AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run

AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run [Health & Fitness] App Description & Overview

AllTrails is your guide to the outdoors! Discover the best hiking, running, and biking trails around the world.

Explore 100,000+ hand-curated trail maps plus reviews and photos crowdsourced from millions of hikers, mountain bikers and trail runners. Find that dog-friendly or kid-friendly trail that you’ve been searching for. Take that mountain biking or backpacking trip you’ve always dreamed of. Explore a national park, or discover new hiking trails in your area.

Whether you’re a hiker, biker or trail runner, AllTrails will help you find the way.

• Discover new trails in national parks or in your own neighborhood, with hand-curated GPS and topo maps
• Browse photos and reviews from our community of hikers, cyclists and trail runners like you
• Find a hike, mountain bike ride, or trail run that’s perfect for your fitness and experience level. Filter by dog friendly, kid friendly, and wheelchair friendly trails

• Turn your phone into a GPS activity tracker and follow your trail so you don’t get lost
• View your hiking, running and cycling stats at a glance
• Share your outdoor adventures with friends and family on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more

• Explore all the trails on your bucket list and add new ones to check out
• Easily save your favorite trails to run, hike or bike
• Follow the hikers, cyclists and runners that inspire you

• Get detailed GPS driving directions directly to the trailhead

• Download offline maps - track your exact GPS location as you navigate the trail, even when you don’t have a signal
• Never miss a turn with off-route notifications
• Stay safe with Lifeline - assign safety contacts who know your plan and can track your progress
• Know what to expect with real-time map overlays including air quality, satellite weather, pollen, and light pollution
• Always have a backup - design and print stunning custom topo maps
• Experience AllTrails ad-free - remove the distraction of ads and focus on the journey
• 1% for the Planet - feel good knowing that part of your subscription will be going directly to helping the environment

AllTrails Pro is available as an annual subscription for $29.99/year, or you can get three years for the price of two when you buy our 3 Year Plan via a one-time payment of $59.99. You can subscribe and pay through your iTunes account. Your annual subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period (the 3 Year Plan does not auto-renew). Auto-renew can be turned off anytime by going to your Account Settings in iTunes after purchase.

Sign up required to favorite trails, record your activity, or follow users

AllTrails allows you to automatically export information about your recordings to the Apple Health app.

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Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Thanks for using AllTrails! This update includes: - New image carousel that allows you to easily swipe through trail images while browsing. - Enhanced trail suggestions on the homepage.

AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run Comments & Reviews

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- All Trails is the best for anyone that loves to hike!

All Trails is such a great resource for anyone who loves to hike! I use the app for all my hiking! I love the record feature that allows me to track my progress on any hike, and I love even more that I can put my phone on airplane mode so that I’m not using data while on my hike and still use the record feature! I always check out the All Trails reviews from other hikers before heading out, and usually find that other hikers have great insight/feedback about trail conditions. The only feature I don’t love about All Trails is the rating technique that is used for hiking trails. Trails are rated as either easy/moderate/hard and I have found through my experience that trails aren’t very consistently rated. I’ve hiked some trails that were rated as hard and the hike felt easy. I’ve hiked some rated as moderate and the hike felt hard. I understand that rating trails is a challenging component of hiking due to different levels of experience and fitness, however I would love to see an option where hikers who have completed the hike are able to submit their feedback on how challenging the hike was from 1-10. I think, overall, a 1-10 scale for how challenging a hike is would be extremely beneficial. Overall, I absolutely love All Trails and use the app daily! I recommend it to anyone and fully support what they are doing! Keep up the great work, All Trails!

- Few issues lately. Oct 2018

Removing the check-in was a bad idea. Hiding it in the “...” was worse, didn’t know it was there and my history is now not accurate, and now I have to make up a name for each recording on the fly. Waste of time. Please put check-in back where it belongs, it’s a critical feature, and right map loads with the name of the trail on the saved history. I also agree with the other user about trail hopping. In New England many trails connect but are listed separately. If you are no longer on the same one you started it appears you are just going rogue on the map. How about auto loading the newly entered trail? Also being able to edit history would be helpful. There’s been a couple times where I started driving home and forgot to hit pause and save. And why the “pause” button when the trail is complete? It’s a weird way to “finish” or “end hike”. Big issue with crashing during use lately. Thought I was recording and it had crashed once phone was put away. If I didn’t stop to take a pic early i would have gone pretty far without noticing. Stinks for tracking distance 😐. Overall I do love and use and recommend this app almost daily to find trails and track my history. Can’t live without it but its been acting weird lately.

- Great app with one major flaw

I’ve been using AllTrails for a couple months now and I love it. It is a 5 star app by far, yet that is not my rating for it. There are a few quirks I have with the UI, but they are not worth mentioning as they are minor and do not effect the app use whatsoever. My only real issue, which caused my 4 star rating (which killed me to do so), is the fact that you CANNOT LAUNCH THE APP WITHOUT A CELLULAR OR WIFI CONNECTION!! It is ridiculous, plain and simple. I am a Pro subscriber to AllTrails. I did this solely so I could download trail maps prior to going in case I lost service on the trail. That feature works beautifully. But let’s say you download your map, head out to your trail, arrive and go to open app to use the map that is already saved on your phone. Guess what?? Unless you have service, you can’t open the app! So it’s essentially useless. The last thing I want to do is have to add “open AllTrails prior to leaving home” to my to do list to get ready. AllTrails, lets be real for a minute. Hiking, biking, exploring, etc. are all off the grid things! Chances are you won’t have service if you are in a remote location. Fix this issue!! Make an offline version of your app so that paid users who have already downloaded maps can actually use them! With that said, this is an amazing app that is worthy of 5 stars. It is just failing miserably in one particular area that is critical to its use.


I absolutely LOVE this app!! I hike alone 90% of the time and I love this for finding new trails, staying in trail and keeping someone in the know of my whereabouts. I love the pictures, reviews and recordings submitted by real people so I can understand whether it’s something I think I could handle or not. The only downsides I’ve come across so far are 1) when you’re flipping through submitted photos, you can tap in the white area near the persons name who submitted it in order to see how long ago it was (ie a month, week, year etc) BUT! Be careful!! I’ve accidentally hit “suggest hide” on a couple photos and you can’t undo that!!!! Super frustrating!!! I’m not trying to flag or hide anyone’s photos! I just wanna know when it was taken. I’m sorry people! 2) when you’re looking for trails in your area using the map, you have to zoom in/out to the perfect spot for the trail markers to pop up. They disappear really easily if you zoom in or out too much in the slightest or if you move the map position even a tiny bit. I feel like those are both easy fixes. I recommend any outdoorsy people download the app. It’s fun to pick hikes for each other when you live states away and then chat about them after you’ve completed them! I love this app!

- Never Ending Trails

I love it! I’ve moved to a new town about a year ago and I’ve only ever known my town hiking spots. So to move somewhere new and not know anywhere to go was frustrating! I love bringing my dogs hiking and even better to find spots they can swim or frolick in the water. BUT once I go somewhere I feel accomplished and ready for the next. So to find so many varieties and close by places to hike is amazing! Whatever town I’m in I just look up what’s around. Whenever I’d Google placed to go there was NOTHING. Or very short and disappointing places. This app is great because it will give you direction right in the app instead of trying to Google Maps it yourself. You can map your rout and GPS where you are to ensure you stay on track and don’t get lost. I’m so much more comfortable going alone when I can see where each path leads and about how long it should take me. People also are great at providing pictures and comments of the trails so it is so easy to find. My biggest annoyance is not being able to find the place to begin with! GPS is all good and dandy but sometimes it will just bring you to the location but the location isn’t clarified. So by people uploading their photos let’s you get a visual of what you’re looking for. Overall, the best app!

- Good app, but ...

I have been using the app for hiking and mountain biking. It´s very valuable and makes you feel really confident and worry free, that you are following the right trail and that you will get home safely. Although, I have found 2 things, which need improvement : 1) I was recording my day hike and when I got back to my car, I wanted to save the hike, review it etc. But, there was no cell phone signal, which typically there isn’t, when you hike, so the application wouldn’t let me finish the process of saving/reviewing/adding comments. Then I drove back to town and wanted to finish this process. But the application, was basically asking me, if I want to continue recording, if I said “no”, the only choice it gave me, was to clear the data. Of course, I don’t want to add car drive to my hiking trip ...., 2) The other improvement is related to it. I think, if one is recording hiking trip and then forgets to save it, when gets back to car, the application should automatically detect, that obviously one is not hiking anymore, since the speed is > 10 miles/hour. It should then, ideally, ask you, if you want to make the car ride part of your recording or not. Actually, this happens to me a lot, that I forget to stop recording or that I’m not able to save the trip, because of missing cell phone signal.

- Long time user

I love this app and have been using it for years now. It is by far the best GPS tracking app I can find. The maps are detailed and accurate and the descriptions and directions are excellent. Over the years some great upgrades have been made, some of my favorites include being able to download tracks for offline use, marking distance and elevation along a specific track, and being able to create a map by selecting certain trails. There are still some frustrating faults with this app, however. For example, in order to record and keep a GPS recording a track a hike has to be part of an existing trail which can get annoying when I do infrequent or bushwhacking hikes. Having an option to keep tracks privately would be very helpful. One upgrade I would love to see is the ability to edit or add to a track after I finish. Many times in the past I have forgotten to end a track and drove away, the result was an inaccurate GPS track. Also as the app currently is I can’t track multi-day trips, I can pause a track when I stop for lunch, but if I stop for the night my progress disappears. I would like to be able to add to a completed or paused track to be able to record multiple day trips.

- Thank you AllTrails!

I use AllTrails on all my hikes. I enjoy searching for hikes by location and checking mileage and elevation. I like reading the experience of other hikers who have done the trails before. It’s also a lot of fun to record your journey and see your stats grow. I use the LifeLine feature as well to update friends and loved ones on my progress. They only get text updates when you send them in service areas. They can follow your progress in real time as long as you have service. Otherwise they will see you as “still” till you’re back in service and it can catch back up. A few things I would like to see change would be to enable the Lifeline feature even if you don’t have a map downloaded so that friends and family can track your location. Right now you can only add Lifeline if you have previously downloaded a map and uploaded it to your recording. Most of the time I can find a hike I want to do and download the map, but this prevents me from exploring a new trail without a preexisting AllTrails map. All in all I love this app and am grateful it exists to expand my outdoor experiences and trail community.

- Get the Details, Hike with Confidence!

This beats a trail book for excellent topo maps. The recent user trail comments are incredibly helpful for understanding current trail conditions. Love the posted photos so you can get an idea of views you will encounter. I love the fact that Printed maps show an elevation guide. Very cool that you can view a trail, and then see “nearby trails” allowing you to quickly assess what’s available in a given area. The reason for 4 stars is that the program needs several improvements 1) the trail creation features are not simple to access and use and can snap onto the wrong segment and can be problematic to close on loop trails for accurate distance measurement. 2) maps only print at specific ratios (not perfectly zoom customizable) so often trail is printed too small or large. I often have to split trail into 2-3 pages to get good detail. 3) the chosen route prints as a continuous red line and covers up the forest service trail numbers... forcing you to hand label printed maps with the #s if you are linking trails etc. Those deficiencies aside, AllTrails is an amazing tool to plan. It’s given me the confidence to discover and hike trails I would have never attempted otherwise. App is nice for downloaded trail map. GPS point can help confirm current location which is reassuring!

- Maps on watch need improvements

The AllTrails iPhone all is pretty much a 5-star app. My biggest gripe is probably the long load times to lunch the app. I have the latest version which was supposed to improve app launch times but instead I’m seeing some of the slowest launches to date. Today I paused a recording to take some photos and when I came back to the app it took nearly 30 seconds on an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Considering the app was open and running 10 seconds earlier, with a recording paused, I would have expected the app to launch instantaneously. Please fix this, especially when re-launching a paused recording. But my ultimate 3 star review is for the watch app. I love that I can finally see the map on my wrist without having to pull out my phone, but then to shrink the map so small with superfluous information below it, makes the map nearly useless. The watch screen is so small as it is, so having the map shrink to a small square means I can barely see any detail in what’s coming up in the trail. I like that I can select what information is displayed below the map, but I want a “none” option so I can see the map as large as possible! Otherwise I love the app - mostly because it has a bazillion high quality maps and I can easily search and find a trail to hike!

- Above and beyond

I’ve been using the app for a short amount of time and I love it! Trying to google hiking trails only brings up 2 or 3 around my city that are usually overcrowded and not that great, but this app has over 100 listed in my little town. It has everything that I could ask for and more—filters to search certain trails (bike route, allows dogs, waterfall/rivers, etc), difficulty ratings, weather forecast, reviews, photos, trail length, personal stats, and more. Some of these trails are in the middle of nowhere and you can pull up directions to drive to the start. It tracks your time, elevation gain, miles, and your route. You can save your favorite trails, and the ones that you have completed will show up on your profile. I haven’t been hiking a whole lot in the past, but now I have been going several times a week and I still have a lot of trails saved that I want to try! It’s like a social media app for hikers. If you like to hike (or if you think you want to start), I would recommend downloading this app. It exceeds my expectations and I have never been so motivated to go out and explore!

- A helpful friend into unknown territory

I would never be doing the amount of hiking and places I’m exploring if it weren’t for AllTrails app and website. Could not imagine a couple years ago all the different places I would see and many within just a couple hours drive which I was unaware of. When hiking alone, best to know exactly where you can park and condition of trails and this does a fantastic job with the amount of pictures and detailed reviews left by the AllTrails community. The recording feature is great to have to help you remember what you saw after doing many trails (upload photos, mark various waypoints, etc). You can even map out a custom map in advance and load it into the recorder so will notify you if you start getting off course. The various stats it displays are a nice encouragement as well in comparing past hikes/months to see how much to further challenge yourself. Absolutely love this app! I can’t imagine how many more people are probably getting out there more often because of AllTrails. Well done!

- Good phone app with a garbage watch app

The app itself is the best I’ve found so far at finding trails. This probably because of the wider user support compared to other apps. It does hit your battery a smidge harder than other hiking apps I’ve tried but so far I haven’t had that be a real problem. However, I cannot for the life of me understand the thought behind the watch app design. All you can do is start/stop a recording and then check some basic stats. No map integration for you to quickly check and see what way you should go at the fork in the trail, which seems to me to be most of the reason you’d want this on your wrist. Most of the other options on the app store offer this. Also, still no health integration? Not vital but cmon it’d be nice. Overall I recommend it for finding popular trails and helping you get along while hiking as they’ve got pretty good user support. But man, it’s not updated very often and when new features are added they’re not very well thought out. I’m coming up on the time where I need to renew pro and I’m not sure I will. I might just use google to find the trails and use another more well thought out and feature rich app for the hiking itself.

- Moderate Hikerbiker

The trail suggestions and information are very good and useful. I use the app for both casual biking and hiking. (As it’s advertised for both. Some suggestions. 1) Would be nice for the recorded route tracing to be a heat map showing pace along the way. Note, this also helps determine direction in intersecting and overlapping lines in a route. This is especially useful for biking and running. It would also to have heat mapped pace to be recorded on elevation diagram to see where I can use improvement. (How I’ve improved on uphill portions of routes, for instance). 2) I just went on a 1:18 route on my bike, recording and using the map for directions. iPhone X went from 90% power to 17% power. Another app I use for the same purpose has WAY LESS battery consumption. I would really like to use the Pro version of All Trails for biking, but this level of battery consumption will be prohibitive. 3) Would be great to have hike/walk, run, bike settings for All Trails. While most of the settings would be the same, I might not need always on map for running or hiking, and sampling rate may be different. 4) Integration with FitBit and/or Apple Watch.

- It has a few good qualities

I like this app, it helps me with planning my hikes. There are a fair amount of accuracy issues though that keep me from considering upgrading to Pro though. First is the fact that there are a fair amount of trails that are well out of date. From what I understand users can suggest edits, but only through the website on a computer. I personally am rarely on my computer so am unable to submit the edits, and I feel this is against good trail management practices because it encourages people to use trails that are closed to prevent erosion and overuse. In addition the trail names on the map are more often than not completely different from official trail names so in the event of an emergency that could cause some issues. My second issue is there is no way that I can find to flag inappropriate comments on a trail review. Saying a trail has been “ ruined by Mexican trash and their families” should be able to be flagged for deletion. Lastly for now, I don’t like how you can pick only one trail when you record. I trail hop frequently and just one trail option isn’t very suitable for me and in the community aspect it isn’t helpful with helping others plan their hikes.

- If I could give negative stars I would.

Edit: so it eventually worked its bugs out about 2/3 of the way into my hike. I changed my rating to 4 stars because the maps and the lifeline are valuable but only if they work consistently! OP: So I am trying to use the app that I paid (I think) $40 for (for a one year subscription) that I’ve had about a month. After the “update” it won’t load up. Tried to contact CS but you have to apparently open the app for that. How stupid is that? Aren’t software engineers supposed to be building these things? Intelligent men and women whose job is to think these things through? Thank GOD they’re not building bridges or we’d all die. Next I uninstalled and reinstalled it and NOW it will load the app but will not allow me to sign in. Great update, Alltrails. Superb job. 🙄 So now I’ve wasted an hour plus trying to fix this, with absolutely no luck, and will go hike—with no way for my movements to be tracked by my loved ones as I hike alone—in the now sweltering Southern Summer heat and humidity. Thanks so much. Worst $40 I ever spent and I promise you this—the last $40 of my money you’ll ever see.

- Easy and EASY

Love this app. So grateful they have so many trails listed and that people contribute comments pretty regularly. Some trails listed on the app are well-marked/defined (in person); others are not. I’ve had to use the app several times to locate the actual trailhead and to stay on trails that had forks in the path. So for trails not super well-defined, if you think you might go out of a cell service area on your phone while hiking, download the hike beforehand, so you have it for the whole hike. (It can be daunting to be mid-hike and have no idea which way to go, if the app stops working.) Also pay attention to the elevation gains shown for each hike on the app and read the comments. They give you a pretty thorough idea of what you’re in for. Keep in mind ‘Easy’ doesn’t necessarily mean the HIKE is easy. (That part depends on your fitness level.) It means the TERRAIN is easy. (Hence the need to pay attention to the elevation on a hike.) Anything with more than 100 feet of elevation gain PER MILE is going to be a LITTLE bit of a workout (from the perspective of a 125 lb., 50+ year-old female in decent shape). But have fun and KEEP ON HIKING!!

- Love the app minus the crashing

Update: since uninstalling and reinstalling the app things are working beautifully again. And I have to mention Carolyn (who works in support for AllTrails) was fantastic at helping me!! She restored my faith in AllTrails 🙌🏽. So note for those having crashing issues, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Just remember your password and the email you used when creating😅. I love this app, don’t get me wrong but lately it’s been crashing, sometimes 2-3 times a hike. I track my distance and calories etc so when you miss two miles because it decided to pause... gets really frustrating. Today it wouldn’t stay recording so I ended up restarting my phone and keeping the app opened (plugged into my battery back up) for about two and a half miles just to make sure it wasn’t conking out. Then I kept checking every 10 minutes like a lunatic to make sure it hadn’t stopped recording. Stayed on the entire time then but geesh. Hoping this can be fixed.

- Free version is good wasn’t impressed with PRO at all

I would give the free version 5 stars but the paid version 2-3. The free version allows me to see the maps I need and the standard trail when I’m within service areas or no signal just fine. I’ve used the free version for over 10-15 long hikes outside of cellphone service areas. I purchased the pro access today before an attempted long hike and it made absolutely no difference when I was in the middle of trying to hike a trail at 11,000 ft altitude snowshoeing through snowed over trails with way over 5 feet of snow. My main objective was accessing the topography maps and weather overlays. I downloaded the maps before hitting the trail, but once I was I was on the trail I didn’t have access to them since there was no signal. I got the same features as I did with the free version so I was somewhat disappointed. The app also constantly resets so you have to bring up the map several times which isn’t ideal if you out hiking trying to make sure you stay on track, while also looking out for wildlife.

- Get app with eye to future

I have used this app for a couple of years now with the pro version. In the beginning it might have had issues but I think they are tied to performance issues of the phone and the network and satellite hardware. I have been to many trails and it has worked great. This new lifeline feature is going to be great especially for my wife since I usually hike alone. It has helped me get back on the trail in areas where the trail is poorly marked or no real markings at all like out in West Texas. I took a turn off a trail ( not on purpose) thinking that was the trail. It was the most dangerous turn possible. I finally sat down and pulled out my phone and looked at my all trails plot. I was way off but too dangerous to back track. So I plotted a way across the steep mountain side to reconnect to the actual trail. On thing that would be nice is if would tell me when I have diverged from the trail with a voice warning kinda like google maps or tell me I’m at an intersection and take the left turn again via a voice notification.

- Love this app for hiking! Here are some recommendations to improve the app

First off, need to say i love this app and use it as a hiking bible!! Some recommendations I have for the developers: Under reviews, show a user’s reputation score next to their name. It would be helpful to know if the person saying this trail is “soooo hard” is a complete noob to hiking or someone whose been on hundreds of trails, just for a frame of reference. Why have the reputation score if it isn’t displayed next to the usernames in the comments and reviews? Also, while reading about the app it mentions you can upload edits to trails and routes. I can’t figure out how to do this on the app? There are many trails that the All Trails trail takes u into an unsafe area, and I would like to edit that for future users. I’ve noticed the desktop has some features the mobile app doesn’t.... such as making “lists” and creating new trails. Next, in addition to easy medium and hard.... add a safety ranking! Here on Oahu there are easy hikes that are super treacherous and then super hard hikes that are on huge pieces of land with nowhere to fall or get lost. For somewhere like Hawai’i this feature is very necessary. Finally, think there should be a DM (direct message) feature to make the app a bit more social! Or at least link to Instagram. I was sad that Sacred Falls was removed from the app. While it is an illegal hike, those choosing to do it could need it as a lifeline.... better safe than sorry

- So close to perfect!

Considering I only have one negative thing to say about the app as a whole I will put that up front. I wish I could reverse a loop trail!!! Other than that I have been using this app happily for about a year. It has absolutely saved me from unplanned miles on poorly marked trail junctions. It has helped me introduce people to hiking and backpacking. I use it any time I am in a new place and can always find a trail, or a drive worth taking. I use this app on every bike I take, weather that is an hour or a multi-day backpacking trip. It has REPLACED my need for a dedicated GPS device. I don’t recommend it but honestly I don’t carry maps or books either, this has simply replaced them and that means saving weight (I mean always carry your I am a pro (paid) member and so long as the app continues to update and add new content I will continue to pay to use it. I don’t really understand people complaining about it not working without cellular coverage! If you are going somewhere without cellular coverage you should be a pro member if for nothing else your own safety!!!! You should have a downloaded map! On top of that your phone can last for days on airplane mode with active GPS. Compare the fee to any GPS device, map books, etc. and you will see you can pay to use this for years before approaching those prices. Thanks AllTrails! For the saved miles and countless hours planning my next trip!

- AWESOME APP but Needs One Addition

I love this app! I ride an Adventure Bike (GS 1200) and the reviews are great to research various trails to determine if I’m able to do them or how much effort the trail will require. The GS 1200 is a BIG motorcycle and I like knowing if there are “Rock Gardens”, massive ruts, steep declines, etc. Other users often give distances to significant trail challenges which comes in handy!!! Of course, remember that trail conditions change constantly so don’t ride wild based on reviews... The one addition that is needed (in my opinion) is an additional FILTER Category of “Adventure Riding” or “Off Road Motorcycling”. It’s easy enough to use “Off Road Driving” to identify trails that are open to Off Road Riding but the numerous trail user write ups is mostly from rock crawlers or 4x4’ers. I often read these when I’m out and about riding the trails and it would make reviewing up and coming trails much quicker. I upgraded to the Pro version last year and it is the best money I have spent on an app!

- Concerns About GPS and Route Recording

I saw another comment on here complaining about All Trails and his GPS signal being lost, as well as his routes not being recorded. This has nothing to do with the All Trails app, and there’s nothing AllTrails can do to fix this issue. It has to do with the strength of the GPS receiver in your phone. If the GPS signal is lost because of cloud cover or whatever, AllTrails will stop recording your route because it cannot locate you while your GPS receiver is unable to connect with the GPS in orbit around Earth. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good your GPS receiver is, and the signal connection will still be lost. If your phone is constantly losing GPS connection, either your phone’s receiver is low quality, the weather is impeding the connection, or you’re simply in a location where a GPS receiver is going to constantly drop connection no matter how good your receiver is. I hope this helps.

- Very useful!

Love this app for 3 main reasons- one it forces me to find new trails instead of just sticking to the same ones I know. Two, it makes finding new trails easy, especially with the filters. And third, it makes me feel safe because I can download the map before I go and when I’m on the trail with no reception, I can track exactly where I am and where I’m headed - it’s saved us quite a few times from getting lost on some of the trails! Couple of suggestions: 1) have a “daily report” that people can update in regards to conditions of that hike on that particular day/week (don’t always want to scour reviews for that) - we went on a hike that was incredibly overgrown over the summer and encountered a bees nest in the midst of it and really did not enjoy it. 2) be able to tick off trails we have done and have a “past trails” list or “history” list that isn’t tied to recordings or anything. Otherwise, great job! Thanks!

- Love this App

This App is awesome, I use it every time I hike, which is at least once a week. Well worth the price of the Pro version IMO. Still needs some work though. What I’d love to see, is some sort of intelligence built in, so it knows when you’re driving in a car versus walking. Sometimes after a long hike I’m exhausted, and forget to turn off the recorder. The app then records my ride home, and adds it to my hike. This has also screwed up my stats, and it makes a mess of the trail I’ve just recorded. I’d also love to see more levels of maps able to be saved offline. I’m out of cell service often when hiking in the mountains. Yes the map is saved to my phone, but at only one zoom level. If I try to zoom in to see more details about where I am, and I have no service, the map doesn’t redrawn. My cell phone has 200GB of available storage, id love to be able to fill it up with maps!

- Buyer Beware

I bought this app a couple of days ago and tried to use it for a backpacking trip in a nearby national forest. Firstly, the app’s maps didn’t match the park’s trail maps AT ALL, so I decided to take both with me of course. As I went on, it seemed like the AllTrails version was just random gps points that had been made up. We were somewhat in the general area but absolutely could not have used it to find our way anywhere out there. I tried it again on another trail when we got back just to see and it wasn’t accurate either! Most of them have been, but if even some of them aren’t, then I cannot trust it. I planned to use this product for multi-day trips but it seems super unsafe now. The worst part is, when I went to request a refund for the above reasons, I got immediate denied (without anyone even looking into my claim) and it’s near impossible to get ahold of anyone at AllTrails. So, that’s $60 that I’ll never see again for a product that I’ll certainly never use. I do not recommend this product! The free version for simple day hikes was great. But if you want it for anything more in depth, this is not the right app for you!

- Invaluable hiking app

I don’t know how people found the trailhead or the way back to their cars after hiking without the AllTrails app. AllTrails has literally saved my life. I tend to get excited when I’m hiking and go for the most beautiful or strenuous looking climb, and that’s how I get turned around and lost- every time. AllTrails has mapped out every trail and I do believe I could use it to call for help. Also, being a new hiker and trying trailrunning I’d love to know my specs. AllTrails logs every mile, the time and elevation I climbed. I love seeing my progress. AllTrails also has located 500 trails near me. I live in a city and I had no idea there were this many opportunities to get out into nature and explore. This app changed my life, I hike every weekend and I just started trail running. Being out in nature, using the app, has taken priority over everything else I used to do on weekends. I love it. Thank you AllTrails.

- Awesome, with on glaring shortcoming

For finding trails, hiking, and navigating, there is no better app. I’m still partial to CalTopo for bigger expeditions and ski touring but for day hikes and short backpacking trips, Alltrails is my go to. Unfortunately, I always seem to have trouble opening the map and getting to my downloaded map layer when I’m out hiking. Usually I don’t have service and so when I open the app it just sits there, loading nothing. Just blank. It’s so infuriating. I usually have to start toggling airplane mode on and off a few times and force closing the app before it finally works. For an App that is designed to be used in the backcountry, why not build in an offline mode that works well??? Or better yet, when I download a map layer for a trail, let me “pin it” so whenever I reopen the app, it’s the first thing that loads and all I have to do is wait for my GPS fix to lock in. None of this messing with airplane mode, restarting the app, clicking on the trail thumbnail, making the map fullscreen, etc.

- If you backpack....

This is the best app. Besides the old map and compass, you have the ability to track your gps location on the marked trail you can download from each hike. Keep in mind GPS is run by satellites in space so cell reception is unnecessary to use which saves your phone battery and can track every step to make sure you’re on the path. I recently did a technical alpine lake wilderness hike and ran into 6 groups of lost hikers from excess snow and brush blocking the trail which allowed me and my dog to have an entire crystal blue lake all to ourselves for 2 days. If it wasn’t for the app, I wouldn’t have been able to navigate the trail as effectively and knowing within 10 feet if I had stepped off of it. Pay the 30 dollars for the pro membership and save yourself from getting lost and also epic states of solitude are in your favor like mine thanks to this also application. 🤙🏾

- It’s a pretty good app

The maps are good, you can find lots of hikes already on the map or just create your own and suggest the trail be added. One of my BIGGEST complaints is that you can not ask questions or comment on peoples reviews. You can’t direct message people... why??? What if you’d like to know some information someone just hiked a trail could answer for you? Or try to meet up with other members for hikes? Or just comment and praise other people for their reviews and photos? Really a huge downfall so I had to remove a star for that. Additionally, it’s crazy how you can NOT drop pins, or markers to mark different locations, potential campsites, shelters, water sources, bridges, downed trees or passages blocked. And you can NOT click on any of the map details for information. Very basic short comings... :/ It would be great if these could be future updates, people could search for pins others have dropped, water sources and shelters. Users could verify one another by confirming those things are accurate and there, earning points and giving other people searching for pins the options to pick from the most reliable pins (most verified) or most reliable people (person that always leave correct information) this would also boost followers for people that are active and add this useful information.

- AllTrails Pro: Worth it!

I completed the Adirondack 46 high peak trails in 2018. I have summited half or more of those mountains using my AllTrails app. I obsess over our hiking routes and spend at least a few hours for each hike reviewing our plan using the AllTrails app and the AllTrails map layer. Great print out to hand off to family so they know where we are going and can identify landmarks quickly if needed in an emergency. On the trail, at least 2 or 3 times, we have made quick course corrections leading us back to the trail using the GPS follow the trail feature! Not a substitute for a compass (app loaded on my phone, battery could go dead) but I always have it ready if needed. AllTrails is great for local adventures. I never realized how many trails were right in my backyard! I spent a frustrating amount of time with other apps before landing on AllTrails. You cannot beat this app!

- Excellent, but I want a few improvements

Love this app, and it helps me find trails I didn’t know about here and when I’m on the road. 1) I’d like an option (I can’t seem to find this feature on the phone app) to *exclude* that allow a particular activity. I’d rather not take my kids on trails that allow motorbikes, or my dog on trails that allow horses. I can’t find that feature. 2) I’d also like to see the revised estimates of trail length feed back to the site. I frequently find my and my wife’s Apple Watches estimates the trail at 20% longer than the stated length, and that others have had the same experience as a “recorded” hike on their (other brand) devices. And yet the trail still shows up as it’s original length. I get that this is challenging to achieve, but it would be good to at least work on revisions for popular trails so that people don’t end up endeavoring in a hike that is two miles longer than they believed it to be. 3) Lastly I’d like to be able to return to the app easily and see the trail I’m on and have downloaded. On my iPhone, it defaults back to the home screen, and when I enter the app, it defaults back to the main page, rather than onto the “plan” tab or trail I’m clearly on. It’s frustrating to spend that extra 30 seconds each time to find out whether I’ve walked off-trail. Thanks for reading! Pro subscriber, iPhone 8, MacBook, based in CO, USA.

- Awesome but Expensive

I love many things about All Trails, including the detailed descriptions, maps, and user reviews on the different hikes. However, I think it’s a bit sad, and a little messed up, that you have to pay so much money to be able to download a trail. I feel this way because on many trails, you lose service, and without service, you can’t open this app to see if you are on the right path. Moreover, getting lost without service is one of the most dangerous times to get lost! So, I wish they would let you download at least a few maps with the free version. Otherwise, this app is pointless once you are actually on the trail, unless you pay the fee, which isn’t even a one-time fee. We use a different app when actually are hiking so that we can see where we are going, but All Trails is great to plan hikes and get an idea of what sort of views and challenges you will come across!

- Invaluable Tool

Just “broke in” the AllTrails app on our first hike of 2020...and can immediately see, this is going to be an invaluable tool. I’m genuinely regretting my delay in getting this, subscribing to the PRO, and allowing this app to fully enhance our hiking experiences. No more! On our first use...even beyond the amazing stats...we experienced the significance of the “off trail” warning provided by the app. Based off of the use of the GPS system (cell signal NOT required)...we inadvertently missed a turn. Not realizing it...”the beep” that I thought was a text message coming through from someone...? It was the app signaling to me that we were off the trail. Saved us who knows how much time and effort. So many reason to upgrade to PRO...but considering the significant hikes associated with our ADK 46’er journey we’ll be undertaking...I can’t imaging hiking without it. Thank you All Trails!!!

- Pay version worth it if you love planning your own routes and spend time alone on the trails

I LOVED the free version of AllTrails so much that I payed to upgrade. I loved the payed version so much that I continue to pay the annual fee. The pay version allows me to plan my own routes on and off trails and gives me mileage and elevation gain, download the maps and have access to them when I don’t have cell service, and tracks my gps location on a map. This definitely gives me peace of mind in the back country, even though I am a capable route finder and carry map and compass. The only annoyance I’ve noticed is that if I don’t update the app every couple of weeks, it takes a REALLY long time to open it. Also, I love that I can share maps with friends and download their maps to use. I highly recommend this app the free version and paid version.

- Overall a great app (Revised Review)

AllTrails is my go to app for finding new trails when we travel. It is nice to read reviews before heading out. The detail on the trails is also nice if you get in a situation where you want to cut through somewhere to shave some distance on a long hike. I recently became a Pro member which came in handy on a couple of no cell service hikes. I like being able to download trails in advance of the hike. The only downfall is I feel like the app can drain your battery fast on your cell. It would be nice if I would be able to link my purchase to my wife’s phone so we had a back up if one of our phones died. I am always happy to see the developer adding new features and fixing bugs on a regular basis. I hope that the new Pro flat fee option is bringing in enough revenue to keep the app progressing.

- Use caution

The app is decent, with one MAJOR flaw...I hike, but most of my use for this app was to find mountain bike trails...and there in lies the problem. There have been a few instances where I loaded up my family, loaded bikes on bike racks(taking two vehicles because we haul 5 bikes), and took trips to ride, only to find that some trails this app claims are mountain bike friendly, are NOT! We went up to Hinkley this past trip, to find that the only ‘trial’ you can ride there on bikes, the paved path around a small part of the park, like a 4 mile loop. You can NOT ride ANY of the dirt trails, out into the actual park. Same thing happened on two other trails this app lists as mountain bike friendly...are for hiking be diligent and do extra research before you do any amount of traveling to do a fun mountain bike only get there and be disappointed. I hope this will save others from wasting lots of gas and time planning trips for nothing.

- Intro to hiking must

Went out to Denver for a hiking trip. Had hiked a couple trains in the Smokey’s before so knew enough to take hiking boots but wasn’t ready for the vast selection and variations in trails. Friend recommended all trails once I got out there. Discovered it was possibly the next best thing since sliced bread. Got home opened all trails realizing I had tons of trails near me that I never really knew about. Great to know before going somewhere whether I can bring my dog or not. Also time durations are pretty accurate if you hold pace and don’t take any breaks. Don’t forget to record your hikes, allows you to make notes so you can put things like ‘when you think you’re at the top, you still have 1 mile to go.’ Or a note about mud or hiking poles. It sounds silly but you’ll be glad you do it.

- Awesome but can be improved

I love this app and have been using it for years. Improvements needed: 1) They recently changed it so when you click on a trailhead on the map view, the little thumbnail no longer shows the elevation gain, it only shows the distance. I’m almost positive it used to show both. Distance and elevation gain are the two major factors I’m trying to quickly scan through to find my hikes. Please fix the thumbnails to show these two very important pieces of information! 2) When I’m searching the map view for hikes, and there is a cluster, WHY does it have to zoom way in? This is sooo annoying. I’m constantly having to zoom out. I want to click on the trailhead and see the red line (the route) in relation to the map view of the area. The app always zooms in so far that you have to back it out in order to see the outline of the route.

- Nice features except for the horrendously slow startup

I’ve been using this app for awhile now and like its feature set and they provide frequent and useful feature updates. My only complaint is that every single time you start the app it initializes your trail data, which can be very frustrating. Particularly if you had the app closed to save battery life and need to make some quick routing decisions. I’m baffled as to why the process is so inordinately slow because there are numerous technical strategies that can be employed to short circuit the process and quickly determine whether an initialization/sync is in order. How about letting the user decide if they want to initialize/sync at that time instead of making them wait, sometimes minutes? (Question: If the mobile app is used on one device with only an occasional visit to the web app - what exactly needs to be initialized/synced every single time?)

- Great app for hikers

I’ve always wanted to get in to hiking and want to eventually hike the AT so when the Covid lockdown started I decided to finally begin hiking. I downloaded the app and found all the trails near me and have been loving it ever since. The maps are very accurate with clicking on the directions tab taking you to your map and right to where you need to start. I love the recording feature that shows what elevation changes you’ll be encountering and all of the data it tracks like distance, pace and even calories burned. Going to my in-laws next week and have already scouted out some trails to go on! Only negative is I wish it wouldn’t chew thru so much battery when recording and tracking your location. Love it and maybe we’ll see each other on the trails one day!

- The Best Thing About AllTrails

Have you ever gone hiking on what you thought was a well marked trail, and got lost? Did you wonder around for 45 minutes trying to find South on your phone’s compass, knowing exactly what time it was going to get dark? I have. Not any more! I love AllTrails because when I want to take a walk or hike, I can pull up 500 trails near me! I can learn the location, a description, and important details, like if I can bike it as well. When I’m ready to go, I just click on the directions so I can drive to the trailhead, and then click on the map of the trail, which shows my location, on or off the trail, at all times. No more fear of getting lost for me, is the end result, with more time to enjoy walking in nature. Get AllTrails. You and your family will love it!

- Okay if you hike a lot and download maps

I found that I just didn’t use this app enough to justify my subscription. Most of the time I tried to use it I’d have no cell signal, and it was almost useless...I’d have to plan ahead, pick a trail, download the map over WiFi...for it to work when I was hiking. I also was unhappy because there was NO way to manage my subscription and I got auto-renewed even though I didn’t want to, even though I had the renewal date in my calendar and made an effort to prevent renewal. The stupid subscription did not show up in my Apple account subscriptions page as active or expired...when I went to the website it referred me to the app. From the App account settings it sends you to the Apple Subscriptions page which Did NOT show the stupid subscription. Customer service wasn’t helpful. I had to contact my credit card company to decline the charge.

- Superb so far

Downloaded this app before going off-grid in the Okanagan. Lots of hiking areas in BC and elsewhere are no where close to cell signals and this app (with downloaded maps) has been awesome with keeping us on track and giving confidence to venture around. Putting our phones on Airplane mode (mine is an iPhone 7S) saves serious battery so I feel confident I can go a full day with no issues. When mountain biking I still use this over TrailForks because it more clearly shows logging roads and other trails. I’ve had accuracy issues with TrailForks but none so far with AllTrails. Both are useful when mountain biking but as you’d guess: garbage in, garbage out. The maps are only as good as the person who uploaded it (and their GPS track). I’ve just found that AllTrails has been more accurate in that regard but again it’s not perfect either.

- Maps and pictures not loading

Just recently noticed the pictures and some maps are not loading at all. Thought it was my iPad but it’s doing the same on my phone as well One thing I really wish was changed is the altitude and mileage tracker on the bottom of the topography maps. One, it’s small to begin with because it’s on a phone screen and your finger hides most of the information when you’re sliding. It should have its own slider underneath the graph so I don’t have to try to look under my finger to see information. Two, I hate that the mileage points are not evenly spaced out. It goes from 1.2 to 3.6 to 5.1. It should be broken up into half or quarter mile increments to easily calculate distances. Furthermore, I know it shows you altitude in real time in the upper left hand corner as you’re sliding on the graph so why can’t it show you mileage as well? These hanged would be UBER helpful

- Great app with a few flaws

Over all I love this app and I think most of the other 5 star reviews already mentioned the pros of it. Here are the things on the usability side that I wish they can improve 1. Offline maps only load when I am offline, this is very annoying when I am with not so great cell signal. My downloaded maps wouldn’t load because the app will try to load it live first and struggle. I had to turn to airplane mode in order to see the map then switch back online to send text message or make phone calls 2. The boot time of this app is insanely bad, i had to wait for 20+ seconds in order to use it for anything because it is entirely frozen during booting. one of the slowest loading app I’ve ever seen. I have a wild guess that the dev or design for this app doesn’t quit get how caching works.

- Great app, one big problem in pro version

This is a fantastic app and really useful for hiking. It would be a wholehearted recommendation if it wasn't for one problem I keep running into. The main reason for buying the pro version is offline maps access. Most trails I do are not where data coverage is available. So offline maps are critical. Hiwever, once downloaded, they just go away (expire?) within a day or so. This is incredibly frustrating given how much effort I took to slowly download these maps in poor data areas,only to find it magically disappeared before the hike. I can appreciate needing to refresh mapping data. But the app should never discard downloaded maps without user consent. I was in the Himalayas and it would take multiple days to download a map of a trek, only to see it disappear a day or to later. Also the process of selecting a custom nap for offline download requires substantial data which makes it almost impossible to select in low bw areas. This is likely not an app problem, but if the selection UI can somehow use very low detail data to just select region, that would be great. Mostly just please fix offline map expiry problem!

- Nice maps, but not editable and no apple watch support

I really like that this app shows hiking trails in a high contrast so that they are visible even in the bright daylight. The problem is that there is no way to submit feedback in those cases when there are mistakes on the map. Another problem is that it is not possible to download larger regions for offline use. All is designed around finding a hike and then downloading a map around that specific hike. And for this you have to be connected to the internet. One extremely frustrating aspect is that when you are searching for a hike the list of suggestions completely disregards your location. If I live in Oregon and search for let's say Eagle creek trail, the on closest to me should be on top. This could be resolved by a preference settings to show the trails near you. It would also be great if you added apple watch support.

- Issues with subscription

Although I have requested tech support, it has been about a week, and they have still been unable to fix my issues. I had app through Apple store, with the pro subscription due to expire on 7/3. I bought the 3 year special through email/apple ID last week to ensure no gap in coverage. 1st, the 3 year subscription was not reflected in my account. Then they found the account, and subscription was fixed, but all my history and maps were lost. Then they say they had to merge some anonymous account ID with the existing account, which then gave me my history/maps, but lost my 3 year subscription (that I paid for). Needless to say, the 3rd of July has now passed, and my subscription now shows expired. At this point, I am ready to give up on this App, and just want my money back. I was backcountry hiking this weekend, where signal is non existent, but thanks to all these issues, I was forced to use a competitors service that could provide support.

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- Great app, we use it all the time

We’ve used this app in Australia and Canada and love it. It’s easy to get inspired to go on walks by searching through, you can tag favourites if you want to come back to them later, and the downloadable maps are great with lots of layer options. The tracking function works whether you’re in mobile reception or a black spot - I usually run two trackers in parallel so others have validated the accuracy of this one. People have contributed really helpful comments and photos on many of the walks which is great. The difficulty ratings, lengths and accessibility info seem pretty accurate to me, and my personal favourite is that it’s easy to pick whether it’s an out-and-back, point-to-point or loop track.

- Love it this far

I’m hoping it tracks you well when you don’t have net but I’m not sure it has that feature yet. However, this is almost to good for finding hikes I worry a little that most hikes will have to many people going there now but I guess this is the future of hiking these days anyways. People gonna be out there with the knowledge of the net and not just go and find it by driving and reading paper maps and talking with locals lol

- Extremely slow

Caveat: my review relates to the free version only I have downloaded this app a couple of times over the course of a year, only to delete it off my phone again in frustration almost immediately. Maps are extremely slow to load, even slower to re-load once you try to zoom in. This may be better in the pro- version, and I am perfectly willing to pay a subscription fee for the full version of an app that I like. However, the free version being so rubbish does not exactly inspire me to pay just to find out if the pro version is any better. Also, the database of Australian trails may be growing, but is still extremely limited, and in some cases just plain wrong. The map shows trails that, judging by the amount and size of vegetation on growing on them, have not been trails for >10 years.

- Was amazing, now I almost got lost

I've used Alltrails many times in the past, and it's one of my favorite apps on my phone. I use it for trail running in Australia, and alltrails has lots of facilities for that. Today I took it with me as I always do, but the route was a bit unclear, and I needed alltrails a bit more to find my way. When I was at the furthest point, well out of range of any gsm location, alltrails decided to give up. In the past, it was possible to see at least the route you're doing, which I was depending on in some situations. Now there's been an update, and instead of showing me the map, there's now a text saying : there's no internet, for pro members, check your downloads. That's absolutely terrible to change the app like this. An app which I used to depend on now spit me in the face when I needed it the most. I've been recommending this app to most of my hiking friends in the past, but I can no longer do that now. I'm very disappointed in this new "feature", and I hate that after 2 years of happily using this app, it's no longer reliable. Tldr; alltrails gave up on me when I needed it the most, and this can happen to you too. Be warned.

- I’ve only just downloaded

I downloaded the app before I read the old reviews saying there is no information for Australia. I was thinking of deleting it but decided to do a few searches first. There are quite a few walks documented for Australia, some of which I have done already and which I agree with the info provided which is quite good. However, some of the smaller walks I have done in the past are missing. Next time I do them I’ll add the details. I look forward to trying out all the features and will update my review in the future.

- Makes you want to get out on trail

Great app for researching trails to hike or bike. Maps, photos, notes, reviews and ratings all help to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for before you leave home. Particularly useful if you’re wanting to discover trails in an unfamiliar location by providing info on terrain, elevation and indicative time. The tracking function even alerts you when you wander off the designated trail.

- Love all the extra trails I’ve found

I love that this app helps to take the guesswork out of expanding the well worn, better known tracks, onto bigger and at times better adventures. It’s ease of use is great and if I had any issue it’s the amount of battery that it churns through. So to get the most out of an extended hike have a backup for your battery, it’s well worth the effort.

- Misleading

I’ve downloaded this app after seeing an ad on Instagram stating that it will tell you if the trail is dog friendly as I would not go on a hike without my dog. I’ve clicked on 10 trails near where I live and absolutely no indication if the trails allow dogs or not. So disappointing. I will remove this app from my phone as it’s not doing the job for me and just use Google. Other than that the app is beautifully made and allows you to see straight away the level of difficulty. There is also a weather forecast to plan your hike which is a great idea.

- Absolute Rubbish with Apple Watch

Paid $30 for the pro version because I wanted to use it with my Apple Watch 5. Disappointed that you need to run with the phone for it to work but so be it I lugged the phone with me. BUT then if you don’t continuously pull your phone out to keep the pairing active the syncing goes to sleep, all GPS functions fail, the watch app closes while using it on a run. What a useless junk app. Developers don’t advertise it as Watch compatible unless it is actually functional. My 10km run recorded as 5km in straight lines and stopped working half way through. Rubbish Rubbish Rubbish

- Wow...

Frankly this is the app I’ve been waiting on for years. Love the interface, Watch support and level of polish in the UI. (Most other mapping/hiking apps look less like AirBnB, the ‘gold’ standard UI IMO and more like 80’s military software.) Only thing missing is iPad support, not saying would take it much but my 4G iPad would be great on driving trails.

- Discovers trails very well but has issues

The Apple Watch app is good for nothing. Each time I glanced at the watch, the app had lost focus. It still records, but having to reselect the app each time I want to glance the map, defeats the purpose of having it. There’s also a problem capturing activity. If I allow the fitness app to record activity as a workout, the AllTrails app shuts down, so the map is lost. If I don’t allow the fitness app to record activity, no record of the activity is kept. The AllTrails app needs to link with the health app.

- Great app

This is a really great app if you like bush walking, hiking, mountain biking etc. the filters are good and allow you to customise your search to location, difficulty and distance. It also shows total elevation and map elevation so you are very clear about each trail. The only things I don’t like is it does not integrate with google maps so finding the start of some trails can be difficult

- Discover More of Your Backyard with All Trails

This has become a go to app when I’m planning to do a new walk/hike. Very useful compendium to have. It’s an encyclopaedia of trails and covers so many areas as well as Perth. Discovered so much about my own backyard. The reviews and suggestions are useful tools to refer before trying out a trail. Thanks

- An accurate and informative app

I am new to the app but am super impressed by it’s accuracy which seems to be within a metre or so. Also it highlights interesting objects along the way such as ancient ruins and caves. Definitely a good purchase and I haven’t even explored all of it’s features yet

- Doesn't work with Apple watch

While the app on its own on the phone is great. I was never able to make it work properly with the apple watch. It would be a great functionality but the experience is so very frustrating. Downloading maps didnt improve it. And support is always the same i.e. reboot phone and watch, remove watch profile add again. A great pity as checking map on phone without taking phone out saves phone battery and is such a great idea. Execution is hopeless though...

- Great offline functionality

One of the best Apps I have ever used. The ability to create your own route on your laptop and download it for offline use when out on the trail is excellent. The safety benefits of this combined with the Lifeline feature are huge.

- Walkers App

Super useful walking App. Great coverage, distance tracker, record track and load photos. Sharing photos makes exploring others tracks much more interesting before the walk. Highly recommended.

- Integration to pre walk navigation

It would be a bonus to have the ability to get navigation information to the start of the walk from the start of my journey. I have had to type in gps coordinates to google maps on a number of occasions.

- So useful!

It’s been so useful being able to go to a new place and open the app to see what trails are in the area. Without it, we would not have discovered some of the great sights while traveling around Australia.

- Such a great tool

We have used this for our hikes over the last 4 months. Such a great tool for exploring, planning as well as making sure your heading the right direction while on the hike itself.

- Love this app

I’ve found this app very useful for identifying trails, planning hikes and recording them. Last hike I met a couple who were a bit lost and was able to set them on the right path and set their minds as ease.

- My number one app

I have been a trail runner mountain hiker for many many years and it’s only recently I have discovered this awesome app!! Why couldn’t I have known about it years ago? So handy for all country’s I like to explore

- Brilliant

Hiking to US in September and stumbled on this app. So easy to use and so much information. I will update when we get back to let you know if it is as good in use as it looks, my thoughts are that it will be. 👍

- Okay app but charged after cancelled subscription

Good app but I use one with more trails in Australia. I cancelled the subscription long before the renewal date but just had it renewed despite it not being on my subscription list. - Developers contacted me to say they don’t control payments, Apple does, the purchase can not be refunded by Apple because they say the payment is controlled by alltrails. Let’s hope I don’t get charged again next year.

- Great for travelling around Australia

As we travel round Australia living on the road for past 6 years, it’s a great app to find places to explore and also so I don’t get lost. I also like recording the trails

- Good all round app

Have used this in Hawaii and Portugal and it’s a wealth of knowledge and good info. The search nearby or map function is great when you are out and want a quick trail walk / run nearby.

- LOVE this App..!!!

Have been travelling in England and Scotland. Am delighted to discover the extensive range of walking tracks in EVERY location. And reviews and ratings to help with decisions. This app has at least DOUBLED my enjoyment of this trip. Very happy.

- App is great, watch app not as much

The iPhone app is great, but you should work on the watch app not to ask for iPhone app to be open and it can also show progress on map.

- AllTrails is AWESOME

What a fabulous app. Allows me to plan ahead or find trails on the go. Love how I can plot a route and then it will tell me if I stray from my plan - all without a phone signal if necessary.

- Great ideas for your back pocket

A handy app to have with you wherever you go that recommends walks or hikes nearby (I even found a few walks near home that I hadn’t been aware of). A must for those who like to see places on foot.

- An excellent app to use on holiday

Provides a good range of walks though sometimes the start point is incorrect. More information than from any other source we could find

- Adding trails

Only just used the app for the first time today and I really enjoyed it. I would like to see more trails in Western Australia be added over time, then I would make my rating five stars.

- This app works well...

It tells you where lots of good walks are, how hard they are, what to expect and how to get there. And that’s just the free part! Enjoy.

- Epic!! Got me fired up! ✨✌🏼

So handy to just jump on and see all the details to make up my mind on where to get my nature fix!!! 😆🙏🏼💖 love love love it.

- Done load slow!

After a frustrating time, trying different ways of down loading trails, I eventually gave up. A similar free app gave me the same down load results in seconds! I had contacted the support team and had tried there remedies with no luck. Wifi speed was tested and rated excellent. For me a waste of $$ :(

- Comprehensive

I find AllTrails better and better. It has a stable platform and good response. Much better than the previous Company it acquired...well done !!

- Great App

A great way to help select a hike to do and to see the level of complexities for each hike as well as reviews. Such a great idea!

- On of the best apps to help hiking

Very detailed and accurate charts and routes map, first use charge annual member:)

- Great app but...

The text is so small on a phone regardless of how much you zoom in... Can we please have a way to make the text for roads and features larger?

- Haven’t had a chance to use the app and it claims I don’t have internet connection

I haven’t had a chance to use the app, and before having a chance to sign up, I get told I don’t have an internet connection, when clearly, I do. Please fix this!

- Great app great search function!

I love this app & use it a lot for walks!

- Awesome Maps

Really useful for exploring the areas around your home, sadly not designed for IPad

- Find-a-Trail

Brilliant way to always find a trail near you

- Great app

Great app to find out all the hiking routes in and around Melbourne .

- Home to home

Perfect if you are living next to me and your GF is living next to my girlfriend house 😂💪

- Awesome

Great work team used it for my first hike it records amazingly

- No Topographic Map On Subscription

Subscribed for the topographic maps and it doesn’t have it in Australia very misleading feature that was advertised falsely. Asked for a refund and was rejected. Don’t subscribe if you plan to use the topographic map.

- Quality app

Loving All Trails app, my new number 1 hiking app!

- Great detail

Great detail and easy to use. Would be 5 star if developer supported ipad.

- More people should use it

It’s great

Payoneer 💰

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- Great app for hiking

Great app for checking out and planning hikes throughout the season. Reviews on trails provides what to expect on the trails.

- Great

Wish that it’s free

- Basically unusable

So many ads that I was literally being redirected to a different app every time I clicked on something.

- Don’t Subscribe

Don’t subscribe because it’s impossible to unsubscribe so you’ll be paying for it forever. Their instructions send you in circles and they don’t have ANYONE that you can talk to. Their customer service is an email account that I’m STILL waiting to hear from.

- Great Tool

For those of you who are not sure what is out there and what to try next AllTrails is an awesome tool

- Mon GPS en montagnes

C’est une magnifique application qui me permet de suivre efficacement sur les sentiers de partout dans le monde. Fortement conseillée

- Great app

Wonderful app provides access to a number of hiking ropes around the city absolutely love it

- It sucks...

It sucks because I tried to search up a trail and it didn’t show it it’s not easy to find the trails!!!! Better just finding another app!!!!! 😡😕☹️😑😑😑😑

- Very over-rated

Does not live up to the hype at all. One star for over promising and under delivering. Try Avenza or Gaia instead. Avenza also lets you load your own maps.

- Constant crashing

Imagine in the wild you will need to relaunch the app once every two minutes to check whether you’re off trail. It kills your battery way too fast. Tried contacting their customer care and re-installed as directed, but the problem just crawled back in a few weeks. So no thank you I’m not paying for another year.

- Users beware, app/site sells your info

Unsure why but my original review was deleted. This site/app popped up on my facebook because they submitted a list with my information (as per fb, go to settings - ad preferences - advertisers & businesses). I didn’t give either site/app permission to add me to the other, link the alltrails account to fb or like the alltrails page on fb. The only thing both companies have in common about me is my name. I specifically created & only use that email address for fb to avoid hassles like this. I haven’t been on the alltrails site since I signed up over a year ago. Edit: As I stated above, it’s been over a year since I was on the site to sign up. Never been back till I requested the account be deleted The site/app showed up on fb’s spam list two weeks ago. Screenshots of proof were already sent to alltrails, because I was asked for them when I had my account deleted.

- Very Helpful

Extremely useful for finding trails in a new area, tracking your progress and helping with navigation. Definitely recommend to anyone of any hiking skill level.

- Steps

I would l steps to be included ☺️

- Contourne iTunes pour vous facturer

***Attention****Facturation malhonnête**** À votre insu, AllTrails facturera annuellement 29,99$ directement sur votre carte de crédit - sans passer par iTunes. Vous n’achetez pas une app. Vous payez pour un abonnement annuel récurrent , et qui de plus contourne le système iTunes , de telle sorte que l’abonnement n’apparaît pas dans votre liste d’abonnement sur votre appareil. Si vous désirez l’annuler l’abonnement , vous devrez contacter AllTrails par courriels. Puisque je n’aime pas ce genre de comportement malhonnête, alors je donne 1 étoile.

- Must-have Hiking Companion

My husband and I travelled across British Columbia with many stops so we were never sure where we’d be stopping thus it was hard too preplan our hikes. With the All Trails app we could easily search for the trails near us. The details and reviews were incredibly detailed making choosing a trail extremely easy. An added bonus are the links to Google maps so we could easily find the trails and the GPS that made sure we didn’t get lost on the hikes.

- Map views

Since AllTrails downloaded all the GPX files from OpenStreet maps to create their database, why do AllTrails not provide a way to download the .gpx from the app so you can have the file on your iPhone? You can do this on the website. Sad that this App is trying to get users to pay for a way to get Pro when their entire model relies on OpenStreetMap .gpx files

- Amazing resource

This platform is absolutely valuable. App experience is great and there so many useful information you can find about trails so you can plan things ahead.

- Brilliant App!

Used it on a trip to Mont Tremblant, what a huge time saver, planning tool and gps system while out on the trails! Highly recommend.

- Add a like button

It would be great to add like button to reviews and pictures! I really enjoy reading reviews, some are so helpful and some are hilarious! Would be great to let them know that I like their review and pictures! Thanks! Pasobi

- So useful!

This app is the best. Super helpful. I can even see where I am on a trail through gps when offline! Check for recent bear sightings in the comments too. Super grateful this app exists! So many trails I would have never known about otherwise! 12/10 recommend.


I purchased pro hoping to have tops for my hikes. Not all trails have a topo or only partial The three icons on the main screen are annoying

- Works in Canada!

Was worried there wouldn’t me much available in Toronto, ON Canada but I was pleasantly surprised! Filters are great - kid-friendly, dog-friendly, stroller friendly. You can record your hikes and save/share them. Very impressed!

- Excellent App for Most Trails

I’ve been using this App for over 2 years now and it has been instrumental in discovering new hikes and planning for them. I use the Pro version for offline maps and no Ads and it works great so far. A few suggestions though: - The trails are community generated, however in my own experience, adding trails is a shot in the dark. I’m currently sitting at 1 month since adding a trail and having it pending in review. It’d be great to have a more transparent process - One feature available on the site, but not the app, is the ability to view unofficial community recordings/trails. It would be nice to be able view these from the app - Offline maps has been flaky for me. I’ll usually only discover part way on the trail that the download is corrupted in some way and I can’t view the full map - It would be great to select what part of a map you want for offline in addition to the default for a given trail on the app - I recently discovered the sharing feature for a completed trial which offers an auto generated image with stats for the hike and the map. Sometimes this map cuts off part of the trail or excludes certains features such as any peaks. Could this be updated to show the full trail and highlights even when it’s zoomed out?

- Perfect app for adventure

I don’t know how I don’t get this app sooner. Once we got it I find myself checking it often for new hikes in the area I live or destinations I can make on a weekend. It’s easy to use, simple to follow location on the map.

- Was good, but

Lotta good this app is if the gps won’t track. Need an update ASAP. Not happy.

- Best app for exploring and finding new adventures

With a lot of offline maps that you can have under your fingers, there is nothing to be worried about. Keep going! Can't wait to see more options in the app. Cheers,

- Awesome/incroyable

Grâce a cette application, j’ai découvert une quantité incroyable de sentiers inconnus auparavant!

- Nice app

Very accurate. Stays stuck when trying to upload pictures.

- Love this app

I am new to hiking and this app makes me feel safe and confident to explore. I marks my cars location when I get to a site and load the map I previously downloaded , hit record and I am off. Love that it shows me were bathrooms, lookouts etc are along the way too.

- Like yelp but trails


- Super


- Love this APP!

After getting bumped from one website to another over and over again in my search for hiking trails in my region, I can across this app and it provided me with everything I was looking for and more! Pictures, locations, degree of difficulty, maps, length of trails, directions and reviews from other hikers! So happy with this app! I have recommended it to my hiking group and friends and strangers on the trail!

- All In

Life App is a literal life saver. If your planning on hiking do your research. Read the reviews. The app is just as important as a good pair of hiking shoes. Having the maps readily available definitely make purchasing the pro version worthy of your hard earned dollars. But still helpful with just the free version.

- Great trails only one down side

I really like this app, it has shown me new hikes & walks in areas I thought I knew well, but obviously didn’t! It’s been a great pleasant surprise! Down side: drains my battery epically quickly. So I need to be very careful if I am using it for directions on a trail. Maybe it’s my phone, but it drains the battery faster then any app I have.

- Great hiking app

Great app to use to help find nearby trails with information on routes, elevation, timeframe, difficulty, photos, reviews, and directions to trailheads. Pro version with downloadable maps is good but I’d like an upgrade that allows you to do numerous walks offline, upload photos, and save the reviews (whereas at the moment you can only do this for a single one until you’ve got internet again; which can be a while when remote).

- Developpement de l’apps

Tres bien fait. J’aimerais qu’on puisse mettre de wapoint sur les cartes pour qu’on puisse naviguer avec des relevements et aussi developper une telephonie par satellite a partir du cellulaire.

- Best app

I love this app, I also love hiking and biking so if you love finding new cool places to will love this app too:)

- Where the map is good

This map is good and it definitely shows a sense of where the trails go. I like reading other people’s reviews and being able to write my own. Wish we could message each other

- Love this app, battery drain needs work

Great app and the reviews are nice to have especially in early/late season to check trail conditions. Only reason it didn’t get 5 star is the battery drain while recording. Anything over 4 hours with less than a full battery and your screwed.

- Amazing! Needs find Facebook friends option

Great app all around!!

- Great app! Used for hiking

I used this app in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, and it listed so many trails we would have never found otherwise. We totally enjoyed it. The rating level is pretty accurate and the description useful. The updates on the trail paths seem to be pretty regular too. What would be amazing though, would be a feature to share one’s location with other select people using the app (we were a group of people with different skill levels and this would have been useful to know how far we were from one another).

- AllTrails finds me a lot of new places where I never walked in past 20 years.

AllTrails finds me a lot of new places where I never walked in past 20 years

- J’aide cette app!

Parfait pour explorer les sentiers que ce soit à la maison ou en voyage!

- Enjoying so far

My one wish is that the little dot that represents me when I’m recording my hike should indicate which way I’m facing (like the dot in Google Maps, etc.) it would help those of us who get turned around/off course. Make that a thing, please!

- Great App for kids too!

My 5 year old and I are obsessed with this app. It’s the best way for me to find hikes that are appropriate in length and difficulty for him, and so far all of the times and details have been incredibly accurate. We have fond trails we never would have known about or even attempted otherwise! I have recommended it to everyone I know ❤️

- Need to update BC parks

Most provincial parks around Vancouver now require a day pass. BC government again providing no value to its citizens.

- Trails

Bonne application, les cartes sont très bien faites. On peut enregistrer notre parcours et le sauvegarder. Il y a beaucoup de membre alors on peut lire les commentaires de ceux-ci pour nous confirmer l’état de la Trail. On suit notre trace tout au long de la marche sur la carte.

- Best app for hiking

UPDATED REVIEW : I found the root cause of the problem! My iPhone was in a battery saving mode, not the mode you select when your battery runs low but the mode Apple drops you in when your battery runs flat. This put the GPS in a state where it would only turn on when the phone was on. I was able to bring the phone back to its normal operating state and voilà! OLD REVIEW : I used to like this app very much but it doesn’t work anymore: the GPS tracking is flawed, the recorder does not work in the background, I need to regularly reset the app to get it to work, it has long loading times, and the list goes on... I deeply regret buying the Pro version at half price, it is worthless!

- Awesome app

First time user and very amazed to see the thorough reviews and tech used! Very pleased so far! Well done!

- Recorded a hike..didn’t upload

Not sure why the hike I recorded didn’t get loaded up but it’s still in my history. So many great trails around Pigeon Lake but only one shows up. I’m also trying to find info on Willmore Wilderness park but this app is sadly lacking.

Libertex 📈

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- Best for hiking in the NH White Mnts

I love this AP. I have used it extensively in New Hampshire and in Scotland UK and it worked great. There are limits as you need a good GPS signal to follow your progress live but that is true of any GPS enabled device. I always take my Garmin GPS and paper maps and compass as back ups as the Garmin usually always gets a signal and maps don’t need a signal! , but have been using the back ups less and less with All Trails becoming my main system for hiking and planning routes. Worked great in Scotland for a hike of Mount Suilven. I plan to add a Bad Elf external GPS Receiver in the future to improve the signal for All Trails when in dense forested areas of the White Mnts. Overall All Trails is a great AP with up to date maps for hiking all over the globe and I highly recommend it.

- Love this app!

I’ve just started hiking recently. I got lost one time and almost scared myself. After that day I stumbled onto this while looking for another place to go. When you download the place you are going to and there is no service or off line, all you have to do is look at the satellite, zoom in and it will still guide you with your little blue dot to your entrance or out. Even the highways. It has helped me know exactly where I’m at on the trail and how much further. It has given me peace of mind just having it. I do wish they had a feature if you do get yourself in trouble you can just hit a button and will ping or signal for help and show the authorities or stations where you are at. Maybe they do have it and I just don’t know about it.

- No iPad Version?

I’d say the app goes halfway. I’ve paid the $100 lifetime membership. Trail coverage and information is expansive but can be dated. My main issue is there is no simple iPad version to allow split screen or rotating views. I understand the main expected use may be with an iPhone while in the woods, but a simple splitviewcontroller is available in IOS development and would seamlessly allow iPhone and iPad specific screens. As is now, if you access this app on an iPad you get black bars on screen as it shows a simple non-rotatable rectangle as if using an iPhone. With a spilt screen it would make using, navigating the app, and planning routes so much easier, and as a bonus the splitviewcontroller will allow the iPhone to be rotated as well to horizontal mode and allow easier and quicker navigation with trails in a master list view and trail maps in a detail view.

- Would not know where to find great spots w/out app

I have been using AllTrails since 2012 and honestly it is the best app for those who love hiking, mountain biking, nature’s walks...etc. Unfortunately the apps gps doesn’t function well for the true explorer, no fault to the app, because we all know cellphone service is shotty once in the trails. I recommend using a handheld gps for those moderate to hard trails, since some trails are unmarked, to make easy to find it back if lost. I use the “Garmin eTrex 10” it’s semi-cheap and works well. If you like exploring, like I do, then you don’t need to worry about following the correct path but gps does come in handy. I love how this app connect the outdoor savvy community. I have made a lot of friends out in the trails and some us the app as well.

- Got me home!

I downloaded it on a whim trying to find something to help me find trails. Little did I know that it would get me home after being left behind on Ka’au Crater because of miscommunication while trying to get my group back together after we got split up! I was on the trail for half a day. But I knew where I was the whole time because of the App. I walked off the trail at 9pm and thankful to be able to report my location one last time before I entered the valley on 10% cellphone battery and draining with every flashlight flicker. I also know how to better plan for my adventures because the App just simply works even without the Pro version. Looking for a trail App to help get you there and back! This will do the job hands down.

- Recording doesn’t work on iPhone X

I really like AllTrails and I’ve been a Pro subscriber for many years. All Trails is my go-to app for finding trails in my tri-state area BUT since I’ve been using an iPhone X I can’t get the app to record. Tapping the red record button does nothing. If I want to upload a trail recording I need to record it with a competitor app and then go to the website to upload it to All Trails. Ridiculous! I also have Apple Watch Gen 3 that never connects to the iPhone app so I can’t use that method of starting the record function either. To be clear, recording works on all other GPS trail and compass apps. I’m not a programmer but this issue may be unique to the iPhone X because it worked fine on all other iPhone generations I’ve used.

- Needs much improvement!!!!!

I used this app to through hike the Sheltowee Trace Trail and in most places along the trail the red line does not precisely follow the trail. Also there is no arrowhead to show your direction of travel, which is a critical flaw in this app. There is no ability to measure distance between where you are and a user defined point, another critical flaw for this type of an app. Where there is a divergence in the trail for a high water route, it picks one, even if it is not the main route. There should be a notification, so that you can make an educated choice. In many places where the trail is confusing, it is often accompanied by poor GPS accuracy, but app does not alert you to this. There is no great app that has all the needed features, so I ended up using several apps. Some of the info that this app provides is not available elsewhere.

- Long Time User Pro Account

A few times the app doesn’t load. I’m currently trying to load it on my upgraded home WiFi and gray screen. It’s been happening more often lately. I check my WiFi speed and opened google, CNN, watched videos lightening fast so it is not my WiFi. It’s happening more and more recently and it’s frustrating. Especially for a paid app. Something changed. And I’m reading others posted similar. I was raving about your app and that will cease as this issue you’re having is continuing to worsen. And contact your support team... as recommended in prior review. Is unacceptable. It’s your issue your developer and taking subscriptions you figure it out and you waste your time not mine. I downloaded Mt Maggie / lakes maps in Springville Ca and plan to start in 6 hours. Now all is useless just a blank grayed out screen. Fix your issues please so I can once again enjoy it. Fellow hikers dumped your app because of issues I’m holding out hope. Thank You

- Great for trail discovery and conditions

Love this app, it’s been so useful at discovering new trails, conditions, and keeping me on track. There aren’t really any downsides to it, but if it could be improved I wish there would be a way to indicate you are actively using it so the app wouldn’t have to constantly reload. I can’t tell you how many times I sit and stare at the splash screen waiting for the app to open when I never wanted to close it in the first place. With the most recent update the load times have improved a lot, but why does it have to reload while I’m still using it? The Gaia app, in comparison, doesn’t have to reload every time you open it. Gaia doesn't trail info however. That’s really my only complaint.

- Pro Version is Glitchy

At the beginning of the year my husband upgraded to the pro version because we would be doing longer and more difficult hikes. Before our hike we would download the map and made sure it was downloaded, but once we got on trail it would show that the map didn’t download. In the case that it would download, if we would go a while, let’s say an hour without looking at the map, the app would shut off. So we would have to open the app again and reopen the map to figure out where we were. There was actually an instance where we were constantly needing to refer back to the map, but the app would keep closing. It was a frustrating to have to let the app load and then reopen the map. I like to use app to look for trails, but using the pro version in our experience has become frustrating.

- I use AllTrails religiously!

I seriously love this app. It’s the best for anything from planning multi-day backpacking trips to spontaneous trail runs. One update I would LOVE to see would be the option to tag other AllTrails users in my hikes! It would be so fun for the social aspect—having a log of who went with you where. It would also be sweet if when you were tagged you had the option to add your friend’s recorded stats. Sometimes you forget to hit record or resume, so how awesome would it be to have a backup recording from your friend so no trail goes unlogged? Also... it wouldn't hurt to have a different cycle of photos to show up on the loading screen. Anyone else get a kick out of the current picture of a girl that looks like she’s headed to a dainty sorority picnic rather than a hike in the mountains...? 😂

- Great but buggy

AT has the best community of hikers submitting trails and waypoints for sure, and when the app works it is awesome! However it is not bulletproof at all. Crashes occasionally on even a new iPhone and the watch app is pretty much unusable - crashes and unsyncs often, only way to resync is to restart the phone app and even then...(it seems to have something to do with the size of the AllTrails maps if you are not connected to Internet because it crashes when you try to load in a map - wish it could just be set to show stats. Map on phone current pace and stuff on watch). If the devs work out the bugs it will be a great if expensive subscription. Until then, recommend just browsing website for trails and using another GPS app for backcountry navigation when you are away from internet access.

- Two really annoying issues

Love this app and like seeing where the developers are taking it. One problem I cannot escape is the custom maps downloads take a really long time, and your phone has to stay on (not locked). I don’t always have 15+ minutes to wait for these to download for offline use. If the phone locks or the app closes, the download starts over. I’ve had to resort to using other apps for these when on the go. The other issue is how long this app takes to open. I’m on an iPhone 7 and the app takes a minute or so to open. Really frustrating when you’re trying to make quick decisions on the move. Seems like a silly thing to complain about, but I’m using this app a few times a week. The inability to get to geolocated maps quickly has pushed me into other apps for this purpose.

- Finger Rock trail(#42) to Mount Kimball

This is an all day ordeal that will require a 3 liter bladder for hydration. The 5 miles up is over 4000’ elevation gain. The distance & gain are similar to Mount Wrightson which is in Madera Canyon, an hour south. This hike allows a walk along Pusch Ridge to Pima Saddle. Hike back down thru Pima Canyon for over 12 miles. A car shuttle is needed to complete this loop. The loop took us 11 hours including lunch and picture taking. Start at sunrise to insure completion by sunset. Make sure to bring headlamps just in case. There are a few spots where you can take a wrong turn. Look for the cairns. At the Pima Saddle metal sign you can go up for great views. The path down heads West & is easy to miss due to a rock slab. The difficulty is similar to hiking Bright Angel trail to Indian Gardens & back the same day.

- Beginner camper/ hiker / traveler

Man oh man!!! I love the outdoors BUT I’m the type that goes into the woods and hopes to find something cool (usually do) but not without doing some serious off trailing type of hiking. So I took to this app in hopes that I would find more appealing spots and wow am I impressed! Basically made me want to travel around the country and currently on a trip to Portland to see a few hikes and camp sites! Do not be fooled by lame 3 star reviews because they didn’t get their coffee this morning.... haters! Honestly you won’t find a better app and!!! And and! (I don’t have pro) but if I did (I probably will) I would never think of complaint over $2! I’d pay that forever because people gots to eat y’all 🙏🏽 blessed and happy camping!

- App restarts every time

I paid for pro so I could use the app as a map to keep me on track on a hike. Problem is, each time I look at the phone the app starts up with a long splash screen and then forgets where I was and just shows the favorites screen. So I select the trail, open the map, find my location each time from scratch! The company blames this on Apple and tells me to let the app record my track as I hike to help keep it active enough so that iOS doesn’t shut it down. Not a solution. And a terrible work around for backpacking trips where battery life is important. I simply want to check progress once and a while while I hike. But I spend most of my battery on waiting for the app to reload. Plenty of apps with now background usage open back up to the last known state. This is a bug that should be addressed.

- Love this app it’s essential for trails!

I’ve been using this app now for a few months and man is it great! I’ve been doing trails solo and this app has saved me multiple times from getting off the trail and finding my way back! You are able to pull up the trail and pin point where you are and what direction your facing even! There’s also a feature called lifeline that will contact who you put in and update them on your location and how you’re doing once signal is available. Absolutely believe this app is a life saver and essential for going out on any trails. Really anywhere I travel this app finds nearby trails I would have no clue about. An amazing app and I highly recommend it for any outdoor activities.

- The best ~$30/year you can spend in the app store

The first time I used Alltrails, it was the free version. The hike we were attempting was very disused, because the first mile had been clear cut and the remaining trail was unmarked and extremely difficult to find among the destruction. By using the real-time GPS tracking, we were able to match out position with the red trail line in Alltrails, and found the hidden trail to an almost forgotten alpine lake. We never would have done it without Alltrails. I purchased the full version of the app later that day, and have never looked back. I maintain my membership in the Washington Trails Association because of the great trail work and advocacy they do, but Alltrails in now my constant hiking and camping companion!

- Nation wide hiker

I travel for work all over the US and downloading this app was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done. No matter where I go, I can always open the app and find an awesome new place to explore that I never would have found otherwise. The reviews are helpful and most trail difficulty ratings are pretty accurate. I don’t ever get lost because i can always compare the path I’ve taken with what’s on the map. That’s especially helpful when some trails aren’t always heavily marked. The only negative is how badly tracking my trail drains my battery, but that’s the nature of the beast with a constant GPS ping. I would highly recommend using the app the next time you are looking for a new place to explore!

- Great hiking app for your phone

This app is fantastic for hitting the trails. Let’s you know right where you are so you never head off trail. Recording your route is great for going back and figuring out pacing based on what sort of terrain you were tackling. Not sure about the calorie counter as it was hundreds of calories off of my watch, but that’s not what you’re using this app for anyways. Would be 5-stars if the watch app also showed maps like some of the other apps out there. Instead it is basic record route and some analytics. Would be nice to have those maps on my watch so I don’t have to pull out the phone every time, when I just need a quick check of where I’m at. Overall, a fantastic app worth every penny of the subscription for the pro elements.

- Great App For Finding Trails You Want and Don’t Want

This is a really great app for trail blazing and for some of us very useful for sizing up what you are getting yourself into before setting out to explore. One glitch that I find annoying is the request after every recording to rate the trail. While you can simply close that out, it is just annoying. Other than day to day trail differences (wet vs. dry, etc.), if I have been there and rated it, asking for another rating...just not necessary. If I wanted to change or update my rating of the same trail, I should be able to elect that option without being forced to answer that after saving every recording. Otherwise a great app. Maybe I am missing something but cannot get that feature to disappear.

- Amazing!!

If you travel and you know where you’re going to hike, this is the app for you. It’s worth the purchase. Download the maps before your hike and you’ll never be lost. I like being able to see what other people see on their hikes and determine if it’s worth going to. I like to drive to different cities throughout California and while I’m there I always look for hiking spots. This app is great and spot on. Even the places that are “hikable” but are now private property. I appreciate that little warning. It’s the little things that make this app what it is. Even if you don’t buy the yearly subscription just being able to look and read other hikers reviews make it worth having in my phone.

- Wish the map actually showed the trails

I have paid for other trail subscriptions through other companies and I feel like this one is really lacking in one area. At least for a paid subscription you should be able to see trail outlines when viewing a map of all the trails in an area, not just a circle defining a trail is arbitrarily in that area. All of the trails should be visible in the full scale map with more detail shown the further you are zoomed in. I should be able to see not just a dot of the trailhead on the main map but also the trail and with the ability to click the trail. This makes it much easier to understand where a trail will go without needing to click on every single trail to understand if it’s the trail that goes up over the ridge or up to the lake in the area. Until this feature is added, I won’t be satisfied with the app.

- Considering discontinuing my subscription

Dislikes: 1. Can’t set a default activity type. Every time I save a trail I have to remember to change the activity from hiking to off road. I am usually tired and want to head straight home after a ride and want save the trail quickly. 2. Too many acknowledgements when taking a photo. Should take you to the photo app immediately. Should not ask you if you want to take a photo after you select photo. 3. Way, way too slow at startup. I usually start it up and find something else too do when I open the app. 4. Wish directions feature would provide an alternate trail starting point when available. Entering a trail at original starting point can add a ridiculous amount travel time getting to the trail. 5. Zooming function is slow, recenter function is inconsistent, and tracking current drive is inconsistent. Sometimes the app doesn’t follow my drive after I recenter. Sometimes recenter retains the last zoom setting and sometimes it doesn’t. Likes: 1. Easy too use for planning trips 2. Downloadable maps. A must for any app like this. 3. A good variety of downloadable maps. 4. I like being able to add waypoints in case I want to return to a trail in the future.

- Excellent App and Customer Service

I got this app to use as a tool for helping me get back in shape. I had several questions and contacted customer service with them. They were quick to respond and as a result I have upgraded to the pro version of the app. I must say that this is well worth it, after getting separated from my trail today, after getting separated from the trail today on a long hike I was able to use the app to easily find my way back. It also helped me follow the trail, as the one I was in crossed several other trails and had about a dozen forks that were poorly marked. I recommend this app to everyone now and this is an essential tool for me to now use on my adventures.

- Great trails, needs watch app

I have to say, I’ve bought the subscription for pro features and I don’t regret it. They’ve made an excellent platform for a huge number of trails. Really well done. But the app itself on the iPhone is ok. As far as I know there’s no way to JUST see the map , with your location and direction. They have this’s small map, but the screen has several other items on that distract the eye. It would be great to just have the trail and your location on a whole dedicated screen. The other point is this app NEEDS a better Apple Watch app. I’d really rather glance at my wrist to look at the trail and my location. That way I could just leave my phone in my backpack, or even at home. You already have a ui for the map, trail, and location, it just needs to be on the watch now.

- Unsure on the gps distance but good app

This is solid! Being able to see the trail without old school maps is amazing. It does chew up the battery on the phone. You may want to bring a power bank to be safe. I am skeptical about the distance. I’ve run 3 gps at once. This is always .2-.3 longer on 5 or more miles. Now, phones are not as accurate as a whole, as they don’t seem to get the hairpin turns. I have seen people post garmin distances that match with what I’m saying. .2-.3 seems like nothing but that might be the distance from you to water or your legs surviving to the car. All in all, this is great for the local hikes. Get a solid watch for all the major details.

- Needs a lot of work.

I used to love this app, but as time has gone on, I've had more and more weekends ruined by it due to the lack of what should be necessary details. Some of the navigational and routing issues I understand because a lot of the destinations are places roads can't take you to. That stuff I can figure out. But there are a lot of things I would consider need-to-know information that aren't listed, such as whether the trails are in a facility that has certain hours (I got to a trail at around 4 specifically to take sunset photos from an overlook only to find that the gates for that trail locked at 4:30 in the afternoon), whether the trail requires a pass/permit/fee that may require one to bring cash or a check, whether there is as kiosk at the trailhead with a map or if you're solely reliant on your phone, etc. This information seems pretty simple for users to provide but currently, the only way to get this information is to scroll through the reviews of a trail until you find the one that has that info, if it's there. $30 for a subscription would be a small pittance for an app that did what this promises, but with all these important details that can make or break an afternoon or even a weekend left in the fog, it's a bit of a ripoff.

- Great app BUT....

One major issue I find with this app. There’s a truly amazing feature called “Lifeline” within the app that lets you assign contacts to track your progress with real-time warnings and location. A literal lifesaver for people hiking all over, especially more dangerous terrain. However, in order to get the Lifeline feature, you must upgrade to Pro. Now, I actually wanted to buy All Trails Pro until I noticed they advertise you don’t get lifeline as a free user..... that’s just plain ridiculous and quite unprofessional. That’s a potentially lifesaving feature and you can only get it after an upgrade. In fact, lifeline isn’t even the reason I wanted to get Pro. It’s the overlays, but I refuse to upgrade to Pro until everyone gets lifeline. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic free app! Tons of trails available to look up and also lets you record your trip as well.

- Improvement thoughts

The app is great for the most part... Here are some thoughts that may or may not make it better. 1-Filtering options, I would like to see better filtering options, i.e. filter by miles/distance, filter by star reviews, filter by easy - hard when looking at the “list” screen...etc 2-Higher miles on the filters. Currently it tops out at 20 miles trails. If I’m looking for something that is 30, 40, 50+ miles I have to click on every trail to find a longer trail. 3-Campsite/RV park location(s) at the trail head or close to it. If I’m traveling out of state for a backpacking trip, it would be nice to know where sites are located at. Makes planning the trip easier. 4-Wish users of the app would add in more “water” information. I plan long trips around creeks, streams, lakes, and rivers so I don’t have to carry as much water with me. Knowing which trail has water and how far down the trail it is, is a deciding factor for choosing the trail. Just my thoughts...other then that the app is pretty user friendly, works well (until I lose signal), and makes planning a bit easier.

- So totally worth it!

This app is truly amazing for quickly and easily finding any trails in any area I am going to be in. Plus I can search for trails by difficulty level to make sure that they will accommodate all the hikers going with me and their respective skill levels... Especially my own :) I love the fact that they tell you the distance of the trail, the altitude change, as well as loads of pictures and reviews from other users so you can get a real clear idea of what the trail has to offer. We have been in Alaska for almost 2 years now. And just the other day we went to a brand new trail to a beautiful waterfall that we would’ve never known existed without this app.

- You are better than Google Maps, but you could still learn a thing or two from them.

I love AllTrails for its detailed coverage of, well, all trails. I love how easy it is to see the whole trail from an arial view so I can plan my hike. I’m impressed with the level of detail and how well the GPS tracks me on the trail even when I’m out of cellular range. But I don’t love that I can’t browse a map, find something that looks interesting, and drop a couple of pins to figure out the distance and elevation gain between those points. I either have to extrapolate from the map data, or I record it when I walk and then save it in my history. Those options are little help for planning.

- Frustrating app experience

At the beginning of a recent trek, AllTrails was acting very erratically. The app would not correctly download the trail map regardless of numerous attempts, yet, my hiking partner had no problem. The app kept shutting down for unknown reasons, yet, my hiking partner, again, had no problem. For the sake of argument, we have identical equipment - including battery charge and signal strength at the time. One-half hour of stats for a 3 1/2 hour hike were lost. Also, for some unknown reason this app created a mirror image of the hike record. Editing one record automatically edits it’s clone. I feel confident that if I deleted one (either) copy, I’d probably delete the other. I’m not about to test that! Finding online help to resolve this issue was impossible. Needless to say, with a high degree of frustration, I maintain a double record of a trek erroneously shortened. (To maintain a corrected record of the hike stats, I recorded my partners stats.)

- Perfect for adventuring families

I am an avid outdoorsman and family man and this tool is an invaluable tool in my adventure belt. I take my kids out all the time and using this tool to map out and get the best route for my kids to get an epic adventure is hands down the easiest way i have found. I have only bought three apps, and have always used the free version of apps. The free version of this one is great, but I think it is definitely worth the subscription for the extra tools available. Traveling or local use, you can’t go wrong with such a rock solid tool. I’ve used this for three years now and it has gotten me to some absolutely amazing places. Definitely a must.

- do not recommend

I do not recommend this app and am cancelling my Pro subscription. After having used it heavily for a week in the mountains, it is just frustrating. A couple of the features I wanted most and paid for in Pro-- like printing maps -- are only available on your desk top. (There's no cell service where we are, so its critical) And you have to go through several convoluted steps to get a picture of what the trail is like and where it is and how to get to the trailhead. The reviews are helpful, but the description on the app is weak: Poor or nonexistent directions (except to export to Google maps which is insufficient) poor general descriptions of the trail. We are in a popular hiking area, so there is no reason for weak information. Frankly the guidebooks from the Tourist Info booth were consistently much better. Back to paper guide books and old school topo maps until I can find a better app.

- Extremely disappointed

I upgraded to the pro version of AllTrails because the AllTrails app won’t allow you to download trail maps unless you do. So under the impression that downloading maps meant I would have them for offline use, I paid for pro. After all why would you have a trail app that you couldn’t access trail maps offline when a lot of trails have no service. Anyway, I downloaded about 20 maps for Yosemite National Park after upgrading to pro thinking I would have all the trail info I need for my trip, but no dice! No maps worked when I got there because apparently downloading the map doesn’t mean you can access it offline. Needless to say I was extremely disappointed and also feel that forcing people to upgrade to pro to “download trail maps” is false advertisement because downloading something means you should have it for offline use. I would like a refund.

- Oh! The Places We’ll Go!!! THANKS ALL TRAILS !

I stumbled upon this app and it is been a LOT of fun for plotting and planning. I like having my favorites and the ability to create lists to keep them sorted and organized by state. I did a short hike in West Virginia and really used up a lot of my cell phone battery. I am going to see how to just use the GPS only to conserve on that. Also going to upgrade to the PRO as well. So I can print out maps and reference the hike that way. I’m going on vacation to Rapid City South Dakota in August and I am really looking forward to doing some hikes around the Black Hills and Spearfish Canyon, Mount Rushmore, etc and sharing those experiences with my friends and on All Trails! Happy Trails! 🌸🧗‍♀️🚵‍♀️🌄🌅

- Attention outdoor enthusiasts!

I love this app! I’ve always been a hiker and know my trails in the mountains (I live in NH), but I’ve discovered so many different paths that I didn’t know existed around my area! I really love the map feature as it allows you to zoom into your specific area to see trails or expand your search by zooming out. AND you can record your walk!? I just discovered this feature lol I guess I wasn’t using the app to its full potential! That’s when I decided to write a review. It’s nice to have a free app that does it all. I obviously recommend this to people with all skill levels of adventuring. I’m off to find a new trail today with my pups! :D

- Hikes do not integrate with Apple health

This should be a five star app. But there are two big problems holding it back. 1) Although it records your distance during hikes, it does not integrate with the Apple health app. So you do not get credit for any calories burned, or your distance traveled, unless you also use a second app to track those items at the same time. You shouldn’t have to use two apps to collect that data. The AllTrails app should be able to export that data into Apple Health for you. 2) The base app does not let you download any maps for off-line use. That is a basic need of any hiking app, because most of the time when you are hiking in remote areas you do not have a cell phone signal. So the app does not work unless you can have an off-line map. But the only way that AllTrails will let you have an off-line map, is if you subscribe to their yearly pro service for $20. If you go on dozens of hikes a year, the subscription price is a fine value. But if you only go on one or two hikes year, this one price fits all mentality is too much. They need to have an option of letting you just pay for the maps you need rather than forcing you into a year-long subscription when all you want is one map.

- Can’t trust this app

I read the Developer response and did what they said, it cut out in a strange city where I didn’t know where I was going. All I can say is, if you trust this app it will get you killed! I got lucky, I was close to home and knew the trail, but this app cuts out and you can’t use downloaded maps. All trails cut out while I had good cell reception, so I tried to use the map I had downloaded. When I tried to use the map I had downloaded all that came up was a red line over a blank page. I was in the Marine Corps Infantry and attached to Special Operations, so I know how important it is to have a map and a GPS you can trust, AllTrails isn’t it. The other thing is I’m going to a remote part of Utah, the other GPS app has it, AllTrail doesn’t. What I’ve found is AllTrail cuts out a lot, and it doesn’t have maps for remote areas, what good is it. The worst part is I got suckered into paying $20 for Pro.

- All trail info is crowd-sourced

This app is a good starting point to learn what trails may be available in a given area, but users need to realize all of the tracks and descriptions come from other hikers, and more research from other sources is required before hiking in an unfamiliar area. Difficultly ratings are subjective, based on the user’s physical fitness and experience. What is easy for one person, may be difficult for someone else. If a hiker goes off trail, that gets recorded and uploaded, so don’t rely solely on this app. Get a proper trail map and learn how to read it. Record and share your tracks, and write objective trail reviews, with other users in mind. This app will improve only if more users get involved creating content.

- Great idea. Poor execution.

Some major flaws of this app. It requires cellular or WiFi connection. Most hikes I have done do not have cell coverage. Another major flaw, when following directions on how to get to a hike, after arrival it completely dismisses the hike you are planning to do. You need to open the app again and look for your hike again. Another flaw, while recording, if you stop to take pictures or for whatever reason, it stops recording!!! This has happened to me many times and it happened again at today’s hike. Lost my trail. I had to open the app again and look where I was on the trail layers. It was as if you were dropped in a trail 3/4 of the way, but had no recollection of what you have already done. I’m AllTrails Pro subscriber. Deeply regretted.

- Am I expecting too much?

I love the info provided on the free site, but am a little annoyed that I can only “complete” hikes by recording them. It would also be helpful to have chance to search the trails by area and then difficulty...or vice-versa. It just makes sense to be able to search for future hikes, make and save a list of able to prioritize them, and then mark them as completed. Users could then write a reflection and upload pics and videos to serve as “reviews” and notes for other potential climbers. Then again, maybe I’m expecting too much for free. Or maybe I haven’t played around with the app enough to find what I want yet. I’m still getting acquainted with it. If I’m missing’s probably not user friendly enough for a novice like me.

- Basic Trail Info/Support Lacking

I had hoped to use this app and bought into the Pro version. But I’ve come to learn it’s not what I thought it would be. While it has basic trail info (stats, other user info, etc) it’s help feature is severely lacking. You have to email them, and if you have lots of questions this can take days. Plus they keep referring you to their FAQ web page, or their web videos. I don’t want to “read” everything. I want a human to ask a question to and be done, not have to go to another page because the first page doesn’t answer my question. Their Support admitted they are a small organization: I say if you’re going to play with the big boys, then you need to be able to keep up. Emailing doesn’t cut it. Having said that, if they improve on their support I think this could be a really good app. I just don’t think at this point they’re ready.

- Love this app!! ❤︎ ♡ ♥︎

This app is so convenient when bike riding on trails. It keeps track of everything my time, distance, elevation & calories burned!! It makes my phone a gps map to guide me each mile of the trail so I don’t get lost but while I’m following the trail it has a button to press to take quick pictures while I’m “in motion” riding past a pretty scenery. I can also send my travel data to friends & we compete on fastest finish time on riding bike. It keeps me motivated to go explore all great wilderness trails & I have lost a lot of weight but having fun at same time!! i ❤︎love❤︎ how they also have a “lifeline” button on screen just in case u need it So genius!!

- Haven’t died yet!

My partner and I are... let’s be honest, we’re getting old. Recognizing that exercise is key in not becoming frail and old, we started walking in the forest... this has since turned to hiking and we’re in surprisingly spry health and energy. That said, AllTrails has been essential for the last two years. Finding new trails is simple and has an impressive search and filter system is easy and finds are surprising number of places. The two caveats I would say are the Record function isn’t always the most accurate. It gets interesting if you stop and take pictures every few feet. And the Map is too big and red. It was will appear as being a straight walk but the trail itself is a few miles of very intense switchbacks. The topographic and the map itself are pretty accurate though if you want to track your location. Note that you should NEVER rely on a iPhone with any app if you go into the wilderness!!! Have and know how to read a map, and a real GPS is important. Otherwise, this is a great app.

- Good but key things missing

Overall I like having a trail map that I can follow and not get lost. The reviews help ensure the description matches reality. However I have paid for the full version and still some key things are missing that seem obvious and there’s no way I can find to communicate with the developers. The main problem is you can’t download the layers such as waypoints. Most hikes have no cell service so there is no way to access this key feature while you’re on the trail. So all you get is a red line with zero info including the blaze colors you should be looking for. There also no way to contribute to waypoints which would allow users to clarify and update the map for other users. The other part I find extremely frustrating is there is no map to show adjoining trails so if you want to switch trails while you’re hiking you won’t have a map. Therefore I can only use this app in conjunction with Avenza meaning I have to pay twice I haven’t found a full service map app that combines All Trails and Avenza. Hoping there’s an enthusiast out there working on a good interactive trail map that would be like Waze for hiking.

- Love It but..

Love reading reviews from other users and seeing pics to know if it is worth checking out. I would love to see the trails more organized (all trails for each park listed instead of a park that insinuates it is just one big trail). It would be great to be able to message other users and network with like minded individuals too. I hope in future updates the app could give you more stats and comparisons to other users (Was this my fastest hike? Am I as slow as a slug compared to others? And such). I have been trying to add new trails to have a more extensive list for users but it would be better to be able to do it from my phone instead of needing to log onto a computer.

- I’m so thankful I had this app!!

So i already loves the app, when I was finally able to take a hike I had planned on the app, I used the map of the trail I was on. The trail wasn’t well marked so when we hit what we thought was a fork we went right. Unfortunately it wasn’t a fork but a dried up water way. I checked my map again and saw we were pretty far off the trail. I had my 3yo with me so it could have been disastrous. Once we turned back and got to the blue dot showed me I was back on coarse. I love how the searches work and love how I can save trails to lists. Still figuring out all of the bells and whistles, but I can say this...I will never hike without it.

- Junk

I downloaded this app on my galaxy and bought a year long subscription for $30 after logging In with my gmail account. After completing the purchase the app informed me that I was charged for the subscription, but wasn’t able to get access to the subscriber features and to contact support. So I wrote support an email and went to the online help after trying everything I could for about 30 minutes. The help suggested I log out of the app and log back in. I logged out and was never able to log back in because the app couldn’t connect with google even though I had a perfect internet connection. I restarted the phone, uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and nothing worked so I figured I’d download it on my iPhone. It still doesn’t work and gives the same error. Fastest $30 I ever wasted. Save your time and money and find another app.

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@kristalm44 I use this app to find cool bike trails near me.

Yamili Saucedo

@1KingofWolves I don’t know the Florida trails ..but here’s a good app


AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run by AllTrails, Inc.

AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run 11.6.1 Screenshots & Images

AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run iphone images
AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run iphone images
AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run iphone images
AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run iphone images
AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run iphone images

AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run (Version 11.6.1) Install & Download

The applications AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2010-12-17 and was developed by AllTrails, Inc. [Developer ID: 405075946]. This application file size is 184.65 MB. AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run - Health & Fitness app posted on 2020-10-12 current version is 11.6.1 and works well on IOS 10.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.alltrails.AllTrails

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