Printer Pro Lite by Readdle

Printer Pro Lite by Readdle [Productivity] App Description & Overview

◆ Printer Pro prints attachments, documents, web pages and more right from the iPad/iPhone

PLEASE NOTE: Printer Pro Lite is aimed to check compatibility with your printer setup. If it works fine with your printer, get the full version of Printer Pro to print your documents.

Printer Pro is the application that lets you wirelessly print from the iPhone or iPad. It can print directly to many Wi-Fi printers and to any printer attached to your Mac or PC via helper application installed on your computer.

Once installed, Printer Pro appears in the "Open In..." list on your device. This lets you print documents from Mail, Safari, Documents and many other applications on your device that supports this function.

Using "Open In..." approach you can print files from many popular online storages: Dropbox and Google Drive. It just a matter of several taps to download your file via free Dropbox or Google Drive application and send it to printer.

To print a web page, just change "http" to "phttp" in the address bar in Safari and tap Go. The page will immediately be opened in the Printer Pro with print button right above your finger. You can print web based documents as well using this approach.

With Printer Pro you can print:
- Email Attachments
- iWork documents
- Web pages
- Files from other applications
- Clipboard content
- Photos
- Documents on Dropbox and GoogleDocs
- Contacts

◆ Printer Pro Desktop
Get free helper application for your computer to print more types of documents and with better quality. You can download it at

◆ List of supported document formats
PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, TXT, HTML, JPG, Safari webarchive.

Feel free to contact us If you have any suggestions, questions or issues at

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Printer Pro Lite by Readdle Customer Service, Editor Notes:

After a long time of silence, our team is back to you with a number of “quality of life” improvements and a fix for Safari clipboard issue on iOS 12.2. We hope that this update will bring more pleasure in your everyday work with our app! Stay tuned! We’re always here for you at

Printer Pro Lite by Readdle Comments & Reviews

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-!!raise downloads by 10 times

This is one of the best apps i have found till now. Appreciated your hard work. Btw, here wa can provide rating, review, so as to the keyword searching install.Want to get more organic users, then find us in

- Do not use

Wasted 133 pages printing to a Xerox Workcenter 5335... unbelievable

- Get you old Brother Printing Again

Finally almost 3.5 years later, i have the IOS and Brother Printer solution. The printer lite version let me test and set up the Big Brother Color Laser Printer so i can Use it again instead of draining the inkjet printer. I purchased the Full paid version knowing it Works after several test prints.

- Somewhat useful

This utility is somewhat useful, but still has major weaknesses. It is difficult to get touch responses on my iPhone XS Max. It also does not appear to support 2-sided printing. These problems make the app over priced for me (until I become desperate).

- Adds Nothing

This doesn't add anything that is beyond functions already available on iPad/iPhone, and does not do multi page per page, as 2 in 1 printing already present in manufacturers software. No reason or advantage to download or use it.

- Literally only for testing compatibility.

I think the reviews from a year ago don’t reflect what the developers have changed since then. This Lite version of the app will NOT print your documents. It has four sample files to print. One is a 8 page Wikipedia write-up on printers, another is 2 pages of Mark Twain quotes, a photo of Mona Lisa, and some Lorem Ipsum notes. This is great to finagle if your printer can work with their app and literally nothing else. I’m glad it’ll save me $8, because this lite version enabled me to discover there is no option to utilize duplex printing on my brother printer. I give the app four stars because it performed exactly as described as a testing measure. I was disappointed to find out this program does not support duplexing. I print a LOT of resources for students and I was hoping to utilize multiple pages per printout and duplexing simultaneously to save paper.

- Almost

Connected to a 2002 Kyocera km2530 and proceeded to print a ton of nonsense. Does this mean it will work if I purchase pro?

- Told me what I need to know.

This is meant to test your printer connection before you spend money. Did exactly what I needed. Nice work, developers.

- Wont print your own documents

This is not for printing your own documents. Only for texting the app you have to pay for. Don’t waste your time.

- Fake App!

All it does is print a test sheet!

- Doesn't print

Shows printer. Doesn't print. I assume the full version is just as worthless.

- What a joke

Ok I get it... my Brother laser printer isn’t supported. But why did you print a page with solid black color in its entirety?! My toner is crying :(

- Can’t really try anything out

It would be nice to be able to actually print something. I downloaded the app in the hopes of being able to see the interface and options. Can I scale, rotate etc.? Unfortunately the only thing this app does is let you know if your printer is compatible. It’s not really a trial.

- It sees Samsung CLP-325W, but the print-test prints junk

This ‘Print Pro Lite’ sees Samsung CLP-325W printer, but the print-test prints junk with only 2 characters ‘0M’. I am reluctant to upgrade to the pro version. Note: My CLP-325W printer is not in the AirPrint list. Thus, I am thinking of using this app ... disappointed.

- Not free

This is not a free app just a waist of time because it just shows it can hook up to your printer then you buy the $7 app to print your papers

- Fake App

Printer pro light is just a test app, and unfortunately printer pro no longer functions with the new iOS update. (Requires the developer to update the app) I see the printer Pro is still for sale but my app that I’ve had installed for sometime now will not update!! I feel ripped off

- Not enough photo sizes

Useless. I can print document size photos already. Where are the square sizes? More size choices needed. No option to test print you own photo either.

- Did what it was designed to

(Learn to read descriptions people!) Worked great for —testing— compatibility. It took a bit of guess and test to get it working with both of my printers. Went ahead and bought the app since i knew it would work. I do wish I could have seen it in real-life action first but it did work as described.

- Not paying without being able to test real documents

Without being able to actually print something and see if it actually prints satisfactorily. This only lets you configure your printer and nothing more.

- Make any wireless printer like AirPrint printer

I've tried the pro version, it is worth the dollar...make your non wireless printer become AirPrint long as you have Airport Station or detect my HP printer directly without having to install any driver on iOS devices!!! awesome

- Don’t download this!

It’s a waste of time. All it does is let you print their test page and then ask you to buy the full pro version.

- Don't Do!!!

Fake app, just asks you to upgrade to the pro printer pro doesn't actually do anything!!! Don't bother with this!!!!! :(

- Works well

Great app to determine for determining if paid app will work for my setup. Appreciate knowing my money will be well spent before spending it. Thank you Readdle, nice job

- Would be helpful. If it could actually print more than the test docs included

The description says it's for testing of the pro version will work with your printers..... fine and dandy, but how about letting me see what my docs look from my apps and printer setup. Not gonna spend the money if I cannot test it in my environment using my docs. I stumbled across this looking for solutions for the 100 + iPads being rolled out,but at $7 a seat no way wil that get approved. It's easy to use and configure, but not being able to test my own docs is a deal killer. ID have been fine to have been limited to say 5 pages of printing at a time, giving a decent test of my stuff using my gear, then decide.

- Saved me from wasting money on the full version

This app does exactly what it says it does. The full version is very expensive. While I'm sad the app doesn't work with my printer, thank heavens I didn't spend money on it first! So glad they included this free version to check compatibility before you buy.

- Lousy app

Recommended by a friend, I installed this app, hoping to be able to print directly from my iPad (clipboard). WRONG, unless you purchase the full version. Misleading, and also NOT compatible with Dropbox unless the app is updated. So.....useless!

- Printed all black page

Doesn't work with Brother HL-2270W. For the people who can't get it to print at all. You need to actual connect your printer to your wireless network and actually be connected to that network.

- Rip-off

You print anything without upgrading to the pro--which is very expensive. And it can't find find my printer which is right next to me, on, and compatible. Would give zero stars if I could.

- This is a trick

Too good to be true. DO NOT USE, move onto the next one.

- This is not a real printing app

you can't do anything without purchasing the full app

- Find printer print test and thats it... do nothing

Waste of time...

- Didn't work for me


- Tests with Lite before you pay for Pro!

Does exactly what it intended to do. My iPhone printed to my wireless brother printer. The test page comes out as a larger picture of the Printer Pro App icon. Thanks for letting me "try before I buy"

- How much$???

This app never mentions the cost anywhere?

- Not a printer app

I don't know what a piece of garbage like this is doing here. At least be clear in your description. Apparently, this app determines if your printer is compatible with their real software, that you can purchase. I actually wasted more time writing this warning, than I wasted on the app download.

- Add image to description please!

I have no idea if my printer passed or failed. It printed the test page but I don't know what the test page was supposed to look like so not sure if it worked properly. You define fail as printing black - black what? Seeing a correct image would help comparison.

- No Pro

I also couldn't get it to connect to my Cannon iP100.

- Printer NO, not Pro...

Cannot get it to connect to either of my printers. "This printer may not be supported". A one year old Samsung laser jet....I would think not. Anyway.....deleted immediate.

- may be usable...

I tried this out to print to a photo printer... but the setup is very restrictive. It just attempts to print and if it cant you cannot make adjustments. For example, my photo printer prints 4x6 only. It is a DNP RX-1 Printer. In setup it attempted to print, but my printer errored out saying it set a paper size the printer doesnt support. There is no way to adjust it. No advanced button to accomodate different sizes. I gave up and deleted it.

- Double Sided Printing?

There seems to be no way to control double sided printing. An application like this should be able to manage double sided printing as well as long or short side binding.

- Great test app

I was able to test their samples (color and black and white) and ensure that it works with my epson workforce635 printer. It was easy to calibrate the edges (unlike other test apps). So I bought the pro version. Will see if the pro one works ok.

- Pointless

All you get to do is print "test" items that have absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter you actually want to print. Avoid this app.

- Useless

Why does this exist? If you want to print anything you have to purchase the pro version.

- Not "lite" but "test"

You can't do anything more than test if your printer works!

- Really sad that these dorks don't read the description.

Clearly people believe in handouts too much and want everything for free. I have ZERO problem paying for something without ads, and that does what I need for a reasonable price. THIS APP is purely to test if your printer works. It is awesome that the company behind the full version allows you to test your printer instead of trying to make even more money by not letting yu test it. This shows that the company actually cares about its customers, so I applaud them. For you bimbos who don't read the description, and expect anything else than what the description says, don't you dare give a bad review, this app isn't even supposed to have the print functionality!!! Why would you download it expecting that? It is purely to test if it is compatible. Fantastic app, does what it says well.

- Don't listen to the negative reviews

This is a test app to prove your printer works with the paid version. Works as described and paid app is worth the money.

- Don't waste your time

Not free at all

- Wireless

Will this app work if you don't have an wireless printer

- If it could be a 0 I would rate it a 0

Terrible. Don't waste your time downloading.

- Read the review

Read the reviews before you download this please

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Printer Pro Lite by Readdle iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Printer Pro Lite by Readdle iphone images
Printer Pro Lite by Readdle iphone images
Printer Pro Lite by Readdle iphone images
Printer Pro Lite by Readdle iphone images
Printer Pro Lite by Readdle iphone images
Printer Pro Lite by Readdle ipad images
Printer Pro Lite by Readdle ipad images
Printer Pro Lite by Readdle ipad images
Printer Pro Lite by Readdle ipad images
Printer Pro Lite by Readdle ipad images
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Printer Pro Lite by Readdle (Version 5.4.19) Install & Download

The applications Printer Pro Lite by Readdle was published in the category Productivity on 2010-10-29 and was developed by Readdle Inc. [Developer ID: 285035419]. This application file size is 50.41 MB. Printer Pro Lite by Readdle - Productivity posted on 2019-04-18 current version is 5.4.19 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

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