Countdown‼ (Event Reminders and Timer)

Count down to your next event - your next vacation, your favorite band’s concert, the next movie premiere, your child's graduation, your anniversary, and more - in style!


• WIDGET: Quickly view your Countdowns in real-time with iOS 8! Just tap “Edit” in the Notification Center and add Countdown.

• FLEXIBLE UNITS: Years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and even heartbeats! (e.g. "3 months 14 mins" or "56713 heartbeats")

• DRAG the Countdown DISPLAY wherever you want.

• 5 FREE FILTERS for background photos!

• Use YOUR OWN PHOTOS as the background, including INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK PHOTOS!

• Flip through your BACKGROUND PHOTOS while counting down.

• Set your own MUSIC for each Countdown.

• Customizable FONTS, font colors and background colors for the Countdown display.

• Create Countdowns from your FACEBOOK EVENTS!

• REMINDERS for your events.

• TAG your FRIENDS when sharing your Countdown on Facebook.

• SHARE a live Countdown or a screenshot of your Countdown with FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER or EMAIL.

• Count down to ANNIVERSARIES that repeat every year. (e.g. “25 days until my 10th anniversary!”)

• COUNT UP from past events. (e.g. “21 days since…”)

• SMART TOOLBAR is hidden until you tap on the screen; more screen space for your Countdowns.

• Works in PORTRAIT and LANDSCAPE mode.


=== Premium Features ===

+ Your OWN PHRASE - “the concert of the year”, “little pumpkin’s dance performance”, “we board the plane”.

+ FRAMES and FILTERS for background photos!

+ Create Countdowns from your CALENDAR EVENTS!

+ MULTIPLE Countdowns (and rearrange them as you like!).

+ BADGE COUNTDOWN - View how many days until your event on the Countdown app icon.

+ SLIDESHOW mode of background photos, with different animation styles and speeds!

+ PREMIUM background photos.

Make each second count!

Countdown‼ (Event Reminders and Timer) App Description & Overview

The applications Countdown‼ (Event Reminders and Timer) was published in the category Lifestyle on 2011-04-19 and was developed by Sevenlogics, Inc.. The file size is 77.52 MB. The current version is 4.2.5 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fix

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😊  Jochip2016  5 star

Love this App! I use it for several countdowns including my maybe retirement in a few years.


The worst  Crozet_Jay  1 star

Spam the to the max. Tricky links to countless other apps. Interface practically unusable.

Terry bowers

Like it  Terry bowers  5 star

A good countdown app. Lots of ways to personalize.


Badge icon doesn't work  Bishme42  1 star

I purchased premium specifically for the badge icon and it does NOT work!

k dailey

Stopped working out of no where  k dailey  2 star

I love this app and have been using it for almost 5 years. I've been trying to open it recently and it immediately shuts down and closes the app. I haven't been able to get in for QUITE sometime now. I keep looking for updates or answers and haven't seen any. I'm really bummed too because this is by far one of my favorite apps I have. Someone PLEASE fix it!!


Don't install it  Esancce  1 star

It gave me a virus on my phone 😡


T.c-H  T-C.H  5 star

This is the best app for a countdown! Being able to have pictures and music is great!


App itself works great - annoying ads  AmyDoodleDee  3 star

The app has a variety of features. It's functions are simple and easy to use, exactly what I was looking for. The only downfall is the ads that continuously run across the top of your picture and ruin the look of the countdown screen. I want to be excited of my upcoming event not reminded to shop at Whole Foods Market.


It says free but charged me $1.99  Stacymomof2  1 star

The app says it is free but still charges my card $1.99... I didn't buy any extras or any of the other stuff... it's just a countdown, I would have went for one that is actually free...


Exciting  ponyprance  5 star

I love this app so much because it's a countdown for an upcoming and exciting event that u want to track. I really like how u can change the background picture to what relates to ur event. You can also put the countdown on the news side of your phone when you go on he lock screen and swipe left, it's there too if add it!! All in all it's a really fun app if u want to get yourself excited about your trip and event.

appstrader appstrader 3 star

Countdown to an Event!! (Timer and Reminders) EUR 3.49... #iOS


Good  ihjngu  5 star

This app is great


Amazing app-Ostrich  Gkjhdojr  5 star

This app is so cool and smart. It can tell you the amount of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and even heartbeats until an event.😃😃😃You should totally get it. I have had this app for three years and there has been nothing wrong with it at all.😁😁😁


Junk virus warnings and fake shopping sprees  Hachter  1 star

I like the Countdown app but it has links to spam and ransomware. If you leave the app open spam webpages and virus warnings begin opening up. I've won $1000 for a Walmart shopping spree several times now. Once while this app was open a web page telling me that my phone had viruses on it came up and there was a link to click on to pay to have the viruses removed. Both the Walmart and the virus page had a timer telling me how much time I had to act. I didn't fall for either ploy. Would be a great app without this junk!


Awesome  Lagnut  5 star


Nicole Thill

Like it  Nicole Thill  4 star

It is really fun to use


Countdown to Moving!!!  LovelyLyssidee  4 star

The app is a great however all the add ons is why I have it 4 stars. I would have liked to make the countdown my screensaver or even put it on Facebook but I wasn't going to pay for that. Otherwise, I like it and it's accurate but it's nothing too spectacular.

Sarcasm Severed 24/7

No Stars Terrible  Sarcasm Severed 24/7  1 star

Worst app ever! Don't download eww nasty I wanna barf it's so bad


it's a countdown app  EvanH01  5 star

its a countdown app.... and it counts down. what more could you need?


Stuck  Kwigibo  1 star

Started a countdown Cool background, neat font Plans changed and I needed to edit the countdown a bit .... I can edit the font or the background picture but I can't delete, edit or even delete to start a new countdown. No menus. Nothing. Just a screen with a pic and the countdown il stuck with to a date I'm no longer using. Lame :/

kike coshi

Nop to much add 😒  kike coshi  1 star

every 5 sec. there is a F**king add

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