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What is skyview® app? SkyView® brings stargazing to everyone. Simply point your iPhone, iPad, or iPod at the sky to identify stars, constellations, planets, satellites, and more!

Over 3.2 million downloads.

App Store Rewind 2011 -- Best Education App

“If you've ever wanted to know what you're looking at in the night sky, this app is the perfect stargazer's companion.”

"If you’ve ever been looking for a stargazing app for your iPhone, then this [is] definitely the one to get."
– AppAdvice

“SkyView is an Augmented Reality app that lets you see just what delights the sky has to offer.”
– 148Apps Editor’s Choice

You don't need to be an astronomer to find stars or constellations in the sky, just open SkyView® and let it guide you to their location and identify them. SkyView® is a beautiful and intuitive stargazing app that uses your camera to precisely spot and identify celestial objects in sky, day or night. Find all 88 constellations as they fade in and out while you scan across the sky, locate every planet in our solar system, discover distant galaxies, and witness satellite fly-bys.


• Simple: Point your device at the sky to identify galaxies, stars, constellations, planets, and satellites (including the ISS and Hubble) passing overhead at your location.
• Sighting Events: schedule alerts for upcoming celestial events.
• Apple Watch: see what objects are visible tonight and how to spot them using your Apple Watch.
• Today Widget: brand new iOS 8 today widget lets you quickly see upcoming celestial events.
• Night Mode: Preserve your night vision with red or green night mode filters.
• Augmented Reality (AR): Use your camera to spot objects in the sky, day or night.
• Sky Paths: Follow the sky track for any object to see it’s exact location in the sky on any date and time.
• Comprehensive: Includes thousands of stars, planets, and satellites with thousands of interesting facts.
• Time Travel: Jump to the future or the past and see the sky on different dates and times.
• Social: Capture and share beautiful images with friends and family on social networks.
• Mobile: WiFi is NOT required (does not require a data signal or GPS to function). Take it camping, boating, or even flying!

What a fun way to teach yourself, your children, your students, or your friends about our wonderful universe!

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SkyView® Version 3.7.028 August 2022

This update improves screen compatibility and fixes other minor bugs..

SkyView® Comments & Reviews 2023

- I love this way too much!

I’m writing this review just because of how amazing this app is. I’m a kid who loves Astronomy, and takes it to long lengths. Just this Christmas, I got my first telescope! The Celestron 114 az Explorascope! I downloaded this app originally to see where my favorite star, Capella was located. Turns out, it had spot on location. I then got the full version, and have been using it on a weekly basis! This is an amazing app, and I look forward to using it for studying nebulas, planets, etc! I love this app mainly because I have been studying astronomy for about 5 years now, and have gone from knowing the basic 8 planets, to knowing the official names for several stars, galaxies, nebulae, and several other celestial bodies. This app is awesome for star gazing, planet watching, and exoplanet tracking! If you need a trustworthy, stable, easy to use app, download this for sure! My favorite part about this app is the mini lessons it gives you whenever you tap on a star, planet, nebula, star cluster, galaxy, you name it! I’m never downloading any other astronomy app! Thanks a bunch!! :)

- Cool and informative, but could use a few things

I initially tried the SkyView Lite with my son after buying him a telescope a few weeks back. My initial thoughts of the app were great (still is) as you can point up, down, side-to-side and behind you and find what’s out there. This gets me dizzy and somewhat lost when trying relocate the object through the telescope. A few nights back, we went to a viewing event and found another similar app (stellarium) which did not have (could be user settings) all of the constellation artwork pop ups and things getting in the way to try and find certain nebula and various other objects. His app simplified with a real-time view (potentially used a light pollution map) of what’s visible by the eye, to help find objects. He also did not have to point the app up, he held it at ground level and was able to match the stars visible currently to the eye, vs holding up the phone and getting lost within all the stars in the sky with your app. Long story short I found some settings in this app to remove the pop up constellation artwork and reduce some of the stars, planets and satellites, however I’m not able to eliminate the point up to see option. Is there a setting for that in this app? I would like to hold the phone flat like I’m texting and see a real time view of what’s viewable with my eye, vs getting dizzy with the moving and spinning of the app.

- Not calibrated

Overall I like this app. It is easy to use. You look at the sky you put the circle on the star you want and it tells you what it is. The only thing bad at this point is two days ago the calibration doesn’t work. So when I came to Circle at the sky, the planet from my perspective is about a foot off to the left. I use the manual calibration tool, but when you use it you can’t see the name of the planet and you can’t make it stay on the planet. I do not see any way to get a hold a Overall I like this app. It is easy to use. You look at the sky you put the circle on the star you want and it tells you what it is. The only thing bad at this point is two days ago the calibration doesn’t work. So when I am in the circle at the sky, the planet from my perspective is about a foot off to the left. I use the manual calibration tool, but when you use it you can’t see the name of the planet and you can’t make it stay on the planet. I do not see any way to get a hold of support. Im searching for a clue on the Internet to fix it I find other people have had this problem also. If you can fix the calibration I would certainly give it a five star.

- Amazing App! One suggestion

I really fell in love with SkyView. It makes it so easy to learn about what I'm looking at in the night sky. There's one thing I think could make the app even better: Currently the only way to look at a specific object in the sky through the app is to point and orient your device so it is facing that object, like the camera. But sometimes I would like to search around the sky without waving my phone in crazy directions, like if I'm lying in bed and want to pan over to what's under the horizon. I think it would be great to add a feature that lets you pan across the sky without needing to move your phone, so it is not oriented by the gyroscope. The view can stay at a constant zoom level, but being able to learn the stars without having to always point in that direction would be tremendously more convenient. This could be an option that you can switch on or off to keep the integrity of the original application as well. Please consider. Thanks for a wonderful contribution to the world!

- Astronomer/Astrologer’s Best Friend!

10 STARS!!!! This is one of the most incredible and incredibly simple pieces of technology I’ve ever found!! Hours of entertaining knowledge and fun. Entertain friends or yourself, this tool will keep you busy all night(or day, if you’re bored.) You will be amazed at all of the stuff in the sky!! Stars, of course!!! Planets, rocket bodies, constellations, everything out there!!! Mad props to the makers of this app!! They did it! To use it is as simple as pointing your phone to the sky and reading your screen. Push a planet or a star and info pops up. Give yourself plenty of room to use. It is an acrobatic app once you get into it! Perhaps a VR versions is in the works so you can look hands free. It shows you what’s in the sky where you point it!! 360°, no obstacles. Just the sky on the screen. No wonder it’s called SkyView. A must get!!

- How do you use this???

I used skyview lite and i LOVED it! It took my phone camera and compass and showed me directly what was where i was pointing my phone. So, i bought the full version. There was no tutorial, no prompts explaining anything. Even in FAQ and settings within the app i couldnt find any help. Spend 10 mins like a dummy doing a figure 8 motion with my phone in all the concievable ways i could interpret the directions. No change or prompt. Resetting the tutorial (i never even received a tutorial) did nothing. It is locked on to one singular point and i cannot navigate or move away from this point. I would have preferred to assume user error and email the developers privately for help but there is no option to do this. I do not have an old phone, everything is up to date, and the lite version worked perfectly. I wish i would not have spent the money on this because it is functionally useless to me. No recalibration or settings change or anything to help me figure out what is wrong. At this point i have to assume the app is faulty and i wish i could have my money back.

- The Best Out There!

This is the best app I’ve ever used relating to looking up at the night sky! What a way to study the universe. To be able to look up, point and Wala all the knowledge you'd ever want relating to the SolarSystem, constellations, galaxies planets, nebulas, etc. just right at your fingertips. Get this, if you don’t know where it is that you’re looking for this app will even point you right to it, not only that it will show you the time it hits horizon, a outline of the path it’s following, where it is any time day or night, just unbelievable. People today have this knowledge right at their fingertips. In my day we had to go to a Library or open up a encyclopedia find a book, open the book, find the section and read about it, also the knowledge was limited. This modern knowledge to be right at your fingertips is just unbelievable.

- Augmented reality

It seems that it is mandatory to see the app with augmented reality on. I try to shut it off go back to the app and it automatically turns itself back on. That’s annoying, I love the app and want to give it a five star rating but the settings won’t let me because it’s not just the augmented reality. there’s a couple of other settings that no matter how many times you shut them off they go back to being on. I paid for the app I downloaded the app you give us the options to have it on or off and yet we don’t get to utilize those options it seems forced upon us. And also can you bring the gyroscope back to align the app the way you have it now doesn’t always work easily. If it’s not broken then don’t fix it. I really do love the app I think it’s amazing but if you could do those two things; I would appreciate it. Then somebody else mentioned about searching the surroundings without moving the phone that’s a fabulous idea

- Recommend it highly!

Use it often. Love it and already recommended it to many people. Great app. Would LOVE to see a few changes, enhancements, such as ability to better see MY VUEW, that is, sort of bring my perspective into focus and filter OUT the stuff I cannot see. This would help me learn MY SKY and I could then go deeper from there. Since I see nearly EVERYTHING through the App view, I often have difficulty pinpointing the name of EXACTLY which star, comet, satellite I am actually observing with my little eye. I want to know what THAT LIGHT I SEE is, so I can think on what I am looking at more fully. Sometimes I cannot be sure, since once the app screen comes on, we’ll, some further away lights become brighter than the one Zi am actually looking at without looking through the app viewer. WHEW!!!! Hard to explain. THANKS!!

- Pay $1.99 but it was worth it!

So yesterday at night I wanted to find mars because that will be day until mars shows up again to its closest in 265 years which I’ll be dead by then. So I didn’t have a telescope so I remember that my teachers had this app and they said it’s really good to see planets and stars, so I bought it and I tried it out and we checked a star that was red with the SkyView app and... It was Mars!!!! That red little star in the sky was mars! We also saw other planets too like Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune but you can’t see it with the naked eye but the app detected it and right beside Neptune was the moon! Except the moon was closer. We didn’t see the moon because the trees were covering it. Thank you for this app! Others who see this must get this app! It’s worth it! it even works in day time too!

- The best app I’ve ever purchased

This app is fantastic. Everything about it is marvelous I always used to appreciate the sky but this made my love for it grow tremendously. I can now locate which planets are which and the bits and pieces of the constellations in the sky when before the app I would only erroneously guess. The app has two modes. One where you download it for free and the other where you pay something like 1.99. Both versions are fantastic. But if you are willing to put some money into this it’s even better. The sky is the TV of the universe (with God as it’s broadcaster) and it’s important that we pay attention to it. Psalm 19:1 “The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.”

- My favorite app!

I love this app! Just point your camera at an object, and it tells you what it is. Search for a specific object, and it points you to it, even if it’s not actually in view. You can see what the sky looks like from the other side of the world, if you want to. You can see what’s in space, even if it’s cloudy…even from indoors, if you want. Great for learning the stars and constellations! Just be sure not to use a case for your phone that has a magnet. Magnets, even weak ones, interfere with your phone’s compass and orientation sensors. I had to take my phone out of the case with the magnetic latch. It’s very accurate now. My new, non-magnetic phone case is on the way!

- It showed me a UFO in my sky!

One night after manually calibrating it to point to the moon in the sky, I then noticed a bright object that was not a part of the constellation nor star map of the sky. I then disabled the camera on my device to verify that what I was seeing was really a UFO and not a star. Disabling the camera enables you to see only objects with known pre-described orbits, such as the Sun, Moon, Planets, Stars and constellations, and known space objects like the International Space Station and other satellites, but not nearby artificial objects in the sky. So, when I disabled my IPAD’s camera, I saw only the natural faraway objects. But when I turned the camera back on, there is this bright rounded light up in the sky, at coordinates that puts it smack right over the sky of my city. I experimented with the camera being off and then on multiple times, just to make sure that the object proved to be artificial, and that it were not part of the natural sky objects that I saw every other night. Sure enough, the next night when I checked again, it had vanished.

- An Exciting, Interesting APP

I’m a retired aerospace engineer and have always looked at the night sky in wonderment. We never had a family camping trip without discussions of the night sky and the amazing beauty of it all. All of us could identify the Big Dipper, Mars and the moon, but everything else was guesswork until we discovered this App. I love sitting on the back deck an simply being able to locate all the planets or that bright star in the eastern sky or the many satellites and space junk that I helped put up there. I am so happy I found this App. Educational and a great way to impress your kids or grandkids with your new found knowledge. Easy to use. I look forward to many nights of enjoyment. Thank you!

- Super

This app is awesome! It is by far my favorite. To be able to see so much, any time of day, is a fantastic experience. I used the light version for about 15 minutes, then knew I wanted to purchase full version. I have a 9 year old who loves to view space with a telescope. This app points him in the exact direction and time, for viewing many objects. Thanks for a great app. Update: I have been using this app for over 6 years now and it's still used at least weekly. My then 9 year old son is now 15 and has it on his own phone. My other sons, now 9 and 10 also ask to use my phone at times, just to explore the skies, even while inside the house.

- Great app, but music no longer works

I purchased this several months ago, and I love it, but the music no longer works. I’ve verified both in the app and in my phone settings that music is on, plus I’ve rebooted my phone. Is this a bug? If so, please fix. For people complaining the stars show when pointing the app at a floor or wall: you think the stars stop existing once they’re out of sight or below the horizon? The app is showing you the stars as if you were able to see through the planet, or just your wall. It’s not capturing the *actual* stars and labeling them. That would be a mighty powerful phone camera if it could do that. The app is a *map*, a star chart, to the skies. This is also why it needs calibration. Stop crying “Fake!”, and enjoy the app.

- Best/Coolest/Most Mind Blowing App

25 years old, took a Planetary Geology course at UNC Charlotte and fell in love with outer space. I got a telescope, downloaded this app, and my mind was blown. This app shows you how many places we’ve identified with the high-tech technology we have, and it makes me curious as to what else we identify as technology advances. Being a stoner only makes this app that much more crazy….there are for sure aliens out there. All it takes is one single cell on another celestial body to be considered an alien. This app haloed me confirm my belief that there’s more out there. I’ve recommended this app to many, and it will only be many more as time goes on.

- Loose yourself in the wonder of the cosmos

I don’t know if I’m an amateur astronomer or what you would call it I am just fascinated with the wonders of the night sky. I heard about this app on a field trip with my daughters school and thought why not give it a try? Amazing and mind blowing are the first two words that come to mind. If you love to learn new things and have even a small interest in what goes on over our head as the world turns then definitely download this app(you will most certainly appreciate it ) and hold your phone up high to take a look at the night sky it is not falling it’s always there and anyone can see it from any where AMAZING

- Stands the rest of time

I first downloaded this app about 10 years ago when the App Store was still just a few years old and apps that were actually good quality and genuinely useful were hard to come by. 10 years later and I still regularly revisit this app whenever I look up at the night sky and think to myself, I wonder if that twinkling “star” is Mars or Jupiter. 10 years later and I’m still in awe every time I line up my phone with the object in the sky and see that it accurately found and identified the object I was looking at. Truly one of the best apps available in the App Store.

- The Universe made easy....

This awesome app makes answering my kids questions easy and fun!! Love it. We use it at home, on road trips, during special space events, and my fave.... camping! My only issue, which is fairly easy to adjust, is the iPhone version has to be recalibrated every time we use it. Not hard to do, but kind of a bother when we want info on a 'star' or planet quickly. Really cool that it can be filtered (or set to show multiple sets of data) to give us info on our satellites, space trash, and different missions from around the globe. Definitely a laypersons go to app for all that is in our local universe.

- I love this app

This is probably my favorite app to use, and maybe the only one on my phone that elicits a ‘wow that’s cool’ response to everyone I show it to. Why anyone wouldn’t have this on their phone is beyond me. You just open it up, point it at the star/planet/object you’re looking at, and it identifies it for you. That’s it. Shows what’s below the horizon too, aka what may be visible in a few hours. I’ve had this app for years and it’s never crashed or failed to open. For my needs it’s perfect. I recommend this to literally everyone who’s blessed with vision and has even the slightest curiosity regarding what’s in the sky.

- Best easy to use Astronomy App

I’ve tried out a lot of the Astronomy Apps and Skyview is clearly one of the best and easiest to use. It doesn’t have a 100 million stars that I know of, but almost anything you can actually see it covers. It’s colorful, and has the planets, stars, constellations, etc, but it also has earth’s satellites which are very interesting. It even has the Hubble Space Telescope. On top of all that, it’s a fair price. I’ve tried a lot of the Astronomy Apps, but I always go to use Skyview. The interface / orientation is easy to understand, and basically it works great

- You can't go wrong here

This app is one of the best I've ever downloaded. It's both educational, and soothing. The background planetarium-like music sets the vibe, and the knowledge the app hits you with is a slap in the face with good, solid, sky-based info. You'll quickly learn what rides across your horizon with this thing. It will give you a warm feeling as you learn the planets and the constellations that rule your sky at night. And it that isn't enough.... it tells you where the major satellites are! Be the envy of your friends as you rattle off where the hubble, or the space station resides as you rally 'round the campfire.

- Probably my favorite app in the App Store

I have never ever gotten so much out of an app as I have with SkyView. Every single time I open the app, I learn something new. This app makes it INCREDIBLY easy to figure out what I'm seeing in the night sky. On top of that, it's accurate, fast, informative, and simple to use. No matter if you are a student, astronomer, or just someone interested in the cosmos, get the free version of the app and give it a try. If you love it as much as I do, buy the full app. I promise you won't be disappointed. $1.99 is a small price to ask for an app as impressive and complete as this one.

- Favorite astronomy app!

I love this app. I've had it for several years now. It's so cool to be able to hold it up to the sky and see what's there, day or night. Catch a glimpse of a satellite and hold up the app to see what it is. I've seen the Hubble and the ISS. It's educational for adults and kids. I've had a few other astronomy apps but this is my favorite. I deleted the others. I would be nice to have the constellation art fade away after a couple of seconds instead of taking up so much screen real estate. Maybe have a toggle for the option?

- Relaxing and Soothing Stargazing made easy!!!

I love love love the ambient music, it's gentle and quiet enough to enhance the gazing experience. Focus on the constellation or hone in on each star of each constellation and see their trajectory time line. Are used to stargaze as a child and even now as an adult I'm always looking at the sky. I'm staying at my parents house and decided to give this app a try. It's so crazy seeing all your familiar stars and finding out what constellation they belong to. Using SkyView it feels like enhancing my good childhood memories and opening them up to a whole other level to explore <3 .*•.*•*.

- Best Star Chart. Ever.

I've been an amateur astronomer for over 20 years now, and this is decidedly the best star chart I have ever used. The only thing I would even suggest to add, is a Planner function for each evening's night sky. In other words, an option to click an icon inside the app that shows you the top things to see tonight, maybe everything that is Magnitude 5 or brighter for the evening, to help you plan a night of observing and make sure you hit all the best sights for the evening. But this is definitely a great app, very intuitive and informative.

- Compass will stop working with magnetics case

First off, I’m revising my review yesterday after I bought another sky app and it also was frozen in place and my iPhone compass was also frozen. This app is very enjoyable and informative. Well worth the money I paid for it. If you have freezing issues, meaning the app is stuck in one location, check your phone compass. If that is also frozen, check your phone case. If it has any component that is magnetic (mine did from the snapping back), try taking it off. It fixed the freezing issue. If it still freezes, then I’d write a review to inform others.

- Cosmic Binoculars

An fantastic amazing app. Especially for young children. After learning about the planets, my daughter was dismayed that they weren’t lighting up the sky at night in real life. She felt better after I pointed out Mars, Jupiter & Saturn (or as she also knows them as Nergal, Marduk & Ninurta) with the naked eye. But this app brought it to another level. She understands the planets are far away and that this app is like a pair of cosmic binoculars. Her only disappointment now is not being able to see the dwarf planets Ceres, Makemake, Haumea & Eris. Please add in future versions.

- Tracked the ISS (International space station)

Because of the app, I got to track the ISS (International space station) which flew right over my house. That’s thing if FAST! I am 56 years old and have never seen anything like that before. I found it quite amazing and thrilling. All thanks to this wonderful app that was correct with times and placement. I have used this on my iPad & iPhone. I originally downloaded it to figure out where the consultations were and it is great for finding those. My favorite of course is Orion. I get to see all the constellations from the horoscopes and what time of year they will be visible. This app will even show you all the space junk floating around in space and the names of them. I never knew there were so many Russian made and launched satellites up there floating around until I got this app. It’s truly a wonderful app and I have and am currently thoroughly enjoying it.

- Love this app

I have used other apps before but were never happy with them. This app is the best by far! All you need to do is aim it where you want and there is everything I’ve been looking for. Great graphics, lots of info and more options than I know what to do with all in the simplest form. No hunting for what you want. They have done a great job here. Had the SkyView lite and loved it but this is even better. I show it to everyone! Highly recommend this app! I couldn’t be happier! Great job guys!

- Rare that I write a review...

...But a friend showed me and my fam this app, and it is such a source of wonder. I check it daily when I rise & see what beautiful celestial body is shining down from the heavens above. Really filled me with an even greater sense of respect for Creation & deeper desire to know God. A great blessing for my kids especially, who have now been insisting on a telescope and a visit to an observatory. Couple that with their new desire to take astronomy classes, & it is a accurate to say that this app is WORTH IT. Thank you to the developers for an excellent product.


I initially was okay with spending a couple bucks on this app because i was excited to be able to scan around and see the stars real time wherever I was. It seemed to work just fine for a while, functioning just like it said but now the app doesn't scan anything- it just stays frozen in one place, not viewing any skies. I've tried adjusting, readjusting, waiting for updates and it's been "broken" for what seems like several months now. At this point this app is a scam for a couple bucks as it doesn't function for any star gazing at all anymore. I really hope the developers can see and fix this issue because i'd love to be able to use this app again!

- Voyager 1 and 2 Spacecrafts

First of all I would like to say that this is my favorite app of all time. My friend and I have spent many nights far out in the Nevada desert exploring the universe, guided by SkyView. There are two objects though that I was wondering if you could add to SkyView; would it be possible to include the location of the Voyager spacecrafts? According to NASA, they are currently about 13,000,000+ miles out there, it would be fun to point the app out there and imagine those little spacecrafts cruising out into interstellar space. Thank you very much

- Excellent, straightforward sky map

Now this is exactly what I wanted in a “sky map” type app. Doesn’t come after you for a subscription you don’t need like a cousin with a bad habit. The UI is consistent and straightforward, and does not obscure the view at all in landscape orientation. Offers a good amount of information. I like it a lot. I tried out the lite version first, and was happy to pay once for the full version because it’s exactly what I needed. Thanks for making this app

- Love this

This app is great! Using the app alone you can travel through the night sky, even in light polluted skies (like my Bortle class 7 sky) and enjoy the wonders above us. I’ve recently upgraded to a Dobsonian telescope and I like to put my phone in a magnetic holder on the tube itself to help direct me to different objects in the sky (it’s not as accurate as my finders of course but does get me in the general area of interesting things!). Thank you for making a pocket planetarium for us lovers of space

- Desperately needs to be updated..

While I used to love this app, and have an avid sky watcher to be, it hasn’t been updated in at least a year. There had been problems getting it to calibrate. I always had to do it manually, which is fine, but difficult when you don’t know which way you are facing and don’t have any obvious points to calibrate to. Now, it is just plain stuck. It doesn’t move at all, and all I can see is Draco at due north on the horizon, no matter where I am pointing. I have written the app help people and not heard back. It is disappointing. My daughter used to love this app, which was why I paid for the upgrade, but, unless they update it soon, I would not recommend this app for anyone. It will only frustrate you.

- Learned so much more!!

I have collected countless books and have had a forever interest in astronomy. Having this app as long as I have, I’ve learned and retained the information I’ve looked at. The music that plays while star gazing is tranquil and beautiful. Even my sons have grown to love looking at the night sky when in the dark expanse of open land at night. My youngest was so excited when he found his favorite animal, not ever realizing there’s a constellation of the giraffe. I tell anyone who is looking for a great app to star gaze with.

- SkyView

I've had this application for well over a year now, I find it very interesting to use and have shown it to my four-year-old granddaughter who is infatuated by it. I have even shown it to my former spouse since he does have a telescope, don't know if he's actually used it yet to find the constellations, planets and trajectory objects that show up in there also. I am simply amazed at how full our sky is of what we have put up there and left over. You should all take a look this is an amazing app!

- Easy to Use, Lots of Info

It would be great to see updates to the content along with the tweaks to work with changing iOS Versions. Those are important, of course, but so is having current information about the satellites and other space craft in near-earth orbits and beyond. Information about HST is at least 6 years old, and the JWT has settled into its spot now. Doesn’t take away from the positives in the app, but current info is important.

- Thought it a 5, but no, it is not

I’ve had SkyView for several years and thought it was great; would have rated it a five. But after all the news coverage of Comet Neowise I thought I’d try using the app to find it. Nope; search returns nothing. Brightest Northern Hemisphere comet since Hale-Bopp but the app doesn’t know of it? That was a letdown. I was also frustrated to learn that the developer site - terminaleleven(dot)com - has no help functionality or really anything but a sales pitch. Clearly, once you get the app they’re done with you. I give it 2 stars because it is really pretty good as long as nothing new comes along in the night sky, and as long as the user has no questions.

- Crazy Fun

I have had more fun with this app than I can say, and I’m a mom with grown kids. Found out about this app while at the beach. Still enjoying it at home. Night vision filter is helpful. I’ve found Space Station, planets, stars and even space junk aka rocket bodies. Don’t care for sound track. Wish I could set my own. Highly recommend to everyone. My 20 year old wishes he had this as a help to get through his high school astronomy class. GET this app! You won’t be disappointed.

- Fun and inspirational

My family Has had this app for a number of years and it never gets old. We are always amazed by the ease in which we can explore and ponder the universe. While many are so predisposed to languish on their phone by doing email and Facebook, take a moment and use this app to see this magnificent universe the envelops and surrounds us. Amazingly our ancestors know much more about the universe then us because they took time to challenge their brains and imagine the wonders of the world.

- Common Names Please

As for naming the constellations, I am accustomed to “Big Dipper,” and “Little Dipper.” The constellation overlay gets pretty confusing when I see the outline of a little bear where I am expecting to see dipper, which is presented in the sky. This is a five-star app for identifying celestial bodies, but the presentation overlays of the celestial icons gets confusing when trying to identify objects within my local night sky. I am a true amateur at identifying the celestial bodies. My primary objective is to identify a particular bright “star” and get the info about it, and this app is excellent at this.

- I Literally Wanted an iPhone so I Could Use this App

This is a really smooth running app, especially on the newest iOS update. I like to use this for astrological as well as educational purposes. The night mode is perfect for Star gazing, it allows you to identify exactly which star you’re looking at without blinding you with blue light and making it hard to see the stars. This app is a really good resource and it’s beautifully made. 5/5 all around 🙌🌏🪐💫⭐️✨

- Terrific App!

I didn’t use this long before I paid for the full version because the developers deserve support and compensation for this. It’s the best app I’ve tried. The only change I would suggest is the ability to calibrate both up-down and side-to-side. My phone’s calibration is terrible and everything is a little out of position. I know it’s the phone and not this excellent app because my compass is off, too.

- Awesome app!

I really LOVE this app! My only complaint, I guess it would be a complaint, is that i don’t have an option anywhere to record and not just take a still photo. It would be SUPER AMAZING if I could take a small clip of Venus actually rotating in space! And record the rocket body pieces that are floating in space! It’s truly amazing to see it, I would LOVE to record it/ video it. Other than that, I think it’s a truly inspiring app for any lover of the stars! I am so thankful to be able to view one of the many awe and wonders of God through this app. Thank you!

- I love SkyView

This is one of my favorite apps for camping, boating, etc. every time I get it out I’m amazed by the well done interface and the massive database of info. My only request would be to add the ability to tell the app where I am with a Latitude and Longitude rather than just by the nearest city. I am often using it at very remote locations and I can’t always get it oriented just right since I can’t give it precise enough location info. Otherwise it’s phenomenal. Keep updating!

- Cool app!

I’ve recently really gotten into stargazing and this app is really cool! The only reason I did four stars is because although there is an augmented reality setting, I really wish there was a setting where half of my screen is the app’s sky info and the other half is my phone’s actual camera - this way I can actually pinpoint exactly which star or planet I’m seeing out at night!! I also wish there was a tracker on what phase the moon is in, and when it will next be full or new. Other than that, this is a really neat app!

- White bar destroys night vision in Night Mode

Great app but Apple’s white swipe bar at the bottom needs to be autohidden or colors to match the screen when in Night Mode. I used the app recently in a remote area with excellent visibility of the sky and this the night was very dark (besides the sky and stars). I used Night Mode to not affect my night vision, but the swipe white bar was blinding. I had to use my thumb to block the bright white light on the otherwise red screen. Please disable, auto hide, or recolor the white swipe bar when in Night Mode.

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- Cool app

Very cool app. Shows a 360 degree view so if you cover up your camera so the screen is black, even during the daytime or wherever you are you can see where things are, even stuff on the other side of the planet or below the horizon etc. As some others have said in these reviews you can see the stars even when you point at the floor, so it’s good in that you can know ok I got about an hour or two before Saturn or the moon or whatever will be viewable. Only thing I’d change is make access to the display settings a little quicker but it’s fine as it is, it’s only one extra step deeper into the menu so not a big deal. Clear Skies!

- Love this app

I’ve used this app for a number of years now and absolutely adore it. Have had iOS for 10 years and SkyView is undoubtedly my all-time favourite app. Paid for the full version without hesitation. As a lifelong skywatcher, it was worth every penny. Thanks for developing it guys, you’ve truly done a service for skywatchers worldwide.

- IPad Pro 12.9 Not Good.

The app is fantastic, but I don't think it was made for IPads, not sure about iPhones because I don't have an iPhone. But, I have the same app on my Nexus 6P, the milky way in the background is just very condensed and clear, very high refresh frames rate it is like hot knife on butter smooth. The black background is pure deep black, it's just beautiful. The augmented side on the Nexus 6P which to me is an old device is high quality. But on the IPad it's all pixelated, the frame rate when you move the device around is very low and you can actually see how washed out the whole background is, black is not back. Can someone have a look please how it compares and hopefully we see version for the iPad thanks.

- There’s a problem with the SkyView😐

“Hello” I’m having a problem with SkyView today, every time I click on the same star then I click on Wikipedia starts to freeze and closes itself it’s so strange, I don’t know why is it closing itself when I click on the same star is just so strange, but I don’t know why but it hasn’t be closing itself before when I just brought the SkyView but it’s so strange🤔? Can you please fix SkyView from freezing and closing so I don’t have so I do not get annoyed with SkyView because otherwise I will delete it and by the way please fix it😊?

- Novel but still can be improved

Generally speaking it’s a great app, but please let the app tell me how far the star I’m watching at is from me. Only knowing the name and location of the star isn’t very intuitive. But knowing the distance between me and the star (and each star on the sky) would give me a much more intuitive of their position. Also, knowing the distance also allows me to know how many years the light traveled to from there to my eye, isn’t it much more romantic! Please add this feature plz!!!

- Used to be great

I used to love this app, but recently it seems to be more “out” with its calibration, and a week ago it started to “roll” out of control through the sky, even though I’m holding my device completely still. It’s like watching the stars and horizon line on the app just tumble faster and faster in a downward motion. I can’t find anything in the help section to suggest how to fix this, I’ve tried the figure 8, I’ve tried resetting the location, I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, but I have no idea what’s going on. All other apps on my phone which use location services (including google maps) are working fine...

- Great App

I love this app I love exploring the universe and seeing all the stars and astronomy signs and space stations I think it’s a great app and great tool to learn about the universe but just to sit back and observe what’s going on up there is exciting it’s quite interesting and time filler Just waiting for the day or night I see a flying object eg: plane, helicopter or spaceship (LOL)

- Great app

I had downloaded the free version and was quite impressed with it so I purchased the full app and it provides much more information. I’m particularly impressed with seeing the satellites and spent rocket debris is out in our NEO. However when using the auto location positioning there’s a slight misalignment with respect to my actual location and the constellations.

- Very Good

I’ve been using this app for years now and it works like a charm every time. Sometimes it’s a little bit off where the stars are but it’s close enough to get the idea. I would love to see even more things be added to the app as I feel we never get any new content!

- Not so good in the southern hemisphere

I have no idea about the Northern hemisphere, but to call the Southern Cross "crux, one of 88 modern constellations", leaving out so much, seems less than informative. No Big Kangaroo, no Emu, both of which are popularised and real aboriginal constellations, also seems a bit northern-hemisphere-centric, if not blatantly racist. Someone might want to do some southern hemisphere night sky research. The space debris stuff is good though, nice to get an idea of what is man-made up there.

- Best application I’ve ever bought

This app is absolutely fantastic. A huge thank you to the developers. It is precise and extremely easy to explore the night sky. It’s so fascinating to see what the stars are called, where the star signs are, identifying planets and even seeing the suns trajectory for the day. Five stars to the developers!

- If you’re interested in the stars and what’s really out of this world try this

This is a very easy app to use quite straightforward I use this app nearly every day And don’t forget to use a tripod if you are using it with a phone it’s much easier It’s worth its money Truly out of this world

- Good app

This is really useful for astronomy as it makes it easier to find planets and stars, you can also see further in time to know when the planets wont be visible. I also like how it gives you detail on planets/stars as well.

- Definitely worth the price

Even though the free version is okay anyway, the paid version for only $8 is amazing! Works great on an iPad and is great for people like me who are only just starting out in astronomy. It looks like a lot of work from the developers has gone in here!

- VERY unexpected

I was doubtful, but this app really surprised me with how well this app worked! I bought it and went straight outside to see if it was accurate and really was! This app will be my go to guide when looking for objects to find through my telescope.

- Great app

It’s a really good app. It’s very easy to use, but only recently I’ve noticed that the calibration is very off. When I try to set it up manually, it gets completely out of whack whenever I go back into the app. I’m not sure if there is a way to save it or not. That is my only issue. Besides that, it’s wonderful.

- My all time favourite App!

I have had this app for many years now and still to this day it is my absolute favourite app of all time! (I am a bit of a space nerd...) I have learned SO much from this app, without it I’d feel lost in the universe! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Great UI, no comets though?

Great for finding constellations and satellites etc, really easy to use and beautiful interface. Search functionality is also great. My only gripe would be - there doesn’t seem to be a way to find comets like eg Neowise... any plans to include transitory objects like comets etc via a feed or something?

- Great app, everyone I show it to loves it!

It’s great and it’s amazing when your sitting on a lookout up at the sky and you can use it to view everything that you can see in more detail. Have had issues with calibration but hopefully the next update will work it out

- Great for getting kids interested in space

Got the kids looking into the night sky, picked a satellite on the app then watched it fly over, kids though that was cool. Helps locate planets, constellations and the ISS. Top app.

- Awesome App

Great app, better than all of the paid apps. I’ve been using it for years and use it nearly every night.

- Sadly lacking basic search function

Easy to point and identify a star or object. Can’t accept address to search for a known address for a star or point in space. Google maps will eat this ap when they include off planet locations.

- But disappointed

Have used this app many times over the last few years and have been very pleased with it. But I loaded it on my iPhone 7 and now the planets are not in the right places. It’s not very useful if everything is off. Perhaps there’s away I can recalibrate it. Disappointed. 😕

- Doesn’t work :(

This was my favourite app. Everything was great for almost a year. But recently it stopped working - the image is frozen. Settings are ok, tried deleting and installing again - didn’t help. Sad :( I really really loved it.

- Best astronomy app!

Well worth upgrading to the paid version of this app. So many more brilliant features and preference settings. I use it purely for tracking satellites and find it much better than the Satellites app. Love it! 🛸🚀🔭

- Had it for six months, it's really good!

I've been using this for the last six months, I'd be lost without it. 5 stars from me!

- GuyWilly

Excellent app, I got the app with my first real telescope, it is almost a must for beginners. A basic moon map would be great, name the main craters etc. overall very good thank you.

- Best purchase ever

This app is absolutely the best app I've even downloaded/bought. It is so much fun and so educational. I would recommend this to anyone!!

- Amazing!

This app is amazing! It reminds me of Virtual Reality because you can see the whole sky even when you are sitting in your bedroom!

- Brilliant!

Great app! Works perfectly~ would love to be able to get notifications for more stars, but otherwise, very good 👍🏻

- Sky view

This app is amazing because it shows different constilations and planet, space junk, and even satellites

- Love it

I love this app. Its just great to see whats actually above us. Ive found north is a bit off but still love it.

- Amazing

Very useful for finding all of those hard to find planets and stars, highly recommended😀

- SkyView

Great App - for a star gazing novice this App is brilliant and for someone who is more advanced, there is something for you as well. Excellent for learning about the stars and astronomy. Bob R

- slight problem

I loved this app and used it all the time, but recently it has stopped working. I cannot enter the app as every time I go to open it, it crashes. It’s a bit disappointing and I would love to continue to use it but it won’t work :(

- Awesome...all-in-one best app

This is an app of few that the children can use day or night and learn something of value....Regards 👍👍👍

- The best app

I really enjoy discovering sky. Extremely interesting and detailed map. Thank you, developers

- Glitched

My SkyView is glitched every time I open the app it always shows the draco constellation and I try to restart the app but it keeps popping up it used to work perfectly but something is wrong now Not good☹️

- Very cool

I wouldn't advise it - but it would be interesting to light up a mild organically grown hooter and use this app on a clear night.

- Where are the instructions?

I love the concept, but how do I find what I’m looking for after I entered it into the search? Usage tips and FAQs answers only 4 preset questions and there’s no way to search. How am I supposed to find out how to use it? Frustrated!

- IPhone 7plus

I find this great on the iPhone, with none of the problems mentioned by the IPad user. Love how you don’t even have to go outside to use it.

- SkyView Lite more accurate than SkyView

I have both of the above apps installed on my iPhone. This evening I could clearly see Orion’s belt where SkyView Lite said it should be but SkyView said Orion was below the horizon. I could clearly see the Southern Cross (Cruz) but SkyView showed it rotated relative to the real thing and in a different location. Both apps have access to location. So, I am using the free app because the one I paid for is just wrong!

- Every one I show is hooked

The most mind blowing app u can get

- Don’t waste your money.

I got this app because I saw heaps of good reviews, but I pointed it at the ground and it said there were stars on the ground. I thought something was wrong so I pointed it at the wall with lights on in the room and it said there was stars on the wall. Don’t waste your time and money on this app.

- Great App but……

Love this app but would be better without the celestial drawings being so animated - could they be toned down ? Cheers From Outback Australia

- Sensational !!

This app is the best. My favourite. Hardly a day goes by when I don’t use it. :))))

- Great program

Used all the time

- Extraordinary

This is without a doubt, the most extraordinary app I have ever downloaded. It's freakin' awesome.

- Good app, but can you add full NGC catalog?

There are parts of it already included, but why not add it in full?

- Stopped working on iOS 14..3

For some reason it is not working on latest version. Need help. I installed this paid version also but it seems to be stuck

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- Delighted!

I've only just started my exploration of the cosmos, and what a great tool to see what's out there. Love it! Great to share with the kids too!

- My favourite

Wish they updated with star link

- updated version

I love Sky View. I just updated to the premium and it is well worth the upgrade. My only comment is that I wish I could hide the space junk (spent rocket launchers) but still get to see the the satallites that I love to track (hubble and others) . I find the proliferation of rocket launchers turning on their axix distracting and it takes away from the beauty and serene starry sky of the original free version. I ended up putting the free version back on my phone yesterday so I could have a choice, The additional music tho is nice. and lots of other choices in the upgrade that I do like. please tho make a toggle switch for the rocket launchers alone. but leave the science and other satellites to view. I see that Japan has recently sent up a space debris garbage truck! (Dec 16) to collect some of these spent rocket launchers. Thanks for a great app tho

- Accurate

I started using the app to guide me when taking picture of the night sky . It’s very accurate ,I plan on installing a mount to my telescope that will hold my phone and SkyView will guide me when using my DSLR on my telescope.👍👍

- Good app but not well calibrated

It's a beautiful app with a lot of details. But I am rating 3 because it is not calibrated correctly. It does not aim the moon where it really is for instance. Even after I manually calibrate it, it goes back to a random settings. Also it is hard to see the stars or planets behind the drawings of a constellation. Too bad because this app has a great potential.

- Very Good .

This app is a complete wonder, the universe at your fingertips, just one problem , North has to always be done manually , other than that it’s simple fantastic . 🤠

- App no longer works

The app is frozen. It no longer scans the skies as you move. The view never changes. It appears to be broken Update put out August 28, 2022 has NOT resolved the freeze issue. Still not working on Pro version and Lite version

- Wow

It’s surprisingly fun and the music is great, really accurate too

- Great!

Please update for Webb Telescope!!!

- used to be an incredible app, now it doesn’t work

I used this for the first time in NZ and learned about so many constellations I’d never seen before. Now there are no planets and it won’t automatically calibrate, rendering the app completely unusable. It’s a real shame - it used to be one of my favourite apps.

- View the sky!

Wonderful app, enjoy it!

- Love the App but I need a widget!

Please please please make a 2 by 2 widget that I can add to my Smart Stack, I’d love to get update on what neat things I could i see in the sky that night without having to constantly check the app. Thank you!

- Great for Camping

I’ve used this app while camping to point out the planets which are visible in the night sky. It’s the next best thing to a high-end telescope.

- Fantastic

Just with that tool, I have a better idea of where is what. Very helpfull to find our way in the sky. No need of a sky map anymore. Would be Nice to have a snapshot of actual location of our planets positions in regard to the sun. If ever you would like to add something more! Nice tool to discover the sky.

- Doesn’t work

loved the app but it stopped working. it doesn’t move with my phone. please fix :(

- Go to campfire app!

Must have around the campfire

- Not working

View is not moving with moving the phone…please fix

- Friends Love it!

Was in Jamaica and the sky looked beautiful at night. Family and friends around me loved that they were able to understand what they were looking at.

- Love this app

We spend a lot of time at our cottage under the stars. This app always generated the most interest in the sky. Lots of info and useful things to spark and carry conversation all night. Thanks so much for opening this part of the world to us. VR John and Bonnie in NB Canada.

- 2 appareils

Après avoir acheté l’applicatiin, il ne fonctiinne pas sur mes 2 appareils seulement sur mon ipad et non sur mon cellulaire et ça fonctionnait avant Pourquoi ça ne fonctionne pas sur mes2 appareils?

- A few suggestions

I have a few suggestions to add to this app, if you don’t mind. 1 - As previously suggested by others, add Starlink satellites. 2 - Again, as previously suggested by others, add the option to hide space junk. 3 - The ability to tap an object you are looking at to open a page that gives a short description of it. 4 - Add Webb! Overall, great app!

- Love It!

I adore this app. No matter where I am in the world, it tells me what planets and stars I'm seeing. AND the developer doesn't collect any of my personal info, unlike most. Highly recommend!

- New to this topic !!

I’m just starting to enjoy the topic of looking at the stars at night so far this tool like it looks like it’s very handy. sometimes though it doesn’t seem to be as accurate when I’m holding up the phone and looking at the sky at the same time maybe it’s just the way I’ve got this configured I don’t really understand it yet.

- James Webb

Unable to locate the James Webb telescope

- Used to work great…

…but checking it out now (years later) it doesn’t work at all, period.

- More than worth it

I’ve been using the lite version for years now and tbh I should’ve bought the full version a long time ago lol. Both are amazing apps but there’s a lot more stars and satellites in the full version, and it’s only a one time payment of $4 which is honestly a steal considering most apps are subscription nowadays. Thank you to the developers for making this awesome tool available at such an affordable price. <3 Remember to calibrate if you’re having issues with the stars not lining up.

- The best

Many thanks to the developers.

- Great app

I love this app, I use it a lot.

- Calibration

Will not calibrate in auto mode. Always in reverse; north is south and south is north. On ipad mini 6, did seem to have this bug.


All I can say is this. There are no flaws with this app to make a long story short. The details in this app are phenomenal. I would HIGHLY recommend this app for anyone, child or adult, who is interested in knowing what the names of certain stars are as well as what the names of all the satellites are. Not to mention that the music in this app makes it an even more pleasant experience. This app is well worth every cent. I made no mistake by purchasing this app.

- Not working

Used this years ago and was great. Now not working period


Still not working and no one returns my attempts to contact the app developers. Hold on to your money.

- Great

I like Skyview thank you for this app

- View Screen always frozen

This app always frozen and I can not reset it or calibrate….

- Glad I upgraded.

This app is so detailed and in-depth. If you’re using the lite version and thinking about upgrading, it’s completely worth it if you love astronomy like I do.

- Wow!

This app is awesome! I learned so much about outer space. I would like more apps like this one

- Super appli ! Je la recommande !

le système est tellement bien fait ! Autant le solaire que celui de l’app !

- Rene Laviolette

Best sky for your buck

- Frozen

I had the lite version but it was froze in one position so I bought the paid version along with the satellite app. The screen still remains frozen I did send a message to the developer but no reply. I’m hoping they will see this and help me get this working.

- Best sky app

So interesting

- Great App!!

I’ve tried 5 other stargazing apps and this app has the biggest bang for the buck! Other paid apps still want more after you’d bought to unlock deep space or zoom; but this one has all. Some complain about performance and all I can say is I’d look for another app that may be interfering with your app (location services). That might fix your issues. I promise this app is worth the effort. A lot for the buck! Believe me. After 5 tries, I can tell you. 4$ Canadian, only 78mb, PACKED with features AND it runs offline!!! Awesome sauce dudes!!!

- Really?

I paid 4 dollars for this app to just be frozen on a constellation like cmon

- The first one I will go to.

I am using several apps to view the sky, but SkyView is always the first one I will go to. I love my SkyView, SkyView is simple to use and always shows me all the star information I am looking for. Thanks

- Beautiful and Easy

I’ve had this app for years and have learned a lot from it. I absolutely love this app. I gave it 4 stars because I had it stuck on North for a long time. Eventually I discovered that my magnetic phone case was causing the issue. Wish there was better customer service as I did try to reach out to the company and search their site for why. Other than that, it’s been the best one I’ve been able to find!

- Seems frozen?

Nothing moves on the “sky” no matter where I move my phone,it stays on North and the same constellation. Any suggestions would be helpful

- Love it!

So educational and entertaining!

- Fantastic!

It’s thrilling to use this app - very accurate!

- Semi Accurate

Very cool app but unfortunately it’s not completely accurate. When I calibrate the alignment of the sun the moon is off. Or vice verse. Same with a lot of the bright stars in the sky. Everything you look at is only in the general area. It’s not exact at all.

- I like it.

For the most part this is a very good app, I would suggest making the small payment and getting the full version though as it does have a lot more constellations available. It would be nice though if it pointed out things like comets as well.

- Love it

This app helped me a lot to find planets, stars and much more. But the one thing I wish is that you could find voyager 1 and 2. Also if you want the ultimate combo get ISS detector because sometimes the app doesn’t tell you about it. Over all I love this app

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SkyView® 3.7.0 Screenshots & Images

SkyView® iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

SkyView® iphone images
SkyView® iphone images
SkyView® iphone images
SkyView® iphone images
SkyView® iphone images

SkyView® (Version 3.7.0) Install & Download

The applications SkyView® was published in the category Education on 2010-12-10 and was developed by Terminal Eleven LLC [Developer ID: 378238417]. This application file size is 77.33 MB. SkyView® - Education app posted on 2022-08-28 current version is 3.7.0 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.t11.celeste