Tactical NAV - GPS Navigation App For Military and First Responders

Created by a U.S. Army soldier while deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Tactical NAV is a quality GPS navigational app built specifically for military personnel, first responders, search and rescue and law enforcement.

Tactical NAV is an indispensable tool that enables users to map and plot waypoints and military graphics with pinpoint accuracy. Users can share location and waypoint information with each other using email, text and Facebook using encrypted security, and even take photographs stamped with GPS coordinates, which are stored in the phone’s memory which can be shared at a later date.


- Military quality GPS tactical navigation system
- WGS 84 standard and includes MGRS, UTM, BNG and USNG
- Sandtable drawing mode (In app purchase)
- Tested in combat to ensure utmost accuracy and reliability
- 1:50,000 map scale overlay (1km by 1km grid squares)
- Waypoint plotting functionality with military graphics
- Location and waypoint sharing via email, text and Facebook with other users
- Compass “FastLock” function for capturing quick azimuths
- Quickly swipe between various types of coordinate and location data
- Camera mode with heads-up data displayed in real-time and photo stamping functionality
- One-button night mode function for low-light situations
- "Go to Grid" option for pinpoint planning
- And much more!!!



"Unbelievable accuracy for a device that only costs a handful of dollars. Good to know a fellow soldier has our back with this application!”
- Neil, USA


"I’ve used this in the field and overseas. It does what it says and this update puts it above the rest. I can’t believe I’m using my phone to do some of the same things I used to do with expensive government devices.”
- Intel Guy, USAF

Whether you’re on active duty, out there putting your life on the line for your country, or you brave the wilds as an adventurer, hunter, hiker or camper. In any of these situations, it’s important to have the right tools with you to keep you on target and safe.

Thanks to Tactical NAV, you can have everything you need for navigating anywhere, all in one handy application on your iPhone.

Bottom line, TACNAV puts the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS), the British National Grid (BNG), Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) and the United States National Grid (USNG) in the palm of your hands. Yes, you can now finally access the same resources used by the US military and NATO armed forces worldwide.

Soldiers will appreciate how Tactical NAV can help in the field. Map, plot, photograph, and share navigational points with other users. Find your way back to an observation post, employ the night mode function for easier viewing in the dark and switch quickly between different types of data and take advantage of the camera mode for real-time and photo stamping ability.

The possibilities are endless and everything you need is here and has been extensively tested for accuracy in the remote mountains of Afghanistan (Kunar Province) during combat operations with the 101st Airborne Division. Tactical NAV is on par with many of the GPS devices used by soldiers today and just as accurate as devices costing thousands of dollars.

Although Tactical NAV is combat tested and military grade, it works great for civilians, too. Are you an adventure traveler? Like to hike, camp or hunt? Track your route or save waypoints so you can retrace your steps, easily find your way back to your vehicle or campsite and never worry about getting lost again. It’s just that easy!

Do yourself a favor. Download Tactical NAV now and put a portable, military quality tactical navigation system to work for you.

Tactical NAV is not endorsed by the U.S. Army or the Department of Defense.

Tactical NAV - GPS Navigation App For Military and First Responders App Description & Overview

The applications Tactical NAV - GPS Navigation App For Military and First Responders was published in the category Navigation on 2011-02-14 and was developed by AppDaddy Technologies. The file size is 18.05 MB. The current version is 3.5.4 and works well on 8.4 and high ios versions.

- Updated support for iOS 11

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Tactical NAV - GPS Navigation App For Military and First Responders Reviews

Kodiak 225_27

No update No problem  Kodiak 225_27  4 star

This app provides accurate MGRS coordinates to the user the update may be late but it still provides excellent NAV functions for the price.


So worth the price  FenderCustomShopStraticaster  5 star

Okay, so I am writing this review from the perspective of an Artillery guy. Bottom line, this is app is insanely accurate and does what it says what it will do. How Many apps out there, other than military devices, will get you within 2-5 meters of a location? Kinda crazy actually. So worth the price.


Where's the promised app update  Mercmedic  3 star

The app has great potential. We were promised an update over a year ago from the developer. The update was supposed to include the ability to plot routes via distance and direction from any given chosen point the navigator chose. Never happened. As a tactician it needs to have the ability to plot maneuverability and give simple "x" your here, you need to go to "y" but maybe "z" to "y" is a better tactical option in your planning phase. Currently.. you can't get there from here! Needs that update as promised. However I believe they have abandoned ship!


Best App of its kind on the Market  Hooah01  5 star

This App is Amazing in One word. Not only has it already saved military members lives, but it makes firing artillery from a cell phone and not a thousand dollar piece of crap that barley worked. Also I have found this VERY helpful in other aspects of life. I also use it to help with my outdoor activities. All in all I couldn't be happier.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Husband

Don't get this. Get MILGPS  Jennifer Lawrence’s Husband  1 star

The interface is near impossible to use. Good concept bad app. MILGPS is more like a Garmin and a DAGR. This is trying to be a JCR but is just as confusing and not required to learn how to use.

Ian Carver

Disappointed  Ian Carver  1 star

There's nothing more frustrating then spending your money on a product that is hyped up as being a top notch item, only to find it doesn't work like it says it does. In this case, the app will not give me exact locations utilizing UTM coordinates. Instead it simply puts me in the corner of both east/north grids. I tried everything else to get it to work, but no luck. Even more frustrating is sending questions for help to the support address via the app and email and being told the app support is no longer in effect and my emails go unanswered. This was supposed to be used for rural operations at work, but instead I got to spend money on a junk app that doesn't work and no support. There are better apps out there, I am sure of it. Don't buy this ripoff.


Ok at best  MIKEY Gren  2 star

It's an OK app. Doesn't offer satellite view, and also doesn't allow you to search known locations. Also, small trails disappear when you slightly zoom out making it impossible to do even short to moderate length movements. I have buyers remorse...

Nasibullah Hamidi

Good one but can be better  Nasibullah Hamidi  3 star

I just downloaded and played with it for a little bit so far great one other then there is no search window or Option to inter a name of a place and then be able to see that place and once you zoom in with satellite map does clearly show as Google earth or other maps do please fix these two and then I say this is a 5 star app!!!


Superb land navigation app  BubbaDeal  5 star

Drawing mode is my favorite function of this app. In future updates, I would love to be able to navigate waypoints, but for now, the app is really spot-on accurate. Almost more accurate than a DAGR at times.


A stellar app and accurate too!  Really6373  5 star

I've been using this app for years, and TACNAV still comes in handy for a variety of different things that I do (Deer hunting, hiking, camping, etc.). A superb application for all things relating to navigation, and the customer service really is top notch. 5-stars all the way. Airborne and ATW!!!


CnbTimes CnbTimes 3 star

Tactical NAV – GPS Navigation App For Military and First Responders App Apk download for…


Great app!  Stroke-Meistersinger  5 star

Bought this for a class project and it worked flawlessly. Very accurate!!!


F.I.X. T.H.E. A.P.P.  JoelCheney  3 star

Go to grid still not working. The iPad app seems to be a "stretched" version of the iPhone app. Three stars solely based on appearance. Will rate after I test in the field. Offline maps would be a great improvement.

Wesley Loflin

Needs to give more, wth!  Wesley Loflin  3 star

Good app. Crashes when i try to enter a grid. Need to be able to create a route.


Crashes with GTG  MrDull  2 star

Crashes when I try the GTG feature.

Rock Solid

Helped me cheat on land nav!  Rock Solid  5 star


Army Staff Sergeant

Desperately needs an update  Army Staff Sergeant  1 star

If I could return Apps I would definitely return this one. Huge waste of money if they don't fix all the glitches. I had this app for about 4 minutes before I wanted to delete it.


Use to be a amazing app  Neonbasschild  1 star

Now sadly it's in need of updating so bad it barely works. Don't buy unless there is a update.

Spencer Fusselman

Needs to be updated!  Spencer Fusselman  3 star

Great concept. But glitchy n2w and gtg make this nearly unusable! If I could get a refund I would. Waste of $$


GTG crashes  War0311  3 star

Thats my only problem with this. Other than that it is a great app.


Great app, maybe some minor adjustments?  Josfox2  4 star

How about a way to dim the screen from inside the app and also, a way to copy your grid location to be able to txt it to a friend? Those two things would make it a 5 star design for me!

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