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IntelliList is an easy-to-use shopping list for all the family with NO recurring fees, NO monthly subscriptions, NO different plans, NO advertisements: if you want (and it isn't mandatory), you can unlock advanced features with a single one-time in-app purchase.

After 7 years of continuous development, tens of updates, 3 complete rewrites and thousands of installs, we pride ourselves on being the most advanced and yet the most easy-to-use shopping list app on the App Store.

● Browse hundreds of preloaded items, scan a barcode or insert your own items.
● Add a photo to your items and never be confused about what to buy.
● Reuse archived lists, add items to your favorites and browse your purchase history.
● Organize items in aisles, and change aisles order to suit your local store.
● Archive your lists to reuse them and to see statistics about your purchases (for example you can identify cheaper and most expensive stores, overall and grouped by aisles).
● For each item you can save all the prices you want and compare prices of various stores.
● Insert the package size, see the price per unit and easily compare item packs.
● See how much money you can save or waste for each list.
● Identify on the fly items you're paying too much thanks to color pricing.
● Share and synchronize your lists on multiple devices by enabling the Dropbox sync. Or send your lists via email, WhatsApp, SMS or iMessage.
● Backup your data to avoid data loss.
● Customize IntelliList by choosing among 19 color templates, 19 different icons and 20 fonts.
● Use IntelliList on all your devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch): it’s an universal app.

● 'Thanks to saved money I have already recovered the app cost' ∗∗∗∗∗
● 'I have been trying different apps to find a great shopping list, and now I've found it' ∗∗∗∗∗
● 'IntelliList is an uncluttered, well-organized shopping list that is surprisingly easy to navigate and use' ( ∗∗∗∗∗
● 'I don't see myself without this app' ∗∗∗∗∗

The base version lets you create or customize up to 25 items. To create or customize an unlimited number of items you can upgrade to the full version (with a one time in-app purchase).

The matching between barcodes/photos and items is managed in a social way, through the community of IntelliList users. Inevitably, in the beginning only few barcodes/photo will be recognized. But the more people use IntelliList, the better IntelliList will get.

If you have problems or suggestions please contact us via [email protected] (you can do this from within the app itself). We are not able to help you if you simply leave a comment on the App Store. We give the greatest importance to the quality and reliability of the application, and we will be happy to solve any problem.

IntelliList - Grocery Shopping List & Price Book App Description & Overview

The applications IntelliList - Grocery Shopping List & Price Book was published in the category Shopping on 2011-05-25 and was developed by Mario Zullo. The file size is 52.00 MB. The current version is 6.2.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

In a world where most of the apps require the subscription or registration to services, IntelliList remains one of the few apps to still release, after 7 years, free updates for all of its users :-)
If you like IntelliList and if you want to keep free updates coming please leave a review. It MEANS A LOT for us, really. Thank you! PS: if you have already left a review in the past you can repost or update it, and it will only take a moment.

● Alternative app icons! You can choose among 19 alternative app icons, one for each color template. Your Home screen will never be the same (iOS 10.3+ only).
● Archived lists: no more browsing among hundreds of archived lists, now you can search your archived lists by name.
● Aisles: no more browsing among tens of aisles, now you can search your aisles by name.
● Stores: no more browsing among tens of stores, now you can search your stores by name.
● Lists and in cart items: a lighter font is used for in cart items.

● Better support for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPad 2017.
● Dropbox SDK: migrated to the version 2 of the API (required a huge amount of work).
● Some minor bug fixes.

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IntelliList - Grocery Shopping List & Price Book Reviews


Auto loads 500 items  AndriaJones  2 star

I just downloaded this app. Even if it turns out to be the best app for tracking prices ever, it has earned 2 stars for loading 500 items as soon as I opened the app. I only want to track the staple items I track on a regular basis, but even for the hardcore couponer or penny pincher, I cannot imagine ever needing to track 15 types of pasta, 10 types of jam, or 20 types of beef. I will have to delete at least 90% of those items before the app is usable (and re-label many of the others). A few items to help someone get used to the app might be useful, but I have no clue why anyone thought 500 items was a good idea.

Busy I_mom

Great time saver and organizer  Busy I_mom  4 star

Helps keep me on track and make smart decisions.


Great app  SushiLe  4 star

This is a great app. I don't mind paying for it as I use it often. I would like to recommend being able to change the price per lb to any unit on the next update. Especially for packaged items. I would like to do price per item instead of price per lb for everything. Like if I bought case of packaged drinks, giving me price per lb is not very helpful. I'd rather see how much it costs me per bottle. And maybe I missed it, but I don't see where I input or set up my emails to be able to contact the team for suggestions, report bugs, etc. otherwise the app is great for my needs


Love this Simple & Versatile App  asai  4 star

At one point I wasn't sure I liked this App, but now I am loving it! I rated it 4 stars only because if items in the cart could move automatically to a panty list after check out, that would be 5 stars!!!!! I created 2 shopping list and one I labeled zPANTRY (z so this list would always be the last list) The shopping list is for 1. Need now and the other is need soon. You can scan the products and if someone else added it, all you have to do is put your store and price of the item. You can add different stores and their prices to compare them. There is a photo picture of your items. Tap the picture in the list and that is like a checked list, item is now in your check out. The total of the list and the total of the checkout appears at the top. Which is great when you are on a budget. The only minus here is tax is not added in checkout mode or I haven't figured that part yet. After I purchase everything, I remove them from checkout. Then I move them one by one, to my zPANTRY list. So now I have a list of products I have on hand. I know where I bought it and what it cost me. You can use this using generically named items. I like having a picture, the brand, the size, the quantity in the pack, the price. You can have the size by pieces, oz, gram, fl oz etc. so versatile! I am still learning the features, but I like what I have learned so far. They responded within a day from when I put in a request for a "how to". It wasn't the generic answer from their instructions either. Very, very helpful!!!


Superb grocery list app!  Kevin3333  5 star

I'm a happy customer that just transitioned from the Grocery Gadget rip off. I find IntelliList functionally superior in so many ways. If you haven't ditched Grocery Gadget, you should do so now and make the transition to IntelliList. Update: I'm so impressed with this app and the company's committment to its customers through continued app improvements. For shopping lists, this is the best app.


An ok app, needs improvement  Scarletfbl  4 star

Updated May 12, 2017: I realize why the app was requiring that I get pictures from moments - if the file size is too big, the picture gets stored in a different area that the app can't get to. A minor annoyance, but now that I realize what's going on, it's easy to get around. I've come to appreciate what the app can do. It's earned another star from me. One issue I have noticed is that if I enter something by weight, it doesn't matter the increment, it all gets added up to lbs. I don't know if I'm missing something, or if this is the default. Old review: I like the concept of the app. It's really helpful, but some things still need to be improved before I'm willing to pay the $4.99 for the full version. Such as: The app taking photos from moments, instead of the main photo area. Meaning it will only allow you to install live pictures for items instead of, say, a nice picture of the item off the Internet.


Flexible, useful  Puter_Guy  5 star

Great little app, and it keeps getting better as people use it. Almost everything I scan at Costco anymore is already in the system. I'd like two features that I've seen in other apps: 1) A "Duplicate" item so that if you find it at one store it is marked off your other lists. There is currently a "Copy" that is handy, but the items aren't linked. 2) A calculator on the price field. Sometimes it is needed depending on units.


Great, Solid, Syncs Well, Data Helps You Efficiently Shop  KonaHIMike  5 star

I used to use GroceryG (liked it but had to look for replacement when it depreciated). I had seen a few featured as free promos that I had already looked at -- but really good shopping apps are few and far between. With some research found this one and the demo lets you take it for a spin. This one does have the odd programming that once you are done shopping the list can't be re-set like we'd think you could. But for me, I used that oddness to establish my own process: first, to visit each item and check prices to my receipts; second, then I either keep in the cart if I'll need it next shopping trip or I "move" it to a "count list". This is 5 minutes of work but also keeps my items ready to look over before next trip by putting them into count lists when checking prices. By being able to look at the count lists -- I can be extra sure we don't forget something we are out of. I have a count list for the freezer, for foods on the shelf, for foods in the pantry -- I just check in the areas that fit my house and way we store things. We also have count lists for such things as camping and for hardware needs, etc. I am sure if I were not looking at the receipts (to click the items off the active list) I would not keep my data up to date otherwise -- and I am amazed how many times prices are inched up a few cents several times a year even by those places that claim so loudly they are slashing prices daily (yeah right!). So this software, has made me keep the data up to date and I am a much more informed & better shopper because if it. I am often surprised when I discover what I would think would be a "warehouse" bargain turns out to be just a big overpriced pitch -- but if it were not for me sitting down with my receipts & keeping the info up to date I would never know. This software shows me the cost breakdown by ounces or pounds -- something the other softwares before, although perhaps faster to click and dismiss also were enabling me to spend extra and never know it. I can check -- while shopping -- if a product is a higher price from the other stores I've bought from (or I know the prices and entered) -- and yes, I do have "online" lists which in some cases can save me $10-$50 if I can wait! This software has remained solid over these many months (since March 2017) I've used it, syncs well between devices, and was well worth the upgrade fee is the way I see it. You may have to adapt a bit, but it is really in your best interest to put this to work for you, as your data will reveal information to save you lots of money, if you take the bit of effort to use it!


Love this app!  Oochicka  5 star

This app really keeps me organized!


Love it!!!  MaryKiss  5 star

Easy to used, easy to use and you cans add any item. What it makes it fun are the color pictures!!!! Just love it.

Alex de Boese

Wonderful Alpha stage product that developer wants to be paid for  Alex de Boese  1 star

It's very very difficult to believe any of the other reviews on here are honest. I paid the money, because I thought the shills were actually honest reviewers. Instead, I have a non functional app. I'm able to enter in about 3 products before it freezes up and doesn't allow a price to be entered. This keeps it from working properly for recording items. Besides this, there's a scanning feature that I guess is supposed to recall items that you've photographed the UPC of. This doesn't work at all. And I'm coming from a background in development which has had exposure to inventory management. This guy apparently thinks it's cool to rip people off. I'm not really amused by the amazing level of bs here.

iRetired 2007

Use it ALL the time!  iRetired 2007  5 star

I love this app because I can sort by store and then by grocery aisle and move one item on the list to a different store. It is well worth the IAP (Yes I paid for the IAP)


Love It!  RiverValleyRiverValley  5 star

Tried a dozen or 2 shopping and todo list apps and this is by far the best, easiest, and most comprehensive. Especially useful since app is linked on both iphone and ipad so I can type and select on ipad large keyboard and then go shopping with iphone. Info and backups kept on Dropbox but would like it on either Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive since free dropbox space limited compared to what I have on other 2. Lots of features not available on other apps. VERY quick support response with very personable and helpful info.


Excellent app  Angelw2babies  5 star

This app is exactly what I've been looking for. Customer support is prompt and helpful.


Great Grocery Shopping App!  Swami46  5 star

This really does it all. I love it.


Great app!  Jarmitz  5 star

I just started using this app and I love it! I've been using grocery apps for a long time but this is definitely my favorite!


Pretty great!  DrBeeMe  5 star

When Grocery Gadget went "kaput, " I was desperately looking for a comparable app. Look no further. This works, and it's free!


Excellent List App!  _KEM_  5 star

With this update which was released very soon after my initial review I wanted to get this update posted. Due to a bug I originally gave this app 1 star but stated it would have been 5 stars if it weren't for the one issue. I wrote to support and this release came out within 2 weeks and my issue has been addressed. Now I can say I highly recommend this app for anyone looking for a powerful and well designed list management tool. I have purchased and tested nearly every app in this category it falls in a very small group that I categorize as best in class for serious list management.


Perfect for me !  AmberMcCrea  5 star

Love love this app! I have tried a lot of different grocery apps to help me keep things organized and my brain at peace . This app is that ! Love the features, such as , it gives you totals , so you know how much you will be spending at the store ! As well as you are able to add different stores , pictures , prices and so much more !

David DLP

Review  David DLP  5 star

Probably my favorite app. Would like to be able to print my shopping list.

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