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NCAA March Madness Live App Description & Overview

What is ncaa march madness live app? Get ready for March Madness Live on the Official App of the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament.

Watch NCAA Men’s live college basketball games, highlights, in-depth analyses, classic games and more on demand with NCAA March Madness Live. You'll get access to exclusive NCAA March Madness content as you prepare for the Selection Show on March 12 at 6PM ET on CBS.

Keep up with every NCAA March Madness game. College basketball games are just a tap away – watch NCAA Men's basketball games live on your Apple device starting March 14. Enjoy 3 hours of free preview for games on TBS, TNT, and TruTV, and unlimited free viewing on CBS!

Compete in the Capital One NCAA March Madness Men’s Bracket Challenge – use the bracket creator and lock in your brackets before March 16th to play.

After Selection Sunday, tune in and stream your picks’ games as they happen; keep up with live college basketball scores and watch highlights at any time. Get personalized bracket alerts and daily results, stream NCAA Men’s basketball games and find out how you rank.

With NCAA March Madness Live, you’ll never miss a game-changing moment. Follow all the latest in NCAA Men's basketball scores and updates.

Download NCAA March Madness Live today!

= NCAA March Madness Live Features =

Stream Live Men’s NCAA Basketball Games:
• Watch DI Men's Basketball Championship live and catch all 67 games across CBS, TBS, TNT, and truTV starting March 14 on your Apple devices
• Log in with your TV provider after the free 3-hour preview ends to continue watching (paid TV subscription required for games broadcast on TBS, TNT, and truTV; CBS games do not require a paid TV subscription)
• Live games and video are only available in the US, its Territories and Bermuda
• AirPlay or Cast live basketball games and VOD to your TV

Watch March Madness Fast Break:
• Catch all the biggest basketball moments from the first and second rounds
• Watch live college basketball games with all-around coverage
• Get exclusive live look-ins at the biggest basketball games
• Watch March Madness highlights instantly
• Live college basketball game commentary & analysis throughout March Madness

Never Miss a Moment:
• Listen to live radio broadcasts for all 67 games - now available on CarPlay
• Watch March Madness Live exclusive VOD content - classic games, in-depth analysis, highlights, and behind-the-scenes features
• Live March Madness Live basketball game notifications for upsets, overtime games, close games, and your favorite college basketball teams
• NCAA basketball scores tab gives you current scores, stats, and the Official Bracket

Play the Capital One NCAA March Madness Men’s Bracket Challenge:
• Fill out your brackets by March 16 to play with millions of other fans like you
• Challenge your friends & family in public and private groups
• Use Matchup Analysis to get an edge when filling out your bracket
• Compete against celebrities to see who has the best bracket
• Get personalized bracket alerts
• View your picks right from the Home tab

Play the NCAA March Madness Men’s Tournament Run:
• Select teams at the start of the tournament while staying under your budget
• Your teams gain value when they win, getting more points for beating better teams
• Buy & sell teams between after every game
• Compete with friends & family in public and private groups
• Climb the NCAA Tournament Run leaderboards!

Watch on Apple TV:
• Live stream games on Apple TV after games start on March 14
• Use your device to stream two games at once with Multigame
• Register your college basketball tournament bracket on mobile and watch your picks play on TV
• Watch DI Men's Basketball Championship games & on demand content any time

*Use the mobile tournament bracket maker, enter the Capital One NCAA March Madness Men’s Bracket Challenge, watch live games and follow every development in the tournament – download NCAA March Madness Live to experience all things March Madness!

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App Name NCAA March Madness Live
Category Sports
Updated 20 March 2023, Monday
File Size 118.23 MB

NCAA March Madness Live Comments & Reviews 2023

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Can’t tell yet🤔. You mainly can’t do anything except for make and join groups (I joined the Mississippi State official group, of course). From what I can tell, it’s a well developed app. In the groups, I think you’ll be able to make bracket projections and get points for each game you get right (points increase each round) which seems extremely cool to me. You can also make your group private and only share your password with friends. Pretty interesting concept.

Convenient but super glitchy. I love that I can watch all the games on one app but for streaming purposes it has been SO GLITCHY for me (it’s literally glitching on me as I type this). I use Google Home to cast and the stream has buffered, frozen or disconnected the game I’m watching countless times to the point where I have force restart the app and/or re-cast, which is especially annoying when I’m closely following a game. Switching from one game to another is also not very streamlined. I used this app last year (2022) and don’t recall having this many issues with it so it’s just been frustrating these last few days constantly having to deal with these glitches

Let me pay to CAST GAMES. Great great app. Like that I can watch on my phone BUT as someone who doesn’t have cable (and won’t get it just for the tourney) it’d be nice if I could just pay a flat $20 or something to be able to CAST the games onto my chromecast. You have to sign into a tv provider to cast, but if I had cable why would I be casting?? people will always find a way to stream it illegally so just give them a legit way to pay a fair flat rate for tourney access to all games. Other than that great app. Great articles and the UX design is really well thought out. Love being able to customize my own stats and see how the teams stack up under MY insights to what’s important. V cool.

App is very useful but has one HUGE flaw. I’d like to start this by saying this app is super convenient and useful during the ncaa basketball tournament. I would rate it 5 stars expect for one huge flaw. When a game finishes, the app is designed so that it gives you menu of other games to chose from to watch next. This seems convenient except it does this WHILE THE GAME YOU ARE WATCHING IS NOT FINISHED. So let’s say you’re watching the end of a very close game, there’s 20 seconds on the game clock, and the ball was just passed in. The clock starts ticking and … opp, the app kicks you out of the game and here are some other games you can watch. This is super annoying and takes away from all of the good things this app has to offer because this “feature” happens at the most important point of a game ,and you can’t turn it off or do anytime about it other than try to get back to the game you were watching as quickly as possible. Hopefully this can be changed, but until that happens, 2 star rating from me.

Decent app, but what’s the point of logging in with TV provider?. With the exception of being able to watch “unlimited” coverage, what is the point of logging in with your tv provider? You are still forced to watch one of the title sponsor ads prior to seeing the game. Which means you could potentially miss the end of a game because of an ad. Only other issue is that you cannot watch CBS games if you use the Apple TV version of the app. They claim you can watch 4 games at once, but that’s not completely true.

Inconsistent. There are times it works terrible no matter what my signal is or my WiFi strength. The performance has decreased significantly from 2 years ago. Especially the feature where it shows the scores of the other 3 games and you can click on it to watch that game instead. Where with this year’s version, I have to go to a different app to check the scores or I have to stop watching the game and check the scores, and hope that when I want to go right back to watching the same game, that it loads in time.

Full screen viewing instructions not at all clear. No idea how to watch full screen video which really detracts from experience. I see logos for NCAA sponsors and controls allowing casting to other devices when watching on phone but no options to watch video full screen. Instructions on how to do it don’t seem correct or applicable. Update 3/24 pm - response from developer solved the issue and the app works beautifully. Thanks very much! Review updated to 5 stars.

KY Fan who cut the chord still looooving the Madness!. Easy to use. Great highlights and other videos. Nice touch w option of seeing the stats while watching the game. I live in Nashville now and use an antenna. So far, so good on Kentucky games. (Watched on phone while running errands and from my bed). I just saw where it says I have “2 hours 16 minutes etc” left for viewing. Is this true? Bc I’m going to need that Sweet 16 game and hopefully more. Is there a way to pay per view or subscription for the games? Please tell me I’m mistaken!

March Madness Live. A very good app allowing you to do many things like make multiple brackets, join leagues, check scores, and ultimately watch games for free. Although one thing I would change is to allow people to watch games without only being able to watch a total of 3 hours throughout March Madness unless you log into your TV provider which can be unfair to kids because they might not know what it is. But otherwise it is a nice family friendly app allowing people to enjoy college basketball.

Awesome app. I download this app every year around March from completing however many brackets you want to watching the games live this app lets you do it all and if there’s games you miss you can go back and watch the highlights and excitement surrounding March madness you can follow your favorite team or teams as they progress through the bracket there’s even a point system with how many picks you got right and you can rank yourself among the groups your bracket is in your bracket will always be a bust after the first round but overall this app is amazing

App Now Non-Functional On Older Apple Products. This used to be a great app for watching games on mobile, but its latest update now requires users to be running iOS 14 or later. The same product on the App Store notifies users of this fact as well, but will let users DL/run the last compatible version of the app. However, upon opening the older version of the app, users are soft-locked out of the experience due to the ‘Update’ window which cannot be dismissed. As such, the app is now unusable for me (and I would expect/suspect other legacy Apple customers as well) gets one star. Hopefully the dev(s) see this and fix the issue with a future update—if so, I’ll gladly revise my score upwards.

Won’t stay connected to Airplay. The CBS stream on the app won’t stay connected to Airplay. I’ve watched nearly every CBS game on the app, and each of the hundred times I’ve tried to connect to my TV via Airplay on multiple devices, it disconnects after a few seconds every time. I’ve officially watched more Capital One and “You need to try it first” Coke Zero commercials than actual basketball. The problem doesn’t end there. Even when trying to connect via HDMI, the video shuts off. As someone who pays for Cable and can access the CBS games on my phone, and even pays for Paramount+, but not enough of the premium level to watch it via Roku, this is incredibly frustrating. How much do I need to pay CBS to be able to access these games on my TV? It feels like CBS is trying to intentionally disrupt my experience to either watch more ads or pay them even more outside of Cable and Paramount+ to access the CBS games on a devise larger than 5 inches across.

Stop with ads at end of game. Can’t stand that they take you to there 15 second commercials even when there is less than a minute left in the game. Also you could have just watched an ad and want to watch the last thirty seconds of a diff game and you MUST watch another and you miss 15 of the last thirty. Just make me watch two commercials at the start of the next one. Whomever came up with that idea is clearly on the financial side and has never watched the last thirty seconds of a b-ball game. Other than that little hiccup the rest of the APP is great and easy to use.

It’s OK but where are the percentiles?. I’ve used this app for several years and I appreciate the efforts to improve it over time. Some things are worse this year: First, percentiles are gone from the leaderboard. The rank means little to me as I don’t know how many are entered and I have no realistic chance of winning. I was happy before to shoot for a high percentile score. Now I don’t have that information. Secondly, on the leaderboard the rank numbers are not readable because they are cut off on both sides, on my iPhone SE display. Third, scrolling around in my brackets is jerky and awkward.

Best NCAA Tournament App. I could say so much about this app. But I’ll start with this: it’s so easy to watch games live on this app, and If you miss the game, or just wanna watch highlights they have a short version of the game. The app also has a video section where you could watch videos about March Madness and the individual teams. They also give you bracket advice. Out of all the NCAA Tourney apps this is the best. The only thing I think this app needs is an archive section where you could view previous tournaments, and watch those games highlights.

Major issues casting to tv. Trying to cast the app to a chromecast is an absolute nightmare. If you start the video on your phone first and then try to cast to your tv, it fails 100% of the time. So then you try casting first to the tv then selecting the game. If the game is in a commercial break when you select the game, your chromecast will show you’re in a commercial break which you you’ll never come out of it. Basically one out of every two commercial breaks, the stream will freeze on a commercial and will never fix itself. It’s basically impossible to cast more than 20 mins of video to your tv without having to go back into app and recasting.

March Madness app. In years past I swore I would never use the app again. I used it again this year because it came down to my last and only option for viewing the March madness. I still don’t understand the “your time has expired”. It seemed each device had its own time limit. After exhausting the living room tv and the bedroom tv I was left with my phone. I started watching the Baylor game early. It was before your app emblem appeared over my cbs icon. I turned off at half time. When I tried to get back on, not allowed. I was livid. One last option was to try your MM app again. I did and it worked. Yes, the app that said I timed out last time is now working again.

Too many ads. Decent streaming app, had sone minor buffering issues but overall works fine. However, I’m giving it 2 stars because it makes you watch an ad every time you switch “channels”. So if there are multiple close games going on, it’s virtually impossible to quickly flip between them because you get the dumb ad every time. I saw NMSU and Auburn were within 1 point with 1 second left so I tried to switch to watch the ending. I missed it because I had to sit through a 30 second ad before it would show the live action. It plays all the ads during the normal commercial breaks, so I think it’s completely unacceptable to also throw in these extra ones, especially when they interfere with actually watching the games.

A laughably poor experience. As a product manager, the best thing about this app is how it makes me feel about myself and my prior work as a point of comparison. Both the decisions and execution driving the user experience this year scream mismanagement and a fundamental misunderstanding of industry standards and best practices. There is no PIP functionality, despite it essentially being a freebie via the operating system. Users are also unable to pause game video. I can only assume both of these decisions were made to force users to watch more preroll, which is required every time the feed is stopped as a result of the app being put in the background. The feed is in chronological order, so the oldest post is at the top. Users are never brought to the bottom of the feed, where they would find the most recent and more relevant content. The top and bottom posts in the feed are semi-obscured by some sort of vignette for... reasons? There is no multi view option, despite this being arguably the most relevant event in the world for such a feature to exist. Even the player control UI - something as simple as the design for active and inactive states on closed captions - is horribly implemented. I feel bad for the teams who worked on this and were either clearly not given the time and tools to succeed, or were in way over their heads. It’s a serviceable app, but in no way is this a product that values the user’s experience.

Fun for everyone. Where do I start? This app will fill you with joy as you scroll the bracket and it will make you smash your phone when you realize that you will never get a perfect bracket. It is like watching a sad movie. It starts and everybody is happy until something bad happens. In this case it would be your team losing to an underdog. It’s a roller coaster of emotions. I use this app everyday, even when there is no college basketball on. This app is perfect for you and your family. You will have memories for the rest of your life’s from this app. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. This app is amazing!!!!

Doesn’t the NCAA want viewers?. Depending on where you live in the country, you may not have access to all of the cable companies that the big cities do. We have fubo which is fine, but it does not have TNT or TBS or TRU TV. Acquiring those channels for live broadcasts should be stupidly simple, but it is not. I do not have a service to which I can add the channels. So once the free trial expires, so does my viewing. The NCAA site and app are fine but the free trial period is annoying and needless. The NCAA can share viewing data with the stations which they can use to sell ads for next year. Also, the site and the app have a conflict with multiple brands of smart TVs. The game plays for half a second and then a notice pops up that says the broadcast is incompatible. Obviously it is compatible or you couldn’t see it for even the half second. Tech is supposed to make our lives easier and more fulfilling. The tech related to this tournament does neither.

Incredibly well-designed app. Out of all the many places I get my sports content, this might be the best for what it does. It’s very, very easy to stream games live, and if you didn’t catch the game, they do have the condensed version of the game and highlights to watch to keep yourself up to date. There’s also game previews for upcoming games, loads of stats, articles, and videos about a variety of March Madness topics, and just a really streamlined and convenient user experience overall. My one request is for the ability to keep the live stream of the game going after you exit the app, as is possible when I stream with the ESPN or NBA apps. If this had that, it would be perfect. One that I always make sure to download the second week of March for every edition of the tourney.

Cannot log in to cable provider. This app would be great, but it is not allowing me to log on to my cable provider. All I get is the limited preview. I do not think it is a provider issue because none of the provider links work. There is just a spinning wheel. Update Turns out my iOS settings had signed out of my TV provider account. Once I signed back in in the iOS settings, everything works. Still, the app says that you can sign in with a provider in Settings (within the app), but that does not work. I am changing my rating from one to four stars. It would be five stars if the TV Provider setting worked right!

This app is buggy & won’t work today!. *Zero stars if I could* Guys, you really need to fix your app. Your daily updates don’t always work, and in this case froze the app. Once I got it working again by deleting and reinstalling, the app says “there’s a connection problem” (there isn’t) or “there’s a problem with your pass (there isn’ even let me sign in and said I had done so successfully.) The games are down on the web too, so at least you’re consistent. When you’re consistently terrible though, maybe you shouldn’t be broadcasting a tournament that is beyond the scope of you can pull off. Or at least hire a good tech and software firm to put together your app-you can afford it. Since we’re stuck with you for now, could you PLEASE FIX THE APP so we can watch the madness instead of dealing with yours?

Ads are redundant and abundant. Let me preface this complaint with the fact that I have young kids and can’t listen to them complain while I watch games all day and have to let them watch some of their shows to give them a break. Why am I going to use an app to watch a game that I can watch on my tv when I have to watch the same 15 second ad over and over again before actually getting the game on. This is extremely annoying as I’m already watching the ads on the commercial breaks. But I continue to lose the feed due to some error and have to reopen the feed and watch the same 15 second ad again. STOP THE 15 SECOND AD! If that were gone, this would easily be a 5 star app.

Great For The Road!. I love this app, and I have used it every day since I got it! It’s great if you want to stream a game on the TV and another game, and it’s even better when you’re in the car, because you can watch a game instead of just being bored. My only complaint is that there is no place on here to stream the woman’s games. If only we could, because if so, this would be the best app in the world. Please do this soon because there’s no purpose to call it NCAA March Madness if it’s only the men’s games.

Please bring back replay. This app was amazing two years ago, then you got rid of replays, and they’re still missing. You can’t watch every single game live, there’s 16 on in each of the first two days! Don’t you think people would want to go back and watch the other games? Especially if they work since it starts on two work days? It was the best feature and you removed it, boggles the mind. You should have added a score hiding toggle, not removed replays argh. Also having to watch a 15s ad every time you turn it on or change the game is annoying, especially when it crashes a lot when casting it to your appletv. Speaking of which it crashes 5 times every time I try to restart it while casting to the appletv. Very frustrating and gotten worse over the years.

Freezes and forces another advertisement. This has happened for years. The video will freeze randomly and just show a “stop” button but never resume playing. So you have to click stop or back and then reload the video, which forces you to watch another advertisement. Been happening a lot especially when rotating view between portrait and landscape. The fact that the app has done this over the years, and across different iPhones I’ve owned, tells me it’s a purposeful design feature to get them more ad plays. The fact that we can watch so many games in the app is amazing. The fact that it freezes and forces a video ad on every video start is beyond frustrating.

App Changes. I use this app every year to stream through AirPlay from my iPad. This year's version is much more unstable. Also there is no way to watch ATT at the half. You get, "This event has ended" and when you go to the next game, it has not started. It was also unavailable on the Direct TV app. So frustrating. With changes in action, my set went off AirPlay and when I went back I had to watch commercials again. It was much better last year.

Horribly Buggy Compared To Past Years. The NCAA app has been completely worthless for me this year after using it previously for several years with no real issues. It's equally bad on my iPad Pro and iPhone 6S. The app constantly crashes, constantly asks me to log in with to cable provider, even after I just did and got a success message, constantly freezes and constantly gives me loading issues which only seem to be resolved by uninstalling the app and re-downloading it from the App Store. Even then, that only resolves it maybe half the time. I’ve even it had it freeze up on the AppleTV and require a reinstall. I’m done with it at this point. I really hope the dev team gets their act together for next year. Maybe they can take some notes in the off season from the team that works on the NBC Sports app. Their app worked flawlessly on all my devices during the Winter Olympics coverage last month. Kudos to them.

Perfect execution. This app is the best of any sports app I’ve ever used. You have it all in a crystal clear interface: schedule, scores, bracket, multiple games to watch live. Bracket view solves the problem of the small screen with a little diagram lower right to let you know where you are in the bracket. Tap on the bracket matchup and it takes you to a game screen with schedule for that game, etc. really well done. Thank you developers and March Madness for putting out a fantastic app!

I love the product it delivers but delivery needs improvement. I love that the app is here. I love March madness. It seems though the details get worse and worse every year especially using products in the Apple Eco system. Digital transitions when using AirPods are pretty bad. Pull an AirPod out and you’re more than likely going to have to watch yet another C.O. Credit card commercial with its sub par repetitive humor. Push the audio to you HomePod an lose the video on your phone. Plug your Mac to an extended big screen, it’s likely to freeze and ask for a restart of the video. One game ends and it’s ready to switch you to the next feed, in 3, 2, 1… video feed problem please restart. I don’t think I’ve seen that transition work one time this tourney. I’m here for it. It’s a good interface overall. I’m pro-March madness app. I love the push notifications (unless I’m behind for some reason). I’m gonna download it and use it every year. I’m just not going to trust it enough to make any normally easy digital transitions that any app should be able to make with ease, especially in the big moments of a game.

This years version is the best. I have used this app for years and this years update is the best. The addition of the channels to the app will bring more eyeballs to MM Live. After the tournament ends, please don’t get rid of the classic games channel, bracket TV, and The One Shining Moment Channel. Months after the tourney ends people like myself will want to watch classic tournament games from years past. Please keep those channels all year long. Thank you and have a great day.

Keep going strong!. I have used this app for three years and have found it invaluable. Stuck waiting for a train home, I had the game. Connectivity to tv thru AirPlay or adapter was never faulty and if I had to take a call and leave the app, I came right back to the game in real time. Having game highlights that stay up several days for missed games is great too! If this app is not working, you prolly have an old phone or live in a poor signal area. The update for this app loads fast and picks up in real time if a game is on. I hope the good work on this app continues every year. I never fear the Ides of March when my NCAA app is near!

Why? Why?. It was such a good app last year. Why in the world would you force the user to accept notifications on the opening screen? It won’t let you decline notifications before proceeding. So dumb. Updated review: the developer pointed out the screen that you click saying “ok” is not accepting notifications. While it is a little misleading, they are absolutely right and you can choose to accept on the following screen. I appreciate there reply. I’m just so tired of every app wanting to email and send notifications. Updated rating to 5 star.

Could easily be a five. Being able to quickly toggle and split screen 3 of the 4 games is fantastic. Easily 5 star material. Leaving the CBS game off the app is as short sided as you can be. I am able to stream EVERY other sporting event (st least the one’s O want to watch) unless they happen to be on CBS or CBS Sports. If that’s the car it means changing the input and firing up the cable box. No big deal right? Well the other TVs in the house that don’t have cable boxes are Out if luck. CBS needs to join this century as stream their programming. I am already paying my cable service for it. The fCt that everyone else offers streaming and you don’t clearly shows who is out to lunch.

Only 1 issue I’ve had... So, every time I try to use the app on my cellular data it won’t let me on the app saying the launch sequence has failed. When using my home internet, or really any internet, it loads perfectly fine. The bug doesn’t hinder my experience as I literally just connect to WiFi but, I figure, it is one that should be dealt with if possible. Other than that, the app is awesome. Really well put together, runs smooth besides the one issue, and looks neat and too the point. I’d give it 4.5 stars if it was possible.

We’ll Designed, only a few flaws. There are a few minor nuances; however the two most annoying ones: 1) when your watching a game and it’s at the end of the game, game is close with a few critical seconds left, for some reason the app kicks you out and shows a list of other games playing, even though the game was not over that you were watching and you can click on it to get back in, hoping you didn’t miss that final last second shot for a win…why would it kick you out before the game is over at the most exciting critical point in the entire game? 2) OK OK OK, I pick UK to go to the final four…but the app only crosses out the immediate game. Why does it not cross out all future games on the bracket as well? At a glance it looks like all my final four are still in the running…makes it difficult to look ahead at a glance when the app does cross out all future games you got wrong too for an early loss of a Team you picked to go deep…

Possibly the worst streaming experience?. I don’t know how this app has half a million positive ratings. Either they’re fake or these users aren’t using the same app. Every single time I try to watch a game, both the audio and video feeds skip continuously. Throughout the entire game. It’s so disorienting and distracting that I have to mute the TV and watch the game without audio. It’s not my internet, I have a gigabit connection - I have no other issues with other live sports streaming apps. It seems to me like the infrastructure behind this app can’t handle the simultaneous load of processing live video inputs from multiple sources and then streaming it without packet loss. Somehow the ads play just fine though, no skipping there, gotta get that ad revenue! Then there are the other issues mentioned in other reviews. The apps pops you out of a game with 20 seconds left on the clock. How has it not occurred to the developers of the sanctioned March Madness streaming application that the last 20 seconds of a game are often the most important? Absolutely wild.

Att does it again. This is a poorly developed app. On the TV you have to login every time to your TV provider unlike most apps when you login once and you’re done. Looking at yesterday‘s match ups. It shows the matchups for today if you scroll down further you will see match up set for March 19. They haven’t even been decided yet. They even have projected outcomes for this week 16. Anytime you try to do picture in picture the app bombs. If it did anything close to what it said, it would do it would be an amazing app.. it hasn’t been updated since last year. You really need to get to work on it.

Constantly asking me to authenticate on the Apple TV app. This would easily be a five star app if they had proper AirPlay support. Boo. Hiss. 2014 update: Not only did they not add AirPlay support, but they went out of their way to eliminate any AirPlay functionality even with mirroring. That is absolute garbage. 2015 update: No change from last year. What a terrible user experience. 2016 update: AirPlay and an Apple TV app! That's great news. Unfortunately, the app has taken some serious steps backwards. It's no longer possible to see other score while a game is playing. You also were previously able to hop to another game with one tap. That feature is gone, which is a serious usability flaw. Also, the scores and time left on the clock are frequently wrong on the main dashboard. 2019 update: Pretty solid overall. The ability to watch multiple games is slick, although it’s difficult to see which game you are switching to because the UI is a bit ambiguous. The biggest issue is that every day it requires me to authenticate again, which is incredibly frustrating.

Every Stinking Year. It’s a great app. A well designed app. An easy to use app. Why only 3 stars then? Because dang, for the first couple days of the tournament, you know, the time people most need it for, it always has delivery issues. Every year. This year, you can’t sign into your tv provider. They say in the app that “your internet speed is too slow” but this is in my home’s wifi, in my office’s wifi, and on my over the air network. They can’t ALL be the problem. It’s clear that the NCAA, once again like every other year, wasn’t prepared for the influx of people using their app. And I’m wasting my “free preview time” when I don’t need a free preview time, I need the app to let me sign into the tv provider without freezing up. That’s what I need. Is it really asking too much for them to be prepared for the obvious overload their server is forced to deal with EVERY YEAR???

Can’t see final score tie breakers!. Moving around to look at the bracket is awkward! My biggest complaint is we had to put in a final score tie breaker but I can’t see that on my bracket or anybody else’s. This is an issue since I had two tied for 3rd and I pay out the top 5!!!!!!! Cbsports app is much more smooth and easy to read with points available and knowing where you stand with the people in your group. Won’t use the app again unless there are major changes!

Works fine, but limited use. The application seems to work fine, but you can only use it for a short period of time. After that, you need to sign in with your television provider. I don’t have an issues with that. Still, as someone that has stopped paying for overpriced cable or satellite, this is a real roadblock. I would have been willing to pay a certain amount of money for access to March Madness through this application. With as many people that have left behind the old services, I feel like this was a missed opportunity. I am sure there were others willing to pay to be able to stream for this tournament as well.

Good App 3 years ago. App gets you what you need but mostly the same app they have had for years. No support for multitasking on on the iPad. No minimizing the video and if you go to another app, it takes you back to the home screen not the game you were watching - which is made worse by having to watch multiple ads Every. Single. Time. before the game will stream. You miss at least 5 minutes of video every time you check your email. This is the same on my phone. Ultimately if you must watch on mobile, it does the job which is the important thing, but NCAA could take some of the millions they get paid for the tournament and make a new app.

Slam Dunk in one App!. It’s that time of year when everything comes to a standstill for weeks thanks to the NCAA’s annual celebration of sweat, teamwork, competition and excitement. The brackets have been set and teams are en route to play the 67 basketball games that will take place over the next few weeks, with fans cheering for their favorite team. Thanks to the glories of this app, you can follow all the action this year, you can get expert insight into your favorite Cinderella team, watch every game — and maybe even pick the perfect bracket. Did I mention you can follow your own bracket in real time!

Ads and bugs. No one will ever read this but the amount of ads you have to watch is infuriating, specifically whenever you start streaming a game they make you watch an ad to even get to the game whether they’re in a timeout or not and because of the number of bugs there are sometimes it just kicks you off a game and then you click it again and you have to watch another ad to start watching again it’s maddening. Like you pay how ever much to even get a tv provider so you can watch all the games and then you get over 50% of your watch time is ads to begin with and then they force you to watch an ad to even start streaming every time. It would be somewhat bearable if there were less tv timeouts, no ad at the beginning of any time you want to stream and less bugs. It also seems like they require more bandwidth to stream video than other apps, like even with fast internet you get a “connection strength not good enough to play video” message so often it’s so annoying. Please get your act together if you’re a multi billion dollar company that doesn’t even pay its athletes. Just sad

Is there a pending update?. I hope this app gets updated before the tournament starts because it is useless. I can’t sign in and when I try to reset my password, no email is sent to me to do so. If I do manage to login through Facebook, etc. then it forces you to create a group that I don’t want. When I try to join the group that my friend created, it forces me back to the login screen, even if I’m supposedly already logged in. It’s crashed on me several times and I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling it with no better results. The desktop version isn’t much better. There’s also no way to delete groups that you’re apart or if you don’t want to be in them any longer. Please update!!

Good, but needs to be better.. Back end video could be improved to account for slower-speed connections. More importantly, Fast Break needs to routinely feature a multiviewer format, not a NFL Red Zone format. Doesn’t matter the game situation…football and basketball are different. If multiple games are running, all those games need to be showing on Fast Pass. Thus, a multiview format must be put in play. Side-by-side, triple-box, or quad-box (with thin borders to max out screen space) need to be employed at all times. If you want to “jump around”, jump the audio from site to site.

Suggestions in future versions. As someone who does not watch any college basketball games until March Madness, I am disappointed that there is not more information on individual teams. I would suggest adding basic data about each team if a team icon is selected. Include basic info like where the college is located (city, state), how many students attend, how many times the team has been to March Madness, the highest rank they have finished in the tournament in past tournaments, and the last year they qualified for March Madness. Also maybe add live updates to scores as the game progresses every 5 minutes or so instead of just having “live” on the games in progress on the bracket page.

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Great app!. I get this app every March for the tourney! Seriously enhances your March madness experience. Always know when a game is about to start and gives option to watch close games or possible upsets. I always have this going while I’m watching games on tv, and am able to switch as soon as I get the alert. Highly recommend to get the most out of March madness!,

Why can’t I zoom out of bracket to see whole thing at once like I used to be able to??. I should be able to zoom out and see the whole bracket at once like I was able to do in previous years! I want to be able to see everything in one look not scroll! Many people will agree with this! It’s an easy fix and should be done in no time!!! Please!!!

Awesome if it would work. After update it buffers after every commercial. Try it on both iPad and iPhone and won’t aircast to TV smoothly. Always buffers and then ads after each attempt after reset. Can’t find it available to TV so try hooking up Xbox and the Xbox app version doesn’t even work at all. I’m fiber internet and wired on TV. It says you can go through other apps, but when I try CBS or paramount+ and click on the games it just takes me straight to the March Madness app and is bugged again. Very frustrating

So many commercials. I know commercials bring us the game. But the app seems to play a commercial every time it starts or restarts. And you you tuned in because the alert told you it was a close game do you really need the commercial overlapping the last minute of a close game. In past years this app has been better. Also if you are stuck in a commercial it is Hard to find the score during commercial breaks I figured out the score by adding the field goals threes and free throws.

Best App Ever. I love this App ever since it came out. They share current updates of all the games and have highlight reviews. The “Boss” button is Boss! I really don’t need it in my office but I could see where it could be handy. I watch live games at my desk, then when I leave the office, I can still watch live from my phone or iPad. Thanks for providing such a great resource to keep up with all the games.

Live Games=Perfect. Stuck at work with a few hours to go and I Google NCAA Live Tourney Games. There is nothing more frustrating than An app or website advertising Live Games and when you click on it, it’s just live play by play. Not MM Live app, ITS THE REAL DEAL! Perfect for at work or anywhere you may be stuck without the Madness!

Bug fixed. I had an error for about a week, but all of a sudden it is working now. I wasn’t able to even get into the app, it just gave me an error message right away. But now it works, I’m not sure what they did but bravo. I will be changing my review to a 5 star now because this is an awesome app that is easy to use!

Two big bugs. 1) Chrome cast functionality works at random (meaning when I open the app it usually takes a couple tries to get it to connect to my Cast) and it disconnects randomly. 2) In the middle of the game, the “commercial break in progress” screen comes up. One time there was 8 seconds left in a 1 point game! This app is so frustrating. Why don’t you keep using the same app as the year before so it’s not so maddening to use it with so many bugs.

Inconsistent. There are times it works terrible no matter what my signal is or my WiFi strength. The performance has decreased significantly from 2 years ago. Especially the feature where it shows the scores of the other 3 games and you can click on it to watch that game instead. Where with this year’s version, I have to go to a different app to check the scores or I have to stop watching the game and check the scores, and hope that when I want to go right back to watching the same game, that it loads in time.

Glitches and needs options for full screen. Why isn’t there an option for full screen. Watching on 1/4 of my phone screen is tiny. Had login problems too. Closed out one game to see another, it said select provider and then just froze. Finally got to select provider and it said I needed trutv in my package (which I have). After 20 minutes of logging off and back in, I finally got to watch the game on the tiny tiny screen. CBS spends a crapload of money on this tournament. I guess they had no money left to make a decent app.

Mm live beast mode. March madness is a magnificent time of year. If you don't have cable, this app is perfect for you. You can watch anything college basketball anytime, anywhere. IF you have cable, this app is still perfect for you. It's not like you can carry a TV everywhere, but you can do it for a iPad of a phone. To sum it up, this app is perfect in all aspects

No CBS on Apple TV. Overall, seems to work well. Multigame is a nice addition this year. It would be even better to see all 4 at once (like ESPN Multicast), but this is a big improvement. However, the app still blocks everything that’s on CBS and says to watch in Paramount+ instead. I even have a subscription there, but there is no option to enter credentials. For some reason without explanation, CBS streams work in the iOS version. Please get over whatever contract issues there are and make it possible to see all 4 channels in the Apple TV app. I gave the benefit of the doubt last year since Paramount+ was relatively new, but this makes no sense and just makes it harder to watch all the games without switching constantly. Thanks!

Easy to use, best features. Incredibly well designed app, I wish it was for more than just March Madness! Very intuitive user interface, easy to hop between games, very easy and clear to view scores with a rolling schedule-type view. Best sports app out there

Great. Just installed this and I’m pleased with layout. I think it’s easy to use and you can set notifications for your favorite teams. The live feed is clear with no issues so far. Just login with your TV provider and you gain access of all games for free. This will be great to have around the office and on the go. Never miss any action !

Trashy.. We’re going to see ads during the commercials. The game stats are sponsored. There are advertisements near the court, and under the game feed. Try classing your app up a bit by not force-feeding us a 15 second long commercial nearly every time we switch games, especially while the game is happening! You’re going to be fine, CBS. You don’t need to grab every last cent which isn’t nailed down. Up your game a little bit by making an effort to not come across as low-rent as possible.

Almost perfect. For the love of all that is holy and pure, please put your mandatory 15 second ads over the stats when I start watching a game. Use the sound from the ads while they are on, I don’t care. But if you are trying to follow along and one is nearing a crucial point it is infuriating to click and wait. I know they are necessary because it is a free app (thank you by the way) but that would make this app perfect.

Such a good app. It’s really too bad the interface is only able to be used once a year. I can immediately watch any game I want at any time once given my TV provider. Barely takes any time to load, beautifully laid out, plus the tournament challenge to add. Love it so well designed.

DEVELOPERS PLEASE HELP. I love this app, and use it every year when march madness comes around. But right now it won’t let me sign in to my TV provider. In fact, it won’t let me sign in to any tv provider. I even tried signing in with the extra ones in the list, no luck. Please fix this issue, because I won’t be able to watch more than 3 hours! Love the app otherwise, and you have done great work. Please fix this. Please. Thanks

Good, but..... The app itself is very good. Not to the Masters or Wimbledon levels, but very good. HOWEVER, why is her no function to watch games or even condensed games without seeing the scores first. And the condensed games are terrible edits. It may be a 3 point game with four minutes left and the next night is that the game is tied with 4 seconds. Please implement watching games without knowing the result like the NFL International game pass.

I love it. Well I stopped paying my X1 because I don’t watch tv at all anymore, and I wasn’t going to buy it back just to watch March madness. This app has actually been good to me since I’ve been able to watch most of the good games without major interruptions, and the best part is that it’s free. Thank you for creating this beautiful app😃

Great App! Great video player. Worked flawlessly.. Installed it and it just works. Apple Watch app is a great way to get that score when you're otherwise occupied. As to the person who would like the women's tourney, that's beyond the realm of this app. Petition Turner or the NCAA. We all would like this, but its not fair to rate this app low based on that desire for additional features.

Don’t like the new look. I love being able to watch the games, of course, and the playback is great. However I don’t like the new way you have to navigate through the games. I liked the old version much better where are you just had the little squares right on the homepage and you just clicked on them rather than having to search through a bunch of stuff to find the games/scores.

CBS?. App is great for watching multiple games. However, you can’t watch the CBS game. I don’t understand why CBS went to a paid subscription for their app when you can get an antenna & watch for free. The only thing that does is annoy folks that have to switch back & forth from the app. The brackets & scoreboard notices are great, although that sometimes is a spoiler if you plan to watch the games at a later time.

Picks menu. I can tell the team put in some decent hours on revamping the bracket-building interface, and it failed. I much preferred the option of either viewing the whole bracket in a big picture and making my picks there, or having the screen automatically scroll down a list as I made my picks. While the new system still works, it is much more inconvenient than in previous years.

So far so good. App works great only a few slight glitches in the bracket games and with live streams so far. I think if you were to add a scoreboard to the screen with the box score and game stats underneath the stream it would be fantastic as opposed to the scores on the screen because on smaller devices it takes up most of the screen.

Network doesn’t connect. Every time I try and watch games, I can only watch for about 1 minute before I get an alert saying that my network isn’t strong enough. When this happens, all my other streaming services work just not this one. It’s also crappie that you have to view so many ads before the game comes on. Since I have to keep closing out of the games because of the alerts, I spend most my time looking at ads. Very disappointed with this terrible inconvenience.

I use this every year, but it needs one improvement.. I’ve used this app to track the tournament every year I’ve had a smartphone, I really like it, but the one thing I don’t like is when I get score notifications it doesn’t tell me how much time is remaining in that game. The close score honestly doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t say how much time the teams have left.

TV provider sign-in. I am unable to sign in to my tv provider. I am able to find it on the list of providers, however when I go to select it so as to initiate the sign in process, nothing happens. I thought perhaps it is because it’s a more obscure cable company. However, I tried to initiate a log in screen for some of the larger providers (ie Spectrum and Verizon), and still nothing. This is a serious bug that needs addressing ASAP as this tournament is well beyond the 3 hours of “complementary” watching time.

4.8 out 5 Ha how much that cost ya?. Got me this year won’t again ty for single handedly ruining this years tourney for me I always use ESPN or one of the other more notable sites but thought why nor try this one. That’s were I went wrong you guys “fixed the bugs” about 2 hours before it the first game start time. I like to look at the stats and and be able to make an informed decision. Then the crashes lol nuff said! I’m well aware opinions are like buttholes we all have one so mine is you guys head back to the drawing board and get it right before next year would ya!!!

No Women’s Basketball. I do not care for the men’s basketball. I only want to watch the women’s. The app doesn't specify that it only has men’s basketball when you down load it and I find it extremely unfortunate and careless that the official March Madness Live app chooses to only show men’s basketball when there is also a women’s March Madness happening at the same time. If there is a very tiny women’s section on this app, someone please let me know because I have scoured as much as I can and cannot find it. The NCAA continues to let us down time and time again.

CBS blows. CBS is too stuck up to allow you to watch on app. You get CBS with your cable but not internet? Only station that does that. Great for other 3 stations covering tournament. They say you can watch CBS on your phone so why can you not on the app on your TV? I’m not watching a game on my phone when I have 2 big TVs set up. Again, great for other 3 stations but not sure why they think it’s ok to charge twice for CBS. HBO doesn’t even do that and they have good shows to watch.

Amazing. I love this app but the schedule can be confusing because it it a day off. You can only make 10 brackets. While watching a game it would be great if you could see what you picked for your bracket but I love how you can join a bracket pool and have all your brackets tracked. I love how you can watch the games and it is free to download so I highly reccomend for anyone who want to make a bracket!

Remember when NCAA games were free to watch?. Not anymore. They give you a 3hour preview and expect you sign up for Paramount + or some other cable service to keep watching games. Meanwhile this “free” preview is programmed to make commercials and viewing so difficult unless you sign up. It’s a clear ploy to squeeze more money out of consumers. It results from consolidation and lack of competition in the media industry. Break these companies up so we can have a free NCAA tournament viewing experience again (Among many other benefits).

Great App.. The only criticism that I have and it might just be a function of my phone (iPhone 6S Plus) is that it doesn’t work with the phone’s Picture in Picture setting. It would be nice to be able to access other functions of the app and still watch a game.

Another year, another frustrating experience with authentication. It’s become an annual rite in March - failing to authenticate my TV subscription in the iPad version of this app. The phone version works a treat but there seems to be a new bug in the iPad version each year. This year, it’s failing to pull up the iOS keyboard to enter my details at my provider’s site (a large-scale provider, to boot) – and, after logging in to my provider through Safari, failing to accept that authentication when I return to the app. It boggles the mind how three or four years running they haven’t figured this out.

Issues with playback. Frustrating app that will often stop playing video when orientation of phone screen changes from landscape to portrait. Forces user to restart streaming again which triggers a 15 second ad every time. Also has issues with sharing video to a TV (chrome-cast). Will often display video onto the TV that is more than 5 minutes delayed from what was playing on the phone. The commercials are also horrible.

Can't update. Wanted to keep updated with brackets etc and be able to watch games for my limited free time (don't have cable or dish) but go to load says new update available but tried several times to update, but get say message new update available. So go through process again with the same results. We are now ready for 2019 sweet 16 and still no app. Enjoyed in the past years, why now I can't get it. Listen to it on the radio app. Update I tried deleting and reinstalling 2 or 3 times still would not work.

DirecTv Now. How can DirecTv Now be “the official sponsor of the NCAA” and not be supported by this app? DirecTv Now is not one of the available providers when trying to stream from the app. Perhaps the developers don’t realize there’s a difference between DirecTV and DirecTV Now. But every time a commercial runs noting DirecTv Now is the official sponsor of the NCAA, it makes me want to scream because I can’t watch games through the NCAA app. Certainly I can watch through my DirecTV Now app, but using the NCAA app is much easier. I know because I used the app prior to cutting the cord (satellite) from DirecTV to DirecTV Now.

Crap,. I’m watching on my iPad. Seen at least 43 commercials. The bird commercial 7 times. With 4 bars, the game plays about 20 secs then I get the “something went wrong” pop up! I have to hit the play button to get it to restart! So I have to watch another 15 second commercial, this all while the game is playing! Game plays about 20 - 30 seconds then another restart. I’ve seen no more than 5 minutes of the game! Then at the half comes on and no buffering! I got to see all of it! So 43+/- commercials. Most of then repeats on ever restart! 5 minutes of hoops! Ridiculous! You can see where the priority is, COMMERCIALS!

Used to be a great app, no longer works!!. I’ve used this app for years—but it doesn’t work this year!!! Even if you log in with your tv provider, the app says you have a time limit for watching games. Each time you try to log into your tv provider, the app freezes, then when you try to log in the next time, it tells you there is a connectivity problem. The only way to fix it is to delete the app and re add it. That’s a really convenient feature when you are trying to watch live games...

Great but bug issues. The app is great… if you’re mainly watching on your phone. If you try to cast it to your tv using a chrome cast, it’ll get terrible skip audio and lag. If you use airplay, it’ll only work part of the time and when it does work, it only stays casted for about ten minutes before it stops streaming. Fix those issues for casting and it’ll definitely be a 5 star from me

Really food network now but BB STILL WINS.... Alright for the Roar to take affect in the jungle for the CBS Network to get back in the game they are going to need to get BUZZ WILLIAMS on board with Tony Romo! Alright Jim Nantz I dig your Al Michaels style approach to the game but Bill Rafferty has to understand BO KNOWS...Black and Silver rolls into Las Vegas nicely in a few years. The Kings and Knights, or the Columbus Blue Jackets are a nice fit. Look if you wanna win win win no matter what, then you got to give the extension to none other than myself! I turn things around just like 2007 Wright State Raiders without Brad Stevens and Gordon Hayward. If anyone knows how to become an #underdawg, you have to fight fight fight to the very end. Nobody said walk off better than -Edward R Murrow

Ruined by greed. What an amazing app I thought when I first used it. Until I had to switch back and forth between tight games and had to watch the same 15 second commercial every switch. Check out this game with 10 seconds left.... and you missed it because you had to watch the commercial again. Ridiculous, I’m so annoyed by this I’m closing all my accounts with Capital One.

All the Madness in one place. This app helps you keep up with the latest scores, news, and matchups. Also gives you 3 free hours of all the live tournament games before you have to login with your TV provider. Only downfall is they only have the men’s games and updates and none of the women’s games or schedule/score information.

Don't understand bad reviews. I don't understand why there are so many bad reviews. I love the app and it has allowed me to see more of the games than I have been able to in the past. I can watch anytime and anywhere. The picture is good, coverage is good and super easy to use. No more advertising than on TV and the best place to view the bracket and get the latest scores. Very easy to install and use. No complaints.

Rarely works. Errors out 4 times out f 5 when I try to load it. When I finally do get it loaded, the vide rarely plays. Except for the commercial of course. That always plays and then I get a message saying something like error connecting for video. Leaves me feeling cheated. Also really needs a Refresh function. They’ve had this app out for several years now—you’d think they could get it right.

App has saved me, but you can’t stream it. Why the hell not?. So I have SlingTV at home, which doesn’t give me CBS. I also have an antenna for local stations but even though I’m literally 10 miles from the Washington DC CBS station but can’t pick it up for some reason. Can pick up stations 50 miles away but not CBS. So this app at least allows me to watch the games on my iPad (Go ‘Cuse!) however it would be great if I could stream it to my chrome cast. That’s why I give it 2 Stars. Would be 5 if I could stream to my TV.

Working good now. Had issues with being able to select my tv provider, but had a developer reach out right away to help trouble shoot. I already had other apps logged in & using my tv provider, but in order to get this app to work, I had to re-sign into my tv provider & then reload & try this app again. Got it working & can now watch my bracket bust while in the go. Thanks!

Awesome app. This app is amazing you can watch whatever game you want, and it’s just like watching it on tv the quality is amazing. The view is also really good. You can also watch all games at once which I love. You can , make a bracket. As well as it showing you everything the box score. Stats for team and players, and can watch highlights.

Great App! Just an error message here or there. They have really improve this app to make the action really at your fingertips. Before it was kind of clunky and hard to switch between games. Now it is really easy and it almost seems seamless. Great way to watch all the games without a remote control in your hand. Once in a while there is a crash and some error messages but not worth not downloading… Ever.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 13.2.3
Play Store com.turner.mmod2011temp
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

NCAA March Madness Live (Versiyon 13.2.3) Install & Download

The applications NCAA March Madness Live was published in the category Sports on 2011-03-09 and was developed by NCAA Digital [Developer ID: 423855728]. This program file size is 118.23 MB. This app has been rated by 442,858 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. NCAA March Madness Live - Sports app posted on 2023-03-20 current version is 13.2.3 and works well on IOS 15.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.turner.mmod2011temp. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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NCAA March Madness Live App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This version contains bug fixes in Game Center.

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