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No More Socks [Productivity] App Description & Overview

"This has got to be THE best App in the world!! I love it… I'm telling everyone!!!!" - Raquel

5 out of 5 on Macworld and has been featured in The Sunday Times, The London Evening Standard, on network television.

It is the ultimate christmas list app and here's why our reviews are amazing. The perfect Christmas App.


► Create events, add people, add presents, go shopping... all within the app
► Quickly enter a note or a photo wherever you are with the Ideas Pad
► Keep a list of ideas for each person you buy for, all year round
► Keep everything safe from curious eyes with the passcode lock
► Search the web for your ideas
► Create multiple bookmarks for your ideas on retailers' websites
► Get everything you need from a shop in one visit with smart shopping lists
► Export shopping gift lists, including bookmarks, to your computer via email
► Keep track of what you bought people last year... and the year before
► Be reminded about your friends' birthdays
► Import contacts from your address book
► Beautiful design

Add notes, set budgets, specify your first choices, do research, organise, re-organise... or, do virtually none of these. No More Socks is really flexible and most things are optional. Make your gift shopping as easy or as complicated as you like.


"Takes gift planning to the next level" - Macworld
"Must-Have iPhone App for the Holidays" -
"Really awesome! I'm crazy about it!" - Paolo
"This is a beautifully designed and put together app that will put some fun into your present buying." - Matt
"Unique and really useful. Lovely smooth, stream-lined interface." - Oli


Easily find, organise, remember & buy amazing presents for all your friends & family. Gift lists, events, ideas gathering, birthday reminders, online & offline shopping and sharing. All rolled into one beautifully designed app.

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NMS is perfect for Christmas but just as good for birthdays, weddings, Thanksgiving, Hanaka & bar mitzvahs, christenings, Easter, graduations, the list is endless…

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No More Socks Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We have finally fixed all UI issues for iOS 10 users. Thank you for the feedback! No More Socks (Christmas List Genius!) is now updated for iOS11 with minor bug fixes and improvements. REVIEWS AND THANK YOU We genuinely appreciate every review, and thank you so much to those of you who take the time to write them. Not only does it help us improve the app, but it also shares your experience and we're grateful for that too. We can't succeed without you. So please do leave a review, help us make this the app your go-to Christmas list app.

No More Socks Comments & Reviews

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- No More Socks is the best!

This will be my 10th year using No More Socks for Christmas and birthday shopping, and I honestly couldn’t be happier. I can see what gifts 8’ve purchased before and keep track of how much I spend by person and by event. It’s also a great way to organize gift lists to share, especially lists for kids that others want to buy for. I add gift ideas for people all year long, so when it’s time to shop I can give them something I know they’ll like, which is super helpful for people who can never tell you what they want.

- Like

Very handy app! Easy to use and helpful when buying for Christmas or birthdays

- Losing Your Data

While I liked have this app to track gifts, DO NOT get a new phone and restore from a backup. Your data will be GONE. This has happened twice now that I’ve backed up my phone data, only to lose all of the people, events, and gift ideas in this app. I am NOT re-entering all of that a third time.


Over the years I’ve downloaded other apps to help with gift-giving, but always come back to this one. I have a couple of minor issues with it, but still feel that over the years it’s well-earned the 5 star rating from me! Issue One: Since I wanted my list sorted by last name (so family members would be grouped together), I re-named all my people as “LastName, FirstName” in the First Name field. Everything looked fine until I closed and re-opened the app. Two of the names ‘floated’ back to the top (when viewed in an Event), even tho they are named consistently like the others. Some kind of corruption, I guess. Issue Two: I’m sure I knew how to export events at some point, because I have a couple from a few years ago. Unfortunately I can’t recall how I did it, and the steps aren’t mentioned in an FAQ or Help file. Would love to have someone remind me. Again: best gift giving record app out there, IMHO.

- So helpful

This app is awesome for keeping me organized for holiday & birthday gifts. I can jot down ideas when they come to me and months later I'm armed with ideas for something they love!

- Second year

This is my second Christmas using no more socks. The user interface is easy to use, adding photos means that it’s ok to wrap as you go... you won’t forget what you bought.

- Ehhhh

Really hate that once a trait is added can’t edit it. Basically anything for person added can only delete and re add it. There is no editing

- Nice!

I’m just starting to use it and so far so good! It’s a little annoying tough the “leave us a rating at the App Store” every time you go to the main menu. Went there twice to give 5 stars and than this comment, but the reminder keeps popping up.

- Don't waste your money

Only uses whole dollars no cents. Set a a budget for a person but doesn't show if you are over or how much you have left to spend. It was not easy to use either

- Pretty good but limited

Could use more versatility

- Helpful little tool

I love this app! Throughout the year I get ideas for Christmas gifts and now I have a place to jot them down before I forget. My husband is difficult to shop for, so when he mentions something he'd like (like a pan that will fit on the grill) I write it down immediately in this app. Then, at holiday time when people ask me what they should buy for him, I send them my list of ideas. It's fantastic! I also use it for tracking things I want to buy for myself. Very handy! I highly recommend.

- Big Help For Christmas/Birthdays

I like this Ap a lot. I have 3 kids that have bdays at Xmas time and this is keeping me extremely organized. I used to make excel spreadsheets. This is much easier.

- Used for 5 years

This app is helpful around Christmas and birthdays. It would be certainly advantageous to have an each person check off when done,eg, a done and not done option. I like you can put in ideas for people and either check it off when purchased or edit it out while substituting another choice. You also can opt for birthday reminders which come before the date. I find this app helpful and it helps me keep track of what has been given before

- Nearly perfect

The only thing missing for me to rate this as perfect is an option to view upcoming birthdays on a calendar. You can set reminders, but I haven't been able to view/organize people by upcoming birthdays once my reminder goes off. Still awesome and would def recommend.

- It's Ok

Every year I try a different list app to keep me organized with Christmas shopping. While this one looks simple enough, I've struggled adding people, budgets, etc. once my list was created. There really isn't a way to organize your list unless you enter the names in the order you need them. And I wish I could find an app that once you've reached your budget spent on someone then the person goes to a "done" list. There's nothing better than seeing your to-do list dwindle down to the couple people you have left to buy for. I will use this app for the remainder of this season but will try again with something else next year!

- Please make it sync

Please, please make it sync! I have it on my iPhone, but it would be so much easier to organize on my iPad. Overall it is excellent.

- Almost Perfect

I find it incredibly helpful to have one app to put all my gift shopping info into, so I have a central pool of events, gifts and people to buy for all in one place. That being said, the app should add some features and simplify some items. First, add iCloud /Dropbox / other cloud service integration. Second, it should be easier to add retailers, ideas, and people. Adding events is pretty much ok. Third, it should be easier to connect all these items together. The app is basically a relational database. A couple of times I had duplicated information because apparently you can add the same info in a couple of different places, so I had to go back and undo some info twice. It should be possible to enter the info once and link to it from multiple places (events, people, idea pad). If that can be made easier I will gladly re-review the app and give it 5 stars.

- Usable but Cumbersome

Had to repurchase the App to remove ads when I replaced my iPad. Doesn't seem fair and I won't be doing that again. As for function - being able to sync with my phone would be nice. What's with having to re-enter the same gift over and over.

- Happy to use but needs work

I agree with many reviewers comments of wanting to see all the people who are still outstanding to buy for, an archive of what was previously bought (since I have been known to accidentally give the same gift twice). And another who said widget "a" would be nice to apply to multitude of people rather than opening one person at a time and duplicating the gift. My personal unmet desire was to see all the upcoming events as a list or calendar of whose birthdays were upcoming and in what order, and whether I had purchased something or not. So far, I have missed every persons birthday because the little pop up doesn't do the trick for me. And I'm not going thru all the effort of entering an event for every person, every year. Too time consuming.

- Simple- that's why I like it

I watch all year for gifts people might like when the time comes. With this app, I pull up the name, add the idea, put it a note with a URL or store. Then when the holidays roll around, my list is made. I'm definitely not using the full functionality, but I prefer it that way. Most other apps seem built around a particular season, maintaining that holiday's budget, for example. I prefer something that's more flexible.

- First Time User

I was using another app when I found this one. does everything I need and keeps gifts from last year. So far so good. Only problem it gets stuck if you go into contact information-think you can fix this feature????

- Mostly there

This could be a useful app, but it's pretty limited. I can't use it reliably for Christmas shopping for my family. The main problem I have with it is that a gift idea can only be in one place, either in the pad or associated with ONE person. I want to buy stocking stuffers for the kids while staying within budget. If I put "Widget A" and "Widget B" in the pad, then decide I want to buy Johnny and Billy "widget A" and Susie and Sally "widget B", I can't do it without duplicating the pad entries. As soon as I associate A with Johnny, it's no longer available for Billy. Ideas should be able to be reused by more than one person AND assigned a quantity for any one person. These figures should all contribute to the budget. Until this is rectified, it's back to the yellow pad for me.

- Just a list.

Overall this is a decent app. It was good for keeping a simple tracking of my Christmas list. It would never work right each time I tried to add a retailer, so I gave up on that part pretty fast. The ad on the bottom is annoying considering it starts off with 'add gift' in that spot then changes into an ad once you tap it. The one thing that bothered me the most was the sorting. There's no way to sort this list. It doesn't go in alphabetical order, or even the order in which you enter them, which to me just made for a messy jumbled list. Probably wouldn't use it again bc of this. :/

- Hopeful-but disappointed

I had used a different app last year for Christmas, but wanted something I could archive past gifts so I tried this. Sadly not a fan. I want to be able to see all the peop I have to shop for and see what's left to shop for easily. Well the "shopping" tab is useless. It only works if you age a retailer listed. Well i dont know where I'm buying some items. Also I list ideas for people but yet I pull up the people and it doesn't show what I listed for them. Seems like a lot of duplication of things. Sorry but not a productive app.

- Never worked for me

I could never figure out how to add retailers, so I couldn't ever add gifts. I tried using their in app Help and tried emailing ... Never received a response. Total fail!

- 3 in a row

Third year using this app for Christmas shopping. I love that I can see my budget from year to year and track purchases made in the "off season" so I remember to pull them out to be wrapped.

- Best app ever

Wonderful app for keeping track of gifts and spending.

- Help! Forgot passcode

Cannot find any customer service

- So frustrated

Yet again another app disappointment on iphone.

- Best gift app

This the best gift app I've found. You can put gifts in and then add what ever holiday and sort your gifts into what ever holiday you've programmed. The only problem I've come across is if you go into a persons contact info in the program you get stuck and can't go back to gifts. It takes a couple of days before it fixes it's self.

- only 2 things could make it better...

...and thats if you could add events to be recurring so i didn't have to re-add them all the time (Christmas and birthdays come every year), and if i could check off a gift as it's purchased, received, wrapped, and given (as in previous review would be helpful when shopping online to know what gifts are still in transit). otherwise, this is the ONLY app i've found that can keep track of what i need it to do with good features that are easy to use. i like that i can add ideas for specific people and keep track of what i've already given. no other apps come close to what this one can do!

- No More Socks

FABULOUS app!! This is the 2nd year I've used it, and with four kids, their respective spouses, TEN grandkids, plus many other family members, it's the only way I can be sure everyone has the right gifts and the right sizes. It's so handy to help organize for Christmas shopping. I buy gifts, plus make jewelry all year long, so by the time the season actually arrives, I've often forgotten what I bought and made throughout the year. With this app I save time, and $$$ by not over buying, and seeing at a glance what I already have. I highly recommend it to anyone who is busy. (Who isn't?) Definitely a 5-star app! :)

- App Crashed - Lost Everything

Thought it would be great - and it seemed great - but I got this "couldn't save data" message after having entered gift ideas and purchases for about 8 peeps. Lost everything! I have an iPhone 5.

- Wonderful

I love this app! I am really happy to have found a Christmas list / organizer that is so thorough. It's also very helpful that I can see past gifts I have purchased for family.

- A little too complicated

When you tap on the view contact details there is no back button - you have to close the entire app to get back to main menu. Birthday gifts are buried within each contact. Too many thing to click to get to things.

- Good when it works

It's good in theory but there are too many glitches and features that don't work. I deleted it.

- Not for me

No More Socks has some nice features, like being able to add any event, and once people are added you can put them in any / many events. But for me paper & pen would be better. I was looking for a Christmas list that would let me easily see what I want to buy and have bought for each person, and who I need more ideas for. This app did not do that well; the area where you can see what you've listed for each person is an add screen, which makes it cluttered. I would recommend this app for people with multiple events who do most of their shopping online (since they have a shopping list if you add an online vendor as the place you intend to buy).

- It won't open!

I haven't even been able to open it once! I've tried force-quitting it again and again, but to no avail. The only thing that happens when I touch the icon is I get an opening screen for 1/2 to 1 second, than I'm thrown out :( I also can't find anywhere to get app support. The icon on the app's page in the app store sends me to the developer's website and I can't find anywhere there to ask for help.

- 5 stars

Awesome app for the gift giver!

- Excellent for tracking all that 'stuff'

Super easy, user friendly. Takes a little but of time to get setup initially, but then is a piece of cake to use. Only thing that could make it more perfect is if it had a shipping tracking option. A box you could click when the shipped item was received as stores break up the shipments during busy times and I lose track of what I am still waiting for :)

- Clumsy

This could be so much better. You can add only one person at a time from your contacts, so setting up your list is slow. I found that the app froze and crashed a few times, too. The worst part is that your gift ideas won’t show up in your shopping list until you’ve chosen a retailer, and you can’t offline retailers. So you end up choosing “Amazon” for everything just to get it on the list. Sometimes you don’t choose a retailer ahead of time, guys—sometimes you put down “silk shirt” and you go and look at shirts at several stores. Also, it’s difficult to add a person to an event after you’ve done your initial setup. I forgot to add one coworker to my “people” list until I’d already set put the event “Christmas.” When you add the person, you do get a box that says “Events” under their name, which I expected would give me a drop-down box of holidays I entered (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc.) but no, I had to go back to “Events,” find “Christmas,” choose “People,” and locate the name. Clunky.

- This is the one

Downloaded 4 different gift list apps and this was by far the best. Why? Password protected, can easily edit, and intuitive. Love it!

- Great app

I love this App I can store all my Christmas Gifts and it keeps track of how much I spent. Also love the password, my kids can't access it and I don't have to worry when they are playing on my phone.

- Upgrade doesn't work

There is no visible way to enter my passcode in the upgrade? That really makes checking my list hard!!! All fixed! Thank you for the quick response!

- So helpful!

Exactly what I needed to help organize gift ideas both for others and myself (mom always asks what I want for bdays & Christmas). I have never had any problems with this app, and have recommended it to friends.

- Intuitive, useful

Great way to stay ahead of gift-giving, even to gather gifts before you know who they're going to!

- Great app

This app is awesome for online shoppers and gift givers!

- Quality app!

Does exactly what it describes and what I need it for.

- Great

Really covers all the angles of gift buying. The Best!

- Great App

I love this app. It's so convenient for when I think of a gift for someone. I can put it into the app so I don't forget about it when the next holiday rolls around. Works great!

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- Can only choose from certain retailers

I like the way you can add birthdays and other events, but I need a shopping list that is more flexible. I don't always know what I'm going to buy, so I don't want to have to choose a specific gift and store, in order for it to appear on my shopping list. Good but too rigid to be great.

- Great app

I track every occassion and gift on this app. Very easy to use. Wish this would work on an ipad or even save the info on a file.

- Crashes a lot!

This app used to be awesome but now it crashes every single time I try to delete a gift item from an existing event list. Really frustrating!

- Blows up

I just installed this app. I opened it and it blows up and closes it. Not sure what happened. Oh well. On to the next app.

- Santa's BIG helper

Very happy with his app. Have added my entire list, and I love to see my budget at a glance.

- Works great!

I used this last year for my Christmas shopping and will use it again this year. I can keep my lists organized and it really helped to keep me within my overall and individual budgets.

- Great

No more forgetting what you got someone and for jotting down ideas for them.

- Very good app

The gift list is very useful

- Was good, like app for organising gift giving

Great idea, like optional features, used to work well. Way too many crashes these days, decreasing usefulness of app. Also wish was a universal app as I like planning and archiving on iPad, but wish synced with iPhone for shopping. .

- Great

It's a really awesome app, but I want to be able to sort people by their birthdays, not by their names. More sorting settings should be made.

- Crashes ruin it!!

This would be a great app! It helps to make lists and it's cool how you can add photos to it. But it crashes way to much that it gets really annoying especially if you have a large number of people to shop for. There also isn't any way to put decimal points there should be an option to input that and it would be better to have the option to out the actual amount spent spent so there's an accurate way to keep track of expenses. I hope this app gets an update before Christmas! Because it would be really handy and useful.

- Used to love it but now keeps crashing.

Crashes All the time since last update. Can't use it anymore.

- This is THE perfect App

I've tried many, many apps and NONE have come close to No More Socks. It's as if I gave specs for a Gift Organization and more app to an assistant and was rewarded with a finished product that exceeded my expectations in Every way. See you yourself!!!!

- Useful - but crashes

It's a useful app with some nice customisable features (such as add photo of item purchased - or that you want to purchase). But I find it crashes quite frequently when trying to add content. Also - primarily limited to USA stores, so finding retailers isn't very useful - and therefore the shopping list feature (that uses the retailers selected) is also of limited use outside of the USA. Would like to be able to group the people I'm buying for by family or age group or relationship category (I.e. co- worker). And would like a clearer way to distinguish between bought and un-purchased items.

- Limited retailers

This APP seems visually appealing and friendly to use however I'm deleting it just after loading it. Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't just type in an independent retailer's name and without a retailer I can't create a shopping list. The APP seems to have too many layers for my needs. It looks nice though!

- Useless.

Crashed on almost every page, couldn't add gifts until I made an event and it wouldn't let me make one!!

- Love this app - and not just for Xmas

Great app for building gift ideas and gift shopping lists, especially for Xmas. Love being able to monitor my budget and what I have bought so far.

- No more socks😂

It's pretty good I love the idea of having a pass code for people who snoop.its makes Christmas lists organized. You should totally get if your an organized person😝

- very good

it was very useful and helped my organize all my Christmas shopping but you should be able to edit ideas after you make them!

- So many resins to luv this app

It awesome! Set birthdays, past presents, events for each person the list goes on. I'm very impressed!

- Very good

It helped me a lot to organize my Christmas shopping.

- Great App. Very Impressive

Once I figured out how to efficiently use this app, I was very impressed with the thought put into it's design. You can duplicate gifts you have already used and add them back to your idea list. You can keep track of retailers and the prices they are charging before deciding where to buy. Am I over budget? With this app you will know. I'm the most organized I have been for Christmas thanks to this app. Thanks to the developers for a great app.

- Great for collecting thoughts

Love the birthday reminder, the password protection, and the ease of it.

- Bravo!

One of the best of its kind! I was happy to nab it while it was free! Thank you!!! :)

- Average product

I heard about this app via GeekBeat TV, decided to try it out, and the only reason I actually bought it was because Calli recommended it. Note to developpers: make a lite version available so we can test before wasting our money.

- Excellent tool for those who need lists

Great app to organize so many different events and purchases

- Great organizing app!

This app is great and easy to use. It would have earned top stars if it had an optional password lock (nosey snoopers) and a list that can be created without having to add a store or location. Other than those 2 things, it's great.

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- Good Organizer

Good app for organizing gifts- still getting the hang of it, but so far it's keeping everything in place so I won't forget what's been purchased already

- Great start!

This is a great beginning app for tracking gift purchases. If it could keep track of which gifts were shipped and/or received, not just purchased, and if people could be organized by first name rather than last it would be perfect! Also, I would love automatic updates to children's ages, which would show next to their names.

- Very good app.

I had "leftover" ideas from birthdays I was able to use this Christmas that I wouldn't have remembered on my own. However, I wish I could indicate whether the present was purchased, wrapped, and mailed (if necessary) and then finally check the person off my list. I also wish I could see a list of what still needed to be bought, what needed to be wrapped and what needed to be mailed (and once it was purchased, it would automatically moved to the wrapping list and if the "mailing required" indicator was on it would automatically move from the wrapping list to the mail it list). As a basic program this app is very good, but with these upgrades and other upgrades mentioned in other reviews, this would be a GREAT app. I would even be willing to pay a buck or two for a fully refined app like this.

- Great app'

Great way to keep everything organized! Added all birthdays as well so now they are all on one place and I will be reminded before those days arrive!!!

- Great app!

Nice app!

- Good app

But could use some a rural ideas in that part of the app. Fairly intuitive and very useful!

- Very helpful!

This app is doing a fantastic job of keeping my Christmas shopping under control. My only request would be the ability to mark a person complete or to move them out of the main list when done, so you can keep your focus on the people you still need to finish shopping for. Other than that, 5 stars!

- Perfect App

This app keeps track of birthdays and any event you want to create. It's a great place to store everyone's gift ideas that way when you need to purchase a gift for someone you will know what to buy them! It's a great gift idea tracker for each individual or group of people! Awesome app!!!

- Christmas Helper

This app is extremely helpful. Helps to keep track if what I have already purchased so I don't give the same gift. Easy to use and update. Made Christmas shopping more convenient so I didn't have to try to remember who wanted what and what I had bought.

- A great idea

The concept is awesome and it's worth using since its free. But it quits randomly when I try to submit information or save changes.

- Pretty darn good!

I love how functional and customizable this is! However, when I synced with iTunes after setting up Christmas and entering a few gifts I'd purchased, it all disappeared. Without a way to back up this app, that really stinks. Please update with a backup, even if it's just a file you save in iTunes or email to yourself. I've almost finished my Christmas shopping and have entered all of my gifts, but I'm afraid to sync again...

- Do not buy this app

This app appears to be easy to use and helpful, but you can't even edit the gifts once you submitted it. I would not suggest for anyone to get this app.

- The best present/holiday gift app!

The app itself was incredibly easy on the eyes. With a clean sleek style this blows the other free apps out water when it comes to looks alone. You can add people from contacts or just create them. You can create any event and add either one or any person to any event. You can then set budgets for each person. Add a gift to anyone because of an idea or rather you already bought it, no matter it will negate the price from your budget. You can also have it set to remind you of birthdays and other holidays.

- Great app

Great for keeping track of gifts and budgets. Very easy to use! Love the fact I can take pictures of items to remind me what I have given.

- A tool for the whole year!

I am loving using this for Christmas and as a mother of seven children this app will be used all year long as I prepare for birthdays, etc. this is one of my favorite apps on my phone. I love to plan and be organized and this is a well constructed program that does everything I wanted and more!

- Great App!

I've used other apps in the past, but this app is my favorite! I can see myself using it for more than just Christmas. My one wish would be to have a status for gifts - that can be customized (purchased, ordered, wrapped, to make, complete, made, etc.)

- Good free app

Only problem I've encountered so far is when adding people from contacts somehow the birth dates don't import correctly


Love it!!!

- No more socks!!!!

I am very disorganized when it comes to shopping. I will go to a store and end up buying something for me instead of the other person. So this reminds me not to waste all me money.

- Great

Great App. Nice interface. Needs a calculator. Love the pass code feature and ability to add people through contacts! Thanks :)

- Works well

Just wish there was a way to input the budget and then another line for actual amount spent. I may budget $400 for a camera but if I can find it for $200, id like to know how much was left from the original budgeted amount.

- Keeps Me Organized

Would be nice if it sync'd between devices, but is easy and fun to use. I have a history of gifts I've given and a place to add ideas for future gifts.

- Mother

Love pass code ability! Kids get on my phone and can not access gift list.

- Great app to keep gift giving organized!

I love being able to keep track of gift ideas, a per person budget and past gifts all in one simple to use app. Can't wait for future upgrades...developers have a great tool for busy shoppers.

- Good Start, Keep Working

Interface is nice. Helpful app in general, though its not the only one out there. It does need some work... • You should be able to add more than one person at a time from your contacts. Right now, it takes three taps to add each person from your contacts. • When importing contacts, existing dates in the contact's record should automatically create events in the app (ie birthdays, anniversaries). • Events should be able to be set to reoccurring. • Should have the option to sort people by last name or first name. (I prefer last name so I can see family members together in the list, but not an option.) • On a person record, you should be able to add them to events. • Custom traits should be saved to use for other people. • On Ideas records, once you bookmark an item, you should be able to use the image on the bookmarked page as the idea image. • On ideas records, when browsing online retailers, you should be able to save images to your camera roll and open the page in Safari/Chrome • Also on Ideas, the Share this idea option should also allow you to share it by email or text with friends, maybe by sending the URL of your #1 preferred retailer. • Ideas should be able to be connected to a person from the ideas screen and maybe list all ideas for each person.

- Good app

Slick ui but it sometimes gets confusing with the separate sections

- Very easy to use

I downloaded several apps. On my iPhone. This was the only free one that was easy and exactly what I needed for Christmas. Thanks for creating such a great app😊

- Great idea

I love this app!!! Now I can stay organized and not leave anyone out this year!

- Potentially great

Seems to have potential to keep me from giving poor gifts with no thought to them.

- Crash problem

I didn't get the chance to even see it it crashes as soon as I click it, tried a reboot and a delete/reinstall still a no go im on iOS 6.. This is the first app I've had problems with, nice with a fun and interesting concept just wish I could use it

- Its great but

It crashed as soon as I created a new event and then tried adding my first contact into that event on iOS 6.01 iPhone please fix Also in the gift ideas section instead of saying the best gifts for 2012 would be great if you asked your budget for example you're willing to spend only $200 and then it should ask if you are looking to buy for for example a male or female and then it would come back with 100 suggestions of the best products under two hundred dollars for a 20-year-old female!

- Help I need something

I can never remember who I got what for so this is a good tool for me to use. Then I can add myself to keep track of the gifts I get, which get fewer and fewer due to the economy

- Meh

I find this difficult to use so I end up using other applications instead

- Re-review good but poor help & needs a few changes

First off, the in app help is atrocious. But more on that later. I do like the way the app looks on opening. It's a cute refrigerator magnet interface. I like that it's pretty simple instead of adding a bunch of bulky features some people want & demand, especially as it's a free app. It can be somewhat confusing at first, but you can figure out if you want to use it, but it really, really needs some simple tutorials. That being said, the help videos in the app are very, very poor. Kind of like watching a hyperactive teenager show their adult uninitiated parent how simple it is to use their video game controller on the newest game release. Not helpful at all! The only real issues I see that need to be fixed, other than the help problems, are, first off, the screen needs to be able to switch to landscape view when going online to retailer stores. The webpage is to difficult to see on my small iPhone screen & zooming in causes you to loose most of what's on the webpage. Second, there needs to be a way to edit the amount you've set for a budget. On my Christmas event list I had to completely remove a person & add them again just to change my budget for them. Otherwise, it works as it should without being buggy. At least now I don't have to find where I tucked away my multiple idea lists, in one of the myriad of little notebooks I have, or worry about a paper list getting torn or lost, or it simply being illegible from all my scribbles. Thanks!

- Love this app!

Found out that with adult children, come the holidays they don't give you any ideas. I do hear mine mention things and I put the ideas here all year.

- App I actually use!

My iPhone is full of apps, this is one I actually use! Convinced my husband to get to keep him a bit more organized and on schedule for gift giving.

- Good

This easy to use and comes in handy. I like that it shows your budget and gives you an option to hold ideas. I will use this a lot for Christmas.

- Very manual....god idea falls a bit short

Good ideas but not well integrated. Apples strong suit is integration and this really does not take advantage of it attaches to facebook but won't bring in you friends, their birthdays etc.... Events are 1 time should be able to set them to repeat....and see a history of what you have done ...I know when I plan an event have lots of ideas at the end of this years for next..... If I developed this I would link it to ideas from could link other users ideas into a website or within the products in see ideas......this is a cute UI really basic framework....needs lots of improvement to get people to want to pay for can do all the things it does already with the basic tools on apart.....glad it was free....

- Fun to use!!!

For those who love giving gifts this app is a must have! Every holiday season its easy to get stressed out remembering what you bought for the ones you love. And all you can do is hope you didn't leave anyone out!! Not with this app!! Not only are you able to plan out your holidays or birthdays in clear and organized way, but you also are able to get a good idea of what your budget will look like! I totally recommend this app!!

- No More Socks for Christmas

So for so good!

- Great App but...

It's a great app but it's missing a few key features: - no login, save or sync options so data could be lost. - contact photos and birthdays don't update when contacts are updated - no decimals in budgets??????? Looking forward to some updates.

- Socks

Seems cool :)

- Just what I needed.

Does everything a gift giving app should. Love it!

- Great app

Great app

- Great app

Best Christmas idea list for multiple people!

- Help for holidays

Love this app to stay organized for Christmas.

- Nice app

Great app and very helpful. I would love to see it work in landscape mode for the iPad though. And it would be great if the the app would sync on all devices. Other than that, it is very helpful to remember gifts for the future for Hanukkah, Christmas and birthdays. :)

- Cool

Nice app

- So Far, So Good

I like this app for its flexibility and organization. It lets you do as much or as little as you want!

- Paid off already

Being someone who never knows what to get people this app is great. I just jot a quick note or gift idea for people and it reminds me near their bday. Already has come in very useful. I wish you could repeat alerts or snooze them. Also it would be great to have alerts for non bdays. Great app.

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No More Socks 2.6.3 Screenshots & Images

No More Socks iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

No More Socks iphone images
No More Socks iphone images
No More Socks iphone images
No More Socks iphone images
No More Socks iphone images
No More Socks Productivity application ipad screenshots and images not ready...
No More Socks Productivity application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
No More Socks Productivity application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

No More Socks (Version 2.6.3) Install & Download

The applications No More Socks was published in the category Productivity on 2010-10-27 and was developed by Fat Cigar Productions Ltd [Developer ID: 555490896]. This application file size is 29.55 MB. No More Socks - Productivity posted on 2017-10-29 current version is 2.6.3 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

No More Socks Advisories: Unrestricted Web Access

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