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BeatMaker 2: Advanced mobile music workstation.

Combining music production tools that were behind the success of countless artists, BeatMaker 2 is a powerful, easy-to-use composition interface for amateurs and professionals alike.

Build your own virtual home-studio, create multiple instruments and connect them to a full-range of audio effects.
Compose, record, arrange and transform your ideas into complete songs, ready to be shared with others.

Import your own sounds or use the sound library provided: more than 170 high-quality instrument and drum presets from synthesizers to realistic orchestral sounds. You can even import songs from your iPod library!

Connect your MIDI accessories for an external control of BeatMaker's instruments, effects and mixer, ideal for home-studio productions and live performances. Compatible with audio interfaces with the Camera Kit (iPad only).

Works on all iPhone, iPod and iPad models starting with third generation devices (iPhone3GS, iPod3G 32GB, iPhone 4/4S/5, all iPads).

- Create multiple instruments with Drum Machine, Keyboard Sampler, Audio Tracks
- 11 effects: Reverb, Compressor, Filter, Delay, EQ, Flanger, Chorus, AutoPan, BitCrusher, Overdrive, 6-Band Parametric EQ
- 3 effect slots for each instrument
- CoreMIDI support: connect your MIDI accessories to control instruments, effects and mixer.

- 128 trigger pads: 16 pads over 8 banks
- Chop Lab: Slice audio loops to automatically create new sound presets
- Control sound parameters on individual pad: volume, pan, mute, output bus, semitone, fine tune, reverse and autoscaling
- Low/high pass filter per pad
- Pad trigger modes: one-shot, hold & loop
- ADSR Envelope ADSR control for each pad
- Exclusive groups and polyphony management
- "Live" modes: trigger, mute, reverse, velocity and tune spreading.
- Pad copy & paste

- 128-key keyboard with pitch wheel, double keyboard mode, note display and zoom controls
- Easily create your own instruments from any sample combination with the keygroup editor
- Volume and filter ADSR envelopes
- Low/high pass filter with key tracking
- 2 LFOs to control volume, pitch and filter parameters
- Polyphony control, up to 32 voices
- Legato play mode with glide
- Velocity layers

- Add audio tracks for recording and sample playback directly on the sequencer
- Record multiple audio tracks simultaneously
- Gain and noise gate on audio inputs
- Support for disk streaming to load samples without consuming RAM

- Create unlimited instrument, audio and FX tracks
- Automations: Record, edit and replay instrument and effect parameters
- Record, draw, arrange and resize patterns along the timeline to build your song
- Compose and modify patterns with a piano-roll interface. Edit notes, parameters and automations.
- Instrument and effect recording options: Quantize, take or partial undo, pre-roll, Overdub, note erasing.

- Full-fledged wave editor with intuitive interface for manipulating samples
- Basic edition tools: trim, cut, copy, paste, with undo/redo
- High quality time-stretching and pitch-shifting algorithms
- Audio tools: normalize, silence, reverse, fade in and out, cross-fade
- Record new samples from microphone or instruments
- Loop points and tempo/signature editor

- Realistic multi-track mixer with level meters
- Edit volume, pan, solo, mute and bus routing features for each track
- Four sends available for each instrument/audio tracks


- MIDI files import/export
- MIDI Out, Sync, Thru support
- Virtual MIDI support
- Korg's WIST support
- Transfer files from/to your computer via iTunes or FTP
- Import songs from your iPod library to create new remixes
- Upload songs to your SoundCloud account
- DropBox support
- Share audio content via iOS pasteboard

BeatMaker 2 App Description & Overview

The applications BeatMaker 2 was published in the category Music on 2011-02-06 and was developed by INTUA. The file size is 744.05 MB. The current version is 2.6.4 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

• Dropbox is back!
• Added Bluetooth MIDI support
• Fixed iPhone 8/8+ UI glitches
• Compatibility with iOS11
• Older (32-bits) iPad/iPhones/iPod Touch support is back
• Fixed the Bluetooth MIDI panel glitch
• Small improvements around the app

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BeatMaker 2 Reviews


Just bought it  beatbeast91  2 star

Please let me have access to store in BeatMaker 2 there is nothing there 12 bucks for nothing I have beat maker 3. It would be nice to have update to beat maker 2 I’m not gone ask for money back just update make it smoother there’s no store content take it down instead of having us pay for app. By the way beat maker 3 is nice app keep it coming


FIX THE IN APP STORE!!  187coby  5 star



Not worth the purchase  InDoeWeTrust  2 star

This is great for nostalgia beat making back to the basic similar to Fruity Loops 4 or tapping two pencils on a desk while a friend beat box in the back ground. It absolutely great how they have managed to take out all the distracting things like sound design fx and large sound packs. Genius throwback. I love this app so much even though I purchased this Im gonna delete this from my phone and keep only a memory of this. Maybe the next update will be called orchestra maker with clanging spoons and a washboard. Can’t wait.


IAP not working  DannTee83  1 star

Just recently upgraded to an iPad Pro, went to install BeatMaker 2 and went to restore my in app purchases and the store is empty with no way of me recovering all the sound packs I’ve


luv the app  zmills86  5 star

is there a way to make this application compatible for the Macbook Pro? I wish there a way to fix the Dropbox connection, it doesn't even recognize Dropbox even if you allow connection.

sammi mack

WHERE ARE THE SOUNDS?  sammi mack  1 star

I paid for packs that I cannot use? Where is the entire sound store? The screen is always black now. Can I get my money back for these sounds?


To those who think this is the best  muriois  1 star

You’re hilarious 😂😂😂 if yo dumb a** loves tapping a screen, if you love limitations and bad response to creativity then BUY THIS APP not only is it an eye sore, but if you really think that you can make the same kinda music that you can here on a daw with more bells and whistles then you are lacking somthing, maybe you just like to be portable, but like everything that’s portable, it has its draw backs

Gern Blasnton

A Classic!  Gern Blasnton  5 star

That this app works all the way down to an iPad 1g AND and iPhone is amazing. Additionally, it edits midi better than BM3. In 2025 when the BM 3.1 update hits maybe it will edit audio and midi as well and this ancient app from the same devs.


HELP  Mispleases  5 star


Helgen X

Somewhat a rip off.  Helgen X  2 star

As someone who used to use this daily a few years ago when I had an iPad (recently obtained one again,) I think I am starting to remember why I stopped using this. I think the interface is quite well, takes a bit of time to remember where everything is at first, but you’ll get the hang of it. But it’s not very intuitive for serious work. I remember on YouTube, I made a tutorial on how to install your own sound files, which is kind of a long process, yet worked nonetheless. But you do that, it seems you only get a limited amount of workflow to use since it’s just samples in the end. The main problem with this software is that it costs quite a lot more than most of the apps in the entire store, yet costs even MORE after you purchase it when you a realize that almost everything else you may need is yet an additional purchase. Try making bass with the included synth it comes with, it will take you forever. The amount of VSTs and samples this comes with is a joke, it’s as if it’s a demo. You’re basically paying for a demo. I know a lot of time has maybe been put into this (I’m saying maybe because a lone Japanese kid made one of the most powerful VSTs ever created called Synth1 for FREE,) but I think this app from then till now is a cash cow. And I also feel BeatMaker 3 should be free or discounted to BM2 buyers. FL Studio (yes a PC and now Mac) software is not much more, but has everything you need and is the same file size as this. You have to step it up.


Beat maker 2  Connor1018962  4 star

It is pretty good but heeps of sounds don't work and it says I'm out of memory and I don't know. How to clear it.

1000 stars if I could #1

Awesome app  1000 stars if I could #1  5 star

Love this app a lot 👍


Good but bad  Raimoraimo  2 star

Really good when makeing music.. Just for yourself. Cant upload to soundcloud, or anywhere else. Dosent conevrt to mp3 .


Brilliant  Shemraq  5 star

This app is the most comprehensive hand-held production tool available on the App Store. If you're into making your own music, you'd be stupid not to buy this.


Great app!  AndyAwakening  4 star

This is the closest thing to Ableton or Pro Tools I 'very found on the iPhone. With Audiobus it allows me to run three input apps as we as take two inputs from my Line 6 Sonic Port. My only criticism is that the internal effects look and sound like stuff that was around in the very early days of DAW's. So there's room for improvement there. But the Intua guys are quick to respond to questions and open to suggestions. Which is great.


Best App!  slammed_09  5 star

This has to be the best music app on my iPhone!!!! Love it!! My sample beats are getting better 'cause I have more control over the samples on the pads than I ever did using FL studio & the PC keyboard, lol! Plus my PC at the time... couldn't hold as many synths without snap, cracking & popping with mass latency problems...!! Can't wait till I get another iPad :D 5 stars from me *****


Another HUGE update - chewing up my data allowance  wharf99  3 star

Look, this is a very good integrated music app, but the size and frequency of the updates is really starting to bug me - the updates are really chewing up my data allowance!!!!


Great app from a great development team  MXLTHS  5 star

Although I have reviewed BM2 before, I wish to say another big thanks to the whole team not only for producing an app of outstanding quality, but for showing their customers a great deal of consideration by continually improving and updating this already fantastic platform. The sampling is some of the most steamlined and convenient to use, and for this reason alone this app is worth the money. Easily one of the best DAWs on iOS, and i have tried many of the competitors. Thanks again team, love your work!


Can't install beatpack samples anymore!  tandoni77  3 star

I use beatpack to group my samples, then filezilla, says it has transferred to beatmaker, then comes up empty inside beatmaker!, I have to assign the samples individually, it used to work, d'oh!


best music making app  Roiikg  5 star

very nice app for learners, intermediate and pros.

Henry G 007

Terrible I want a Refund 😡😡😡  Henry G 007  1 star

I thought I would try this for 10.00$ it seemed promising at first but then I soon realized I had to buy a new preset for a certain song. Totally not worth 10.00 don't waste your gift card for this crapshoot.

Black Jewelz

The Best Ever  Black Jewelz  5 star

I've been using the Beatmaker app for 6 years now. I've also downloaded/bought all the other prominent beat production apps, BeatMaker is definitely the best out there. There are a lot of great sounds and editing functions. For a personal example you can look up a song I made using a beat that I produced entirely on this app, called "Rap King Rap", anywhere online . It's also great that you can export files to Dropbox and even WAV format track-outs (every track is separated in the export). Wow, this really surprised me. Saved me so much time. This has been and will continue to be my primary production app of choice.


Missing folders  Dru153  2 star

This DAW is amazing ! I will give it 5 stars as soon as they give me the sound expansions I paid for. I paid $12 for the " future trap" expansion and all folders are empty after installation! Wth?!

1up getalife

The best iOS music app hands down  1up getalife  5 star

This is honestly the best IOS music app and it's not close. If you get this app all you need is some additional synths, Audiobus, a midi keyboard with an lightening to USB camera connection kit to hook the keyboard to your device and your set. This app is hands down one of the best. Take it from me, an iOS user who has tried many apps over the years including impc and it's not even close. Big time artist like Mannie Fresh use this app which shows how good it is. When it comes to sampling, stability, arrangement, a good UI, and music creation, BM2 can't be beat and it is so good I rarely use my pc these days. Intua made an amazing app with beatmaker 2 and I can't wait to see what the future holds for this company.



BeatMaker takes off where Akai lacks...By far the best app for Mobile music production out. I love the Drum machine plus the sounds are great. You can import your own sounds and export to take your production to even higher levels. You can get your idea out anytime, anywhere. I have been waiting on 3 forever it seems however I can continue to wait. So excited!!!!!!!!

CJ Nismo

Beats 💗  CJ Nismo  5 star



Favorite DAW  rwsmth  5 star

BM2 is this best DAW in the App Store for Hip-Hop/Rap & Trap production. Interested to see what BM3 will be. Been a rapper for years but started causal production about a year ago to become more self sufficient and stop trying to find people who have studios or make beats(which if you've been in my position you know how much a headache that is🤕)invested over $1500 in a laptop,FL Studio 12,Studio One and an entire home studio set up. Felt overwhelmed and this hindered my creativity. Life happened and I had to sell my keyboard and laptop but in that time came up on a iPad Pro and purchased every major DAW in the App Store(Auria,Cubasis,FLM3,GB & BM2) for a fraction of the price of any major computer DAW(btw) and find myself making more music at higher quality in BM2 & GB(GarageBand being more limiting) on the iPad than I was on my laptop with over $1000 worth of programs.


Great app. Needs this!!  Gettinittogethet  4 star

Please include 1/12 resolution!


It keeps crashing:/  Chris623gomez  1 star

Omg it crashes every time I try using the keyboard. My favorite app is essentially useless now:/:/:/


KEYBOARD  Branman1981  3 star



Sooo close.  SheaStudios79  4 star

No single music creating app has got it 100% right so far, but this one is damn close. Although this is the priciest offering, IMO it has the best preset sounds and navigating around the program feels very familiar and easy. There isn't too much between this and nanostudio (they've even got the same sequencer page layout) but I think the effects, instruments and overall options in beatmaker are better. That being said, there are a few almost needless problems with this app that pulls it away from a 5 star. One of the big ones being no master fader! You can see the overall master level but can't control it. This is a big downside when mixing your stuff. Another annoyance is the message that appears every 5 mins telling you that your RAM is low and do you want to save your song. There really should just be an auto save....obviously I want to save my song, stop asking me!! So it's an imperfect app, but still really fun to use and I can only fault it on small issues.

Nick Createname

Excellent sequencer  Nick Createname  3 star

No synths, no Akai Synthstation support and an unusual workflow, but once used to it, closest thing to FruityLoops on iOS- gives nano studio a run for it's money- however, should have been a paid upgrade from the original beatmaker- overpriced but great app- if it wasn't for the price tag I'd have given it 5

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