PodCruncher podcast app - Player and manager for podcasts

Finally, a full-featured podcast app that just works - no hiccups or crashes. Download and stream episodes, manage subscriptions, create playlists, discover new podcasts. Crafted with love - extremely fast, smooth, and easy to use.

"Podcast addicts will love this app" - AppAdvice


• Complete iTunes catalog: 250,000+ podcasts
• Download and stream over WiFi and Cellular
• Play pre-downloaded episodes when off-line
• New episodes auto-downloaded in background
• Lightning-fast feed updates and downloads
• Never have to sync with computer again
• Quick start by importing your subscriptions


• Playback speed: 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, 2x, 0.5x
• Continuous playback, edit Up Next on the fly
• Gestures for play/stop, fwd/back, next/previous
• Adjustable skip intervals for fwd/back buttons
• Precise multi-speed slider for fine scrubbing
• Landscape and full-screen modes for video
• Listen in background, even to video episodes
• Control remotely while driving or exercising
• Lock screen controls and episode information
• AirPlay support, Bluetooth audio and controls
• Sleep timer


• Browse top podcasts in 16 categories
• Search by podcast title, author, or description
• Select country for searching and browsing
• Import and Export subscriptions in Opml format
• Subscribe to any podcast feed using its URL
• Full support for password-protected podcasts


• Create regular and smart playlists
• Add, remove, rearrange episodes in playlists
• Smart playlists with many filter and sort options
• Set auto-download rules for new episodes
• Or select episodes and start download manually
• Manage download activity in the queue
• Share episodes by email, twitter, facebook


E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PodCruncher
Twitter: www.twitter.com/PodCruncher
Suggestions: podcruncher.uservoice.com

PodCruncher podcast app - Player and manager for podcasts App Description & Overview

The applications PodCruncher podcast app - Player and manager for podcasts was published in the category News on 2011-04-07 and was developed by Obsessive Coders, Inc.. The file size is 6.31 MB. The current version is 3.2 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

If you like new version, please consider giving it 5 stars after update. Thank you!

• Fixed playback problems
• Improved sound quality at high speeds
• New look of lock screen buttons (iOS 7.1)

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Would have been 5 stars  Duncan332  4 star

On some of the different channels the sound quality is quiet than after you turn it up to hear the episode the commercials come on without warning scaring the crap out of me or blowing my ear drums. I have emailed support but they don't seem to care to either reply or fix the problem.

Max Benasty

Needs an update  Max Benasty  1 star

Come on guys, get it together...this is by far my favorite podcast app, but the search bar has been broken for over a year now (overlaps with the all/title/author buttons). UPDATE: no updates for 3 years! Developers clearly give zero f*ks about this app. Bye!


Good but  skulluks  2 star

App starts playing the podcast your listening to while you are somewhere in the episode making you hear two loops of the podcast. Doesn't always do this, but it happens more and more. Please fix.


Been using this for years  pinkflamingoes  5 star

Especially great for forwarding through boring intros and sponsor breaks. Thanks, love it

Bodega Jack

TX User  Bodega Jack  5 star

Outstanding. I have been using this app almost 3 years. I have had no issues and I have found it easier to use than other similar apps, including iTunes. I have recommended it several times to friends and their responses have a affirmed my own experience.


Best podcatcher  HA17  5 star

I used iPhone stock app, Stitcher and RadioPublic and this one makes the most sense to me.


Frustrating  techwalker  1 star

Muddling through the settings of this app trying to find my downloads just makes me crazy


What did I just buy?  YourGhostInMyMachine  1 star

Search graphics are broken and app UI appears not to have been updated for a while. Everything looks magnified and when I search, the text overlays some of the other graphical elements. Looks really unimpressive so far. Hopefully functionality is more enjoyable than the UI, otherwise I just burned $3 for another ideal podcast app pipe dream.


Loving it  Jellybellytelly3  5 star

Great app! My new go to :)

Grover Near&Far

Love this app  Grover Near&Far  5 star



Over 2 Years Without An Update - Still The Best  Demosthenes_Locke  4 star

More settings and options than Apple's Podcast app. Settings per podcast are wonderful. Graphical error under the search field but works OK. Since this app hasn't been updated in over 2 years, I am migrating to another app.


Terrific and useful  Jstyons  5 star

Better than the one that comes with the phone.

Ballistic Bacon

App hasn't been updated since 2014  Ballistic Bacon  1 star

I consider this app abandonware. Has that low res issue I try to avoid. Works, but is behind the curve compared to other apps.


Grossly out-of-date  Obesecat  1 star

Doesn't look good on newer iPhones. Barely compatible with iOS 10. Interface has buttons overlapping each other and it impedes functionality.


Awesome app  Jkonen67  5 star



Disappointed  Littlesandmanchen  1 star

Decided to stop using apple's podcast app due to performance issues. Went with this one because the glowing reviews but it lacks many features I thought were standard. The biggest blind spot is the inability to play oldest to newest. So anything with a narrative is played in reverse. Another issue is that while the play button on my headphones will start a podcast it seems incapable of pausing one.


Search function is all sorts of messed up  Jonyewest  1 star

I can't even add a podcast because the search bar and the filters are bleeding together and don't work.


Junk!  Russoaa  1 star

I downloaded this a week ago and at first things were fine and now all I get are loading errors! Nothing will play or download even with strong wifi!!


Garbage  Solwgn  1 star

Not scaling properly on iPhone 7. Text is huge and search text overlays context buttons. Refund me please.

The ellio

It's pretty darn good!  The ellio  5 star


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