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Quotes from recent reviews:
• "I am a teacher. I love this app! You thought of everything and put it in simple form..."

• "As a teacher & parent, I think this is the Best Math Fact App yet. It has all 4 operations and allows you to choose exactly which #'s to drill"

• “I have purchased many math apps for my 3rd grader and this is the one!!! It has everything I have been looking for. "

• "...This is well worth the $0.99 which is cheaper than a single pack of flashcards..."

This app's core concept was to create a flexible solution that a grade school child can easily navigate and that is robust enough to grow with your child as they grow their math knowledge.

Overview –
• FLASHCARD mode (practice) – Allows children to practice specific number sets and operators in the proven learning style of flashcards. Watch the flashcards flip like real flashcards!

• CHALLENGE mode (exam) – Lets children test what they have learned by having to type in the answer

› Simple enough for your child to set and use
› Flexible - Choose ANY combination of operators and number sets

• PROFILES - Add unlimited number of profiles to monitor each child's progress

• PROGRESS REPORTS! - Flexible reporting allows you to filter on numerous items to see your child's progress.
› EMAIL Progress Reports - Ability to send your results to teachers, parents, or whoever! (Note: An active email account must be setup on the device to use this feature.)


• NUMBER SETS - We designed the app to start at a beginner’s level, but the difficulty can be increased by changing the settings. When working on the number sets with the default settings you will only be adding 0-9 to the selected number set or multiplying each number set by 0-9. (with corresponding subtraction and division problems) In settings, you can change the range from 0-9, to 0-12, 0-15, or 0-20.

• SETTINGS menu -
› Settings are customizable for each profile.
› Ability to change the range of numbers from 0-9, to 0-12, 0-15, or 0-20.
› Ability to select the number of problems to work in Challenge mode
› Ability to set whether missed problems are repeated
› Ability to display a timer in Challenge mode

• RESULTS menu – Results screen displays after completing a set:
› Summary by operator and number set shows the number of items answered right and wrong
› Detailed listing of any actual problems missed - Note: When the problems missed are listed, they are shown with what the correct answer should be, not with the incorrect answer typed by the user. This way the user can study the solutions and try to do better next time.
› Timed results – Gauge your child's aptitude by reviewing the time to complete a number set. Encourage your child to “beat their time".

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Math Fact Master App Description & Overview

The applications Math Fact Master was published in the category Education on 2011-02-17 and was developed by TicTapTech, LLC. The file size is 7.69 MB. The current version is 5.1 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

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This app is great!  MiniMirandaL  5 star

This app is perfect for my daughter to learn her math facts easily and quickly. I love how I can pick either addition, subtraction, multipacation, or division. I also like that we can pick which numbers to pick. GET THIS APP!

emma the horse

Worst math game EVER 😡  emma the horse  1 star

You have to type it in and hope the “ enter” button works and u do not press 9 horrible game do NOT PLAY/ GET


Fact Master  🐶🦊🐱🐼🐨🐰🙈  4 star

My daughter went in this game every night for 5 minutes and it only took 2 weeks.But for me it’s doesn’t work on my phone so when she gets tutored she had to use it on somebody else’s phone so I felt uncomfortable because my daughter was using the tutored phone which felt weird for me and probably the tutored too. So that’s why I rate this game 4 stars!


Math Fact Master  rle612  5 star

I have been teaching third grade for more than thirty years. I have always wished for a simple computer application that could be used by my students on a regular basis to work toward quick recall of their facts. A colleague introduced me to Math Fact Master, and I have been sharing it with my students and their families since!! It is such an amazing tool to reinforce math facts at so many levels. Now my wish is to be able to have this same application in a version that would work on our school Chromebooks. Each of my students has access to a Chromebook and could use Math Fact Master daily to improve their skills. Our school is currently focusing on ways to improve math fact fluency at all of our primary levels. This application would surely assist in accomplishing this goal!! Thank you for providing such a terrific math tool!!


I love this app !😻  marmar335  5 star

This app is great it helps me practice my math facts and when test time came I was great I got no problem wrong


Good  Bonkchoie  5 star

This app was great it thought me a lot and I would recommend this app. I still use it for all of my times test and I will use it now and this I awesome it helped me soooooo Mitch I got all my grades correct!


Great app for teachers!  sherrystahl  5 star

I am a math interventionist and use this app with multiple students per week. I LOVE that i can save multiple students AND it stores their progress!! Thank you so much!

Spinal Fusion

Add sets for 13-15  Spinal Fusion  4 star

Great app. Lots of options. Just got the app today for my daughter to work on her multiplication tables. I haven’t figured out how to set up profiles yet. Wish it had the option to have ‘sets’ for the 13s through 15s so my daughter could work on all of the 13s, all of her 14s, and all the 15’s like she’ll be able to with all the other numbers through 12. Other than that it looks like the best I’ve seen so far.


Best app!  ingaiskevinsmom  5 star

My son enjoys this app soo much the 0.99 is worth it if you’re child struggled with math get them this app!


Love application  Lovesthoselabs  5 star

Great for learning and having competitions with my daughter

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