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Have you ever wanted to cook with Gordon Ramsay in the comfort of your own kitchen? Since the launch of Gordon’s easy to use cooking application, Cook With Me, people all over the world have been enjoying doing just that.

There are 56 high resolution recipe videos included with the app, showing Gordon cooking the dish to give you the confidence to cook it yourself. And now there are 8 free text recipes plus the option to purchase two bundles of 20 text recipes, taking the total number of recipes on the app up to 104. The individual recipe pages have all the information you need to get cooking, and the recipes are detailed and clear so that you know exactly what to do to create wonderful dishes every time.

The recipes can be filtered by difficulty, season, ingredient or by how much time you have to cook. If you’re in a hurry you could cook some simple and delicious Lamb Kebabs, or if you have more time and want more wow factor, why not try the classic Beef Wellington?

There are also ten video tips from Gordon, showing you how to do things like chop an onion quickly and safely, or make your own mayonnaise. And of course there’s an interactive shopping list. Plus you can compare your version of the dish with Gordon’s.

The updated app includes recipes from Gordon’s latest book and TV series “Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course”, which is packed with wonderful dishes designed to give every home cook the desire, confidence and inspiration to hit the stoves and get cooking, with modern, simple and accessible recipes.

Gordon sums up what his Ultimate Cookery Course is all about: "I want to teach you how to cook good food at home. By stripping away all the hard graft and complexity, anyone can produce mouth-watering recipes. Put simply, I'm going to show you how to cook yourself into a better cook."

Why cook with anyone else?

Gordon Ramsay Cook With Me App Description & Overview

The applications Gordon Ramsay Cook With Me was published in the category Food & Drink on 2010-10-08 and was developed by One Potato Two Potato Ltd.. The file size is 671.12 MB. The current version is 2.5 and works well on 4.3 and high ios versions.

An opportunity to purchase a bundle of 20 great text recipes from Gordon's latest recipe book, Ultimate Home Cooking. These are recipes you'll love to cook and your friends and family will love to eat. This new bundle takes the total number of delicious recipes available on the app up to 132.

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Fancy but very faulty  Claudsym  2 star

The App has a great design but has many flaws. 1- 30% of recipes lack the video description which is a pain as the App only provides ingredients and relies completely on the video for instructions. 2-Gordon is cooking for experts... I need info on oven settings. Without them I'm lost!!!!! 3- the App has feature where you can invite your friends. Don't press it!!! There is no option to cancel. Had to reset the App to carry on. Great concept, great design but not ready for charging 6 bucks for!!!!!

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الحمدلله  الحمدلله ،~  5 star

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Love it  Cj557144  5 star

Awesome app and to the person who says it's only in metric go to options and change to imperial and you will have American measurements duhhhh


Gordon Ramsay rocks  Chefflisa  5 star

I purchased this cook book and have tried several recipes and I am in love. The only problem is the measurements are not in American measurements but I just look it up cause I am in love with this app. I love the shopping g list and being able to cross it off and being able to watch him cook to assist me as I make the dish! Done!


Oh god yes  Shockity  5 star

Chef Ramsay is a hottie.


Great app  Wethair  5 star

Very we'll designed app. I downloaded about 100 cooking ups prior this one and this one does not disappointed me so far.


STILL totally being ignored!!!!  LaDanaWendy  1 star

I've been asking for a FAVORITES folder or recipe box since I downloaded this app THREE (3) YEARS ago but STILL NOTHING!! I really don't understand WHY this app has NEVER had a Favorites folder and why they continue to refuse to add one!!!!


Where are the new recipes ?  JAMES FINNEGAN  1 star

The app says I paid for them but it won't download them . Is this is going to be fixed?


Where are my 20 new recipes??  esiard  2 star

I paid for 20 new recipes and I cannot access them! When is this problem going to be fixed. And the recipes are ok...Jamie Oliver's are far better.


Use to be good  coderXtreme  3 star

Where's the support for iPhone 5 and iOS 7?


Amazing  Gslax24  5 star

As a visual learner, the photos are nice but the video is the best part. The straightforward techniques and detailed explanations make each recepie a cinch. Kitchen techniques also make this app worth every penny. I hope to see seasonal recepies, and/or new techniques and videos for us to check out. Gordon-- call me and lets have a cooking showdown! Update: just did the minted pea and watercress soup. Great ten minute meal! Things that would be nice are US measurements and US terminology Update #2 First off i'm not associated with the app at all, i'm a home cook living with my girlfriend. Last night we tried the chestnut soup, which cost a total of 25$ including leftover supplies for a second batch. Note: had to use macadamia as a substitute as chestnuts are not in season. Came out fantastic! Also found the button in "settings" for us measurements!


Meh  Dialbito  2 star

I found 4 meals that I want to make. Most are not practical for me because the ingredients are too expensive or the prep time is too long and more than I'm willing to do mid week. The videos are not very helpful either. They're just an afterthought. The Mario Batali app has so many more recipes that are more reasonable (price/time). This app is just too expensive for what it is. PS it's clear that the first dozen reviews are somehow associated with the app and have not used it as a person trying to plan meals.


Nice  Starzplatinum  4 star

If you are a beginner home cook wife/husband. Some of the recipes here will be hard to follow, like most cooking you need patient. Alot of features are really nice like the cooking video( doesn't need internet), and the grocery list for each dish. Nice but could be cheaper.


great  juj1n  5 star

liked the intro video and it's nice to have all the videos already downloaded unlike the Mario Batali app. Also his videos are truncated tutorials highlighting all the main steps. They aren't videos of him cooking the dish from start to finish like you'd see on the Mario Batali app or any cooking show you'd find on TV. Not a problem though just giving everyone a heads up. I hope there will be more recipes added in the future... the only gripe I have is I wish he was yelling at me in the cooking videos like he does on hells kitchen =(

Posh Penguin

This App is Delicious  Posh Penguin  5 star

I love how the recipes have videos. Good enough detail for me, fast and sweet. I thought the cooking tips were a little lacking. Great app! Cheaper than a book, and a lot better.


Awesome App  Overlawn  4 star

I really hope he puts way more cooking tips. I learn much more from that than the actual recipes. Great stuff. Looking forward to more. Would love to see more veggie dishes.


GREAT App  cdmercier  5 star

Great app with great step by step instructions. Don't know why others are having a problem works great for me.


Response to Video Problems  FlyingDove  4 star

Perhaps the reason for the video problems is that you are using it on a 3G. I believe the app requires at least the 3GS or newer to be able to run. The 3GS has the newer operating system (the same one as the iphone 4). Hope this helps


Good recipes, not so great app  Saabracer23  3 star

All the recipes in this app look good but the videos are horrible. The only reason I paid for the app. I purchased Mario Batali's app and his videos go into great detail and give great instruction. The videos in this app have horrible voice overs, hip music to move it along too fast, and the minimum instruction to get them by. If they took 4 or 5 minutes to record him doing the dish in some sort of detail it would help this app alot. For me I get more guidance from reading the instructions than watching the videos.


Video problems  Futurechef  3 star

Great app, but anyone else havin troubles w the videos? Mine won't play at all!!

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