Fighter Verses: memorize Bible

Fighter Verses: memorize Bible [Reference] App Description & Overview

The Fighter Verses Bible memory system was created to help believers persevere in the fight of faith by arming them with God's Word. Designed for children through adults, this system allows individuals, groups, or entire churches to memorize and review at their own pace.

The Fighter Verses application includes the following features:

• Over 1000 verses preloaded - two complete five-year collections of verses.

• Add ANY VERSE you want using "My Verses" and organize them using topics, tags, and categories. Add verses in ESV instantly; easily copy/paste other translations from

• ELEVEN Bible translations - ESV, NIV 2011 (additional cost), NASB, HCSB, CSB®, KJV, NKJV (additional cost), LBLA (Spanish), RVR60 (Spanish, additional cost), SG21 (French), LB2017 (German, additional cost).

• Six unique QUIZZES (with one additional Reference Matching Quiz included in the Review section):
— Quick Blanks Quiz - recite the verse in your head and tap to reveal one word at a time
— Recite Aloud Quiz - allows you to record yourself reciting the verse and then compare it with the text
— Typing Quiz - type in the missing words
— Type First Letter Quiz - a faster version of the typing quiz
— Word Bank Quiz - select the missing word from a word bank
— Trivia Quiz – multiple choice trivia questions (ESV only)

• REVIEW function presents memorized verses at customizable graduated intervals (daily, weekly, monthly or biannually) for long-term retention.

• FOUNDATION VERSES collection, which are verses for young children. This is an amazing tool to help children memorize; each verse has a picture to help children identify the verse.

• CURRICULUM VERSES are available as an in-app purchase for our Kindergarten through 6th grade Sunday School curricula.

• SONGS to help you learn the verses through music (ESV only)

• Display verses on the LOCK SCREEN so the verse is front of you every time you use your phone / tablet.

• BLOG commentary from each week that is directly related to the current verse in the schedule.

• Spoken verse AUDIO (ESV is pre-recorded, other translations can be recorded by the user)

• TOPICAL index for topical memory

• Read whole CHAPTER


• SOCIAL integration & sharing (Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email)

This app works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. All verses are available for offline viewing.

The verses are provided in ELEVEN Bible translations:
1) ESV - English Standard Version
2) NIV - New International Version 2011 (available for additional cost)
3) NASB - New American Standard Bible
4) HCSB - Holman Christian Standard Bible
5) KJV - King James Version
6) NKJV - New King James Version (available for additional cost)
7) LBLA - La Biblia de las Américas (Spanish)
8) RVR60 - Reina Valera 1960 (available for additional cost)
9) SG21 - Segond 21 (French)
10) LB2017 - Lutherbibel 2017 (German, available for additional cost)
11) CSB® - Christian Standard Bible

With the Fighter Verses App Bible memory has never been easier. With these tools even people who have previously been unsuccessful at memorizing Bible verses can be successful.

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Bug fixes and performance improvements

Fighter Verses: memorize Bible Comments & Reviews

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- Great app but I need help!

I am such a fan of this app, I use it in my classroom all the time!!! The quizzes make memorize scriptures with my students so easy and fun! That said, I put the verse up on the screen in The classroom by screen mirroring my phone. I used to be able to rotate the screen horizontally to have a landscape view of the verse which was perfect to fit on the tv screen, but for some reason now the app won’t rotate on my phone. I recently upgraded from an iPhone se to an iPhone 11 so that probably has something to do with it but other apps rotate on the phone so I know it can’t be entirely the iPhone’s fault. Perhaps the software of the app is not fully adapted to the newer model phone?

- Great app but two suggestions

I love this app. It has helped me to memorize a lot of scripture through the various quizzes and the memory review schedule. I think it would be great to be able to customize the review schedule instead of it automatically and systematically doing so. For example I might want to review a certain verse daily even if technically the app moves it to weekly. I’d also like to be able to manually set certain verses for certain days of the week. As it is I have a lot of verses for weekly review on the same day and I’m not sure to adjust it. I’d also love to be able to sync my FV across my iPhone and iPad, depending on what I’m using to do my memory work.

- Simply the best thing we do in our family!

We homeschool, we desire to teach and train our children in the Lord. And THIS is the best thing we’ve ever done. Truly! We are in the final weeks of 2019 and we have memorized every verse for this years set. We specifically use the music for each verse and it’s our favorite part, it makes them stick! I even awaken in the night with the verses playing in my head- what better way to commune with God than constantly in his word ❤️ We can sing the verses from January still! I can’t thank the creators of this app enough. I look forward to YEARS of hiding Gods word in my children and my own heart ❤️❤️❤️

- Great but would like to sync

I just started with this app and I love the built in memory aids! Some of the songs are hard to memorize as they clump long phrases together. If you do all the quizzes, you will have the verse memorized. My only complaint so far is that I can’t sync between my iPad and iPhone. I get review notices on both, which I know I can change, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to check memorized on both. It’s not a big deal yet because I've just started but with lots of verses under my belt it could be confusing. Also, if I add a Peru verse on one, I have to remember to add it to the other. Not sure what the iCloud issues are on this app but I would highly recommend figuring it out.

- Fantastic tool!

Scripture memory is incredibly important, especially for our children. I’m am so thankful for the verses I was made to memorize as a child and student: the Lord uses those verses by bringing them to mind all the time. Despite knowing this, I struggled for many years to consistently memorize and review Scripture with my own children until a friend recommended this app. The FighterVerse app puts Scripture to music and includes quizzes and review. Using this app has revolutionized our Scripture memory. You will not regret investing in the $2.99 FighterVerse app!

- A Beautiful Daily Habit

I shamelessly recommend this app whenever the topic of Bible memory comes up. Fighter Verses has strengthened me in memorization for almost two years now and the effect has been that the Holy Spirit has had much more truth that He can bring to mind exactly when I need it. So encouraging to look through the comments here and see that y’all are still actively involved in supporting and improving this app. God bless y’all as you provide this excellent tool to strengthen the body of Christ!

- Additional functionality

Love the ap. Just wish I could change the current verse to a future one. (For example if I want to skip the current verse) Saw your response. Although I understand what you are saying it is pretty difficult to try to figure out the correct start date if you started awhile ago and want to zip through some verses to a future verse. It would be much better to use the arrow to go to the verse you want to memorize and then have a button that says 'set verse as current'. Or something to that effect

- Absolutely amazing and helpful

This app is so good. I am truly thankful to God for Desiring God’s service to us in providing this. Once you learn how to use the app (which is not hard), it can help you be much more disciplined in learning verses, and reviewing them, and keeping your mind focused upon it through creative means. Thank you, Desiring God! This app is worth the one time price if you really want to make progress in this area, but need help to get it done.

- Unhappy

I regularly read CSB as my study bible. So, I was excited to see that Fighter Verse had the option. Well, not exactly, if you want CSB, they have an option to cut and paste the verse from the web on Bible Gateway. When I tried to cut and paste to their app, the verse ran together with no separation between the words. I tried to edit the verse itself, but the app would not allow me to put a space between the words. I did check Bible Gateway. The verse is spaced correctly on the web. I hope to get my money back. Next time, you may want to give a trial of a few verses from the web(John 1:16, being one) to make sure they transfer between the web and app.

- Why is the voice like Siri for NKJV translation?

I like this app but the reason I bought it was for the function of listening to the verses over and over. The ESV version had a narrator that was really good but I like to memorize in NKJV so I bought that translation of the app also. But it has a voice like a GPS with no feeling or proper sentence condensing. It sounds like you are being read a dictionary. So beware that if you are buying this app for that reason and you want to memorize another translation than the ESV it is definitely not recommended. The other features seem good.

- Wish NKJV was just loaded into the app

I really love this app. It helps me memorize bible verses. However there is one thing I do find a bit inconvenient. I paid an extra 3 dollars to get the NKJV sense that’s what I like to read out of. However when trying to add my own bible verses to memorize them, it sends me to the web to copy and paste. I find this a little inconvenient, shouldn’t the NKJV already be in the app? It’s a little nag on such a great app, other then that I really recommend this app to anyone who is trying to memorize bible verses.

- Wonderful app!

I’ve started using this app a few days ago and I’m already in love with it. My one and only complaint is some of the wallpapers don’t fit the iPhone XS Max screen. A minor complaint, but it’s super useful to glance at the screen to refresh/test my memory when in line at the store, a stoplight etc. Please fix it when you get a chance. Thank you so much for this awesome app!!

- I thought I was too old to memorize scripture!

With this app, and the variety of tools it offers, I have been successful in keeping up with the FighterVerse schedule since Jan! Who knew I could do this!!??? 6 months and I’m still on track. Going for 5 years and beyond! The scripture is having such a positive impact in my life..especially my prayer life. It my fav.

- Love this APP

I have used FV for almost 10 years now. It is a great discipleship tools. I did recently notice a flaw. Using the NKJV, this week’s verse 8 from Psalm 34 is partially missing. It appears to be a data entry error. First error I have found, but I just started using the NJKV last year. I had previously used the ESV and NIV. I hope you guys continue to support this APP!

- Very good app...I’d like to suggest

Thank you for developing this kind of apps for those who know the importance of memorizing scripture. I would like to suggest if you can add in the app an option where we can interact with other people. I’m using this app in my small group. But, we would love to have an option where we can create a group. The purpose will be to encourage one another to keep memorizing the Scripture.

- Excellent choice for memorizers

I met one of the CDG staff members at the Bethlehem Pastors Conference and she recommended this app to me. Boy, am I glad I followed through. I have been memorizing Scripture for two straight weeks now, and it has been so enriching. The app makes a huge difference. I listen to the verses while I am driving or getting ready for work, and this lays a great foundation. Then I do the quick blank quizzes. This gets me all the way there, then I let the app do the work of reminding me each day what needs to be reviewed. For anyone who is wanting to “let the word of Christ dwell in you richly,” this app will be an excellent tool to at least get it memorized!

- A unique and amazing resource!

I have had this app for several years, but I've only used it regularly for a year now. The variety of quizzes are very useful as I'm memorizing a verse and the schedule for review keeps them fresh in my mind. The app is so well thought-out and easy to use. Here's to another year of successful memorization!

- Glitch in typing quiz

I love this app! For some reason it has started to have a glitch when I’m doing the typing quiz and scrolls back up to the top so I can’t see what blank I’m on without scrolling back down. It does it after every word. Very annoying when working on long verses.

- Excellent App! No other like it

The reason I bought this app was for the quizzes it creates to help me memorize the verses. For each verse there are multiple types of quizzes each at increasing levels of difficulty. This helps me gradually incorporate the verses into my memory. Definitely worth the small price!! Strongly recommend

- Been waiting for this

Love this. I just want to meditate on God’s Word and allow it to sink in deeply. In addition to a systematic Bible reading plan, this is perfect. Listen to the song on the way to work. Love the screen savers which remind me through the day of God’s truth which I am praying through for the week. Thank you!

- Changed My Life!

Helps me “put on the mind of Christ”. Since I began using Fighter Verses to memorize the King James verses, I have memorized more scripture in the last 12 months, than I had in the prior 12 years! We wrestle not against flesh and blood. There is a spiritual war going on. Christians must train with, and use the sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17)

- Wonderful app!

This app applies proven techniques for learning and retaining scripture. It is the best I have found ... and I would be hard pressed to imagine a better approach to scripture memorization. For the record, this doesn’t come from someone with a young brain; mine is 70 years old.

- Started crashing

Loved the app, been using it for years but today it has a bug, crashes when I push the answer button. It does move forward to another review when I start again but than closes again on the next quiz

- Memorize through song

We have been using Fighter Verses with our kids for over 5 years. Or family learns more easily via song...highly recommend this as well as the CD sets/downloads.

- Wonderful tool

I LOVE this app. It provides incentive and help for me to write the word on my heart. It provides songs (cheesy but there) and memory helps (fill in the blank, word bank, recite and record, etc.) It works so well for me. Worth every penny.

- Best Bible app ever!

I have used this app for YEARS!! Love it. So easy to use and you can also choose your own verse to memorize if you don't want to follow the yearly set. Can’t say enough good things about it!

- Great app to help you memorize God's Word!

This is by far one of the best tools to have on your phone to help you memorize scripture. Whether you are an adult or child. I highly recommend

- So helpful

One of the best scripture memory tools out there. A couple requests for the developers: -make the schedule editing available in the verse review screen. If I find I’ve got a verse down while reviewing it I’d like to immediately “promote” it in that screen. -if a verse is “skipped” by me in the review time, don’t count it as reviewed that day Thanks for your work on this app!

- Love this app!

I’ve had this app for years and absolutely love it! Such a great way to help my family memorize the word of God🥰

- Thank you Fighter Verses / Desiring God!

I’m so grateful that you’ve continued to update this incredible app! Would be amazing to have control over the playback speed!

- What happened?

Use this app on a fairly regular basis. Went to it today and found that a category I created and added a bunch of verses under has disappeared.

- Tremendous App!!!!

I don’t typically leave reviews because I’ve deemed myself “to busy.” But this app is truly awesome! Great aid for a lost art of scripture memorization!

- Love it

This is a great app. Thanks!!!

- Bring it in to 2020

Love the app. Would love to here the singing and such brought in to this time.

- Not working on iPhone 8

New update not working please help

- Really helps me to study

I am very pleased with this app. It has multiple plans for memorization and many different Bible translations, even a free Dios Habla Hoy translation. It has a section of easy verses for kids (or even for someone not up to the challenge of big verse chunks or for meditation). It has multiple quizzes both auditory and written to aid memorization. The English Standard Version has an audio choice of speech or singing (as does the children's section). I love the songs. They're simple and I find myself humming them throughout the day. I also enjoy the choice between Fighter Verses which is a collection of different verses or the Extended Memory verses which is whole chapters. So far I have memorized Matthew 5 and half of 6. I was never really into Bible memorization until I was convicted of my lack of it. This app has really helped me with its simple, easy-to-understand design and effective program. Definitely worth every penny!

- Student of the word

This bible verse memorization app is amazing! I love that it has many games to help you memorize! (Fill in the first letter of the word, fill in the whole word, recite out loud and it records you, and choosing from a word bank) And each game progressively gets harder so it helps challenge and grow your memorization. I love that it archives and categorizes the verses you've already memorized to help keep track of your progress and keep you organized! There are memorization plans already in place which you can follow or you can come up with your own verses to memorize (with your own verses you can title them how you want, and group those verses in a category together.- Ex. Memorizing Romans 8:1 title it "Rom.8:1" under category "condemnation") You can also choose which version of the bible you want to memorize from. So many good features to this app! It has helped tremendously with bible memorization and people of all ages can do it!

- I love it!!

I used handwritten flash cards for years to memorize bible verses, but this App has made it so much easier! For starters, I'm now less likely to forget to go over the weeks' memory verse each day because "Fighter Verse" offers daily alerts to remind me. It's like having a friend who never forgets to remind you of something important that you've asked him to (like taking your medicine). In this case, to meditate of the precious word of God. Also, I no longer have to painstakingly write every verse out on a flash card, being careful not to get a word wrong and thus memorize the verse wrong! Yeah, it's happened. But my favorite feature of this app is it's topical index. Here I can browse through different topics to help me find verses that are specific to my current struggle. Whether that be battling anxiety or anger or a lack of contentment. And if "fighter verse" doesn't already have the topic I'm looking for, I can easily create and add my own topics to the index and fill them with all the verses that I find relevant. I can also add verses to the preset topics. I've already recommended this app to most of my friends and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone "fight[ing]the good the fight of the faith" 1 Tim 6:12

- Love it! Well worth the price!!!

When I first bought this app, I loved it right away. I liked the key verses in the plan to memorize and being able to hear it, read the context of the verse, and do fill in the blank to test your memory --- all great tools! I also love the topical categories of verses. The only drawback was I had also wanted to start memorizing verses that I chose to memorize. Well--! I just downloaded the latest update and I'm thrilled to see a "my verses" section added to do just that! And the best part, unlike other apps, you don't have to type the verse or even copy and paste- just type in the reference and save it to your verses! Great, great app! So many useful tools! A wonderful way to memorize Scripture!!

- Fantastic app!! Well worth the money!!

I looked at a lot of different Scripture memory apps and loved that Desiring God has put the work into developing a library of verses to memorize that span on aspects of Scripture, God, salvation, sanctification, praise, repentance, etc etc. The songs seem a little hokey, but listen to them 3 times and you'll have that verse in your head, it's weird but they really work. You can also buy just the songs on ITunes as an album. You can also add your own verses to this if you want to, and my kids LOVE the Foundation Verses section that has a picture for each verse - they like to try to remember which verse goes with the picture that I show them. GREAT APP!!

- Wonderful App, Just Needs One Feature

This app is almost perfect. Everything is designed well and the tools for memorizing are so helpful; however, it just needs the option to customize the Bible version for each verse in the "My Verses" section. It's difficult that the only option is to set the whole app in its entirety to ESV, NASB, etc., but myself along with many others have memorized verses in multiple versions in the past and it's a must to be able to review each of them in the way we learned it. It's challenging enough already to memorize, but to have to re-orient our brains for each verse into a different, single version just discourages the review process. Really hoping to see this as an update soon.

- Excellent! A MUST-have App!

For those who are serious about weilding the sword of the Spirit, this is your app. With so many ways to memorize (listen to the verse, sing the verse, read the verse, read ABOUT the verse, share the verse, quizzes, etc.) one has no excuse to not memorize Scriptures to treasure them in our hearts. You choose the way that is most effective for you. Singing to the song is my preferred method because I can memorize verses faster and they stick with me always. I started Set 1 in Aug of 2011 and by singing I was able to memorize most of the Set before the year ended. Greatly recommended!

- Little misguiding

The app says that there are 6 Bible versions available. But actually one one version is available for you to add verses. All the other versions you have to copy and paste from web just like other apps. They should either add the other Bible versions before they say there are 6 versions available. I think it is deceiving. I am surprised nobody else said it in their reviews. Also the verse on lock screen sound like a good idea but it does not add it automatically on to the lock screen. It just takes an images then you have to add it to the lock screen from the photo album. But it arranges it such that you can see it under the time. Also the verse you add does not arrange in Bible book order, you have to physically arrange them which is a lot of work if you have many verses. There is no way of transferring verses from any other place but to add each individual one here. They is also worrisome if we would looses all the verses that are added. Also the topics and tag heading are not arranged alphabetically, when you add topics it adds it below the topics that are already there. Finally you cannot remove any of the existing verses.

- Create, record, or fill in the blanks!

I love this app! To create my own verses I tap on my verses link, then tap add a verse, type in the book, chapt, and verses i want. Then click copy text from web, it takes u to a bible web site, from there u select and copy and then press the back button which takes u back to the app , then tap paste, and presto! U have a verse or chapter instantly in your app. it also allows you to record yourself reading the verses so you can listen and learn, just press listen and it takes u to the place where u can record :-D

- You May Be The Weak Link! This App Provides Everything You Need.

Just buy this app and explore! There is just too much to review. For a $1.99 you have little to lose and much to gain. The developers of this app have given us a wonderful resource for the study and memorization of our favorite book. The only short fall that I can see at this time is that although there are three versions of the Bible to work with, only one of them, the ESV, has verse audio. For $1.99, this is a small inconvenience. I am sure they are probably working on this as I write.

- Awesome! (w/1 suggestion)

First, I absolutely love this app and have recommended it to others. I have one small suggestion. Could you add a 2 second pause or soft tone or something to the "Listen" function so that when the verse/passage audio repeats there is a break. Currently the repeat kicks in faster than an end of sentence pause, and it would be much more helpful to have a clear break so we can easily discern the beginning of the verse/passage when listening to it over and over again. Thanks for doing what you do!

- The best tool for memorizing scripture!

I have never really made any real headway in memorization until I found this app. If you struggle with memorization try this app! Thank you DG for this great resource! The audio is great, I can listen to and meditate on the passage while I drive to work. Very much a nourishment to my soul and an avenue for Joy in Christ. Thank you a thousand times over! DG- One thing that would make this app more helpful (maybe the only way) is to add push notification reminders that you can set by days of the week n time.

- A great tool!

I was disappointed with the first version because for a paid app it was not worth the cost. Many of the issues I mentioned in my first review have been addressed in the latest update. The most important addition for me is the ability to add your own memory verses. I still think the interface could better (with a full screen option) but this is already miles ahead of the first version. Original 1 Star Review Horrible interface. No customization to add your own verses. No way to focus on the verses. No help with passages too focused on verses.

- Sharpen your sword!

This app is fantastic at what it does. It gives you plenty of ways to work on memorizing verses, and it even has review features ensuring that you don't forget passages that you've already memorized. I found just one bug: when using the "type the first letter of the word" memorization tool, if the verse is too long, its bottom gets hidden by the keyboard. You can't scroll down to see the end of the verse that you're typing. Besides this, great work!

- Very good app

This app works very well. I am using it to input and review about 350 verses I already have memorized. Given that purpose, I have a couple of things to request that would make it even better: 1) Provide an option to delete the Fighter Verses collections. Some of us just want to memorize our own chosen verses; 2) Provide a fourth option for Review: see the whole verse, including the topic assigned to it, and after reviewing it, mark it as reviewed (all the fumbling with filling in words can be very awkward in some situations--sometimes you just want to review the verse).

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- Excellent! Thank you!

It’s been quite a long time since I used this app. I am delighted to see that the issue where you try to set a starting date causes the app to crash, has now been fixed. Now I can start from scratch and begin my 5 year memorisation journey! This app will potentially be the most beneficial app to my Christian life. I hope to commit to memorising scripture for the rest of my life and this app is an excellent tool for that! Thank you!

- Great app, but too much support for one version of the Bible

Great app! I love how it sets tasks for memorisation. What I really don't find helpful is that it gives a lot of support to the ESV and not lots of support to the NIV, KJV, And other versions. An example of this is in adding verses. For ESV verses the app will download the verses for you, but for verses of every other version you need to copy them from a website, which can be time-consuming. Developers, I like the support that you give to the ESV, but can you please give more support to the other versions that you have on your app? That would be very much appreciated.

- The BEST bible memorisation app EVER!!

I absolutely am IN LOVE with this app. It's easy to navigate, in the trusted ESV translation which uses such beautiful words like 'steadfastness'. It has quizzes with different levels and an option to hear the verse spoken, to record yourself saying it with playback, and wallpapers. However, by far the best part of the app is the "sing the verse" which plays the verse as a beautiful song with instruments and stunning voices and catchy melodies that get stuck in your head all day. It's the one thing that's helped me to memorise soo many life changing verses of the bible. You MUST get this app! God bless!

- Helpful overall, but some big things lacking

This app is helpful overall, but some big things lacking. The support for the ESV seems great, but for other translations, the app is cumbersome. To add your own verses from the ESV, you just type in the reference and it brings it up for you. But for other translations, you have to manually go to a browser and copy paste the verses across from Biblegateway, individually, for every single verse – very time consuming!!! It has some little mini games to help with Bible memory (which are ok), but lacks some basic functionality that would be a lot more helpful. For example, you can’t randomise a set of verses and have the references shown to you one-by-one (the kind of thing you do with flashcards). You have to manually move through your verses, always in the same order (which is a big con for properly memorising), and then choose manually choose a quiz for each one. This app is ok as a starting point, but needs some work to be really useful. I wish I didn’t spend the $5 for this app, and will be going back to my generic (free) flashcard app that I use for Bible memory – even though I have to manually input every verse, the memorising functionality is far superior.

- Spectacular

This app has got me back into memorising verses from the bible. Unlike some other online/iPhone tools, it chooses verses that 'work' for memorising and are encouraging as a Christian. I love the ability to turn a verse into the lock screen. Even though it's a bit fiddly (I think that's an apple thing), it's great to have the verse I'm learning at the moment just sitting there every time I look at my iPod. Thanks. Money well spent.

- Brilliant. Get it, now!

For real: a functional, interactive and fun way to memorise bible verses. A tiny investment but a lifelong deposit if used well!

- Fantastic! 5 stars

Brilliant way to get the word of God into ya and keep it there!!!

- Get it!

This is an excellent resource. The memory verses are well chosen and the memorization methods very accessible and effective. I especially like the hear the verse section. Very helpful. Thank you!

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- Review weeks?

I really love this app and find it most helpful in most regards. My only issue is that I have trouble keeping up with reviewing the verses and wish there was were some review weeks worked into the schedule so that I could remain strong in verses already learned.

- Great app for storing the Word

Am pretty psyched about this app. I used to leave laminated business cards around with many verses typed on them; but kept on misplacing them (sigh). But now here is a great app to store all the verses that one knows by heart!!! A great many features, and a great tool to facilitate accountability with others in learning new verses. My only request would be this: I know some verses in KJV; some in NIV; and some in ESV. When adding personal Verses into this app, could you please add the option of choosing which version(translation) the bible verse is in? Many thanks! Ps not sure if the singing option works.

- Close

I was so ready to be excited about this app. It is very close to being helpful. The problem is that there is an error regarding the date when you start the app. And when you try to adjust the date (preferences), it crashes the app. Please fix this.

- Improved

This version does open (unlike original version) so is useable. But there is a dictionary error on startup, and it crashes when trying to access preferences.

- Buggy

This would be a great app but it keeps crashing in me. Have never been able to open it, please fix!!

- Worth the price

I like and use this app often. I would like to see the review abilities tweaked to be more useful. It should ask how difficult the verse was to remember and then use the curve of forgetting to prompt review. Also it should have the ability to very the length of time you want to have before moving to the next verse. Keep up the good work.

- Fantastic

Apps can be made for His glory as well! Love it

- It's ok but not great

The app I find is confusing to navigate and not very user friendly. There are others out there that are free and have a better design. Though it's nice you can memorize other versions and not have to pay extra.

- Wonderful memorization tool!

I am not one to purchase apps, if you look at my computer/iPod you will see that most everything is free versions. However, i do feel this program is worth so much more than the couple dollars hat i paid. I have found this to be an excellent program to help in verse memorization. This application has recently improved with a few more quiz/study options to help make memorization easy and fun. I like that I can set up daily reminders for study. This app is truly worth the money as there are over four years of memory verses included as well as options to help teach young children key bible verses with the aid of pictures. This is a great tool for family devotions, personal growth, and Sunday/school teachers.

- Very very impressed!

My favourite function (so far) has to be the option whereby you can use the verse as the lock-screen image. Scripture memorisation now is no further than your lock screen.

- Finally! :-)

The app no longer has an error message on startup, and no longer crashes when I attempt to access the preferences. That means that I can choose which collection and set I'd like to use, and set a starting date. From what I can tell, the app now functions as intended.

- Amazing app

If you always wanted to memorize scripture, this is the tool to use. This app works perfect. The singing of the verses really locks them into my memory. And the quizzes work really, really well. Thank you so much to Desiring God for coming up with this app.

- Superb memorization app!

Please don't be turned off by some of the older reviews this app has obviously been fixed and works wonderfully. Not only can you memorize but you are also linked in to some great commentary and preaching resources! For anyone who wants to learn the Bible!

- Works great!

All the bugs appear to have been fixed. This app is an excellent way to live out Eph. 6:17.

- good idea - but doesn't work

I get a startup error for a nil value when I open, and going to preferences crashes the app.

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- Excellent Kingdom advancing use of technology

Love this app. Gives a convenient, practical way to memorize scripture for all those dead moments you might have at random times during the day. One suggestion to the developers: for the quizzes, make the reference for the scripture one of blanks you have to fill in etc. Often I memorize the words but since I am not forced to recite the reference, I often forget it while still remembering he actual scripture

- Great app that could be perfect

I love this app. It has been a blessing to me and to many others. If I could give it 4.5 stars, I would. The only thing preventing a 5 star rating from me is the lack of a sync ability between devices. Without this feature, I have to re-enter my memory verses when I change devices. For example, I recently had a warranty replacement on my iPhone and have to re-enter the verses. A sync feature would be outstanding. Overall an outstanding app. Well worth the price.

- Great App with nice test and built in verses

I use the app a little differently than probably designed but that shows the it's flexibility. Instead of memorizing the built in verses at the times they suggest, I just add all of my own verses and periodically review them. There are about 5 different types of test/quizzes to help you test your knowledge. I also like that you can tag your verses by topics and later search for those verses when you need them.

- Excellent tool for Scripture memory--what I was looking for & more!

I was looking for a Scripture memory aid--and found this and it has far exceeded my expectations! It seems as if they have thought of everything. I like the blog and commentary options so I can read/understand more about the verse I'm memorizing. The memory aids are excellent--along with the option to have a daily or weekly reminder. And the children's verses included were a HUGE bonus!

- Fantastic scripture memory tool!

I liked this before, but had been away from it awhile. They have made some good changes, including being able to record yourself reciting the verse and then check it. The typing quiz also now self advances to the next word when you enter the correct word. This is a big plus. Highly recommend this if you need motivation and help with scripture memory.


I LOVE this app and am really surprised by how sophisticated it is. Thank you!! Two things I wish could be changed: 1) I would like to be able to change the order of the list of verses in the My Verses category. 2) I would like to see some sort of user-controlled review system, perhaps with push notifications, for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly review. Even without these features, this app is way more than worth it!

- VERY Helpful for Scripture Memory

Fantastic app if you're serious about memorizing Scripture! Only one bug or I'd give it five stars. In the typing quiz, sometimes the app leaves your word just as you typed it, sometimes it adds other characters after the end of what you typed. You end up having to take time to go back and edit out the extra characters when this happens and it really slows things down. Fix this and it's an allstar app. Thanks so much for such a great memory toolkit.

- Super helpful and easy to use!

I love this app! It has helped me memorize over 50 verses so far! I like that you can choose your own verse to import, in whatever translation you prefer (and you can change translations each time if you wish). I am particularly helped by the different types of quizzes, from fill in the blank to typing first letters to verbal. I have recommended Fighter Verses to all my friends!

- Absolutely Amazing!

I have only had this app one day and absolutely love it. It's very well thought out and feature rich. It really helps to memorize scripture - I love the quizzes and having the verse on my lock screen - a brilliant idea. I also love how you can add your own verses - though I will say that it's something that could be made a little easier - especially for those that want to memorize long passages of scripture.

- Highly Recommend

I've been using this app for a couple years and have found it invaluable. I can work through a pre-programmed set of verses or I can create my own set using my preferred translation. I especially like the option of making my verse the wallpaper for my phone. Every time I use my phone I'm looking at my verse. It's a great way to memorize and meditate on God's Word throughout the day.

- Best $2.99 Investment I've Made

Thank you for developing this app. It has helped me memorize few verses quickly, efficiently and accurately in the first few minutes through the "Listen to the verse" feature. It also has a database to keep the verses you've memorized with notes and topic. If you are looking for an app that will boost your speed to scripture memorization, you will be very happy to have this. Praise the Lord for this!

- I highly approve of the changes

I have been using this app on and off for a few years. More off than on. But now, with the changes in the review system, the app gives me much more control of my verse review. At first I felt a little overwhelmed with the amount I had to review until I found that I could move most into the monthly or yearly review group. A great update. Thank you.

- Great App for Scripture Memory

This app is a wonderful way to grow in your faith. It has many collections of verses set up for you to memorize and multiple games and methods to help memorize the verses quickly and effectively. It is amazing what a difference having God's word hidden in your heart and mind can make. Very thankful for this app and the creators behind it. Would definitely recommend it to others!

- Best for memorizing verses

This app has a great interface, it has quizzes and a wallpaper option, and is overall a joy to use. There is even a picture collection for kids The only thing I would like is that I would like it to notify me every day. It does have a badge now, but I just ignore that. Id like some notification center support. On a 4, then 4s, this has never crashed

- Very helpful and more than I could imagine

I've been using this app for several years, and it has been very helpful encouragement and equipment to memorize Scripture. It has quizzes to help with memorization, as well as songs that set the verses to music. The function I use the most is making the verse a colorful lock screen, which makes it constantly visible for memorization.

- Best app I've found so far for verse memorization, and here's what it's missing

The good: You can pick your own verse You can export your verse to lock screen and/or wallpaper You can listen to the verse in a loop You can read the chapter of the verse and commentary Fill in the blanks quiz What I'd love to see added: When listening to many verses it is read too quickly. You need to be able to slow it down When exporting the verse to wallpaper, you need to be able to control the font size and position the verse on the wallpaper so that you can read it. Right now the verse is placed in the middle of the screen add your app icons cover it. I'd rather have it in smaller font at the bottom of the screen. Overall, this is a wonderful app. I recommend it to all the guys in my study group.

- Great! One request.

This app is pretty much exactly what I was looking for! The one thing I would like to see added to the app is the ability to memorize different verses in different translations. I memorize my personal verses in the ESV, but the verses that my church memorizes together are from the KJV. It is far too complicated to switch back and forth in the preferences. Could you please consider adding this option?

- LOVE it!!!!

I have been wanting to memorize verses, and it's hard when I'm always busy. With the verses on my phone, I can just whip it out and study for a second! It has fill in the blank quizzes, you can listen to the verse if you learn by hearing. You can sing it, which helps a lot of people. You can even make it your lock screen! This is the best memory app I've seen. And $3? TOTALLY worth it!

- Fighter Verses

This application is great! It provides the text for all of the 2011 Bible verses to memorize. It includes a "skeleton" system for filling in the specific key words for each verse, providing a wonderful memorization tool. There is also a place to note that you have completed memorizing the verse. I used the application while I was waiting in line at the Post Office to memorize this week's verse. Keep up the fantastic job!

- Great tool, one suggestion

The app is a great tool. I appreciate the quizzes and audio features. The app could be improved by the addition of iOS audio controls. The ability to control the Scripture songs and audio Bible via the earbuds' remote and/or control center, along with the audio stopping automatically when unplugging the earbuds (I've had a few embarrassing moments at the office) would be great. All in all, I'm thankful to DG and to the Lord for the app!

- Great for Memorizing the Bible. Highly Recommend.

I've had this app for a while and think it's a great guide and aide for Scripture memory. The built-in quizzes alone are worth the price of the app, specifically the "Quick Blanks" where the app progressively removes more and more words from the verse for you to memorize. Simply tap the screen to fill in the blanks and check yourself word-by-word. Highly recommend.

- Tremendous app

This is my first review... Usually, I don't take the time to write them. But I couldn't resist sharing how wonderful this app is. I have always been looking for a way to consistently memorize scripture in creative ways and this tool is a Godsend! I love the different ways to memorize, commentary link, songs, etc. The team put a lot of thought into this app and it paid off. Kudos!

- Awesome tool for memorization

Unlike what Teddy777 said, there is a way to save the verse to your phone, as well as different types of quizzes to help you learn the verses- one of which is what Teddy was wanting. Though I recently purchased this app, I have already memorized this week's scripture and have used it to look up scriptures for specifics needs/struggles. I highly recommend this!

- Excellent App

This app did not come up in the App Store search when I searched for "bible verse memory for kids", but it includes its own memory system and one is able to include custom verses (like from my Sunday school curriculum). The app will also read out loud your custom verses! This app is well worth the money. I can't wait to use it with my class and for myself. Thank you!

- I love this app!

I'm on year 4 of memorizing verses with this app. I love it! My suggestion is to add Apple Watch capabilities to the app. I mostly use this app while exercising and I used to carry my phone. Now I just wear the watch and am back to writing the verses on notecards. I still use the app to choose and keep track of the verses. I also review verses in the morning at breakfast using the app.

- Working since June 17

Some reviewers say they have had problems with this app since it updated. I only downloaded it June 17 and it works well. Am pleased with how it is set up especially the various quizzes you can take which really help you see your progress. Am trying to memorize whole chapters so this is a real help and incentive to keep on keeping on.

- Awesome

I just bought this app tonight and have already memorized a verse. I really enjoy the sing along part of memorizing, I wish that it was available with all the verses. I would like to see the NLT version as one of the available translations included in this app also. If you are considering a memorization app, I highly recommend this one, you will be pleased, I am.

- Awesome

I've been wanting to memorize scripture and this app is wonderful. I was able to pick the group I wanted. You can choose between individual verses or chapter blocks. I even added all my previously memorized verses so that they are now included in the review cycle! I am able to keep the verses memorized because there is a built in review button that cycles through all memorized verses. There are such varieties of ways to help memorize too. I especially like the "type first letter" of every word. And the "recite aloud" recording method is awesome for the review. I use this app daily and can honestly say it has done a great job of helping me put Gods word in my head and heart. Thank you!


I have only used it for a week and I already have memorized 4 verses. I struggle a lot with concentration. Memorizing verses word for word was difficult for me until know. I just have one little suggestions. I would really love for the quizzes to also test the book and number of the verse being memorized. Is the last thing I get to memorize. Thanks!

- Most excellent!

I LOVE this app! For years I've struggled with scripture memory and tried different systems or card sets but none had the power found in this app for both memorization, testing, review & deeper study! Thanks for developing such a superbly useful & easy to navigate app for scripture memory! I'm recommending it to my small group & sharing it with friends & family!!

- I'm really impressed

I try to memorize selected verses throughout the Bible and sometimes its a little work. But this app is a great blessing and its fun! I like how you can make your own verses from "My Verse" and by quickly and easily go online and choose the version you enjoy and copy right to the app. Thanks guys for all the hardworking you've done for all of us!

- Why don't you have this app yet?! ;)

Starting to memorize scripture has been one of the best things EVER for me. Its been such a blessing! Im even feeling a little dangerous nowadays going to tackle whole books! B) A little harder but worth it. It has been such a blessing! This app is my favorite thing on my iPhone. I MEAN IT! Psalms 119:11 Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. <3

- Good app, but not great

I've been using FV for a couple of years now.. It's probably the best bible memory app available. What would make it great would be for the app to use cloud storage so that I could synch my devices with all my favorite verses and other data. I would also like to be able to access my data via a web interface which makes it easier to

- It's really awesome, just one suggestion though...

I think this is a great way to memorize Scripture, but I would like to say one thing to the people who made this-I ask that you use more translations than just the 4 you have on. I read from the New Living Translation and I would like to use that, please

- Love this app! What about a link to Logos?

Hi, thanks for this app! I got it after hearing John Piper talk about it. I look forward to the memorization each week! When selecting the commentaries, etc, it would be really cool and helpful if there was a way to select between pocket sword and Logos, etc. I'm a paid Logos user and the collection is just incredible! Thanks! Soli deo Gloria!!!

- Amazing App

This is a great app for the Fighter Verse memory system. It has many features that for learning the verses more easily. If you are learning these verses or what to learn a great set of verses this is a wonderful resource. They have also put in a new choice of memorizing long passages instead of individual verses. Highly Recommended!

- Absolutely extraordinary

This app is packed with so many amazing tools to help you learn God's Word. Anyone who is serious about wanting to memorize verses has a fabulous tool at their disposal with this app. I hope for more Bible translations, especially the new King James, in future updates. However what is here is simply awesome. Worth every penny.

- Excellent

I have such a hard time memorizing. This tool is helping tremendously and the tools built in allow me to gradually build up to each verse or section. Tools, recommended verses, ability to add my own, copy from the Internet, reviewing already memorized... This has it all. Nice job and Thank you!

- Great!

I have really enjoyed working with this App. I use the type first letter quiz most often and they have continued to improve that! If they could work out a better import from PocketBible, it would be better still, but still a great App for an even greater purpose!

- Best Bible Memory App

I am so thankful for this app. It has made Scripture memorization as easy as possible with options like verses read out loud, put to music, quizzes and the wallpaper option. The commentary is also invaluable! They really have thought of just about everything you'd want.

- Phenomenal!

This application is amazing, it truly does help you memorize scripture! One of the features not many people use (that is my favorite feature) is that you can add your own verses to it, and it will generate quizzes, lock screens, and you can listen to the verse spoken! It is absolutely worth the money!

- Great App! One Request...

This app is fantastic. Such small yet practical tools to help God's Word stick in the mind, and prayerfully, the heart. Have you considered adding any of the solid, reformed catechisms to the app as an in-app purchase? This type of tool would be extremely helpful for learning the Westminster Shorter or Heidelberg Catechisms!

- ESV Only Supported Translation--Why?

Will there ever be built-in support for the NLT version? Even with adding my own verses, I used to be able to copy and paste, but now even that isn't an option. I bought this app many years ago but was disappointed to see the lack of NLT support, and I deleted it. Every year or so I download it again to see if it's improved, but to no avail. Now there is no longer any way of importing NLT verses copied on the clipboard.

- Fantastic!

I thought my memorizing days were behind me! This app is fun, easy and really works. I love the quizzes! I'm glad you added the reference match too. I like the daily review. I even have my kids using it. Thank you for helping hide Gods word in my heart! God bless fighter verse.

- Disappointed

I'm disappointed in this App and should have studied it better before purchasing it. After my purchase the title "Fighter Verses" struck me as too adversarial so I didn't want it appearing on the main page of my iPad. But I had to admit that "Fighter" did reflect the graceless cruelty of John Calvin (who the developers evidently follow). There is no way to delete the pre-programmed verse lists. The developers evidently want full control of what verses 'they' think is best for us to learn. Again, another controlling aspect of the Reformers. I found no way to 'sort' the verses in the lists. That's a deal-breaker all by itself. I ended up buying a better App called "Bible Memory Game" which has all the features I like and which lets the user control the verse lists. Just don't make a hasty purchase as I did.

- Hiding God's Word in my heart

I love this app! It's been a gift to allow me meditate on scripture. I use the songs to help me get the words in my head and the Holy Spirit is putting them in my heart! Also, the FighterVerse blogs that go along with the verses are so helpful in understanding the scripture! Thank you for this tool!!

- Wow!

I've memorized for years using the card system, but I love this app, especially the little fill in the blank "test." Being able to choose from diff. Translations is great too, as well as the reminder. Thank you so much for developing this app!

- Words can't express

This app is a gift from God. I have learned verses from this and retain memory of the verses which is not common with some scripture memory techniques. This feels like a catchy game. My favorite is the ability to add your own verses and customize/sort your list.

- Great App! Wish it was more complete.

This is a wonderful app for bible memorization. The quizzes help with advancing you from knowing some key words to total memorization. I particularly like the "sing the verse" option which helps me learn quicker. I only wish it were available for more than the first several verses.

- Great but One Suggestion

This is fantastic, but when you do the fill in the blank quiz it sometimes adds words that you don't want. Also I'm reading that they got rid of the sing back tool for the verses. That's not the case for me, but if that's true it would be a mistake. Thank you so much FighterVerse.

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Fighter Verses: memorize Bible 4.1.1 Screenshots & Images

Fighter Verses: memorize Bible iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Fighter Verses: memorize Bible iphone images
Fighter Verses: memorize Bible iphone images
Fighter Verses: memorize Bible iphone images
Fighter Verses: memorize Bible iphone images
Fighter Verses: memorize Bible iphone images

Fighter Verses: memorize Bible (Version 4.1.1) Install & Download

The applications Fighter Verses: memorize Bible was published in the category Reference on 2010-12-23 and was developed by Truth78 [Developer ID: 411711649]. This application file size is 15.26 MB. Fighter Verses: memorize Bible - Reference app posted on 2020-08-30 current version is 4.1.1 and works well on IOS 8.2 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.fighterverses.iphone

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