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Finally, a full-featured podcast app that just works - no hiccups or crashes. Download and stream episodes, manage subscriptions, create playlists, discover new podcasts. Crafted with love - extremely fast, smooth, and easy to use.

"Podcast addicts will love this app" - AppAdvice


• Complete iTunes catalog: 250,000+ podcasts
• Download and stream over WiFi and Cellular
• Play pre-downloaded episodes when off-line
• New episodes auto-downloaded in background
• Lightning-fast feed updates and downloads
• Never have to sync with computer again
• Quick start by importing your subscriptions


• Playback speed: 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, 2x, 0.5x
• Continuous playback, edit Up Next on the fly
• Gestures for play/stop, fwd/back, next/previous
• Adjustable skip intervals for fwd/back buttons
• Precise multi-speed slider for fine scrubbing
• Landscape and full-screen modes for video
• Listen in background, even to video episodes
• Control remotely while driving or exercising
• Lock screen controls and episode information
• AirPlay support, Bluetooth audio and controls
• Sleep timer


• Browse top podcasts in 16 categories
• Search by podcast title, author, or description
• Select country for searching and browsing
• Import and Export subscriptions in Opml format
• Subscribe to any podcast feed using its URL
• Full support for password-protected podcasts


• Create regular and smart playlists
• Add, remove, rearrange episodes in playlists
• Smart playlists with many filter and sort options
• Set auto-download rules for new episodes
• Or select episodes and start download manually
• Manage download activity in the queue
• Share episodes by email, twitter, facebook


E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PodCruncher
Twitter: www.twitter.com/PodCruncher
Suggestions: podcruncher.uservoice.com

PodCruncher Podcast App App Description & Overview

The applications PodCruncher Podcast App was published in the category News on 2011-04-07 and was developed by Obsessive Coders, Inc.. The file size is 6.17 MB. The current version is 3.3 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

iOS 11 and iPhone X support
Bug fixes and improvements

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PodCruncher Podcast App Reviews


One of my top two podcast players  YoungKREW  4 star

As a podcaster, I’ve used just about every podcast player out there and I’d put PodCruncher tied at number one with Overcast for my favorite. The only feature I wish they would add is an option for a played episode to automatically be deleted once completed. Overcast doesn’t play video while PodCruncher does. That is a huge plus for PodCruncher. It would also be nice for PodCruncher to add landscape orientation. As of right now, landscape only works while playing video. My phone is usually in landscape in the car because it’s better for mapping. When flipping between apps, PodCruncher while come up sideways in portrait mode. This makes it difficult to select podcasts. Overall, I’d highly recommend it.

Chuckster 29

Does it all  Chuckster 29  5 star

Been using for three years. No problems.


Waste of time  Asliton  1 star

Cannot listen without subscribing, cannot unsubscribe if you do not like it. ZERO star.


The best podcasting app imo, just needs one thing...  danbnnsn  4 star

Been using this a long time, has exactly the interface and almost all the features I want. Really pleased with the latest update too, they overhauled one part of the app that needed it - the look of it was a few OS updates old - and they made it compatible with the new phones, but didn't fix anything that wasn't broken. All the features and functionality I love are intact, and they didn't add anything extraneous. But they just need to add one feature - the ability to search within your library of subscribed podcasts. Like some podcasts have hundreds of episodes and I might want to revisit ones with one particular guest, and it would be so much better to be able to search rather than have to scroll through the full list.


Does what I need  JMC1971  5 star

This is my favorite podcast app. I bought and deleted several other apps before finding PodCruncher. It’s easy to use and rock solid reliable. The playlist features are the best thing about PodCruncher for me. It’s much more flexible than other apps. I listen to old radio shows and I like to make a static playlist I can listen to over and over. Other apps wouldn’t let me put the episodes in any order I wanted and/or they would delete an episode after it played. PodCruncher allows me to create, order, and keep a playlist.


To the Developers  Here_Comes_Dat_Boi  4 star

Could you PLEASE fix the bug that causes the iPhone lock screen player control panel to get stuck on a previous podcast episode from long before even though I’m listening to something several episodes ahead from a completely different podcast? The play/pause, skip forward/backward buttons work, but the time counter and cover art stay on the old episode until I restart my phone. I tried to contact support, but was unable to send an email because I don’t use the native Apple email app. I used my last podcast app for over a year (1,200+ hours), and bugs is what caused me to delete it and look for a new one. Considering PodCruncher is a paid app, this inconvenience is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to avoid.


Repair this app  JayKayWoo  1 star

This was my favorite iPhone app, it’s been a nightmare since the IOS 11 update. Please update this. It has become unbearably slow.

Burnt Hurtington

Better than iOS standard  Burnt Hurtington  4 star

Way better than the standard podcast app.


Fantastic Podcast App  Assignmeanameplease  5 star

It works well and is easy to use and has multiple filters to make navigating your subscriptions intuitive and painless. Love it, and the latest update fixed a long term but manageable font issue. Now the app is perfect. Intuitive and light years ahead of Apple's offering.

Johnny 1264

The best  Johnny 1264  5 star

I’ve used it for over 10 years now. Without a doubt the best podcast player out there.


PodCruncher in Australia  strategykpi.com  5 star

Here we have the free Australian Broadcasting Corp (ABC) who creates lots of quality content. I have been using PodCruncher for a few years now and it has become part of me and my life. When combined with the ABC it is a quantum leap in training & entertainment. When in airplane mode I can listen to downloaded content. Keep up the great work PodCruncher.

buttsy in paradise

Great app  buttsy in paradise  4 star

I’m enjoying this. I have a list of about 30 casts I listen to and PodCruncher let’s me organise downloads and playing order simply


Awesome finally an update  Goofyr  5 star

I can finally give a 5 star. Latest update fixed my only complaints. I’m back to using this app full time.


Updated and nearly perfect  gbellinoz  4 star

Well done podcast listening app with loads of features and a well thought out UI. It's only missing feature is silence removal.


At last!!  Pieromcg  5 star

At last they’ve updated the app I most use for podcasts. Great app anyway but now they’ve fixed the little annoyances that was making me look elsewhere. Thanks


Best podcast app by far  smegj0r  5 star

The app developers finally updated it and I can now see what I'm searching for again. Still my favourite podcast app after five+ years, and I've tried a lot on a lot of platforms. PodCruncher rocks!


Way better than Apple's default  rambler78  4 star

They are in different leagues (Apple's Podcast app and PodCruncher) but there's one simple feature I'm chasing that I can't get: Chromecast


Good, functional app  Jb9901  4 star

I use this app all the time and it gets the job done. One or two clunky bits, but still better than the apple iPhone version. Very happy with it.


Great App!  Aussie_oy  5 star

This is a great app which I constantly use and high recommend. The 'PlayLists' feature adds a real ability to easily manage your podcasts from new downloads, unplayed episodes, etc, etc. Really handy ..... If you're looking for an app which extends well beyond the basic Apple app, you can't go past PodCruncher.


Good but hasn't been updated in ages  SorbyAdams  3 star

This podcast app has lots of features the other apps don't have but unfortunately, very unfortunately, it hasn't been updated in ages. When you search for something the tab header covers the search term. I mentioned this to them more than a year ago but it still hasn't been fixed. I suspect they have given up on updating it.


Love this app!  rickyfrost  5 star

This is *by far* my favorite podcast app with all the features I really like. For example, one pull down from the main page refreshes all my subscriptions. And being able to continuously stream all episodes of a video podcast with no intervention (or cleanup of downloads). Absolutely love it. I’ve been trying many different podcast apps recently just to keep current on their updates and what’s out there... so frustrating, always love coming home to PodCruncher! Now with this version of the app it gets even snappier, the fonts look better, and landscape video works in iOS 11! Keep up the great work folks!


Better than Apple's podcast app  Hismikeness  5 star

This one is great. Bottom line. Update: really wishing an ios7 update (in look and features) comes soon. Also, when I am playing a podcast over Bluetooth and then disconnect to continue playing over the phone's speaker, it jumps back three or four minutes of play time. Update 2: after latest update, I occasionally need to restart the app to get anything to even play. Update 3: 9-20-17. Still my go to app for podcasts. The new update looks nice! An addition of an Apple Watch app, for control and selection of podcast episodes would be great. Currently the controls are only available through "now playing" on the watch. A standalone app would be great, with a corresponding face complication. Still 5 stars.


Great app  Lrgggfftyhhgg  4 star

Just wish there were a dark theme

Max Benasty

FINALLY!!!  Max Benasty  5 star

Yesss, FINALLY UPDATED! Only three years overdue...but still, thanks devs. Really appreciate it. Still the best podcast app around, review changed back to 5 stars.


First update in 3 years! Works great!  Mnj675  5 star

This has been my podcast app for years, and i never expected an app update! But here it is. They fixed the buggy search bar (which is the only gripe I've ever had with the app). Otherwise, what more do you want with a podcast app? It downloads podcasts, and you can listen to them. Multiple playback speed settings, the usual stuff. I've had a good experience.


long overdue update...  keif_er  4 star

I was days away from finding a new podcast app. been using this for years, great features but the incompatibility with IOS 11 made it almost unbearable. the update fixes the bugs. please update more often (when needed)

Adam TM

Long awaited update  Adam TM  5 star

Finally got an update so the interface works well on a Plus device without being autoscaled.


Great!  StefanieN  5 star

Loving the new update!

Aedes albopictus

Go-to podcast app  Aedes albopictus  5 star

With the latest update, PodCruncher fixed all the issues that were limiting its functionality. It's back to being my favorite replacement for the (pretty flawed) default podcast app.


Improved interface  ChasingEquilibrium  5 star

I've been enjoying this app for years, and a few years ago an annoying glitch (the new podcast search issue) showed up resulting from one of the past iOS or screen changes from Apple that the app didn't properly handle. This release has finally resolved that issue!

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