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Hohner announces the introduction of a revolutionary new app for the iPhone: The Hohner Mini-SqueezeBox.

Mimicking the layout of Hohner's iconic Corona Classic diatonic accordion, this intuitive virtual accordion app feature a super responsive, three-row fingerboard that plays and sounds like the traditional instrument and now plays in all three of the most popular tones: EAD (Mi), FBbEb (Fa), and GCF (Sol).

Simply touch in the bellows area to toggle between bellows push and pull, then play on the buttons.

Touch the sliders icon at the upper right side of the screen to bring up the controls where you can select the tone (EAD, FBbEb, or GCF) and control the volume and reverb settings.

The Hohner Mini-SqueezeBox app allow musicians to practice chord combinations, scales, and songs on-the-go. Headphones can be used for private practice, or the audio output of the virtual accordion can be amplified by plugging into computer speakers, or other sound enhancing devices.

Players may select to have the note names displayed on the large white pearloid buttons.
This app is ideal for the beginning student or professional musician who needs a simple carry-on companion to compliment his or her actual accordion. While not meant to be a replacement for a real accordion, the app is a convenient and easy tool for practicing, learning, or teaching.

Hohner Mini-SqueezeBox App Description & Overview

The applications Hohner Mini-SqueezeBox was published in the category Music on 2011-02-15 and was developed by Michael Eskin. The file size is 43.41 MB. The current version is 5.2 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Faster playing and audio quality improvements.

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Money back  iloops2  1 star

How do i get my money back?


It was good until the iphone update-no sound  nikiw.  5 star

There is no sound! True


Great app worth the purchase  licenciado15  5 star

I was having doubts as to the price but wow does this app work the sound is so realistic the response time is incredible i tought there was going to be a delay but wow wonderful app great for practice when accordion is not arround i might even use it for live performance thats how good it is!


According sound not working  Oggieg817  1 star

I just purchased this app and the sound doesn't work


Needs optimization!!!  MusicLoverToThaMax  2 star

It's a good app and sounds good, but needs a lot of work. It's not even optimized for the iPhone 5. It gets really laggy and will freeze often and the sound just gets stuck on a certain note until you push a different note, and I'm using an iPhone 5 which has a faster processor than an iPhone 4S. Needs a lot of optimization. Sound is good though, when it works and helps you learn how to play an accordion.


Good app  Oscar1527384738  5 star

They need to make the buttons bigger for iPhone 4S . Other then that it's great! 👍👍👍 UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE !!! Btw Esta en tono de sol


Great.. I like it  Panfila1  4 star

Pero alguien sabe donde puedo encontrar algunas notas?


How?  Yovanig  4 star

How do you take it off mute


No sound garbage  Antraxxx420  1 star



Goood  Alexdm1992  5 star

Sounds good people quit being haters

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