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TiltShift Video gives you all the editing features you need to turn your videos and photos into awesome tilt-shift creations. Universal app, optimized for all the Retina displays. http://tiltshiftvideoapp.com/

Until now, tilt-shift videos required very expensive lenses for your DSLR or a professional video editing software to edit your video and simulate the effect. In both cases, you also needed a good deal of patience. Not anymore, now you just need this App!

TiltShift Video App uses the processing power of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to quickly apply the tilt-shift effect to your videos & photos. Designed to be easy to use, but highly customizable, all the editing options are at the tip of your finger. The preset functionality will let you save your favorite settings and apply them later as filters to any video or photo.

Download TiltShift Video now and start to "miniaturize" your world!


+ Transform any video recorded with (or synchronized to) your device into an awesome tilt-shift video.
+ Process images from your Photo Library or extract still frames from your videos.
+ Change the speed of your videos: Speed them up to simulate time-lapse sequences or slow them down to create slow motion videos.
+ Use multi-touch gestures to adjust the blur strength and position to get incredible "miniature" effects, simulating tilt & shift lenses.
+ Easily adjust your video saturation, contrast, brightness and vignetting to get the best results.
+ Export your videos in Full HD, HD or choose between the other export presets.

Each update gets better! Stay tuned for new features and improvements.


Questions? Problems? Suggestions? I would love to hear from you! Please send me and email to [email protected] Note that if you leave a support question in the comments, I will not be able to write you back, so just shoot me an email instead.

TiltShift Video - Miniature effect for movies and photos App Description & Overview

The applications TiltShift Video - Miniature effect for movies and photos was published in the category Photo & Video on 2010-10-09 and was developed by Fidel Lainez. The file size is 17.69 MB. The current version is 8.0.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

TiltShift Video 8 is a major upgrade. The app has been rebuilt from the ground up, incorporating several new features and improvements. Some of the highlights are:

- Updated for iOS 9: It takes advantage of many of the latest and greatest iOS features.
- Better integration with your Photos Library.
- UI Improvements.
- Stability and performance improvements.

Thank you very much using TiltShift Video. New features are still in development and they will be included soon, so don’t hesitate to send your feedback, suggestions and requests to [email protected] .

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TiltShift Video - Miniature effect for movies and photos Reviews


Doesn't work  MattyB1489  1 star

The tilt shift does not appear after exporting the video. Don't download this app - waste of money.

Ferlin Luker

Amazing  Ferlin Luker  5 star

Above and beyond my expectations for a iPhone app.

Mr J.J

Update Your App  Mr J.J  2 star

Old and Tired 3 Years ago it was Decent Now its Tired! That's it


Please fix  WillyUjang  3 star

Setting the tilt shift blur followed by changing the speed, caused the tilt shift effect to be gone on the exported video


Works great. Needs photos extension  ajay.ganapathy  4 star

This app works great and has some nice UI animation as well. However, it does not have a photos extension.

Arash rad

Good  Arash rad  4 star

This is good app


Takes Forever  kayessdname  1 star

This app takes 50 minutes to save a 40 second video, who has the time?


Lame. Does nothing.  j0hn50n21  1 star

Shot video from up in my off and was anxious to see the tilt shift applied. Spent the money but the videos it exports are just like the original. It doesn't do anything.

B.W. Hylan

Great App  B.W. Hylan  5 star

This app saved me having to buy an expensive camera with an f1.8 lens. I really like what you can do with the app.


Great but big caveat  ZKJarrah  3 star

I primarily use this for still images, and the forced landscape orientation on a portrait still image feels like I'm trying to edit a thumbnail image. The quality is great nonetheless, but please rectify this somehow, as I often have to export the edited image to see if I like it or if I have to reimport and reedit. Thanks in advance.


Best TiltShift App - Needs an iOS 10 update  engelberthumperdink  5 star

Incredible app, but I really hope iOS 10 gets an updated version. Been over a year since last update.

Bazza McKenzie

the best - well supported  Bazza McKenzie  5 star

This recent update is fantastic


Works good!  mice  5 star

Amazing. Works really good! How do they do that with so little code... Got to be the smallest code size of any video app I've got by a factor of ten but it still delivers its promise.

Navid Dixon

Very useful  Navid Dixon  4 star

I like it a lot. Would love it however, if you could save setups as presets. And if it had an undo button. And if you were to hit render but then change your mind... it would be better if I didn't have to set the adjustments all over again.


Effective, easy to use  J3R3MYDOTCOM  4 star

There are some very flashy picture tools - but I love this one as it is fast, easy and powerful.


Photo stream access  Swlj123  3 star

I would give this 5 stars but I can access my iCloud pics. This is where most of my images live. What a shame. Come on mr developer please sort this addition then it will be a pleasure to use.


Fantastic  Jayezon  5 star

Simple to use and has enough controls to tweak and make whatever adjustments are required.

Amelia Yaukuva

Alright  Amelia Yaukuva  3 star

It's ok


Promised so much delivered...nothing...literally  Jackosinoz  1 star

It's sounded like a great app and just what I was after. Unfortunately it doesn't work. Downloaded opened up, selected a photo to start with, it just crashed repeatedly. I would like a refund but let me know once you've sorted the stability issues out.


Love this app.  Fatdouglas  5 star

So much fun.


Great! There's room for improvement!  Swissanator  4 star

I use this app quiet a bit. It is great, however, I would love to see different type of lenses blur! Great buy!


Super easy to use!  Greg3323648  5 star

It took me only a few minutes to edit an interesting video into an amazing video! All the controls arevwell laid out and very intuitive. One of the best $4.99 purchases I have made.


Solid app  Shaye5  5 star

Delivers on its promise, great features. πŸ‘πŸ‘ Would be nice if it preserved the Geotaggkng of the original video. For future feature, would be great if I can control when the music starts... Another thing that'd be awesome would be if I could speed up, slow down, and reverse during the actual video (and save it that way) - For your consideration! πŸ˜‰


Love it  Universoulstereo  5 star

Awesome app. Just wish I could take live video in the app.


Great App!  Tomjoa  5 star

Thank's a lot for this great App, I've been using it in several projects, I hope you guys the best!


Awesome!  TamyMom  5 star

Meets all expectations - and so easy to use!


Love the app when it works  Wordless  3 star

This app is intuitive,powerful, and fun to use. However, it intermittently is unable to process videos. When it works it's beautiful, but when you've spent time getting your effects just right, along with your titles, etc, and then it won't process, it's a big let down. Still needs some stability work, then it's 5 stars all the way! (iPad 4)

College Prof

Easy, fast, cool  College Prof  5 star

Nice ap that is easy to use. Fun for creating fast speed videos with your own music collection available for soundtracks. A worthy edition to your photography collections.


Pleased to a point  number3443  4 star

If you could maybe shoot vids and pictures in the app that'd be nice

Milcho Uzunov

Amazing app  Milcho Uzunov  5 star

Well worth the money spent










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