iTrackBites Plus - Smart Weight Loss Tracker & Points Calculator for Diet Nutrition Watchers

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iTrackBites is compatible with your current food score based weight loss system and even counts calories!

◆ The ONLY app to offer new Smart System support!
◆ The ONLY app to offer Free Online Community!
◆ The ONLY app to offer Weight Loss Milestone Awards!
◆ The ONLY app to offer Pocket and USDA guides including Restaurants!
◆ The ONLY app to offer Premium Restaurant, Snack, & Beer Guides (In App Purchase)
◆ The ONLY app to offer Premium Online Database (In App Purchase)
◆ The ONLY app to offer Premium Recipe Builder (In App Purchase)
◆ The ONLY app that has supported YOU for 7 years

This app has been the leading food score tracking app for 7 years!!
Over 2000+ 5-Star Reviews and Ratings!
Trusted by hundreds of thousands of app users losing weight right now!

So... You've got a few pounds to lose...but you actually already KNOW how to lose fat:
Eat more fruits, veggies... less fast food & sugar.

But tracking your food score values is the BIG issue!

You have your phone with you 95% of the time (except the shower). So wherever you go you have a personal assistant waiting to track your food score values! Scan bar codes, create custom foods, or use our HUGE databases of common foods, pocket guide, restaurant guide or snack guide!

A successful user of our app said
"If you track, you'll lose weight! It's a whole new world. People treat you differently. You get more attention, feel better, and get more opportunities!"

That's exactly what iTrackBites does for you... manages your weight by allowing you to TRACK your food score values EASILY.

Get it now and start tracking your food score values so you can enjoy a long, healthy, and fulfilling life like hundreds of thousands of other iTrackBites users are already doing!!

√ iOS 8 HealthKit Integration
√ Sync securely to multiple devices and easily backup/restore
√ Use our FREE online community feature!
√ Best weight tracker with Milestone achievement motivations for each goal!
√ Offers Online food & restaurant database with millions of up to date foods and restaurant items (in app purchase)
√ Offers Recipe Builder or Meal Maker feature add-on (in app purchase)
√ Choose food items from pocket guide database!
√ Choose food items from USDA database including Restaurants!
√ Offers Premium Restaurant, Beer, and Snack guides for in app purchase!
√ Scan barcodes for over 1,000,000+ UPC's!
√ Maintain list of favorite foods & activities!
√ Works for All Food Score based systems or use Calories!
√ Check out the screen shots & see for yourself!
√ Visit our website for more
√ Contact us for help at [email protected]

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◆◆◆◆◆ - "Love it and have lost 20lbs already!"
◆◆◆◆◆ - "Easy to track "bites" and stay on track!"
◆◆◆◆◆ - "If you already know the program, this is a great companion to go along with the weight loss program at only $5.99!!!"
◆◆◆◆◆ - "Great app love it! Use it constantly!"

iTrackBites Plus - Smart Weight Loss Tracker & Points Calculator for Diet Nutrition Watchers App Description & Overview

The applications iTrackBites Plus - Smart Weight Loss Tracker & Points Calculator for Diet Nutrition Watchers was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2010-11-22 and was developed by Ellisapps Inc.. The file size is 64.78 MB. The current version is 5.5 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Thank you for using iTrackBites! To make our app better for you, we bring you updates regularly. Every update of our iTrackBites Weight Loss app includes improvements for speed and reliability.

- iTrackBites now works on iPad as a universal app!
- Fixed bug with weekly BITES not subtracting under rare conditions
- Fixed bug in recipe builder that caused recipe items not to retain their serving quantity when edited
- *Actually* Fixed bug prompting user to purchase Restaurant guide when attempting to unlock Online Guide

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iTrackBites Plus - Smart Weight Loss Tracker & Points Calculator for Diet Nutrition Watchers Reviews


Pay, then pay again, and still be stuck with bad UI  androook  1 star

Pros: ▪️ Has smart points calculations Cons: ▪️ Poor design and experience in the community section ▪️ Poor design when compared to WW or ProTracker Plus ▪️ limited food database unless you pay $6 more in in-app purchases. ProTracker and WW both come with a great UI and Database as part of the normal costs (and ProTracker is a single, one-time purchase). I cannot stress how limiting this is. The only food list you get for free is the list provided by the FDA. Want to scan that hamburger bun to get the points values? Pay up. Are you searching for beer? Pay again. This is especially difficult for people utilizing iTunes family sharing as each user will have to purchase the in-app purchases in order to have normal usage of the app. Also, these paid lists do not seem to be updated frequently. ▪️ UI freezes up when searching FDA list on occasion ▪️ Backups require yet another in-app purchase (no iCloud saving for free even though it's free for developers to implement). This app is fine for tracking, so long as you know going into it that it’s going to cost you. I just wish it didn’t feel like an app I would make in college.


New to the app  Gmcaa74  5 star

Just started using the app so I'm still getting use to the different options but so far so good.


Great App!  StitchHat  5 star

Love using this! It's a great alternative to paying monthly for the WW app.


Poor planning for purchasing apps  Misheyls  1 star

So far, I actually like the iTrackBites app for what it is. I have been successful with the other plan that this seems to be based on so I wanted to see what this was at a lesser price point. However, I purchased a 3 pack app so I could have the restaurant information and apparently that doesn't matter in the iTrackBites apps. Going back and forth is a pain!!! I have to purchase it in the app to use it in the app?!? That's just crazy! I already paid for it once!!! I feel like that's a bit of a scam which makes me sour to it. So much for saving money.

ab at comcast

App support  ab at comcast  1 star

There is no app support for a new user who is not computer literate. I have tried to contact them all day and all they do is create a ticket which I cannot even open. I want help or I want my money back!!!


Going back to WW  247Truth  3 star

I tried. I gave this a real effort. Hated it. Too timely to navigate. No predictive text so you have to type out your entire item only to have it not found. Needs more convenient shortcuts. Sure wish I could get a refund. Waste of time. Lots and lots of time.

Lobby my

Sync my Fitbit and it's 5 stars  Lobby my  4 star

This app is absolutely wonderful however, it is missing one capability and that is to sync my Fitbit so I know how many activity points I'm earning! If it did that this app would be a five star all day!! I do points plus I hate smart points and for some reason weight watchers took pp away from us so I have found this basically free app and I may never go back to weight watcher apps at this point if iTrackBites figures out how to let us sync our trackers!


AWESOME APP!!!!!!!!  Cubbie6  5 star

I use this app everyday. The data base is amazing! Tracks everything for me including restaurants which I love. You cannot go wrong with this app.

Alysha C

Garbage if you happen to know points  Alysha C  1 star

You don't seem to be able just to enter points if you know them; have to enter all nutritional values or search instead of just entering number. Correct me if I'm wrong; otherwise complete waste of time and money.


Yes!  tech-no-twit  5 star

So far I am enjoying this app! Much easier than WW app! Thank you!


Good WW substitute  5kgsoff  5 star

Like many others, I too got a bit sick of the rising cost of online WW. This is perfect when you are already clear on the point system (bites) and just need to stay accountable.


Not great for Australian users  Ambermonty  1 star

I purchased the extras in the hope that it may be useful but am still frustrated. Can't find most items

Jenny 2468

Great App for tracking points  Jenny 2468  5 star

Easy to use, keeps me on track


Good dollar value  Heyjudeonline  4 star

This app is fantastic to use once you have trained yourself with the overpriced WW app. Would love more OZ content but easy enough to add as that tool is also included. Good job app team! Shiny new interface one day?


Really wanted to like it  rob_starr  1 star

It's a shame it's all metric and then entering to food amount it's in ounces??? Please fix this!!!!


Happy  IClevercat  4 star

I quite like it. Searching could be easier with suggestions & auto correct.

Noisy office

Disappointed  Noisy office  2 star

Unfortunately the database is all US foods and the calculator is in imperial rather than metric units. Not very useable in Australia.


Amazing well worth it!!!!  Brookepalf  5 star

I totally love this app a great deal of value for $6.99! Way better than any other point tracker app it is also so user friendly! Will recommend it to anyone. A good feature is the Community section where you can post questions and replies such a great support. Love love love!!!!!!


Fantastic App!  lindieq  5 star

Love this App it has helped me so much, a truly fantastic tool in the weight lose battle. Very happy 😀


Thanks  Spudshaker  5 star

Great ap. not totally accessible for the blind but ok. Also just us foods in database


AppToday AppToday 3 star

#iPhone #TopApps #56: iTrackBites Plus - Smart Weight Loss Tracker & Points Calculator for Diet Nu -


AppToday AppToday 3 star

#iPhone #TopApps #91: iTrackBites Plus - Smart Weight Loss Tracker & Points Calculator for Diet Nu -


Excelent app!!  Nafiseji  5 star

I love this app! It is easy to use. The thing I like the most is being able to use the old way of counting points. The smart points method has it worked for me. Thank you for creating such a great app.


New App  Sadie1948  5 star

I really like the app


Works great!  Mo46789  5 star

It does what you need! If you want to pay extra there are better point tracking lists and it is easier, but you can also google your food to find the point value then plug it in manually. No need to spend more unless you want that convenience :)


Woohoo  Tinaslancer  5 star

Love this app just as good a WW with all the extras ! Bonus :) and there no glitches and a one time fee


The best app ever!!  Cookie914  5 star

This is the best app in the entire Apple Store. Well put together. It works great for weight loss. The community is motivating and positive! Thank you so much to the developer.

Hope dogs

G  Hope dogs  5 star

I really really really like it. Started using it yesterday so far so good


Great app  Gramalee  5 star

This app really works well so far and I love it! It's saving me money every month vs WW and it's easy to use.

One Who Understands Your Pain

Helps with doing the job  One Who Understands Your Pain  4 star

I was in Weight Watchers for over a year, when I came iTrackBites. After doing my due diligence in finding out more about this program, I decided to make we a small investment into it. Sure, it doesn't allow people to separate what they ate by meal of the day or allow measurements by 1/4, 1/2, whatever (which would be nice if iTrackBites would allow for it at this time). I like that I can track similarly to WWs SmartPoints, PointsPlus, or Classic programs. This allows for flexibility if one program.doesn't work for you that another program could do it better. Most of all, I like that the total cost when starting out on here is the equivalent or less than attending one WW meeting without a WW meeting. If you are the type of person who (a) is on the run in the mornings taking children or grandchildren to school, (b) has a busy life that keeps you from attending an in-person meeting, (c) feels intimidated from being the only person who isn't a woman at an in-person meeting, (d) feels the cost of a monthly, three-month, or yearly membership is cost prohibitive, and/or (e) can get by without going to an in-person meeting and can rely on the terrific support on the iTrackBites community, this may be for you. It is for me. When upgrades are made as I and others suggest, I will give this app five stars.


Itrackbites!  kimmyb18  5 star

I love this app! I did WW for years and just recently ended my membership and found this pocketbook friendly app and even bought the bundle ! 😘


Excellent app!  Yodepr  5 star

This app has everything needed to follow the weight watchers program easily and accurate. Love it!!!

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