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Planimeter measures distances and land areas on maps.

Measure your outdoor projects - lawns, fences, paving, or anything else visible on the satellite map. Quickly measure lot sizes and buildings. Contractors can easily measure landscaping, paving, asphalt, flat roofs and more.

Measure fields, circular regions, paths and perimeters. Add markers to pinpoint locations.

“Planimeter is the essential distance mapping app.” —, Distance Mapping AppGuide

Planimeter supports imperial and metric units.

Planimeter — Measure Land Area App Description & Overview

The applications Planimeter — Measure Land Area was published in the category Productivity on 2011-03-13 and was developed by Core Signals. The file size is 50.27 MB. The current version is 4.2 and works well on 10.3 and high ios versions.

• Performance improvements
• Improved compatibility with iOS 11
• Optimized for iPhone X

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Planimeter — Measure Land Area Reviews


Outstanding app!  Rodrael  5 star

Invaluable resource for our business ! Use it multiple times each day! Couldn’t do without it !


R  Daddyrabbitt51  5 star

Great app does every thing I want to do


*Update*  BoneQuest  5 star

I received a response from an email to the company and they resolved the issue, the half moon option switches to a different map, weird but it worked. Anyways, the customer service was quick and spot on, awesome! Bought this app for the ease of measuring and getting bids together, however the old outdated maps are not working well for me with all the new builds going on in my area. Just down the road is a building that was constructed, they started breaking ground on it 5 years ago and there is zero of that in the outdated maps. Just an example but still a real problem imo.

Just trying to Rate

So Disappointed  Just trying to Rate  2 star

I thought I could use this app to physically walk out measurements, and it is WAY OFF. I am measuring the 50’x30’ rectangular tent at one of our seasonal retail locations. I just walked the perimeter, dropping a pin at each of the 12 support posts. This app made the rectangular tent look like a 12 point asymmetrical star or something. I needed to measure the tent to set up our tables and displays, starting at the tent and moving outward on the property. I guess I’ll have to go back to the old fashioned way we’ve done it for years and years. 😕 I rated it a 2 instead of a 1 because at least the app can be used to measure an area with a location address. This doesn’t help us since the tent is never placed in the same exact spot.


E M  Earlylate  4 star

This is one of the best apps of its kind. The capability is incredible and allows for most of my needs. This includes things like having multiple shapes colors and more. On the down side, it would be nice if you had more options for showing notes and presenting measurements. Another major issue is the inability to export maps to another device or a sync feature so my maps would be current on all my devices. The only other thing I can think of is the maps offered in this program are not as current as some of the other apps I use. Not a big deal overall but worth mentioning.


Aggie  dragonfang5  5 star

The app is great. I thank you guy for it, and waiting for and up grade!


Must Have.  Verifier  5 star

Great app for a Contractor.


Amazing  riverrat15  5 star

I purchase to measure yard for landscape material. Then I realized if I had a location it works anywhere. I live in farm country so I can now see how many acres a particular farm field is.


Awesome App. 1 suggestion  Wilber12345  5 star

This is the best app out there for measuring and and marking tracks of land. I use it to map out agricultural features, potential sites for housing and ponds, and for hunting purposes. It has the potential to be the best mapping/surveying app for iOS. If the app designers added options for parcel info and boundaries, as well as historical imagery, and soil maps, I would be willing to pay $50 or more. For this app. With that said, it’s current utility is well worth the money.

T from KY

Helpful app  T from KY  4 star

Helpful app. Wish it had the ability to tag items such as barns, deer stands and such. The new ability to move and delete pin locations is very nice.

Ronny Tolhurst

Great farming aid  Ronny Tolhurst  5 star

I use Planimeter to help measure new fence lines, work out areas for paddocks to determine fertiliser amounts, and good for getting a rough measurement on building sizes. Also use when buying more land - great tool for checking physical acreage matches actual land title size.


Plain meter  Markotherockstar  5 star

Great software! Really accurate and does a good job. Seriously impressed with this app. Don't normally write reviews but this one is worth it.


Easy to use  Skippy.30  4 star

Recommend if using to plan purchasing large parcel of land


Brilliance ,greatest time saver ever !  Austy12349  5 star

Thanks Andrew , the update is even better than the first

Helicopter Ag

Planimeter is a must have.  Helicopter Ag  5 star

I give it a solid 8/10. As a full time Agricultural Pilot I find this App near perfect! So many time I'v flown into a farm looking at the paddocks I will be spraying (or fertilise) and thinking to my self, Old farmer Joe has to be kidding me if he thinks that paddock is only 50 hectares? And so under his watchful eye, I run around the paddock with Planimeter and it confirms the paddock is 58.5 hectares? (In a 2D picture) So then old mate has a choice to make? I'm loving this App and it's newer features? I like the fact I can now have multiple paddocks marked out on the one page? I then can allocate different colours for different mixes for that client. I like how I can have multiple pages, and can name each one so each of our clients get their own map and it makes it easier to come back to every 10-14 days to do it all again and share with other people. Down Side... I would like to be able to put my maps in their own folders for each of our seasons work. So I can open a folder and view all my clients maps? State, type of work, clients. Folder A, has South Australia's 50 Potato/Carrot clients maps. Folder B, has Victoria's 50 Potato clients maps. Folder C, has Forestry paddocks done in NSW. Etc Etc. I would also like to be able to send each map to the printer and it print off the view I send. Anyway, all good so far... 😁👍🏼


John  RVFS  4 star

I use this to measure areas for weed spraying and it is great. Also use it to measure fence lines.


Easy to use  Farmer17hmrJones  4 star

Easy to use it could do with the option of marking out another area instead of been limited to just one and the option of measuring acres with meters/ha with feet.. We use it for paddock size for sowing spraying and also mapping out and planning of farm fencing and tree blocks lane ways etc good app would be better with those options happy with it so far 🚜🚜


Good App  !gordo  4 star

I use the app to map out fence lines on property to work out fencing costs. I also use it to work out different options for fencing from the quiet of home. App works very well, good to have options of measurement when talking to different generations. Would like to be able to pan in/out of a saved map. Easy to use.


Ag service provider  52_Joe  4 star

Planimeter is great I use it all the time and it saves a lot of time


Thank you so much  Mibr6618  5 star

Glad you included the google maps option! Great fix


Exactly what I need!  JJ1C13  5 star

This app provides me with exactly what I need. Very accurate and simple to use. Keep it up!

Scott Bowen

Planometer  Scott Bowen  5 star

great little app; I use it a lot to calculate distance, perimeter & sq. ft. also handy to get an aerial view.

Thompson 3

User  Thompson 3  5 star

Like the app but why won't it allow me to save appropriate name to a saved map only lets me save untitled maps


Update  Shiner720  4 star

This app needs to be updated !!!!!


Great App  Ninemile  5 star

It's a must have if your construction. Great Tool

Jay Houck

Great app but could use a change  Jay Houck  4 star

Really love the App but is it possible to do more than one measurement on one screen? It would be great and 5 star, if this was possible

Adds ills

Don't waste your money  Adds ills  1 star

Just took a measuring tape and made a square in the field. Then used the app to check the area. Clicked on the first corner then the mid point then the second corner continued the same process until completing the square. The result looked like two triangles smashed together and the area was no where close. Wish I could get my money back.


Very disappointing  LesDal  2 star

It's fine if all you need is a single distance or the area of a piece of land, but they didn't put much effort into it. You can't even name your saved projects.


Great for custom operators  Dg19760910  5 star

Works well for outlining fields and sharing with equipment operators. Quick and easy to use


Lost plats & bombs w my iPhone 6s+  Jgh590  2 star

Irksome! The program lost 1 of my best plats (took me hrs of walking), and it crashes back to the background each time I open it on my 6s+. When it works, good.


Plantimeter  PancPanchdeburca  5 star

Brilliant app and real easy to use

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