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Daily News - Digital Edition App Description & Overview

The applications Daily News - Digital Edition was published in the category News on 2010-12-02 and was developed by New York Daily News. The file size is 23.08 MB. The current version is 3.6 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

We added a couple of new things:
- Search: ability to search for topics across all editions
- Touch Mode: This mode is a new way to read your daily newspaper article by article. It's designed for the iPhone and iPad.
* Classic mode will still be available for folks that like to experience our content in a more traditional way.

Our goal is to simplify the way everyone consumes our content, no matter where you are, giving everyone a best-in-class experience.

Additional Updates:
We also made some tweaks around Performance and Stability.

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Daily News - Digital Edition Reviews

Charles Sahm

Love NYDN  Charles Sahm  5 star

NYDN is indispensable for NYC news and I love the thoughtfulness and diversity of opinion on their op-ed page.


Lousy APP  Mommamargeg  1 star

Loads sllloooowwwwlllyyyy. Takes forever to open. Sometimes it doesn't open at all.


Ms Nunez  Mnunez31  5 star

Love it!!


Fast 'n Easy  IAAM&M  5 star

Try it, you'll like it. Easy to use. Plus the Daily News is one of the world's best newspapers. A pleasure to read daily.


Great edition  77mantleguy7  5 star

Always loved paper, and getting an online exact copy at great rate is convenient. Would like Sunday mag though.


Bias  TheMacDaddy  1 star

This used to be a very fair newspaper. I can't believe how bias it has become and how sensationalized and unbalanced. It's unbelievable to me. This is not worth subscribing to. Not until they shape up. Im tired of this circus that passes for journalism today


Superior news app  TribecaTommy  5 star

This is a terrific newspaper app. In fact, the best I've ever seen. For a seriously low price compared to the print edition, it allows a very fast download of an exact replica of the print edition. In a minute or less (on wi-if) you have the entire paper. It also has the option of a digitized edition -- but I prefer the "classic" view. The News app was horrible a few years ago when I last looked at it, but they've really got it down. As to content, you can be your own judge. It is not The NY Times (way less thorough and intellectual and more parochial) but it has better coverage of sports and NYC crime. And, unlike the Post, it's a real newspaper. And the price point is amazing.


The Digital Daily News  Jcas721  5 star

I love the daily news. Have been a loyal reader for more than fifty years!


Love it  DaleTheGreatest!  5 star

I love it! I live in Idaho so I can't get the hard copy of it but this will easily do. Thank you Daily News!


Problem with deleting past issues  NSM1017  4 star

I have not had issues with the app crashing but it is impossible to delete past issues and regain storage without deleting/re-installing the app. In order to earn a five star rating that needs to be fixed.


Carma Hassan CNNCarma 3 star

Catch up on Trump's classified info scandal @CNNI


World News Report robinsnewswire 3 star

"#World News: One Piece: Unlimited #World Red Deluxe Edition – Western release announced for September (retail ...:


Crashes as well!  trixster06  1 star

It's 2016, why can't they get it right? Crash City! Both APP's continuously crash. Disappointing as I did enjoy this paper.


Still crashes  CrazyWikki  1 star

Even with this new update it still crashes...horrible


Disappointed  Fatchi57  2 star

I am very dissatisfied with this app and the support around it for 13.99 a month it stinks


Still crashes  FJC120  1 star

I feel bad writing bad reviews but its pretty irresponsible that this app keeps crashing and shutting down. I literally can't read my horoscope without the app shutting down. I dont care if its the free version. Im never subscribing to a company that can care less about their digital readers. The Post app works fine.


Good App  Newykelly  5 star

The Daily News App is a great App that allows you to read the paper. It is easy to navigate when reading the digital edition. I like it's simplistic style. Since yi have been using this new app it is terrific. You can read the Post on the Tablet version or on the Print version of the paper. The paper is there every morning and I have not experience any delays in downloading the paper. Terrific App.


Always crashing  Jessejjyjvyj  1 star

Great app....when it isn't crashing. I have had to delete and re install the app numerous times. No update nothing. It's a shame. Get it together daily news

The Saucheech

Why haven't you fixed it???  The Saucheech  1 star

I loved it before! Now it constantly crashes after 3 seconds of use. If you look at the reviews, it's the main issue. Why do they refuse to do a fix!!!


THE WORST  Multapple  1 star

this app constantly crashes and is a piece of crap, haven't used it in months and i'm on the west coast so this is the easiest way for me to stay connected. Advertisers, this customer is DONE.


Never works waste of money!  LCAS123  1 star

It never works ... Complete waste of money ... Very frustrating!


Infected Daily News app with Crash Bug  Giwangrg  1 star

Not sure why this app crashes every time I open and try to read news, so frustrating. Eventually Deleted.

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