so I thought I'd give it a try. I had a stumbling block at the beginning, but like many others before me, I wrote to the designers, and they got back to me really quickly with the answer that made everything work seamlessly. Highly recommend.

Awesome app & excellent support. This app works very well. It remembers my log in info. for my three sites. It supports editing all kinds of files. The customer support is awesome! I e-mailed some suggestions and got a reply very promptly. The developer even took the time to walk me through how to use it with importing and exporting to Dropbox. I'm so glad the developer added permissions. This is awesome! He even took the time to email me and let me know it was added to the update. This guy rocks. I would recommend this app to anyone that is looking for a great app that does a lot for the price. I can only see great things coming from this app as it continues to develop. One more thing to add. I was able to download an .exe file from the web - open it up in this app (which uploads it to one of my hosted sites server) then email myself the link to download it. You might be asking, why would I did that? It was a workaround I had to do at work, nevertheless I just thought that it was so cool to be able to do it all from my phone. Just simply cool.

Easy to use, reliable, well-supported. I'm very picking about the tools I use, and I've been very happy for a few years now, using this FTP client to update my website while on the road. Recently I started having a problem. The day after I reported it, I had a response telling me that a recent iPhone change was causing the problem, and exactly how to fix it. That's hard to beat.

Intuativ!. Really good. Works a lot better than expected. The image viewer works top nice!

FTP Client Pro is fast and reliable. The app is easy to set up and the bookmark feature is great for connecting quickly and easily. We are using on all Apple mobile devices in our organization

It just works!. Does everything I could ask for in an FTP client. Developer is super-responsive with support.

Easy to use. Been using for a while now. Easy interface and the one time I did have a problem, ever so quick to respond! 😀

'Great Support' really good FTP app. with new features.. It's always good to have good support and the developer for this program has support as good as it can get. With the new update the developer, 'Anders' sent an email with a note that a suggestion I made 4 months ago was included in this version. That suggestion was to add a feature that gives you the link address for anything you upload to FTP. With that feature you can upload a webpage, photo or anything else and instantly get the complete link address so you can include the link in an email, forum or any other use. I don't think any other FTP application in the store has that really useful feature. I purchased the app to use as the Ipad version of the ftp app I use on the Mac. It does what I need and more. I use it with my NAS and my ftp domains and now with new Dropbox connecting I'm finding It more invaluable then ever. Only reason for 4 instead of 5 stars is to help encourage continued development and support (humor attempt).

Works for single directory level transfers only. App is great for logging in to various ftp and sftp sites. No issues with the connection or transfer portion. When attempting to transfer subdirectories and their content, it is not possible to select them for transfer. One must also change the destination directory, or all files from the ftp site will end up in the same directory even when one has navigated to a subdirectory on the server.

Great product!. I have used this bus ftp client exclusively for several years.

Solid app. I use ftp regularly to manage my server, and this client always connects reliably right away and does everything I need it to.

Developer Email Address Not Deliverable. I purchased the app a few years ago, it worked fine, however now it gives me error problems. I tried to contact developer but email address is not deliverable.

Great ftp client, easier than pc. Once I figured out the fix for the encoding problem that kept me from saving files was in the app settings at the bottom, not system settings, I learned there are a lot of features and I paid a fraction of what I paid for my pc ftp client.

Works great. Really like the thumbnail functionality for viewing images. Thanks!

Excellent FTP app. Great for setting up or updating websites wherever you happen to be. Customer service is quick to respond, thoughtful, and definitely caring.

SFTP is clunky. It should not be that hard to use SFTP. Should be able to download keys from web to a directory. Then use that key, WITHOUT renaming, in SFTP. I still have not got SFTP to work which is the only reason I bought this app.

Works as Expected. What more could you ask for? The software works as expected on my iPad Pro Simple and Straight forward!

Program is a winner; support is phenomenal. I jumped right in and got the Pro version. I had issues logging on to an SSH secure server, so I emailed the developer. He responded almost instantly to my complaint. We exchanged a couple emails and he set out to solve the problem. Solve it he did! I don't think the guy sleeps. He sent me a trial of a newly developed version, that would work for me until the new version was published at Apple. Worked perfectly. Then, I started putting the app through its paces, trying every feature that I knew I would need. All worked flawlessly. This is a great ftp client app for the Ipad, whether you want to upload files or photos, download files or photos, edit them on the server, or just view them. I'd give it 10 stars if I could.

Super Utility Just Got Better. Nothing better than an app that allows you to do your task better/faster/easier. I manage 12 sites and possess limited programming knowledge. FTP Client Pro makes it possible to accomplish complex editing tasks on the road from my iPhone and iPad. With synced bookmarks and Dropbox integration, any change I create on one device is immediately available on the other. Not that I want to be editing PHP or CSS3 on my iPhone, but if I have to, I can. And with Dropbox, any file I alter or if I want to save the original before the change, it is saved and I can pull it down on my desktop or iPad/iPhone. Lots of interface and interaction customization choices through finger swipe switch buttons. Fast interface response. Fast server connections. Excellent user interface experience. Packs a ton of function in a light-weight package. Another small but key feature on a portable device, you may password protect access to FTP Client Pro. Excellent value for anyone who needs to dig behind the scenes of their site whether it is hosted at home or at some giant ISP.

Good FTP App. Way better than that ripoff FTP on The Go. I paid $10 for that app then got asked to pay $10 again when they updated it for the new iOS with no new features. My old version still functions, they just disabled features that worked perfectly fine even on the new iOS until they crippled it themselves just to charge more money. I like this client way better because the of the cost and the better functionality. My only 1 complaint so far is that there's no way to set a default directory to start in for the remote FTP server. I'd like to not have to navigate through a bunch of directories every time just to get where I want to be. People keep saying that I should just change the server's default directory but in my case I don't own/operate the server in question.

Simple, Reliable FTP App. In a nutshell...great program, works really well, and I highly recommend it. Supports all the usual protocols and encryption methods. From plain FTP to using explicit FTP over TLS. I use this app on my iPhone 6 Plus for work and personal file transfers. I initially downloaded the Lite version and was very impressed. When I find a good app that makes my life easier, I have no problem supporting the developer. I bought the Pro version because I really like this app. It works well, is simple to use, easy navigation, and the interface is user friendly. You can save multiple account settings with bookmarks. Also, the app supports Apple's fingerprint scan security when you launch it, in case you want to use that option. I like the extra security in case I misplace my phone. I emailed the developer with a question and was surprised I got such a quick reply! That is a rarity with apps in this price range. If you're on the fence about purchasing, just do it. It will make transferring files from your mobile device a breeze. I use this several times a day, so I know it works well. I've recommended this app to several tech friends, and they've had the same good experience. Well done!

Great app. Very reliable and well thought out. A pleasure to use.

Where does it save to?. I recently downloaded this App and I cannot figure out where it is saving files downloaded via scp. I see that you can see what has downloaded but where are the files actually located?

Works great. Looks awful. I think the only thing bad about this app is the GUI. Is an app so ugly that suddenly you feel ashamed of opening in front of everyone. Looks very bad. If this dev go to fiverr and pay $5 dollars for a app design for this app it will be worth having it on your iPhone. Three stars for functionality.

fast respons. I had a minor issue connecting and contacted the developer. Got a respons within a day and got it working. Great customer service.

FTP over internet from PC to iPhone to VLC. I download movies over the internet using FTP Client Pro from my Windows 10 PC to my iPhone. Then I watch the movies on my iPhone with VLC. I run FileZilla FTP Server on my PC I use Handbrake on my PC to create small movie files.

Renaming files in inbox doesn’t work. Title

Excellent App!. It's user-friendly, does all the things I need from an FTP, and tech support is available and reliable.

Outstanding app and even better support. I first installed this app over a weekend. I was impressed with the ease of use, interface features and the connection quality. I was sold on the app at that point. I did notice though that the app didn't seem to be saving bookmarks of my various FTP servers. I sent in the report and was impressed with a response--on the weekend. The response indicated exactly what the problem was and that the fix would be in the next upcoming release. Not only was this accurate and on time, I also got a follow up email tell me the release was available! Professionalism like this is rarely found, but Anders and his team have it.

More than an ftp client!. More like finder. Better even! Not only transfers files between your device and a remote host ( and other ftp commands) but also views nearly anything (renders html ) and edits them too (can be used to maintain web site - totally), zips/unzips files, exports them to airdrop, mail, photo album, iCloud. Very well thought out, easy to use, minimum required host setup saved and modifiable between sessions. For frequent ( picky ) users, settings provide great flexibility, embedded help and explanations very understandable. Author is very responsive in case you can manage to come up with something that is not already explained. Log shows what happened incase the remote host is being difficult.

Does its job. I'm using it daily!

Solid program with excellent support. I use the Pro version, my coworker uses the Lite version. Both versions work well and act as expected. Good file transfer capabilities with IOS. When I had an issue about the way I was using it, the author was very helpful in testing the situation and resolving my issue. As always, help support help you by being patient, and giving them as much information as they need to fully understand what is going on from your point of view.

Support email does not work. I used to love this app when it was working, now I’m unable to connect in-spite of the trouble shooting that I have done. I reached out to support but the provided email does not work, I’m getting a message from my email saying “email account does not exist”.

Good... till i updated to ios 11. This is a fantastic app. It worked fine, but after I upgraded to ios 11 it has some encoding problems Ios 11 introduces new quotes (“”) and this app can’t handle it correctly. I have to change encoding to UTF8 from ISO Latin 1 but that breaks other stuff and adds some random characters when I see the preview on my website

Best in breed. Not only is the app great, at the back end Anders Havn provides prompt support if and when it is needed.

Dissapointed. Don’t response to my problem connecting…very poor customer service

Great for updating web content from your iPhone. FTP Client Pro behaves just like I'd hoped it would. It's been super handy for tweaking and re-uploading my website's HTML and JavaScript files from my iPhone. Very intuitive to use if you've worked with desktop FTP apps like Transmit. There was a small quirk in the text editor's color coding feature that I found distracting; I wrote to the developer inquiring if there was a setting to change its behavior and soon after, he released an updated version with the quirk fixed. Admirable work.

Works well. Works as advertised. Easy to set up!

Fast, easy, great support!. The app is fast, easy to use, and worth the money! I had an issue that turned out to be on the server, not the app, side, and the Support team was great in helping me figure it out. A definite must-buy app for me.

Stopped working. So I tried the lite version, and quickly noticed that I needed the pro. Well now a few years later. The software has not been update in over 2 yeas. My pro version has stopped working. Sent an email as requested from app. Well 2 months later with no answer. Do not use unless you want to just toss money away. Off to try and find a replacement so I can work.

Best FTP app for iPhone!. I've been using FTP Client Pro for a few years now. I need to be able to make website changes when I'm away from my desk, and this app does it flawlessly. When the recent iOS 11 update decided we now need "smart" punctuation, Anders Havn was on top of it. This app honestly has the best customer support I have ever encountered.

Not getting support. The app was great until IOS updated and the app did not. Privacy practices are not submitted to Apple. No response to inquiries on the update or lack thereof.

Its Great. Very easy to use in my iPad Pro. Great time saver. Don't have to wait till I get back to my desktop.

Best FTP Client App !!!. A user for Life Here ! This App is definitely the Best FTP Server Client out there. I got my own FTP Server at the Office where I keep all my Sales, RMAs, Shipping Docs, etc, and pretty much anything related to my Business: G3 Corporation. I've been using this app for over 4 years now, I have had nothing but a Great Experience with it, saving me about an 1 hour or 2 everyday ! I don't have to use the computer anymore to upload Invoices, Product Pictures, Shipping Labels, etc., everything is done from my iPhone or iPad. I highly recommend using this App ! And thank you to the developers for the Continuos Support and Development ! Keep up the great work guys 👌🏼

Indispensable!. FTP Client Pro serves as the hub of my cloud storage management. It not only exchanges files both directions with FTP servers, but also handles exchanges both directions with Dropbox. It manages file organization locally, including folder creation, moving things around, and renaming. I can use it to rename Dropbox files (a shortcoming in the Dropbox app) by downloading to FTP Client Pro, changing the name, and then uploading. It creates and unpacks zip archives (it will only create an archive with a one-tier folder system, but will unpack any archive). It provides a text editor which includes a special always-visible keyboard bar with common keyboard symbols (including the tab!), search facilities and other features that standard iOS editors do not usually have. Tech-support encourages suggestions and responds well. Is it perfect? No. However, it's better than most five-star apps that I've seen, and is indispensable for many of the file transfer AND manipulation operations that I need to do on a regular basis.

Excellent app for iPad. The app is easy to use and is perfect for using my iPad to maintain a website when I'm traveling. The only problem I've had in the last two years I've used it related to a smart punctuation feature introduced by iOS 11 that interferes with coding. Then I discovered the superb customer service that comes with the app -- very quick and helpful, including a simple fix for the problem. Great app!

Absolutely the BEST ftp Client - Strongest Recommendation. I have several LAN ftp servers and create bookmarks with names for each. Adding bookmarks (saved ftp sites with user and password) is easy. Deleting one or all is easy. Saving and restoring bookmarks in txt or csv format is easy. I have books, pdf files, documents that when downloaded to iPad or iPhone ftp pro pops up a dialog “copy to...” and I get to open the file in the app of my choice. Get this App.

Adequate, Almost. The app does an excellent job of connecting to a server and transferring a file. There is the problem. It only handles a single file. And god forbid you want to transfer a folder with files in it. You will have to start by creating the folder on the server, then going into the folder on the iPad and transferring one file at a time. The word we are looking for here is "tedious". I can almost understand this limitation given that iOS did not really support the concept of folders until recently, but that is no excuse at this point in the game. Thanks to some amazing technology I can fit the equivalent of a professional16 track recording studio into my backpack. I can record professional quality tracks onto an iPad mini. I can even do mixing on the iPad. But if I want to transfer those tracks to a server... Well, that's the weak link in the chain. Please, LessisMore, get with the program.

Needs update. FTP client works well, but has giant black bars at the top and bottom of the screen for anyone using an iPhone X, XS, or XR. Developer, please update the interface for those of us who have purchased a new iPhone in the last two years.

Good features, but it crashes. My FTP folders are very full, so I need to do a search to find the right files. When I select multiple files from search results and attempt to perform an operation via the “more” button, the app crashes. Selections made by browsing work fine, but not when selected from search results. This bug has been reported.

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What a relief. Using this app was such a delight and a real relief After wasting 4 hours with another app. This one just works beautifully and smoothly and logically. Easy to understand menus. Icons make sense. I had to replace 30 lines of code on over 70 pages and this made it all possible from my ipad

Excellent. This was a good app before for basic tasks, but now you can log in with SSH it is perfect! One more thing I don't need to use my desktop for!

Really good. It is not often I get an app which does exactly what I want. This one does. Good stuff!

Excellent. Does all what I expect from an iPad app. Easy to use and fast. Well done

Great support and good app!. App works well although lacking a couple of features.. Emailed support to add a text file to the list of supported editable files and BAM it's done with a new update approved and ready for download after a couple of days. Also got a great response from dev and hopefully they work on my suggestions soon or I will have to be looking elsewhere and lowering review. I'll be recommending this app to lots of webmasters if they are implemented. For the features it lists this app DELIVERS! 8/10

Fabulous App!. A fabulous App! It enables me to travel with just an iPad and still be able to service my clients with simple web updates to their sites. Thoroughly recommend it! Well done! Four years later and I'm still using it and loving it!

It is really good. Three thumbs up

Great application. I was on holidays without my laptop and this application saved the day when a client asked for some urgent, but minor, updates on their website. Easy to use. Fast. Highly recommend.

Quick and easy to use. Works perfectly. Very handy for quick html coding edits from an iPad. Highly recommended.

Good enough. Good enough

Very good app. No problems so far, and downloading is simple and fast. Can't fault it.

Great when traveling. Great little App. I need to maintain websites when traveling and don't want to lug a laptop. This is perfect on my Ipad. Full marks to the developers!

Great App. Best money I ever spent. Saved my bacon when away from home. Works well.

Good support. There is nothing better than an app that is well supported. I had a few issues and got a very fast response from the developer.

Great app. Works well, quick on wifi

Excellent. Simple, effective, works....what more do you want

FTP client pro. Excellent product, we required an FTP secure connection to our ftp server from the iPad and with the FTP client pro app we have established a secure connection using the FTPS option

NAS Access. Excellent App. Does everything I require. Can't beat it for the price. Allowed me to access my home storage without a problem - internal or external.

Works well. Easy to use......works well.

Great little ftp app. This app works great. Im not sure about secure ftp, but for what it does its great. Its simple, easy to use and works vey well. It also works well for large uploads although your connection to the internet (upload speed) needs to be fast if you want it to happen quickly. All in all, a great app. Im very satisfied with it and happy to have it in by bag of tools :)

Excellent. Nothing to say, worked as advertised, at speed. Simple to use and fits with iPad philosophy, everything laid out clearly. Well done.

Support +++. Not only did this app do everything I needed, I needed to contact support over an iOS bug. Anders replied immediately with clear concise instructions on how to resolve my issue. Most impressed.

Great!. So far this app has worked perfectly. The only improvements I could suggest is allowing deletion or creation to be done in the background or queued? Also folder caching would be great, so then we don't have to wait to reload a folder. Other than that the app is perfect! Highly recommend it. If you are borderline on purchasing, just buy it. Tried all the other FTP apps, this one is by far the best.

Works. Does the job, I mean, come on - you can't expect a huge app for a mobile phone environment But this app does what it says, seems quite stable, connects quickly, and the rest Definitely worth it - I can see this being a life-saver down the track for me, lol Two thumbs up :)

Awesome FTP app. Highly recommended

It works. The only app i found that qorks with FTPS, FTPES and negotiates with TLS very important for uploading to secure servers

Just works!. Easy to Download/Upload. Best FTP app for IOS.

Bug fix. I known it is a good app but it stil needs a bit fixing like upload fast files on a big sizes.

Brilliant!. Great app, makes my life so much easier. Interface is simple and easy to use, there are plenty of settings that share the functionality of desktop FTP clients which makes migrating to mobile a breeze. I wouldn't mind seeing code highlighting in future but for the price and the functionality that this app provides there are no complaints here!

Great App. This is a awesome app, if your away from your computer simply open this app up and fix your site up, recommend this to any Administrator.

Fantastic. Has everything I'd want in a FTP client. Reliable connection every time and can store files for offline viewing and editing. I use this app to connect to my ipad to my phone in wifi hotspot mode for extra storage even when I have no Internet available. One of my favourite apps.

Great app. Awesome support. Great work, keep it up.

Excellent value. Easy to set up and use when I was in trouble with a simple problem that had to to get fixed on a large PHP website ... on my first day of two weeks holidays and no laptop. Put the app on my ancient iPad, hooked into the server and was able to fix the errant line of code in about 5 mins flat including installing the app. Edited the file within the app then pressed save ... that simple. Brilliant!

Great!!. Definitely deserving of a review! Regularly updated, which shows the developers commitment. Latest update UI is very functional...well done guys. This app has always worked for me connecting to 3 NAS drives on separate sites and transferring files between them and locally on iPhone.

Excellent app to interconnect iPad and WD MYCLOUD NAS. Easy to setup and use to access stored files on NAS. Download music or movies from your NAS and play them on your iPad using your favourite app. My choice is AVPLAYERHD.

Great FTP app for iPad!. What a relief to be able to do some crucial work from on the road! Great interface, was very easy to set up and use. Had no trouble understanding the instructions... Thank you for a wonderful app without catche$, false promises and complications!!

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Awesome. So far it has made my business and my work much easier To be able to be on the road and out of the office and away on vacation and still be able to make changes to the website has been a lifesaver It's been able to do what I needed to do and I haven't come across any problems or missing features

Amazing Mobie FTP Client!. It updates weekly with user-suggested content. It always works perfectly and never crashes. Highly recommended!

Ok but sFTP support would be welcome. Works decent but would be ideal if it supported sFTP so wouldn't need to look for an alternative

professional. It works like a charm.It has a very friendly design and it can be handled easily. It supports a great variaty of formats. It has features found in more then one app.It's a multi-app. Prize is exceptional. 5 stars from me....great job

Just what I wanted. Easily worth the $1.99. Works great, no issues. Seems to be supported with frequent updates as well.

Excellent product - great value. Excellent software. It is easy to use. I am surprised at its simplicity. This is a great product.

Works as advertised. Easy to set up. Simple and intuitive interface. Fast connection. Exported into both Pages and QuickOffice Pro with no problems

Great upload tool. This FTP app is great for ftp'ing but I use it a lot to upload my Camera Roll pics to my web server for easy backup. It works like a charm and I completely recommend it.

Best iOS FTP App!. Nice update! All the important features are well implemented and the developer responds quickly to bugs. A++

Great product. Great when a product works the way it should! Fast, easy does what I wanted it to do.

LOVE IT. Simple to use, does what I need. I can update my website on the fly with this great software. Thank you!

Works ok but not exactly full featured.. Lacks the ability to select multiple files for deletion, etc.

Intuitive FTP. Tried other ftp apps no luck. Within a couple of minutes, connected, downloaded .htm, edited, uploaded linked to another doc that I uploaded. So easy. Great price.

Great software at a fair price. Great software at a fair price. The developer takes time to give proper support and is open to comments and feature requests. Excellent work!

Great FTP App. This app does everything I want. It has never crashed and never let me down. I have been using it for about six months now and love it. I use the picture upload feature with my wordpress site and it is the app i use the most beside the ibook reader. I just learned that you can even download pictures taken from elsewhere into the root folder for viewing in ipad. Good stuff!

Wow. It's really nice. Fast email support. Thanks.

pure joy. With my limited experience in seting up ftp transfer, this application is pure joy to use it. It connects quickly and reliably both to local network as well as the one across the world. Whether you need to look at some files on remote computer or download few pictures to your portable device, Client Pro will do it quickly and reliably. It can open most of the popular formats and save them for future reference. Without hesitation it is five star application.

Web site tool. Nice tool for fixing small errors and making small updates to my web site.

Nice. Good job

Need multiple delete option. Easy and excellent to use. I use it everyday. The missing option is multiple tag for deletion.

Great. Keep it up guys

Exactly what I needed!. This is by far the best FTP app I have used so far!

Easy To Use Never A Problem. Been using his for two years. It's flawless and very well designed. Went back to this after using Plesk. More confident that I am in total control because UI offers manual logout. Interface easy to understand with lots of sensible features.

AWESOME APP. If you can write code then this is the perfect mobile webmaster tool! I use it almost daily--on my lunch break at work and anywhere else.

Very clean, no muss, no fuss. Very clean app, doesn't throw a lot of annoying junk in your face. Just does what I want it to do, clean, fast, and easy.

So far, so great.... Perfect functionality. Clean and intuitive interface. I have basic FTP needs. This app meets them with ease.

Great app. Great app! I can FTP transfer to and from my Linux FTP server!

Good app!. I've been using the app for only a day, but for now, I really love it. I has been doing everything it says it would.

An excellent FTP client. Does everything I need at a great price. Well designed. Developer is responsive to suggestions.

From good to great.. With the addition of unpacking .rar files this program is absolutely everything I need to fully control my media centre from my phone. Great app.

Perfect little app with excellent support. I use FTP Client Pro to keep my media libraries on Apple TV (and soon Raspberry Pi) up to date. It's easy to transfer delete and view files and folders and there are many additional features that would be useful for secure, remote access. On top of that, the developer is on the ball. The one time I had an issue, my email was answered the next day and a new version fixing the issue was available a few days later. Buy it, you won't be disappointed.

Great App. Useful, well updated and likeable as a FTP app.

ftp app. This ftp app is superb! Makes my job that much easier!

Production. Very user friendly interface.

Does the job. I paid for the pro version even if I don't really need it because it deserves my support. Nice app, does everything I need, and the developer is happy to answer my (mostly stupid) questions.

Everything you need. Large or small.. Amazing app, works flawlessly, integrates with almost any email, cloud, or whatever. Seriously give it a go. I've used many other apps professionally and as a hobby, this one is the best and most flexible

Saves me a half hour every day. Best money ever paid for an app

Waste of money. Super slow. Had problems with permissions. Not worth the headache.

FTP client. Does everything I needed it to do for my situation.

I like that you can edit text files inside the app. The edit feature is a nice way to stay inside the app without having to open a 3rd party app to edit files like php, js, html, txt etc. It should however prompt you to overwrite and/or duplicate a file to prevent accidental mistakes.

ftp pro. Very easy to use. satisfy with the app.

One of the best FTP clients. This is one of the best FTP apps I have seen and used for a fair price, supports sFTP for Secure File Transfer Patrol (via ssh) this app helps me manage files on my VPS when I have no time to use the terminal. Keep up the great work!

Fantastic tool. Great full functionality, and support. Can't beat the price either!

FTP. Great app easy efficient

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!. This is a great app and does everything it says it does. I can edit, upload and download files, as well as delete them from my server. I also had an issue and received prompt support. The issue actually turned out to be my fault and not the apps.

Good job. Good job et pratique

Doing working even during oversea travel. Wonderful and must who want to ftp work during many oversea travel.

Fantastic FTP App. This is a Fantastic FTP App. Allows me access to copy PC to NAS files. Monitor backup processes by seeing space utilization.

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New user, amazing so far!. I just needed an app to check files on server and so I read reviews on this app. They were all good so thought I'd try it out. I was so amazed how quick it logged on that I thought something was wrong! All files popped up instantly. I carefully deleted some files that were no longer needed and I was able to edit and view other files where necessary. As good as Dreamweaver for my needs on the go!

App rarely worked/crashed my connection. I entered all the setting correctly and it was able to connect to my FTP server once and only once. After that the same connection (saved info on the app) was never able to connect. It didn't work on my iPad or iPhone. It further went on to lock me out of my connection to my FTP server since my FTP server detected multiple connection attempts with a wrong password. However the password was correct since it was able to connect once. I saved the setting on that first connection so I do not see how the password could have been entered incorrectly unless the app fudged it internally. Luckily I only threw away $1.99.

Cannot edit "simple" text file. I bought this app because it claimed to allow editing of "simple" text files. This is not true, apparently only files with certain extensions can be edited. The publisher lists a few extensions examples followed by "etc". This turn out not to be true. I wanted to be able to edit some simple text files with the extensions cgi, pl, and htacess. Not only is this app unable to edit this file, it cannot even allow the to beviewed.

Amazing App and Support Team!. This is hands down the best FTP client I have tried on the iPad. It has a simple look, easy to use, and now features a resume feature (which no other iPad FTP client has). I bought this app several months ago and at the time it did not feature a resume function. After contacting the support team they told me very promptly that they will be working on that feature. A week or so ago they still remembered my request and were kind enough to email me with an update! I have never had this kind of awesome experience with any other app support team. But even besides their awesome team, I would definitely recommend this app to ANYONE who needs a FTP client on their iPad. It supports all types of drives as well as the resume feature. This is a MUST HAVE for anyone with an FTP server.

Many Months of Awesome. This app was everything I was looking for. I transfer a lot of files between servers and my home network using my unlimited data plan and Verizon's vast LTE coverage (my area only has slow dsl, no cable isp). With this app it makes connecting to my servers a breeze and moving files way more convenient. Thanks to the people or person behind this app fixing it when apple pushes an update breaking things. Keep on keepin on!

Awesome!. The app is awesome except for some problems when editing huge files. There is one problem from the new update. When you link your DropBox and are connected to a website, when you click the "+" and then DropBox the app crashes. Other than that, it's a pretty awesome app!

Web Developer. Have only used app for one day, but already know I will be using it a lot. Connected to both FTP servers I tried on first attempt. Was amazed software allowed me to edit ASP files right on the server! Nice to access my photo archives and library of files similar to using a laptop/desktop. Quite amazed at how fast it accesses folders & files.

Very fast connection. Awesome.. I have Ftp On The Go Pro and it would not connect to several sites, but it did work for some. I got this FTP client and instantly connected to the server that ftponthego pro could not. It's a good idea to have a few FTP clients for alternates. Love this program. It's my star baby for now. I am an experienced web developer.

Saved me from getting out of bed. Works great! Saw a problem on my WordPress blog (on my ipad) just as I was about to go to sleep.... There was a plug-in conflict that I needed to correct. My only choice was to login via FTP and rename the plugin folder. This beautiful little app let me do it all from the comfort of my bed instead of having to get out and login to via notebook. Good night!

Best FTP Client App !!!. A user for Life Here ! This App is definitely the Best FTP Server Client out there. I got my own FTP Server at the Office where I keep all my Sales, RMAs, Shipping Docs, etc, and pretty much anything related to my Business: G3 Corporation. I've been using this app for over 4 years now, I have had nothing but a Great Experience with it, saving me about an 1 hour or 2 everyday ! I don't have to use the computer anymore to upload Invoices, Product Pictures, Shipping Labels, etc., everything is done from my iPhone or iPad. I highly recommend using this App ! And thank you to the developers for the Continuos Support and Development ! Keep up the great work guys 👌🏼

Best ftp ap spells freedom for me!. I've tried several aps for moving files around and this is the first one that has become part of my daily tools because it is so reliable and easy. I access all sorts of different clients' ftp sites to get, bid on and deliver work, and this has made it possible for me to be more productive anywhere I go without looking for wi-fi for my laptop. It is very fast too!

Couldn't ask for anything better. Not only is this app feature rich and easy to use, the customer service is also excellent. I had some questions about changing file permissions in the app and the response I got was quick and helpful.

It works very well!. I had been using a different FTP program for quite a number of years, but it didn't work consistently. I had to uninstall and reinstall it frequently. This one, on the other hand, just works, and is speedier than my old one. It also maintains the connection if I leave it to look at email, which the other one didn't.

Love this app, iCloud sync is great. I'm a casual user but dove in to this app a little deeper recently. I now have my bookmarks syncing between my iPad and iPhone using iCloud. Tell me you don't just love that. My only suggestion is that it would be nice if the spacing between the bookmark list dynamically enlarged when one made their font size larger using the System settings for the phone:-)

Great app!. Having tried many FTP Clients on my iPhones (3G and 4), this app is by FAR the most stable/reliable app when downloading from my servers (havent had a single issue since i started using it about two weeks ago). The cache and the edit functionality is really nice. App does what is says and does it really well! P.S. I have had no problems with folders and files with space in them

Great app. This is a great app and worth every penny plus more. It would be nice if you could move and delete multiple files at once. This new version 1.9.5 included the moving and deleting of multiple files. I wish I could give more then 5 stars. This app is awesome.

Works!. I've tried several different FTP apps and this is by far the best. Set up is easy and connection is fast. Support is also very good, I had a question and emailed the developer and he responded within a few hours. The app is also updated regularly with improvements and bug fixes. Highly recommended!

Love this App and Great Customer Service. I love this app. Now I don't need to download files to my computer then share it to my phone. I just download the files straight to my phone. What I would like to see: if can have an option that files can be automatically played (play the next file after the first finished playing, so that one doesn't need to go to saved file and click on the next), I'll give this app 5 stars. The customer service is great! !Whenever I have questions, I will write to them and they usually respond within a day.

Awesome FTP app!The Best!. I've been using this app for quite a while and I can tell you that is very easy to use, well built and has lots of features. I had to change the router at home and noticed that it didn't connect, contacted the developer and Anders helped me figure out what was wrong, a day later it is working again like before. I needed to change some settings on my new router for the app to work properly! You will not be disappointed with this app!

Best FTP App Hands Down!. This is by far the easiest, most intuitive FTP app you will ever use. And better yet the developer support is Phenomenal. When iOS 5 caused a bug I received a response within the hour and the issue was fixed within a day. I recommend this app to every iOS device owner I know. I paid $0.99 for it but it is worth much more! Thanks

Great app, excellent support. I needed a simple app to access my personal FTP server on my iPad. This app was the one for me. It works great and is easy to use. I also needed the ability to save photos on my FTP server to my iPad photo roll. Contacted the developer and he added it pretty quickly, and even emailed me to let me know the app had been updated. Great service; highly recommended.

Couldn't be happier. I have need of an FTP program literally every day of my life and for hours and hours each day. It's such a relief to be able to continue working on the go and actually be able to leave the house without feeling I'm going to get behind. This amazing little app has given me no problems. In fact, it's even faster than my desktop FTP. Simple and does what I need. That's all I ask.

Robust app, excellent support. I am using this app to backup all the media that I store daily while away (just in case the phone gets lost or stolen). It works flawlessly. I backed up gigabytes of data per day to my personal FTP server at home (I have a grand-fathered unlimited data plan for my business). Since I am new to tyhe world of iPhones, I couild't figure out one thing related to storage links, but a simple email to the developer directly got me the concise answer within 24h. Outstanding.

Great app to have!. I'm a photographer and I am constantly using FTP. Thought I would give this app a try and I'm glad I did. Works great! App recently had a small bug and I decided to email support (on a Sunday) about a fix. I got an email within the hour giving me a work around and told me it would be updated within a week. They shot me an email letting me know the update was available. That's what I call support!!

Superb FTP Client and file editor.... This FTP app has saved my life during my Christmas vacation, it has given me the ability to continue working without skipping a beat. Great FTP client and it even has a built in file editor. I gave it 5 stars only cuz the rating system doesn't go to 100 stars. :-D

Awesome app. Used the previous version, had issue with large uploads due to timeout. Developer was very responsive in adding features to address this. If you're looking for a way to access files/storage on your network, or the internet, I highly recommend FTP Client Pro.

Simple. Intuitive. Awesome!. I'm impressed. Everything you assume would be there is there and it is incredibly simple and fast. I'm constantly traveling and when I have an emergency, it's nice to be able to FTP into a site within seconds and fix the issue. I've been looking for the right app for a long time and this is it. Excellent customer service as well. I thought it would be a good idea to add an additional level of security and sure enough, the developer responded within hours to let me know that functionality already existed. Highly recommend.

The best value for your money.. You simply can't get an app with better features or support. You're able to move, edit and view an incredible number of file types over 3G, which has been really helpful. The developer support is the best I've ever experienced. I needed support for an extension that wasn't available (.phtml files) and it was added and updated in a matter of days. If you need a mobile FTP solution that just works, get this app.

Upload video files to FTP. I create video files when I travel that are too large to send via email or SMS. This app makes it possible to upload the files to my ftp server so I can share them (and free up space on my iPad). After purchase, I had one question about the function of the app and emailed the developer. I had a response I less than 5 minutes. Terrific support and a very capable app. And the price is right, too.

Best money I've spent on an app! Great Support. Great App Outstanding Support from Developer If you need FTP on your iPhone or iPad, this is the one to get! This is a great FTP app. Easy to use and it just works. The designer, Anders, is great. With the last update, the app was crashing on my iPhone 5 with iOS 6. Within hours of my email, he sent me an email saying it was fixed and was waiting on Apple to approve. I had the fixed app on my phone 36hrs after that. Can't ask for better support (except for Apple to get their thumb out). I use this app to download my KeePass password database from my server to my phone so I always have the most up to date file on my phone or to put files from my phone up on my web server. This app does a great job. I highly recommend.

Great and Easy to figure out. I'm a VERY amateur web programmer. Not new to computers, but this app gives me everything I need to access my website on the go from my iPad. No longer do I need to get onto my home PC to work on my web-programming skills. Can do it from the iPad now with this FTP app and built-in text editor. I wish the text editor had color coding like notepad++ does on the PC. Unless I'm missing it - But what are you gonna do.

IT Administrator. I was very pleasantly surprised by how well this app worked. I've used FTP programs before, and have had complications with regards to viewing the files from within the program. This program had all the major features, and works flawlessly. Upon initial installation, I had a few minor issues, and was gratified by the quick response and professionalism of the developer, who was very courteous and helpful. Highly recommend this for anybody using FTP in a remote scenario!!!

Works with my iUSBPort. I purchased an iUSBPort to transfer my photos from my iPad to a portable hard drive while on trips. The iUSBPort app would transfer only one image at a time. I tried another FTP app and couldn't get it to work either. The iUSBPort support person suggested FTP Client Pro. It worked right away and transfers my images very quickly. I had one question for the developer, which he answered right away. I couldn't ask for a better app or support.

Just wow !. Being a website developer this app was a life saver. Only had this iPad 3 about a month. Was on a small vacation when a client emailed me with a critical site update. Only had my iPad so looked for some way to connect to my server since Safari would not let me login. Found this app and can't believe easy it was to setup... Have this developer in my fav's ! Thank You Sooooooo Much !!

Easy and Efficient. I became interested in a FTP Client app when my desktop software, wireless router, and ISP together or separately couldn’t connect to my domain. Having a backup that's not reliant on any of those became a priority for making website updates. So I tried the Lite version of FTP Client. Its interface and functionality sold me on the Pro version. And I’m not disappointed. I’m very pleased with the easy interface. There isn't any wasted functionality. To top it off, the developer is quick to respond, even when the issue doesn’t exactly involve the app. Very pleased with this purchase.

Great FTP client. Simple to use and intuitive. All functionality works. Support is awesome. This is the FTP app you should get. Recommend without reservation. I asked the developer via email for a feature that I thought would improve the app. Low and behold the feature was just implemented! Gotta love that service.

Great application!. Once again updating my review as many good features were added in response to previous reviews: Works really good so far on my iPod touch. Very impressive. Well worth the small charge. Displays text/log files for good admin tasks. Combine this with AcePlayer for a powerful set of tools. Moving and renaming files/folders is pretty easy. Love this tool.

Excellent FTP client program for iPad. I've been using this FTP client for a long time, and it does a great job letting me view and hand-edit files. There was a glitch on the previous update that caused the app to crash on loading, and I wrote the developers. They were already working on a fix, but were appreciative of my input. They contacted me via email the day the new update was in the App Store. That's excellent customer service! Good job guys. Thanks for the hard work!

Amazingly Useful App for iPad. BUY this app! You can read my review and others, but this is one you will not be disappointed in. I had tried one other FTP app and was thinking if this was a little better it might be worth the four bucks. WOW! Better is an understatement. This app does just about everything my CuteFTP program on my Mac and PC does, and it does it as fast or faster. Great for viewing uploads on my website and using media to post to other locations so long as I have a internet connection. I no longer need to keep my hard drive handy to show clients my work. I have full access and editing ability with this app. Still poking around and testing how it works, but have yet to run into a problem, which is rare with almost all apps. Just BUY it. You won't be sorry you did, especially if you have a website that is also a store house for media.

Excellent. I bought this program to upload photos and videos to my server from my iPhone so I could free up the space on my phone while away from my computer. It works great. I had a question about how to use it and the developer personally responded via email within minutes. Totally awesome!

Just what I needed. I was looking for a way to get files onto my iPad and iPhone from a friend's ftp server. I tried all the free ones and they didn't work out. This app is just what I was looking for and completely worth the 2 bucks I spent. Using this in combination with PlayerXtreme allows me to play any video type I download from the ftp.

Ubiquitous information. Love this app. I hang a hard disk off my router with all my data on it suddenly I have all my documents all the time whether on laptop desktop, iPad, iPhone, your laptop, your desktop, your other devices, friends tablet...anytime anywhere, I have access to it there...can FTP in from anywhere with Internet, can email it from the FTP app, can open in the cloud, download to the device, etc... And it deals with intermittent connectivity, network changes, etc... I am limited only by the power supply at the source of my home router, if that goes I need someone to turn it back on when power is restored, but hasn't happened yet... This is the best poor man's version of a data center available for the tight budgeted novice layman...it's performance is amazing

Worth much more than $2. The developer of this app if very responsive and is constantly adding and changing things based on customer feedback. If their is something you want done, just email him and I'm certain he'll try to get it for you. The app store could use more people like him.

Great FTP editor App. I am old school and love doing my web page with the use of language. It was nice finding an app that did what I needed it to do. I had a program on the computer and now that I have an iPad I use it more. This program did what my computer program did and better. This program is well worth the price.

Useful and reliable - I use almost every single day!!!!. I use this mostly for checking for new files on a work ftp. It is very helpful to not have to go to all the trouble of doing that on my laptop. I also upload and download files very easily. Definitely recommend this app.

Five stars, so useful.. Really, really easy, intuitive client. My one minor quibble is that, less being more, the designer should have kept things even simpler and more iOS like. There are a few weird shaped buttons and ugly gradients that could be profitably replaced by standard OS conventions. But seriously: buy this app. If you searched for an FTP client, this is probably what you're looking for.

Highly recommended. Best deal on then app store if you're looking for a solid and reliable FTP client. I got it to use my FTP as an image/video dump but have been editing my webpages with it too. App is updated frequently with new features and the developer is extremely fast and helpful when responding to e-mails. He even accepts suggestions for future updates! Good stuff.

Powerful and feature full.. Apps like this is what will cause mobile devices to replace laptops and desktops. This app is actually more powerful/useful than the FTP client I use on my laptop. BTW, I did find a bug regarding search and the developer responding almost instantly and resolved the issue. Two thumbs up.

THE BEST FTP CLIENT!!!!. This is the easiest and most intuitive ftp app for apple on the market. I migrated from pc's a couple of years ago and really missed ipswitch's wftp pro. With FTP Client Pro I never ever wish for a pc. I'm 110% satisfied. I highly recommend every ftp user to choose this app. Don't waste your time trying others. This is the real thing. I can't even find a better apple product on the computer side. I use FTP Client Pro for ALL my online needs.

Emailed developer for feature. I downloaded this application, and it worked very well. But I thought it could be improved by adding a feature (saving files multiple times without having to reopen and redownload from the server while keeping the editor open), so I emailed the developer asking for the feature. He responded stating that he would implement it on the next release. And in less than a week, he released an update with the new feature. 5 stars :)

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Language English
Price $3.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 3.2.1
Play Store com.LessIsMoreDevelopment.FTPClient
Compatibility iOS 8.0 or later

FTP Client Pro (Versiyon 3.2.1) Install & Download

The application FTP Client Pro was published in the category Business on 17 March 2011, Thursday and was developed by LessIsMore Development [Developer ID: 425341265]. This program file size is 32.95 MB. This app has been rated by 535 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. FTP Client Pro - Business app posted on 28 October 2019, Monday current version is 3.2.1 and works well on iOS 8.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.LessIsMoreDevelopment.FTPClient. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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FTP Client Lite Reviews 3.9 75 Free
FTP Client Pro App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Disabling Dark mode until fully supported IF YOU EXPERIENCE ANY PROBLEMS OR HAVE QUESTIONS/SUGGESTIONS PLEASE CONTACT: LessIsMoreDevelopment@gmail.com

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