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What is avplayer app? Do you enjoy watching videos on your iPhone? Do you hate not being able to because your iPhone cannot support the video format? Or do you hate the inconvenient and time-consuming hassle of trying to convert video formats to fit into one that your iPhone can support?
This is why the AVPlayer was created. The AVPlayer can play almost any computer video file format such as AVI, Xvid, WMV and much more clearly and effortlessly. No converting hassles. Just copy files via USB and just drag and drop into the AVPlayer’s Media Explorer.
The AVPlayer can also support external subtitle files such as SMI and SRT. So if you enjoy watching videos on your iPad, then the AVPlayer is an absolute necessity.

• Support Formats
- Dolby Digital (AC3), Dolby Digital Plus (EAC3)
- Support High quality video clips ( 720P, 1080P )
- XVID,AVI,WMV,RMVB,ASF,H264,MKV… most of all movie file formats.
- SMI, SRT, TXT, SubStationAlpha Subtitles

• Post Processing
- High quality video processing
- Contrast,Saturation,Brightness
- TV-Out

• Control the playback speed (From 0.5X to 2.0X)
- User setting support
- Sweep to the left : move to backword 10 sec
- Sweep to the right : move to forward 10 sec
- Sweep to the top : 1.5X speed
- Sweep to the down : normal speed

• Additional features
- Rotation Lock / Aspect ratio:auto/16:9/4:3/Full screen
- Folder Management:Pass code/Move/Rename/Create
- Resume play from last position
- Scrubbing search
- supports e-mail attachment by "Open In" feature

• USB/WIFI Transfer

• Note
1. How to add video with USB
- Run iTunes 9.1 or above
- Device->My Device(My iPad)->Apps, drag and drop files to the AVplayer's documents

2. Support High quality video clips ( 720P, 1080P )
- High quality video clips of 720P (1280 x 720) or more are recommended for MP4 format.
- MP4, MOV, M4V formats that QuickTime supports can be played up to 1080P by using H/W Decoder but, Post Processing function isn’t provided.
- Support H/W decoding for MKV and AVI (720P supported on iPad1, 1080P supported on iPad2 / The New iPad)
- Hybrid decoding mode is added and now it is able to play high resolution videos by using hardware accelerator feature embedded in iPhone/iPad even for mkv or avi in h264. Also battery use time has extended.
- Application may crash in iPhone 3GS / iPod Touch due to heavy use of memory in Hybrid decoding. Try turning off all application running in background and reboot the device by holding down sleep mode button for long time.  
- If screen shakes it means hardware decoding is not supported. Try turning off hybrid decoding.
- When the file formats are available for MKV or AVI the player supports hardware decoding.
- If you cannot choose audio in mp4 or avi, change the extension to mkv temporarily and chosen audio channel will be applied.

3. The optimal speed when advancing its playing speed can differ depending on the way it’s compressed and the size.
Video clips of XVID (AVI) 720 x 480 can be fast played up to 1.3-1.5 times faster than normal.

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App Name AVPlayer
Category Entertainment
Updated 30 December 2020, Wednesday
File Size 52.44 MB

AVPlayer Comments & Reviews 2023

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Feature request and bug report. I was glad to see that it already supports iPhone X 2 months ago, but the latest update still haven’t take the full advantage of iPhone X’s hardware. The first thing is HDR, well, it does decodes HDR video, but the color space isn’t quite right, resulting a somewhat washed out image. The second is zooming, now it won’t use the whole screen, the largest area it covers is the safe area, I think it’s better that you add a mode that covers the whole screen, leaving users to decide whether they use or not. And it also has some bugs you need to take care of, one is that the right side of preference setting screen is omitted a little on iPhone X in landscape mode; another is something I encountered on both iPad and iPhone, which is that it duplicates the video frame and arranges the image side by side when it plays a high bit-rate 4K video or something similar using software decoding, although it stutters heavily and not really watchable in the first place, but it’s a bug anyways.

Yellow Subtitle & thank& update. Hi Please add yellow subtitles because yellow is good for the eyes. 🙏💖🌺🌟 Thanks for this great app. Please also update this. It's been a long time since the latest update!

Used for years. Solid app. Never let me down. Been using it regularly for many years. Will never switch.

Not for iPad. Controls are intrusive, take too much of the screen space, probably scaled from the iPhone, non-native iPad. Failed to play audio in the very first file I’ve tried. Jump back is allowed for 10 secs only, not configured. VERY slow positioning.

Almost excellent. My preferred media player app for iOS. Will give five stars when I have REAL full screen while watching videos in iPhone X (yes, I don’t mind the notch) Apparently you can zoom it all the way vertically in landscape, but even when you can zoom it also horizontally, the video doesn’t use all space available. It looks an old iPhone

Dropbox button is not available.. I could’t connect Dropbox. The button is not available. When i push it, it is not working. But google drive is ok.

AppCrash for download some file. Hi I use this player and i import some PSD file from telegram . From Http server i try download this files on my PC but before start download App Crashed . Please fix this bug . Tnx

The support not answering. I send many mails about arabic issue that while transferring videos with Arabic names through a ftp the FTP hanging in windows and must change the name of file to be all English and remove any Arabic letters to can transfer it through ftp And no any answer of my mails

Long time user. This app has been around for a very long time. Almost as old as the original Angry Birds! I am happy to see the developer’s long support. Yes, time has gone by and now we stream almost everything, so I don’t use this app as often now. But 7 years without having to think about another video player - this is quite impressing! Good work by good developers!

Almost perfect. I’ve been gladly using this as my go-to video player in my iOS devices for the last 5 years, using all of its functionalities. there are things though that needs to be done so that it’d be an easy 5star app for me; First the “proper” support of HDR not just playing HDR contents, then a suitable “search” tab within the library (which is crucial for people like me who carry tens of GBs on their devices), and lastly fixing some bugs related to some specific mkv-related codecs which cause ugly visual & sound scrambles during the whole video-watching experience whenever you extensively use forward and backward functionalities... Despite all, I genuinely appreciate your team’s effort to bring up an all-rounder among appstore’s video players 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Very good application, but no support for bg audio. I have to keep open the application while i listen audio file. I hope that this supports background audio play.

Good. Good player but have a one problem note playing in background solve this

Amazing. I’m able to play videos of various formats thanks to this app.

Great but not enough update. Why not receive the user interface like infuse 5 and iOS 11 ? Please update this great app to more beautiful layout and latest iOS operating systems

Further correction on airplay. Sometimes it works and sometimes the airplay wouldn’t after performing normally at the beginning. Please really update the app to be compatible with iOS 15.3

Subtitles fonts. Hello and do not be bored, your program is very good, but it needs a little change. I have a problem with your program, and when I want to change the font of the subtitles, there is only one model. Changed the color of the fonts too, thanks

I wish to update in app browser.. In app browser is so slow and old....... We need a performance and better fuction.

Used it for 6 yers, still the best!. Files easy to find, shows where you finished watching every single video. Deletes files with a single swipe. Could not ask for more!

Zoom. I’d like to be able to zoom on a video while watching and do the normal stop/rewind/advance while zoomed. Would be nice if the zoom was without limits... Thank you! Seems the ios15 has now broken the ftp and http download services… Can somebody please look into this?

👍. Media/video player apps are usually hit or miss, but after the recent update this is my go to player. So far no crashes, glitches, or negative issues. Hopefully they continue to update and support this player.

did not fully utilize iphonex’s extra screen. At least give a option to expand to the whole big screen on the iPhone X.

Great player, but not iOS 11 compatible. Love this app. Plays pretty much everything and also like the speed control, but after a fresh install, found out its not iOS 11 compatible. Please update!!

Great app. Av player is a great but it really needs an “open in” button so that it can open files from av player into a third party app

Please read. It was the best app for playing videos with subtitles but after last update it doesn’t work anymore I can’t play any video after updating the app Please fix it I really need this for my iPhone

Not formatted for the new iPhone XS Max. The vendor needs to fix a bug or feature on this current release. Videos now are not fitted for the new screen size on the iPhone XS Max. The pictures does not fit the entire screen and you can see a section of the app background.

Stop working. Stop working on ios 14 needs a update please

Please update for iPadOS. Love this application but need it to be updated to allow for direct file transfer from an external hd plugged into the iPad. At the moment, AV Player does not populate a folder in the native files app.

Great app, please update!. Can you please update this app so that I can watch movies on the new iPad Pro without having to see the home bar and the bottom and the status bar at the top. This is very important. Also, the ability to share files via airdrop or with other apps (e.g. Apple files, Readdle Docs, Aloha, VLC Media player, etc.). That would be fantastic! Thanks.

Not able to rename file, can only rename folder in the latest version. Not able to rename file, can only rename folder in the latest version

Dead app. Was good, once, but now has an echo in the audio on playback. Has not been updated in a long time, and doesn’t look like it will be. You can use the vlc app for playback of local files. You can also copy any local files from this app to vlc before deleting this one using the Files app that comes with iOS. Just a thought.

Very nice update but... Please add ability to play audio from videos in background. And add please H/W acceleration support for MPEG-2. P.S. Many thanks for the Performance Optimization!!

Multiple files import via http server. I have been using this since 2014 and yet there is still no multiple files import support for http server.

Can not play 4K HDR mkv video. Can not play 4K HDR mkv video,and 1080P video can not full screen,how can I fix it?or a little help,guys?

Bring back pinch zoom. I am fan of the app, and I have the paid version. This application used to have available on older iPhones the option pinch zooming, please bring this option back. Designers: if you can update with options for pinch zooming while video is playing, and allow this option while both horizontal and vertical viewing. Possible to allow downloading the streaming video locally to iPhone? Thanks you, and keep up the good work

Useful application. Such a well done application might miss one or two things such as full ui support for iphone x and open some format like rar or zip Thanks anyway

Disability to share items. It is a very practical app since you double the speed but unfortunately, you can't share or Airdrop any item.

Unable to transfer from files to avplayer. I used to download video files from website, and it automatically saved in the app”files”. And I transferred them to avplayer. But since few days ago, I cannot share files from the app “files” to avplayer.

Really good, but becoming outdated. Have been using this for more than 5 years. It’s really good. But I think it needs an update. To be able to fill the screen of an iPhone X and newer.

My #1 Go To player. Best of all the movie players. Doesn't have issues skipping forward and can be played in fast or slow mode! Also can easily play while my iPhone is in another app etc. love it for audio videos !!

Update pls need new features. Nyd an update for the app.. ther is a volum problem .. when it scrolls volume gone down and some more problems r

Great App!. Good to see the developers supporting the app again after a 2 years pause.

New update doesn’t work ,please fix. New update doesn’t work when i want move mkv file to the app Nothing happen

Need more updates. This app has the potential to be the best player on ios if it gets some stability improvements and bug fixes

10/17 Please update. Will not connect WiFi transfer files. This app used to be amazing, but sometimes the inconsistency of the WiFi transfer gets really frustrating on long trips. I use Dropbox and GoogleDrive but neither work. Please update!

Update: Locked folder crash issue fixed. New version fixes crashes when trying to lock or unlock a folder (Quick update from developer). Happy to have my favorite video player back!

Problems with background playback.. Now it has a problem with playback in multitask mode. When application is not active playback is stuttering.

This is the one. If you’ve ever tried watching a large file content and couldn’t get it to play it’ll most likely play on this app. Supports most formats and interface is super smooth.

iphone 6 crashes. This app didn’t crash on iphone 6 before, but after two consecutive updates,it crashes,esp. when increasing or decreasing the speed. Please fix that bug. I appreciate it. Best media player around.

Great app to view video files. I have been using this app for a long time and I am very satisfied with it. Recommend it to everyone.

Best app for movies. Had this app since it came out in 2010

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Great app could get even greater. I loved this app in fact i still love it but i have a tiny problem i have a lot of videos which are 720p mkv and they dont play good at all, i was wondering if that can be fix with an update or is it because the A4 chip isnt powerful enough i dont know i hope this is not the case. I have an ipod touch 4g.

Brilliant App. Very reliable and easy to use

Easy to use and so versatile. Have been using this player for years, I’m always carrying movies and tv shows to watch on the go and this has been the most reliable player I’ve come across. It plays virtually all video formats, including subtitle files where required. Adding videos via iTunes is also easy via drag and drop function. Cannot recommend this app enough to anyone unsure on or looking for a video playing app.

The best video player; Robust, Simple, Works. We have used AV Player in our sporting organisation for three years now for sharing clips of our athletes, game footage (full games) etc. The simple workflow for importing, organising, viewing and controlling videos is perfect for our athletes. Personally my kids I also use this and the HD version for watching movies, recorded TV shows, not having to convert them makes it easy. The product has evolved well over three years to a polished product, thank you.

Amazing!. Ive had no troubles so far and I'ver been using for over 3 years! Will recommend!

Fixitplease. I have used this app for long time and was happy about it. I don’t know when it starts but the playing next auto function is not working with videos playing when it is in background. It was working before. Please try to fix it.

Stable and fills a need apple should have included. Apple should have included a video player that runs off email

Best Video App Ever. Amazing App for all types of files formats. Great app support when bugs appear. Highly recommend to all my family and friends for video and file sharing!

1080p working flawless iPhone 4s. I tested 3 different 1080p mkv on iPhone 4s and they all played back perfectly with no stutter or sync issues. Finally this developer is the first and the best to actually get this working. Well done.

Almost perfect. There's 2 things that stop me from giving this a 5 star rating. First thing is that dual audio channels is not supported which can be quite important imo, hopefully it'll be in a future update. Second thing is that its great for transferring files from your PC via USB/wireless but poor if you want to save files directly from your web browser, unlike OPlayer it won't detect them. But where it surpasses Oplayer is the supported formats, hasn't failed me yet although occasionally I do encounter a bit of stutter at times. And its pretty power hungry. If the file fails to transfer, click on submit again, for some reason I always have to hit that button twice on my browser as otherwise it'll stay at 0% Would also like it if the aspect ratio sizes were shown rather than assuming on what you think may look right. For anyone intending to watch movies using this I suggest you purchase Seskimo's Crabble which is a wallet sized stand that can be used for both portrait & landscape mode at 2 different angles. Much easier than holding your iTouch for 2+ hours! update: Now has better subtitle support! Ones that previously didn't work for me now work brilliantly! :D Perfect

Decent video player. Bad in audio playing and battery usage. I pretty enjoy this app. It almost plays all formats of videos, and has lots of useful features. However it's not suitable for playing back audios or music: It prevents the screen from turning off display while playing. If you manually lock the phone, it stops playing the audio file. It's also really bad on battery usage. My phone's battery level dropped 8% after just playing an audio for 8 minutes.

Must have. Plays everything you need, not much more could be improved! Highly recommend over other media players.

always been the best video app on iOS. not worth having any other video player. none of the others come close.

Best player ever. Very good player. Just only negative point is no remote on watch. Please update it to control from Apple Watch

T'is a good thing. For my specific purposes, namely smooth playback of nearly a thousand FLV files ( a mix of high, medium and low def ) this product has been great. Have tried lots of players ... AVPlayer has the best playback experience. My biggest wish list item would be the ability to do a partial name search across all folders. It's also on the slow side when it's trying to open a folder with over a hundred entries. All in all though, an excellent product.

Once again failed. Yep, like what I said as above. I had waited a new version of AV Player for over a month. But I was wrong. Those failed funtions still there since these last updated. Especially couldn't play audio of video clip/audio on the background of the iPhone. And that's is the important funtion to make our familly purchased this app. NOW TOTALLY FAILED We used to download some video clips on the internet and then put it in AV Player via iTunes. After that, we heard the sound/audio of a video clip under iPhone/iPad background without watching it while we was working. Because we didnt have a time to watch it and we just wanted to listen the content of those clips only. Hope that funtion will be back soon.

awesome. easy to use with,highly recommend.

Superb. Sets out on a mission to play all files that the iPod/iPhone inbuilt cannot. Definitely the best player on the market. I've spent a lot of money on video players and this one by far is the best! Supports all video formats that I've tested an even players 1080p which is a bonus for my iPod 5

Needs improvement. Forget trying to play high quality files through this player; the audio becomes out of sync very quickly on the iPhone 4. It also needs support for audio and subtitle switching.

Cast. Hey guys ... great app. 1 more star if the option to cast is available

Not bad, not bad at all. I needed to download videos and junk so I could watch them on the go. The problems were that some of the videos were in MKV I searched up what I could do about it and then BAM! It told me to get AV player, at first i wasn't sure about getting it or not but once I got it was pretty impressed, ONE slight problem is that the subs are not there when there is a long sentence, it would only say the last couple of words, which is hard because I watch videos in a different language. BUT if you could fix this it would be perfect. This is a pretty solid app.

Dlna lots of issues. 90% of time open upnp can see anything in my server, have to close open close open 7 to 8 times before I can see items in my DLNA server. Playback video and audio always insync in the first few seconds, have to drag to later minutes like 1 minute then it become normal. Not very useable

'Simple View' feature request.. This app is great and works very well. However I would like the option to have a 'Simple View' type look when playing videos just to clear up the interface. Where only the scroll bar, play/pause, and skip buttons are displayed, similar to the built in iPod app. Also I'd like the option to go straight to the Media Explorer when the app starts up, instead of the menu, so I can get to my media more quickly. Another useful feature that I've found other apps implementing is like a plugin to iPhone's Mail (as well as other apps) so you can go straight to AVPlayer if you get an email with a video that isn't supported by iPhone. All and all I love this app and think it's the best multi-format media app in the App Store.

Great. Perfect so far! Plays all formats I have tried without issue!

Excellent!. It really does what it's supposed to, and very efficiently. I love the fact that I can add movies from any computer through USB, not just the one I normally sync with. Well done!

Best app!. My most used app! Love it

This is horrible, Alex. Was recommended this as a “simple” method to play videos on my phone while on aircraft with no network. All I “simply” need to do was send video files to my phone via FTP or dlna. Couldn’t be simpler, apparently. I think I’ll stick with plex.

Great app!. It plays all media files, with great quality! Only let down is the user interface but nothing major still easy to navigate!

Great!. I've had this ap for past few years. Current version took a little getting used to but it is great. Sometimes need to change 1x /2x on iPad to get it to work but otherwise have never had a problem. Audio and visual always synced.

not optimized for iPhone X. great app but not so great on my iPhone X

Great App for easy everything. I can download straight off my NAS it even stream from it. Plays everything. Would like to see it multitask better maybe if possible. When playing MP3's I still need to have the whole phone on screen and all. Sleep mode would be good.

Folder lock doesn’t work - ignored by dev. Emailed developer only to be ignored. Being able to lock a folder is one of the reason why I purchased this app. It is so easy to break the lock! Enable folder lock on a folder then try moving that locked folder onto itself.... voila the folder is now unlocked! Bug that development ignores and doesn’t fix.

Fantastic app!!!!. I've been using this for years...it's my most used app! No converting to other formats or syncing.. .just add the file easily and start listening/watching. I can't rave about AV PLAYER enough!

Avoid. Gone down the drain in past few years. When I downloaded it several years ago this was a robust, stable & reliable app. The developers have abandoned it 3-5 years ago. It was great but since then without any meaningful update this has become total trash. Even though development of this app stopped long time ago, the developers still keep it paid in order to trap new users. They perform yearly update just to keep this app compatible with new iOS. I would suggest going with some other app like VLC which free and rarely has any issues. Many previous reviews were deleted, including mine.

Plays everything, works with iPhone X. I’ve used AVPlayer for years as an offline video player, and it has always been a highly polished, stable app that plays almost every video format you can think of. They also updated to iPhone X support straight away. I would recommend this app. Fantastic work by the developers. 👍

Does not scale on iPad. I would like a refund but I know they won’t. This crappy app won’t scale to my iPad screen.

Resume. Best player in the AppStore by far! No doubt about that. But since new update, once pressing pause and coming back later it starts from beginning. Please fix. Thanks

So dispointed!!!. Before I used the iPad version and I have to say it is the best vedio player for iPad!!! I just bought a new iPod touch 4th generation and of course, AVPlayer is my first choice. However, after I uploaded my 1.5G 720P mkv movie, I found out that everytime it plays for about 1min then app shut down automatically. I have tried so many times but problem still. Hope the patch coming ASAP.

omg. so goood. I spent 3 days trying to figure out how to get videos onto my ipod and then i found this. Very usull. Just need to explain things more clearly and apart from a bit of lag at the start up, its great

Best app EVER!. I never write reviews due to the fact I am lazy, but this little app is the best app I have ever purchased. It never crashes and plays nearly everything I have thrown at it, plus has great features which make it enjoyable and easy to use. I was heartbroken when it disappeared out of the App Store around the time of iOS 6 being realised. Before I upgraded to the iPhone 5 I saved the .ipa file on my computer as I wanted the app on my new phone but soon found myself needing a new app which supported the new screen size. I held out on buying a new one due to the fact they all looked rubbish and only 1 day before this app was back in the App Store and iPhone 5 ready, I shelled out more money and bought another app which is inferior compared this baby. Do yourself a favour and buy this app, it's flawless!!! :)

Even better with the latest update. AV Player has just been updated to now include hardware decoding. Now plays 1080p files on my 4S flawlessly! Great media player!

Screen resolution. Can you please update the app cause it’s not full screen on new devices

iPhone 5 at last!. My favourite app updated for my iPhone 5 at last!! Having tried several other apps over the past few months in search of widescreen support, I put up with the black box around 16x9 content in AVPlayer since because it's simply the best out there.

It keeps shutting down.. As soon as I saw this app, I downloaded and am loving this app. However, when I try to play next file by pressing the skip button quickly few times (just to find the file I want to play) it shuts itself and I have to reopen the app. Please fix this. Other than this I would recommend this app to my friends. No converting = saving time and hassles. Love this app!!

Best video player on the platform. Whilst I admit the strait audio play back could be better when it comes to video avplayer excels. It can play back a wide variety of both audio and video codecs and the interface is both intuitive and comprehensive. By using folders you can keep your files organised and the FTP server in it also seems to perform very smoothly. All in all excellent for my purpose of playing various videos in varied formats.

Worth every penny. Does what it's supposed to do plus has so many options to work with player very well and flawlessly. More importantly supports pretty much all types. It hasn't crashed on me as yet. A app totally worth it. In short this app is what the VLC app should have been like. What VLC is for the PC this is for the iPhone.

Disappointed. A one point in time I would have given the this app 5 stars because AV player can do almost every format that you can put a video in. but now I can't even watch a 20 minute video without my iPod restarting at least 4 times. So I moved onto a better app. Ps I know that when my iPod restarts its because of AV player because I only ever have trouble with my iPod when I'm using AV player

Does the job.. I am able to transfer files through iTunes but Wifi transfer does not work. It does not even open up in browser. Also, once the video is transferred through iTunes, you cannot access the file (through iTunes) and use 'Save to..' back to Mac. I hope they fix it.

Great ap!. First had this ap for my iPad and was stoked when I found it for my iPhone. Has worked for all the file formats I've encountered. It's nice when stuff just works. Cheers!

Idea. My fave as always But hoping the next update it allows us to play media even when the phone is locked 'cause sometimes i want to listen to some audio files when im outside and the phone will be idle and locked eventually.

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It would be nice to have metadata support. It would be nice to have covers showing when integrated in files

Great vidéo player. Lis tous les formats

Fast and sleek. Smoothest player I've used to date and has a very nice GUI, has much superior codecs compared to the other players I think.

The best. The most reliable and versatile video player I've ever used.

Great software. A perfect player, it's with me since ios6 and I never had any problems with it

Very very dependable. I rarely if ever write reviews, but I’ve been using this app for years and I should say that this is a very nicely designed app. Very light, very fast, extremely dependable, not once has crashed. I’ve never ever needed to use another app as this one satisfies all my needs. Thank you.

Perfect video player. It plays everything, including mp3, rm. even restart your iPhone , it resume the point you played

Resume doesn't work.. When I re-start the app I have to keep locating my last file through my playlist to continue playing. I have over 100 files and trying to navigate to resume my last video is a lot of work.

Super. Super lecteur, sans problème, sans plantage, aucun encodage, super

good app but not perfect. I wish that u will add a new function which can set time to play videos. It will be helpful to insomniac.thx

AVPlayer is the best. One request make it so I can edit titles and names, download album covers for songs and lyrics and create playlist and save them for play back. Maybe this can be considered in a new pro version.

Great app but lacks support. I really love this app. I even got the HD version for the iPad. But for some reason they decided to drop support for iPhone 5. So even though I have it for years, I can no longer update.

Good app but..... I love this app but only problem is i can't set up the subtitles,it's shows in the file explorer but i can't use it for the movie!

Awesome. Best apps, a must have.

Only missing one thing. The app is great but misses an AirPlay button instead of mirroring which has a slight lag! Please add ASAP!

This app CANNOT play MKV file. This app CANNOT play MKV file. The audio of mkv files never work with this app. This means we can't enjoy high quality video unless we convert it on our own. I feel like I just wasted my $3.

Not working anymore. Used to work perfectly... Not anymore no sound ... Dont waste your money

Awesome app!!. I was almost ready to get rid of my iPhone because it was just a pain trying to put movies on it. With this app you can add and remove videos in a no time! Well worth the money!! Kevin

Lags when playing rmvb.. Great app! The only problem I have is it lags when I play rmvb.

Not worth it. Out of all 24 clips I've tried not one played smoothly, no idea how it's got good ratings, wish I could get Vlc player back as this app is pure garbage

Best and most reliable player out there. Best and most reliable player out there

Best player. Thanks for supporting iPhone 6 plus resolution. This is really the best video player for iOS, cheers.

No AirPlay. I've always been using this app since the early days...I think at one point AirPlay was available. Other than that there nothing wrong with this app. Not sure why the developers decided to not support AirPlay.

Can I chromecsst this App?. Great app, just wondering if you can chromecast this app?...if not, please update so you can..5 star if you can Chromecast

Just works. Had this player for years. Love what they have done with it and it’s still fantastic. It’s the only media player you will ever need.

Hands down the best video player for iOS. Does everything well and customizable.

Best Video Player for iOS. Simply the most robust video player app for iOS. Plays almost any video file format you can throw at it and let's users configure and customize playback settings. No bloatware or memory gobbling animations and an intuitive UI that is a joy to navigate. Kudos to the dev for a great product.

Great app, double charge. I bought avplayer hd for my iPad and looking at getting this for my iPhone... Unfortunately I have to pay for it a second time... Would love for a more integrated app or ability for eplayworks to charge once for their loyal fan base on both their iPhone / iPad apps.

Best video player on iPad. I really love how easy this app is, it helps me keep all my videos in one place, and different folders, which exactly what you need if you’re studying or so. I love the extensive features it has like increasing playback speed, and scrolling back and forth. 5 stars all the way.

Great app but a few bugs!. Finally found a solution to my AC3 needs for MKV videos! It plays the files without any lag. I have a bug where when streaming via DLNA sources, it will only play the last file in a folder no matter which file is selected. Essentially kills the entire functionality at this time. Would also love to see 6+ support!

Works amazingly!. Before trying AVplayer, I tried Oplayer. AVplayer succeeds in everything it says. I'm using it to play MKV's with Audio and Subtitles and they maintain perfect sync!!! Great quality video playback and an amazing amount of options in the settings menu. Would highly recommend this for anyone looking to play other formats on an iPhone 4 (can't comment on other devices).

good app. but the airplay is not working well

The first app I paid in App Store. And it still cannot play some MKV, after the recent update. Developers don’t seem to give a fcuk. big_buck_bunny_720p_1mb.mkv 3 seconds test video, downloaded from online

App has been abandoned by the developer. App has been abandoned by the developer, bugs are there forever not being fixed let alone for the new features..... money back????????

Good app but needs update for ios8. This is a great app that if asked a month ago I would have given 5-stars too. Now I lose sound after about 3 minutes and have to completely exit the app and start my show again to get the sound working. Very frustrating!!!!

Suggestions for the best player. It would be great to add a 10 band equalizer option, a sharpness adjust option and a integrated basic browser in your avplayer for iphone ipad and ipod :) it would be just perfect

perfect app. plays all my mkv content flawlessly, even 20+GB 1080p movies. Never skips a beat. Perfect for watching my downloaded content on the go.

Use it with iPhone 6+. Very nice and easy to use. Since iPhone 6+ is 1080p then the software should be updated to take advantage of new hardware.

Great app but. . . .. I used to use and I worked amazing. I just re-downloaded it to my 64gb iPhone 6 and now the sound cuts out after about 4 minutes. I have to exit to the media explorer and relaunch the video to get sound back. Then after about 4 minutes it cuts out again. Please fix this. It is very annoying while watching a movie or tv show. I really enjoyed this app but find myself considering alternatives.

Great MKV player, but needs DTS support. Would love MKV DTS support at some point.

Virtually Perfect. The old-school original and best media player for iOS. :-)

Great media player. I love being able to play different file types in this program and also be able to have foreign movies with soft subs too. Shame you can't change the colour of the subs and also that I had to pay twice for iPad and iPhone

The best video player app for iPhone / iPad. This app is so worth the money. It just about plays any media format. MP4, Avi, MKV you name it. Plus you can add a subtitle file and use that as well. I personally like the look and organization of the media files in this app. VLC is the other serious contender but it just isn't the same. The settings are straight forward and with iTunes loading media files is as simply as drag and drop.

plays everything I give it. The only thing I find lacking is support for more network sources like OneDrive and SFTP

Five star. If the resolution is upgraded to match 6 plus! Thanks!

Open from email inbox not mentioned.... I took a leap of faith, because no matter what review I read, nobody mentioned if you can open email video attachments with this app, mor is itentiones in the app description. The answer is... YES!!! This thing works like a charm!

Avplayer. Its a perfect video player

Good app. Good

Good player. Everything is awesome

OneDrive. OneDrive please.....

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It doesn’t support Size of Iphone x max. It doesn’t support Size of Iphone x max

av. it's good.I love it...❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Otaku Master Tool. As a heavy anime watcher, this app is utter crack. I bought AV Player a while back because it got the job done more or less. But with the latest update where you can play 720p and 1080p like it was an iPad, my iPhone 4 is flawless when it comes to watching the latest anime! I wish I could post a screenshot of the crispness I experienced when watching DOG DAYS and SKET Dance! Whatever the price is now, just buy it. Best app for watching any kind of video anywhere. <3 Oh and whatever these losers say about stuff not working like Wi-fi and crashing..? I just put those two 500mb anime .mkv files on my iPhone 4 via wifi sync. No problems at all and no crashing. ONLY ONE DOWNSIDE I'd say that the subtitles don't keep up sometimes with 1080p videos. It will freeze and then speed up. The video plays flawlessly meanwhile. A minor problem really but much appreciated if there was a fix for this.

iPhone SE Lock Screen. Please make adjustments to lockscreen for iPhone SE. The padlock picture goes over the keypad. Thank you.

broadcast. Network broadcast does not work

Meme. Lit

Good Player. Thanks for Update app , I use it and very good player

Great!!!!. Just great!!!;)

that's all i need to play my movie files...AVPlayer.... i've been searching for a good player and i've come to know a few media player apps around, such as buzz, azul, cinex, air video and finally this AVPlayer... took a long time to decide, at first tried air video, but the air server just won't get detected, so i purchased this app next, and gosh, it was so simple to use. All i need to do is just to drag and drop the video files(with subtitle file) into the box in Itunes. and after that i tried to play and the player just works flawlessly... video file plays smooth and no problems whatsoever, i was afraid of the audio video sync issue and lag, but doesn't seem to appear on the first few minutes of testing the player.... anyway, i am happy enough to be able to play the AVI files downloaded on my ip4, it will help to kill my boredom when i'm away....

Highly recommended video player.. I highly recommend this player to anyone. This app has played nearly all the videos I have put in it. Usually the hardware decoder works beautifully and in the rare cases where it does not you can always rely on the software decoder. I also love that you can import or export video using the its http or from sever. You can even use the iPhone as a hotspot and any pc of that its connected to the iPhone will see the avplayer server. This allow for import or export of files. The application is well worth it's price I even bought the iPad version and I have no regrets. I also have to mention the usefulness of the application being able to connect to other servers (ftp, dnla, samba, etc) and being able to see, play (stream) and download the files.

My favorite. Truly amazing 💫💫💫💫💫

2.5 speed?. 2.5 speed?

Use redux for dts Audio codecs to work. iOS has licensing issues with DTS audio. In your vlc player you can right click the file name and choose media information. Then click codec tab and look at stream 1, if it says DTS you will need to use the app redux to convert to AC3. Even for a 15gb file, redux only took 3 minutes to convert. Throw the movie into the app and the sound will work perfect. 8player is another video player app that's great but you'll have to use the redux app also for dts on that one. Love this app. I watch all my movies on it, highly recommend.

Flashback, can I get a refund?. Flashback, can I get a refund? ios12.1 ip8plus

As a network videoplayer, actually does not support SMB / CIFS. not support SMB / CIFS, not support embedded ssa subtitles, without SMB support, so not support external subtitles. At present this version is not as good as nplayer free Why this software is all good evaluation, strange thing, right? 作为宣传网络播放功能的视频播放器,居然不支持SMB 不支持SMB,不支持内嵌ass字幕,不支持SMB模式下外挂字幕。 这个收费avplayer 连npalyerfree 都不如。 为什么都是好评?奇怪,真奇怪。

😁🤙. Best App for watching movies & tv shows 10/10

How I see it. It doesn’t worth buying I can’t change the menu at all The player is not good Subtitles aren’t good for other languages The player is not a good player

Why only can player the first video on remote location?. As title, I want to use DLNA , but if one folder have multiple file, it can only play the first one, please fix it

Best player technically ever. I think amisdt other players AV Player is the best on every aspect.

Cannot Signin Google Drive. Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app This app has not yet been verified by Google in order to use Google Sign in.

good player. fit for me

zip. please support zip file🙏🏼

Dr khdprst. I found a player as a very very good and useful app Thanks a lot.

I can’t update.. The message is “ Your Apple ID has been disabled”. Please fix my error.

Update. Why not update your app?new feature and new design!!!!

Crashing when using web player. The included web player crashes the app on the latest iPhone XS. Please update the app.

Great app with minor bugs. I used this app for about 2 year, there is some bugs in multi tasking in my iphone. Voice suddenly stoped and app restarted.

Bg playback?. No background playback for videos. No repeat and shuffle features.

Hope to play music in background on IOS11. Hope to play music in background on IOS11

Dropbox not working. Dropbox not working

Smi subtitle is not working anymore. Please update. Smi subtitle is not working!!!

Great. That’s awesome

No updates. They’ve stopped updating and maintaining this app. Worked great before iOS 11. It’s now sluggish and freezes on iOS11

Very good.. I wish there was a few more options. There are a lot of them but I would like a view option where the menu could be locked to portrait and the video locked to landscape. Also being able to remove buttons from the play scene would be awesome i.e. Customize your playback buttons. There are so many options it is a little cluttered. And the last thing is the video out to my HDTV does not work. I have emailed AVPlayer and still ( 4 days later ) no response. This is not good customer service. but this is a great player. It blows Apples default video player away. I use VLC at home and this makes it seem like I have VLC on my iPod.

Vr player. Hello Thanks for your powerful player. Plz add vr mode.

Great app. I'm using the app for 3 years and it really satisfies my needs. Thanks

Bug for new version. In the new update, we can not transfer files to the program

Not working smoothly since iOS14 updated. Please fix this issue.

webdav not working. webdav no display list

Needs updating. This app isn’t updated for the latest iOS. It plays video back in an echo. Please patch soon.

Perfect. Feature rich and perfect

Need to cover up all screen area in iphone x. kindly plz update the app to cover up all the screen area mode to support iphone x

Love. Have had it since '13. No complains

Issue. Can u add Addons (dhare option ) in stock photos app to import easily media

Suggestion. Please support samba

Audio broken. It plays the audio over in an echo. Fix it.

Please add re-play button. If this app added replay button will more helpful

Crash in IOS 14.2. Update for ios 14.2 plz😭😭

Pls fix. Cant transfer any video or audio from other app when I use open in Avplayer option doesn’t transfer anything Pls fix

Not good!. The more you use, the worse the quality and when do you upgrade?

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AVPlayer 2.95 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the AVPlayer app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with EPLAYWORKS and other users?

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AVPlayer 2.95 Apps Screenshots & Images

AVPlayer iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $2.99
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 2.95
Play Store AVPlayer.eplayworks.com
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

AVPlayer (Versiyon 2.95) Install & Download

The application AVPlayer was published in the category Entertainment on 15 November 2010, Monday and was developed by EPLAYWORKS [Developer ID: 372001556]. This program file size is 52.44 MB. This app has been rated by 274 users and has a rating of 4.2 out of 5. AVPlayer - Entertainment app posted on 30 December 2020, Wednesday current version is 2.95 and works well on iOS 9.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: AVPlayer.eplayworks.com. Languages supported by the app:

EN FR DE JA KO PL RU ZH ES ZH TR Download & Install Now!
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AVPlayer App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Open In(Share/Copy) and Inbox bug fixes - Screen layout and 4K video playback bug fixes - Other bug fixes

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