Paprika Recipe Manager for iPhone

Delightfully simple recipe management for everyone: from aspiring cooks to professional chefs. With web importing, grocery lists and meal planning, Paprika is the perfect kitchen companion. If you love to cook, Paprika will be most useful app you've ever downloaded!

Use Paprika Cloud Sync to wirelessly sync between your devices and take your recipes with you everywhere you go! (Please note: each version of Paprika is sold separately for each device, but Paprika Cloud Sync is a free service.)


• Create and modify your own recipes on any device.
• Automatically download recipes from hundreds of websites with a single tap.
• Integrated browser clipboard tools help you clip recipe information from any website.
• Smart recipe view: cross off ingredients when you're done with them, highlight your current step, and keep the screen on while you are cooking.
• Tools to help you cook: start multiple timers, pin active recipes to easily switch between them, and scale ingredients to your desired serving size.
• Timers are automatically detected in your directions: simply tap on one to start!
• Store nutritional information (automatically saved from sites which provide it) and personalized notes for each recipe.
• Find your recipes in a flash with our powerful subcategory organization and advanced search tools which let you search by name, ingredient or source.
• Intelligent grocery list automatically combines your ingredients and sorts them by aisle.
• Use the pantry to keep track of what ingredients you already have.
• Save time and money by planning your meals by the week and month! Create reusable menus from your favorite meals.
• Print and email support for recipes, grocery lists, and meal plans. Support for multiple recipe print sizes including index cards.
• Share recipes via AirDrop or email (that other Paprika users can automatically import).
• Import existing recipes from popular desktop apps such as MacGourmet, YummySoup!, MasterCook & Living Cookbook.
• Export your meal plans to iCal and your grocery lists to Reminders.
• Manual backup and restore keeps your recipe collection safe.
• Offline access. All of your data is stored locally, no internet connection is required to view your recipes.
• Paprika Cloud Sync. Keep your recipes, grocery lists, and meal plans seamlessly synced between all your devices!
• Bookmarklet. Capture recipes from your web browser straight into your Paprika Cloud Sync account.

Paprika Recipe Manager for iPhone App Description & Overview

The applications Paprika Recipe Manager for iPhone was published in the category Food & Drink on 2010-12-17 and was developed by Hindsight Labs LLC. The file size is 9.94 MB. The current version is 2.2.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Improved compatibility with iOS 10.

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Has all of the features I need  trippybrowneyes  5 star

Prior to using Paprika, I was using the free version of Big Oven for its web scraper. But the app was glitchy (it wouldn't load all of your recipes immediately), it would still send you to the ad-heavy blog post that contained your saved recipe instead of saving a full-text version, and you were limited with the number of recipes and edit capabilities (in the free version). While looking for a replacement, I found Paprika. The one-time fee of $5 is completely worth it. I have had no problems with the app easily loading a full-text version of a recipe from any of the sites I have tried. The recipe is then editable, and I can categorize it as I choose. I can also enter a recipe from scratch. If I decide to add a recipe to my meal plan, I can easily export the ingredients of my choice to a grocery list. One of my favorite features is that the screen doesn't turn off when I have a recipe open. There is nothing more annoying than having to log into your phone every few minutes to refer to the next step of your recipe, when you have raw meat juice on your hands. I highly recommend this app.

Words With Ang

Support  Words With Ang  3 star

How can I contact support? As in speak to someone?


Great app, some tweaks needed  Roses17485  4 star

Amazing app! Very happy with it. Some tweaks needed: - #1 flaw - no way to search two categories at once. I want to be able to search for recipes that overlap between dinner, chicken, and healthy, for example. - #2 flaw - no way to print all recipes at once - needs option to view recipe pictures only (much like instagram - a grid of pics) - needs "delete all" button for shopping list - i wish I could see the categories in the list view - no spreadsheet view on the iPhone - can't edit spreadsheet view on computer - needs a way to a filter tested vs. untested recipes


Very disappointed  [email protected]  1 star

I broke bad and spent five dollars on this app something I don't do very often. Very disappointed trying to stay positive and professional. It is very un-user-friendly. I have had to go to support many times to get information on how to try to download a recipe and have difficulty have only been able to successfully download one recipe the other is only partially downloaded have gotten Copy me that for free and it easily copies recipes off of Facebook the Internet etc.


Makes Healthy Eating SO easy!  Gmelich87  5 star

This app is BY FAR the best and most useful app I have on my phone. It's worth every penny. I have it on my iPhone, MacBook, and iPad and they automatically sync. It makes importing new recipes a cinch, scheduling meals seamless, and making grocery lists-which are ever evolving- stress free and easy. I seriously can't imagine every being without this app. I don't know what I'd do if it was eliminated! GET IT!!


Love it  Mellissamaes  5 star

This is the best recipe app ever! It will sync between devices! And easily copy a recipe from a website! I love the menu option and grocery list!!


Excellent App  Mewzik2Jesus  5 star

This will be a huge timesaver and help me to close out tabs on my browser! 👍🏼


Easy transfer  Slg60174  5 star

I love love love this app. Whenever I read a recipe in a magazine or see one on Facebook, I can simply browse for it in this app, and upload it. I've never not found a recipe. No more clipping, then not being able to find it. Makes grocery list and you can create categories. Simple to use!💕


Great App, but useless on Android  ean2891  1 star

The app is fantastic, I sold several people on it, but for the last two weeks I can't search for any recipes on because the app gets stuck with a front "Just a Moment" page. I can't search for or save any recipes, and since Allrecipes is my top site, this renders the entire app useless. :( Will update when fixed!


Love it, but one request  (Grizzly)  4 star

The pantry option would be more useful if you could select "bought" items for pantry.


Excellent  bio52  5 star

Syncs automatically and flawlessly, the recipe import feature is great, and it's easy to use. This is the one to buy.


Great App hamstrung by poor decisions  JDGoesMarching  2 star

Like making me buy the app individually for every device. Or not having an option to export recipes outside of iTunes file sync. Nobody uses iTunes file sync, have an actual export function like we expect from any app in 2016.


Great Recipe Manager  xggx  5 star

This app is easy to use. Two great features I love: to find new recipes there is a browser and you can save recipes from the majority of the core cooking sites right to the app. Feature 2 is you can store your data base in the cloud and use it on multiple devices. My X and I are planning on using this feature to build a family recipe database for the kids.

Letter Warrior

OK start, Needs a BUNCH of fine tuning.  Letter Warrior  4 star

Update: I see signs of updates in the works to both the desktop and IOS versions. But what really improved my opinion of the Paprika ecosystem was finding Paprika Bookmarklets for both phone and desktop browsers, which means if you see a recipe on virtually any website, you can save it directly to your paprika collection with a couple button clicks. THAT is AMAZINGLY useful and means we will use Paprika as our universal recipe collection. Some of the missing connections still apply, but the ability to save a recipe from anywwhere online is a total win. ... I've been exploring both the iphone app and the desktop app, and have found a number of missing functions that should, intuitively, be there. 1. On the phone app: I have created a Thanksgiving Menu and added several recipes. My thinking is, "Great, now I can just go to that on my phone for all my Thanksgiving recipes." But I CANNOT OPEN those recipes from the Menu page. 2. Also in the menu page on the phone. I would like to add the entire menu to the shopping list. There is no option to do so. 3. I would like to be able to make more than one shopping list. For instance, I might make a special list for Thanksgiving that I don't want to mix with my regular shopping list. It appears you can have only one shopping list. 4. I have categorized recipes... Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. I would like to use the drag and drop calendar/meal planning option to plan, but I cannot filter the recipes in the side bar. There appears to be options under the search (magnifier) icon, but they are grayed out. 5. The calendar is useful, but would be so much more so if there were Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner boxes. And also a Snack box would be useful. My overall impression is that we have a good start, but the interconnectivity throughout is wonky, and in places just missing what we know, intuitively, should work. When I realized the phone app won't let me open recipes directly from a Menu, I started to feel I've paid too much for an app that has not been thoroughly developed. I hope the developers are listening and are working on streamlining and improving both the desktop and the iphone apps.

Canton Chiefs

Social?  Canton Chiefs  4 star

I like this app a lot but if there was a social aspect to it I'd like it more. The beer app Untapp'd is a perfect model. You have your specific friends on there who you want to share with as you add info. I know, some people get private with their recipes, so there should be a setting for recipes you want to display--for just your friends to see--and others that can be set to private.


Great app but  CR0-MAG  4 star

I paid for this so why the hell am I seeing ad bars on the bottom of the app that I have to close every time I use it??

M the cook

Must buy multiple copies  M the cook  1 star

Cannot access on a PC with a printer without paying for another copy. Wish I hadn't waisted my money on the phone app.


Mac users only and rotation needed.  LadyClegane  5 star

Edit: I can't believe how short sided I can be sometimes. They now have a windows version. I love this app but had recently been looking to change to one that would let me use my desktop. Now I don't have to. So far this is the only app I can find that allows you to cross off your ingredients and highlight your steps. I just learned how to pin, I'm annoyed it took me so long. I'm still irritated about rotation though. I really just need the app to let me flip my screen upside down so I can charge my phone at the same time. This is the best recipe app out there. It's worth every penny especially with the updates they've made. I very rarely have to use the clipboard to save a recipe. I love using the meal planner. I love that I can click on a timeframe and start a timer.


Nothing but AMAZING!  RAMartist  5 star

This app has come along way! Now even easier to import recipes! I use it for planning meals and buy groceries for the recipes I am preparing! Works seamlessly from iPhone to my iPad! Love, love, love it!


Can't add pictures of cooking steps  Vina111  3 star

Is there really no way of adding more than 1 picture to a recipe?!

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