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SkyView® Lite [Education] App Description & Overview

SkyView® Lite brings stargazing to everyone! Simply point your iPhone, iPad, or iPod at the sky to identify stars, constellations, satellites, and more!

Downloaded over 27 million times.

If you like our lite version of SkyView then you'll love our full version! It includes: a convenient Apple Watch app, a Today Widget displaying tonight's brightest objects, ALL in-app purchases offered in this version, thousands more objects to discover, and more!

App Store Best of 2012
App Store Rewind 2011 -- Best Education App

“If you've ever wanted to know what you're looking at in the night sky, this app is the perfect stargazer's companion.”

"If you’ve ever been looking for a stargazing app for your iPhone, then this [is] definitely the one to get."
– AppAdvice

“SkyView is an Augmented Reality app that lets you see just what delights the sky has to offer.”
– 148Apps Editor’s Choice

You don't need to be an astronomer to find stars or constellations in the sky, just open SkyView® Lite and let it guide you to their location and identify them. SkyView® Lite is a beautiful and intuitive stargazing app that uses your camera to precisely spot and identify celestial objects in sky, day or night. Find your favorite constellations as they fade in and out while you scan across the sky, locate the Moon, discover distant galaxies, and witness satellite fly-bys.


• Simple: Point your device at the sky to identify galaxies, stars, constellations and satellites (including the ISS and Hubble) passing overhead at your location.
• Sightings: set reminders for celestial events and plan an evening stargazing & spotting satellites.
• Augmented Reality (AR): Use your camera to spot objects in the sky, day or night.
• Sky Paths: Follow the daily sky tracks for the Sun and Moon to see their exact locations in the sky on any date & time.
• Time Travel: Jump to the future or the past and see the sky on different dates and times.
• Social: Capture and share beautiful images with friends and family on social networks.
• Mobile: WiFi is NOT required (does not require a data signal or GPS to function). Take it camping, boating, or even flying!
• Supports Space Navigator™ binoculars, spotting scope, and telescopes.

What a fun way to teach yourself, your children, your students, or your friends about our wonderful universe!

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SkyView® Lite Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This update addresses minor bugs present in iOS 13.

SkyView® Lite Comments & Reviews

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- One of the main reasons I use my phone

I have used this app for a couple years now, and I cannot say that there is an app I have used for the same amount of time that has brought me more joy, excitement, and satisfaction than this one. It allows my never ending curiosity to be aided in a way that leads to discovery. Which I think is absolutely awesome. I would call myself an amateur astrophotographer, and this app helps me out a bunch. It is also really helpful to be reading a section of the textbook for my current astronomy class, and be able to whip this app out and find what star or galaxy we are talking about. I do wish it would give you a better look into the future, being able to project where certain stars, galaxies, or nebulae will be in a larger scope of time. I am practicing taking shots of the heart of the milkyway, but I still have about a month or two until it will be near that time where I live. I'd like to be able to plan a bit more for my shots, so I end up on safari searching for the right info to help me out. I feel that would be a modest addition to the app.

- Super great but needs Better handling and music for free

I personally think this is a great app! It works, it’s mostly free ( some things like music isn’t).1. It’s hard to control the screen I have turn around or to the side if I want to try and find planets. But I can’t seem to find Earth. I would like to be able to see meteor showers, comets, and other things but sadly I can’t. I thought it would allow you to go outside and actually see the stars. on the screen I can but I can see them outside but I feel like because when I’m inside it’s not real because I’m INSIDE not OUTSIDE. 2. U should add actual music with singing, I think it would be more fun to listen to like build me up buttercup (the foundations). Or my girl (the temptations) walking on sunshine, ain’t no mountain high enough, Dolly Parton songs, etc. and it should be FREE during these hard times most people can’t afford paying additional fees or just once. They have to pay bills, or take care of their family. But overall it’s a great app so I will still give it 5 stars sorry for the long review lol

- Explore your surroundings!

I love being able to open this app whenever I see a star or constellation that I want to know more about or become familiar with. I’ve used this app on and off for a few years now but in the last few months with so much more dark time in the northern hemisphere, I have used it almost daily. I like to quiz myself and the app helps me grade my responses. I also use it to teach my two year old about the wonders in the night sky. We love it! Her favorite star: Vega. My favorite star(s): The winter triangle; Sirius, Betelgeuse, and Procyon. I love the option to display or hide constellation lines or artwork, and love that I can either show or hide the actual surroundings that my camera can see. This app is great, I highly recommend it. There’s almost nothing I would change about it except maybe if there was a way to add a link in the facts area of a selected object to either the Wikipedia page or some other information source for further knowledge exploration.

- Best Solar System Guide Ever!

Hello. I’d like to share with you a story that just proves this app is the best solar system guide ever. It was a really late night during the summer of 2018. My sister, my mom, my dad and I were catching fire flies. I thought I saw the North Star, but SkyView Lite showed it was Venus in front of my house! Then next to it, I saw Jupiter, the moon, and Mars! And the app is completely free! This app never shows adds. With most solar system apps, it shows you what you are pointing the camera at (like if you pointed your camera at your patio, you would see your patio), or apps might show you a fake sky (like if it was in the middle of the day, it would show the sunset), but this app has a setting that you can see the pitch black starry sky in space! This app does not need WiFi, and you can use it all day, every day! Any time, any place, as long as you have your device. I hope this was a helpful review.

- Virtual Reality

I love this app. I really have found it useful in many different time during the beginning of my curiosity into astronomy began. For example, this app has allowed me to locate Saturn and view the planet with the rings right through my backyard telescope On multiple occasions. This app allows for an immersive and breathtaking experience, on an encounter with the stars. However, I do believe the app is lacking a fundamental component that, in 2017, it should already have. I believe this app should have virtual reality integrated into its game face. In order to allow users to obtain a more integrated, breathtaking, and interactive view with the stars. It sometimes seems as well, that be in large constellations often block the view of any stars, I suggest setting that can rid of the constellation tracing. Finally, do you speak on any specifics. I would suggest an option to change the music tomorrow relaxing and euphoric socks. Other than that the app is wonderful and has been used by myself another friends for months.

- Directionally challenged.

As cool as this app is, the compass seemed to be pointing in the opposite direction. I was at the beach when I was trying this out and it kept telling me I was facing west when the beach that I was at is facing east. They need to fix this. Then I wrote this observation above, this was quite sometime ago (2+years) and the app stopped working completely for me while I had my iPhone 6s Plus. It was always showing the same constellation at the same location, so basically it was frozen and despite me restarting my phone or even redownloading the app again and then shutting off my phone, it still was frozen. Now that I just got a much needed new iPhone and was going through the apps I don’t need and came across this one I haven’t touched in ages and downloaded it and it works fine. So I’m assuming that this app is no longer compatible with older iPhones which is a shame app developers do this since it forces people to get a new phone if enough of their apps don’t work on their phone. Maybe not particularly this app since it’s not a necessity, but there are others out there that are and do this.

- Feeling starry eyed might cry a little

My family had just made the move from the densely crowded and sky polluted New York City (or Yonkers, the unofficial sixth borough) to New Mexico, a state that proudly wears the title of official Night Sky sanctuary and is optimal for constellation viewing due to the low population density and high elevation. I’m not going to lie, when my daughter pointed out the Big Dipper (or Ursa Major) I got a tad emotional. I downloaded the app to confirm our suspicions and were both pleasantly surprised to make out the Little Dipper only a little ways from his bigger friend. We never knew the two bears were so close to one another. Star gazing really does make for a humbling experience and I’m glad this app was able to help us navigate the starry night sky. My parents marveled at the accuracy of the gps. My 11 year old daughter was also able to find her zodiac sign, Leo, and I think this helped fuel a genuine interest in the cosmos. ✨💖

- Great performance for free app

SkyView Lite is stellar. It provides an augmented reality that shows planets of our solar system, the famous constellations (Orion, Ursa Minor and Major, Virgo, Libra, etc.), the Hubble telescope, the ISS, and many other stars. The stars and planets each have a charted course in reference to the Earth’s rotation and time. When a star or planet or object is tapped, it provides general information about the tapped object and can be expanded upon with an upward swipe, with a detailed picture and detailed information. Although these pictures aren’t 3D renderings that you can turn and observe, as is the case with many other apps. Aside from that, only the main solar system’s planets are shown, as well as only “important” stars. This is okay, however, because if all the stars were to be shown, then the screen would show nothing but. This app is certainly a great performing app, especially for one that is free.

- Good, some reviews may not be true.

This is the best app! It has most stars, all planets, and most galaxies and etc., though some may need to be purchased (I just got it so I dunno.) Some people say that it’s fake because they can see through objects, but it uses a built in compass in your device. Make sure that you don’t have a case with magnets or a magnet literally touching the device, or it will freak out. If lights make it hard to see, block the camera and it’ll be fine. Overall, I’d very highly recommend it, and (this is a little add) if any readers reading this play Roblox, go to settings on Roblox, then go to groups, then search “TrainsHains” in groups. I have several groups that may be recommended, and if anyone has builder’s club join the Alan Jackson group so I can give it to u because I switched from country music to alternative. So about the app, I’d say ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (five stars) and a 👍🏻

- All the bad reviews have an answer

There is nothing wrong with the app it doesn’t force u to update (there’s an X at the top of the screen) the stars on the floor are showing what’s under you and that the earth is round the N in the sky shows you’re pointing north if the app doesn’t work it’s just your phone and it works in the day and night cause it’s there’s still sates in the day u just can’t see them if u tap on the planet star station or anything it tells u about it and your not able to find earth cause your on it -_- it shows you when your inside cause your still on earth when your inside right there’s still stars when your inside right? It won’t show u ever single inch of space that’s ok it’s not projecting stars it’s showing were they are even if it’s on your body, driveway, floor anything 𝐼 𝑟𝑒𝑐𝑐𝑜𝑚𝑒𝑛𝑑 𝑑𝑜𝑛𝑡 𝑏𝑒𝑎𝑙𝑖𝑣𝑒 𝑎𝑛𝑦𝑡ℎ𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑒𝑙𝑠𝑒

- Must Have for Night Sky’s

I’ve always had a version of this application on three phones over the years. They are simple and have never a problem. Just the right amount of information without a cluttered sky. !EXCEPT! in the case of the Moon. Instead of panning through the sky and coming upon the moon, and getting to actually view it or any relevant data, what you are subjected to is some infomercial and glamour picture of some lady cluttering the view and hawking her latest self-indulgent audio ramble that you can’t get rid of, since there’s no way to dismiss her so that you could view the moon by it’s ____ing self! Other than that glaring inconsistency, this is overall a well made application, which I would recommend for everyone to maintain a version on all of their iOS devices for the sake of curiosity if nothing else. Point of the sky and answer once and for all with that light is that you see...

- nice app but beware of phone case magnet closures

I really like this app. However, I almost deleted it because it wasn’t working with my iPhone 8 Plus. The help FAQs suggested that I calibrate the compass. Well, when I tried to calibrate the compass, it wasn’t working either! After I did a little research on the web, I found out that If you have any type of case that has a magnet closure, the compass will not work, therefore, the Star view app will not work either because it depends on the compass and the GPS. This should be one of the first things mentioned in their help/support/faqs! I have a really nice leather wallet case that holds credit cards and it has a small magnet closure in the upper right corner. if I take the iPhone out of the case this app works like a charm. I don’t think this is the fault of the app. I think it’s just nature. Magnets typically screw up compasses 😊

- Vintage Points

I don't see why, space has to be viewed from the center point of planet Earth, why can't we get a different vintage point. Take Mars for example, looking back at planet earth. - this is something that bothers me, this same prospective of mine can and should be added in the real estate industry revealing views from a mountain(s) looking back towards the coordinates of interest. Google Earth, and other earth Maps Should be added for us to view earth from Mars or the moon. With a zoom in effects to give the user a 3D experience of their searched option of any plants, moons, stars, etc. A more in depth user experience to really dive into and explore the unknown places they wish to study on. With all the information of the world combined in a organized manner, as if a human was to first click on planet earth for the first time. Let's say for example, that he/she was born on Mars or the moon. So he/she would see who and what lives on planet earth, by all the information provided over a span of time in the world wide web. The same should/will be true for any plant selected through any Space exploration Application. This will prove to be readily available and useful as we as a human race, race to Mars to colonize and grow together in knowledge and in power.

- Not complaining but

I think this app is great, only comment I would like to share is, and I have not tried to click on the image of a constellation, but I would like it if the app could give multiple names if applicable to constellations, for example the big and Little Dipper that most people of my age in my area grew up knowing and being able to point out to parents and peers, I’m not constantly using this or any app, but when outdoors and in the presence of friends I like to introduce them to the insights that SkyView offers, but it’s simple little things like I have yet to see, I am positive I have, but the app does not tell me when I’m focused on the North Star, which I understand has a different name but I’m not an astrologer, I could be wrong, and disregard anything I said that’s false. Still awesome app, now I’m going outside to either reassure myself or prove myself wrong

- Just Get the App. 👽🖤

Get comfy, we’ll be here a while. Here I go.... I started using SkyView about a week ago, and I love it! I have always been amazed by constellations and space in general, and this app made me even MORE excited about stars. (I know what you’re thinking, “What’s so cool about stars?” But bear with me. ) I discovered SkyView one day as I stood outside of my house, stargazing with my mom, and we watched Orion-my FAVORITE constellation. My mom and I wanted to be able to find other constellations besides the ones we already knew. So, I looked for stargazing apps and found a bunch that seemed too good to be true. that is, until I found SkyView. Its description is super accurate and helpful. It’s great if you want to teach someone or yourself about the night sky. This app helps relive my curiosity about almost ANYTHING that’s out there in the great abyss we call space. Won’t it be awesome if one day you can just open an app and see a FREAKING ALIEN PLANET?! Anyway, I just wanted to say that SkyView doesn’t get enough praise at all. It’s just such a fun, exiting and educating app. Thank you SkyView!!! -Lizzie👽🖤

- Love This App!!!

Over the years I’ve had a curiosity about our solar system and galaxy and our relationship to them but not enough time to dig in and do the research to grasp a better understanding. This app has opened the door to spur of the moment excitement and “ahh-ha” moments (first on a camping trip in N. Michigan). I can’t say enough good things about it! My favorite so far is how it shows the arcs that the planets and stars seemed to take in our sky as we rotate on our axis and how it shows how everything in the northern hemisphere seem to revolve around Polaris and why that star must have been so important to early astronomers trying to figure all this out - using whatever their “apps” were! Last night my wife and I decided to go buy a sun dial!

- Descent for tracking celestial bodies

This is very precise and accurate. This can actually tell you when to look for planets, moon, etc. The only problem is that they charge you to see Uranus and Neptune, and upgrade to premium version. However, this is great if Saturn is all you are looking for. I spotted it with the unaided eye and viewed it through 7x35 binoculars. I just got a telescope, so I am going to see how this app is beneficial for viewing the ringed planet. I also spotted the Andromeda galaxy, but with 7x magnification, it just looks like a star. This also helped me to spot the Big Dipper etcetera. This can spot a few foreign galaxies and many stars. It also shows where some nebulae are. The conclusion: I give this app 5 stars for its accurate predictions.

- It’s great if you understand it but...

It needs an update. Calibration is always wrong and gets more and more wrong even when set properly it changes. Manual Calibration doesn’t work either. As for understanding how it works, most of the bad ones star reviews are idiots who don't understand this app works spherically, meaning stars and planets on the ground is the other side of the earth dumb***. The data isn’t wrong. Nothing is false about it. That’s calibration issues and people being morons. “I have stars in my house” no. You don’t. You’re just dumb. Probably tell people the earth is flat too. Ive used this app for several years. iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and currently iPhone SE. I’d like to give 4.5 stars. But I’ll rate as 5.

- A Lot of Information!!! Works!

I just watched the International Space Station. It was awesome. Brightest moving star, no blinking, no noise. Took about 25 seconds to watch from the edge of trees overhead where I am. But...the app was off in its timing by about 30 seconds. It showed that it had passed already, and I was about to give up, when it did show up. And the tracking of the ISS orbit was off a bit too, although it paralleled what I saw pretty close. I read in another review about this, so I guess it's not EXACT but could be better if a description about time delay was offered. My confidence in looking at other satellites is now off a bit now, if I had not seen the ISS first.I texted with a good geeky friend who is in to space, and he confirmed what I saw. It was great to see the ISS. Well worth it.

- Teach don't Preach

WARNING:This may be offensive to fools. -When I became a father each day I learned from my kids, through this learning came the desire to pay attention to details, without losing sight of the true, the right ,and the real ,the big things - This App., brings the nature of the universe, from peas to planets into a fathers toolbox, naptime becomes "wow" time...that's a big deal. That's the difference between fathers and daddy's- A father of a child may only exist in dreams or stories but daddy knows what I mean. He's right there for it all, Daddy's teach their kids the truth, daily, in person. If ya have children (moms too sorry🤣) you're gonna need all the help you can get- GREAT TEACHERS HELPER!! for teachers who love to learn❤️🤓⚡️

- Love knowing what’s in the nighttime sky

For years I’ve been frustrated by my inability to remember where constellations are from season to season. And I was never sure whether I was looking at planets or stars. Even the free version of this app is so handy that I can’t believe it’s really free. You can locate all the celestial objects and constellations, even if they are not above the horizon where you are. Plus, you can find Hubble and the ISS, which are really exciting to watch fly over, for me at least. This is a real treat to use on any clear evening. My friends think I’m some kind of astronomer genius because I can tell them so much about what’s in the sky at any time.

- The best but...

It's a good I love it so my tablet I my dad has the full Version but I do not are usually use a full Version of SkyView Lite. Mustley I use the app but how do you ern more Space object? I think you are supposed to do 10 Times on the app, and some times purchase it. Stel the best so so so so so so so so so so so good app! I just whus on the app but it sad White a rating the app. But I did mostly REVIEW so I did rat the app. Then I text Jada Scott like I'm a Scott to do it but doing this my mom came and I whus just watching the sims 4 by greystillplays a min ago SkyView Lite. You get to explore space. And search for Galisys planets in the solar system and more! The best app but my tablet about to die so that's it.

- One of the best apps I have ever used

To be able to point to the sky no matter when and where and see what is around you in the skies - planets, stars, galaxies, satellites and even Hubble telescope and international space station- that is something best left for individual experience. This is innovative usage of technology at its best. For those of us who have pointed optical telescopes into skies and fiddle around with controls for diurnal adjustments etc. the power of this app is even more appreciable. Great work! Thank you ! Definitely switching to paid version as a token of appreciation even though the free version is perfectly fine without any crass commercialization.

- Awesome app

I haven’t been using this app for over a month yet but it’s still is up there on “the best app on my phone”. I can see the Hubble Space Telescope, The ISS, and I’m planing on buying either one of the satellite packs. My only complaint is that if you are a kid like me, and like things like satellites, The ISS, etc. you have to ask your parents to buy it for you and so while I’m typing this I realize that it’s actually not that bad to ask for something that helps you learn about space. But in conclusion, this is a good app for someone that likes star gazing or someone that likes satellites or for someone that needs a hobby or just for a fun pastime. 😎😎😎

- Skyview is a total bust!

Is there anything worse than opening up a purchased app and all you get is a page that tells you to upgrade? You just dropped a couple bucks, and the app wants you to know you got nothing, so you gotta upgrade, an additional $5 bucks. You can’t use the app because you have too many additional costly add ins. It should bother you that you can’t use the app, because you are too distracted because you were mislead and your anger is now a matter you will take to your credit card company. I get angry then I get even. But I never get to view the stars, and this should be called out as a bunch of high tech theft. You guys now have an enemy. Nothing I hate more than getting ripped off. For you guys I will make it a mission to alert others just how it feels to get nothing.

- Absolutely Wonderful!

Just aim you phone at any area of the sky and this app shows you nearly every prominent object in the sky. No more wading through books, charts, or slow websites. Center an object in the screen and it’s name appears. The augmented reality feature can overlay images of planets and constellations. These features can be individually turned on and off. Also capable of showing satellite locations too. You can even use this inside to show what’s in the sky outside your house. Just move your phone around and watch the screen. Really fun. Rekindling my interest in astronomy without the hassle.

- Love the skies? This app’s for you!

I’ve had this for around two years now and just got around to a review. When I am outside chilling and it’s dark, one of the first things that come to mind has been to pull out this app. Friends and family alike have loved exploring the night sky with me using the app!!! I never spent as much time as I wanted to study the stars when I was younger, and this app really gives me the opportunity to feel like a curious child again :) Being able to see a bright star and then identify it has made me just a little bit closer to nature, I think!

- Out of sync

I visit Sky View daily, mainly to check on the whereabouts of the ISS. Then I began to realize that the ISS was not in the correct location. I know this because I visit other sites as well and when it crosses my longitude and is not directly North or South I know something is wrong, also when it is showing to be overhead and is not something is out of adjustment. What I don’t understand is how this could happen with the capacity you have at hand? I have noticed that every so often someone makes corrections, but within a month it will again wander out of bounds. Thank you, hope you can correct this major problem, who knows what else may be out of sync?

- Disappointed

I was upset that I thought I had to pay for it. So I did. Just started using the paid version. So I do not know yet if it is worth it. I’m sure it will be. On that note, the free version wasn’t working for me. Again I thought it was on them. It might not have been. All it did was music and an N on the center. Paid for the new one. The way to fix the problem is turn your phone off an back on. So I probably didn’t need to pay. Either way, I really enjoy this app. Thank you and hope I helped someone out with fixing the same problem I had.

- I love this app

Ever since I was a Youngster I have been fascinated with the stars. I used to crawl onto the top of the house or in a tree just to observe and Yes I got in trouble for it sometimes. I started this adventure when I was about four. I am now Sixty Six years young and was introduced to this app by a good friend who is a jet fighter trainer pilot in the Euro Nato Pilot Training Program at Sheppard Air Force Base. We were talking about the Stars one night and I told him my story and about having a telescope and he turned me on to this app. I use it quite frequently and really enjoy it. Five Stars from me. Thank You

- Very Helpful

I’m not sure why some people are giving bad reviews and are vexed, but it is a amazing app if you want to start stargazing. I myself have not bought the full version, but I am looking forward to getting it. Some people are having technical issues involving calibration problems, but I have not run into that issue and I just think it has something to do with their phone and not the application. If you are thinking about getting this app I highly recommend downloading if you are beginning to start stargazing or astronomy. 11/10 app!

- I love it!! But..

I love the app honestly there’s nothing like it if you love stars and looking at the constellations this is the app for you. it’s so realistic for example if the app tells you the sun is is this area and you you point it, the sun would actually be there., same thing with the moon. My only issue is that I wish you guys had the option to show every constellation that’s visible. As well as an option to have the Ecliptic line or more lines, because it only shows the horizontal line. I hope in the near future those things could be add.

- Feel like a kid again

I’ve always been into space as far as the science side of it and i love the stars but never learned about constellations, because i didn’t know how to. i found out about this and downloaded it the other day, went outside on a clear night and that was the most childlike imagination i’ve ever had in a while, being able to see Orion and gemini and the bright stars. I thought this would just tell me descriptions of stars but it shows you an exact copy of the sky you see and draws out the constellations. i’m so happy!!

- Awesome App! A Must Have!

This is a great app for anyone of any age! And what's better than an amazing, beautiful, FREE app?! It's simple and easy to use, which makes it accessible for all. I love the soothing background music too! I have used this app for about 5 months now, and I can't stop using it! I always use this app when I want to find a certain star, galaxy, or planet in the sky, and it's always worked. I would recommend this app for anyone who's into astronomy, like myself. Overall, awesome stargazing app! Recommendations to make this app even better: - add more facts about the overall sky objects! ( I want to learn more about space, and so do other people) - add a reminders mode where we can get notified if there is going to be a comet, eclipse, or meteor shower. - add a star-finder mini game for younger kids to get involved in astronomy! (Have a set of plants, constellations, and stars, for young kids to find while using the app)

- SkyView Lite

I’ve been an amateur astronomer on & off (as usual life responsibilities permit) for over 65 years. When I’ve been away from enjoying clear night skies for a number of years, this app is easier than good star charts for a quick re-familiarizing myself with the constellations. Just aim your iPhone, centering the small circle/reticle as though you were taking a picture of the constellation you’re interested in, and star & constellation names appear on the screen. That basic function alone is worth the price of admission.

- The most amazing App on my phone!

I can spend hours on this App without realizing that it’s been that long. I’m a little curious as to why Mars, Jupiter and Venus are so visible to the naked eye right now. I live in Tennessee and was outside tonight checking all three of them out. I have used SkyView for over a year now and this is the first time I’ve ever been able to see three of our planets at one time just by looking up. It’s freaking AWESOME! To be fair though, I wouldn’t be able to identify them without SkyView!!☺️ By the way, today is July 4th, 2018

- Simple and basic

I have a 6 year old boy that loves space. His obsession started with Star Wars, believe it or not!bhe has been to the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville Alabama. I downloaded this app over the summer so we could stargaze together with something interactive (he's a hands on boy and just looking up at the sky is boring to him). He loves this app. My mom ended up getting him a telescope and it just got delivered today. Without her knowing, the telescope actually supports this app. How perfect! Lol can't wait to use these two products together.

- Super!

This free app is the coolest thing on my phone. When I lose my perspective, it takes only a moment to access the incredible universe surrounding me and is to regain. I love the app for its accessibility, it's cost (free), it's cool and soothing background music, the links and graphics. Very cool. I share the app with people everywhere I go-- fam, friends, colleagues, clients and even strangers... a great instant reminder of how vast is our universe and that all is well, even when we may have troubles or concerns in our own tiny flash of life 😊 Love, love it!

- Loved this app until now but then my favorite feature was removed

I loved this app and it still does the basic that a star gazing app should be about to do. But it had the option to see the calendar for the meteor showers throughout the year and that was one of my favorite features. But then that option was removed. I thought it was moved to the premium app. I paid for all the features and there still is no option to see the meteor shower calendar. Why would you remove such an important feature? This app is still one of the best but I hope the developers bring that option back.

- Need help with locating Space Station

I have been using this App for the last few years. We follow the International Space Station. The last 6-7 weeks the “finder” is way off in locating the Station at my location. The App shows the Station on its way down when we hold up the phone to find it in the sky. But we see it coming up in the sky at the “visible” coordinate. The location coordinates are correct for “visible”, “peak”, and “disappears”. But the locator is way off. I do locate the planets fine, however . If I dont have a compass, I cant find the Space Station. How can I fix it? I paid for the update months ago. Love the App if it would get back to working right

- Wow! This app is phenomenal!

I really love this app it has shown me a detailed description of the planets and where they are in the solar system. I recommend this app because it is very accurate and is fun and easy to use. If you’re thinking about downloading this app it is 100% worth it. (Just a side bar I am 15 and my brother is 9 and we didn’t have much of an interest in space until we used this app. So if you have kids than this is the perfect way to get them involved with outer space 🙂)

- Best app you can get

My family has a lake house on lake winipisaki and last night we went on a boat ride into town for ice cream around 10 ish. On the way back we saw the Big Dipper and it peaked my interest so I went to the app star and found this. Let me say using this app in the middle of lake wini with clear sky's full of stars was one of the most eye opening moments of my life. Just the curiosity and intrigue that ran through my mind was unreal. I highly recommend everyone should get this app. It's truly amazing

- I’ve always loved the stars

I’ve always loved the stars and stargazing, but I’ve never had any idea whatsoever what I was looking at. One day I was looking at the sky and was curious about so many diffident things that I decided to download this app and it was the best decision ever. This app is so great, it is easy to use and extremely informative. I entertained myself for hours staring at the sky learning about constellations and planets I never knew I was looking at. So glad this amazing app is free and that it works so well.

- So far so good

I just downloaded this app tonight and tried it out. So far, so good. I had downloaded Sky Map last night and it was all over the map...pun intended. This one actually uses the camera and so far it seems to know what it is doing. I have to practice a lot more with it as time allows but it looks very promising, especially for a free app. Many people are becoming more interested in astronomy because of the Revelation 12 sign, Google it, and speculation about Nibiru.

- Always a joy to use

Fantastic app that allows me to appreciate the universe in a new way each time I use it. I look forward to cloudless nights where I can pull out my phone and discover a new constellation that was previously unknown to me. This app has made me more educated about the night sky and our place in the universe. Thank you to the team of developers who made this possible—it has made me a more appreciative human being of what’s out there in space.

- Why I love this app

I used to have this app it brings me joy cause it’s a fun app to use and I love this app and I would always use this app cause I thought it would be fun to use to see the stars and now and then I still use it even this age I still use it to see the stars up closely and when I get home from school I always go out side with my iPad and look and the stars cause the stars remind me of stuff I been thought it helps me get out of stress and it makes me happy

- Way more than just stars

Honestly only downloaded this app thinking it has had stars. It wasn’t til my 3rd or 4th time going on the app that I saw venis. Just so happens venis was visible by the naked eye that day!!!! This app will have you doing 360s and going upside down looking at the universe from earths perspective!!!! I never ever write reviews but I have been on the app for like 45 mins so I have to compliment the creators.. ps I have never been so excited to look up or down at the stars lol

- Yellow

I like SkyView Lite because you can see the difference so say you really can’t see and you can’t make the pictures you can see planet so you can’t see it and all that and I like it because it’s very fun and you can find galaxies Milky Way and other objects I don’t really see with your own eyes so that’s really how I like Starview like it’s just a very good app kids can use them like you you really you really might enjoy this if you want to Buy it .

- I loved this app

I loved this app but now it seems that it’s not working like it used to. I used to be able to look through the camera and see the night sky and the app would say what is on the screen. Now,Ursa Major takes over the whole screen no matter where the phone is pointed, and Ursa Major is the only thing that is explained. I even paid for the upgrade thinking that would help, it didn’t. I deleted the app and reloaded, that didn’t work either. I’m just disappointed that it doesn’t work like it used to work.

- Close but no cigar for my use

After getting notification about the space station flying over, I have to type in ISS, let it search and click on the result to find the general direction to look in. It’s not terribly accurate. Also, I was able to track space junk on the screen for the first few days after downloading the app but that stopped and has never returned. Go to work on that free version if you want to sell the pay version. notification about the space station flying over, which I can’t figure it how to recreate or undo, I have to type in ISS, let it search and click on it to find the general direction to look in. It’s not terribly accurate. Also, I was able to track space junk on the screen for the first few days after downloading the app but that stopped and has never returned. Go to work on that free version if you want to sell the pay version.

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- Okay now this is amazing!

This space app is awesome! I 100% know where every planet is now at different times, I saw the moon so I tired it and I know what planets were underneath and I could see the moon on the screen so it’s then correct. It also tells you where ( for example) the moon is on different times. I also really really love the music it’s so relaxing! You could just about fall asleep to it!! It’s amazing overall and if you see this review it’s really good you should download it!

- Amazing to see space and the sky!

I had this app for a seriously long time, I basically had it since age 5! I saw loads of stars and planets and I’m really smart on planets now. I’m glad this app has great studies and I enjoy looking at the stars and planets, I try see em’ every night! This is an awesome app, I can’t find glitches in this so, this app is wonderfully fine. I’m very glad to tell ya’ll, this is one of my top 3 favourite space study apps! Rating #5 stars! ;D

- SkyView Lite

I love this app. I could spend hours gazing at the night sky, or indeed pointing my phone in random directions at any time of the day to understand where the planets and stars are positioned. Full of interesting facts, helpful graphics, and tracking abilities, I can highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about the solar system, our galaxy, and galaxies beyond.

- Love it!! ....but

Fantastic app - I've learned so much about the mysteries of the wild spinning universe. The ....but is the white on black font for the small print. Looks great, really hard to read, especially at night. I've bought a magnifying headset to address this until the app developers read this and address the white font 😁 When you do folks, I'll upgrade!

- Nice and easy to use

I’ve had the lite version of this app for about two years now and while I don’t use it every day I still pull it out often enough. It has greatly increased my personal knowledge of the night sky, something that I am slowly imparting upon my two year old.

- Wonderful but auto calibration needs work

Absolutely in love with this app. But the auto calibration always seems to be off so I just use the moon as a reference to manually do it. Doesn't take long before I have to do it again - I may be doing it wrong though :)

- Brilliant!

This is a brilliant app! I recently got into Greek Mythology and learning about the stars and this is the PERFECT app for looking at he stars. It is a little off because if you place your phone down on a flat surface it doesn’t exactly go in the centre of the NESW symbol but it doesn’t bother me! Definitely upgrading!

- This is amazing

I’ve never been wealthy enough to buy a good telescope so I could see the stars. This app has fulfilled my dream of seeing those stars closer and learning more about them. I am a 14 year old girl and I go on this more than I do social media. Thanks for this app

- Finding meteor showers

There are two night of meteor showers this week but I don’t know where to look. It would be good if there was a tutorial on how to look up specific events or objects. Otherwise it is fantastic to see what’s up there.

- Best App for star lovers!!!

Do not waste your money on the star gazing apps that need money! This is a very accurate and beautiful app that taught me many new facts and filled with information about every star! I totally love this app and will use it every night.

- Amazing App

I have enjoyed the capilities of this App. I saw in the news thay Mars will be at closest distance to earth in october 2020. However, I couldn’t find it un the sky. I easily downloaded Skyview and amazingly found Mars in the sky and been tracking it since then.

- Awesome

Plenty of star gazing and plant finding it's tops I've even got my kids and missus checking out the sky as they have never been interested until NOW I'm telling everyone I know about it and I'm definitely up grading for sure👌👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- Must have app

Such a fun app that everyone should have on their phones for those nights when you just have to know what that star is? Whether it’s a planet or not. Plus there is some fun extra info on all the stars and planets. Great app!

- Ace!

Amazing sit out under the stars and get to know them a whole lot better. Our future our present and our past is out there! The $1.49'us well worth it for the upgrade to get the satellites tracking too. Awesome!

- Fantastic App!!

My kids and I absolute love this app!! Almost every night we go outside to have a look at where the planets are located and what all the stars are called. They’ve taken a huge interest in astrology thanks to this app.

- Absolutely Brilliant. On my phone forever now!

This is my absolute favourite app at the moment, brilliant design, clearly a lot of thought out put into it by the developers! Has allowed me to ignite a passion to stargaze again!

- Best App Ev'ah

I've been delighted with this app since I bought the first version many years ago! The red view is exceptional to save night vision! The updates have never disappointed! Great app! Thanks!

- Love it

Absolutely love it. Great for getting the kids involved. My niece love going out at night & see what it is we are looking up at. She gets very excited when she can see a planet. Great educational app.

- Recommended for feasible star viewing

A brilliant app if you are partial to learning about stars and constellations. The app’s flexibility makes star viewing feasible and can be used as verification to unravel the mystery of equivocal star patterns.

- Wow is all I can say

My husband showed me this the other night when he got home from working out in the outback. And wow I just took a photo of the moon with a plane flying past, simply wow cheers LJ

- Heavenly

Beautiful app. Seeing the stars and planets and sometimes seeing if I can spot my star sign for some amusement. It’s helped me appreciate the heavens more, as well as being a good time waster :)

- Stunned

I am absolutely gobbled smacked. It’s the App everyone should have. I’m still in total awe at the fact we can all have this technology at our fingertips in an instance. Glenda

- One of the best

There’s a lot of good Sky apps out there and I have tried a few but this has become my favourite. The calibration is great, night view, augmented reality - very nice 👍🏻

- Easiest app so far

I've tried a few star gazing apps and for someone like me who's interested but not an expert, this app is fabulous. Simple and easy to get going

- Great app when you’re outdoors at night.

makes you want to look up and see what that shiny speckle is in the night sky - love it.

- ZAR zodiac manual to life

Absolutely incredibly amazing and a must have for any person who resides on planet earth a road map of the universe which will enlighten all who learn our true place and cosmic extistences💫⭐️⭐️🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐️⭐️💥💥☄️☄️☄️

- Simply Brilliant

After 58 years of living under the stars I can now enjoy them. Thanks so much for a simply brilliant experience!!

- 5/5

This is an original and awesome idea that allows you to find planets and constellations via looking around or searching! Really love it.

- It's great

The only extra function I sometimes want is being able to turn off the visual to have a clearer view of the constellations

- Good

It’s a great app but for some reason it’s not always working. When I upgraded to the full version it sees to be faulty so I’m back to using this version but it too doesn’t seem to be working. It seems to be stuck on one position. Before I could move around and look at the whole sky now I can’t. I can only look at north aspects.

- Beginner

I’m a real astronomy beginner and I’ve found this app really accurate and helpful. Thanks for making it available.

- A bringer togetherer

I have a family friend that is sick and we play around with this all the time😊😅: ) Thanks for opportunity

- Amazing

This app is brilliant. You can see the sky like never before if you live in a city. Highly recommended.

- I love it

I love this app, because when I grow up I want to be an astronomer and it really calms me down when I’m frustrated

- So handy

So handy for a quick check of “what planet is that?” Or for a longer visit to the universe. Thanks.

- Won’t work

I have had and used SkyView with my kids, although hadn’t use style app for awhile. The kids just got a new telescope ope today and I went to use SkyView and it won’t let us do a ‘live’ search of planets and stars. It only shows a red line with a N on it, with still white dots. (OBS North and stars) I have tried changing settings, calibrating etc but nothing is working. Does anyone know how I can get it back to how it was, same has happened on my girls iPads. I have SkyView Lite and SkyView, both are the same .

- Great for big and small kids

I have so much fun.. what a great way to teach kids about the solar system

- App so good

Or sum best app ever wish we could have gotten different music too change love it

- Auto locator

Before used to be so cool the auto locator now its rubbish when i timurn my phone every thing goes messy plus never gives the right location of anything even when i point it at the moon it tells me somewhere else!!!

- SkyViewFree

Very cool! Have got a great night sky at our country place. Looking forward to seeing what the app unfolds.

- Like it....... but

It is good it tells you the time it will be where it can be seen but the words are hard to see if your brightness is low

- Greatest app!

It was so good especially the reality mode when you could see your house and also the stars

- Not so good...

there wasn’t my city’s name on the app so I had to use a different city name and the app showed me the same stars every time But the music was nice and calming and the information was was interesting

- Great app

Simple, easy to use and intuitive. Fascinating to learn about the constellations and space surrounding us. great add-ons too

- Love it....but

I hate how would this we just stay still and still rated 5 out of 5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- Awesome

Always been curious about the constellations and night sky... now I can learn easily!!

- Brilliant

Best app ever for planet and star location when you only have a smartphone

- Sky view lite

I think this app is great and you get to learn about space but the only thing is that the stars are cartoons so you can never be sure which star is which. But other than that it is good. ⭐️🌜✨☄️

- Dawn

I love this app. It's beautiful to sit outside on a clear night and be shown what all the stars and planets and star signs are

- Great but

Before I’ll invest in the paid version, it would be good if the auto calibration worked.

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- Awesome

Really good app little bit tough to use but still good. Could you maybe label the icons so it's easier to to know what dose what.

- Good basic viewing guide

This app is great for locating where some the main celestial bodies and stars are and ISS and Hubble. Great free app.

- It's 180degrees out

The app is showing me the universe in reverse its 180degrees out. North and south are reversed so I'm sure it's something I should be able to correct but it's not letting me. Is this something iPhone related? I have a 5s. Manual setting doesn't move at all and auto setting gives me the reverse view... I have even set the Center view point on the moon and got the 180 reverse...

- Great astronomy app

A great astronomy app. Worth paying for if you enjoy exploring out universe.


Why am I seeing Uranus in my room??

- Dubious

The ISS is perpetually at the South Pole, and the Hubble perpetually close by also. Doesn’t inspire confidence.

- Love it

This app works great, and makes stargazing fun!

- Love it!

I really REALLY like this app. Me and my sister would bring my phone outside and see all the names of the different stars. My favorite part is, it’s FREE! I found a app just like it, but it’s a lot of money. I really think u should get this app!

- Stupid

Sucks and doesn’t work how you want it to, generates fake stars. Over stupid and crap

- Calibration Issues

I’d like to say I love this app. When I can get it to stay calibrated I really enjoy it but that is just the problem. It is often off by at least 90 degrees and isn’t accurate for my location (I have cellular data on and allow it to use my location). Any time I have tried to adjust the manual calibration it will stay that way for a minute or two and then right back to where it started, pointing in the wrong direction. I will still give it three stars but only because I can still make some use of it by looking at the location and then glancing at the location in the sky but this makes it pretty much a digital planisphere with the added feature of tracking moving planets and the moon.

- Amazing app

This app is incredible I use it every day :D

- Love it

Really enjoy being able to quickly find out what the objects are in the night.

- Excellent!

Thank you for creating such a helpful tool to enjoy this wonderful universe created by God! I have used it for years and with family and friends and it really helps everyone understand just a little our universe.

- Alright stop please

There isn’t stars in your room and chair and freaking Neptune in your bed it’s saying that it’s below the earth or above the earth

- Awesome for a free app!

A few items are a little tricky to navigate but otherwise it is a great app for the price! $0! Easy to use for adults and kids. My son, 10 years, loves exploring with this app!

- Cool

I can see stars and stuff.

- A Number one.

I absolutely love this app. I also use it in the day time to see what is lurking behind the daylight. Even without calibration it is accurate enough to trust. It is a must for all who love the stars, not only those with telescopes. It has terrific information on celestial objects and links for further reading. I rarely buy apps but I think this will be one the few I don’t want to be without. Thanks to the designers.

- Awesome, much better!

I remember downloading this ages ago and it wasn’t very good. I decided to give it another try and they’ve definitely improved it a ton! Great app, accurate and easy to use.


Why can I see Jupiter and mars in my house when am outside they are on the floor. Can planets be on the ground.

- Really good

This app is really helpful. I use this app to see Milky way and help me a lot for setup my camera on exact location

- ?

Why can I see juniper and mars and the Little Dipper on the ground? And wow I did not know there are stars on/in my chair!!!

- Great app

We’re not great with technology so happy this is simple to use. Thanks

- Amazing

This app allows you to time travel up to 10000 AD and 1 AD and you can change the time from 1:30 AM to 1:30 PM and more. You can change the month and the day. This app helped me find out if I can see Saturn and Jupiter tonight. And it helped me take a picture of Venus in the day. It is really fun to see the future and the past of our planets and other things. This is the free version. I haven’t bought the one that costs money but now I want to. Great app. Keep up the good work guys and girls. Keep it up. And thanks for reading! By

- SkyView Lite

Really good app found very user friendly

- Very fun!

People that are saying it’s fake because they see the planet in there room is just dumb, this app shows where stars and planets are in the universe and just because it shows it in your room means you should go outside at night and you will see the planet. I have already seen Jupiter and Saturn! I went outside and started using the app and my dad was curious about it to and got it on his phone. This app is really fun and useful I recommend this app the most out of all the other ones. Thank you soo much, stay safe!!

- love it. i wish you could see more stars though


- SkyView lite sucks

I’ve had this app for quite awhile. It worked great at first and I loved it. It’s been locked up for many months now and doesn’t work. I’ve deleted it and reinstalled it to see if that would work..... but it didn’t. Even the updates haven’t corrected the problem. I don’t know if any one else is experiencing this problem or if it’s just me. I don’t know if it’s doing this to force me to upgrade to the paid version or not.

- Skyview Lite

Developers have made this app so user friendly and a beautiful tool to take a complete amateur an make them feel comfortable in discovering the wonder of the universe we sometimes forget to take the time to admire.

- Great app

Great little app to lean and teach the solar system!!

- Loses calibration

For the past several months the app loses its calibration every time I start it. The moon will appear 90-120 degrees off. I can do manual calibration but it’s lost once I exit the app and re-launch. So maddening.

- Comet neowise

Hi, If you could include comet NEOWISE tracking on SkyView, I’m 100% sure you will get more buyers and higher reviews, Thanks!

- Good

I like this app.but wish it could show other objects flying in orbit that can’t be explained

- Fake

This game is fake Apparently Venus and mercury are in my room

- Lite version impressive so far…

…and I appreciate that users can simply input their location, rather than turn on Location Services, for abuse by *other* developers 😁 What I cannot find yet, is any reference to comets. This month, we are particularly interested in “ …Comet C/2020 F3, also known as Neowise, visible in the night sky throughout July… ” as referenced on fstoppers. Are comets including Neowise included in one or more of the in-app purchases?

- Awesome

Super easy to use. Amazing accuracy

- Good app

I think it’s a really good app if you want to see star names, constellations, and what stars are really plantets.

- Amazing

This is fantastic I’ve never known so many stars and planets this is something that we will look at all the time my children and I

- Super trippy

That is all.

- Searching problems

It would be nice if when searched something, it could take me there and show me. Also, can you see meteors, there’s a shower at 3 and I want to see it :)

- D.Pritchard

Love this app! Only wish when you take a pic it would tell you the constellation on pic. The same way it does if not taking a pic.

- SkyView lite

Super interesting and beautiful

- Best app

This is the best app I have ever seen!

- Fake

This is freaking not Real biche

- Epic

Great tool to humble the ego and expand the conciousness

- I love it!

I love it so much! It helps me learn about every planet there is! It’s so interesting and it helps me learn which planet my family member’s from and it’s so good that you don’t have to go outside I get so much information that thankyou so much for this app I love it!

- 🌏🌍🌎☄️🪐🌑🌒🌓🌔🌙🌟⭐️⭐️🌟⭐️💫

I can’t this this this is so good. I will be on this all day and night. It’s so coooooool. I can see planets I can see stars I can se star clusters and much more. My mom told me about it, but she couldn’t find it. Then we found it. Then her iPad died so went to get mine. Now I can play when ever I want, in the morning in the night. So yeah amazing app.

- Love this app!

Very handy to use, helpful to have when you spot something in the sky and wonder what it could be.

- Sky View

Having the ability to look up at the night sky and know what it is that I’m looking at opened up a whole new world. Like a kid in a candy store this app is simply amazing!!!!. Wish I had it when I was younger, I’m 55 and so happy to discover and learn. Thank you for this gift.

- Santa Tracker

My son asked me today if we put your phone up tonight. Will be able to see Santa. You may get not people using the app should you add this feature. ❄️❤️❄️

- Off a bit

To be honest I laughed at the people wondering why they were in their living rooms well duh it’s an astronomy app it tells you where they are. But what I truly came here to say is it’s not 100% accurate and that’s a little bother so I looked at the sun and then the app and the sun on the app was about 64 degrees off and it’s also missing planets and the time of when the sun sets changes would be 5 stars if these were fixed.

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- Absolutely love this!

I downloaded this app a few weeks ago and it is more awesome than I could describe! I can’t believe when I look at certain stars, I find out that I’m really looking at a planet! I can see where the space station is, the Hubble telescope, as well as learning names of certain stars and where the moon is-even if it isn’t visible. Even in broad daylight, you can see where the stars are! I am absolutely blown away of how great this app is!

- No words can explain this in a good way but here’s me trying

I love this app so incredibly much! It shows me where all the stars are, there names, and all the constellations! It’s an exciting app that tells you where he horizon is and it shows you planets! Like right now Saturn and Jupiter are right in front of me! I highly recommend this app to star gazers or anybody who’s really interested really! 5 out of 5 stars all the way! And for the creators, Amazing job! I love it!

- Easy to use, finds stars then constellations

This app has evolved into an easy to use star and constellation app. I hate it when constellations come first and I don’t know all of them by sight. But I know the stars (thanks Dad! A B-52 navigator who could fly by the stars) this app is perfect as it will name the stars and then the constellations appear after. This app might not suit everyone but I couldn’t believe how fast and easy this one could be used. Try it out.

- Brings the stars to you

I love being able to step outside at night and find the names of the brightest objects in the sky, or even those that appear to be alone. It's also fun to be able to aim down and see what's happening on the other side of our planet. The best is when camping and the light pollution is greatly reduced so I can see more of the dim stars the app shows are there, but are hard to see in a city.

- This isn’t legit

I don’t know what app all of these positive reviewers have been using, or if this app was different before an update or something but I personally did not find this helpful. I read about it in Apple news and thought it would be nice since I live in an area where the stars are very visible. I opened the app and they are already showing me different stars. The first time it showed a bear, then Pisces and then Virgo. I don’t know if the paid version is better, however I will not waste my money or time to find out. Very cool concept, I just wish it actually did what it said prior to me potentially spending any money for it to do something extra.

- Feel powerful and insignificant all at once

This app give you tons of new research and history in the palm of your hand. Feel the power when you point your mighty camera at the stars and recite information to impress your friends and family. Or use it to realize that you are a part of something bigger that this universe is part of you. That you are truly made from the stars

- Fun times!

This app is quick and easy to get the hang of and does an excellent job of indicating just what (and where) objects are in the sky. It can even show you where things are below the horizon. It's especially handy for daytime use- if you ever have the need to know what's above you when the sun is shining! Best of all it is super fun to use :) I highly recommend at least downloading and checking it out!

- Very good app pls read

I really like that I can see the space station and the moon and the sun and different constellations. Lots of people think this app is garbage because some stars and constellations are on the floor. But it would be garbage if it wasn’t on the floor. It makes perfect sense, there are stars on the other side of the planet, not just above us! Anyways, awesome app! Thank you so much for making it! I strongly recommend this app!

- This is startastic!

I know, it's a corny play on words, but I absolutely love this app and the ability it has to track everything from constellations to individual stars and planets to satellites. I've used it to catch a glimpse of the ISS as it hurtled across the sky to discovering new constellations I hadn't really known before. Now I use it to instill a sense of wonder and discovery in both the scout troop I lead as well as my own sons. Way to go! Fantastic app!

- So interesting and so fun and so cool!!

I absolutely adore looking up at the stars and wondering about so much. This app makes it super easy to see what stars and planets and other celestial objects you’re seeing. It makes the stargazing activity a little more interesting and it’s just so fun to me. It’s super easy to use and you can easily calibrate your phone so you’re getting the most accurate mapping of the sky!

- This app is great, but I have a suggestion.

What if you made this app compatible with VR headsets. It would make this that much better! It would be even more immersive than it already is! Also there could be a "weather" mode where you over lay photos of space onto the clouds so it would be like looking through them. And to go with "weather" mode, you could make it so that you could manually set the horizon so that it would be calibrated correctly.

- Best product ever

I recommend if you love astronomy. You can use it day and night! So many upgrades you can get to learn more! It can even point out constellations if you don’t know where they are! Even if you don’t like learning it is fun. If you are looking for an app totally should be on you list! I hope this has helped you find an app that is good for everybody! See you on the app bye🙃🙂😀😄😃👋

- Ummm REALLY??

Ok at first I was like “OMG THIS IS THE BEST APP EVER!!” but then I pointed my camera at the grass just to see what happens, then it said 2 satellites, 3 constellations, Saturn, and like 2 other planets were down there. I was really disappointed b/c my friend recommended this app to me and I was really looking forward to use it! My mom once told me that Venus was at the side of our house so I pointed the camera there and it said that was Venus...! So I was really confused. Somethings were accurate and others weren’t? I’m just saying this is a really cool app, but it’s... I don’t really know.... somewhat inaccurate I guess. Please respond to this!!

- Disappointing

My husband and I have been using this app for months to see the plants and constellations and things. I doubted some of the results we’ve seen from what I’ve learned about the planets and stars in school, but assumed I was just mistaken. Then tonight we were curious about the moon stage, so we pointed it at the moon, but it said it was a star instead. I searched all around through the app and found it about 90 degrees to the left, even though I was looking right at it in the sky to know where it was. Now I’m wondering how many things we’ve been looking at and enjoying that haven’t even been true. A real let down tbh.

- Bringing the Sky to life

A well-thought-out app that makes the night sky accessible! Simple to use, and rich in what it offers. The music that plays in the background adds to the fun of learning what’s up there, as well as being able to see how the constellations got their names (yeah, some imagination needed!). Even during the day the app works to show you were celestial object are. Too cool!

- Moon ingress sign

The moon is always about a day behind in respect to which sign it shows it to be in. For example today May 25 in NY the app shows the moon in Gemini. But according to any other chart, and I’ve checked 4, it says the moon is and should be in Cancer already. Why does this app have a delay? I love this app but just question its accuracy. And I’ve checked my settings and they’re set for my location. Hmmm.

- Star Wonder

I often wonder what is shining brightly above me and have only to raise my phone (with this app) to find out what it is. As others have noted as well, I also sit inside and look all around including the floor below to see where everything is. The find feature is fabulous as it points in the direction of what you are looking for, such as stars, planets, satellites, constellations and galaxies!

- Recalibration

Hi Guys Love The App, Though ive noticed that it seems to be a little bit off, I was outside watching the ISS n I noticed I couldn’t see it, I waited n watched but it wasn’t showing up where n when it said that it was suppose to be. Then about 30-35 Seconds later, it Crossed the Sky when it was supposed to, but the ISS was crossing the night sky n The animated version of it was below the Horizon, but I’m out here every night having a smoke when it’s clear n it’s supposed to be crossing the Sky, so if you could please recalibrate the App So it is in the Actual spot that it’s suppose to be in, that would be Great. Thanks a Bunch n the App is Pretty Cool......

- Use all the time! Love it!

I love being able to just point my phone and get info about every star and planet passing overhead. It’s also neat that it shows their trajectories going below the horizon (sadly some morons gave 1 star reviews because they don’t understand that the stars below horizon are on the other side of Earth). I use it ALL the time and love all the informative info about each item.

- Awesome. But....

I love this app but there are some things that could change. The graphics are nice but this is not the app that I would use regularly. I think it’s cool that they show the I.S.S. And the Hubble but why not the other satellites? And I wish they could show the asteroid belt or all the exoplanets in the solar system. But, all in all, if you are looking for a app that could show you accurate positions of the stars, planets, the moon, and constellations, then this is the app to get.

- Awesome way to explore!

Wow. When I first downloaded this app I was definitely not expecting to see everything that I did. It is really cool to see what is really all around you. I found this app really great to help locate constellations in the galaxy. Super cool for any star gazers or anyone who just wants to have an awesome experience. I would definitely recommend this app. You could even call me “Starstruck!” 😁⭐️💫

- Wonder no more

Look I can see! Now just by pointing up to he sky and moving your device things become so clear and amazing! I’ve seen the stars before and always wondered what they are. I’ve even if a telescope would help, but sky view does that and more. So now I can look up and acutely remember the constellation that sky view pointed out Can’t wait to show my friends

- Great App!

Although there are not many stars visible from my area, this is app is still so fun and easy to use! I have always been interested in astronomy, but this app took my interest to a whole new level. Thank you so much to whoever created this app. You and your team are very talented. Fun astronomy fact: If the Earth were shrunk down to the size of a peanut, it would become a black hole.

- Constellations

This app is amazing because you can use it indoor on cold nights it makes you feel like your standing in the center of the earth. I never thought I'd love constellations until my teacher told us about this app and now all I want to do is just look at the constellations all the time it is truly amazing to be able to tell the stars apart now. Thank you for creating this app!

- Grandpa loved it

My grandfather passed away last October, but before he did, we had a fantastic time with this app together. He was endlessly tickled at how far technology has come as it relates to space. I should mention he was Director of Aeronautics for NASA ret., had been in the space program since the NACA days, conducted more sonic boom research than anyone, and was among the worlds first rocket scientists. So If he thought it was Awesome... it’s awesome. Period.

- This app is awesome.

I’ve been using this app for three years and it is the best app about space you can ever find on any App Store. It can make your curiosity about space go away. It has everything ever discovered by any space stations. If You go on it it’s not confusing at all. It has pictures and information about anything and everything you see.

- Majestic

This is one of the most satisfying apps I have ever used. To be able to look at the points of light in the sky then to be able to tie them to names I have heard before but never had a frame of reference with, is just mind opening. When my grandson visits we always take time to spend at least a few minutes stargazing. Fulfilling app - thank you!

- Amazing tool

I use this app to locate planets and stars with my telescope, and it works beautifully! It is always accurate and reliable. Highly recommended. Note: most issues with planetary positioning and the compass have to do with inaccurate location. I suggest downloading the free version first to test it out before buying the full version. Otherwise, the app is incredible.

- Amazing 👍🏻

I honestly expected less from this app. Not only does it give you so many options on how you want to view the sky 🌌 it tells you info about everything you see. I also found out my zodiac is Leo ♌️. The only thing I would change is you could put a compass in the corner so we know which direction we’re going in. Love this app.

- SkyView app

Gotta give em credit this app is amazing! This February has a lot of awesome stuff goin on in space like the lunar eclipse on the 25th. At first I didn't think much of this app.. But last night I noticed it wasn't cloudy for a change so I decided to go outside and see where the moon was and sure enough it was exactly where the app said it was! I love this app it's exciting to mess around with!

- Spelling

I use this app so much and I applaud for the people who made this work! I'm only saying this cause it's in my astrological sign (lol) but in the sign Sagittarius, one of the detail blurps says "Nasl" instead of "Nash". Also, I don't know if this could happen but you should make an option to see the stars and planets and etc. in "fast forward". It would definitely make people interested in what the sky is going to look like ahead of time.

- Love this app

I’ve been using the free version for a while now and my and my family enjoy it! We use it to see where the space station is so we can go observe it fly over our house! I kinda wish it could show the earth with continents so you could tell about where it is throughout the day! Don’t know if it’s possible or not?!

- Great app for beginner to expert star gazer

I started using this app at the recommendation of a friend and he was dead on as normal. Search feature is excellent and the interface is perfect. I love the feature to set the date and time and see the sky at that time. I was amazed to see stars during the recent total solar eclipse and then set the time in this app to figure out what they were.

- Star shots

We have so much fun using this app. Intuitive enough you don’t need instructions or tutorials. Just open the app, listen to the peaceful nocturnal chants, and find astrological images interacting with planets and stars. We have used the camera feature to capture some whimsical images, and are always intrigued to see Hubble or the ISS cruising the universe. Thank you!

- Great App

Great app but unfortunately not all the planets are covered in the free version. I can clearly see some planets many nights and they don’t show up as anything in the app. Maybe the upgraded version would include them? But it works great and never has any problems as far as the actual app goes, I would give it 10 stars if I could. I love it!

- Invaluable tool for photographers

I’ve used this app for years, sometimes while lying in a sleeping bag under the stars, but most times while shooting photography of sunsets/sunrises/stars. The ability to see the trajectory of any celestial object as a dotted line, WITH the time of the trajectory movement is insanely convenient. This is one of the most valuable apps I’ve ever used. Thank devs, much love!

- Great app!

What a wonderful app! I was told about this app while visiting friends in Crivitz, WI. They are so far up North there is no lights shining up into the sky from big cities. The sky was magnificent! I so enjoyed learning the names of stars/constellations and seeing the International Space station and the Hubble space station. Keep up the great work. I recommend this app to everyone!

- Shockingly Amazing!!

I was star gazing shortly after sunset and I noticed an object that was very bright and moving fast. While I wondered what the object was, I opened the Skyview app. I was surprised when I pointed my phone at the object and realized I was looking at the International Space Station. I was amazed that this app showed the object on the screen also tracking it in real time!!! Highly Recommended!

- Great app!!!

So easy to use. I saw a super bright, different colored star (which I assumed was Mars, but wanted confirmation). Within 2 minutes I had the app downloaded and saw that my hunch was correct. So easy to use and they way it shows constellations is awesome!!! Can’t wait to get farther away from the right lights of Chicago to see more stars and use this bad boy.

- Been using a couple years

Sometimes can be glitchy, but overall is great! Something bright in the sky: whip out my phone, pull up the app and I can 99% of the time identify it with no trouble. Constellations, stars, planets and space stations all come with short explanations. Would totally recommend to anyone who enjoys the night sky.

- Thank you

Years back I found the Google Sky map app and was blown away. Then one day it disappeared. Sadness. Fortunately, Sky View seems to have taken the reigns of that style technology and I thank you. It is great to have confirmation of what I’m seeing and explanation of what I do not know. Thank you again for sharing your abilities that created the app.

- For love and wonder of the skies

I’ve used many sky viewers in my Apple App. This particular one has great descriptions of each moving system. Great features. Allows self calibration when you point your phone to the ancient heavens and click. Referred several friends. The free version is amazing and worth every penny for the subscription. Great job app team!!

- Enchanting

I’ve used this app for a couple of years and it always enchants me. I start out looking for a particular thing and find myself spending mire time than I had planned. One neat thing is that you can take a photo of you friend while looking at the outline figures of the Zodiac and the figure gets imposed with your friend photo. Love this app!

- Awesome!

Who doesn't like looking at the stars at night? Being able to point my phone at the sky and see exactly what I'm looking at with all the details from the constellation to the specific star name and info has made looking at the night sky so much more fun! (and educational) Thank you for sharing this free app with the world!

- It's perfect!

I am in love with this app! I didn't care much about space before I got this app. But standing in the back of my truck last night, it's like I realized for the first time that when I look at the stars I'm seeing outer space! Seeing the names and information blew my mind and I'm looking to get the telescope that goes with the app soon! 👌🏻

- Watch the stars while in my bedroom

Due to pollution its hard to appreciate all the stars. Before going to bed (with my bedroom lights off)I point my phone towards my ceiling and pretend to be outside watching the stars. I can see everything out there based on location no matter if im in or outdoors. Plus Great information on the planets satellites and stars. Love it!

- The best app for looking at the stars and planets

If you like looking at the stars but you don’t want to move from your home or couch. This app is great for that all you have to do is to move the phone and look at the stars. You can also see the path the stars and planets are going and what time you can see them. 🌞🌟🪐

- App

This app was the best on the app store but now for some reason when i open it, it takes me back to home screen immediately. I hope they fix this bug:( its been about two weeks and my girlfriend and i constantly look up and try figuring out what planet we are looking at but now we cant .

- this is awesome!!!

for free and easy to use, this is a gas. i will keep this for a long time! i might not recommend it for a science/astronomy reference but as a way to “see the stars” and as a way to interest your less than science-ee friends it can’t be beat. the first app i’ve ever just reviewed immediately upon using it. Bravo! i have Mercury in my pool, brilliant.

- Great app but.......

When I set it to auto calibration it slowly spins then I have to go manual but if there is no moon (my main target to set it perfect) then I am at a loss and can't tell what I am really looking at. I'd be happy to get tips to making this work great Other than that, I love the app. It is great to see when I can see the Hubble or space station zipping across the night sky or what constellations I am looking at.

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Mike Davis

@wcareyphoto A friend told me about SkyView Lite app. It is really cool! Check it out sometime.

Geoff Barton 🇪🇺

@docagoddard I think it was Jupiter and Saturn! Image of tonight’s wonderful sunset with SkyView lite vr image...

Simon Varwell

@DavieGreig Low in the southwest, before 6:30 (when they set). If it’s a clear day you should still see them closeish. Do you have app SkyView Lite? It’s amazing and a great guide to where everything is.


@phil_hoskins Look southwest and it’s Jupiter and Saturn that are coming close together. If you have a cell phone, download the app SkyView lite. It will point you in the direction as to where Saturn and Jupiter are. If you’re on campus there’s too much light. Head south on Harrodsburg rd

Really Erratic Reader

I tried out the Skyview lite augmented reality astronomy app (thanks to a tip from @Luvvie). It was trippy using it the way it was intended. Then I found out my partially-decorated tree is a Leo.

♥️🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸♥️

@kimrunner @babybooj78 The SkyView Lite app does this


@Stonekettle SkyView Lite is one hell of an app.


@laurenhtexas I have the SkyView Lite app, it works pretty well to identify planets/stars!


Still witnessing the once-in-a-lifetime view on SkyView Lite #GreatConjunction


Good view of the #jupitersaturnconjunction this evening from ⁦@EsquimaltBC⁩ @CityOfVictoria⁩ and located using app SkyView Lite

Ilan Kleiman

Your friendly neighborhood reminder the app “SkyView Lite” can help you locate the “great conjunction”

Leah🏇Honor Code/AP🏇Brandon

SkyView LITE .... featuring Jupiter and Saturn.

Trent Woodward

@m3kcmf There’s a cool app called SkyView Lite that’s free and you can use it to find all kinds of things in the sky. On clear nights when there’s not a lot of light pollution, you can see lots of cool things.

Matthew Wharton

Jupiter and Saturn 🪐 as seen thru the SkyView Lite App this evening! #GreatConjunction

Mel ♌︎

If anyone wants to see the planets making a baby - download the SkyView Lite star app - it shows you every star/planet and constellation in the sky. Super dope! And you can search a planet or star

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SkyView® Lite iphone images
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SkyView® Lite iphone images

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