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IntelliList is an easy-to-use shopping list for all the family with NO recurring fees, NO monthly subscriptions, NO different plans, NO advertisements: if you want (and it isn't mandatory), you can unlock advanced features with a single one-time in-app purchase.

After 7 years of continuous development, tens of updates, 3 complete rewrites and thousands of installs, we pride ourselves on being the most advanced and yet the most easy-to-use shopping list app on the App Store.

● Browse hundreds of preloaded items, scan a barcode or insert your own items.
● Add a photo to your items and never be confused about what to buy.
● Reuse archived lists, add items to your favorites and browse your purchase history.
● Organize items in aisles, and change aisles order to suit your local store.
● Archive your lists to reuse them and to see statistics about your purchases (for example you can identify cheaper and most expensive stores, overall and grouped by aisles).
● For each item you can save all the prices you want and compare prices of various stores.
● Insert the package size, see the price per unit and easily compare item packs.
● See how much money you can save or waste for each list.
● Identify on the fly items you're paying too much thanks to color pricing.
● Share and synchronize your lists on multiple devices by enabling the Dropbox sync. Or send your lists via email, WhatsApp, SMS or iMessage.
● Backup your data to avoid data loss.
● Customize IntelliList by choosing among 19 color templates, 19 different icons and 20 fonts.
● Use IntelliList on all your devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch): it’s an universal app.

● 'Thanks to saved money I have already recovered the app cost' ∗∗∗∗∗
● 'I have been trying different apps to find a great shopping list, and now I've found it' ∗∗∗∗∗
● 'IntelliList is an uncluttered, well-organized shopping list that is surprisingly easy to navigate and use' ( ∗∗∗∗∗
● 'I don't see myself without this app' ∗∗∗∗∗

The base version lets you create or customize up to 25 items. To create or customize an unlimited number of items you can upgrade to the full version (with a one time in-app purchase).

The matching between barcodes/photos and items is managed in a social way, through the community of IntelliList users. Inevitably, in the beginning only few barcodes/photo will be recognized. But the more people use IntelliList, the better IntelliList will get.

If you have problems or suggestions please contact us via [email protected] (you can do this from within the app itself). We are not able to help you if you simply leave a comment on the App Store. We give the greatest importance to the quality and reliability of the application, and we will be happy to solve any problem.

IntelliList - Grocery Shopping List & Price Book App Description & Overview

The applications IntelliList - Grocery Shopping List & Price Book was published in the category Shopping on 2011-05-25 and was developed by Mario Zullo. The file size is 52.00 MB. The current version is 6.2.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

In a world where most of the apps require the subscription or registration to services, IntelliList remains one of the few apps to still release, after 7 years, free updates for all of its users :-)
If you like IntelliList and if you want to keep free updates coming please leave a review. It MEANS A LOT for us, really. Thank you! PS: if you have already left a review in the past you can repost or update it, and it will only take a moment.

● Alternative app icons! You can choose among 19 alternative app icons, one for each color template. Your Home screen will never be the same (iOS 10.3+ only).
● Archived lists: no more browsing among hundreds of archived lists, now you can search your archived lists by name.
● Aisles: no more browsing among tens of aisles, now you can search your aisles by name.
● Stores: no more browsing among tens of stores, now you can search your stores by name.
● Lists and in cart items: a lighter font is used for in cart items.

● Better support for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPad 2017.
● Dropbox SDK: migrated to the version 2 of the API (required a huge amount of work).
● Some minor bug fixes.

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IntelliList - Grocery Shopping List & Price Book Reviews


Like the App but not the price feature  tgudeman  4 star

My grocery app I have used for years will not be updated, so I have to switch to a new one. This app is so far the best I have found except for one thing- I wish I could divorce the price feature in settings because it takes up real estate on my screen and I'll never use it. I also don't like that you can't archive to trend your data without assigning a price to everything. Too much work! And I don't care about the prices. I just need a list and be able to organize it. Any chance you could make the price feature optional so It will go away on the screen and give more room to my list?


Best Grocery App I've found  LtlRedX  3 star

It's cross platform & multi-device, but there are many things they could improve, which I have suggested to them on multiple times, to no avail. A couple of examples: Scanning bar codes should not automatically mark an item as having been placed into the cart. I scan many items at home in order to put them ON the list. At the least this should be an option that can be turned on/off. Archiving purchased items should not require the whole list to have been purchased. There should be an option to move unpurchased items to a new list.


Best shopping list app i have used.  rmb12686  5 star

I have really been enjoying this app. the scanner function is great. i really like the interface.


Love it!  rkelps  5 star

We use it all the time. Lots of great features. It would be nice to have the ability to add coupons.


Need update to fix issue  Fadedluck420  2 star

So I like the app but I can't add any of the quantities to the items because when I get to the second page where you enter the weight I enter it hit next and every single time the app crashes. If this isn't fixed soon I'm going to delete the app and find a better one to use.

Shafiul Siddiquy

Excellent  Shafiul Siddiquy  5 star

It's a very very nice and useful app.

Mama Vanella

Not impressed  Mama Vanella  2 star

I'm use to using a different app that is not available for my new phone, so I tried this app. You can only have a certain number of "custom" items before having to purchase the app. I also don't like that you can't use google to put a picture of an item in, it has to be from a photo you took. I'm just not impressed with the app.


Buenísima  littlmonterrey  5 star

Ya no olvido nada en la despensa


Great App!  Rivahlady  5 star

I love IntelliList because I can create multiple shopping lists and I even put in lists by store. I call one my TODAY list if there are things I need to pick up today. When you put an item in your cart you can add the price so you keep track of your shopping expense. The list crosses it off the cart. And it keeps track by store. The only thing I would like to see added is a way to clear the list of things I have bought after check out but have a basic list remain. I like seeing things I buy regularly so I don't forget them like blueberries and strawberries for example. The way I know to do this is to delete the item. I have lists for Next Week, Family Events, Today, and by stores like Costco so I remember what I need when I go there. I also like the pictures of the item the app gives if you click the arrow to the right of the name like corn or coffee. And when you start another list and put in an item you've used before, the picture comes up. Big bonus, if you've gone overboard on spending, you can put some items back for next time!


Love this app!  Ghellsten  5 star

Easy to understand how it works. Let's you check off items no longer needs or delete them. And you can group items into categories. Well worth the upgrade fee!


Pretty great  mamabirdsarah  4 star

This makes it so easy to shop! Only reason I did t give it five stars is that it's missing a bit of what I would consider fairly normal items and has some pretty odd ones. You can add in your own which works fine, but the listed items are a little lacking in some areas.


Muy util  Yunqueman  4 star

Muy buena para hacer la lista de compras.


Major flaw  AcornMan  2 star

I spent hours researching shopping apps and thought I finally had a winner, but it has one inexplicable flaw that makes the whole thing practically worthless: When you're done shopping, you can't simply empty your cart, check out, or otherwise remove the items you purchased. All you can do is archive the list, which seems pointless, or delete each item individually, which is a huge hassle. Fix that major flaw and the app will be nearly perfect.

Rangachari Anand

Very useful  Rangachari Anand  5 star

I recently switched to this app from another grocery list app and am really enjoying it. The bar code scanner feature is fairly useful. Hopefully it will get better as more people contribute data. I also like the multiple views of the shopping list available. Adding new items can be a little involved but it's worth the effort


Loving the app!!  Tanker  5 star

After trying out several different apps I have this one a try. The custom feature, I love. Didn't take long to use up the free custom but I knew by then that this is the app I been looking for. I went ahead and paid for the upgrade and haven't been able to put it down. Great app!

Kung-fu Chess Master

Sadly enough I wish this was a five star app  Kung-fu Chess Master  1 star

The bar scanner doesn't work; and the list that downloads doesn't even have a granola

Eds a girl name too

Impressive  Eds a girl name too  5 star

I'm really impressed with this app. The $ it will save you is serious! I could never keep track of the price of all the things my family uses and therefore I never knew if the price I saw on something was a good deal. Now I punch the cost per unit in my app and I'm ready to price compare anything- anywhere! Impressive. I really like it.


Great shopping list app  ApOfBeAnEx  4 star

I've tried lots of shopping list apps, but this it the one I use all the time for: grocery, hardware, cosmetics, etc. Super easy to add an item if not already in the list. I haven't tried all the features such as scanning and using photos, so I can't comment on their functionality.


Absolutely Love this App  Nvbarby  5 star

This app is awesome. I stay organized. Never forget anything and know exactly how much I'm spending on each trip. Helps me stay within my budget. Love this app!!!!


BEST Grocery App out there!  Shannon632678  5 star

Very easy to use & enter/compare prices at different stores. Also very easy to customize & it has never crashed during use. I've tried several grocery/list apps & I like this the best of them all

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