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TuneIn brings together live sports, music, news, podcasts and AM & FM radio from around the world in one free app.

Featuring the world’s largest library of live, on-demand and original audio at your fingertips, hear what matters most to you, discover new moments that move you.

With live sports, exclusive music channels, fast-breaking news, more than 5.7 million podcasts and over 100,000 AM and FM radio stations globally, you’re never without something amazing to listen to.

TuneIn Premium subscribers can listen to the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL, commercial-free news from MSNBC, CNBC and Fox News Talk, and a vast array of nonstop commercial-free music stations.

The Top 5 Reasons To Download the TuneIn App:

1. Never Miss a Live Sports Game
At work, at home, at the gym, on the road. Hear live and on-demand coverage of every NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL game – plus College Football, Baseball, Basketball, talkSPORT & ESPN – literally everywhere you go. Plus the best of sports AM & FM radio stations including: 1089 AM, 98.7 ESPN FM, 1400 AM WSPG & 1010 AM KIQI.

2. Endless Music
Never worry about having to pick the next song with exclusive music stations curated by renowned DJs, influential tastemakers and special guests. Discover the best new songs and artist in every genre, along with all of your favorites. Plus the best of music AM & FM radio stations including: WHUR-FM, 107.5 WBLS, WQXR-FM, 97.9 WSKQ-FM, & Hot 97 WQHT-FM.

3. Breaking News from Every Angle
Experience live 24-hour news from local, national and global sources, including top outlets like CNN, MSNBC, Fox, BBC, NPR, CNBC and Cheddar. Listen to MSNBC, CNBC and Fox News completely ad-free with TuneIn Premium. Plus the best of news AM & FM radio stations including: KQED-FM, WNYC-FM, KCRW, WHYY, WTMJ & WAMU.

4. All Your Favorite Podcasts
From chart toppers to newly discovered gems, immerse yourself in the world of talk. Follow classic shows like RadioLab, Stuff You Should Know and TED Radio Hour, and explore top-rated hits like The Joe Rogan Experience, NPR's Up First, NYT's The Daily, WoW in the World and Stuff You Should Know.

5. The Most Powerful Free Radio App in the World
Your FM radio dial can’t do this! Stream 100,000+ AM radio, FM radio and internet radio stations from around the globe. Simple and Free to use! Radio stations currently trending in the US: CNN, MSNBC, BBC Radio, KQED-FM and WDR 2 Ruhrgebiet. Plus get the top Sports

Not Just on Your iPhone
TuneIn is available for free across 200 platforms and connected devices. Stream music from your Apple Watch while you work out. Tap into TuneIn for CarPlay to catch the game on your drive home. Have your podcast follow you around the house with Google Home, Amazon Echo and Alexa.

Upgrade to TuneIn Premium for the Full Experience
• Live Sports - NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL
• Commercial-Free Music
• Commercial-Free News
• Today’s Best Podcasts
• 100,000 Radio Stations

Subscribe to TuneIn Radio Premium through the free app. If you choose to subscribe, you will be charged a monthly subscription fee according to your country. The subscription fee will be shown in the app before you complete the payment. Your subscription will automatically renew every month at the then-current subscription fee unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the then-current subscription period. Your iTunes account will automatically be charged within 24 hours prior to the end of the then-current period. The subscription fee will be charged monthly. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings.

Privacy policy: http://tunein.com/policies/privacy/
Terms of use: http://tunein.com/policies/

TuneIn uses Nielsen measurement software which allows you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about Neilsen's products and your privacy, please visit http://www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.

TuneIn - NFL Radio & Podcasts App Description & Overview

The applications TuneIn - NFL Radio & Podcasts was published in the category Music on 2011-04-19 and was developed by TuneIn. This application file size is 131.87 MB. TuneIn - NFL Radio & Podcasts current version is 17.2 and works well on IOS 10.3 and high versions.

The NFL regular season is in the home stretch. The NBA season is just heating up. Don’t miss the key moments for your team regardless of your sport. With TuneIn Premium you can seize every minute of the game with non-stop play by play coverage of the NFL, NBA, and more.

We’re always working to improve your TuneIn experience! Here’s what’s new in version 17.2:
- Removed support for Chromecast Guest Mode feature
- We’ve transitioned away from the BMW iDrive integration and exclusively to Carplay’s seamless TuneIn integration

TuneIn - NFL Radio & Podcasts App Tips, Tricks and Rules

TuneIn - NFL Radio & Podcasts Comments & Reviews

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Sammyboyo   1 star

Lost BMW idrive compatibility. Version 17.2 just kicked us older BMW owners offline. Expletive you too, TuneIn

Nicholas720   2 star

Keeps skipping back. It’s fine on Android, but on iOS it keeps skipping back when your listening to streams regardless of channel or of bandwidth.

richardinMaine   3 star

Poor buffering of stream. I’ve used TuneIn for listening to news. The app have very poor buffering performance. This means the stream is constantly pausing while it buffers. I understand this can happen occasionally when cell reception is marginal, but even with a strong cellular signal buffering happens every 10 minutes or so. The buffering period can last several minutes and often when it does start playing it will play 10 seconds then repeat those same 10 seconds two or three times in a row then continue with the stream. It doesn’t matter what station I stream the buffering issue always occurs. I haven’t found a setting for setting buffer size. I would like to get premium service but the app’s performance to too poor. All other streaming services I use, such as direct streaming from radio stations or podcasts NEVER buffer.

gpelectric   5 star

Best app ever love it. Best

sketchy anon   1 star

Takes too long to load. I don’t like using Tune In because it takes forever to load the station and I end up missing out on information.

Guephiltefich   1 star

Car Mode stopped working. Version 17.2: Car mode stopped working. Cannot change station: Recents and Favorites stopped responding. This exact same error happened earlier this year. At that time, Tunein took many MONTHS to fix this error. Now, it happened again. Previous version: Car mode, on the top of its main screen, shows the name of the station being currently played. When the user selects another station from the "Recents", the new station name is not shown on the main screen. The previous station name continues to show in the main screen, even though the audio of the newly selected station is now being played.

Sheyballzak   1 star

Monthly Fee Slam.... I ordered this as a YEARLY subscription... at least app said that when I first signed up. They're charging monthly for this service that is very overpriced as a monthly. $10 a year is great, a month, definatly not work it. Many other free apps provide same content!

ooooffjjjsz   1 star

Cancel. I canceled this subscription well within the free trial period yet I keep getting billed and no matter what I try to do to cancel it won’t let me. Then when I try to send this response it won’t let me because it asks for a nickname and of course no matter what you enter it’s taken.

Dc.daniel   1 star

Don’t do it! Will charge you subscription renewals. Charged me a renewal fee a month or so after downloading. I only wanted to listen to a ball game that I was at and didn’t like the lag of course I was watching the game live and didn’t really need it that bad👎👎👎

Triptweeze   2 star

Borderline bad. I would love to listen the impeachment proceedings without the app replaying that last 10 seconds, 3 times in a row every 5-10 minutes

Cool jey   3 star

The repeat when playing live shows.... I assume Tunein is made to do this on purpose but it’s far too sensitive....have used tunein for a few years but don’t remember being this bad- when I am listening to a news show live, like CNN, it will replay the same part not twice, but 3-5 times, I assume this is when the app detects a slower connection. I have tried numerous times to mess with settings and can’t get it to stop - it makes listening to anything live virtually impossible unless you want to be driven crazy. This happens over my Sonos which plays everything else perfectly in my home over WiFi (via fiber optic) so not sure why tunein is different. It is also happening more on my phone app. I love tunein for convenience but this repeating is so bad that it makes it not worth fooling with. Shouldn’t be this hard for a normal consumer - I shouldn’t have to adjust a bunch of settings when in a relatively normal and speedy WiFi environment (nor when when I’m on a cellular connection). Trying to listen to impeachment live! I have to install something else today.

qwrtuipljhfdazxc-/:;()$   1 star

Unsubscribe. I accidentally subscribed, and I can’t find a place to unsubscribe

Tuneinplease   1 star

Issue with iPhone 11. I have loved TuneIn for years - use it all over in travels. Ever since I got the iPhone 11 it is just terrible. Can’t get any station for longer than a moment or two - even with full data available. What gives??

schadey40   1 star

Disappointed!!. Downloaded this app because it was advertised that I could listen to the Dallas Cowboys game live. This was not the case, the station wouldn’t play; also it is ridiculous that I have to pay for this app when radio is free!!!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!

nrgflo3   5 star

What a great music and media resource!. I love the endless choices! Listen to news or music in foreign countries, podcasts, every sub category of music. Love it.

Jup92   1 star

Rewinds every few seconds sometimes. It seems when listening live to news programs in the evening, the app will replay the last few seconds every 10 seconds or so. Very annoying! I don’t know how it is keeping up with the live version. Have to shut it off and do something else instead. Doesn’t happen everyday, but frequently.

kleekie   5 star

Don’t have this tune in. Please don’t go in my account and take out any money I deleted the tune in please put back my money u take out the 15th already deleted the tunein a long time if u go back into my account and take out my money with out my concent I go to the police

used to happy   5 star

I like tune in better than pandora, BUT WHAT HAPPENED to the displayed screen information??. Can you fix/restore

P1Day1   1 star

Awful. Repeats sentences over and over and over, then skips to commercials. Does this on WiFi, and when I have full bars of signal.

DanielL.   5 star

Excelente en cualquier punto del mundo a dónde voy escucho mis estaciones preferidas.. A todas partes del mundo que voy . Se escucha

walterthegoat   2 star

Why am I paying 9.99/mo for an app that doesn’t function properly. This app has serious issues. Weeks ago it would control my volume button and max out my volume when no other apps did the same. Now the app skips like a record needle or scratched cd. This is nonsense.

Chrmcd2   5 star

Reliable. Always there when I need it Clear and good to go

Mndylbrck   1 star

Terrible and practically useless. If you like commercials or have money to pay to remove ads from every app you use, this app is almost useable (if I felt like paying for it, it would still only get two stars from me). You get all the commercials from whatever show you’re listening to, plus as many ads from the app; which amounts to about 35/65% programming vs. ads. Extremely unstable, especially if you’ve paused it - might as well just close the app and reopen it if you did, because it will basically not work until you do - rendering the pause feature useless. The app struggles to stay connected and fails to reconnect frequently when it loses its connection. The ads are intentionally significantly louder than the programming - obviously on purpose - making it something that wakes you up if you doze off or like falling asleep listening. The constant adjusting of the volume alone makes me tend to turn the app off. Overall: commercial overload with intentional annoyances to make you pay. It’s not a functional enough app to pay for as is, coupled with the intentionality of the annoyances earns this app 1 star from me.

Ptb1978   5 star

It’s worth it. Good app, great for sports and niche music

Schetch5   3 star

Nearly there. Doesn’t start/stop with tap of AirPods but YouTube does?!? This could be fixed.Frustrated having to get out my phone to restart podcast. The phone will start playing when it runs out of buffer. If your AirPods aren’t in then everyone in the meeting gets to hear what you were listening to 20 minutes ago...explicit or not. It could auto stop or obey the physical mute button. Commercials are so loud that I angrily have to grab my phone and turn it down. When the podcast comes back on...I can barely hear it. Please offer an equalize your audio feature.

GLAMLYF   3 star

Talk radio repeat loops: irritating. Happily used the app since it was new, mostly to stream news radio, and now I can't because of one-, two-, even three-time repetitions of a few seconds of audio, randomly happening over and over. Used to be an occasional glitch but today I think I spent 10 minutes hearing maybe two minutes of a broadcast, before I quit in disgust. Would like to think this is a temporary problem but, as noted, it's been getting worse, not better.

Shazbat FerStock   1 star

Don’t Bother - Just a Bait and Switch app. You download. You give it all your info. You get 7 free days. You get auto billed $10 a month thereafter. You cancel this overpriced service. You uninstall app as it is worthless to you without paying the $10 a month fee

FuxMisfit   1 star

What a SCAM!!!. TuneIn now requires the listener to sign up for “Premium” 7 day trial. I’m not interested in having to find, or go looking for the unsubscribe from the premium service in the user agreement. I might forget to cancel which is what TuneIn is hoping happens. I would give the app a “zero” rating if it were possible.

Marky1958   5 star

I love my Tune in radio. 94.9 the Surf!!!. Awesome stations that I can’t get any other way. 94.9 brings me to the beach when I can’t be there myself. Keep up the good work!!!

ex-paypal   3 star

It works. The app is fine and will stream your station, which you can probably find for free. Still, I wouldn’t mind buying an app that has what I want in one place like TuneIn. But I will not pay a monthly subscription for free radio.

Advertorial    5 star

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fwk1053   1 star

7 Day Trial and Content was old and repetitive. I subscribed on 7 day trial to listen to Buffalo Bills games since I couldn’t get game broadcast in Canada It kept cutting out for a few seconds and then would repeat same contentHapppened also listening to live broadcast on different station Couldn’t get up to date info before or after game Kept repeating programs from a week ago over and over same content I was not given a notice my trial time was up and I cancelled a few hrs after the 7 days and got charged full month by Apple NOT HAPPY!

jaspreetjsgrewal   5 star

Great app. Almost every radio station in the app. Just love it!

Jebbyjan   5 star

Inspirational. Awesome listening! Inspirational and encouraging. Also great to hear the message behind the music.

CashCool!   5 star

Great choice of channels! Great sound. Great sound

bifocal princess   3 star

Only works sporadically. I listen to MSNBC. Often the app locks up, freezes, won’t start or just plays ads before stopping working again. When it does work it’s good. But makes me think about buying cable tv again.

Annnnnnnnnnnnna E   1 star

Fraud alert!. I was charged another annual fee even though I selected the no auto renewal subscription button before I deleted this app. I downloaded this app 1 year ago for my Dad to listen to a Jays Game because we couldn’t get reception at the cottage... haven’t used it since because I delete it and they charged me another year’s subscription! Buyer beware!

supersteady   5 star

Variety. TuneIn gives me great choice for my favourite jazz -soft jazz, progressive, classical...it’s all there. So glad I found it.

elmo887   5 star

No bad. It’s is a great app all your stations in one app

kisssser   1 star

Error. I can’t open some of the radio it showed error

LarryOnOff 1   5 star

Was the first, still the best. Title says it all

Patdacook   1 star

Cancel before expire trial date or you will be charged on first day of subscription. Took a one week trial and forgot to cancel. The last day of trial I get charged for the app. They would refund me for one month subscription and I did not even use it. Used it for one day during my trial.

Redruby04   3 star

Tunein. I would really enjoy this app more if it didn’t repeatedly skip. It’s just not pleasant to be listening to a song you’re getting into to have it skip into another song 10 seconds into the first song... Unfortunately, it does it often enough that I felt the need to say something.

TheTuxedo   4 star

Good app. Good app to listen various radio station. Please offer complet dark mode (home and favorite not offering dark mode)

M3n70R   4 star

still things to fix. Volume control from Bluetooth headset has been fixed. But tunesin still doesn’t sync and isn’t available through the control center. Thank you,

ChartreuxMan   5 star

Apple Car Play. Bonjour! Pourriez-vous rendre dispo les flux personnels sur l’apps Tune In sur CarPlay. Merci

Jaidyn W   4 star

Good tunes and a great selection of radios stations. What I think it just needs to remove the ads when you start listening to the radio station

LRWyse   5 star

Timeless. I am turning 51 this coming Saturday, and I have been listening to Zoomer Radio for the past few years. This will somewhat make me a Zoomer’s kid. I only listen to four stations, although Zoomer is the most consistent and I tend to listen more often than the others. I have always thought of myself as a music connoisseur and Zoomer definitely feeds my appetite. Thank you Zoomer Music keep up the great programming. Remember, “Stay golden and young at heart.”

Flyingboy   1 star

Pete. Tune in radio player on screen control not showing up on lock screen during play. Please fix! Thank you.

B.ekram   5 star

Excellente. Je m’amuse très bien avec cet application 👍

Dusty Harvie   1 star

Been getting worse. Of late, this app has been terrible. Constantly buffering even running off excellent wifi. Understandable if you’re running it off your data but not when you’re in a building with the best possible wifi available.

LilandMai   4 star

Easy Listening to Work to!. I enjoy the piano as background music while I work at my desk. I understand what I am listening to is free but just a few too many commercials. I guess it is the promotion of music that I am offsetting with the free music. You probably ask why I don’t subscribe? I already have XM radio. Scott

rugamas   5 star

Radios. Good radios good music

@jrae   5 star

Appreciation. Love this the ability to stream So many options, great podcasts The listen live is a great option as well Ty :)

44ttuutt   1 star

Pas contente. Je veut que vous me désabonner de ce tunel radio je ne me suis jamais inscrite sa se prend dans mon compte je ne suis vraiment pas contente de toute ça merci

Figured it out!!   1 star

Sucks!!!. Since Apple update can’t browse or view favourites!! Only error message!! Guess they are forcing you to go pro!!

Terrible17   5 star

Tune in. Best play by play team in St Louis.

Jokeens   3 star

Live Radio. Live radio is surprisingly glitchy and unreliable.

Djdosjkdndkcndkxndlxnxdk   1 star

It’s ok if you are ok being harassed by ads. I was using it in and off but ads are so annoying so I deleted it and now have the apps of couple of radios that were my favourite much better that way.

Jboys itunes   5 star

Lovefree. The free version is enough for me!...but none fhs less best app for radio stations nation wide.

dvrugng   1 star

Pub. Beaucoup trop de pub.... je vais aller ailleurs

Advertorial    5 star

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dukeofearl.p   3 star

Keeps cutting out. Used to work great but now very average in CarPlay, it cuts out part way through most songs despite having good reception.

PWLMurrumbeena   5 star

Nightline. Excellent . Have listened over 30 years. Relaxing before we go to bed. Variety and lovely to hear Phil and Simon. Appreciate Melbourne based. Bring back Nightline. Badly missed.

Stephcott   1 star

Glitchy. So many glitches. No sound, shuts down for no reason, AirPods won’t link to phone when listening to this app but ok with other apps. It used to be faultless.

kbosnic   5 star

Dr Konstantin Bosnic. My grandson is Grant Anticevich is on scholarship at California Berkeley,basketball and academics I and my family and friends watching and listen all his game Sometimes the reception isn’t the best but we wouldn’t missed his gave Regards Konstantin

Σρι   5 star

Adds. Stop adds please Sure there are methods for revenue collection

Hamcott   3 star

Review. Op ten stops for 30 seconds or so and sometimes repeats sentences. Really annoying at interesting parts!

Grommit81   1 star

Broken. Stops when you lock screen so can’t run in background. No longer works with bluetooth headphones to volume up/down. Deleting app, honestly useless now. Iphone XS.

Curmudgeonly Apple User   4 star

Fixed at last!. Bluetooth connection is working again. You get your stars back. Shame APPL stuffing around with App Store means I no longer have the review that praised this app.

taz0090   5 star

Excellent. Love this app. Works great with my google mini

Mick C .3   4 star

Tune in. Great app but only weakness is you can’t change stations without unlocking phone

Originalgoldstandard   1 star

Basically tricked me. Sorry, the free version simply stopped working and it tricked me into paying 14.99 to make it work again. Joke

neverllearn   1 star

Recording. Difficulty in recording the shows how to fix it

Lembling   1 star

Ads ads ads. Great app for years now in 15 minutes I got 11 medownick laser eye surgery. Delete the app and never go to medownick hate hate hate

Natboy69   1 star

The app constantly repeats. I hear the presenter say the same thing 3 times in a row. It’s very difficult to listen to

Grazzy101   5 star

Love it!. I use TuneIn everyday, on the train, on my runs even on holidays which lets me listen to my favourite local radio station anywhere, anytime. Thanks for an excellent free App!

Real Don Sapo   5 star

Excellent. Excellent app yo be close any where in the world

diamondbeach   5 star

Great Apps. This is one of the best Apps for News, Music, etc. I use it every day without any major problems. Thanks for this great Apps.

dog noise   5 star

Harry Baker. Kiwi living in Australia who likes to listen to ZB. iHeart app takes up too much storage. Hopefully I will get what I want with you!

helpme!,,   1 star

Help. I just installed and now it says it’s a monthly subscription.. I don’t want this at all. How do I stop it? The page that said what it cost says to manage in itunes. The itunes thing says to manage in amazon. If this dares to take ANY money from my account I will be furious. I need help now.

VetPatat   1 star

Don’t download. They’ll find a way to charge you money and then not respond when you ask to cancel.

given up 22   1 star

Ripped off. Didn’t realise they were taking out $15/month.. I didn’t authorise this. It’s been going in for two years and used the app once for about a minute. Absolutely feel ripped off....

Flllbl   5 star

A great radio station. My husband and I love listening to Curtin Radio. The Music they play is right up our street. We also try to always tune in on Saturdays to Born in Boots. At the moment I am really enjoying the serial “ Portrait of Jennifer “.

DGLBAMBS   5 star

Best. The best station metal rock radio

happiness64   5 star

What I like About TuneIn Radio. I like experiencing listening to my favourite radio channels and I have to learn how to use application very well. When I am so happy, I talk to my friends.

joagiiny   1 star

Sub without my consent. This shifty app deducted my account without my permission. I wouldn’t notice if I didn’t check my bank transactions today. All the radio stations I want to listen to didn’t work at all either. What a joke.

Jazz_M8   1 star

Very unhappy. Downloaded this app as it was listed to include English commentary for Vuelta a Espanya, which it does not and now I have been charged $14.99 for it without my express permission.

lozznay   1 star

Fix bugs. Fix the bugs. Continually jumps back, skips forward. Can never have a consistent feed. Have moved to another app that doesn’t suffer this problem.

castaskey   1 star

Free app. Well it is t a free app .. it says free local app! But when u want to start u agree to a certain amout p/m and so forth! Deceptive i think!!

King-brown   5 star

Tune In Radio. Very clever, simple to use, practical and reliable application! My old iPhone 5 is now nothing less than a World Radio Receiver. I connect to and listen through my entertainment system. Fantastic! Very satisfied listener.

SunnyS72   1 star

Got charged without any info that this was a paid app!. Not Happy!

ReginaMack   5 star

Great!. I love ITune to listen to Rick and Bubba. It is always very reliable!

e redstone   5 star


cono de la madre   5 star

Cancel the subscription. I want to cancel the subscription what should I do I don’t find the way. Please let me know how.

Lone Sloan   4 star

Add MLS and this will cover it. Works great for my favorite NBA and NFL teams. If I can get MLS soccer games by next spring I’ll never have a reason to change apps.

marez71   1 star

The WORST RADIO APP. Advertises same commercial like 10 times their forcing you to buy the “app” I deleted it

pmybtx184   2 star

Beware of forced upgrade. The app works well, but in order to download the “free” version, you are forced to take on a “Pro” trial, that you will be charged for if you don’t opt out in less than a week. I was unable to find where you need to go to do the opt out right away & then forgot to go back & look harder, so I had to pay. I finally found it in “My Subscriptions” under my Apple ID.

Jbpdx   1 star

Political bias?. Why does MSNBC always seem to experience streaming “errors”? It’s happening more and more frequently lately.

dm19114   1 star

do not buy. bad app half the time the stream says error not avaliable the other half the time when listening to a game the stream goes dead for mins at a time and also u will be listening and it will keep repeating wasted 9.99$ ur better off just joining sirus xm thats what im gonna do now

Fjjffjjtjdhehdfh   1 star

Scam. Be very careful. I wanted to listen to one thing. I thought I was doing a “risk free” free trial for 7-days and they charged me $10 right away. I cancelled my subscription within an hour or two and didn’t access any premium content. So mad. They make confusing on purpose so you get charged.

reviewjw   1 star

NBR FM. I don’t trust these people. There is something fishy. They contacted me about doing an interview. I said sure. The interviewer clearly did not care one iota about doing the interview. He did not care about sound quality. People commented about what a bad interviewer he was. The next day I got a call. They wanted all this money and went on about how great I was and if I just pay up they will give me 30 minutes. When I didn’t pay, all the links to my interview disappeared and the email from which they wrote me now says undeliverable. It is all so shady.

Jdrsar8009   5 star

Amazing Quality. For just a few bucks a month, you can have sports, news & music at your fingertips!

joss carguay   5 star

Es mejor. Muy buena

mzikawzmmsz   3 star

We. Mv Miao how Slowl make Oslo

New Gamer 1323   4 star

The 2019 Volvo XC 90. The 2019 Volvo XC 90 is the most awarded luxury SUV of the century. I know this because I hear this same ad every. single. time. I use this app. Multiple times. It’s inescapable. It burrows into the psyche. Great app other than that.

The Daily Cindy   2 star

Too many ads. There are way too many ads on the app now. I only gave 2 stars because at least the app continues to work after phone calls.

nickname17873   1 star

Buffering is Awful. Repeats broadcasts every 20 seconds - ive been experiencing this for over 3 months now with no improvements. App and phone is up to date. This happens even if i rewind before the buffer point. Would be ok if it was free- but at $10 a month, I kinda feel like a sucker.

Hardbootsnowboarder   1 star

Live radio broadcast loops. So excited to hear the live radio broadcast of my home announcer. Then it just keeps looping. So disappointing.

Vee0415   2 star

Not happy. My boyfriend and I have signed up for premium. Listened to the first ballgame today, 44 seconds left in the game and the app stopped working. MISSED THE GAME DECIDING FIELD GOAL!!! Not to mention it stopped to buffer MANY other times through the game. Waste of money! If you are a real fan of football (or any other sport for that matter), don't risk missing the most important moments of your game by purchasing this app. So disappointed!!

inefa23   5 star

Inefa. Inefa

KashandBiddy   1 star

Had to delete. I used to love this app. I have used it for years! Then recently it started hijacking my phone. How this app kept my phone locked up to the point no buttons would work and it wouldn’t respond is beyond me. Tried to reboot and THE APP KEPT RUNNING DURING REBOOT. That shouldn’t be possible! Today I unlocked my phone and suddenly TuneIn begins playing....when the app isn’t even launched and hasn’t been in weeks. Devs, you lost me by hijacking my phone and clearly have some enormous bugs to work on. See ya.

Melbourne from Florida, USA   5 star

The Giant Amount Dwarves. Tunein is by far my favorite one-stop place to go online when I want to get a taste of the cultures and current events in different countries. I do travel extensively and Tunein helps to keep me in touch and bring the world much closer to me. I especially love the multifaceted ways by which I can search for media programs whether by specific names or by media types or by location within each country. I am a radio head and there is no better place that I can go to quickly find and experience the sounds and musics of various artists. Imagine that I live in the USA, I don’t speak Spanish or German yet my favorite reggae radio station is in Nicaragua and my favorite jazz station is in Germany. All made possible by Tunein. Tunein is a great example of the benefits one can only enjoy from being on the the internet. Thanks Tunein! Melbourne from Florida, USA

gwenaellp   1 star

Unlistenable. Audio is buggy , keeps repeating the same thing or the add before the show starts keeps rolling

Phi Z 3   3 star

Repeats itself. I love the variety of stations and choices, but why does the radio keep kicking back and replaying itself? It very irritating to hear the same music/information over and over. I would love to rate it higher but can’t because of the constant repeating.

DMKabcde   1 star

Ripped off. I downloaded TuneIn Radio app and somehow managed to sign up for premium in the process. This was totally unintentional on my part. Be VERY CAREFUL!!

Aron d   2 star

Buggy, buggy, buggy. Ever since I updated my phone, this app has had continuous problems, Bluetooth issues, switching show issues, controls not working. Getting very frustrated, nor a cheap app, if continues will look for better options. Needs big fixes.

bibilo-love   5 star

La capicua. Buena salsa

TehHota   2 star

Promises Great Things but Frustratingly Delivers. I have been using this app for a few months now and love that I can listen to so many radio stations across the country for free. However, using this app drives me absolutely crazy as it will repeatedly skip backwards 10 sec while listening. I can’t get through a morning radio show without hearing the same thing a dozen times. If the app developers can fix this and get the app to provide a more reliable stream, I would give the app 5 stars, but until then, I will not recommend this app.

grateful in FL   5 star

I love big blue kitchen. For years I listened in NY now I can enjoy from Florida Nick makes my Friday’s great Thanks

Nicknocl477032   5 star

Great app. I’m a trucker. Get to hear all the stations I love while on the road. 👍👍

guibhji   5 star

Great app. Use it all the time

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu   1 star

Tune in. I asked google home to play the news in the morning that I’ve been listening to for the last six months or longer and when I asked to play 570 news on “tunein” they no longer do it unless I subscribe sad to hear I guess it’s back to do basic radio with alarm which by radio station will come on .

ionutpozitiv   1 star

I have paid in the beginning.... I’ve paid in the beginning for the PRO version. Even than I have used it for listening radio that is FREE out there to listen. It was nice to have it all in one place. But from now on, it seems like I have to go back to the websites of all those stations I love: CBC, Radio Canada, Poko Pokito, Radio Swiss Jazz/Classic/Pop, SWR... Uff! You turned so ugly, tunein!!! 🤜🏽📻😡

degvjuyddx   1 star

Decue. Le bouton recherche ne trouve jamais rien si je recherche une station ou le chiffre de la station au Québec . Quand on clique sur station locale , il trouve rien . Je veux écouter des stations québécoises et non en France ou en anglais . On doit passer a la version payante pour avoir du plaisir avec cette application .

Mr l aviateur   1 star

Probleme de connexion aux stations radios. Bonjour! Tout fonctionnait bien jusqu’à ce matin. Plusieurs radios enregistrées en favoris ont disparu. Les recherches me donnent QUE des poscasts nais pas aux stations radios...!!!! Que se passe t il??!! Merci!

YYGYQM   5 star

Oldies Music. Just a Great way of listening to the Oldies Music which I just love to listen to while on my IPad ❣️

Listener from Ottawa   1 star

Radio listener. It seems with the latest update the stations are messed up. I used to have local radio station as Favorit; after the update, the app tunes automatically into another station and I am not able to find the old Favorit. Next time I have to think twice before updat.

DinDintheboy   1 star

Will charge you if you just try it and delete it. Just tried it for like 5 minutes deleted it because it wasn’t what I’m after, a month later I get charged $15 for radio what a garbage app.

iPhone retard   1 star

Not free. Automatically charges your account after a one week trial. Go with iheartradio it’s completely free!

WTH!! 😜   2 star

Online. Wish it would constantly stay connected to my google home

jamwilli1   1 star

Alarm Doesn't Work. Last couple days the alarm hasn't gone off. Set it a few times this morning to see if it'll go of and it didn't. Sucks that I'll have to delete this and use something else but I need something reliable like TuneIn once was.

DJ.Boy   4 star

Superbe application. Trouvé beaucoup nouveau poste de radio !!!

Klmnuio   1 star

CBC Radio Toronto playing CBC PEI. Why is CBC Radio One Toronto playing CBC Radio PEI ON TuneIn? Give me back my CBC Radio One Toronto

Athrox   1 star

dont buy pro. i cant get the buzz cause it say it aint on my location , but on the normal radio in car i get it , even in a 1 $ radio at the dollar store you get it , but here you pay 4$ and cant get it 👎🏻

Patricia labbe   5 star

J’adore. C'est simple et efficace car tout est sous la main rapidement

larbigwil   3 star

Premium radio. I bought this by mistake! Can I please get a refund? Regards Larry

Neil the Keener   1 star

So upset.. I am so very upset at your app! I was listening to the radio on my way home came inside the house to continue listening to CBC radio which is free radio station which I’ve always listen to on your app. There was a black screen I press listen to tune in radio now press that it wanted me to do some sort of verification next now you’re charging me $13.99 to listen to free radio? I want my $13.99 refunded and I will be deleting the app as soon as you give me my money back. Don’t automatically start charging me $13.99 for something that was free but I had to listen to commercials on start up. Please let me know how to contact you for the refund and to cancel my subscription you made me purchase!

davsenac   1 star

Streaming issues. The app does not work properly. Soundtrack is always coming back to the previous 10 seconds. This happening anytime even after restarting the app or downloading the app again. I am very disappointed!

LH5555   5 star

Excellent app. I'm really enjoying using this app. I like to listen to a tv station's news or a radio music channel in the morning as I eat breakfast and the app provided by my tv and Internet provider crashed regularly, so I tried Tunedin and am very happy with it. My Internet can be spotty at times and Tunedin handles that well, stopping and starting up on its own if the signal weakens and returns.

ruffo2001   5 star

Agradecimiento. Son muy gentiles por esta transmisión ! Sigan adelante asi

patoutou   5 star

Très bonne application!. C’est formidable d’avoir accès à toutes les stations de radio du monde dans une seule application.

Emogeeme   5 star

Calm Radio 👍🏽👍🏽. I listen to Calm Radio daily, it suits my lifestyle and my moods. It’s the classiest radio station I’ve ever listened to. Thank you from Lori

sabrio70   1 star

Not possible to unsubscribe. This application does not allow you to unsubscribe .... when following App Store instructions to unsubscribe from any subscription, this app does not give you any options to unsubscribe.

SRSpark   1 star

Accidental Upgrade. Love this app and paid for the Pro version years ago. But after constantly nagging pop ups to upgrade to Premium which I don’t need or want I accidentally OKed the upgrade when the app opened in error. Before I knew it I upgraded to premium with my thumb print when I was rushing to close the app with the Home button on my iPhone. Not sure who to blame Tunein or Apple, but Tunein gets a hit for constant nagging pop ups to upgrade, once a year is too many. Now to try and cancel it, I have no idea what I upgrade to.

DP4444444   1 star

Brutal. Started getting “an error occurred please try again” and can’t use the app at all now. Try anything else.

Rwalchuk   5 star

Good but no good. Would be a great app if I would not keep getting an error has occurred trying to find radio stations

radio 1951   5 star

Great. I have found that this app is the best in the whole world. Had premium for a while liked it just i was not able to use it to its full potential that being said even the basic app with all it has to offer works great

StoicRower   1 star

Live stream NHL.. Not available in Canada. What the heck? Disappointing to say the least.

MaddMobb   5 star

Maddmobb. Great for connecting outside the country with different radio station.

SiZONS   1 star

Scammers. Downloaded apps but didn’t sign up for a subscription. Got charge automatically anyway for it.

GTIDave   3 star

Constant prompts to subscribe. A decent streaming audio player that constantly harasses for subscriptions.

jumbo464636   1 star

Ripped off. Poor subscription system - takes money off you without your awareness!! Be careful

meed a name   4 star

As advertised. Global radio easy and works great

panel user   1 star

Joe. To complicated To hard to in subscribe

Silly51   5 star

Brilliant service. So fantastic I can listen to U.K. radio here in Sydney Australia

Spike Murray   5 star

Terrific!. A great site with world radio all there !

Mavrick1979   1 star

Delete. When did this app become a subscription? I’ve paid for the ‘pro’ app but now they want 15 bucks a month? Can’t even use the free app because you can’t get past the first screen.

Njslingsby   5 star

Praise n worship. Awsome praise n worship love🤠💕

Funkster 101   2 star

Used to be good. Ads popping up all over the place have ruined this app. Not to mention i paid $3 for this app years ago, to then have it changed to a subscription if you want add free. Good app made dodgy.

FlyingFoxinator   5 star

Always my go to. Love the accessibility

pauljneef   1 star

Sneaky in app upgrade. Disgraceful underhanded trick used in this app to get you to upgrade. Accidentally touched 7 day trial upgrade to premium. All this within the app itself as it comes up as an ad within the station selection screen. No confirmation screen. What they don’t tell you is that after 7 days they charge $14.99 per month to apple account. Absolutely abhorrent behaviour. Please explain. I will be taking this up with the communications ombudsman.

M/M/M/   5 star

Great app. Great app...only complaint is that it restarts after sometime paused...if the app is still running it should keep data until it is off

piuteeuiooo   1 star

Scam. I also did not subscribe to this

sleepy heads   5 star

Tunein. Love this ap

Boostdr   1 star

Unlawful Account Charging.. I also have been charged for this App when it was never purchased ! Please remedy before you are sued

tunein45   5 star

Tunein45. Love that I listen to the radio that I love

customerreview173   1 star

Warning short trial then you are charged. No warning after the free trial that you are going to be charged. This is practically a scam (except for the small print!!!) Not happy TuneIN /Apple. Overpriced for the service provided.

Bluecrusader   1 star

Warning - they charge monthly without you knowing. Be careful, they charge monthly without you even knowing it is monthly.

Trish1447   5 star

Ishy. Love the inspirational quotes and chats, the music and presenters. Put the radio on relax and no concerns about the grandchildren listening in. God bless you all.

MR ham 05   5 star

Good app for going out some were. 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

sbedekar   5 star

Great application. I find tunein a very friendly application, always ready to please us all

Abritek   5 star

Tunein Radio. I rely on this great app for pre slumber prep

Dezer1970   4 star

Great app but a few bugs & often doesn’t work properly with CarPlay. Great app but a few bugs & often doesn’t work properly with CarPlay

boatbits   5 star

Boatbits. Great to have someone around when there is no one around. Les Boatbits.com.au

Sit heater   1 star

Never use this app!!!. I have unsubscribes many times online and on my phone and they still try to take $150 from my account every chance they get!!!!!

Gracious Lyn   5 star

Great App 🥰. A must have app if you like different kinds of your own music😉

Ldtr   4 star

Almost 5 stars. It’s a great app for listening to radio stations from around the world. It’s simple enough to use but some radio stations are difficult to find. Sometimes typing in the radio station name doesn’t mean it will come up. They need to work on a refine function for searches, adding regional would be a cool function. Apart from that one flaw, it’s a great app

Patiencerunningout   1 star

Scam alert. This is a dodgy company that stole my money.

-C-Mc-G-   1 star

Scam!. I never purchased this app, never used this app & they have taken $145 from my account without authorization. It’s a scam. Scroll through & read other reviews like mine! I was charged last year & didn’t notice the charge but when they tried to charge me $145 again this year the payment bounced & I received an email to pay & that’s how I noticed they were going to indefinitely charge without any authorization. I asked Apple about auto subscriptions & they have said not having the app doesn’t mean you won’t pay for it as payments are through iTunes, so you have to actually unsubscribe- amazing as it is so easy for them to subscribe you without authorization!

Matthew Thorley   1 star

Drop out, skips, doesn’t pause. The entry level product is finish. It drops out, doesn’t pause properly and when it does you press play and it jumps back to live. Often skips over parts of the broadcast

redgenner   3 star

Review for tune-in. I don’t have much experience with podcast/internet radio apps. This app seems to work simply and reasonably.

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