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ACTIVE Network’s Meet Mobile transforms the swim meet experience for fans, swimmers, coaches and meet hosts alike. From the largest national qualifying trials in the country to the smallest swim meets, get access to meet programs from all over the world, including heat sheets, psych sheets and real-time results. Download Meet Mobile now to follow your favorite swimmers and swim meets.

• View results, anytime, anywhere*
• Quickly find swim meets with robust search functions
• Track swimmers and teams in real-time, even if you’re not at the meet
• Flag your “Favorite” swimmers and teams to find them easily
• View real-time heat results along with cumulative and subtracted splits*
• View overall swimmer and relay rankings for each round of each event*
• Check real-time team scores*
• View records and time standards
• Share your event via email, messaging, Facebook or Twitter

• View psych sheets prior to the meet or during an event
• View heat sheets**
• View estimated event start times
• View swimmer’s list of entries, completed results and points scored

• View psych sheets prior to the meet or during an event
• View each swimmer's results along with cumulative and subtracted splits*
• View relay results with swimmer names and splits by leg*
• View heat sheets by heat and by individual**
• View estimated timelines by event and individual
• Check real-time team scores*
• View custom heat sheets and results filtered to show only your team members**

Meet Hosts
• Offer mobile results for all your meets
• Push out the event schedule and psych sheet information prior to the meet
• Share estimated timelines for the start of each event
• Get exposure within the app when people search for criteria that match your meet
• Make fans, swimmers and coaches happy by offering meet access from anywhere in the world, in real time
• Let fans send your meet viral as they share their favorite swimmers’ results instantly via Facebook, Twitter, email or text

*Meet Results
Meet results are available as an in-app subscription. Your subscription includes access to swimmer times, splits, scores, and more at meets where meet hosts and officials support the publication of results to mobile with HY-TEK Meet Manager - the most widely-used swimming management software in the world.

Can’t find your meet? Waiting for meet results?
Ask the meet host to update to version 4.0 or higher of HY-TEK’s Meet Manager and post the meet program and meet results to Meet Mobile. HY-TEK does not control and cannot guarantee the availability or accuracy of meet programs or meet results.

Meet Result Pricing
Monthly subscriptions are offered at Apple Tier 4 pricing ($1.99 USD). Annual subscriptions are offered at Apple Tier 12 pricing ($5.99 USD). Subscriptions are charged to your iTunes account when you confirm your purchase and will auto-renew at the end of the subscription period for the same duration as your initial enrollment at the current price, unless cancelled at least 24-hours before the end of your current subscription period. Cancellation or refund of the active current subscription period is not allowed per Apple’s policies. In the app, tap More to either Restore or Manage Your Subscription.

**Heat Sheet Pricing
Heat sheets are often distributed freely, but meet hosts may charge for access to heat sheets in Meet Mobile. HY-TEK does not control heat sheet pricing, and any price indicated for heat sheets is not included in the meet results subscription.

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Meet Mobile: Swim App Description & Overview

The applications Meet Mobile: Swim was published in the category Sports on 2011-03-02 and was developed by Active Network, LLC. The file size is 20.24 MB. The current version is 3.1.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

1. Search filter settings have been re-designed to be easier to use.
2. List all meets swum by the swimmer, with no date limitation on the meets.
3. Bugs fixed.

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Meet Mobile: Swim Reviews

Blessed Mama

Great WHEN/IF it works  Blessed Mama  3 star

I have never had so many problems with a paid for app. It works about half the time. The other half it has glitches that make it useless. Of course the times it doesn't work is when I need it the an actual swim meet. Works from home after the meet better but that defeats the promise of "real time results". I've had this app for years and this is an on going problem.


Most of the bad reviews have nothing to do with the app  Mvlm  5 star

If things aren’t updating, it’s because the meet host isn’t updating them. It’s not due to the app. I love this app because it’s so easy to use. 😊


Thumbs up  swammer15  4 star

This app is really good especially if you are a swimmer yourself and want to know splits. Some of the searching for meet doesn’t show all the ones in an area and it’s a little off, but the app itself is easy to navigate and I love it!


Not working  ARunnersLove  2 star

It’s not pulling up any meets around me but there is one coming up.


Was a good app  Paulcree  2 star

Extremely slow for function this season. Used to be able to click through a meet quickly but now have to wait 20-30 seconds between an event if you are lucky.

MY OPINION  [email protected]  5 star

I like this app so much to see my times and slips. It is also really annoying to pay monthly just to see your times after your races. The real annoying thing that i think is annoying is that people only swim once a year and to keep on having them pay money for it when they are not swimming. Gets to much i think you should switch it to free to see your times because this is the only way and app you can use for swimmers to see their times and slips.

DeTesch Mode

Works 30% of the time.  DeTesch Mode  1 star

To say this works 30% of the time is being generous. More often than not you will get a "can not connect to network" message (regardless of whether you are on wifi or not) and then it just tries to freezes up or loads endlessly. Extremely frustrating and ridiculous for an app you have to pay for.


I'd give it zero if I could  Blammo!  1 star

Horrible app, I can put in the name of a meet exactly how it's supposed to be and it won't come up, search for swimmers no event information, extremely frustrating.


Confused about all the 1 stars  Charlie637894  5 star

This is a great app. It costs money but it is worth it. Very easy to find results. Great app.


Meet Wallet  Spudly55  1 star

For an app that charges it should be on point in it's functionality. The app can't search unless you know the exact name of the meet. It won't load up anything on the fly, it needs to be disabled and restarted after every heat if you want it updated if it even updates that quickly. Usually it updates one to two hours after the heat, actually kind of useless while you are at the meet. I've worked with our computer operators and watched as they uploaded the data and then we waited, and waited and waited while Meet Mobile took it's time propogating that data out. Unfortunately they are the only ones doing this right now and have a name recognition. Looks like someone should tap into this market and get something a little more cloud based that actually works.


Great way of tracking swim times  Xlr8ing  5 star

Great app for seeing racing swim times. No need to check the board :) Always works well. Love how you almost instantly get the results fed through from the swim meet. You can set favorites that instantly come up as a notification and all carnivals that we go to use it.


Disappointed  dmarcsi  1 star

Wrong date, no refresh😡


If only it worked  adt001  2 star

When it works it’s brilliant but come on meet mobile sort out the glitches before someone else come along with an app that actually consistently works .


Useless after update  BoizimDiXuxu  1 star

As always, the developers don't care about the performance of this app as people jist pay subscriptions anyway. Serious performance issues and bugs. So slow that it becomes almost useless. I don't recommend paying for a subscription as from my experience time goes by and the app is NEVER improved in what it matters.


Great!  Whitlin  3 star

This app is really good for viewing times, but you have to pay to gain full access to see it.


Swimming mum  saskool  1 star

Meets are difficult to find. Constantly crashes and requires closing and restarting. If it operated smoothly it would be a joy to use. At this stage too many crashes to be useful.


Frustrating  Jrhog  1 star

This app is great when it works but most of the time it does not work, constantly freezes! I've had to delete and reinstall half a dozen times during a three hour pool comp, very frustrating!

Drew swim dad

Meet Disabled! Not mobile  Drew swim dad  1 star

This app seems to get worse every year! Seriously I only use it for major meets as it doesn't do anything for local events. But every time I try to find the meet it doesn't exist! Doesn't seem to update the favourite swimmer tab either. Could do with major reformat to make it quicker- meets should load automatically.o I don't think I will renew Unhappy swim Dad


Cannot purchase PRO version inside app, no results  Tanjianaus  1 star

Cannot even purchase the PRO version. Cannot contact iTunes Store. If basic purchasing fails, what is application feature and function going to be?


Terribly slow  Suehmiller  1 star

I have yet to be able to lookup a meet in South Africa from Australia. The app simply hangs


Kentucky Swim & Dive UKSwimDive 3 star

Everything you'll need for today's action at the Ohio State Invite 👇 Live Results ➡️ Rea…


Hahnville Athletics hahnvillesports 3 star

Meet Mobile App has live meet results for State Swim Meet Championships. HHS is Div 1 and DHS Div 2 #WEAREHAHNVILE 🏊🏾🏊🏼‍♀️🐅@DHSWildcat


ND Swimming & Diving NDSwimDive 3 star

DAY 1️⃣ 📍 McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion 🕚 Prelims: 11 AM EST 🕕 Finals: 6 PM EST 📊 Live Results:…


Improve notification  Davis9044  4 star

I like this app, like that I get notifications on my iwatch and iPhone. Wish that the notifications included either the amount they dropped or added or even the seed time. I follow lots of our friends kids and they swim at different meets. It would great to see their new time and know if they added or dropped in the notification! Thanks!


Not acceptable  J1234456693913927  1 star

Can stay on the app maybe for a minute before it freezes and must be quit and reopened. Not acceptable for $6 EVERY YEAR


Falls far below expectations  trickywood  1 star

While I know the timing of results are dependent on the meet organizers, the same cannot be said for features native to the app. First, the ability to perform a simple search is mind numbing. Search for a meet by its name, good luck as it rarely shows up (even if you type it in the exact upper and lower case format). Yet, if you search for a swimmer you know is in that meet, aces, you end up finding the same meet you were looking for. Second, the filters are so buggy I have to swat them away. If you make use of the filters then get ready to having to have to toggle them off and on to get data to refresh for events. Thirdly, if you thought favoriting a team at one meet carried through to the next, think again. You have to "star" the particular team for each meet. Surely they should be able to leverage the same functionality as by do for favorite swimmers.


Subscriptions?  Topobuddy  1 star

So many people can't even use the app anymore because they charge money to see the most basic service. You're loosing many potential users due to your thirst for money.


Not truly a free app  Snakesrcool  1 star

The app is free, but you are required to pay a monthly subscription to view results. To me, this makes the app virtually worthless. The app should not be free, there should simply be a paid version.


Crashes and Freezes all the time  Sliven1  1 star

This app would be a lot better if it would stop freezing and crashing all the time. It's getting ridiculous that I have to pay for this app and I can barely use it. Fix the issues please...


Better off with a Heat Sheet & a pencil!  chaselounge  1 star

Awful app that doesn't work! I can't get results during meets and have requested my money back. This app gives me an error message every time I try to use it!


Waste of money  kellykayak  1 star

This app used to be great as a swim parent I thought it was great. So then they started charging, I get it and that is fair, technology costs money. Except now I paid and it does not work. What a huge disappointment.


Would five it a zero if l could  LaGueraGarcia  1 star

I bought the app in June '16 and went to use it now this Nov. and it won't give me the lane or heat assignments and says if l want that, l have to buy it, therefore, l bought a paper program because when l checked the price of the app, it was the same as the paper program. I am really angry about this and want my money back and reimbursed for the program l had to buy!


Pay to see any results  FlyingWaleSuper  1 star

This app used to be great. But now you have to pay to see any results. I remember why I deleted it.

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