The Calculator

The Calculator [Utilities] App Description & Overview

Simply use it for every calculation. Even dictate equations with your voice. Count on it whenever, wherever.

• Basic & Scientific Calculator
• History Tape: Save, Copy & Share Calculations
• 70+ Amazing Themes
• Edit Equation
• Dictate Equations
• Memory Banks
• Choose your Decimal Notation
• Calculate with Degrees or Radians
• Set the Number of Decimals

• Voice Control
• Dark Mode
• Apple Watch
• Drag and Drop
• Split View

Upgrade to a Premium Membership and Receive the Following Ongoing Value:
• Ad-Free
• Fraction Calculator
• Currency Converter
• All Special Themes
• Premium Customer Support

If you choose to purchase a subscription, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged within 24-hours prior to the end of the free trial or current period. Subscription with a free trial period will automatically renew to a paid subscription. Any unused portion of a free trial period (if offered) will be forfeited when you purchase a premium subscription during the free trial period. You can cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes store after purchase. The cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period, and you will be downgraded to the free service.

Terms & Conditions:
 Privacy Policy:

Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication, Percentages
Square, Cubic Exponent, Nth Exponent
Square Root, Cubic Root, Nth Root
Engineering Exponent, Factorial
Power of Two, Power of Ten, Power of E
Natural Logarithm, Common Logarithm, Binary Logarithm
Sine, Cosine, Tangent
Arc Sine, Arc Cosine, Arc Tangent
Hyperbolic Sine, Hyperbolic Cosine, Hyperbolic Tangent
Hyperbolic Arc Sine, Hyperbolic Arc Cosine, Hyperbolic Arc Tangent
Multiplicative Inverse, Random Number Input

You can edit both digits and operators of the current equation. You can place the edit cursor by tapping or using the arrows.

Simply use your voice to dictate equations by tapping on the mic icon. Dictate works best when you speak naturally as if you were talking to another person.
Currently, Dictate supports only basic calculations.

Command your device to take actions for you and get your work done fast & easy! Try the power of Voice Control and remain independent.

Switch to Dark mode and enjoy the benefits!
The Dark mode allows you to tone down the colors of your screen and let you experience The Calculator in a dark environment. The dark mode protects your eyes from bright colors, saves battery power and helps you better focusing.

Having a great result with your calculation or currency conversion? Save time and send it to your contacts fast & simple… by sharing with the calculator!

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The Calculator (C) 2000 Impala Studios.

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Small but important improvements in this update! What's changed? Performance improvements, small bug fixes aimed to enhance your experience and we've updated to the data security connections to protect personal data. See even more potential? Please reach out to us to share your ideas and suggestions at

The Calculator Comments & Reviews

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- So easy,

Love the calculator!

- Too many ads

Works great but too many ads.

- This was a great app, now it’s awful!

I’ve had this basic calculator app for several years free. It’s been a great little, simple calculator. The app has changed to include annoying ads. If I’m adding 2 + 2, I don’t want to see an ad. As a matter of fairness, I refuse to ever purchase a product advertised on an app that SHOULD BE FREE!!! I mean we’re talking a basic calculator, (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Now they want $14.99 a year for a basic calculator. A basic calculator is worth a maximum of $5.00, as a one time purchase. When I use the app now, I do not read the ads, I only grumble when they pop up and annoy me. If you are advertising on this app, don’t waste your money. I can’t imagine very many people will be purchasing your products when they are angry at being interrupted by an ad when all the user wants is to solve a simple math problem. A BASIC CALCULATOR absolutely should be an app included free with the purchase of an all ready over priced I-Pad. Since Jobs died Apple has really declined in customer service and features. Apple products used to be worth the high prices. This is my fourth I-Pad. Next time I need a tablet, I’m going to an Android. With all of Apple’s declines in the last couple of years, it’s products are no longer worth extra money.

- Remove the ads = 5-rating

Ad removal should not cost users money! Thanks.

- Nice game 👍👍👍👍🤝🤝🤝👍👍👍🤝🤝👍🤝👍👍

It tells you how to do math Nice game

- Roblox


- Hi

This is the worst thing EVER. I rate this 5 stars so others can see how bad this app is.

- It’s cool but a lot of ads for a free app overall it’s a good app but it has no measuring option

I think it’s a little more ad than app it has so much ads and you have to pay to get rid them it’s more like a game to get money but it’s cool

- Uwu calculator

Works fo me

- App Crashing

Just updated on iPad and app is crashing? Usually I don’t have this problem

- uu


- So Colorful!

Just the prettiest thing ever!

- Is very smart


- Use it all the time

Couldn’t manage without it.

- Full screen ads for questionable products? Pass!

Absurd number and invasiveness of ads is inexcusable, uninstalled!

- Comments

Stop the ads please

- Awesome

This app sense my iPhone didn’t come with the calculator app I got this one it was amazing you can change the color of the keys it was Awesome.

- Would subscribe for a 1-time purchase.

The free version is very useful, but the subscription model for a calculator is not justifiable. There are many other ways to do calculations for far less than $18 a year. I imagine a one time purchase of $10 would encourage more people to upgrade. More upgrades means more referrals by word of mouth, means more upgrades and so on. A one time purchase upgrade is a win-win.

- It pretty good but...

I really dislike the adds because sometimes when I am trying so hard to figure something out I click an add, get messed up and confused 😐. Then I forget what I WAS trying to do. *sigh* But overall the app is very helpful! It just needs some improvements! 👍😁

- Worst app in the world

Bruh you get 100 calculations on it and then u HV to pay. Who TF has to pay for calculating something

- It’s easy

I can check my work by typing in the problem.

- 😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗


- I love it

Dis is great

- Great

5 stars, this app helps me when I don't do work or with not on time work.

- g


- Aaron Mbagara

Aaron Mbagara has always got me the right thing for the first to be the first one I have ever seen for you once I know I have done my hair done for the last few days of denmarks I’ve got the prince and

- Rev

It would be perfect except for all the advertisements

- I use it a lot

I love it I use it on my iPad Pro all the time

- Goood

It’s a pretty good calculator

- Nuisance

Nobody needs this.

- Worst app ever

How is this the only apple original app and you have to pay 🙄I say I should take down the paying trail

- Peepee


- Review

It is a good app but the only thing I would change is that you only have 100 fraction calculations before you have to pay or delete the app

- This is great I love changing the filter

This calculator has great filters

- Good

It’s a calculator, it works and the math is right.

- It’s really nice


- Calculator

Great app. Works well.

- Intrusive ads, $18/year to remove

This calculator features full screen pop up ads that prevent you from using the app. If you enjoy watching ads but don’t like using calculators, this is the app for you.

- owned since 2016

no problems to report here just ads i paid to remove em tho

- Helps me a lot

This makes math easy by just telling you the answer doesn’t matter is it’s 100,000,000x100,100,100 is will just say the answer for advice I say you shouldn’t use this for math assignment that’s cheating

- Ads

Too many advertisements. They get in the way and are annoying while trying to use this app.

- No


- Review

I don’t like ads otherwise a good calculator

- Ok

It’s A

- Simple calculator

Stop adding games I just want a calculator.

- Ads

Its like they went out their way to make the ads on this app as annoying as possible

- Cal. Opinión


- Great

Great and easy to use! I love it! Thanks!

- It’s awesome GeT IT

This app is so cool you get to choose what the background is

- Works great

Works great

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- Ok it ok

It’s A ok app so you should get it

- Not a fan of new format

I wish that updates would make it clear that the entire ‘look’ of the app is changing, as I am no fan of the new calculator. Not only do I dislike blue, I find it hard to distinguish the features across a ‘fade’ background. I really liked the ‘old’ orange and high contrast gray and white calculator... how can I get it back?

- Crap

Keeps asking me to rate it and I want it to stop!!!

- Homework helper

This help me with my homework

- Ew


- Bad app

It doesn’t delete the numbers when you go back in and there is adds every 2 seconded and I like sex with 5 hot sexy lady’s including addition Rae.

- Glitch

Freezes up.

- Hello the calculator

Hello how r you doing?🙂

- Fart

Fafarta5a&5dxfsgfdgr aNd I OoOooPoOOO

- Not a bad app!

I like the app. It has a bit too many ads though, but I have to be honest. This app is really useful for me to cheat so thank you. I’m just kidding, but anyways, if you can reduce the ads it would be a pleasure. And also, it takes a bit of time for it to load. I’m not sure if it’s on my end or yours but I just need to have a clarification on that please. I would give it a 4 star (like I mostly do for most apps because none can be perfect for me to like because I’m kind of a picky person) but the ads and the time for it to load takes a bit of time. This app is useful for doing hard math and even harder equations. Although the themes are something that help me concentrate and seem pretty cool, and I was wondering if your company could have a chance to update themes and make more? If it is unavailable for you guys to make more themes or if it’s you guys don’t want to I’m okay with that because it’s just a little extra. May I get your company’s response and clarification with this? Please and thank you!

- Stop

The ads are ok but when they show up on the full screen I can’t tap the X button 🤬 and the recently part that shows you what you calculated in the past takes all my gigabytes

- I have to do five work sheets

Help me

- ❤️

It helps me so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ and I pass my test today online school so tank you

- Works great but...

I’ve been using this calculator for a number of years now and I love how many skin choices there are. Everything is laid out nicely and easy to use, the buttons are nice and big and it’s easy to get to the scientific part of the calculator. The only real downside are the ads. Now I understand that because it’s a free product that the ads are necessary to help the developers pay for the app, and honestly I don’t mind that, especially since the ads aren’t too intrusive. However, I would still like to get rid of them and I’m willing to pay for that, but not a monthly subscription. The fact that there is no one time fee is the only thing that nocks this down to three stars. Change the app to a one time, lifetime fee or to a yearly fee of a decent amount (not $20 a year, that’s too much), and this app would easily be five stars.

- Adds

Calculator is good but adds are popping up. Will delete if adds keep coming.

- Great

Seems to be a little slow to load but works great the calculations are correct, I quite like the memory and fraction functions!

- Calculator

Love that it is big and you can really see your work. The feature that shows your calculation of numbers is so useful. Love the beautiful background colours

- Ads

Too many ads, but otherwise it’s fine

- Hehe boi

He he boi

- Incessantly Annoying Updates

Why does a simple calculator app need to be ‘updated’ so frequently? Simply drawing our attention to it. I deleted it.

- Review

Good app, but too many ads

- Amazing app


- This is not bad

Good for math and stuff but idk it’s just a little hard to know the control

- Great

Great for math good job 👍

- Best app ever!

Best app ever

- This

I love this it is a good app whoever created this is a Genius

- Ads are annoyingly intrusive

Pure amateur hour that a device as expensive as the iPad cheaps out on a program that the most basic computer has always shipped with. So I install this third party app only to find it almost unusable. What kind of a user experience is it to have your screen blank and an ad play in the middle of a calculation? If an ad stops you from using the app the way it was intended then that’s unacceptable.

- What can I say, it needs one word


- Ads

Lose the ads. Offer ad free version. Deleted.

- homework

like exams are is on now

- Just why

Why do you have to pay to get days to do this it’s A CALCULATOR my calculations are out on my fractions

- To many ads

There is way to many ads I love how all the good rating are at the back 🤣

- Review


- Awesome

Awesome Calculator super cool dude

- TOO MANY ADSSSSSS!!! !!!!!!!!

Ya so The title it’s. Explains all

- Review it stinks

Takes too long to load. Then there is a very annoying ad at the bottom of the screen that flashes all the time it’s used, saying i have won an Apple IPhone from Bell Aliant. I followed that once and was told I needed to pay a dollar for it, so it charged my credit card $50 for a dating service. No phone. I followed through with the credit card and got my money back. All in all, a very annoying experience.

- Uyyy


- I was happyish

I was quite happy with it , until that silly review thing came up.

- Horrible

I hate this

- Good

Good for schoolwork right now

- Commercials????

Never thought that would find commercials here. When I work I have to desire to shop or play.. stupid!!!!!

- Bigggggg

This calculator is way too big. I didn’t realize the dimensions when I downloaded the app. Frankly, it scared my when I hoped it lol. It would certainly be helpful for someone with impaired vision. They could make it very clear to everyone that this calculator is for the disabled!

- Why is there ads?

Why do you have ads and make people pay money to remove them on a calculator?

- Merci

Un gros merci c’est très pratique pour moi , J’apprécie beaucoup.

- Awesome

I like this

- Michel

S U P E R ...!

- Apple calculator

The fact that Apple can’t even provide a calculator, the simplest technology out there, without inundating its loyal fan base with pop up adds, speakers to the disdain Apple shows towards its buyers.

- LoL lo


- I love this

It’s nice to have a calculator.

- Ads interfere with use

You’re in the middle of inputting data and an ad pops up that takes you to a page you must exit to continue. So annoying. Am looking for a different app and will be deleting this.

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- Terrific Tool

Meets all my calculating needs! Thanx so much!

- Garbage

Full of ads and can't even do a calculation of 111111111 x 111111111

- Hi🥳!!!!!!! Hi there were lots of different things

Hi there thanks so much for your support and I will see if I could get it done tomorrow and I will send you some information and I will send it thanks 😊 well you can have it and send me the information I will get the extra extra time for the kids to come to my work thanks for a great time thanks 🙏🏻 well

- Amazing

I love this app it points out all the features that the Apple calculator had flaws with. I also love the fact that it has history so helpful also no ads this is the best calculator ever! 😍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

- Advertisement

Too many advertisement

- Great


- Ads

Must we have ads on the calculator app too? It’s so distracting.

- This app is the worst! Adds are very intrusive!!!! Do not install!!!!

This app is the worst! Adds are very intrusive!!!! Do not install!!!!

- Good

Good for the standard things I want. Not happy with the adds that take over the screen. It also always goes back to financial when I set it to standard.

- Calculator

It very helpful in many situations and it break things down

- Review

It’s nice but they should put more themes for girls

- Radical right-wing ads

WHY does Apple refuse to build a simple calculator for iPad? When will I stop being forced to settle with cheap garbage imitation knockoffs like this covered in intrusive extremist messages?

- its hard to unfersdand im not a karen

one star

- Get this app

Life saver for school

- Girl with money

His helps me so much download it now peeps

- Amazing

I just got this app and I love it we don’t have to pay and even I can change the color I’m like omg I just REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY love this app I use it so much that I even use it for my online classes you guys should get this app!!!

- .....

Listen this is a great app but I need help with fractions and whenever I go to it I need to buy it and it would be great if the app could be free even adults use it

- Good

I needed a calculator simply, and this one in great. This is a minor concern, slightly lest adds

- Can’t remove this thing!

Having a real hard time getting rid of this app

- Ads

The ads are always there and I hate them.

- a monthly fee for a ad free calculator? ridiculous!

like if not enough that i pay for rent,insurance,electricity,internet,phone, tv, medical insurance, but now i need to pay a monthly fee to use a calculator? no thanks

- You make me wet

I’m under your bed daddy😏

- ❤️

I like it I ❤️ it

- I’ve moved on

With iPadOS I have the calculator up in the split window when I’m working in my notes which is super convenient, right up until the calculator shows a full page advertisement with no way to close out the advertisement. This doesn’t just distract me from the task at hand, it puts an obstacle in my way that I have to close down the app from split screen, reopen the app, start the split screen again, and hope that another full page advertisement isn’t there. And if it isn’t, now I can try to get back to my train of thought. I’ve been putting up with it, or just using the calculator on my phone, but it happened 4 times so far today, so I’m taking the time to give my feedback and move on to another calculator app. Looks like I won’t have a hard time finding something that works and doesn’t make me subscribe.

- The subscriptions are SO bad!!

I dislike how you make people pay to use the fraction or money section of the calculator. It makes it really annoying because I’m doing fractions in my school, and it doesn’t hurt to have some help don’t it? I would like to not have that subscription because sometimes fractions are more useful than a normal calculator. Please not this. Also, I’ve heard a lot about the ads, and I don’t really agree. I think that the ads are fine. It’s just I don’t want to open my app to a big “help cancer” ad. There’s a lot that I don’t like with this. But, I do like the different things you can change it too!

- Coculater

I love it because it helps me with my school


Just charge a fee. This subscription money grab is taking down apps. A great 5 star app was just made nauseating because they aren't ethical enough to ask a one time fee (which I would pay) but instead want us to feel fury each month for a subscription fee. And the ad pollution just got over the top. Warn of phase out after so many iOS changes if you need. Just charge a one time fee! Ads just completely overtook this app like a disease. They used to be tolerable. I went looking for the upgrade fee. Subscription? DELETED!!

- Hate it!!

The ads drive me insane!!!! When I need to use a calculator I don’t want to wait for the ad to pass before I can use IT! Super huge inconvenience!

- Amazing

It was so nice and a great way to get my kids home work done

- 5 stars

The calculator that comes with the apple phone was constantly kicking out to ads. So I went to apps and downloaded this one and it has bigger numbers and has not kicked me out to a ad yet

- So good for cheating

I just cheat in class so much it is just so fun

- 𝗔𝗺𝗮𝘇𝗶𝗻𝗴!


- Calculator

It does math

- Really?

Why do you have to have a membership for a calculator? That’s stupid and I don’t even need it

- Why did calculator change?

Old view version was much better - simple

- Escape from a good friend


- Phone Calculator

Great app. I had this or something similar when I purchased the phone, but it disappeared after my most recent I-Phone update. Good to have.

- Great!

Different types of numbers, different colors and easy steps!

- Calculator App2020

It’s a Calulator

- Ed

Clear display, user-friendly, quick. Excellent app.

- It is noice

Homework to easy


This app has so many ads. I can barely open the app.

- Ads

It’s hard to use with all the stupid ads flashing around.

- Ads

The calculator is great. The ads are terrible and pop up frequently. Really annoying. Wouldn’t recommend because of the ads.

- Terrible

Too many pop up ads!!! Horrible!

- Pay for it😟

What is this app it’s very good at the first but mean while suddenly it want me to pay money for some new objects that work before!!!!!!!!!!!

- Ruined a useful and good working add with Casino ads.

I’ve had this App loaded on my iPad for many years. Of course it gets used only on those occasions when a calculator is needed. Well, I recently opened the App and find that there is a particular ad with really fast scrolling Casino numbers or cards. This is REALLY ANNOYING when one is trying to find numbers and function keys on the keyboard. I am now going to shop around in the App Store and find another App where those annoying ads don’t appear.

- Calculator

Very nice



- Why adds for a calculator

Why when I was a young lad I would walk uphill both ways to and from work to calculate for them fine folks in Silicon Valley and I never asked for ad revenue percentage for the work I did. Not one red cent

- Calculator

This is great🥰 you can use this any time some has a math question. I love how you can see what you put in so that you no don’t get a miss take.😋☺️😝😜😛😚🤪😎💩😻

- I love it


- It’s good but...

I like the app as it helps me when I don’t have a calculator near me, but I don’t like that you can only use currency a certain amount of times. I think if maybe it refreshes it each day if you have used it all. Though maybe you can only have it ten times a day.

- Soker

It would be great if we could use at least calculator without ads 😫

- Great

Nice work pretty much liked it

- Best calculator ever ୰

I can sneak to prove my math skill by cheating,using this app

- Awesome

This calculator has a currency exchange section so that was really helpful!👍👍👍

- The worst app.

Do not get this app. Upgraded to pro more ads and games Should be removed from the App Store .

- Great app

Great for school and for cheating.

- I love maths

Hi I’m Kayfnie back in the time I was very very good at math but then after summer break I forgot my math until I started using the calculator now I’m good at math again

- Love

I love it


I updated the app and now the UI has changed and ads are all over the screen making this calculator app completely useless. I’m deleting it and looking for a better app now.

- Calculator

Very handy.

- Review

Too complicated for my needs. Can’t find decimal key.

- E

Great for cheating

- Full of malicious ads

DO NOT USE THIS UTILITY. Got partially sucked in by an ad purporting to be from our telecom provider. Bailed but unfortunately not before data was hoovered by people running malicious ads. Good thing my spam filter is so efficient.

- Great!

It’s pretty much like any other calculator... except for the ads...

- Very nice!

I love this different little themes. My children love this especially my 11 year old!

- Decent calculator, ridiculous prices

I’ve had this calculator for years and there used to be just a small add banner at the bottom. Then they introduced these loud obnoxious adds before each calculation so I thought maybe I’ll pay for the app so I don’t get the adds anymore... they want you to subscribe for freaking 19.95 a month? Are you insane?! Who would pay over 480 a year for a freaking calculator?!?! time to find a new app from developers who are a little less greedy.

- Used to be good

Why. Does. It. Have. Ads. This is a calculator, and I have to PAY!?

- So Stupid

You have to pay a membership to use and too many ads who ever made this app probably wants lots of money and they are so stupid we can probably get a better version of this app and not have to pay

- Really Convenient

It is nice to have the calculator handy when suffering with Arthritis.

- Calculator

Best math app ever

- The advertising sucks.


- The “Calculator” is good.

It solves certain math problems and simple math!!

- Great calculator

Only thing I don't like is adds but I don't use it enough to upgrade 😬

- A joke

Laughably bad.


Right when I’m in the middle of my calculations, an ad pops up then I loose all my calculations! The number of ads is outrageously big and it’s very annoying! Fix this before I delete it...

- Calculatrice à l’aide

J’aimerais qu’elle reste toujours sur mon appareil, à portée de doigts , que je n’ai pas à la chercher à chaque fois que j’en ai besoin . Merci à l’avance.

- Woo hoo

My grandma does math with me with FaceTime so I use this to cheat 😂😂😂

- Stupid

It’s just stupid

- Love it

I love this app. It’s the best, easiest to use, the history function works well, and it looks the best if any calculator app I’ve come across.

- Great calculator

This calculator will do more than the average person will ever need and more.

- Best

So good, it is the best.

- For all the haters

This is actually a good app is just the person or group that made it just needs to improve.Give them a little more time and space to Improve their work.

- It is cool how on an iPad you can change the background

Love how you can change background on iPad

- This is great

There wrong yet so far

- Why is there so many ads?

it is a Calculator app it doesn’t need ads.

- 20 bucks a year for a calculator?!

That’s ludicrous. I miss the old days of one time payments.

- This app is the worst in the store

Can’t even use it. Every time I press a button an ad pops up. Deleted.

- The first thing

The only reason why I was that the person who said that was a bad day was going to get a little

- the ads ruin the experience

hard to concentrate when the adds keep flashing throwing your attention away. This isn’t the apple calculator app, not sure where the ipad version is.

- Amazing app

I’m in love with this app

- Calculator

The calculator should come as a app already like the measurement app

- Help in school

Help in school

- Such a handy tool.

Love this calculator. It is great to have this tool at your fingertips whenever you need it.


Too many ads I can’t focus on my work at all I would get things done much faster if you would get rid of all those STUPID ADS! WHY WOULD I WANT A WEATHER APP , SOLITAIRE, AND AN ALARM CLOCK? SERIOUSLY? I HATE IT. Get a different app.

- Calculator

I was undevided about the plus or the subtract about this calculator, but after multiplying my joy by a large percentage I’ve calculated that it comes in handy, final deduction.

- Continuous Updates

You have to wonder why there are continuous updates on a calculator! There has to be more going on with this app behind the scenes.

- Good but not perfect

My feedback is that the ads are just annoying but I hope you guys can do something about it. And if you drop the price a little bit that will be Amazing

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- hate it

I run out of calculations. every time I press any button on the calculator it will instantly ask for £1.29. want my calculations back. Thank you.

- No adverts!

I hate the adverts that now appear on screen, very off putting

- My Favourite Desktop Calculator

Although I’ve also downloaded the free Calculator HD, I really prefer this one because the layout of all the keys & symbols are so easy to see on the keyboard screen view! I don’t know what, (if anything), the HD Version does that this my favourite can’t do, but I guess it just must be the same? Unless the symbol HD stands for perhaps ‘High Digital’, where it might give MANY MORE DIGITS after the .Point? But then, for most calculations, I’m quite happy with just the nearest TWO DIGITS after the point! BUT THIS DEFINITELY IS THE CALCULATOR FOR ME!

- Great!

Very helpful.

- Good

Good I guess

- How can charge a subscription for a calculator

I hate the fact that everyone now wants subscription even a calculator !!! A one purchase for life would be ideal

- It is really good

You can do any sum in the world

- Thank you for making this app this is very helpful for my learning and it’s pretty cool!

Once again thank you

- There is no pi symbol

I hate this because I can’t get the pi symbol on this

- Good

Very good

- Good math machine

Good good good

- In-app Subscription?

...for a calculator?

- I love how you can change the style of the panel


- Bad

Bad bad cheat

- Good

Takes a while to load

- Calculator

I love Calculating so this is the right app for me Sometimes I do not know what the answer is so I use the app calculator

- Great application

I like the fact that when u close the application, it still displays the last number that u input, its very useful, and as an accountant it helps a lot

- Does not do what it says on the tin

Every time I use it or try to use it all it shows is a currency calculator am going to bin it and find one that’s does what I want it to

- Review

Easy to use. Controls well placed and highly visible. And good extras. No time lag. Instant Good colour Bye

- It’s frozen!

Not working.....

- You have to buy it

You have to buy this and it is bad

- Mr f

Very good thanks buy one a1

- A very helpful app and made with care

A very helpful app and made with care ❖⁂༒

- It’s Lit init Bruth

Cool like Dat

- Calculator

Brilliant free to use calculator has all the functions that I require

- Why do u have to pay for stuff

Why do u have to pay for stuff mabye u need it for something like working in lockdown


If I could give this 0 stars ⭐️ I would. It’s horrible and whatever I press glitches me out. A few days ago I had the police call me because of this app. And accused me of hacking apples products. Person reading here is my note for you: IF YOU DONT HAVE THE APP DONT GET IT! IF YOU HAVE IT DELETE IT NOW!

- Convenient

A good tool

- Upgrade it 🤬🖕🏻.sfyfvg

R. Vvvhgff£nfbfhgmgyffs- bb ghmccrsxg

- Calculator Review

Calculator fine, no problems. Adverts BIG problem. And no, I am not paying to get rid of them.

- It helpful for when I struggle with maths. Thank you xx

It's amazing that's all I've gotta say xx

- Ease of use

Even for a dumbass like me

- Calculator App

So useful

- Calculator

I have just begun using the calculator on my iPad and it is so useful and quick saving time and money also. I am very happy to use this app and hope it continues for ever, well maybe not ever but a great deal longer. Thank you Tim Coulson MBE

- Division

Very bad at division

- Did not delete

Horrible terrible

- Calculator

So good. It helps me with everything!

- The cauculator

It is amazing for working things out If you don’t know how much stuff is

- Cool


- Needs to be a better


- Adverts

I hate adverts. No exceptions. No excuses.

- It helped my daughter a lot during lock down

When ever my daughter is stuck I can just let her to look at the calculator and everything’s sorted but I’m a bit annoyed that it doesn’t have a way of helping people with fractions but over all it is a great help

- Calculator

Simple to use. All in one place

- Ok

I love titanic and it helps me work out how many people were on there 2200

- Little extra

Most useful to have the line of transaction showing, serves as a double check when necessary.

- Good

Is good

- He man

Too many ads

- Great tool

Always handy

- Little star

It kinds of tells you the rong ansewer

- This is super good for my work

Hello this app is amazing for helping me do my work and other things yes i have a chow cure lateral but i love this one because you can decorate it

- Love it

This is the beast calculator in the world but it would be nice if they added converting from fractions to decimal

- Calculator

The interphase is superb but please consider adding currency converter to it. Thank you

- Good app

App is good

- Nice


- Fantastic

Very easy to use and accessible. No glitches

- Perfect calculator

It’s nice and has themes

- Remarks on use of the computer

Excellent, it gives confidence to the user. Thanks for having it, please.

- Excellent


- More like advert tool with a side calculator

Seems like an advert board with a calculator on the side. A waste of space

- Great

Thank for this

- DePraise

I really love this

- The Calculator

It nice but should have been one time purchase

- Nice calculator

Currency exchange rate inclusion is great.

- UNIQUE calculator

The calculator is unique and excellent with its bold characters

- Mir

The calculator is excellent.

- Really good app.

This is a very good calculator app for iPad.

- Loved it

Nice app

- Excellent


- Perfect

Most helpful

- De moving machine

Is a moving machine . Very good in calculation ! Try it! It works fine

- Good app

Works beautiful and smooth

- To: The Calculator, really great indeed

This is one of the very best calculators that I have used. Very outstanding indeed. Thumbs up to the creator of this app. Odusanya Oluwafemi

- Superlative

The calculator's performance is ingenious; will call back memories and scientific manipulations, it is the top of the game.

- It's very okay

It's very okay

- Very good

Very good calculator.

- Nice

Great app. Easy to use too.

- Review

Very useful tool. Thanks for the free download.

- Great


- Great

Very good app

- Great

Great app and very useful...

- Calculator

This version of the calculator is easy to use

- Excellent

Very helpful app. Love it!


A very useful tool.Simple to use .

- What i need

Excellent app.

- Calculator for iPad free

Very helpful. An excellent app.

- Engr.

This is one of the best app ever! So helpful and timely. Cheers!

- Good

Good instrument.

- Gud

Dis is d best very useful

- Lovely app

Very direct

- Mr

Great calculator, excellent for my requirement

- So Good

The app is really one of a kind.. Bravo

- Good application

The application is very okay

- Mike

Very very great

- Mr. Bayo

Very very good!

- Excellent

I usually don't give this grade, but the calculator is simply excellent.

- Wonderful app

This application (calculator) is so wonderful,it has everything I need in a calculator.

- Mrs Seb

Impressive and very handy too. Bold enough so I don't need to squint. Bravo, good job.

- Great Calc

The most versatile calculators I have seen in recent time

- Mr

Nice app, am loving it

- Superb

It's simply a very good calculator. I love it

@ledgerstatus What's the link for that cost calculator for deribit? I lost it once and have never been able to find it again...

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@Woke_Contrarian @Major_Simcoe @PeterRQuinones @minds Grab a calculator and the book of lighthouses and you can be…

@41M4C4UL4Y @davidwalliams calculator completely rigged , did the maths on 2 cals , get exactly the same 156070640,…

Finally bagged conspiracy 🤩, which made me think yikes how much money have I spent on @JeffreeStar cosmetics, after…

Hot take: if you are a magician who relies on the iPhone calculator exploit to do the trick for you, you aren’t a magician. #bgt

It's amazing how many of these are around the office. Likely manufactured when I was in high school or college. Com…

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The Calculator 6.2.11 Screenshots & Images

The Calculator iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

The Calculator iphone images
The Calculator iphone images
The Calculator iphone images
The Calculator iphone images
The Calculator iphone images
The Calculator iphone images
The Calculator iphone images
The Calculator ipad images
The Calculator ipad images
The Calculator ipad images
The Calculator ipad images
The Calculator ipad images
The Calculator ipad images
The Calculator ipad images
The Calculator ipad images
The Calculator ipad images
The Calculator ipad images
The Calculator Utilities application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
The Calculator Utilities application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

The Calculator (Version 6.2.11) Install & Download

The applications The Calculator was published in the category Utilities on 2010-10-22 and was developed by International Travel Weather Calculator [Developer ID: 396082456]. This application file size is 143.01 MB. The Calculator - Utilities posted on 2020-05-25 current version is 6.2.11 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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